There is one less Guilin Yangshuo in youth, arranged!

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In many travel-related articles such as “The Best Destination for Graduation Travel” and “The Best Place to Travel for the First Time”, Guilin Yangshuo has always been the top destination for these labels. One aspect is because In the textbooks of the Chinese language, the “Guilin Mountains and Waters are the best in the world”, on the other hand, because this is a quiet and leisurely but vibrant place. Popularly speaking, it is suitable for the elderly and young and young with a hormone.
    I have embarked on the road of travel since the end of the college entrance examination. I have been traveling for 7 years. I have been to so many places in China and abroad. I have not been involved in Guilin Yangshuo, and I have not yet lost my youth. once.
     [about traffic]
    Self-driving: Yangshuo is very close to Shenzhen, less than 600 kilometers, can be said to be the best way for people in Shenzhen. The road is very smooth, all the way to high speed, after entering the boundary of Guangxi, surrounded by mountains, like an ink painting, also like a cover of a full-fledged album.
    High-speed rail: Yangshuo’s railway station only stops at high-speed trains. Guiguang high-speed railway is very convenient. It takes only 1-2 hours to travel from Guangzhou and Guizhou to Yangshuo.
    Plane: There is no airport in Yangshuo. If you are flying, you must first go to the Liangjiang Airport in Guilin, and then take the bus directly from the airport to Yangshuo.[about itinerary]
    DAY 1 Shenzhen – Yangshuo – Mango Yishu – Yangshuo West Street
    DAY 2 Riverside Rice Noodles – Guilin Ages
    DAY 3 Xingping Ancient Town – RMB 20 Scenic Area – Fishing Fire Show
    DAY 4 Yulong River – Fuli Bridge
    DAY 5 Yangshuo Lufthansa Aviation Camp – Guilin – Two Rivers and Four Lakes
    DAY 6 Guilin – Longji Rice Terraces Scenic Area
    DAY 7 Guilin – Shenzhen
     [Mango Yishu, I promise you a trip with a value]
    To say that Yangshuo’s most popular projects for young people are probably “to live in Mango Travel”. In Yangshuo, there is a group of people who, under the leadership of a photographer and a dessert chef, form a mango state. If you are in Yangshuo, you will see a dark green house from time to time, perhaps a mango-themed beverage shop. Perhaps it is a high-end atmospheric hotel, fresh and romantic, no doubt, this is the site of Mango.
    This time I came to Yangshuo, I chose Manju State’s Yishu on Binjiang Road. It was already at sunset when I arrived in Yangshuo. I saw the most beautiful sunset between the mountains on the last short road.
    On both sides of the Binjiang Road, which is about to enter the night, the trees are covered with small strings of lights. The lights are all beautiful, and they are so beautiful. I thought that I flew to a romantic European town in a moment, and I was intoxicated. The wine came to a successful night.
    Our car just stopped at the entrance of Yishu. The warm front desk lady and the staff at the store came out and asked if they wanted to stay in the store. Then guide us to the parking lot in front to park the car. Parking in Yangshuo is really a big problem. It is really rare to have a hotel with parking.
    Although it has entered September, the autumn is slowly approaching, but it is too late to come. After the car is broken, the heat wave is coming. The little brother of Mango Yishu is here at the gentle end of the bowl of cold and cool summer powder. Really too intimate.
    I lived in a round bed room. After checking in, I entered the room. The open style is really my heart. The bathtub, bathroom and vanity are straightforward and face to face, more spacious and bright, and especially suitable for small lovers. Come live.
    Mango State has always been a literary retro style, with contrasting brick floors and mosaic bathroom tiles perfectly combined with dark green ceilings, then I want to say that the retro bathtub is too good to look at, the deep red appearance, the metallic texture Faucet and base, this beautiful place is like a bath tub, it is clearly a prop for taking pictures! In addition to the retro small ornaments in the room, there are still a pile of old items in the basement, like an old warehouse, leaving the unrelenting past in these old things that have been precipitated by time.
    Mango Hostel has a homemade afternoon tea activity at 2 o’clock every afternoon. I participated in it once and made Ai Ye. The younger brother and sister in the store will put the ingredients and tools needed in the public rest area on the table early. Every time they pass a guest, they will be warmly invited.
    The process of making Ai Ye is very simple, especially with molds already in place. First put the flour on your hands, then knead a small dough, knead the ball in your hand, then squash it, put it into the peanut filling, wrap it into a small flat ball, put it into the mold and press it, then put the mold Knock out the dough, steam on the pan, and eat!
     [The excitement of West Street, the youth of the field]
    When it comes to Yangshuo, almost everyone thinks that the place is West Street, which is located in the most lively center of Yangshuo County. Surrounded by mountains and rivers, there are shining lights, tourists are weaving, and the smell of beer fish is full of air. Despite the hardships of people crowding, everyone is still happy to enjoy the end of the summer.
    There is a lively bar street in Yangshuo West Street. The bartender is loudly at the door, and the singers and dancers perform passionately inside.
    On the bar street is a street full of food from all over the world. The open-air seats are dotted with lights, many foreigners, drinking and eating meat, chatting and laughing, the chefs in white uniforms come out and chill with them. Next to the lively Pub Street, it is like Paris at midnight.
     [Binjiang rice noodles, and a bowl of powder for local people]
    At the suggestion of Ms. Yishu’s front desk, she walked about 300 meters along Binjiang Road. There is a small shop called “Binjiang Rice Noodles”, which is the favorite rice noodle shop for local people.
    The store is really very small, so small that I accidentally missed it. Followed by the navigation, it was a flies restaurant where the tables and chairs could not be placed. The boss set up four or five tables at the entrance of the store. The locals did not Absolutely, skillfully complete the whole process of powdering, taking powder and self-seasoning, then look at the opposite river slowly flowing, give yourself a bowl of powder time.
    The boss looked at us as a foreigner and enthusiastically told us what powder there was and how to eat it. At the suggestion of the boss, we tried the most authentic Guilin rice noodles. The authentic Guilin rice noodles were not soup. A little marinade and a few pieces of pork, add chili and capers according to your taste, mix well and eat.
    The taste is really good, the taste of the marinade is just right, and the appetizer of the sour beans, so that every day, I have to come to a bowl of Guilin rice noodles to feel full.
     [Guilin Qiangu Scene Area, one thousand a day]
    Some time ago, I heard that the ancient scenes opened to Guilin. As we all know, the slogan of “Give me one day, still your millennium” in the ancient scenes has blossomed all over the country, and has now become Hangzhou, Lijiang, Sanya, Jiuzhai, Guilin, Zhangjiajie, Xi’an, Shanghai, Australia and other dozens of tourist areas have been loved by a large number of tourists.
    Guilin Qiangu Scenic Area is located next to the famous Yulong River Scenic Spot in Yangshuo. Before entering the park, you can see the three stone statues of Liu Sanjie, standing tall at the gate of the park. Speaking of Song Xian Liu Sanjie, this is the character that Guilin has to mention in Guangxi. For the Guangxi people, Liu Sanjie is a singer, a goddess and a spiritual pillar. The elements of Liu Sanjie can be seen in every corner of the park.
    Through a full hour of large-scale performances and small performances one after another, as well as the unique decorative environment in the park, the scenic area vividly displays the history and culture of the city.
    Let me first talk about this “a must-see performance in life”, “Guilin’s Eternal Love”, a large-scale visual feast directed by Huang Qiaoling. When you buy tickets for the ageing scene, you can choose time. There are two games every day. At 4:30 in the afternoon, the field was at 7:30 in the evening.
    The performance is divided into five scenes, “The Legend of Guilin”, “The Earth’s Flying Songs”, “Australian Lingqu”, “Wujiang Love Song” and “Looking for Liu Sanjie”. The visual effects of the strong impact show the beauty of the landscape of Guilin. The beautiful dances of various ethnic groups represent the happy life of this multi-ethnic place. The tension of the drama tells the history of the millennium. Through the story of Guangxi Songxian Liu Sanjie throughout the whole process.
    In the gap between the performances of Guilin and the ancients, there are also a variety of small and colorful performances, such as water trapeze, pot dance, acrobatics, throwing hydrangea, fire-breathing, etc., which lasts for more than ten or twenty minutes, and a few minutes, each An actor is full of stunts and is excited.
    The most popular is the flying trapeze. The actor uses the impact of the water to fly from the water again and again. Every time it flies, it causes the crowd of tourists to burst into cheers. The actor’s little brother is also naughty and sprinkles the water under his feet to the tourists. Visitors who are too late to dodge will get a splash of water, but they are also “wet” very happy. Finally, the actor is still giving a small gift to everyone in the air, very lively.
    The pot dance is like a collective carnival. Under the convening and leadership of the younger brother in the national costume, the stranger pulls his hands around the circle and dances and sings together.
    There is a street with the characteristics of Guilin culture in the scenic spot, called “Yangshuo Ancient Village”. We see the darkness from dawn, and the scenes of day and night are very beautiful. There are many snack bars in Yangshuo Ancient Village, selling special snacks in Guilin, as well as various national souvenirs. You can go shopping and eat when you don’t watch the show.
     [Xingping Ancient Town, the youth in the old time is no longer]
    When it comes to Xingping Ancient Town, some people may feel strange, but when it comes to the location of the “20 yuan RMB background map”, probably everyone has realized it.
    Xingping Ancient Town is a small town on the edge of the Lijiang River. Now it has become an ancient street with its old characteristics. It is a constant stream of tourists, although it still retains many Aboriginal features, but most of it The locals also rely on tourism for a living.
    The car drove into the ancient town of Xingping and did not stop. A group of 40-year-old aunts came up and asked “Do you want to take the boat” and “Would you like to take you to the Jiu Ma Painting Mountain”.
    We first strolled around the pedestrian street in the ancient town, which is a professional tourist street. It is no different from the ancient towns of Lijiang, Dali, Suzhou, etc. The stone road is brightened and there are various souvenir shops and bars on both sides. With the most popular music of the moment, to commemorate the old time that this town can’t go back.
    There is still a distance between the pedestrian street and the 20 yuan background map. We drive to the non-self-driving friends to take the local motorcycle and squat, 10 yuan a person, you can choose to walk with good physical strength, about 2 or 3 kilometers. Look like that.
    The rivers that have been over-exploited and destroyed by tourism have lost the clarity of the past, and the small bamboo rafts on the river have disappeared completely. Only the tourist ships on the banks of the river are left, one is carrying a ship, and the river is slowly and sly. Crossed over.
    We heard that at about 5:30 in the afternoon, on the shore of the Lijiang River, there will be old fishermen with their osprey. If there are tourists, they will perform a wonderful fishing performance.
    When we arrived, we had a photo group who made an appointment for the performance of the old man. We were fortunate enough to join in the filming and record this extremely precious moment.
     [From Yulong River to Fuli Bridge, throwing a joy in the name of youth]
    The Yulong River Scenic Area is next to the Guilin Ageing Scenery Area. It is merged with Shili Gallery and cannot enter the car. We decided to ride the electric motorcycle to Sahuan.
    In Yangshuo, many tourists are willing to rent a motorcycle and tell the truth. The technology of the people of Guangxi and the battery car and motorcycle are the levers. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to safety when riding on the road. After entering the Yulong River scenic spot, basically It is safer to look at the scenery while riding a battery car or bicycle.
    The area is particularly large. You can stop and play at any time if you see the places you are interested in. Some of the attractions in the area need to be purchased separately, because we are coming to the Yulong River, so we go straight to the theme.
    The main game of Yulong River is to take a raft of small bamboo rafts. The boatman will tell the history of Guilin or his own story while rowing, and hear one of the boatmen say, “Although we finally got the money, but I still have to take every pair of tourists seriously and safely. This is the responsibility of my work.” They don’t have the exaggeration and noise of the aunts outside, and what I see from them is simplicity and dedication.
    The breeze in September, accompanied by the coolness of the river, the mountains and rivers full of water, is very pleasant.
    As you can see on the tour map of Yulong River, the most end point is a place called “Fu Li Bridge”, but in fact it is necessary to drive from the outside of the scenic spot for half an hour. Fuli Bridge is located in a small village and can be reached by driving around the country road for a while.
    In fact, it is a small stone arch bridge, surrounded by green trees, the scenery is relatively original, and then after being excavated by some tourists and photographers, the local villagers began to work hard to build tourism, bamboo rafts, catering, parking, small souvenirs, so Also, if you haven’t got off the bus, you will have a middle-aged big sister to ask if you want to take a boat.
    I am fascinated by this place because I saw a photo taken by a young lady here on the Internet. Really, when I met the clear sky, the sun was shining, the view of the bridge reflected in the water was still beautiful. Come here to take a wedding photo. There are also many people. Compared to other popular attractions in Yangshuo, the small crowd is quiet, even if it is just sitting on the stone by the river, it is very comfortable.
     [Achieving a hot air balloon dream in Yangshuo]
    Perhaps many people still don’t know, there is still an air camp in the small Yangshuo County, where you can take hot air balloons and paragliding. More than 20 minutes from West Street, it is a vast open space, with a huge sign, “Yangshuo Yansha Aviation Sports Camp”, followed by a lawn full of flowers, hot air balloons and paragliding Take off from here.
    The surrounding area of ​​the big lawn is surrounded by mountains and mountains. The whole scene is excellent and beautiful.
    However, the price of hot air balloons and paragliders is slightly higher. Personally, I feel that everyone can look at taking pictures in the past. Of course, local tyrants please feel free to do so.
     [Over the mountains and meet the most beautiful Longji terraces]
    On the last day of Guilin, we drove to the Longji terraces, which is a very large scenic spot. It is mainly divided into three terraced fields, Longji Guzhuang Village terraces in Longji Village, Ping’an Zhuang Terraces and Dazhai Village in Ping’an Village. Golden pit terraces. Most people will choose to play in the safe terraces and Jinkeng terraces.
    Due to the tight time, there is a lot of walking in each terrace (Gondola terraces have cable cars, but we did not go…..), we chose a niche ancient Zhuangzhai terraces and safe terraces, leaving a The regret of Jinkeng terraces, go next time.
    Visitors can drive to the door of each stockade, and then they need to rely on the strength of their legs. There are also rickshaws on the safe terraces, but the most beautiful scenery is on the road. My friends and I still chose to walk.
    In the Ping An Village, Ping An Terrace is a lively small village with well-built and well-equipped inns and restaurants. We walked through various steps and walked through various alleys. There were many tourists here, many of whom chose to stay here for one night and take a look at the rising sun on the terraced fields.
    In contrast, Longji Guzhuangzhai terraces are more like a natural scenic area. There are no accommodations and restaurants. Only the old people who sell water and the very flat and beautiful plank roads are going up the wooden plank road. Save energy and look at the terraces at the best angle. There are very few people here, and looking at it, it seems that only us, and occasionally there are a few tourists passing by. My friends and I have always preferred quiet and niche places, so this terrace has made us more happy, like a big bargain, and we are reluctant to leave, fearing that such beauty will be seized by some people who come next. .
    This is the first time I saw a real terraced field. I was lying on the ground floor. I couldn’t help but sigh. It’s really beautiful and spectacular. I often become poor when I face excessively beautiful things. I will express it, so I have to use the camera to record these unspeakable moments.

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