This place in Shenzhen can let you relax and let you go short

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Some emotions are like incurable diseases
    The only way to heal
    Travel, it is so
    In the cement forest that is nine-to-five, how long have you not traveled? How much do you envy those who can say and leave? How much do you want to be the free man who dreams of running for the horse?
    Yes, you need to work.
    However, I know that in this boring lattice room, in this cold cement forest, in this indifferent and hurried crowd, your heart is eager to come and go on a trip, to leave all your worries behind. The short-selling, come to a small town with a clear green water.
    For fifty years in the world, going to things is like a dream.
    Within the world, there are those who are immortal.
    So, take advantage of the sun, the autumn wind is not dry, let’s go.
    I know that the horizon is too far away, and the trip is unrealistic. Therefore, the Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Town Cultural Tourism Resort Town is just right, not far from near, it can make you like a child, letting you laugh, or let you sit alone. Venting in a daze. Pack your bags and set off.
     Part one, about living
     Stay in Interlaken and have a dream about Switzerland
    In a hurry, exhausted, as soon as you step into the lobby of Interlaken, it seems to enter the world of dreams: comfortable temperature, scent of scent, and scented wisteria, warm, lively, crisp and ethereal birds Singing and singing. “Wisteria hangs the cloud, the flower vines are Yiyangchun. The dense leaf sings birds, the fragrant beauty.” This kind of sunshine, juicy atmosphere, like stepping into the rain forest in the midsummer, a tired and disappeared, leaving the rest relaxed I just want to lick it.
    The sun is draped over the head, and the deep, shallow purple crystal clear, as if flowing, laughing, and growing. The breeze blew, and a bunch of bouquets trembled slightly. In the ear, there was a roaring sound of the birds, and following the birdsong, it was a few colorful parrots around the lobby. During the jump, my mood was not happy.
    Passing through the winding corridor, passing through the window of the sun shining through the veil on the carpet, entering the room, facing the room’s unique bleak atmosphere, clean bed, European elegant and exquisite decoration, like Stepped into the European castle.
    Pushing open the balcony door, you will see the Interlaken Lake. Standing on the balcony, you can see the lake and the mountains, you can enjoy the Swiss style, you can also listen to the wind and the birds call, the soft sunshine of the early autumn is just spilling, and together with all the objects become lazy and comfortable. At this moment, I just want to build it in the mountains and waters. There are both natural and natural landscapes, and the hotel in the elegant European town of the whole day, quietly in a daze, slowly venting.
    The wind passes through the robes, and the lake rises and rushes under the feet; the sun shines on the green grass and the trees, the green grass fluctuates in front of the eyes, and the breeze comes again… Ning, quiet, far, warm.
     Black Forest Hotel, let you laugh and find your childhood
    On the second night, stay at the Black Forest Hotel and cross a promenade with lush trees on both sides. The dome is the top of the blue sky and white clouds, just like the time tunnel through the fairy tale. Once inside the room, it is attracted by the decoration inside: the elf’s elk, the cute ostrich, or on the bed or on the wall, such as stepping into a romantic fairytale world. At this moment, the heart is faint.
    The room was thoughtfully prepared with welcome words and sweets: the towel was tied into a cute bunny, the yellow leaves with the welcome words, and the fresh little flowers, so everything was so warm. Eat a candy, the sweet taste is filled in the mouth, and even the apex feels warm.
    The sunlight of the early autumn came in from the window, and through the glass window, it was sifted into a mottled soft light and shadow by the thin curtains. It fell in the room, bright and gentle, not only illuminating the room, but also warming me at the moment. Looking out through the window, the lush forest in the distance is extraordinarily green and full of vitality in the sun.
    The lively and smart little decoration can be seen everywhere in the room. The delicate birds on the wooden wall clock can be spread at any time. The wooden wall clock is combined with the white wall, and it is interlaced with the sky blue room. It is comfortable and peaceful.
     Part two, about playing
    To play and play AIO happy vacation, AIO Happy Holiday is an overseas ChineseThe city’s theme hotel group’s special tourism and holiday products, following the CEO (Happy Experience Consultant) can enjoy different styles of hotels, hot springs, taste the world-style restaurants, play the theme scenic spots, watch the “Tian Chan” performances and participate in other rich activities It brings a happy experience of non-traditional tourism.
     Morning riding, relax in the morning sun
    In the morning, everything is silent, the morning is slowly, the sky is barely white, the birds are crisp, and the surrounding is filled with the smell of the grass. The purity of the heavens and the earth makes people feel refreshed. At this time, the morning ride of an AIO happy vacation is extremely comfortable.
    Riding a car, entering the Tea Valley in the morning light, passing through the Interlaken Market Street, looking up, seeing a lot of colorful umbrellas hanging on it, red, yellow, blue, purple… colorful, colorful, The mood is not pleasant.
    Entering the wetland garden, passing through the four seasons of flower fields, you can see at a glance, such as thousands of Danxia, ​​thousands of red brocades, colorful and colorful. The silvery white light gradually showed blush, and the misty mist rose gently and softly under the sun, reflecting the halo of the ripples. In this morning smog, Xiaguang is reflected on the crystal clear morning dew of the petals, and the thin frost is cool and silent.
    Riding along the greenway, there are lush trees on both sides, the mountains in the morning, some faint mists have not yet dispersed, looks like nothing, soft sunshine sprinkles in the mountains, the lush leaves have deep The shade of green, the nose is lingering with the fresh air of the morning forest, soft and cool, especially comfortable. The mountains are cool, and the atmosphere of the early autumn is completely untouchable. The grass is full of flowers, the wildflowers are clustered, bathed in the morning sun, and the birds are cheerfully screaming on the branches, making the quiet mountain forest show vitality.
    Riding is not only a way to pursue a healthy green life, but also an adventure for us to hone our minds. Every time you drip uphill, every time you sprint, isn’t it like rising and frustrating in life? Frustration adventures are not terrible, as long as we are determined to be eager, we can move forward steadily.
     Taiji Ba Duan Jin, health in Zen
    In the morning, the soft sun shines on the rippled and broken Interlaken lake. In the lake, a pair of black swan breaks through the water and slowly comes in tandem. The breeze blew, the blue waves on the lake surface, sparkling, just like a picture full of full color, it is really beautiful, beautiful. At this moment, in this eternal silence, only the bird’s song, Xu Chenchen danced a Tai Chi, extremely open and comfortable.
    Starting, put your hands in front, slowly open your left leg, the whole body softly and vigorously began to swing, each joint cleverly cooperated, listening to melodious Zen music, hands and fists, legs, forward buffer Boxing, pushing the palm, light as a willow, as strong as a stone.
    A spirit machine writes too harmonious, all of which are changed by the square inch, and the heart is transported to the unintentional place. Qiu Shui clarifies Tai A. Although the posture of boxing is ever-changing, my mood is more peaceful, from irritability to calmness, from heart to heartless Zen, heart, peace.
     Dahuaxing Temple, Zen from Taiji to the temple
    Before, I never thought that there was actually a place to showcase the traditional Chinese Buddhist culture until I met Dahuaxing Temple. As soon as I entered the mountain gate, I was amazed by the ancient temple-style temple building cluster in the Tang and Song Dynasties. The style was rich and the building was magnificent. The environment was very quiet and quiet, probably because it was a Buddhist land.
    Slowly boarding the 108 steps, like 108 times of chanting, standing on the stage and silently watching the entire Dahuaxing Temple, magnificent and spectacular. Although it is early autumn, the trees are still so tall and green, the air is fresh and the environment is beautiful. Listening to the deep and distant chanting sounds in the ears, the heart is gradually calm, just as the six ancestors Hui Neng said: Bodhi has no trees, and the mirror is not Taiwan. There is nothing in the original, where is the dust. In fact, the dust is outside, the heart is always there, and the heart is clean. For all things in the world, keep a quiet and peaceful heart to face everything, enough. All this, as Fan Gong said: not to be happy with things, not to be sad.
    Walking into the yard and seeing many wishing cards hanging in the courtyard, it is the wish of the tourists here to make a wish: I hope that my family will be happy and happy, that my friends will live well, and that I will work for my own sake… Perhaps, many people do not believe in Buddha, but they are in Buddha. I had to bow to the front, not to worship Buddha, but to seek the happiness of my loved ones.
     Afternoon tea Weng Guzhen, listen to bamboo sound tea chat tea rhyme
    There is a saying in the tea ceremony that we should cherish tea every time we sit with friends, because this tea may only be this time in life, once it is over, it will be no longer available; every time Meetings are the only ones, different from the past and the future. Sometimes, a person’s life is only for a special meeting. If you have the most profound cherish, even if the meeting is separated, you can also regret it when you send it.
    When we are in the bustling city, the time to get together to drink tea is even more precious. In the small holidayOr on the weekend, go to the tea town of Guwen with friends and have a good chat. Listen to the bamboo sound and drink tea, meet in the bird’s tea, and don’t know each other, but also leave some warm memories for us.
    Into the ancient town of Chaweng, it is a quaint and quiet archway filled with dead leaves, hanging over the “Tea Weng Ancient Town” plaque, the tiles have been somewhat black, the dead leaves and the sun are intertwined, making a patchy Light and shadow, simple and quiet, long and warm, old and feminine.
    It is early autumn, the leaves on the tree are still vibrant green, the autumn sunshine is transmitted from the dense layers of the leaves, I squinted my eyes, looked up at the sun, everything is so beautiful…
    Walking on the dark blue road of the dark blue, crossing the archway, you can see the lanterns full of trees swaying in the leaves between the leaves, the white tea on the right side, and the white walls on the white wall depicting the traces of the years. The bluestone road is more slippery and dull after being wet by the rain. Going inside, the rocky stream is adjacent to the tea, and the pavilions are patchwork. Walking on the bluestone road, watching the red light green leaves, listening to the stream birds and birds, smelling a natural and fresh breath from time to time, quiet and beautiful. This kind of quaint and elegant environment is not pleasant to relax, and I can’t wait to stay here.
    Passing through the plaque hanging, lanterns, and the long street with a mood, come to the quaint and elegant tea stream, in front of the courtyard, planted a cluster of straight and long bamboo, which is more obvious in the shade of the white wall. Green and strong.
    Inside the gallery, the quaint wooden tables and wooden chairs, the exquisite carvings of the screen doors, simple and elegant, comfortable and quiet. At the table is a window, a green bamboo outside the window, and some seemingly unwilling bamboo branches have crossed the window sill and reached the gallery. In the early autumn, the sunlight shines on the wooden tables and chairs through the bamboo leaves. It rises with the wind, mottled and swaying, and suddenly and darkly… white walls, blue tiles, green eyes, and a simple and quiet house.
    Someone from time to time in the tea house, the footsteps are extremely light, and the conversation is extremely light. The tea house is filled with the Zen of Chinese landscape, and it is the exclusive place for tea. The inner courtyard is a small and sleek hexagonal pavilion. There is a stone bench and a stone bench in the pavilion. It is like seeing an old man and three young people drinking tea on the road, or three friends sitting around and drinking together. Tea is easy to listen to. In the pavilion, there is an intriguing Zen in the quaint and dignified, the far-flung mood and the full of interest.
    Under the pavilion, it is a pool. The water is very shallow, very clear and quiet, and it is too quiet to see a little ripple. The tortoise in the water is also quietly watching the crowd coming and going. The window around the door is a finely carved pattern. There is no Zhu powder finish, and one color is ground. Even indoors, butThe temperament of the ancient town of Shanlin is still everywhere. The outside of the teahouse is a row of bamboos. The inside is a long table with a gazebo wooden chair. If you sit down and drink a cup of tea slowly, I am afraid that both ears are within one heart. It is a mountain stream, and I don’t feel a guqin music.
    The wooden spoon made of redwood is placed on the lid bowl, and the boiled water in the pot slams into the bowl, and the steam carries the tea scent. The heart gradually precipitated in the tea smoke, and a long-lost silence quieted the anxiety in the heart, leaving only a piece of empty space. The fragrant tea fragrance of the musk, the tea rhyme in the cup just warmed up the joy of the fingertips, and the room was quiet and quiet.
    Slightly sip, the mellow taste is blooming in the mouth, blooming in the limbs, after the slight bitterness, the tip of the tongue is slightly sweet, and the sweetness of a clear sputum slowly smashes from the nose to the throat, and the heart is incomprehensible. . There was a touch of lightness in the tea, and a few light smokes were scattered.
    At the moment, one tea and one world, one brook and one heaven.
    Drink tea, but two moves, pick up, put down. Life, why not, pick up, pick up, put down and put down. Know how to give up, the most true. Life, like drinking tea, leisurely and slow-moving, and letting the world float, it seems like the water mist rising, lingering, lingering and floating. Tea, a sigh, and no regrets. Treating travel as a free and casual meeting with people drinking tea, and even treating life as a free and casual meeting with people drinking tea, just like the thriving and vicissitudes of the Spring and Autumn Period, with a dilemma, I will not be embarrassed and ecstatic, nor will I be sad and worried.
     Pottery workshop, experience the fun of hand-made
    Pottery, the ancient culture of Chinese tradition. Taoyifang is located in the quiet and quiet tea town of Guwen, and comes to the ancient town of Chaeng, how can you not come to a pottery experience? Looking at the colorful and colorful ceramic products in the cabinet, I can’t wait to participate, choose a model reference, and start working right away.
    Put a piece of germ in the center of the machine, add water, start to turn the machine, hold the center of the mud with the big mother’s finger, slowly press out a hole, and press the piece of mud into the shape you want with your hands. At the moment, your Comprehension and hands-on can determine whether your ceramics are good or bad, and your creativity determines whether your ceramics look good or not.
    Hands-on, drawing, and molding, a piece of work is born from its own hands, with the fragrance of the earth, revealing its own personality, looking at its own finished products, the heart is full of sense of accomplishment. Turning to look at the finished products in the cabinet, I can’t wait to look forward to the appearance of the ceramic cups I made myself.
    Pottery is a kind of culture, which combines the innovation of modern ceramic art with the original charm. Pottery is the art of earth and the art of fire. In fact, it is the art of life. Shape, texture, ornamentation, glaze, all express your personality, your art.
     Part three, about food:
     Evening Autumn Japanese Restaurant, enjoy the taste bud feast
    Akiha Japanese Restaurant, a Japanese restaurant with a variety of classic dishes, is located on the 6th floor of the Interlaken Hotel. As night falls, the three confidants are here, accompanied by melodious music, taste authentic Japanese cuisine, and talk about ideals and life. The exquisite decoration complements the rich Japanese national style, and the lingering atmosphere is matched with natural color, delicious taste and variety.Sophisticated Japanese materials, every place is full of leisurely Fusang style, perfect.
    Australian garlic beef, tender beef, no meat and fat, no thick juice, delicious and delicious, can also feel the unique flavor of a butter after frying, with garlic The sense of hierarchy is just right.
    Iron plate Longli fish fillet, no fish smell, fishy smell, can’t wait to squeeze the lemon juice and put it in the mouth, the sudden delicious taste is intoxicating, fine taste, meat tender and refreshing, delicate and delicate taste, lemon The tenderness of the acid and the flesh of the fish is very beautiful in the mouth.
    Teppanyaki sea urchin fried rice, sea urchin can not be fried with rice, to be treated separately, first fried to golden yellow, put on the fried rice at the end of the fried rice, this can better reflect the fragrance of sea urchin. When the table is light, it smells like an unstoppable appetite. The aroma of chopped green onion and the aroma of eggs and rice, as well as the rich aroma of the sea urchins that are just right, can’t help but spoon. The mouth is full of mouths to satisfy the taste buds. Take a bite, the softness and hardness of the rice is just right, the soft eggs wrap the rice filled with elasticity, and the rich layering of various seasons makes the taste buds open a new world.
    The sun is shining today, and the moonlight is very good tonight.
    I am sure to know.
    In the inner anxiety, in the uneasiness of the soul,
    We need a trip,
    Appease our hearts and place our souls,
    I must also know.
    So let’s go,
    Go to the Overseas Chinese Town Wenhua Holiday Town,
    Or let go, or let go.
     [about town]
    The East OCT Wenlv Resort Town consists of a regional theme hotel group, Cha Valley, Yunhai Valley, and Dahuaxing Temple. It is a romantic tea valley with a variety of backgrounds such as “landscape, tea, flowers, and customs”. The mountain tourism comprehensive resort area with many business resources such as Yunhai Valley and Zenyi Huaxing Temple. The Chinese and Western cultures in the resort town blend together with the main elements such as “tea, zen, flower and bamboo” to keep the urban people away from the hustle and bustle. Enjoy nature.
    Wenhua Holiday Resort, Overseas Chinese Town, Dameisha East, Yantian District, Shenzhen
    Arrival of the plane: Shenzhen Baoan Airport is about 50 kilometers away from the East China Overseas Culture Town, and it takes about 1 hour by taxi.
    High-speed rail arrival: Shenzhen North Railway Station is about 25 kilometers away from Wenhua Holiday Town of OCT East, and takes about 40 minutes by taxi.
    [Tea Valley / Yunhai Valley / Dahuaxing Temple Self-driving Route]
    Shenzhen City to Eastern OCT Wenlv Resort Town Route 1: Luosha Highway → Deep Salt Second Passage → Yanba Expressway Dameisha Exit → Heroes Valley → East Line Landscape Avenue → Cha Valley / Yunhai Valley / Dahuaxing Temple
    Route 2 from Shenzhen City to Eastern OCT Wenlv Resort Town: Jihe Expressway→Yanpai Expressway→Deep Salt Second Passage→Yanba Expressway Beishan Road Exit→Yansan Road→Chaxi Valley/Yunhai Valley/Dahuaxing Temple
    Route 3 of Shenzhen City to Eastern OCT Wenlv Resort Town: Qingping Expressway/Nanping Express→ Shuiguan Expressway→ Hengping Road→ Bisan Road→Chaxi Valley/Yunhai Valley/Dahuaxing Temple

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