This spring, I will accompany you to see a flower sea is good? [starting]

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    Knowing to see a problem:
    I have read many books,
    But most of them were forgotten later,
    What is the meaning of reading?
    The most classic answer is “When I was a child,
    I have eaten a lot of things, and now I can’t remember what I have eaten.
    But what is certain is that some of them have grown into my bones and flesh, as well as fat…
    The significance of travel is also true.
    Those who have traveled and seen the scenery,
    Gradually disappeared in memory, but what is certain is that
    a trip with temperature,
    Let me stop sticking to the trivialities of life.
    Become a better self in silence.
    Yes, the world is big, when you feel that life is at its limit,
    May go out and meet some people,
    Find a cherry tree that belongs to you.
    You chew very sweet and sweet cherry,
    Suddenly there is motivation to continue to live.
    a temperature travel experience,
    Enough to make you feel stunned,
    See the bigger world,
    Find a big heart and meet the most beautiful self on the road.
    a gust of wind, a touch of sunshine, a ripple, a color,
    May become our protagonist,
    What do you want to do most when spring blossoms?
    If you see a very bright word, I want to share it with you.
    You hold a flower and wait for someone to take you to wander.
    Since the friendship boat is turned over,
    The big wheel of love says Shen sinks,
    Then there is any reason not to catch the present,
    Enjoy the beauty of spring?
    Fireworks in the south of the Yangtze River in March, you don’t want to see the scenes of the flowers.
    Is it simply disappointing the goodness of God?
    In Yangzhou in March, chat about Yangzhou,
    What is the most familiar scene?
    It will be Li Bai’s “The Old Man’s Westward Yellow Crane Tower, Fireworks in March under Yangzhou”,
    Or is Qianlong’s six-down Jiangnan Yangzhou or Wei Xiaobao’s former residence, Lichunyuan?
    In any case, Yangzhou is a historical city with a history of 2,500 years, a gathering of people and a flourishing city.
    But today, I will share another fun new place – Marco Polo Flower World,
    Another way to open Yangzhou, a new and romantic romantic fairy tale island,
    Entering here will make you feel happy and full of happiness.
    Marco Polo Flower World Introduction:
    Tickets: March, April, May, June, September, October, November, adult tickets 160 yuan / person, children tickets (1.2 meters to 1.5) 100 yuan / person, senior votes (65 Over 80 years old), disabled person (requires proof of disability) 80 yuan / person, primary and secondary school students ticket (with student ID) 100 yuan / person, college student ticket (with student ID card and ID card) 120 yuan / person, family Tickets (2 big and 1 small) 335 yuan, parent-child tickets (1 big and 1 small) 220 yuan. [1.2 (including) children below, 80 years old and above are free of charge. 】
    Address: Marco Polo Flower World 4 is located on the island between Yangzhou Ecological Science and Technology New City, Taiping Gate and Wanfu Gate. From Yangzhou City, you can take an electric car or walk from the non-motor vehicle road or sidewalk under the Wanfu Bridge. The car can be parked in the parking lot on the south side of Wanfu Gate or on the east side of Wanfu Bridge. There is free parking for parking.
    Opening time: 9:00-17:00
    The Marco Polo Flower World is located in Yangzhou, a famous city where the world’s explorer Marco Polo has been stationed for three years. It covers an area of ​​about 50 hectares and is the world’s first flower theme park. The park is based on the Marco Polo Magic East Tour, and is designed by the Oscar two-time award-winning animation team, Cartoon Saloon, “Little Prince” film team, France Amiko, Dutch national treasure master Niek Roozen, and German children’s amusement education experts. Together to build. Designed to bring you a worldly flower art feast that never ends!
    In the scenic area, the flower sea train is 20 yuan/person, and the battery tour bus is 15 yuan/person. If you need to take a ride, you must purchase another ticket…
    PS: Tickets for the original price of 160 yuan on the day of opening the park and the second day (April 16th and 17th) will only be able to get 99 yuan! Can log in the same journey, Ctrip, mother, where to go, beautyTickets and other major websites to buy tickets!
    Travel information
    You can choose Shanghai to Zhenjiang first, then take the bus from Zhenjiang to Yangzhou.
    Shanghai to Yangzhou: Urban Area – Shenhai Expressway – Changhe Expressway – Beijing-Shanghai Expressway – Shanghai-Shaanxi Expressway – Yangzhou
    Nanjing to Yangzhou: Urban Area – Ningzhen Highway – G312 – Yangzhou
    Hangzhou to Yangzhou: Urban Area – Changshen Expressway – Yangshuo Expressway – Shanghai-Shaanxi Expressway – Yangzhou
    Suzhou to Yangzhou: Urban Area – Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway – Yangshuo Expressway – Shanghai-Shaanxi Expressway – Yangzhou
    City traffic: 99 bus under the Wanfu Bridge.
    About me:
    Welcome to pay attention to my nest, Weibo: Miss-Shen Xiaoying; WeChat public number: Eraser in memory
    The alien “Flower Circle” is amazed by Yangzhou.
    It’s as big as three football fields.
    Color interlacing is like a giant 3D color painting.
    Did the aliens accidentally knock over the God Paint Bottle here?
    In this world of flowers, there are not only alien flower fields, but also
    There are also unique wonders in front of you.
    As the world’s first flower theme park,
    It combines the world of floral art with the Marco Polo magical journey.
    Let the original beauty of the flower add a dreamy magical color.
    Give the paradise a sense of adventure.
    [Five flower miracles]
    When I went, it was the opening of the park, and it was very lively.
    The 16,000 square meter miracle blanket made me stunned.
    Dutch national treasure masters use flowers to spread the world’s five major flower wonders – the world’s largest art flower sea, the world’s first dream flower mound, the world’s largest flower carpet, the world’s longest water flower creek and creative flower carvings from Oscar .
    In this world of flowers and flowers, be a happy flower lover, not to bear the glory of spring,
    The overflowing flowers are the spring that was overturned?
    Who can walk with me on the train to spring?
    Flowers have a magical power that always creates a cozy and beautiful atmosphere.
    Bringing sunshine happiness to people.
    Perennial in reinforced concrete, lacking temperature and happiness,
    In this spring time, with family members who rarely accompany you on weekdays,
    Go to the world of flowers and flowers full of spring,
    Perhaps you can find deep love from this world and even our own heart.
    If the foot strength is better, it is recommended to take the Marco Polo Street: Marco Polo 5D Theater, Magical Aroma Experience Hall, Fairy Tale Flower Hall, Global Food Court, Little Italy, Huamanlou, stop and play; then follow the footsteps of the sword juvenile Marco Polo, from Dream Europe: Venetian gardens, Mediterranean gardens, wonderful town playgrounds, Grasse flower fields, mask labyrinths, Yang Fan set sails; Path to the Middle East: Undersea Gardens, Persian Gardens, Elf Garden, Mystery Jungle Playground, Dudu Fish; finally to the beautiful heaven East: Oriental Garden, Miracle Flower Blanket, Meng Pet Zoo, Love Rose Garden!
    If your feet are not listening, you can take a ride on the park and enjoy the world of happiness and enjoy your happiness!
    There are also special small trains in the park.
    Sit on a small train and have a taste in a circle.
    The ubiquitous cartoons and cabins are also very creative.
    In the stunning 800-acre art flower garden, there are nearly 1,000 kinds of colors, and the seven global theme gardens have completely smashed the beautiful scenery of Venice, the Mediterranean, Persia, the East and even the underwater world and the Elven Kingdom, and can’t help but turn on the continuous shooting mode. .
    The Dream Tower is the center of the entire scenic spot. You can see the whole picture of the whole world of Marco Polo in the top of the tower. At this time, there is a UAV that is perfect. The hidden patterns can only be seen at high altitude, and the wide angle cannot be seen. Show its beauty.
    The plant maze in the Venetian garden is particularly sensational. If you have a wedding in such a garden, how beautiful it is, the flower fields are like dreams.
    Bring a dreamy mask and come with me HIGH
    Stepping out of the maze to the lake of life, the lake and the harmonious breeze rise a little bit, in such a living garden, everything looks so vibrant.
    The drip of the Mediterranean garden is very much like it. Walking here is like entering the garden of the Netherlands.
    The Mediterranean flower carving by the lake is a Gothic stylized church built of flowers, and I can’t help but stop here.
    The shape of the dragon in the Persian garden attracts many people’s attention. There is a magnificent glass palace, which brings a different exotic style.
    Far from the mountains (cūn), far from the water, no distance, no one, no experience, experience the most exciting and beautiful scenery, in this process to get your own small fortunate (small but true happiness), great happiness.
    Some people say that Provence is always the color of spring, and that ta must have never been to the artistic flower sea of ​​Marco Polo’s flower world. In the warm sunshine days, holding the hand of a lover, walking on the road paved with gravel, Listen to the cheerful and melodious singing, see through the landscape in the sea of ​​flowers
    [Fantasy Fairytale Playground]
    In the world of flowers, not only flowers, but also fairy tales and playgrounds, the sparks of the three created the Marco Polo 5D Theater and the six major playgrounds in the world of flowers.
    In order to improve the experience and fun of the garden, Marco Polo spent two games in the world: “Looking for the Seven Colors” and “The Brave”. The game will run through the six theme parks of the park: you can sit on the “Sweet Carousel” Feel the romantic atmosphere, you can climb the exciting net rope in the “mystery jungle”, you can jump into the mermaid sea pool to play…
    The Marco Polo Brave, stranded in the mermaid sea pool, can experience thrills in crawling and naughty castles and experience magical images in multimedia rooms in the hull.
    You can also sit on the shallow white sand and enjoy the sun in the leisurely sunshine. You can also play in the joyful waters of the mermaid. The beautiful little mermaid that is longing for the world is hidden here. If you look for it, you can make friends with it.
    In the pet petting zoo, the cute pigs and alpacas, the clever and lovely hamsters, the pet rabbits, the lively pony, the yak, the noble and elegant black swan, are absolutely cute…
    More than 600 embarrassing pandas are cute, and all kinds of dead people do not pay for their lives, or lying or sitting or squatting, there is a cure system.
    The child’s mind has no dust, and the simple animal is the most easy to communicate with each other. The small animals are their best companions, play with the small animals, and confide in their voices, which is probably the warmest happiness.
    The air here is very fresh and the environment is beautiful.
    The good things, the biggest thing in common, is that they always have the ability to make a certain look amazing.
    Let’s take a look at the happy figures of the babies. You can see if it’s suitable for bringing the baby here. The baby’s eyes can’t be deceived.
    In a day, accompany the children around you to embrace nature and let the sun, soil, plants and animals grow with the children.
    For children, nature is full of magical power. Whether it is white clouds, green trees, or lambs or rabbits, you can find a lot of happiness.
    [World class performance]
    Marco Polo Flower World invited performance teams from all over the world to present an audio-visual feast of dance, singing, clown performances and interactive performances in the theater.
    The international circus team and clown performers will interact closely with visitors. The Brazilian Samba team, the French mask team, the Spanish flamenco team, and the world clown squad team, these four different styles of parade will come to the visitors to share the original European and American street art.
    At the same time, the 5D drama “Marco Polo’s Journey to the East” will be premiered at the Marco Polo Theater. It is created by the international production team and the world-famous film “Little Prince” production team Amiko. The 270-degree ring screen and live interaction in the theater. The performance will give the audience an unprecedented new audiovisual experience.
    [Global Food Paradise]
    The flower world not only has beautiful scenery, but also a real gourmet food that can satisfy the taste buds.
    After climbing the entire flower world, you can taste the authentic Western-style dining in the Dream Tower and family and friends, while chatting about the truth that has not been available for export.
    You can enjoy authentic Western-style dining at the Dream Tower, enjoy Persian barbecue in the Persian Palace, and enjoy the Huaiyang Flower Banquet at the Global Food Court.
    Or take your child to the Elf Candy House for magical candy, or go to the iGreen Dream House, taste snowballs and ice cream, and popcorn and hot dogs of all flavors. Therefore, these wonderful experiences are transformed into symbols of memory, activate the dreamy dishes of the senses, and spark the inspiration, let the taste buds once again embark on the journey, and evoke the most pure happiness in the heart.
    A little more people can order the table, especially recommend this fried chrysanthemum!
    Special features, minutes of friends circle is screened
    Marco Polo on the tip of your tongue, are you drooling?
    In this world, only love and food can not live up to
    This fantasy flower world gathers artistic sense, design sense and international style. It combines the art of “high force” and the flower of “grounding” perfectly. It is a circle of friends in 2016. In 2016, you Don’t come to the world of Marco Polo, I am afraid that you and your friends have no conversations.
    After a winter, everyone can’t wait to go out.
    What’s more, the sunshine in spring is so good, so gentle,
    Warm and swaying, the spring and spring seasons of March and April,
    The whole country has entered a stage of spring,
    The flowers are all open, and the leaves are also sprouting.
    Every time I brush my circle of friends, do you envy the little friends who are always on vacation between those mountains and rivers?
    Feeling that the city is too far from the mountains,
    In fact, as long as you are willing to approach, nature will be at your fingertips.
    May you, may I, let go of the difficult things at hand, and embark on an unknown journey, I think, we will all be on the road.

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