Thousand-island lake Roaming Qianshan Island for two days

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The most lakes in the world
    Qiandao Lake is a familiar and unfamiliar name for me living in Shanghai. Familiar with a well-known brand of mineral water that we drank from the children, it is said that the water source comes from Qiandao Lake. Unfamiliar is that although Qiandao Lake is only 300 kilometers away from Shanghai, but for many years it has never had the opportunity to meet her.
    In October and just on the Croatian seaside, which is also known for its many islands, I was amazed by the wonders of the many islands on the Adriatic Sea. My friend said: “The island of Qiandao Lake has gone more than this.” ‘At the time, I would still be suspicious. I didn’t believe it. I didn’t expect it to happen very soon after returning to China. I went to visit this and it always exists. The name of the place in the mind.
    The location of Qiandao Lake is a small town surrounded by mountains, Chun’an. She is not a natural formation but an artificial lake built by the Xinanjiang Hydropower Station. It was officially named “Thousand Island Lake” in 1984. At first I couldn’t believe that Qiandao Lake is the lake with the most islands in the world! With an area of ​​about 580 square kilometers, she is 108 times larger than Hangzhou West Lake, with 1078 islands.
    From the center of Shanghai, take the bus for 5 hours and arrive at the first stop of the trip at noon: Forest Oxygen Bar
     Mini forest is growing
    Day1: Shanghai – Thousand Island Lake – Forest Oxygen Bar – Water Spirit Show, stay at the Pearl Island Hotel in Qiandao Lake at night
    Thousand Island Lake Forest Oxygen Bar is located on the edge of the southeastern Lake District of Qiandao Lake, away from the crowds. The original forest grows slowly here. The rock forms here vary and the geomorphology is characterized by karst landforms of limestone, spread over waterfalls and streams. I have to say that it is really like coming to a mini forest, listening to the sound of the flowing water in the ear and enjoying the fresh and refreshing air.
    The reason why it is called oxygen is because there are 58,000-62000 negative oxygen ions that are very beneficial to human health in every cubic centimeter of air in the scenic spot. It is a rare opportunity to “wash the lungs” in the city for a long time.
    TIPs: In fact, it is also quite tired to play with an attraction. It is like climbing a mountain. The forest is damp. The stone roads and stairs are a little damp. The elderly and children should be careful when walking, or they may fall. Young friends still recommend climbing the hill in about 30 minutes. Of course, you can also go to two relatively easy and exciting ways to go downhill: grass skiing and forest slides.
    After spending a few hours in the mini forest, we will return to the Pearl Peninsula Hotel. The hotel is fully equipped and the environment is not bad. The rooms are equipped with a bathtub and an isolated office area. Although I can’t talk about luxury, I can’t pick up anything wrong.
    The hotel also provides bicycle rental services, single mountain bike 20 yuan / hour, double town car 40 yuan / hour, parent-child car 40 yuan / hour, three cars 60 yuan / hour, four people row car 60 yuan /hour.If you need it, you can ask the front desk.
    After a little rectification at the hotel, we went to the “36 Du Chain Hotel” for dinner.
    The food that best represents the Thousand Island Lake is not the organic fish of the Thousand Island Lake. Thousand Island Lake organic fish has long been popular all over the country. It is the first freshwater fish that has been certified by the national freshwater fish organically and naturally wildly stocked for more than five years. There are many ways to cook fish heads in Thousand Island Lake. This time we have a traditional and classic approach: fish head soup. The soup from the fish head is smooth and delicious, the oil is lubricated, the ingredients are rich, the fragrance is overflowing, and the soup of the stewed fish head is taken from the lake of Qiandao Lake. Qiandao Lake is of high quality water, can be drunk without treatment, grows in a little sweet water, and the fish has no muddy taste.
     Spirit of water
    There is a saying: Day trip to Qiandao Lake to swim in the water. We came to the door of the theater early after dinner. “Thousand Island Lake • Water Spirit” is the background of Qiandao Lake in Qian’an, using Chinese martial arts, acrobatics, Jiangnan folk music, dance and other performance elements. If you want to know the history of Qiandao Lake and the local customs, it is a very good choice to see the Spirit of Water.
    The scene called Xiong Yue Xiong Feng also left a deep impression on me: it depicts the historical story of the southern peasant uprising army Fang La. From the oppressed to the uprising, the army of Fangla captured the provinces in the south of the Yangtze River. Of course, those who saw the “Water Margin” knew that Fang La was defeated by the Song Dynasty, Fang La was smashed by Wu Song, and the Shuiyuli 108 will attack Fangla. Consumption is more than half, and it eventually leads to the tragedy of Liangshan hero.
    The beauty of the dance and the martial arts performances in this scene are remarkable.
    In the scene of the mountain and river feats, the stage reproduces the tragic scene of the Qian’an people who moved to support the country’s construction of the Xin’anjiang Reservoir in the 1950s, and the retreat of the simple and peaceful people’s relocation. It is very moving. When the Xin’an River water is injected, several towns and villages in Chun’an will sleep forever on the bottom of the river and become an eternal fan.
     Meifeng Range Rover
    The next day’s itinerary is the main island of the island where you can take a cruise to visit Qiandao Lake. We traveled on the open lake on a giant cruise ship, swaying white waves. If you stand on the crowded deck, the wind is so cool that it is so messy. Artificial islands are divided into monkey islands, lock islands, and snake islands according to different things on the island.
    First of all, Meifeng Island, which we went to, is located in the Qiandao Lake Scenic Area at the junction of Fujian and Zhejiang. The islands are dotted with stars and rivers, and the ecological environment is excellent. This is the best place to see the wonders of the Thousand Islands. Board the Meifeng Observation Deck to get an overview of the islands in the Lake District.
    You can walk on the peak or walk the cableway. Walk about 10-20 minutes, if you don’t want to climb steep stone steps, you can choose the ropeway. Round-trip fare 60 yuan / person. The little friend who sat on the ropeway said that he wanted to take pictures on the ropeway, and he must be fast, because the speed is quite fast!
    I sat down early and prepared for a corner to use the drone to photograph the Qiandao Lake overlooking the sky. Unfortunately, the weather is not too good, and the rain is a bit awkward. If you come to the sunset when the festival is good, you will definitely feel the stalwart of the thousand islands.
    It was originally not such a vast ocean. It is the wisdom of mankind that makes the peaks of the islands and the waves of the earth.
     Longshan Island
    From the east pier to the island, you can see a wide step leading to the top of the mountain. The front end is a memorial archway with the word “Longshan”. It is said that this archway was originally given by the emperor in the middle of the Southern Song Dynasty.
    . To the east, an ancient building that looks into the eye is Herui. During the Jiajing years of Ming Dynasty, Hai Rui’s tenure was transferred from Lu’an, and the people of Qian’an commemorated the performance of his diligent and clear government, and set up “to think about the monument”. Of course, the original site has been submerged in the depths of the Thousand Island Lake. This place was rebuilt in 1985. It was built in the year by the people of Pan’an to commemorate the integrity of the government.
    From Hairuiyi all the way to the west pier, birds and flowers, bamboo and wood. Here, you can also look at the light and water of the Qiandao Lake, such as the paradise, and stay in the city for a long time. I really enjoy the birds and flowers here. In the corner of the hustle and bustle there is a lotus pond.
    The thick beam column and the exquisite wood carvings, brick carvings and stone carvings on the top form the humanity of the Hai Rui Temple.
    You can buy “filial piety cake” and “filial piety cake” next to Hairui. Only the island has it. The cake is very delicate and it is really delicious. Qiandaohu City has not seen it. . The price is not too expensive. There is also a beautiful legend about the filial pie! One day, Hai Rui patrolled the country. At noon, he rested in a fellow village. The fellow villagers saw his parents’ drive and prepared for lunch. He knew that Hai Rui was an official and honest, and there was nothing good in the mountains. So he used the family. Some of the miscellaneous grains were pulverized into powder to make a cake for Hai Rui’s meal. After Hai Rui had eaten it, he was full of praise. A few days later, it was the 70th birthday of Hai Rui’s mother. Hai Rui, who had two sleeves and breeze, didn’t know what to give her mother a birthday. Suddenly, he was alive and thought of the cake he had eaten on the mountain in the previous days, so he synthesized the various coarse grains in his home and followed the example of his fellow villagers. Make a cake to the mother to celebrate the birthday, friends and family praised again and again. Since then, it has spread throughout the country. The local people have commemorated the Qing Dynasty Hairui, and the name “Hai Rui Xiaomu Cake” has been copied in the following seasons.
    The journey of roaming Qiandao Lake on the 2nd came to an end in the drizzle. After this journey, I can say that I can see the lakes of the most islands in the world when I look at the island in any place in the world~

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