To the north, there is a place called Hulunbeier.

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Everyone has a grassland dream in their hearts.
    Blue sky, white clouds, cyan meadow
    Is the most beautiful picture in the world
    Hulunbeier, a place where only listening to the name is worth a visit
    As early as a few years ago, I saw a Hulunbeier Raiders.
    As early as that time, I was planted by this charming grassland scenery.
    After so many years, I finally came to this pure land this summer.
     Hulunbeier Prairie
    If you have thought about a comfortable summer
    Then I suggest you come to Hulunbeier.
    The summer here is even more than 20 degrees.
    It’s just good to wear a beautiful long skirt.
    I am in Sichuan, I have been to the plateau in western Sichuan many times.
    Although the grassland scenery in western Sichuan is also beautiful
    But I prefer Hulunbeier because the altitude here is not high, only between 600 meters and 800 meters.
    So there is no worry about high opposition.
    Hulunbeier is a relatively remote area of ​​Inner Mongolia.
    Opening the map of China, Hulunbeier is already in the northeast of mainland China, close to Heilongjiang Province, the northernmost part of China.
    It is bordered by Russia and Mongolia, so this time we also went to many Russian-style towns.
    The Ewenki Reindeer Manor is the must-see for travel to Hulunbeier.
    Personally think that reindeer is better in winter.
    Because it feels cold in winter, but the reindeer’s fur should be thicker and better.
    They all retired in the summer, and the mosquitoes have been spinning, jumping, and not stopping around them.
    So the harassment of their pictures is very impatient.
     Hulunbeier Prairie
    Hulunbeier is not just a grassland
    There are also large tracts of birch forest, and beautiful little yellow flowers.
    I don’t know what the name of this flower is, I don’t know if it is wild poppy.
    (Knowing friends can give us science in the message area)
    The Russian-style port of Shiwei.
    I am also here. Hulunbeier knows the port.
    Compared to Manchuria, here is just a small town.
    But also full of Russian customs
    I heard that it was in the movie “Looking for Dragons” for the first time.
    Inside, Huang Bo and Chen Kun did not write a poem. The first sentence is “Ah! Beautiful Erguna River!”
    Tell them the story of their formation in Inner Mongolia…
    From the Weiwei port, we have been driving along the Ergun River.
    The river is also the boundary river between China and Russia, and occasionally you can see the small villages opposite Russia.
    The Ergun River has been flowing eastward, and in Heilongjiang Province it became the famous Heilongjiang River.
    Finally, Fuyuan, the easternmost part of China, merges with the Ussuri River and passes through Russia.Enter the Strait of the Sea of ​​Okhotsk.
    Sorry, it is written to become a geography science.
    Also Hulunbeier, a very important port city
    The streets are full of Russian architecture and restaurants.
    There are also many people leaving Russia from here, trains and cars.
    There are also many Russians who come here to travel and do business.
    A lightning bolt taken in Manchuria.
     Aerial photography Hulunbeier
     Cross country crossing Molgler
    Today is the first day of arrival in Hulunbuir
    Because I arrived in the capital, Hailar, yesterday, it was night, so a photo was not taken, it can be ignored.
    Today is the highlight of Hulunbeier.
    Today we are going through the core area of ​​the Hulun Buir Prairie, the Molgler River.
    The Molgler River, also known as the Mozhgrad River, the Mozhgen River, and the Morgen River, originated in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Hulunbeier City Chenbaerhuqi, Daxinganling Xiqiao, known as “the world’s first Qushui”. The river is 319 kilometers long and has a drainage area of ​​4,987 square kilometers. It flows from the northeast to the southwest. It flows through the famous Hulunbuir prairie, flows into Huhnar Lake and flows out into the Hailar River. It belongs to the Erguna River system of the Sino-Russian border river.
    The latitude of Hulunbeier is similar to that of Heilongjiang in China.
    So the summer here is particularly long. It will come out at 4 o’clock in the morning and it will not go down until 8 o’clock in the evening.
    So travel here in the summer, the day will be particularly long, you can go to many places in one day.
    The hinterland of the grasslands, mostly the original areas without signals
    There are no roads on the map. All of them come by the guide of the live map 6 brother, taking us to look at the scenery.
    6 brothers are very good, drivers and guides for us to find the beauty of the grassland
    All kinds of noisy tours are completely avoided when the tourist season is over.
    Summer grassland
    The weather is also changing.
    The first two seconds were still sunny, and suddenly the dark clouds came.
    In addition to the 6 brothers, there are three long-legged sisters.
    Each is a master of photography.
    On the hillside in the distance, the sun just shines on the back of the flock.
    It’s just that I suddenly want to sing a man with a set of horses…
    I used to think that camels only appear in the desert.
    I did not expect to have a camel life in the heart of the grassland where the grass is abundant.
    Presumably the camel here must be very happy.
    Never worry about finding a source of water, next door is the Molgler River.
    Going deep into the hinterland of the grassland, the phone has no signal
    Navigation without road
    If there is no professional guide to lead the way, there is no way to go deep inside.
    Fortunately, our 6 brother is an old driver, not only a good car, but also a master of photography.
    I took a picture of him on the grassland and his Toyota overbearing.
    By the way, this car is driving too well in the grasslands.
    In the grassland of the rainy season, it is still necessary to cross the road in this way, otherwise it will be easy to get stuck in the rain.
    The Molgler River is very open on the grassland, and it is no wonder that there is the title of the first Qushui in the world.
    It’s great to take a picture of the scenery in Hulunbeier.
    The light here is very soft and the colors of the grasslands are rich.
    The most important thing is that the altitude is not enough here.
    The sisters don’t have to worry about high anti-reflection, their faces are not good-looking, their lips will be purple, etc…
    A panoramic view of the Molgler River
    This is 6 brothers taking us to a high point.
    Even if you don’t use an aerial camera, you can take a vast expanse of the Hulunbeier grassland.
    After enjoying the beauty of the grassland, 6 brothers took us to the grassland
    Anyway, looking at where the scenery is good, where to open
    Where to look at the Maduo, where to run.
    We ran for dozens of kilometers. Except for horses, sheep, cattle, and camels, there were only five of us.
    However, such a move must really have a professional guide.
    There is no signal on the mobile phone in the grassland, and even the southeast and northwest are not clearly divided.
    Cliff straw hat mountain
    Here is a lookout point on the Moregler River, which is seen from afar, with many large stones in the grasslands.
    It turned out that this is the Mongolian “shoulder bag”.
    This was once a landmark used in the direction of the grasslands, and it has gradually evolved into a place where Mongolians worship and pray.
    However, such an obvious sign can still serve as a signpost.
    One pile of stone piles, this Mongolian and Tibetans still have a lot of common ground.
    For example, the bag and the Mani heap…
    For example, many places believe in Tibetan Buddhism.
    For example, I like to eat hand-caught lamb.
    Such as hot pot…
     En River, the birthplace of Genghis Khan
    After using lunch, we continue on
    Here to remind you, it is best to have more snacks in the car.
    Because of the long play on the grassland, I often miss out on meals.
    No, it’s 2 o’clock in the afternoon when we go out to the nearest town in the grasslands.
    However, it is only 8 o’clock in the evening, it is dark, still early…Hulunbeier used to be the jurisdiction of Heilongjiang, so the people you met here, the restaurants you ate.
    Most of them are northeastern.
    I have been to the northeast and I know that in the northeastern restaurant, the food is very solid.
    The weight is particularly large, and the southerners just started to follow the usual ordering habits.
    Therefore, it is recommended that you can have a little less, not enough to add.
    On the way to the river
    Suddenly remembered a song that was recently fired.
    “Love is like blue sky and white clouds, clear skies…
    Suddenly storm…”
    We walked and walked like this…
    Suddenly the storm came.
    Suddenly, the rainbow is coming…
    En River Russia National Township
    About En River, this is the first time I have learned about this border town.
    In the ancient literature, it is called “鞑靼”, inhabited by the ancestors of the Mongolians. In the 7th century, when Li Shimin established a powerful Tang Dynasty, the monks still lived in primitive society.
    However, in the Southern Song Dynasty, it became the place where Genghis Khan started. The root river wetland, not far from the Enhe, has a horseshoe-shaped island, which is regarded by the locals as the footprint of the sweaty horse. Enhe and the neighboring Weiwei have retained more than 10 ruins of Mongolian city, large and small.
    It is housed in a typical Russian wooden house “woodcut”.
    Our hotel in En River is also such a pure wooden house.
    Most of the remains here still have relatively good Russian culture and customs, and you can appreciate exotic customs without going abroad.
    In the Sino-Russian Nibuchu Treaty of 1689, the Ergun River was designated as the Sino-Russian border, but before the treaty was signed, the Russians had crossed the Ergun River to graze, reclaim, and pan the gold on the South Bank. .
    After the signing of the treaty, the Russians withdrew their troops and dismantled the military fort, but thousands of gold rushers were still active in Chinese territory. Since the second half of the 19th century, more Russians have flooded into China. At the same time, the “Guanguandong” from Shandong, Hebei, Tianjin and other provinces have gradually come to this place, and most of them have joined the ranks of gold diggers. .
    In the more than 100 years of the two ethnic groups, many Russian girls have become the wives of Chinese gold rush workers. In addition, after the October Revolution in Russia, many Chinese immigrants in Russia also carried their Russian wives back to China and settled in the land of Enhe Township and its vicinity.
    In En River, there is also a mini doll square.
    There are a few lovely Russian dolls erected.
     Silent birch forest
    From the En River to the Shiwei Port, there are large areas of birch forest along the way.
    We drove and found a place to enter.
    In the past, Pu Shu’s “Birch Forest” was a Soviet-style folk song.
    The feeling of silence is like this
    The sun shines through the woods and falls on the ground of the forest.
    It is as if the elves will be there, attracting us to move on.
    I have to say that the birch forest is also a great place to shoot portraits.
    The photos taken here all come with the “Sen” aura.
    A few beautiful women in the car can’t sit still.
    They couldn’t sit still, they all got into the grove.
     Explore Ewenki Reindeer Park
    Another important trip we have in Hulunbuir is to explore the Ewenki Reindeer here.
    The Ewenki is a cross-border ethnic group living across China and Russia.
    In Russia, it is mainly distributed in Siberia.
    In China, it mainly lives in the Daxinganling and Hulunbeier grasslands in the northeast.
    They are called “the last reindeer in China.”
    It is said that more than three hundred years ago,
    The Ewenki led the reindeer from the banks of the Gard River.
    Moved to the jungle of Daxing’anling, and lived in the mountains from now on.
    Take deer and safari play in nature.
    They are also the only legal ones in China.
    A group of semi-settled, semi-safari and reindeer tribes.
    The Ewenkis have no fixed houses in the forest.
    “撮罗子” is their traditional house.
    Its shape is like a cone, which is actually a simple tent.
    But since ten years ago,
    Most of the Ewenki people have already left the mountains.
    Moved to the roots of Hulunbeier now.
    From the original hunting nation, it became the only ethnic minority in China that raised reindeer.
    All of a sudden, from the primitive society to the socialist society.
    Reindeer is a tool for the Ewenkis in the jungle.
    Supporting the distant migration of ethnic groups,
    Supply their precious velvet.
    Now the reindeer has become an important tool for the development of the Ewenki people.
    In another way, it supports the life of the Ewenki people.
    The reindeer now turns into a beanie for tourists to take pictures.
    The reindeer also turned in his own shotgun
    The ancient hunting tradition also slowly disappeared.
     Flower field
    Leaving the Ewenki tribal reindeer tribe
    We continue to head north to the Shiwei Port.
    A beautiful flower sea was found on the road.
    Just beside the road, fortunately, 6 brothers took the old road we have been walking, otherwise the new road will not come.
    This large piece of small yellow flower
    It also evoked my desire to sing.
    “The little yellow flower of the story,…”
    Oh, I can’t remember the lyrics. . . .
    I don’t know what it is? Is it a wild poppy? do not know! ! !
    Knowing friends can give you a popular science in the comment area.
    Three long-legged sisters continue to wear their own red, yellow, and pink
    I work in Shimoda.
    Stayed in the city for a long time
    Seeing such a landscape always feels abroad.
    I feel that my country should not be so beautiful.
    In fact, there are many beautiful mountains and rivers in the motherland.
    It’s just that we haven’t gotten involved yet.
    We are in the flower field
    Various poses, various aerial photography
    The photographer is also very hard, a variety of positions.
    Next to the flower field, there is a magical plant
    Long like pine, pine cones are like red roses, they are red.
    It also has a faint scent.
    6 brother said that this is “tree rose”
    But I don’t know what the scientific name of this is.
    Checking the information back has not been found.
    I hope that friends who know each other can tell.
     Shiwei Port
    At noon we arrived at Shiwei Port.
    The first stop is to find food.
    Here we first popularize our jokes for lunch.
    6 brother said that when you want to come to a “persimmon soup”
    The four of us are extremely discouraged.
    “Persimmon” can also make soup?
    How to eat this!
    However, 6 brother is still very insistent. . .
    When the dishes came up, we were all dumbfounded.
    It turns out that the “persimmon” in the north is a tomato.
    This is not a tomato soup…
    The same Northeast taste
    The same weight is full.
    Shiwei is a port town
    The top ten famous towns in China that were broadcast by CCTV also made this town famous.
    It is also mainly based on tourism.
    There are very few people in the town, and the more prominent ones are the Russian buildings on the street.
    The corresponding Oloc port of Shiwei Port, radiation redThere are nine districts and cities in the northeastern part of Tazhou, which are rich in mineral resources. The mining of gold is the most developed, and the mineral resources such as lead, iron and copper also have considerable reserves.
     Mysterious stone portrait in “Looking for Dragons”
    Starting from the Shiwei port
    We have been driving along the Ergun River to the Heihe River.
    The scenery on the road is really beautiful and cannot be described in words.
    My friends and I are exclaiming all the way: “What are you going to Italy, and what are you going to Tuscany!”
    Ps: Although none of us have really been to Tuscany. . .
    Those who have seen Chen Kun’s “Seeking Dragons” must know that there is a scene inside.
    It’s Hu Yayi, they carry a large team of people on the grasslands of Inner Mongolia.
    Found some huge stone portraits
    Then, after the stone figure was pushed down, a lot of black bugs flew out from under the stone figure.
    Also discovered the ancient tomb or something.
    Just as we left Shiwei and along the border road…
    In Hulunbeier, I really found out that there are many such stone portraits.
    Although this is not the shooting scene of “Looking for Dragons”,
    But seeing such a real stone figure in front of you
    My heart is still quite shocking.
    These stone people are carved from a single piece of rock.
    In terms of appearance, most of them are full-body images, and the head, face and body are vividly engraved.
    But where do these stone people come from?
    Who is it?
    Which national or tribal cultural heritage?
    The academic community has not yet uncovered these mysteries.
    The head of the stone figure carved a wide round face.
    A pair of protruding slender eyes and a tall cheekbones with two beards on the upper lip.
    The body is carved with a lapel collar, a wide belt at the waist, and a cup in the right hand on the chest.
    The stone man’s face is serious.
    It seems that the mighty soldiers are defending and inspecting the surrounding grasslands.
     Hulunbeier border road
    Hulunbeier along the border road of the Ergun River
    It is also one of the most beautiful scenery on this trip.
    Very strange, this road can’t be found on Baidu map.
    And the number of cars we travel is so small that we can take the roadblocks we want on the road.
    I was playing aerial photography in a place where no one…
    However, it is not allowed to fly small planes in the border area.
    I accidentally flew to the territory of Russia.
    The slogan in the border area is also very direct
    “Illegal cross-river, breaking the land”
    Simple and clear, I am afraid that you do not understand.
    6 brother also said that their new level of road here is to be charged.
    The slogan of the toll booth is also very straightforward: “loan repair roads, fees and debts.”
    The road conditions on the border road are very good.
    Less cars, fewer people
    In this situation, the head of Xu Wei is ringing in my mind:
    “I once dreamed of taking the sword to the end of the world and seeing the prosperity of the world!”
    The Erguna River has curved several perfect curves on the grasslands.
    Occasionally, you can see the villages of Russia.
    On the other side of the river, there are Russian fishermen fishing.
    I met a group of cows on the roadside…
    Hulunbeier is located at the border, and the environment here is really good to say nothing.
    However, I don’t understand
    Why are we all passionate about New Zealand’s milk powder, German milk powder, Australian milk powder…
    Even Japan, South Korea’s milk powder…
    As far as the environment is concerned, although China’s pollution is still very large, it is limited to Chinese cities.
    A place like Hulunbeier, I think it is no different from New Zealand.
    I have also been to New Zealand, where the air and grass are similar to here.
    I hope that one day, Chinese dairy companies can really do it.
    The common people can safely drink the milk of our motherland.
    Our children can also eat homemade milk powder with confidence.
    Otherwise, such a good resource is not wasted!
    Continue to shoot our road blockbusters
    Straight road, no real car
    It’s too suitable for us to force it.
    Roadside sheep
    The beauty here is really not like the domestic
    It seems to be in New Zealand like the southern hemisphere
    Around 5 pm
    The cows and sheep here are all looking for their way home.
    Our shooting team
    On the border road
    It seems to be near the Seven Cards
    There is a commanding height overlooking the Ergun River
    The scenery below is similar to the feeling of the nine bends and eighteen bends.
    Here is also building an observation deck
    I estimate that I will collect tickets here in the future.
    The place names of “seven cards, nine cards” passed here are beginning to feel very curious.
    So, I am on the Internet Cop.
    Sorry, I love learning so much.
    The card line refers to the border line from Qigan to Montenegro and even Manzhouli.
    Travel notes often say that the line of the card means walking along the border line.
    The second card to the nine card originally referred to the ones distributed during the Qing Dynasty.
    The distance between the two cards is 30 kilometers in Manzhouli, in the cross-border wetlands;
    The three cards are not far from the head of Montenegro; they will go to the Shiwei River in turn, and will pass other cards.
    There is no clear location for all the cards on the map. When you walk along the border, you will see some towns. For example, the eight cards are the town.
    Some cards are completely out of view. There are signs on the five-card and seven-card maps, and now there is a post at the five-card.
    The weather in the grasslands is unpredictable
    We are still enjoying the sun bath
    The mountains in the distance have set up a rainbow.
    Next to us, we arrived at the head of Montenegro.
    Montenegro’s head is the Inner Mongolian Mongolian bag.
    When I came to Montenegro and came to Hulunbeier, how can I not experience the Mongolian bag?
    Accommodation in Montenegro is not comparable to Hailar and Manzhouli.
    But fortunately, the Mongolian hotel here is more advancing with the times.
    Not only is it clean and the facilities are all available.
    There are separate bathrooms, water heaters, air conditioners, and TVs.
    In the evening, there is a delicious Mongolian speciality to taste.
    The head of Montenegro is a great place to watch the sunset.
    After we packed our luggage, we put down our luggage and took us to his private place to wait for the sunset.
    However, it is the rainy season recently.
    The clouds in the sky are thick, and today’s sunset is not particularly spectacular.
    Leave some regrets and wait for the next time.
     Horses and horses, make a set of horses
    Montenegro, it’s a must to experience a ride.
    Came to the prairie
    I have read “Hyatt Pearl”
    The scene of the five elder brothers and the little swallows riding together is still vivid.
    6 brother took us to the horse farm in the head of Montenegro.
    Greet us a black Alaska
    Sure enough, the Hummer here is more handsome than anywhere else.
    There are many kinds of packages to choose from when riding.
    If you just want to experience the feeling on the horse, you can choose a small circle.
    If you can equestrian yourself, you can run a big lap.
    The small circle is 100/person, we are the small circle of experience.
    Unlike the horse riding in our Sichuan Aba, the racecourse here seems to be more formal.
    You need to wear protective clothing and a helmet for riding.
    It feels safer.
    Sichuan Aba, I also rode on the grassland.
    The road is more wild, that is, the Tibetans themselves bring a horse, and then give you the freedom to play.
    After the ride, there will be a staff member who will follow us.
    I gave him the camera.
    I also took a lot of beautiful photos.
    Leaving the racecourse
    We continued all the way from Montenegro to Manzhouli.
    The grassland scenery on the road compared to the border road yesterday
    I feel that the more we go to Manchuria, the more sparse the grasslands will be.
    The most beautiful grassland is still in the Molgler River Basin.
    On the way, we actually met a newly born small cow.
    The small cow has not yet stood up, and the whole body is yellow mucus.
    The cow mother keeps encouraging her children to stand up
    Encourage once and help the little cows clean the body
    At this time, if Zhilin’s sister is also there.
    “Meng Meng, stand up!”
    a lovely white cloud on the road in the sky
    It looks like a standing elephant.
    Mongolian grassland, dressed in costumes
    There is said to be an activity here.
    Inside the lake
    The horses shook their heads in the lake. .
    Flock of sheep under blue sky and white clouds
    From the head of Montenegro to Manchuria,
    Will pass through a place called Zhainuoer,
    It was noon to Zazenor, so our lunch was settled here.
    It is very close to Hulun Lake, so the specialties will have shrimp and fish.
    The shrimp recommended by 6 brothers is quite delicious, boiled sweet, fried crispy, and soon we were swept away.
     Mammoth Park
    After lunch
    We came to the Mammoth Park in Zhabeinol.
    The buildings in the park are mostly palace-style and give a fairy-tale feel.
    This also makes this a good place to take a wedding dress.
    Another iconic building next to Mammoth Park
    It was built in the cathedral of Moscow Red Square.
    The square below is the corresponding 12 constellations
    If you are interested, you can find your own constellation to take a photo together.
    Zhabein Noor Museum is also nearby
    We made a special trip.
    I wanted to look at the mammoth fossils inside.
    As a result, the museum was under maintenance and was not developed.
    So, let’s go to the mine simulation room below.
     Manzhouli. Matryoshka Square
    Came to Manchuria,
    Manzhouli is a very prosperous and exotic border city.
    There are also airports and many cities that have direct flights to the borders of China, Russia and Mongolia.
    So I can see a lot of Russians on the street.
    The shops on the street are also marked in Chinese, Mongolian and Russian.
    In 1901, the Dongqing Railway was named after the station was built here.
    Russian is “Manzhouria”, transliterated into Chinese into “Manzhouli”,
    In 1907, Manzhouli officially opened a commercial port, a port city with a history of 100 years.
    Because it is located in the throat of the Eurasian Continental Bridge, it is known as the “Window of Asia”.
    Manzhouli is China’s largest land port.
    Matryoshka Square is the most iconic attraction in Manzhouli.
    The Matryoshka Square is the only tourist and entertainment plaza in the country with the theme of Russian traditional crafts – dolls.
    It embodies the characteristics of the regional characteristics of the three countries of China, Russia and Mongolia and the blending of the three countries of China, Russia and Mongolia.
    Even the toilet in the scenic area
    Is also the shape of the doll
    The Matryoshka Square is currently in need of tickets to enter.
    Tickets seem to be more than 100, looking for a team ticket for 6 brothers, it is much cheaper.
    The planned area of ​​the square is 540,000 square meters, and the theme square covers an area of ​​60,000 square meters. The main building is a large doll with a height of 30 meters and a building area of ​​3,200 square meters. It is the largest doll in the world.
    The interior of the main doll is a Russian restaurant and performing hall. The exterior painting of the matryoshka is composed of beautiful girls representing the three countries of China, Russia and Mongolia. There are 8 functional dolls around the main dolls, 200 dolls representing different countries and regions in the world and 30 colorful Russian Easters. Egg
    Around the square music fountain are the twelve zodiac signs representing Chinese traditional culture and the twelve constellations of Western astrology. In the night, under the mapping of the thousand lanterns, the square is full of brilliance, as if it is a colorful fairy tale world. Russia Matryoshka Square combines the Chinese, Russian and Mongolian customs and Eastern and Western cultures perfectly. It is a landmark tourist attraction in Manzhouli that integrates tourism, fun and entertainment.
     Night and food in Manzhouli
    In the evening, I went to a Russian western restaurant. Many of the waiters were young ladies from Russia. The barbecue is recommended. The little brother who grilled the barbecue is also very handsome. There are 3 branches in Manzhouli, which is worth recommending.
    Restaurant Name: Lubri Western Restaurant
    Per capita: 102/person
    Recommend their Lubri cheese bag
    I ordered one and everyone said that it was super delicious.
    Russian canned beef
    Russian charcoal grilled sausage
    Gevas, you have to try it out.
    I drank 2 cups in one breath.
    It is much better than the outside drink Kvass.
    After dinner, we arrived at the hotel in Manzhouli.
    At 8 o’clock in the evening, the sky is still not black.
    Looking out from the window of the room
    Manzhouli is really beautiful.
    It’s like going to Europe again.
    Room map of several hotels
    Hotel Name: Xinhe Hotel
    Where you can take a sunset in the room
    It’s awesome.
    Around 9pm
    The sky finally darkened
    We are also ready to go out and experience the night of this cosmopolitan city.
     Hulun Lake | Lake like the sea
    Hulun Lake is also known as Daban Lake, and it is a sister lake with Bell Lake.
    The local shepherd called it a “sea-like lake”, Russian: Далайн нуур (Dainnor)
    From Manzhouli to Hulun Lake
    6 brother took us and took a road that is not on the map.
    Fortunately, it is overbearing, otherwise other cars may really not be able to eat.
    There were a group of camels on the road.
    Opened for more than 1 hour
    Finally arrived at the lake
    Hulun Lake is the largest lake in the north
    It’s really the kind of big that I can’t see at the side.
    The lakeside is now forbidden to enter because of environmental protection.
    Originally wanted to take a picture of Hulun Lake
    The wind is very big
    And is it accompanied by thunderstorms.
    Very amazing
    As long as 6 brothers take out the plane
    It started to rain immediately
    Others say Hulun Lake is often arid
    You should call 6 brothers to fly a few times.
    Along the Hulun Lake
    There is an agate beach
    The stones by the lake are agate stones.
    6 brother also took us for a while
    If you get rich, you can see if you can get to the stone.
    The shepherd came to the lake with a flock of sheep
    There are thousands of heads
    On the way back from Hulun Lake
    On a hillside
    Looking far into the Manchuria from the bottom of the mountain
    A very beautiful city.
    Back to the hotel at night
    Suddenly outside the window
    With sunset, thunder and lightning
    It seems that I am taking a step in the sci-fi blockbuster.
    In the distance, it is more lightning
    I used the camera to actually capture this scene.
    Really no ps at all.
     Charming sand dunes of Hulunbuir
    The last day of Hulunbeier
    On the way from Manzhouli to Hailar
    6 brother took us to the sand dunes of a grassland hinterland
    Really super beautiful.
    However, I have to ask where is my location?
    Because, I really don’t know
    Grassland is so big
    I am sitting in the car and often can’t tell the difference between the north and the south.
    6 brother said that there are not many people here.
    He also discovered this place unintentionally.
    Indeed, when we go
    In addition to our 5 people
    Really no one
    I want to shoot, how to shoot.
    Today because I have to leave by plane
    So there are no special time arrangements for the attractions on the road.
    Hailar, the city
    Still have its own unique beauty
    Sky special blue
    Sounds like it?
    The name also has a little exotic wind.
    In Hailar
    6 brother asked what we want to eat
    We all say something special, not so time consuming.
    Finally, everyone chooses to experience Hulunbeier’s stuffy face.
    Finally, especially recommend this face
    Really super delicious
    I didn’t eat pasta very much.
    The result was a few bowls in one go.
    The practice is also relatively simple
    Just put the noodles, potatoes, ribs together and suffocate with a wok.
    Very good taste
     About the trip
    D1⃣ ​​Chengdu – Beijing – Hailar Accommodation: Hailar
    D2⃣ Hailar – Enhe Stay: En River
    Today is the grave of the heavily foggy Mozhgrad River crossing Hulunbeier, and finally staying in the border town of Enhe.
    D3⃣ En River-Ewenki Reindeer Park – Shiwei Port-7 Card – Montenegro Head Accommodation: Montenegro Head
    D4⃣ 黑山头 – Manzhouli Accommodation: Manzhouli
    Come to Hulunbeier, how can you not ride a horse? Montenegro is a good place to ride horses. Then set off to the border port of Manzhouli, a very prosperous and exotic border city. There are also airports and many cities that fly directly to the border of China, Russia and Mongolia. . So many Russians can be seen on the street, and the shops on the street are also marked in Chinese, Mongolian, and Russian.
    D5⃣ Hulun Lake Day Tour Stay: Manzhouli
    Today, the driver took us to take his private route. It’s not his words. We can’t see where the road is. Hulun Lake is really big, so the Mongolian language is also called “the lake like the sea”. .
    D6⃣ Manzhouli – Hailar – Chengdu
    On the last day, on the way to Manila in Manzhouli, I went to a very beautiful sand dune, in the middle of the grassland, very hidden but the photo was very beautiful.
     About transportation
    Arrival Hulunbeier Capital Hailar The most convenient is the plane
    Chengdu to Hulunbeier There is a flight of Sichuan Airlines, and it stops at Hohhot. However, it is still very convenient to transfer from Beijing.
    When you get to the local area, you can pack the driver’s car, or let the driver arrange the itinerary and accommodation. This is also very worry-free, the driver can contact me privately.
    My WeChat: 595993059
    Weibo: @ backpacker nic
     Other considerations
    Recommended for dressing
    Hulunbeier in the summer is very cool, and the temperature difference between morning and evening is relatively large. It is recommended to bring a thick autumn dress and a cool summer dress.
    The portraits here are also very beautiful, girls can bring white, red, yellow, in line with the summer theme color skirt, with their favorite sun hat, the effect is very good.
    Recommended items
    Camera: Canon 5D3
    Lens: 16-35 wide angle, telephoto 70-200, fixed focus 35
    Aerial photography: Dajiang Yu Pro
    Sunscreen: This is essential, the UV rays on the grassland are very strong
    Mosquito repellent: There are many small flying insects on the grassland in summer.
    Liupo Chili Powder: This may be only for Sichuan talents, it is very important.
     Food recommendation
    Hailar. Xufu village iron pot noodles
    Address: Hedong Shengyi Road
    Per capita: 40
    In the beginning, I did not report any hope for Inner Mongolia, but this shabu-shabu is really delicious. Put a green bean in the cauldron, ribs, potatoes for a while, then add the rough noodles in the north for about 15 minutes, and it tastes great.
    Potatoes, green beans, and ribs are very tasty. It is very strong and it is highly recommended that friends from Hailar come to try the shabu-shabu noodles here.
    ● Manzhouli. Grassland Hotel
    Address: Daobei Street
    Per capita: 75
    Manzhouli is a very popular hot pot restaurant. Unlike our hot pot in the south, they eat the kind of copper pot in Inner Mongolia. They ordered a spicy pot, which is not spicy for Sichuan people and has a mild taste. But lamb, beef is very fresh, the meat is very good, and the weight is very good. In the self-service area, there are fruits, drinks, and popcorn to eat casually. As for the disc material, it is a little bit worse. The difference between the north and the south is big. How do you feel strange?
    ● Manzhouli. Lubrixi Restaurant
    Address: 178 Sandao Street, Zhongsu Pedestrian Street, Manzhouli
    Per capita: 107 yuan
    On the first night in Manzhouli, I went to a Russian restaurant. It is very Russian. Many of the waiters are Russian sisters. The barbecue is recommended. The little brother who grills the barbecue is also very handsome. It is recommended that they have barbecue. The meat is tender and tender. There is also a certain point of Gevas, completely subverting my impression of Gawas gasoline smell, it turned out that Gawas is so delicious.

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