[Tour cow first hair] Dream hometown, Wuzhen not far

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Foreword, Eagles – My Preface
    [The origin of this trip]
    Jiangnan Water Town,
    Dream town,
    As early as many years ago,
    I have already deeply attracted me,
    I am finally here now,
    I just want to indulge during the period,
    [Introduction to this trip]
    Departure City: Xuzhou
    Departure time: July 19, 2018
    Travel days: 2 days
    Experienced attractions: Nanhu, Wuzhen, Xu Xiaobing Memorial Hall, Jiashan Silk Garden
    Ok, next, let’s have a good time, please enjoy my travels~
     Raiders, Eagles – itinerary catalog, pre-departure preparation
    [about itinerary]
    Many friends who travel to Jiaxing will wonder how to experience the local customs of Jiaxing, which must be experienced and which can be omitted. Let’s take a look at the eagle’s itinerary:
    [7.11 first day] Xuzhou → Jiaxing
    Afternoon: Take the train from Xuzhou Station to Jiaxing
    Evening: Stay by train.
    [7.20 the next day] Jiaxing
    Morning: Arrive in Jiaxing and visit Nanhu (2.5 hours)
    Afternoon: Arrive in Wuzhen, have lunch, and rest
    Evening: Visit the West Gate (1.5 hours) hotel.
    [7.21 third day] Jiaxing→Xuzhou
    Morning: Tour Dongzha (3 o’clock)
    Afternoon: Visit Xu Xiaobing Memorial Hall (1.5 hours), Jiashan Silk Garden (1.5 hours)
    Evening: Return to Xuzhou by train from Jiaxing.
    [Preparation before the trip]
    Going out for a trip, the most important task, but also the most urgent task is to do the Raiders. Next, the Hawks introduce the way and method of the Eagles.
    Items carried in this event:
    1. Documents:
    1 ID card, this is the first and most important thing. Whether you are staying at a hotel or taking a transportation, you must have this.
    2 bank card, in fact, online payment is very convenient today, it is okay not to take a bank card, but it is recommended to hold it.
    2, photographic equipment:
    Camera: Pentax k3, Canon 6D2
    Lens: 21mm f3.2 (Pension hang head), 10-17MMF3.5-4.5 (fisheye), 70-200 F2.8 (telephoto)
    Mobile: Apple 6 (Mobile phone is not good, but it is easy to sweep the street)
    Accessories: shutter cable, tripod, light reduction mirror, battery backup, camera bag
    3. Personal items:
    1 clothing, if not pay attention, clothing can be light. If you are careful, it is recommended to prepare the costumes for the scene.
    2 toiletries, in addition to toothbrushes, toothpaste, towels, skin care products, if you are not used to the hotel’s toiletries, you can also take the use of washing habits.
    3 Umbrella: I don’t know if you have encountered this kind of situation. If you go out without an umbrella, it will definitely rain. Therefore, it is recommended to bring an umbrella, the umbrella is very light weight, and it is very practical.
    4. Selective carrying items:
    1 laptop, as a professional traveler, a notebook is a must. Whether it is to retouch or write a manuscript, you need to use it. For ordinary tourists, the eagle suggests that you can choose not to carry it.
    2 change, go out to take a taxi, the cost will be very high, it is recommended to choose to prepare some change, in case of taking the bus.PS: Of course, these pre-departure preparations are only general, and may be different from the starting point and different travel modes. It is recommended to carry a certain streamlined, so that you will not be too tired.
     Xinyou Jiaxing, Nanhu Enlightenment
    “Forty years ago, there will be a meeting, the Nanhu rafting language is calm. Jinan famous people know how much, Jun and Enming are not old pine.” In the south of Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province, there is a huge lake, because it is located in the south of Jiaxing City, It is also known as the South Lake.
    Although the name of Nanhu is ordinary, it is indeed outstanding in the entire Jiangnan area. It is because of its fascinating scenery of “light smoke, breeze” and 98 hectares of water area. This South Lake is also in Nanjing. Xuanwu Lake and Hangzhou West Lake are collectively referred to as the Three Great Lakes of Jiangnan. Next, the eagle will lead everyone into the South Lake to explore the beauty of the South Lake.
    Stepping into the Nanhu Scenic Area, the quaint buildings and large lakes are in sight. Although it is a hot summer day, it is extremely pleasant because of the occasional breeze blowing on the lake. Because the eagle is coming with friends, while chatting and sightseeing, it is also good for you.
    Because the core scenic spot of Nanhu Lake is on the island in the center of the lake, it is necessary to take a boat in the middle, and board a cruise ship. It takes about ten minutes to reach the island in the center of the lake.
    Huxin Island is small in size. It is said that it is only 18 acres. The eagle walked on the island for twenty or thirty minutes. It is worth mentioning that there are many ancient buildings and gardens on the island. Such as the famous smoke and rain building is built here.
    During the Tang Dynasty, the great poet Du Mu once made a poem, “The 401th Temple in the Southern Dynasties, how many buildings are in the rain.” And the smoke and rain floor here may contain this meaning.
    It is said that the Yanyu Building was built in Wuyueguo of the Five Dynasties. It is the place where Wu Yuewang’s fourth son, Wu Jidu, and Guangling County, Wang Qianyuan, built on the bank of the lake, to the guests of the pavilion. After the completion of the year, it was a major cultural attraction of Wu Yueguo.
    In the middle of the Qing Dynasty, the famous Emperor Qianlong once had six rivers. During this period, he once boarded the Yanyu Building eight times and made more than twenty poems here, praising the scenery of the Yanyu Building. Therefore, after the Qing Dynasty, the reputation of Yanyulou was getting bigger and bigger, so many celebrities have been here since the dynasty of Emperor Qianlong.
    In addition to the traditional culture, Nanhu has some red scenic spots, such as the South Lake Red Boat. During the period of the Republic of China, there was once a famous meeting held here, which opened the curtain of a new era. If you are interested, the Eagles suggest that you can understand for yourself.
    Although the weather is hot, walking in the South Lake of Jiaxing, but you can feel the charm of the difference, this may be a spiritual strength, or perhaps a unique feeling in the work. With the development of the times, while people’s material life is constantly enriched, they should add some spiritual strength to enrich their spiritual food.
     Dongzha Humanities, the most beautiful Wuzhen
    As early as many years ago, I have heard the beauty of Wuzhen, which was felt in the TV series “The Years of the Water”, which was once popular in the north and south of the Yangtze River.
    This town is just a small town in the southern province of China. It is simple, quiet and quiet. Although it can’t be found on the huge map of China, it has the best things.
    Next, let the eagle lead everyone into Wuzhen to find out.
    Entering Wuzhen, the first feeling that comes into view is the kind of monarch in the ancient poetry, and the infinite emotion of the people. I saw that a winding river was lined with antique ancient buildings. Standing by the river, watching the awning boat pass through the river until it drifted away.
    Walking in Wuzhen, I walked to the Jiangnan Folk Museum inadvertently. It is said that the Jiangnan Folk Museum is built in the home of a wealthy family in Dongzha. The courtyard is deeply and deeply displayed in the grand palace. From the late Qing Dynasty to the Republic of China, Wuzhen Folk folk customs, such as weddings and funerals.
    Through these exhibitions, the eagle seems to have shuttled through hundreds of years of time and space, and returned to the past, and heard and heard a story of sadness and separation. As a dear author said, the past is like a wind, too heavy. Now we look at the story of the ancients. Perhaps as the future people look at us, the present style will become a past tense, and the future will eventually replace the present.
    Leaving the folk museum, along the main road of the town, not far away is the former residence of Mao Dun. This is a two-storey two-storey wooden structure building, facing south, looking delicate and compact.
    The former residence of contradiction is roughly divided into two parts. One part is the family of Mao Dun who has read the book. The arrangement here is simple, but it exudes the unique aroma of the book.
    In fact, the former residence of Mao Dun is not his ancestral home. His ancestral home was in the countryside of Wuzhen. The house here is a house built by himself after his fame. But the furniture, layout, and other buildings in the bedroom, study, and restaurant are still the same when Mao Dun was living.Look like.
    The past thousands of years, in the past Wuzhen we may only be able to feel through the records of the ancient town today, some details may have left us.
    But the blue stone street and the gray tile house, after the baptism of the years, are still so neat and orderly. Looking closely, there was such an instant, I felt as if I heard the light strokes, as if I saw the years of the annual rings.
    Years are ruthless, Dongzha Hello.
     Xizha night, like a dream
    The eagle has not yet arrived in Wuzhen, and it has already heard about the beautiful beauty of Xizha night scene and the cultural heritage of Dongzha. After a little rest in the hotel, taking advantage of the night, I came to the Xizha Scenic Area and planned to see this beautiful night.
    Xizha is located in Wuzhen West Street, adjacent to the famous Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal. It is said that Xizha is actually composed of 12 small islands. As for how to walk between so many small islands, there are naturally more than 70 small bridges to make these small The islands are connected together. Therefore, the density of the Xizha River and the number of stone bridges can be called the first in the ancient towns in China.
    When arriving at Xizha, it was just when the Hua Deng was at the beginning, a lot of people like the eagle, the visitors who came here were lined up at the entrance and planned to enter.
    After waiting for a team of four or five minutes, it is truly a journey to the West Gate, a dream-like tourist destination.
    Standing on the bridge head, looking at the buildings with lights shining in the distance, the colorful buildings are beautiful and bright. When these lights shine on your body, they will look very fashionable.
    In the night that exudes infinite charm, the best way to experience it is to take a awning boat. When the ancient awning boat walks on the river in the ancient town, the boating squad, the boating, and everything seems to be peaceful. And there is a special beauty.
    Like other Jiangnan towns, Wuzhen is Jiangnan and a water town. The water town is naturally a ship’s world. The black-black awning boat or row or mooring, either fast or slow, seems to be so natural and harmonious. Perhaps, the awning boat is the elf of the water town, and it is the scenery of the water town.
    When a person feels tired, take a drink at the bar and cold drink shop in Wuzhen and take a break. After the break, please don’t stop, because more beautiful scenery is still waiting for you to browse and visit.
    With the gradual progress, the floodlit night scene is even more magnificent. Perhaps this is the charm of Wuzhen, and it is also the driving force for attracting countless tourists to visit here in the past hundreds of years.
     Xu Xiaobing Memorial Hall
    A generation of social activist Song Qingling once had such a famous saying: “With superb art, it shows the brilliance of our great times.” Therefore, the eagle often thinks that no matter how time and space changes, its essential meaning remains unchanged.
    Next, the Eagles led everyone into the Xu Xiaobing Houbo Memorial Hall in Jiaxing City to witness the outstanding life of the great photographers of the two older generations.
    Since you want to visit the memorial hall, it is natural to first understand its commemorative figures. Xu Xiaobing was a Jiaxing person and joined the army in 1937. During the eight years of the war, a lot of precious photos were taken for the leaders. He has also participated in the photography or editing of many important documentary films such as Yan’an and the Eighth Route Army, the Anti-US Aid Korea and the Founding of the Great.
    As for Hou Bo, she is a native of Shanxi, Xu Xiaobing’s wife. She has been a full-time photographer for 12 years. She has recorded the work and life of the great people, so she has many eternal and precious Historical moment, known as the “red wall photographer”. The Xu Xiaobing Houbo Memorial Hall was built to commemorate the couple.
    The memorial hall is not very large. There are only three exhibition halls, among which are “Road-Xu Xiaobing· Houbo Photography Art Exhibition”, “Calculation Instant Eternity-Xu Xiaobing·Hou Bo “Life Exhibition”, “Great History – Xu Xiaobing News Record Film Achievement Exhibition” three parts.
    Walking along the command line, it seems as if you have entered the life of these two characters, from the dream of chasing after the youth to the raging war in youth, their life has gone through a difficult and dangerous life and has entered a new era.
    What impressed the eagle most deeply was that during the Battle of the Hundred Regiments, Mr. Peng stood in the ditch and his face was dignified. He was holding a telescope and exploring the photos of the enemy. The eagle has always liked this photo. I think this photo not only shows the charm of Peng’s own, but also the atmosphere of war at that time. But unexpectedly, this photo was actually taken by Xu Xiaobing.
    These two tried and tested loyal warriors not only witnessed the entire history of the Chinese revolution, but also the photos they took were enough to make future generations more intuitively understand the glorious and tragic past. Strolling in the memorial, the soul seems to have been washed, as for why washing, and what is washed?
    Nature is about sublimating itself, but also about loving the motherland.
     Jiaxing Jiaxin Silk Garden
    As an ancient country of the four great civilizations, China has a large number of special products, such as the most outstanding textiles, silk, which is one of the most valuable specialties in ancient China.
    Since the ancient Chinese working people invented and mass-produced silk products, and opened the first large-scale commercial exchange between the East and the West in the history of the world, China’s foreign commercial route was called the Silk Road, even the China at that time. Also known as the “Silk Country.” Next, the author led the eagle to walk into the Jiashan Silk Garden in Jiaxing to find out what it is like to see the history of silk.
    Jiaxin Silk Garden is a national-level silk industry park. In fact, it is very interesting. There are countless museums in China. But when it comes to the Silk Museum, even if you look at the well-known eagle, it feels like this. One.
    Friends who know a little about history know that mulberry silkworm and silk silk are an important part of ancient Chinese culture. At that time, many women in civilians relied on sericulture to subsidize their homes. As the ancient “Silk House” and the modern “Chinese Silk Capital”, the history of silk has a long history and the silk resources are very rich. .
    Into the Jiaxin Silk Garden, the first visit is the Silk Museum, which details the process of planting mulberry, silkworm, silk, weaving, printing and dyeing and clothing from ancient times to the present. At least the eagle feels that through the introduction of the lecturer, the system can beLearn about the easiness of silkworm cocoons to silk garments.
    In fact, what surprised the eagle most was that the Chinese silk culture was so far-reaching. As early as in the summer, business, and Western Zhou Dynasty, there was already a silk brocade. Many people may not know that brocade is a fabric that is woven with a colored latitude and longitude dyed line and jacquard weaving process. The brocade began in the Xia Dynasty and flourished in the Shang Dynasty. When it arrived in the Zhou Dynasty, the pattern was bright and the craftsmanship was more mature.
    Strolling in the Jiashan Silk Garden, feeling the baptism of traditional culture and silk culture, seems to have a deeper love for the country. The eagle is extremely proud and proud to live in such a long-standing country.
    Perhaps the promotion of the silk culture of Jiaxing is also a high tribute to the ancient Chinese culture!
     Raiders, Eagles – transportation, scenic spots, accommodation, food introduction
    About big and small traffic
    1 train: Go to Tongxiang High-speed Railway Station, then take the 282 bus to the railway station to get to Wuzhen Bus Station.
    2 bus: Hangzhou to Wuzhen has a direct car, Hangzhou Passenger Transport Center station to Wuzhen, about 16 buses a day.
    3 Self-driving: Hangzhou direction, 82 kilometers to Wuzhen, along the Shenjiahuhang Expressway, exit at Wuzhen exit, and drive along the Yaotai line.
    Shanghai direction, 128 kilometers to Wuzhen, Shanghai-Kunming Expressway, transfer to Shenjiahuhang Expressway.
    About scenic spots tickets
    South lake
    Tickets: 60 yuan
    Note: Nanhu Scenic Area is mainly composed of 4 parts, Huxin Island (a large memorial ship), Xiaoyuzhou (Text Book Monument), Wu Xiangyu (壕股塔), and Xiu Xiuyuan. You can reach the first three scenic spots by boat.
    Wuzhen (Dongzha, Xizha)
    East-West Link: 150 (recommended to buy a joint ticket)
    Note: There is a shuttle bus between Dongzha and Xizha (free ride with coupon), about 10-20 minutes.
    In addition, Dongzha has several wonderful performances:
    High pole boat show (10:30 each time at 14:30, performance time 10 minutes)
    Boxing boat (8:30-16:.30, one every 30 minutes, 10 minutes per game)
    Flower Drum Show (9:30-11:30 13:00-16:00, every 30 minutes)
    Shadow play (9:00-11:30, 13:00-16:30, every 30 minutes)
    About accommodation
    Youge Hotel (Wuzhen)
    Address: No. 188, Hongqiao Road, Wuzhen Town, 200 meters away from the west gate and 180 meters from the east gate.
    Room Type: Standard Room
    Price: 498 yuan
    About food
    Since it is in the Jiangsu and Zhejiang regions, other dishes can not taste, but Jiangsu and Zhejiang cuisine isI definitely need to try it. During the Eagles, the main dining restaurant was the hotel where they lived. Therefore, the following introduction is also the main introduction direction of the dishes in the restaurant.
     At the end of the story, there is always something to introduce.
    90-year career traveler, tourism independent writer
    Personal WeChat: hexinlang8
    Sina [email protected]真主雄鹰V
    Good at: travel writing, hotel test sleep, trip planning, travel experience, and beauty food
    If I let myself define myself, I am a 90-year-old who has been tossed by life.
    Born in history, after graduating from college, he worked as a college student officer for several years in the rural grassroots.
    But in the end, it was because of the poetry and the call of the distance, and chose to resign.
    Every story has its beginning, and it must be the end of the story, but I think there will be a chance to meet again. Let’s see you next time.

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