This winter, in the name of skiing festival, arrived in Changchun in the snow

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    It is not Sweden, but it is known as the “City of Ski Experience”, with four major ski resorts and more than 400,000 square meters of skiing roads. This is not Sweden, but in 2003, the Vasa International Ski Festival, which originated in Sweden and held more than 90 years and has a long history, came in and met and collided, so the Net Moon Lake Vasa International Ski Festival was born.
    This is not Sweden, here is Changchun.
    After 15 years of growth, the Vaasa Ski Festival has grown stronger and mature. On January 4, 2017, the 15th Jingyuetan Vasa International Ski Festival opened. And I, in the name of the opening ceremony of the ski festival, arrived in Changchun from the snowy fairy tale from the south without snow.
     Practical information
    Playing in Changchun
    Changchun has four distinct seasons and a pleasant climate. It is known as the North Spring City and has a rich natural and cultural landscape. Because of its geographical location, natural environment, and superior resources, Changchun has the reputation of “Auto City”, “Movie City”, “Forest City” and “Sculpture City”. In Changchun, no matter what you like, you can always find a destination that suits you.
    You can go to the Puppet Manchurian Palace, the Puppet Manchuria and other pseudo-manchurian vestiges to look back on the past pseudo-manchurian history; you can go to the Changying Old Site Museum, walk into the cradle of new Chinese movies, explore the story behind the light and shadow; you can go to FAW The factory area, Changchun International Automobile Park, understand the development of China’s automobile industry; you can go to Changchun World Sculpture Park and taste the sculpture art from all over the world.
    In the winter, Changchun, which is known as the “City of Skiing Experience”, is also the one to go to the ski resort to feel the passion of winter, and all the activities related to snow. Go to the world of snow fairy tale and go to the city. Look at the ice sculptures in the park.
    Eating in Changchun
    Changchun is an immigrant city. The food also blends with the local flavors. I have gained three pounds in just a few days, so that my companions can’t go home while eating.
    This time in Changchun, four days and three nights, I have eaten six meals, three of which are delicious and most impressive.
    Very grounded gas name, is also very grounded to eat, a row of seven people, eat two pots, a pot of fish, a pot of chicken, are a lot of weight, slowly eat and finally finished eating.
    Two connected pots, the bottom is a wood-burning stove. The more amazing thing is that the two pots can still rotate, which is very convenient. The best thing to eat in the pot is not the fish and the chicken, but the side dish that fully absorbs the taste, especially the vermicelli noodles are delicious.
    ▼New Year’s Day
    This is a chain restaurant with a northeastern flavor. From decoration to taste, it is very eye-catching. The decoration of the northeast style, the various items of Shantou and folk are very festive.
    As a foreigner, I am not qualified to comment on the authentic Northeastern cuisine, but I have already met my stomach and tongue tip, especially the pot meat, which is not a level compared to the non-Northeastern Northeastern restaurant.
    Here I saw a lot of Northeastern dishes I have never seen before, and I also got lucky coins in dumplings.
    Changchun’s Korean food is also a must. If you eat more Northeastern food, you have to change your taste. You come to Hanzhuang’s flagship store. The waitresses in the store are basically Koreans (not Koreans, but the North Dynasty).Fresh people), the speech is very gentle, the service is very intimate, can sing and dance.
    Although it is also a chain, the taste of the dish is also very good overall, suitable for dinner.
    Stay in Changchun
    Accommodation in Changchun can be chosen at will, with different levels of star hotels and budget hotels to meet the needs of different levels.
    The three nights in Changchun were chosen at the Shangri-La Hotel, Changchun. The hotel opened in 1996 and was renovated in 2012. It is a veteran five-star hotel. Although it is a long time ago, the facilities are somewhat outdated, but Shangri-La “The four words are the guarantee of quality.”
    Located at the junction of Chongqing Road and Xi’an Avenue, the hotel is located in the center of Changchun, adjacent to Zhuozhan Shopping Center, Wanda Shopping Plaza, Wal-Mart Supermarket, Changchun Department Store and People’s Square. It is about 15 minutes drive from the Puppet Palace. Jia International Airport is about 40 minutes drive; it takes 15 minutes by car to Changchun Railway Station and High Speed ​​Railway Station; the location is extremely convenient and impeccable.
    The entrance to the hotel is not a street gate in the conventional sense, but a hidden door after entering the path. The road is crowded, but after entering, it is another world. The hall was very stylish, because at the end of the year, a blessing tree was placed in the middle, which was very festive. Further inside, it is a lounge along the street. A transparent floor-to-ceiling window faces the bustling streets. The guests in twos and threes are enjoying the afternoon tea at the window. It is very pleasant.
    I quickly checked in, walked into the elevator and went to my room. My friend stayed in a superior double room with a height of 17 stories. You can enjoy the city view of Changchun through the window.
    Relative to the newly opened Shangri-La, the hardware facilities of the room are slightly different, but in the 20-year history, there is such a comfortable environment, which is already very remarkable. The room is not particularly spacious, but the two are adequate and fit. The two beds are spacious and comfortable, with a TV cabinet and desk at the end of the bed, you can watch TV on the bed leisurely, or you can move on the desk; there is a storage table next to the TV, you can put clothes or suitcases; The sofa can sit and chat and drink tea; in general, the facilities can fully meet the needs of the journey.
    The bathroom is spacious and bright, and the quality of the toiletries is good. However, it is not very customary for the shower to be separated from the bath because of the age.
    Overall, in the long-established Changchun, staying at the old Shangri-La hotel is also a very experience.
    In Changchun
    Changchun has convenient transportation, including Changchun Longjia International Airport and Tonggao Railway, which can be easily arrived from all over the country. The airport is 28 kilometers away from the city center of Changchun. After landing, it is also very convenient to take the airport bus to the city.
    Changchun Metro can basically reach some relatively large passenger flow distribution points. Some places that are not convenient can choose taxis. It is recommended to choose regular taxis, within 2.5 kilometers, 5 yuan charge standard, plus 1 yuan fuel surcharge; 2.5 kilometers After that, 1.3 yuan / km, and add 50% of the empty driving fee, which is 1.95 yuan / km after the base price.
     D1: Jingyue Snow World – Puppet Palace Museum
    ▼Net Moon Snow World
    The opening ceremony of the Net Moon Lake Vasa Ski Festival, early to the net moon snow world, is also on the scene, really feel the internationality of the ski festival, the active preparation of skiers from all over the world, the people who come to watch also have many Europeans face. If it is not a slogan that can be seen everywhere, it is reminded that this is in Changchun. At a certain moment, there is really an illusion in Switzerland.
    There is still a time before the opening ceremony, first to the Vasa Museum next to the venue, an exotic building in the snow. In the museum, learn about the past and present of the Vaasa Ski Festival, and the indissoluble bond between Changchun and Vaasa.
    As a southern girl, I have never watched a ski game on the spot before, even just a few days ago, I began to experience the first ski in my life. However, in the hot scene of Jingyuetan, the history of the museum reappeared, let me really enter the Vasa Ski Festival and rediscover this fascinating snow sport.
    Perhaps because of the skiing festival, in the smoggy winter of the country, Changchun is a blue sky and white clouds, reflecting the white snow on the ground, the beauty is fascinating. The location of the ski festival, hidden in the largest artificial forest in Asia, the Jingyuetan ski resort, there is a beauty of the North.
    However, it is impossible to go deep into the Linhai Snowfield in this northern city, and it can only pass by in a hurry, because in front, it is the upcoming Vasa Ski Festival.Walking into the core venue of the opening ceremony, people can’t even get close to the center of the stage, and outside the track, quietly watch the athletes in the field, professional, non-professional, domestic, foreign, old, young. , or warm-up, or check equipment, are making final preparations for this game, just waiting for the gun to be fired after the opening ceremony.
    The opening ceremony was not too long. After dozens of minutes, the ceremony was over. The venue was handed over to more than 1,000 Chinese and foreign skiers from more than 30 countries and regions in the world. The classic ski race and the Vaasa cross-country ski race kicked off.
    This time, the “Qifa” in the Winter Project, the “Ski Classics” of the World Professional Ski Tour, went out of Europe for the first time and came to Jingyuetan, Changchun, China.
    The biggest feature of the classic ski race is the television broadcast tour based on helicopter and snowmobile signals. The event has been held for nine consecutive times in Europe. The competition is divided into 13 stations. The first stop is from Switzerland, the second stop arrives in Italy, the third station in China Changchun, and the event ends in Finland.
    The skier set off from the opening ceremony and slid into the depths of the jungle. The scene was spectacular. The one who touched me the most, was the injured athlete who fell to the end. The two legs were obviously unbalanced. After the big troops had already gone to the front and the audiences were scattered, they continued to move forward.
    The athletes slid into the slides deep in the jungle. It may take two or three hours to return to the end. The audience in the ice and snow can’t stand the loneliness and leave. In just half an hour, there is no need to travel through time and space. At the scene, I returned to the dreamy net snow world.
    At this time, I was not surprised. I was immersed in the fairy tale world in this snow and ice. The snow sculptures in the snow, the European style town, the fairy tale world characters, the Chinese traditional style, vivid and vivid. After going to the building, it is even more quiet.
    ▼Puppet Manchu Palace Museum
    In the Palace of the Puppet Palace, the ruins of the palace of the Emperor Pu Yi in the late Qing Dynasty, if it was just the history of Pu Yi, perhaps, I can easily walk into the history of this special period, revealing the legendary life of Pu Yi from the emperor to the citizen. However, this is related to the history of Japanese imperialist aggression and to the history of the struggle of the people of the Northeast; in such a heavy place, I can’t just listen to the wilderness of the wilderness and smile.
    However, the history is too heavy, but I don’t know how to open it. Entering the Museum of the Puppet Manchurian Palace, this ceremonial ritual is used as the ruins of the palace when the emperor was the emperor. This is the place where the old manchurian state is imprinted and imagined what it used to be.
     D2: Changying Old Site Museum—……—Guoxin Nanshan Hot Spring
    ▼Long Shadow Site Museum
    As a post-90s, I love watching movies, but I watch almost all foreign movies. I am not familiar with classic old movies. If I don’t come to Changchun, maybe I will not open this door of light and shadow deliberately. the story behind.
    However, a little understanding of the classic old movies is enough to let me know that the Changchun Film Studio is enough to lead me through time and space, into the Changying Old Site Museum, and into the cradle of new Chinese movies.
    In the early morning, when I walked into Changsha, the first thing I saw was the waving of Chairman Mao in front of the long shadow. The solemn statue is interpreted by the humorous Changchun image as “taking a taxi in Changchun, starting at 5 yuan.”
    It’s too early, the museum hasn’t opened yet, so you can stroll around and look for the mark of time left in the long shadow. Walking into the yard, a beam of light hits the red wall and shines on a statue with a sense of the times. It seems that in an instant, I feel the vicissitudes of this old film factory.
    Long Shadow, which is the name that exists with too many classic old movies, is the first film studio in New China, the cradle of new Chinese movies, and created the “seventh first” of the new Chinese film, the first Documentary, the first puppet film, the first science and education film, the first cartoon, the first short feature film, the first ministerial feature film, the first translation film.
    The predecessor of the Long Shadow Site Museum was the Manchuria Film Association established in the 1937 Puppet Manchurian Period, including an office building, six studios, a recording studio, a printing room and a large props factory. In 1945, the victory of the War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression, the first generation of filmmakers in New China established the Northeast Film Company on the basis of “Full Screening”; with the outbreak of the civil war, Dongying Company moved from Changchun to Hegang in 1946 and changed its name to Northeastern Film. The studio; after the liberation of Changchun, the Northeast Film Studio moved back to Changchun in 1949 and officially changed its name to Changchun Film Studio.
    Into the inside of the museum, explore the past and present of the long shadow in the light and shadow memories constructed by historical pictures, a piece of video material, and a piece of real props. Even if you only know a little about the old movies, you can naturally calm down and slow down your footsteps.
    In the film art gallery, many classic works exist in their own form in their own world. Resounding the “Mr. Liu Sister” who is familiar with the melody; “The Visitors on the Iceberg” in the look of the post; the “The Empress Dowager” of the emperor’s props costume; the “Jiawu Fengyun” that can command the firing…
    Of course, in this dark space carrying the history of the new Chinese film, what you see is not only classic old movies that have heard of names, but even a few songs and several names. It is the story behind the movie, the development of the film step by step.
    In addition to the great history of the film, you can also see the small history of some filmmakers. After seeing the family heritage of the film, I realized that the fathers of some of the most active film directors have left their own names in the history of the film. They have also seen the youthful appearance of the film actor who is now a generation of artists. But focus.
    The Long Shadow Old Site Museum, which carries a heavy history, does not rely on the old and the old. It is not just about exhibiting history, showing emotions, not just telling the old generation of movie fans; it exists in a new way, doing its best, Transforming the appearance, let us young people who do not have too many old movie memories, can also easily enter.
    In the exhibition area, each content is told in the form of video. In the viewing room, you can choose to watch movies from different ages in different ages.
    After a comprehensive understanding of the history of the long shadow, after reading a classic movie, some of them can’t be digested, they came to the studio exhibition area to explore the traditional production process of the film and the mystery of film shooting. You can see the props that have appeared in many classic movies; watch the scenes of film post-production such as recording, dubbing, and translation; you can also be an actor and participate in live sounding and dubbing performances.
    The long shadow old factory area is alive in a new way. In the museum half-day, light and shadow, in a relatively easy way, comprehensiveIt has solved the historical inheritance of Chang Ying for nearly a century; the familiar melody and pictures have also aroused my interest in the exploration of classic old movies.
    ▼Jilin Songhua Stone Museum
    The Changbai Mountains are surrounded by trees. In June, the yellow-green pine flowers in the pine forest are open, bringing a vibrant scene to the Changbai Mountains in the early spring. The color of this stone is the same as that of the open pine flower, so the ancestors called it the pine flower. Stone, carved with pine stone stone, is called Songhua. Emperors Kangxi, Yongzheng, Qianlong and other emperors appreciated the Songhua sarcophagus. Kangxi Emperor also sealed it as a “Yu 砚”, which has been exclusively used by the court for a long time.
    Before I came to the Songhua Stone Museum, I only heard about the Songhua Stone Carvings, but I have never seen so many Songhua Stones. Later I learned that this is the largest Songhua Stone theme art museum in China. The museum is divided into four floors. On the first floor, there are many large-scale strange stones and ornamental plaques, which are representative of the boutique; the second floor is the studio of Changbai stone carving and various craft masters; the third floor is the fine works of Songhuashi master; the fourth floor Exhibition of paintings and calligraphy and high imitation of the Qing Palace.
    All works in the museum are not for sale, are exhibited free of charge, and are available to interested parties. Although there is no research on Songhua Stone, it is also a feast for you to see so many fine products.
    ▼Changchun World Sculpture Park
    Among the many labels in Changchun, “Sculpture City” is also one of the most important ones. Walking in the streets and squares of Changchun, it is easy to meet sculptures of different shapes, and the Changchun World Sculpture Garden located in the south of the city is a world sculpture. Art Grand View Garden.
    When I came to Changchun, I didn’t know the sculpture, but I also went to the World Sculpture Garden to experience the sculpture art and explore the unique cultural taste of the city.
    It’s just a glimpse of the flowers, but I’ve also seen several sculptures of different shapes. These sculptures of different styles from all over the world come together in a park, so that in a park, you can learn about the sculpture art of the world. Can feel the inclusiveness of the city of Changchun.
    In the sculpture park, there is one of the largest sculpture art museums in China, which contains a large number of sculptures of famous Chinese and foreign sculptors.
    At the east gate of the sculpture park, there is a Songshan Hanrong African Art Collection Museum. It is the gathering place of the horse sculpture art of Maconde in Africa, and it is also the museum with the largest number, the most complete variety and the highest artistic level in Machongde.
    ▼Northeast National Folk Museum
    The Northeast National Folk Museum is currently the largest museum in Northeast China, exhibiting the most comprehensive museums of the ancient and modern peoples of the Northeast and the richest folk customs.
    The museum is divided into three thematic exhibition areas of ancient folk custom of Northeast China, folk custom of Northeast China and representative workshops of Northeast China. It displays the national folklore of Northeast China in the form of objects, pictures and scenes.
    This is not a traditional tourist destination, but it can be a comprehensive understanding of the national folklore in the Northeast. It is also here that we know that in addition to the Manchu and Korean ethnic groups in the Northeast, there are so many ethnic minorities, so many different customs and customs. .
    ▼Guoxin Nanshan Hot Spring
    I used to have three hot springs in other places in the northeast. The hot spring resources in the northeast are better than many places in China. I can also enjoy the relaxing moments of watching the snow in the hot springs. However, because of the geographical and historical reasons, the first three hot springs also made me realize that in the northeast hot springs, you must be self-sufficient.
    This time, although Guoxin Nanshan Hot Spring is one of the best hot springs in Changchun, it only has an expectation for its hot spring resources and hardware facilities. However, after entering, I discovered that this is a place that is too northeast.
    Guoxin Nanshan Hot Spring is next to Jingyuetan National Forest Park, west to Xinlicheng Reservoir, only 25 kilometers away from Changchun City, and the negative oxygen ion content is 400 times that of urban area. The hot spring well is 2500-2600 meters, which is an ultra-deep well; the water temperature is 65 degrees, and the water output per hour is 40-50 tons. It is a hot spring well with high temperature and high output.
    The hot spring area is very large and there are pavilions with different themes. Although it is winter, I still like the outdoor pavilion. It may just be because the temperature is too low and everyone is not willing to go out. The outdoor pavilion only has a small part. I went through various areas and went straight to the outdoor pavilion, enjoying the snow and enjoying the hot springs.
    Although it was very cold when it came out, it was very soup when it was launched. It still liked the natural air and the hidden environment. Surprisingly, when the bubble is a little thirsty, there is a waiter who comes to the tea to ask if it is needed. This is very different from my inherent impression.
    Help the tea, switch the door, take the initiative to help replace the towel, the waiters who are in contact are very service-minded, the fellow Northeast companions are not used to.
     D3: Miaoxiangshan Ski Resort
    The second skiing in life is at the temple Xiangshan Ski Resort, which is 25 kilometers away from Changchun. The transportation is convenient, the infrastructure is perfect, and the number of skiers is not too many. It is very suitable for beginners or skiers who want to practice new skills.
    Before coming to the temple Xiangshan ski resort,I have already learned it once and have a strong interest in skiing. After changing snowshoes, snowboards, and personal items, I am eager to go to the ski resort and take the opportunity to practice slowly.
    I asked the coach when I was skiing for the first time. This time, I started to explore. I just started practicing in a special area over and over again. After I felt that I was almost the same, I took the escalator to the intermediate slide.
    Although it was a height that I had never tried before, but after I had a psychological experience that I had to fall, and I slipped down safely, I was out of control, and I started to go up, and I slipped down handsomely, slowly. Mastering the skills and becoming a group of beginners is not bad.
    Skiing is really addictive. I remember when I first entered the ski resort, I didn’t ski, just took the camera and took the skier’s moment. The second time, I couldn’t help but try it, halfway through. I don’t forget my own concave shape; this time, I put down the camera when I was in the car, just to concentrate on skiing.
    Perhaps, next time, I will still go to the Northeast for skiing.

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