Things you need to know about driving to Yangshuo in 2017! The most complete Raiders in Yangshuo!

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Yangshuo’s tourist attractions are relatively concentrated, and they can be spliced ​​according to their own ideas. For example, you can choose to arrive in Yangshuo by boat or bamboo raft. After arriving in Yangshuo, you can choose scenic spots around the Shili Gallery: there are Yinziyan (tickets), Yulong River (ticket), Xanadu (ticket), Butterfly Spring, Big Banyan Tree, Moon Mountain, Totem Road, Impression Liu Sanjie. If there is only one day, it is recommended to choose three attractions. If you have two days, you can choose to tour Yangshuo by bicycle, and 3-4 attractions are available.

【Top 10 Must-See Attractions in Guilin】

一 、 Lijiang River (Tickets) Rafting

Self-driving tourists are best suited to Xingping to start their own Lijiang River rafting. Because Xingping is up and down in place, so you don’t have to worry about not seeing your car after disembarking. The Lijiang River in the Xingping section is the essence of the Lijiang River. The waterway is about 20 kilometers. The travel schedule for Japan and South Korea is about 2 hours. The water surface is wide and there are many attractions. Yangdi Cuizhu scenery, Yangjiaoshan, carp hanging on the wall, the boy worships Guanyin, Shenbi Peak, Langshi Wonderland, the male lion goes to Wuzhishan, the old man guards the apple, the eight immortals cross the river, the chicken cage mountain, Guan Gong carries the sword, Maanshan, Jiatianxia, ​​the turtle climbs the mountain, the frog jumps the river, the famous Chinese and foreign horse painting mountains, the male lion looks back at the nine Horses, dogs and bears watching the sky, civet cats for princes, yellow cloth reflection scenery, beauty peaks, mitten mountains, camels crossing the river, 20 yuan background and so on.

二 、 Yinziyan

Yangshuo Yinziyan is a layered cave, and it has been developed for about 2 kilometers. It includes three parts: the lower cave, the hall, and the upper cave. It collects various types of stalactites developed and grown in different geological ages. There are dozens of special attractions. Musical Shiping, Guanghan Deep Palace, Snow Mountain Waterfall “Three Musts” and the Buddha’s Confucian Classics, Dokuzhuqingtian, and Mixed Yuan Pearl Umbrella “Three Treasures” are represented as vivid and lifelike images. The buried dark river in the rock is winding, winding and tortuous, mysterious and deep, the river is clear, and the fish can be counted; the scenic spots along the river are gorgeous, and the boat can reach the lake outside the rock. The landscape of Yinziyan is dominated by male, strange, secluded, and beautiful, and is called “the world’s karst art treasure house” by domestic food cave, karst, and geological experts. Yinziyan is a must-visit destination for self-driving riders.

3, Bamboo Rafting in Yulong River

Legend long ago, there was a dragon in the East China Sea. After seeing this victory, I felt that the East China Sea was eclipsed, and then hidden and left, so it was named “Yulong River”. The Yulong River in Yangshuo is a scroll of scrolls, with mountains and rivers on both sides of the bank, green bamboo on the banks of the river, and evergreen bananas in all four seasons. The color of the paddy fields along the coast changes constantly throughout the year. The water of the Yulong River is clear to the bottom, blue is transparent, and it stands on the bank of the river. You will feel that it is the cloudless sky above it. Xiaojiabiyu’s rafting on the Yulong River will thoroughly wash away the fatigue of self-driving, make you physically and mentally happy, and miss home.

24. Xanadu

In a romantic legend, a place where peach blossoms bloom, almost all the dreams of the Chinese people, no hustle and bustle of the city, no nuisance of the world. The legend remains on paper. But in Guilin, China, along the road of sweet-scented osmanthus to Yangshuo, there will be a place more beautiful and real than Taohuayuan-Xanadu. Smoke and rain, mountains and green grass, mountains, caves, wooden buildings, yearning for a noble quality storm bridge, and ballads drifting in the gap between the green bamboo … all joy and all the hardships are here to find the destination. Xanadu is located between Yangshuo and Guilin, a must-go place for self-driving tours.

Five or Ten Famous Mountains and Rivers

Guilin’s Elephant Trunk Hill (ticket), Fubo Mountain, Diecai Mountain (ticket), Chuanshan, Tashan (ticket) and other famous Guilin mountains are the eternal classics of Guilin! By boat, you can go through Guilin’s famous mountains with a single ticket You can buy tickets in a park. You can enjoy the classic scenery of Guilin at the same time when you save the ticket fees and parking fees.

Six, two rivers and four lakes around the city

The two rivers are Lijiang and Taohuajiang; the four lakes are Ronghu, Shanhu, Guigui and Mulong Lake. The four lakes are the ancient moat of Guilin. During the Song Dynasty, scholars began to go sightseeing. Take a boat trip to the Four Lakes, you can enjoy the famous mountains, famous bridges, ancient city gates, and ancient canals of Guilin, giving you a glimpse of Guilin’s urban construction.

7. Du Xiufeng (Ticket) · Wangcheng (Ticket)

Guilin Duxiu Peak is located in the center of Jingjiang King City. The solitary peak is protruding, steep and steep, and has a magnificent momentum. It is known as the “Nantianyizhu”. The source of the poem “Guilin Landscapes (Tickets)” is at the foot of the mountain. Therefore, many tourists come here to explore the source. Guilin Jingjiang King City is located in the center of Guilin. It was built by Ming Dynasty ancestor Zhu Yuanzhang and his nephew Zhu Shouqian. Chenggong is the temple on the left and the shrine on the right. There is a carrier door and a carrier hall in the city. Around the main building of the palace, the halls, pavilions and pavilions of the pavilion were also extensively constructed, forming a magnificent and large-scale building complex. “Read the King City and Know Guilin”, Du Xiufeng King City Scenic Area, you must not miss it by car.

28, Lu Diyan (ticket)

Guilin Ludi Cave is 240 meters deep and the distance is 500 meters. The reed flute is divided into “stone mantle forest”, “Tianzhu Yunshan”, “Crystal Palace” and “Curved Path Gallery”Four cave days include “Shiling Asaka”, “High Gorge Waterfall” and “Primitive Forest”. “Yuanwang Mountain City” and “Panlong Pagoda” have 20 scenic spots and are known as “Nature’s Art Palace”. Since the Tang Dynasty, there have been traces of tourists throughout the dynasties, and there are 77 historical wall books in the cave. If you have a modern mount, how can you miss it?

IX. Gudong Forest Waterfall

The Gudong Waterfall (ticket) is a multi-pole series of waterfalls formed by gathering underground underground springs. The waterfall is 180 meters higher than the Li River water and can still gush. It is the only multi-level serial formation in the country formed by underground Yongquan. Waterfalls: Nine-level waterfalls have different shapes. Some are like snorkeling, some are like dragons spraying water, some are on mossy rock walls, waterfalls are like cloth, and the water patterns are clear and can be seen. It is like a spray of clouds; it is the only waterfall in the country that can be climbed.

10. Longji Terraced Fields (Tickets)

The Dragon’s Back is named after a mountain like a dragon’s back. To the left of the mountain is the Sangjiang River, and to the right is the terraced field dug by the ancestors of the Zhuang and Yao nationalities, which is the Longji terraced field. The terraces belong to two ancient villages-Ping’an Village and Dazhai. The Longji Terraces next to Ping’an Village belong to the Zhuang people. Dazhai called Jinkeng Terraces belongs to Hong Yao. Walking on the terraces, I feel not only the power of hard-working people, but also their beauty and faith.

Recommended foods in Puyang Shuo:

1, Guilin rice noodles, the famous Guilin rice noodles have to eat in Yangshuo. Yangshuo people usually eat Guilin rice noodles and a braised egg for breakfast.

2, Yangshuo’s stuffed vegetables, among which the more famous are screw stuffed, bitter gourd stuffed, eggplant stuffed, grapefruit skin stuffed and so on.

3, Yangshuo beer fish: Yangshuo’s most famous food is beer fish, and the streets are all beer fish restaurants. But the masters are different and the tastes are different. Here I recommend a more authentic and delicious: Azhong beer and fish stall stalls. In No.53 Huashan Road, Yangshuo County, the environment is elegant, star-rated, and gear consumption. The most important thing is that the boss and chef A Zhong is a famous chef in Yangshuo. Among them, the best is beer fish. The tourists order this dish, he is not assured of other chefs, so he always cooks himself, so that tourists can taste the most delicious beer fish. Ordering phone: 18078391568 (boss Azhong) If you order the meal, if you recommend Yangshuo soldiers, you can send fruit plates and drinks.

Liyang Shuo cycling recommendations:

I can’t ride without a trip to Yangshuo. Flat and slopeless roads, rest points everywhere, renting a car, riding with friends, family, colleagues and lovers on friendly rural fields will be another life experience. Especially in summer, ride a bicycle to the Yulong River, which is soaked by the sunset, and take a swim. Spread the joy. Don’t worry about the night road without lights. A full moon is hanging on the treetops. Maybe it’s starry. There will be fireflies all the way. Flash flash flash guide your way home.

推荐 4 cycling routes recommended:

Line 1: Yangshuo-Big Banyan Tree-Moon Mountain-Moon Mountain Village-Jianshan Temple-Yan Village-Tianjiahe-Yangshuo

Distance: about 20 kilometers, with roads and country trails

Line features: Classic cycling routes, with the best mountain scenery in Yangshuo, pastoral scenery and buffalo buffalo. Sunset in Yancun, Tianjiahe.

Route 2: Yangshuo-Gongnong Bridge-Riverside Cottage-Yangshuo Resort-Tongmenyan-Fenglou Village-Moon Mountain-Big Banyan Tree-Yangshuo

Distance: 20 kilometers

Line characteristics: It basically surrounds the big banyan tree scenic area, and you can see climbers from all over the world. Fenglou Village has many special homestays.

Route 3: Yangshuo-Gongnong Bridge-Yangshuo Resort-Luoma-Jiuxian-Xiangui Bridge-Yulong Bridge-Baisha-Yangshuo

Distance: nearly 30 kilometers

Line characteristics: Yulong River Ancient Bridge and Ancient Village, if you are tired, you can take a bamboo raft to float back to the Gongnong Bridge.

Route 4: Yangshuo-Welfare-Chelang Mountain-Xingping-Stone City-Grape-Yangshuo

Distance: about 60 kilometers one way, it takes two days to complete

Route features: Bilian Peak, Shutong Mountain Yangshuo classic scenery, Welfare ancient town scenery, you can also make a fan. Xingping Old Street, Laoshan Village, Denghebao Mountain, Lijiang Mountain View, Lijiang River Landscape Essence, “Yellow Cloth Reflection”, “Jiuma Painting Mountain”, and “Halong Scenery” The Xingping-Grape section is difficult to walk, and there are few tourists on foot and by bicycle .

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