Tibet, go to a ten-year contract, chase a dream journey

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On July 2, 2017, I made an appointment with myself for this travel note. At the time I said:
    Ten years, I walked through to understand that you are the only answer to life.
    Qian Zhongshu once said to Yang Lan, “I didn’t think about getting married before I met you. After meeting you, I got married and I didn’t think about it with others.”
    Tin wedding! My family and my wilderness elders have been married to a parent, and it has been a decade (why called the wild elder, detailed later)! Thank you for your tolerance, trust, petting and giving to the family. I don’t know how long I have been in my life. I just want to say thank you for meeting this student!
    At the beginning of 2007, I went to the Civil Affairs Bureau with a little sleepy elder who had known for less than three months to retrieve a red book. The photo of the couple was covered with a large stamp, proclaiming the legality of the two of us going out to open the house!
    In May of the same year, the two who also loved the outdoors took advantage of the wedding leave and embarked on the Qinghai-Tibet-Tibet line. This is our honeymoon trip. People go to Madai and the island for honeymoon, but we both want to experience oxygen deficiency.
    For the first time in the Tibetan area, there will be many regrets, but this magical land has deeply buried a seed in our hearts, waiting for some kind of karma. Once again rooting and sprouting. We have agreed that we will come again in ten years!
    As a result, in the past ten years, various opportunities have coincided, and I have been in Tibet for four times. This time, after the real ten-year agreement, after various plans, I finally had to leave alone.
    In life, there is always such incompetence and helplessness. It is long but obsessive, short but fickle. Sometimes this fickle is helpless. In the end of the year, there are too many variables in January. Not to mention this long life.
    When we understand this essence, we will understand that we need to be brave and affectionate in order to successfully walk through this long and unknown time.
    However, this self-driving trip cannot but be said to be complete.
    Although I can’t walk with my lover, I also know a lot of new friends. It also allows me to have more time alone and re-examine myself and the world from another angle.
    During the year, I left the industry that has been engaged in more than a decade, giving myself a time to vacate and travel more and more times. There is less time at home, and the busy days on the road make me sometimes confused, a brand new industry, I don’t know where the future is.
    This trip should be considered a semicolon for me;
    Return to the beginning, face yourself, all of this, every step you take, for what!
    Traveling around the world, that is my dream for many years.
    However, all the journeys are not just for passing,
    More often, walked through, seen, and still need to precipitate, this process makes more sense!
    On the other hand, the heart is clear and clean…
    If the trip to Tibet ten years ago was an initial understanding of Tibet,
    Then this trip is more like a process of examining the heart and talking to oneself.
    My friends and I met at Linzhi, and after passing through Ba Songcuo, we went to Lhasa and went straight to Shigatse and Everest after a simple rest in Lhasa!
    That’s right! Everest Base Camp is the best destination for our trip. It was also the place I made my wish ten years ago and vowed to go back to Tibet!
    Ten years, the years may change a lot,
    Environment, state, interest, and even the heart…
    What remains unchanged is the persistence and eternal dream!
    May you, your past and your dreams, still be there!
     Everything, starting from Linzhi
    On the plane on the day of departure, an aunt around her has been screaming with her husband and constantly expressing her concern about the altitude sickness. Her husband just held her hand quietly, patted it from time to time to encourage, I noticed that he looked at her eyes, without any irritability, only full of pets and comfort.
    That scene made my heart more. I am also very apt to the altitude sickness. In the past ten years, every time I climbed above 4,000 meters, the intense headache and vomiting will make me die in pain, in Namco, in Siguniang Mountain, in Gongga, ABC ring line in Nepal…
    Therefore, every trip, my family’s wilderness elders will arrange the route perfectly, starting from the lower altitudes and slowly adapting to the level, just to allow me to minimize the pain caused by altitude sickness!
    This is why I know that there will be a strong reaction, and I am brave enough to go to the plateau again and again.
    Everything has you, my heart is good!
    Outside the cabin, under the blue sky, the depths of the clouds reveal the rolling snow peaks. The aunt next to me also forgot the high-reverse things, and looked at the magical plateau wonders outside the window with amazement!
    Look at the Nanga Bawa Peak through the clouds, see the Yarlung Zangbo River flowing, and then watch the water on the edge of the water when the plane landed…
    Yes, this is the Tibet I am familiar with. Ten years, I am coming again!
    Life, there must be some sense of ritual!
    A Hada, a “Zhaxi Dale”, so familiar and warm.
    At Linzhi Airport, after these ceremonies, the journey into Tibet was officially started.
    Oh no, there is our car!
    Chevrolet’s new generation of explorers lined up neatly at the airport.
    The road to the plateau is bumpy, and there is a car with superior safety and reliability that is always full of safety!
    I made a phone call with my family and reported the arrival news. The new itinerary is about to start!
    Linzhi is the most frequently chosen city for entering Tibet. It can fly directly from Guangzhou, has a low altitude, rich vegetation, and a lot of oxygen than other parts of Tibet. It is very suitable for the first time to enter Tibet. The trip in 2007 also started here. This time, Tibet has encountered the rainy season in Tibet. On the familiar Yarlung Zangbo River, there is a green hill and green water, and the clouds are haunting.
    When my family was young, I was a professional athlete. I had excellent physical fitness. After I retired, I fell in love with outdoor sports. I often led a team to go hiking, hiking, and camping (wild sleep), so the people on the rivers and lakes called the sleeping elders.
    The familiarity of the two of us is also because of outdoor sports, accompanied by going out to climb the mountain camping, and when we come and go, we become friends.
    Interesting souls will always meet. Most people who like the outdoors are cheerful, straightforward, and love to make friends. Tibet is also the place we all yearn for. The two of them hit it off, and the rare marriage leave, we went straight to Lhasa!
    Compared with the previous few times, this time in the rainy season, Lin Zhi all the wayLush, but it is another victory.
    Under the Himalayas, on the banks of the Yarlung Zangbo River, Baiyun revolves around the valley, and cattle and sheep return to the countryside.
    This is the season when few blue sky and white clouds can be seen. I heard that there is a lot of rain in Tibet this year. Although it lacks the unique plateau sunshine and almost reachable sky in the Tibetan area, the grass and water are beautiful and green, and the grassland scenery is a unique scenery.
    The famous holy lake “Basong” is still a must-see for Linzhi.
    All the way to the rainstorm, people can not help but some frustration: Is this time the entrance to Tibet is destined to be accompanied by rain? Unexpectedly, the gods were obviously spirited. At the moment when they reached the gate of the scenic spot, the heavy rain unexpectedly stopped, leaving us with a cloud of fog and fog!
    It is said that Ba Song is the land of the masters of the lotus master, then this road is the blessing of the master!
    The lake in Basong is as green as the gems.
    I still remember that the sun was just right, the lake was clear and beautiful, and I had a pot of tea and a book with the wild elders, and spent a whole afternoon here until the sunset lit the snow-capped mountains.
    Today’s Ba Song is so smoky, the green lakes cover the snow peaks in the distance, the mountains are still stacked, and the sacredness of the fairyland is added. It’s just that over the years, the story about King Gesar has become more and more popular. It has already become a famous tourist attraction, and it is impossible to find a quiet place.
    The story about King Gesar took place on the island of Bason, which is the hoof of his horse.
    Legend has it that this is a “hollow island” where the island floats above the lake and is not connected to the bottom of the lake.
    I think, if there is nothing to worry about, how can I stay here? The so-called hollow is probably just a legend!
    The temple built on the island in the Tang Dynasty, the Wrong Gongba Temple, is a temple dedicated to the masters of the lotus.
    After the rain washed, the roses at the door were tender and tender. A flower representing love blooms in the doorway of the temple, and there is a Falunzhu on the square in front of the temple and a reproductive totem on both sides of the temple entrance. All of them reveal that the red religion does not destroy humanity and respects the characteristics of love allowing marriage.
    The devout Tibetans always have awe of the holy mountain god lake. Turning the mountain or turning to the lake is a blessing for the next life.
    The distance to the lake is very long, and it takes about two or three days to make a turn, so most tourists will turn to the lake instead of turning to the lake.
    With sincerity, you can move the wheel. Every turn of the cylinder is equivalent to reading a six-word rumor.
    The wind smashed through the wobble of the warp, do not know if the Guru will hear?
    There are quite a few fish swimming in the green lake. A Tibetan woman used ghee and green noodles at the lake to make a donkey to feed the fish.
    In Tibetan areas, the fish in the holy lake are also holy, and they are nourished by the support of the gods.
    The breeze blew, the lake shadows swayed, and the lake sparkled. Those fish who play in the holy lake, this is your blessing in this world!
    That night, we lived in the lakeside of Ba Song, guarding this piece of green lake water, looking forward to the clouds and fog.
    However, until the early morning when Bason was about to leave, the morning light was still unwilling to reveal in the middle of the night, and the snowy mountains in the distance were vaguely invisible. That is the holy shrine that King Gesar brought to us. There is always regret in the journey, and I will meet again next time.
     Lhasa, the land of pilgrims
    After leaving Ba Song wrong, the team went all the way, after passing the Mila Pass, which is more than 5,000 meters above sea level, to reach the sacred hall in the eyes of Tibetans – Lhasa!
    As a result, all the way was chased by the storm, until the Mira Pass was even hit by the pouring rain. The rain licks the ice and is blown to the face by the wind. It is even difficult to breathe!
    This is the first 5,000 meters on this line. The little friends are awesome at the height of 5,000 meters. They strictly follow the teachings of “can’t run, can’t jump, go slowly”, but the wind on the top of the mountain blows people It’s impossible to run and jump. When I parked, it was still cloudy. I just put my foot out of the door, and the storm and rain came in an instant. I couldn’t open my eyes. I could only smash two in the crowd and quickly evacuate!
    Still remembering 318 ten years ago, the bumpy mountain road, the once eighteen bends, only the natural danger of passing a car, the left is the cliff without guardrail, the right is the cliff, sitting on the back seat and looking out the window, completely invisible At the edge of the road, there are only cliffs, only cliffs, only cliffs… The whole journey is fearful, and once you walk through the whole body, you feel like you have experienced life and death.
    Today, the beautiful asphalt road, the uninterrupted mountain tunnel. Although there are still some sections that are still being repaired, it is already a light and easy 318. It has already changed dramatically with ten years ago, and even the most luxurious cars can pass leisurely.
    Some people say that only the old 318 national road can truly experience the beauty of the Sichuan-Tibet line. In addition to more self-driving fun, the significance of moving forward is to watch the changing landscapes along the way, and the plateau scenery caused by the extreme difference in altitude. Change, between the sun and the evening, every step is beautiful.
    But in fact, today’s 318 National Road, although less of such a natural danger, has the same beauty.
    The standard scenery of Tibet is all blue sky and white clouds and snow-capped mountains under the sun. If there are a few strings of colored prayer flags, then it is even better.
    However, our way, except for the cloudy sky, is the cloud and the rain. Coupled with the rapeseed fields that are printed in the eyes of the 318 National Road, I almost thought that I came to the south of the Yangtze River.
    Golden yellow rapeseeds are clustered on the sides of the river valley next to the road. It is not such a whole piece of innocent, even delicate and unique to the sky.The yellow gemstones are dotted with snowy plateaus covered in green.
    In the distance is the swell of the stalwart mountains, close to the warmth of the rapeseed, naturally with its great palette, showing us a different kind of beauty. The combination of green barley and rapeseed; the combination of green and golden; the combination of blue sky and cloud, highlighting this vibrant plateau wonderland.
    If you can encounter rare sunshine, you should open the large skylight inside the car and let the rare blue light into the car.
    The road is good, all the way to talk, people also forget the hardships of the journey.
    Until the night was pouring like water, the familiar building broke into the eyes of Huaguang Liucai.
    I am back, Lhasa!
    The night in Lhasa is more brilliant than it was ten years ago.
    It should be there in the big cities, and even the most fresh elements will not be lacking.
    I still remember that ten years ago, it was the first time I met with the city. On the first night, I and the wild sleepy elders had a big fight because of some small things that could not be remembered. Then they walked across the entire Beijing Road, from the west of the city to the east of the city, for a whole hour. That turned out to be my first impression of Lhasa, a one-hour city walk at an altitude of 3,800 meters, and the feeling of lack of oxygen and suffocation after hiking.
    Every couple should have had such a story. Two people with different backgrounds live together. This kind of opinion or different opinions are always indispensable. Especially, I am sleeping with my family and the two people who are almost completely opposite in character. Coupled with sparkling marriage, in the past ten years, the two people have too many opinions, and quarrels are not commonplace, but also a common embellishment in life.
    However, since the marriage has been handed down for ten years, the two have gradually developed a set of ways to get along. In order to enable me to realize my many years of dreams, I can go further and deeper. My family’s wilderness elders have taken up the responsibility of the family and gave me the freedom to give me strength, so that I have no worries at all. Over the years, quarrels seem to be getting less and less!
    Mutual respect and mutual tolerance, two people can take it farther!
    In front of the Potala Palace, the palm of my hand is in harmony. In my heart, the mirror is generally stable and bright.
    This is an ordinary meeting of old friends. Regardless of day or night, we have relied on the land so close, and we have known each other like that.
    “You see or see me, I am there, I will not be sad and will not rejoice.
    You miss or don’t miss me, my love for you is there, it won’t add up.
    You love or don’t love me, my love is there, no increase will not decrease.
    You follow or don’t follow me, my hand is in your palm, don’t give up and won’t give up. ”
    Night, getting deeper, this time the line is in a hurry, can’t talk deeply.
    The next meeting is still not knowing when, maybe very close, maybe very far…
    But, you know, BudalaPalace, you are the center of Tibet, you are in my heart!
    Many times in Tibet, the Potala Palace has been visited many times.
    So when I was visiting the Potala Palace with my friends, I went to the door of the Jokhang Temple.
    If the Potala Palace is like a king who is tall, then the Jokhang Temple is its market.
    Every time I go to Lhasa, it is like a curse that attracts me to go again and again.
    There is nothing that must be seen or bought, even the Maggie Ami, who has many stories about the rivers and lakes, does not need to walk in.
    Just sitting on the steps at the entrance of the Jokhang Temple, watching the devout believers stand up and down again and again, five bodies…
    Tibet is more than just a destination for travel in the hearts of many people.
    The omnipresent, colorful sky,
    The mysterious, powerful, six-character rumor,
    There are also simple Tibetans who are obsessed with piety and passed down from generation to generation.
    It is a kind of faith, a mark that strikes the depths of the human heart and makes people sway.
    That Zhang’s face, a pair of wrinkled hands, and the connection of the road are not stable but still have the attachment of five bodies.
    This is the life of the Jokhang Temple, the root of my follow-up to the demon.
    There is nothing to do here, except for the long head, it seems that everything is superfluous.
    I just stayed here for a while, watching many devout believers go to the church and repeat the five-body cast. Some of them even came from far away places for a few months, with the most respectful The salute ceremony to worship the Buddha, the piety in their hearts, and such a scene of worship, even if we do not fully understand Tibetan Buddhism, we will be moved and feel the shock of faith.
    There are also several Han women who are dressed in fashion and join the team in front of the Jokhang Temple. Under the midday sun, a few volts got up, and there were already sweaty beads on the forehead.
    I am still just sitting. In fact, I am also an ordinary person, not without desire. It’s just that this is not my religion, and I have never systematically understood the true law of the long head. It’s the essence of the fur, but it’s like licking the individual’s fruit and not knowing its taste.
    That day, in the sun in front of the Jokhang Temple, I stayed for a long time and almost forgot the time.
    Some religions teach people to be good; some religions exclude aliens; and some religions are silent, silent, and direct to the heart.
    It doesn’t matter which one is bigger or more noble, the heart is soft, and it is moved. That is the fate with it.
    When the fate is reached, I naturally believe it, and naturally I am willing…
    There are more local Tibetans who make several long heads in front of the Jokhang Temple every day, and then pass the prayer wheel clockwise around the Bajiao Street.The rotation of the hour hand image to express your god’s yearning and worship, and then leave to start a day’s work.
    This one-legged hero, around the octagonal street, squats long and round.
    No one knows his story, but some people say that he is a frequent visitor here, only because of the gods in his heart, he walks almost every day and every step.
    Legend has it that the long head is for the blessing of the next life, then the sins of this life’s misfortunes in this life are all redeemed in this pious ceremony!
    The famous Maggie Ami, it is said that this is the name of the girlfriend of Tsangyang Gyatso.
    Drink a cup of sweet tea here, and then write a paragraph on the message book, as if it is a list of tourists must come to Lhasa to complete. Facing the sun, I looked up at the lavender planted on the balcony on the third floor, or turned and left.
    In a corner of the upstairs, some books contain the words I wrote last time and last time. It is said that some people have said this to me. However, at that moment, I suddenly didn’t want to watch it. Let’s let it go in the past, ten years, from the birth of the newborn calf to the mother of today’s two children, from being a small foreign employee to being proud to resign to pursue the dream of the year, the mood is already different from the beginning.
    The sentences that were written at the beginning without fear or “I don’t know how to taste”, and this morning, there is no need to look back again.
    In 2010, in the third year of marriage, we had our first child; in 2016, we had another second.
    Time can change too much, the first is identity.
    From a still arrogant girl to a mother of two children, the process didn’t take long.
    The speeding elders enter the new role faster than I am. I feed the children from the shackles, take a bath, take the children to play, and now I will accompany my eldest daughter every day to help me with my little daughter. I am outside. More, he will bother more at home. Between two people, not who is outside, but everyone is looking for their position, whether in the community or at home; finding a balance is a question of mutual understanding.
    In the movie “Gang Rinpoqi”, there is also a girl who is about the same age as my eldest daughter. Starting from the path of pilgrimage, there is no joy, no sorrow, just a firm follow the team with a long head. When the mother is in the future, she can’t see such suffering. The children of that age should be happy and enjoyable.
    “But”, a person who was sitting in the sun at the entrance of the Jokhang Temple said, “How do you know that she is not happy?”
    The buddy was wearing a clean jacket that was not clean, and his hands were chewing like a Tibetan. “The happiness of Tibetans does not come from wealth at all, but depends on faith.” He smiled and said to me, “When the long head walked through such a road, the Buddha heard it, and the sesame oil contributed, and that is happiness!” ”
    I smiled, I understand this, but I still can’t see those sufferings.
    But sitting here for a long time, people who walked around have seen more, but it is a bit clear.
    Most of the Tibetans who walked through the octagonal street, or holding the beads, or spinning the economy, no matter how arrogant the dress is, the expression on the face is satisfied, or focused, the devout look like forgetting everything in the world. Second, only the soul yearns for the Western Paradise.
    The Jokhang Temple is dedicated to the 12-year-old statue of Sakyamuni, who was brought to the Princess of Tang Dynasty from the Tang Dynasty. This 1The 2-year-old figure was personally opened by Sakyamuni and has a supreme status in the Buddhist world. Tibetans believe that seeing a Buddha statue is like seeing a Buddha 2,500 years ago. Numerous Buddhists have exhausted their life’s savings, step by step, and the five bodies have been thrown into Lhasa to see the respect of this statue.
    The prayer wheel in the hand kept turning, and the six-character rumors in the mouth were eloquent. For them, turning around the Jokhang Temple every day is like a homework to be done every day. It can free all the sufferings of past lives and this life, and thus get a more complete life.
    Under the dazzling sunshine of Lhasa, the Golden Wheel of the Jokhang Temple is brilliant.
    The incense and the scriptures are numerous, and there are countless past and present life practices.
    Faith is the power of human beings.
    This power is infinitely powerful!
    If you are tired, you can go to the teahouse on the second floor.
    Unlike Maggie Ami, there are Tibetans sitting in the teahouse.
    The sun shines through the glass and shines on the thermos by the window.
    The warm bottle contains warm sweet tea or butter tea, which is unique to Tibet.
    There are many people in the teahouse, and they need to fight the table. Sitting on the same table with me is a young mother with a girl of the same age as my eldest daughter. The girl has a pair of big eyes with curly eyelashes, and I am interested in everything about me, cameras, scorpions, clothes, and accessories… Her Chinese is not very good, only some simple words, But still tell me seriously. She came from Changdu and took the car. They came to pay homage to Sakyamuni. After the holiday, she was going to the first grade of primary school… I showed her my daughter’s photo, she said, I Mom also has a mobile phone, can also take pictures! ……
    This is an afternoon of Jokhang Temple and Bajiao Street.
    In the corner of this city, I saw the life, I saw the light in people’s hearts. As the “Gang Rinpoche” wants to express, those outside the body, those worldly interests, are meaningless here; and all the power exists in the beliefs you are attached to, flowing in The details in the blood that dissolve in every life.
    In today’s Lhasa city, posters of the large-scale live-action musical “Princess Wencheng” are everywhere, claiming to be one of the three things that must be done now to Lhasa. Since I haven’t seen it before, it can’t be avoided.
    Lhasa’s night was dark, and when the day was about to enter, the rain was coming, and people were a bit worried.
    Tips: The performance of Princess WenchengOut of the open air, Lhasa’s night is very cool, even in summer, it is best to bring a thicker clothes.
    This is a large-scale song and dance drama that sings the beautiful love story between Princess Wencheng and Songtsen Gampo. The scene is grand and grand, and the effect of the live performance is quite shocking. The most difficult thing was that during the performance, there was a downpour, and all the actors insisted on completing the whole performance in the rain, which was quite dedicated!
    The Princess Wencheng in the play is smart and beautiful. Songtsan Gambo came to ask for a kiss. She obeyed the will of Emperor Taizong and took the Buddha statue of Sakyamuni and married Tubo. In the play, Princess Wencheng and Songtsen Gambo have never met each other and have missed each other.
    Princess Wencheng has been hard from Chang’an all the way, and it took him two and a half years to finally reach Lhasa. In order to meet her, Songtsan Gambo also built the city walls and palaces; until the final encounter, big marriage… The plot is here. Suddenly stopped.
    Everything seems to be so beautiful!
    However, anyone who has read this history understands that the beautiful legend of Princess Wencheng is just an over-wrapped fairy tale, and her life is desolate and lonely.
    In any case, we sing the beauty of fairy tales, whether it is because of political needs or emotional sustenance.
    If the story continues to develop, what will happen?
    It will be said that Princess Wencheng is only a small wife after she has been married to Tubo. She has no children, no pets, and her status is mediocre?
    It will be said that after the marriage, Songtsan Gambo died in the past nine years. Has Princess Wencheng been alone in the distant state for more than 30 years?
    It will still be said that Princess Wencheng’s entry into Tibet is only temporarily for the peace of the western border. After Song Zanggan’s death, did Tubo once again launch a war against the Tang Dynasty?
    I really want to know that in the 30 years of Princess Wencheng’s life, in a language where the language is different, the husband has passed away and has no children. How did one survive in the political vortex of the aliens?
    But what do you know about it?History needs such a woman’s positive energy story, and who cares about the rest of her life?
     Three visits to Yanghu, the most familiar stranger
    “Some people say that the lake on the mountain is a tear lying on the surface of the earth;
    Then, the tears on my pillow are the water that hangs on your apex. ”
    – “One Side of the Lake”
    Legend has it that there are three great holy lakes in Tibet, and many times they have entered Tibet. The most important thing for me is Yanghu.
    When I set off from Lhasa, the sky was full of heavy clouds, but it was always sunny. We also joked all the way, I don’t know if I need to read the six-word rumors several times, so that the Buddha can hear and let the clouds spread, and the most beautiful body of Yanghu appears.
    As a result, I don’t know why, after a few mountain roads, the blue sky suddenly burst into a thick fog, wrapping the entire team. The fog was so strong that if the mellow wine could not be seen, it would not be visible five meters apart. To the top of the mountain, the hands can only see the five fingers, what the god lake, what snow mountain, all become the imprint of the silent heart, only the illusion, but not seen.
    The heart is called a disappointment. Is this the decade, is the way Yanghu greets me?
    I spent a while at the top of the mountain to see if this evil fog didn’t mean to be dispersed. I could only get back on the train with the urging of my teammates.
    The mountain road is rugged, and after a few bends, suddenly the eyes are bright! The dense fog spread out and the view was wide. The blue waters rushed into the eye with the green hills jumping, causing the teammates to exclaim.
    Overlooking the lake from the middle of the mountain, it is calm and translucent, reflecting the peaks on the shore, and the excitement gradually calms down. In it, the soul seems to be coagulated and infected by this huge silence. The thoughts are like a bird that can be released. It can be arbitrarily galloped in the heavens and the earth, and travels through time to fully integrate into this vast world.
    The impression here is particularly profound, because ten years ago, it was also such a blue, the sleeping elders and I had left a photo here, and it was also a rare photo of the journey.
    The elders are born with a low-key, like reading a book like culture, rather than being noticed in the spotlight. Every time he goes out, he always loves to hide himself behind the camera and see the world through the lens. Therefore, in these years, every time I go out, my photos are always a lot, but the photos are very precious.
    Over the past two years, I have been going out more and more times, and I have gradually become accustomed to raising the camera to see the world, and even learned to use the stand to take a selfie. Of course, I still miss the feeling of having a dedicated photographer to follow, but as time goes by, “the people who love each other will live their lives and look like each other!” When they think about this, they will feel warm and let their hearts People are quite moving.
    The car goes down the mountain to the lake. Although the sky is still cloudy, the blue lake is inexplicably filled with an attraction that people want to be close to.
    The full name of Yanghu is Yamdrok, which is the meaning of “the coral lake above” in Tibetan. In the legend of Tibetans, it is a fairy in heaven who has become a fairy. Tibetans call it one of the holy lakes and are associated with the reincarnation of the Dalai Lama.
    It is said that here, people can see the past and present of the people. When the weather is fine, people who are at the lake can hear the sound of the sky and see clear images. I don’t know if this is true. Anyway, I have approached it three times, but I have nothing. Xu is not enough to be sincere, just, this life can meet such a lover, and there are two lovely babies, and now I can follow my heart, to pursue every dream I have ever… Estimated my last life, even It’s the last life, you should be struggling to repair, you can have such a blessing!
    Between the majestic nature, the vastness of the heavens and the earth and the smallness of one person and one car are like proverbs.It is a mortal who will awaken the world inadvertently.
    The sky is still cloudy, but the window is rare green.
    The snowy plateau is a long-term drought; this period of rain waters the wilderness with an altitude of more than 4,000 meters into an alpine meadow, which is a bit like the scenery of the Xinjiang grassland.
    Leaving Yamdrok’s fault and continuing westward, after crossing the 4,300-meter Smira Pass, he came under the ice tongue of the Carola Glacier. The observation deck is over 5,000 meters above sea level and is the second 5,000 meters on the road.
    The Naiqin Kangsang Snow Mountain behind the glacier is also one of the four great mountain mountains in Tibet, with an altitude of over 7,000 meters. The weather is not good, we can’t see it. We can only see the snowy ice tongue of the Carola Glacier hanging like a giant Thangka on the mountain wall, and it is twisted and twisted against the backdrop of the colored prayer flags.
    The weather is not good, and the symptoms of altitude sickness are more and more obvious on cloudy days. Just staying for a little while, the number of people in the team has increased. God bless, everyone’s physical condition must be able to support the highest point!
     Tashilhunpo Monastery, back to the original faith
    In Shigatse, the Tibetan language means “a manor with fertile soil and water”. The Chu River and the Yarlung Zangbo River meet here at an altitude of 3,800 meters. Known as the “post-hidden”, it is the permanent residence of the Panchen Lama. The local people’s living habits and language are very different from those of the Kangzang and Tibetan areas.
    In Shigatse, you can’t miss it anyway, it is the Tibetan palace of Tashilhunpo.
    The Tashilhunpo Monastery is the largest temple in the Houzang, and is one of the six major temples of the Gelug Sect. The full name is “Zashundbu Baijid Qinqu Tang Tang Lenan Bajiewarin”, which means “auspicious must be gathered in Fuzhou to win the Fangzhou”, the Panchen after the fourth world is here.
    Compared to the Potala Palace in Lhasa or the Jokhang Temple, it looks a lot cleaner. There are not many tourists, but more are dressed in plain Tibetans or lamas in red. In a sense, it is more like the way the temple itself should have.
    White earthen walls, black doors and windows, walked through the back of the red dragonfly, many of them juvenile.
    In Tibetan areas, children of many families, from childhood to the temple, learn from the masters, like our children go to school, learn Tibetan literature, learn religious knowledge, learn astronomical calendars, study Buddhist scriptures, learn to make butter flowers, and paint Thangka. … The days of spiritual practice are not easy, and every child who practices in the home is burdened with the support and expectation of the whole family.
    Walking on a very historic stone road, there are mottled walls on both sides, and the little monks on the side of the road are reading in a low voice.
    The dust mites are far away and the Zen is getting closer. The world seems to be still, not arguing, quiet and peaceful…
    In addition to the lama, most of the people who came in and out were Tibetans who came to the Buddha. Dragging the family with the mouth, supporting the old and carrying the young, everyone’s face is full of pious focus, as well as the expectations for the future. Life is too short, and only faith can give people the power to use the world and the endless life.
    I met a debate class. I heard the noise from the distance, attracting a lot of onlookers.
    Above the square, among the red dragonflies, the monks who participated in the debate stood in the middle of it, one asked questions and one answered. The questioner slaps and asks, waving the beads, sometimes pressing, and sometimes drunk. The respondents, in order to change the same, change the hurricane, thunder, I am self-satisfied, the landslide is in front of the color. One move and one quiet, one bright and one empty, the mystery is full.
    The whole process of arguing is done in Tibetan, but even if you don’t understand Tibetan, watching this process is not boring.
    It’s just a questionable appreciator’s almost dramatic and aggressive gesture, as well as an exaggerated gesture of dancing. It’s already quite interesting. In a certain sense, the world of swearing is not just the gray and heavy of the ancient buddhas. On the contrary, their lives are full of life because of their beliefs, and they are colorful because of their extensive knowledge. Although it is only living within the walls of the courtyard, the whole world is already in the heart.
    All the knowledge about the debate comes from a decade-long debate between the wild sleep elders and the one I once watched at the Drepung Monastery.
    The elders have studied Buddhism since childhood and have a certain understanding of the inheritance history of Buddhism. The journey of ten years ago can almost be regarded as an enlightenment for Buddhism. From the story of the Buddha of the Guru to the interpretation of each classic, and the story behind each of the Thangka murals, it can be said that I opened a new window.
    Although I am still outside the door for religion, I am grateful for the various karma that I have encountered during this decade. I have read many books and met many people. I have learned almost nothing but a fur story. And it seems that there is a direct connection to the center, so that my life has another possibility.
    Faith is an oasis in the heart.
    Because there is love in the heart, so there is happiness, and the light of faith is always shining!
     Everest Base Camp, the oath of ten years
    Continue to depart from Shigatse and go to the date.
    The whole journey was less than 300 kilometers, and we went for 7 hours on this day.
    From the 318 National Road after Shigatse, go onThe smooth asphalt road, the road conditions are still very good. If it is not because of the various checkpoints and speed limits along the way, the Chevrolet explorers of the mid-level SUVs can definitely show their great advantages in acceleration.
    The roadside scenery is also amazing. Originally 4000 meters above sea level is the forest line, there are basically no trees above, and many are ferns.
    The result is not known whether it is because of the abundant rain today. This section of the road built over 4,000 meters can be accompanied by rapeseed fields and blue sky, but the plateau climate is cold, and the season of rapeseed is still not here, leaving some Some little regrets.
    In the April of the world, Fangfei is full, and the temple temple peach blossoms begin to bloom!
    All the way in the picture of the landscape, coupled with the shackles of the road ahead, that pleasure is not understood in the city.
    From Shanghai People’s Square to Lahu, this is the 5,000th km of National Highway 318. Going forward, it is close to the Sino-Indian border, the 318 National Road is being repaired, and because of the recent border conflict with India, the inspections on the road have become more stringent.
    Take a picture here, this is the last road we have traveled all the way through!
    Chevrolet’s Picassorod, this is the American car culture classic “icon”, the second-to-none power performance and powerful gas field, feels cool.
    I heard that the road ahead is rugged, 318 road repair we have to detour, so it is “10 different days”!
    Due to the maintenance of the 318 National Road, from 5,000 kilometers, we will transfer from the 318 National Road to the county road.
    The single-lane gravel dirt road, some places and even the roads are not counted, leaving only two cars printed. If you encounter a car, it is necessary to mention the spirit of twelve points. The road is too narrow. Although the two sides of the road are not cliffs, it is easy to turn down the roadbed. The bumps of the road will not be said, the front car drove up the dust of the sky, and almost no seeing the opposite car. The team has been slowly moving at a speed of less than 20 kilometers, and as a result, a large cloud of clouds has come, and it has been as dark as a monster.
    The yellow sand is full of days, and the road of more than 70 kilometers has gone for three and a half hours!
    There are no blue sky and white clouds, and there is no white tower.
    This is where I am in the snowy plateau, but Hoh Xil is just that!
    The road to pilgrimage is more precious because of the hardships!
    The night arrives at a fixed date, and the altitude exceeds 4,000 meters. As the meter is generally accurate, my head begins to blunt and painful.
    This is a test that the plateau gave me. Any time for the beginning of the faith will not be simple, whether it is the path of Tang Yan’s study, or the path of the Tibetans who have no surnames. The belief at this moment is the one-year covenant, which is a covenant with the holy mountain of the holy mountain. Even if it is just a simple vow, it must be done with the power of what it can.
    Devotional, unwavering!
    From the date to the Everest, all the way to Yunshan fog cover, in fact, the heart has quietly foreseen that this estimate does not see Everest.
    This road comes, the number of times of fine weather is very few, and it is already our luck to see the half-walled blue sky of the sheep lake. The probability of seeing Mount Everest is even smaller. According to passers-by who have lived in the base camp for the previous two days, The Everest in these days is basically a state of “still holding a half-faced face”. It is a life without looking at it.
    These two are the commemorations left by the encounter ten years ago. I found them out of the cloud disk and looked at them silently.
    Shenshan is on, do you still remember the agreement of the year?
    Ten years, for the heavens and the earth, it is only a drop in the history of the river, such as the white gap;
    For human beings, it has changed dramatically. Going too fast, did the soul keep up?
    I have not forgotten, so I am coming. Under the sacred mountain, look at the heart.
    Will you come to see me?
    The car turned a few bends in the mountains, crossed the thick fog, and looked up suddenly. Like a dream, Shenshan quietly revealed a spire.
    God, she heard every word I told her, she was responding to me with a smile!
    It’s still far from the base of the base camp, and everyone can’t wait to climb the mountain, and they get off the bus.
    In the consciousness of most people, the world’s first peak should be the only peak of this sky. However, I don’t think it’s so prominent when I look at Mount Everest at Everest Base Camp. I want to come to the Everest base camp is 5200 meters above sea level, the elevation of Mount Everest is 8848 meters, the relative height is not high, and there are not too many reference objects around, naturally there is no too majestic feeling.
    And when we finally sat in the sightseeing bus of the scenic spot and swayed to the base camp, Everest shyly pulled a cloud and covered the face.
    We waited for more than half an hour in the platform of the base camp, but Mount Everest did not seem to be showing signs again.
    It seems that it is not too sad, although I have not seen the whole picture of Everest, but after all, I have already seen it! Looking at the weather on this road, isn’t this the Shenshan show? On the layered mountain road, the flashing Everest is really beautiful. Only with such atmosphere and mystery can it be more in the bottom of my heart.
    Tsangyang Gyatso said that turning to the mountains and turning to the stupa is not for the afterlife, only to meet you on the way.
    On the way to the last time, I met him, the most important one in my life;
    In this process, in addition to the scenery, will it be a new soul after the reflection of the heart?
    You said, until the spring breeze starts, I will spend it to see you!
    I am coming, when the rape blossoms fill the valley.
    And you, my Everest, just stood there quietly,
    Half-cover the spring breeze and feel your breathing and pulsation.
    At that moment, I actually understood, this is you and me, the best way to meet!
    Because, I will see you again, maybe soon, maybe for a long time…
    Tickets for Mount Everest are sent to my daughter and lover at the highest post office in the world.
    The five high-rise mountains with more than 8,000 meters on the ticket are the backbone of the Himalayas.
    When the weather is fine, they stand together under the blue sky and are breathtaking.
    There are also early mornings and dusks, and there are more days and stars, leaving me to come back next time!
    There is a dialogue in “Flying House Travel Notes” that once made my eyes wet. The actor said: “Happiness is not a long life, not a big fish, not a righteousness, but every small life detail has given each other. The warmth is flowing; when you want to eat, you have to eat, when you want to be loved, someone comes to love you! When doing housework, some people work and play together, and when someone is sick, someone cares softly.”
    That is my favorite cartoon, two people with the same adventurous spirit, for a common yearning to come together, and then walked together for a lifetime, that is a touching story.
    May I and I also write a story like this.
    After coming down from Everest, all the way to Shigatse.
    When you come, you will be all kinds of smooth, although you will encounter bad weather, but it is still unimpeded;
    Unexpectedly, when I returned to the trip, I first encountered an accident caused by a big car, and then experienced the danger of a puncture, and the trip was delayed.
    Later, when I arrived at a border checkpoint, I was told that 318 was ruined by mudslides due to heavy rain and hail, so I detoured again. It was not a good way to go. After all kinds of detours, night roads and lost roads, we finally reached the destination in the middle of the night.
    But again, if it weren’t for the beginning of the smashing and puncture, maybe we would appear on the 318 national road before and after the mudslide; not to mention the value of life, even if it was just blocked in the middle of the village without the store. That would be a more helpless trip.
    Therefore, in the face of angry nature, the power of life is not worth mentioning.
    All things, the gods are arranged in the dark.
    Twelve hours on the road, what we experienced and what we blessed are our practice.
    I did not expect that after meeting with Everest, the Buddha still left us with such a test.
    The road to pilgrimage is not an end;
    Snow Mountain Holy Lake is not the focus of life.
    After experiencing such a test, the long-confusing answer in my heart seems to be lit up in an instant.
    Accept the ordinary self, but not give up ideals and beliefs,
    Do your best, indifferent results,
    Maybe, the next trip, the one you met on the road is the best!
     Our itinerary
    Day 1 Chengdu or Linzhi Collection Su Linzhi Hilton Gongbu Manor Hotel
    The Linzhi Hilton Gongbu Manor Hotel is the first international brand five-star hotel in the Nyingchi area, just a 10-minute drive from the airport.
    At an altitude of less than 3,000 meters, there is no need to worry about high-reflection problems. Most importantly, the hotel’s location is located on the famous Yellow Peony Garden in Linzhi. There are more than 3,000 wild yellow peony trees in the world. There are more than 1,000 plants here. From May to June every year, you can enjoy the peony in bed. La!
    Day 2 Linzhi-Basong Wandering Himalayas
    The first day of the self-driving journey, the endless rain, people think that Tibet’s days are leaking.
    Fortunately, the Himalayan Baxun Resort is right next to the scenic spot of Ba Song, where you can see the beautiful green lake on the rooftop. It feels so good to have a beautiful view!
    Day 3 Linzhi-Lhasa The Ritz-Carlton, Lhasa
    The St. Regis Hotel in Lhasa is the first international brand five-star hotel in the Lhasa area.
    Looking out from the lobby of the hotel, you can clearly see the Potala Palace.
    The design of the entire hotel is quaint, backed by the blue sky and snow mountain (of course, because of the weather, snow mountains are not visible), there is a secluded pool water in front, in the city center of Lhasa, can have such a treasure land, no one!
    The most special is this pure gold swimming pool, it is said that many celebrities have taken a bath here!
    Day 4 Downtown Lhasa The St. Regis Hotel
    In fact, in the urban area of ​​Lhasa, the one-day tour is not enough, but our time is tight and we can only focus on it.
    But thanks to this sunny afternoon, let me alone at the entrance of the Jokhang Temple, carefully sort out many things, and have more confidence and confidence in the road ahead.
    Day 5 Lhasa – Yamdrok – Carola Glacier – Shigatse Johor Bahru
    The sheep lake without blue sky is very lost, and the Tibetans who collect the road money at the roadside are even more chilling.
    Tibet is the closest place on Earth to the sky. Devoted faith and simple villagers sometimes change a place and it only takes a few years.
    Fortunately, there will be occasional sunshine behind the dark clouds, and the lake in Yanghu Lake is still as pure.
    Day 6 Shigatse – Tashilhunpo Monastery – Dingri Suding Day Shanghai Hotel
    This is the only way to go to Everest and Gang Rinpoche.
    As long as there is faith in the heart, the land of dreams will always arrive.
    Day 7 Dingri – Everest – Shigatse Johor Bahru
    The road to pilgrimage is more precious because of the hardships;
    If after the hardships, you still have to leave regrets, it must be the slang that Buddha gave you, that is the meaning of “welcome again!”
    Day 8 Shigatse – Chengdu – Guangzhou
     You can also achieve the dream of Tibet
    Many people are afraid of Tibet, that is love and fear; love is the mountains and rivers, mysterious humanities, fear of the endless headache, smell the fierceThe risk is high. In fact, taking me, a constitution that is extremely easy to respond to altitude, as an example, Ideologically attaches importance to feelings and contempt, Tibet is not terrible.
    First, you must understand the altitude sickness. When you have a deep understanding of your opponent, you will find that he is not as terrible as he imagined;
    Then, you can make some preparations before entering Tibet, such as starting to eat some Rhodiola in the first half of the month to increase the oxygen carrying capacity in the blood;
    In addition, plan your entry route, remember to upgrade from low to high, level one level, train or self-driving is a good choice;
    Finally, after entering Tibet, remember to slow down your movements, do not exercise vigorously; pay attention to keep warm, pay attention to your body, if there is really too serious reaction, or can not adapt for a long time, still remember to see a doctor, do not delay!
    In addition, body lotion, sunscreen lotion, lip balm, sunglasses, hats and scarves, as well as appropriate drugs, should be remembered to bring, the climate on the plateau is dry, the ultraviolet rays are strong, you will use it!
    Finally, I wish you the best of your dream trip to Tibet!

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