[Thousand Island Lake] West Thousand Thousand Islands Island Initially lucky to meet

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Before breaking the thoughts, put a wave of Mito~
     Thousand Island Lake under the rain:
     Image from @米怂怂怂怂
     Image from @米怂怂怂怂
     Image from @米怂怂怂怂
     Thousand Island Lake in the sunset:
     Image from @米怂怂怂怂
     Image from @米怂怂怂怂
     Image from @米怂怂怂怂
     Written in front of the broken thoughts:
    Strictly speaking, this is not a true travel, but a travel with tolerances.
    My heart is awkward and excited, because this is my first business trip (although this is a little bit out of business, but I am really just getting a formal job, I am always looking forward to business trips, hahahahaha)
    I am a little worried about what kind of scorpion I will make, and I am worried that the degree of cooperation will not be high.
    After the end, I found out that I was thinking about it!
    The event was very successful, the Tourism Bureau was very satisfied, the people were very cooperative, and I did a good job (the shameless boast)
    It is very surprising that, with them, the contact time is short, but I really like these people very much (the circle of friends has been confessed many times, here again to confess)
    They invited me to play with them, and I was cheeky to think that we now have a friend’s identity.
    Hey, take a photo first~
    Hello, new friend~
     Itinerary overview:
    Day 1: High-speed train from Nanjing to Hangzhou, then drive to Qiandao Lake by Hangzhou, visit the forest oxygen bar, watch the water spirit, and stay at the Pearl Island Hotel in Qiandao Lake
    Day 2: From the hotel to the central lake area of ​​Qiandao Lake, visit Meifeng Island, Yule Island, Longshan Island; drive to Hangzhou in the afternoon, then go to Nanjing by Hangzhou High Speed ​​Rail
     On the road, oxygen bar and water spirit
    As soon as I arrived in Hangzhou, I then arrived in Qiandao Lake with my friends in Hangzhou as soon as possible. So I bought the high-speed rail at 7:30 in the morning and arrived at Hangzhou East Railway Station at 9:28. It may be too early, it may not be the peak of travel, or it may be that the line is not popular. When I first got on the bus, the whole car was sparsely pulled. So I took a few pictures along the way with impunity.
    IWhen arriving at Hangzhou East Railway Station, Hangzhou’s little friends are already waiting for me. Maybe it’s a matter of heart, although we haven’t met before, even connected for only a week, but there’s nothing wrong with it when we meet.
    Along the way, there are mountains and rivers on both sides, high speed galloping, and my friends in Hangzhou talked from work to life, from travel to food, and even talked about the ideal of life~ Some people know if you can become friends with her.
    Come with a beautiful view on the road:
    The episode was a traffic jam on the road. The original two-and-a-half-hour drive was stretched to more than three hours, so we realized that we couldn’t catch the lunch at Qiandao Lake at 12 o’clock and went to the service station to find supplies. Hangzhou’s little friends said that they want to drink Star Dad. How can I have Starbucks in my heart os service station? As a result, when we entered the five-star service station – Tonglu Service Station, there really was a star dad, not only the star dad and KFC, but also the mall! ! ! And the service station I saw before is not a level at all! ! ! Mainly because the service station in the northeast left a shadow for me (not saying that the northeast is not good)
     KFC and Star Dad bought at Tonglu Service Station
     Starbucks logo at the service station along the way
    After the replenishment on the road (in fact, I only finished the replenishment, Hangzhou’s little friend has been driving, I only occasionally fed her a few French fries), after about an hour, we gathered with the forest oxygen bar, They are all people who have never met.
     Forest oxygen bar:
    The forest oxygen bar is mainly responsible for negative oxygen ions, which is very suitable for washing the lungs near Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, hahaha! The air is really good. After entering the forest oxygen bar, there is a bee who has followed me and my friends in Hangzhou. I feel that I will be picked up in minutes…. In addition, there is entertainment facilities on the mountainside. I don’t think it is too Safe, not recommended to ride… I am a bit reluctant
    Going to the deep forest oxygen bar on Saturday and Sunday, relaxing and breathing, breathing fresh air is actually a good choice. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why it is called the Shanghai-Hangzhou back garden.
     Although the mountain is not high, it is quite steep. When I went down the mountain, I was shaking with my friends in Hangzhou.
     Rooted roots
     Recreational facilities that individuals consider to be less secure
     Although I can see the blue sky, the sky is still a little foggy, and it rains the next day.
     I feel that this dog is more comfortable than people, hahaha
     Spirit of Water:
    The Spirit of Water is a special performance of Qiandao Lake. Although the staff of Water Spirit is sincere and we are not comparable to the impression of West Lake, it is worth seeing if you want to understand the history of Qiandao Lake. The performance of the entire Spirit of Water is divided into five acts. The first act is “The Ancient Rivers and Rivers”, which tells the story of the prosperity of the traffic roads of the Xin’an River Waterway in the same year. The second act is “Qingxi Xiongfeng”, telling the story of Fang Lajie. The story of the uprising; the third act “Xin’an Shengjing” v. Explain the dialogue between the “three yuan” prime minister and Hai Rui; the fourth act “Shanhe feat” tells the construction of the Xinanjiang hydropower station dam dam, 300,000 people in the peace The story of leaving the country away from home! The fifth act, “Shui Xiu Tian Xia”, tells the grand scene of Qiandao Lake.
    To be honest, when you look at it, it is quite shocking, but this place is not very filmy. If the photography technique is not good, it is easy to make a colorful look, except for the technical flow.
    In addition, the staff of Water Spirit is particularly cute and particularly enthusiastic. To be honest, I have not seen such enthusiastic people for a long time. She is a native of the Thousand Island Lakers. She can really feel her love for Qiandao Lake from her words. Everywhere in the city, every food she knows. After the performance of the Spirit of Water, she warmly invited us to eat late at night, so even if we had to get up early tomorrow, we went, it is indeed a delicious barbecue in the south. She said that we are all unexpected encounters in her life.
     The first three are the pictures of the two or two friends circle I stole.
     The first three are the pictures of the two or two friends circle I stole.
     The first three are the pictures of the two or two friends circle I stole.
     It’s really the spirit of water, not the spirit of fire, because this scene is not green.
     The appearance of the underwater ancient city in the spirit of water
    Comes with two pictures of our people who are serious about shooting ~ they are both technical flow ~
     Xizi Sanqian
    There is an ancient city under the Qiandao Lake. There are thousands of stories in the ancient city. In 1959, due to the construction of the Xin’anjiang Hydropower Station, the “Lion City” and “Hecheng” that began in the Han and Tang Dynasties were submerged under this blue wave overnight. When calling on everyone to move away, there is such a slogan, bring more new ideas, and bring less old furniture. When the big waters hit, the people who moved in the land could only leave their homes, and the lion city came too fast because of the water. According to the local old people, the lion city basically maintained its original appearance.
    If you can visit the ancient city one day, you may be able to see another bustling scene of the year.
    The next day’s itinerary was the central lake area of ​​Qiandao Lake and Qiandao Lake of 1078 islands. We boarded three of them, Meifeng Island, Yule Island and Longshan Island.
    Meifeng Island is the best place to enjoy the panoramic view of the entire lake area. It can take a cable car and take a 60-yuan round-trip. Although the cable car ends in about two minutes, it feels worth taking a ride. Fisher Island is the only island on the island where you can eat, 38 yuan. Buffet, taste dishes, everyone can imagine, emmmmm; Longshan Island is more human, Hairui is on Longshan Island. Because it is by boat, you must remember the time of the boat to leave, otherwise you may not be able to go, or you may take the wrong boat to Huangshan. But I still want to experience it once, hahaha.
    As we just caught up with the Thousand Island Lake Cycling Race, we had to close the road at 7:00, so we only got up at 5:30, had breakfast, and drove. The staff also specially negotiated with the hotel staff to provide breakfast in advance. It is quite good to praise the hotel breakfast here.
     Early shot through the window of the hotel bathroom, the street lights have not been extinguished
     Wake up in the morning and sneak out the window of the hotel. The hotel has an outdoor swimming pool, but now it is closed because the weather is cold.
     Meifeng Island
    “The golden tortoise bears a pine, and the snow is pressed against the water. She is calm and calm. Bihu is even in the mountains and mountains, overlooking the thousand islands in Meifeng”, “not on the Meifengguan Islands, not knowing the true colors of the thousand islands”, from these verses can be seen Meifeng The island is a great place to visit Qiandao Island in Qiandao Lake. You can choose to go up the mountain to the cable car. There is no one for 60 yuan. You can also choose to climb the mountain. If you climb the mountain, it will be enough for 20 minutes. It is recommended that you can climb up the mountain because the cable car is really two minutes in total? I don’t know if there are two minutes, hahaha.
    When we went, the weather was not very good, the fog was foggy, and then there was a patter of light rain. But watching in the rain, but there is another interesting.
     This point on the picture is on the cable car!
     Telling the truth, when the cable car went down, it was terrible, and there was a little feeling of riding a roller coaster.
     Our cruise ship is No. 13 Gion
    Because Meifeng Island can overlook the entire central lake area, the live broadcast of our people is on Meifeng Island. Let’s take a look at our super handsome and super serious people~
    There were a lot of people at the time of the live broadcast, and the 4G network was not always smooth, but fortunately, the live broadcast was very smooth, and everyone saw the beauty of Qiandao Lake. After the live broadcast, I found that every island has unlimited WIFI, but if you want to come to so many people, the speed should not be too good.
     Fisher Island & Longshan Island
    The homonym of Yule Island is an entertainment island, as the name suggests is entertainment. There are python photos (see the last picture), shemale performances, water entertainment projects, of course, these are at their own expense. This island is also the only island that can eat. There are two grades of buffets, 35 and 50. Since it is on the island, everyone should not expect too much food quality. Anyway, it is sure to have enough.
    Longshan Island is more humane. It is said that Longshan Island is shaped like a dragon that is prone to fly, hence the name. There is Hairui on Longshan Island, which is not very old. It was built in 1986.
     It was very unexpected to find that there are many grapefruit trees in this city! ! ! Also the first time I saw live grapefruit
     Lake water before it rains
     Lake after the rain
     Within work
    At work, they are meticulous and patient; outside of work, they are cute and easy-going.
    Such people are always like people.
    The time of getting to know is not long, and the time of contact is even more. But when this person stands by your side, you know if you are in sync and can become friends.
    People who are across the world, I hope to meet again next time.
    When they left, they told me that if they went to their city, they could go and find them to play.
    I am so cheeky, I really don’t think of it as a joke. I really will go. After all, it is distributed in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai. The high-speed train will take up to one and a half hours.
     Sneak shot, people at work
    The episode, the dinner on the first night was very rich, but I saw that they ate very little, but it was the night and night that the Spirit of Water staff invited, and everyone ate more. When asked, they said that it is not a bad dinner, but because there is work in the dinner. Every dish has to be photographed first, and you don’t want to eat it when you pat it, so you eat less. Distressed ing~
     Two, two, and me
     Gu Chendi, I, Tokyo and Canada
    The above two photos are that I have to take them. I have been back in the day and night after 11 o’clock, and I have to get up at 5 o’clock the next day. But still insist on pullingEveryone took a photo. After all, I really like to take a selfie in the mirror, hahaha.
    When returning, there may be no work tasks. Even the high speed feels a lot faster. It took two and a half hours to come, and the return trip only opened for one and a half hours.
    In addition, because we want to compare the difference between the next four-star and five-star service stations, we also specially went to Jiande’s four-star service station to play the card, which is also very good, there are KFC, Starbucks, Jiaxing Xunzi, and banks…. …and then they took another photo of me, hahahahaha, this is also a pleasure in travel~
    When I returned to Hangzhou, Hangzhou had already started a little rain. The Hangzhou outside the window and the Hangzhou after the rain, I couldn’t see anything, but it was just the feeling of your heart.
    Hangzhou’s little friends turned to the car and introduced where it is, where is it, and we can’t see it. But the hustle and bustle of the lights, the cold weather, is more suitable for the mood to be separated.
    It was very unsatisfactory to buy a ticket to Nanjing in advance, resulting in the ticket being bought at 9:30 in the evening. It was already 11 o’clock in Nanjing. At this point remind us that we must be prepared for everything, and we must not be too optimistic. But the accident is another fun of the trip~
    There are many encounters in life, and there are many separations and separations. As you said, life is well arranged. People you want to meet will always see you again~
    If you feel that your life is not very good during this time, or if you feel that you have lost the joy of life, you may wish to go out and have a look at the world and meet new people. Perhaps you will suddenly become more open. This may be the meaning of travel.
    Stealing a circle of friends, as the end of this travel, excellent photographers always have a pair of eyes that are good at discovering the world.
     Image from @米怂怂怂怂

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