[Tour cow first hair] New places for outings, two days and one night Wulian Mountain water line

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    When talking about the place of travel, I always think of crossing thousands of kilometers, flying over the plane, or passing the high-speed rail, the land that has not set foot in the distance.
    Being far away means more time and budget, and too much is attached to the distance, and often overlooks the scenery around you.
    Coordinates Qingdao, on a Friday, a whimsy to a suburban outing, remembering the sunshine of the five lotuses mentioned by a friend on a certain day. Immediately organize a group of friends, and come to a trip that says to go.
    On the second day of the Saturday, the self-driving span of 150 kilometers, after a two-hour drive, finally reached the “outskirts of Qingdao.”
    As usual, let’s take a few photos first~
     Jiuxian Mountain
     Good mountain water in Jiuxian Mountain
     Jiuxian Mountain
     The steep glass trestle on the Jiuxian Mountain
     Egret Bay Town Train Park
     The flowering of the Egret Bay town
     Wulian’s special insect feast
     Colorful lotus pasta
     Talk about myself
    After the 90s, a woman, a Gemini who is easy to get a three-minute heat, either wandering around, or staying at home.
    I used to travel around the country for 14 months, worked as a housekeeper, a barista, set up a stall, and sold it. Now I am a travel experience, a sleeper, and a travel anchor.
    The major travel platform id: fat Ding walks the horizon.
     Travel accommodation
    Two days of short trips, only one night stay, although I have never had a high demand for accommodation. But only one night, I don’t want to grieve myself. I have booked this [Wulian Songyue Lake Blue Sea Huahua Hotel] with my friends.
    Going to the brand of the Blue Ocean, I hope that the experience will not be too bad. I didn’t expect to have a good five-star rating. This is definitely one of the best hotels I have ever done in the details.
    First of all, the hardness of the mattress is just right.
    I always love the hard bed, but many hotel mattresses are too soft, this is just right. Later, I heard the staff member said that it was the same mattress as the seven-star sailing hotel in Dubai, and it was not a slap in the face.
     Wulian Songyue Lake Blue Sea Huahua Hotel
    The four pillows on the bed are made of different materials and thicknesses. It is a guest who has taken care of different sleeping habits.
     Wulian Songyue Lake Blue Sea Huahua Hotel
    The facilities in the room are perfect. With the eyes of a professional test sleeper, as long as you can think of the items needed for accommodation, you can find them in the room. Slippers, bathrobes, safe, small iceThe box… even the mask is ready.
    In addition to the well-equipped facilities, there are various intimate signs in the room, as well as a welcome welcome in the hotel room.
     Wulian Songyue Lake Blue Sea Huahua Hotel
    Many hotels have a fruit plate to welcome guests. The freshness of the fruit is also one of the details of the test of the hotel.
    Deliberately wait until the next morning, the fruit is still fresh as ever.
     Wulian Songyue Lake Blue Sea Huahua Hotel
     Wulian local specialties
    Since I came to Wulian and eaten like me, I will not miss the special food of Wulian.
    Good luck to catch up with a Wulian specialty food competition, held at the hotel. So I took a try and took a taste of the chef’s signature dishes.
    Ha game is written in the back, first put a few food graphics to explain.
     Hsu’s roast sheep on CCTV
     Ai leaf cake wrapped with bean paste
     Lake fish in Songyue Lake
     Tasty garlic scallops
     Day 1 | Jiuxian Mountain + Glass Board Road + Egret Bay Township
    I wanted to climb the famous Wulian Mountain. Later, at the suggestion of my friend, I came to this Jiuxian Mountain. Perhaps the reputation is slightly inferior to Wulian Mountain, but the quietness of Jiuxian Mountain is also a new experience. Coupled with the glass trestle built here last year, it has aroused my appetite for adventure.
    Jiuxian Mountain is famous for its “Qishan Huangshan Mountain, Xiusuo Mountain, and the danger of Huashan Mountain”. Even the well-known poet Su Shi of the Song Dynasty wrote a sentence “Two Huaxing Xiongxiong, Jiuxian has pressed Jingdong”, and In the post-poetry note: “Nine in the Tomb, Qixiu does not reduce the Yandang.”
     Jiuxian Mountain
     Jiuxian Mountain
    Shandong in early May is just a good time for the natural environment. The sun is warm but not hot, the breeze is refreshing but not mad, even the temperature seems to be wearing anything, when the coat and short-sleeved shorts coexist. Thus, on the Jiuxian Mountain, the landscape, the green hills and green trees, the water ripples, the flowers are overflowing.
     Jiuxian Mountain
     Jiuxian Mountain
    Take a cruise and cross the waves and finally arrive at Jiuxian Mountain. To say that it is a cruise ship, it is better to use the word “painting” to be more precise. Gray top red shell, a patinaAntique temperament. After about 20 minutes of driving, I painted the beach and started climbing.
    In fact, from the middle of the mountain overlooking the painting, it is the most wonderful scene. The lake is like a “heart” in the shape of a horizontal, and the painting is just in the center of the heart. With the turquoise water, it is beautiful.
     Jiuxian Mountain
     Jiuxian Mountain
     Jiuxian Mountain
    Jiuxian Mountain has seven characteristics of “Singularity, Show, Danger, Strange, Quiet, Skull and Austrian”. The biggest feature is “Tianzhongshan, Dizhongtan, and Gezhong Waterfall”. There are many peaks and rocks and cave waterfalls. This also benefits from the erosion of the earth’s crust.
    Due to the proximity of the Yellow Sea, the waves of the sea have a strong erosion effect on the granite, thus forming a unique sea cave. The couple’s peaks, hexagonal sheds and monks in the Jiuxian Mountain retain the rare remains of sea caves. Sideways in the corner of the couple’s peak sea cave, between the hustle and bustle, there seems to be a wave of waves crashing into the shores of ancient times.
     Jiuxian Mountain
     Jiuxian Mountain
    Jiuxian Mountain also had an indissoluble bond with Sun Wei, a well-known military strategist in the Warring States Period.
    After the Ma Ling Dajie on the same day, Sun Hao resigned from the ranks of the military divisions and searched for the famous mountains. He selected the three houses in the stone house and retired in this study. He summed up his many years of combat command experience and wrote an immortal military masterpiece here. Sun Yan’s Art of War. These three stone houses are the prototype of the “Sun Shu Academy” on the Jiuxian Mountain. In 1996, Sun Yi Academy was re-established and a statue of Sun Hao was set up in the house.
     Jiuxian Mountain
     Jiuxian Mountain
    A few years ago, when the Zhangjiajie Glass Trestle Bridge was successfully built, it became a famous “net red card punching place”. The young man and the girls all ran to try their best. And Jiuxian Mountain, not only a long history, celebrity stories, but also with the times, just last year, built the same glass trestle.
    The Jiuxian Mountain Glass Plane Road is located between the Longtan Grand Canyon and the Shuanglong Gorge in Jiuxian Mountain, connecting the two scenic spots of Jiuxian Mountain and Shuanglongxia. It has a total length of 1,100 meters, a width of 1.8 meters and a height of 120 meters from the water surface. As a daring one, I put on my shoe cover and went to the trestle. I looked up with the courage and looked down. The rock was just between the feet, and the water surface was sparkling, so I could reach it with my hand.
     Jiuxian Mountain Scenic Area
     Jiuxian Mountain Scenic Area
    The things that I loved from childhood, I only felt excited on this glass path. A few girls who can be together, for a long time, a daring, a bridge, or scared flowers.
    But the safety of the glass trestle is not to worry. The bridge deck will be 3 layers 8 millimetersThe combination of meter-thick high-strength tempered glass and stainless steel dragon skeleton can be said to be heavy protection and ensure safety. In the middle of the trestle, a glass viewing platform with a length of 5 meters and a width of 4 meters is built. Standing on the glass viewing platform, the glass is transparent and transparent. At the same time, the scenery of Jiuxianshan Longtan Canyon and Shuanglongxia Shili Water Gallery is unobstructed. As if flying in the middle of the canyon.
     Jiuxian Mountain Scenic Area
    Yes, little tips about [price]:
    Tickets for Jiuxian Mountain are 78. If you want to experience the glass trestle, you need to add another 20 pieces.
    As well as the upper glass trestle, you need a shoe cover with a scenic spot. For the safety of yourself and others, don’t jump on the trestle.
    Just in time to catch up with a sunny day, although the scenery is beautiful, there are disadvantages. After climbing the Jiuxian Mountain, they were tired and panting, sweating.
    I have already passed 12 o’clock at a time, and I am busy looking for a good place to have lunch. Looking for it, or choose this [Xu’s Roasted Whole Sheep].
    As a “net red roast whole sheep” on CCTV, Xu’s roast whole sheep has long been famous. So even if you are in a remote mountain village, there are still many diners coming here.
    Xu’s sheep are all about 30 pounds of green goats selected by the old farmers. They are roasted in the oven for about 1 hour until the sheepskin is crispy but not greasy. Then sprinkle a layer of seasoning and bake for about 10 minutes. And then torn into the plate, it is a delicious whole sheep feast.
    The reason why Xu’s roasted whole sheep is delicious, in addition to the secret noodles of the pepper, naturally, the merits of firewood and earthworms are indispensable.
    In today’s fast-paced, even food needs to be cooked quickly, from the appliance to the craft, requiring high speed. And Xu uses wood firewood and soil, plus the selection of sheep fine, with time and heart, the mutton’s musk and the crispy taste of the skin are integrated into one, really fat but not greasy, the meat is delicious.
    In the clear spring, I am ready to start.
    In addition to the fragrant roastSheep, there are a lot of wild vegetables that can’t be named, and the special food of Wulian.
    Green and oil-free wild vegetables, stupid eggs with golden luster, and Ai Ye cake wrapped in sweet bean paste are all fragrant. Leaving the city, to a place where there are mountains and water and farmhouse banquets, this is the quiet life of my dreams.
    After lunch, drive to the [Egret Bay Town] with your partner.
    I remember that many years ago, my parents told me about my retirement life, saying that I must find a quiet town, walk and bend, and work on flowers and plants. I have always remembered this.
    Xu is influenced by his parents and always feels that the most suitable place to live is the town. Quiet and bleak, the bustle of the big cities, the shoulders. But don’t be too cold, it’s better, there are some scenery, some culture, and some stories.
    The Egret Bay town is close to my dream town.
    The name of the Egret Bay is worthy of its name.
    The town is surrounded by mountains on three sides, facing the water, three sides are rolling mountain landscapes, and one side is built by the most beautiful three-kilometer bend of Chaobai River. The area is rich in natural resources, retaining a large number of scarce ecological resources and attracting groups. The egret is perched here.
    Listening to the birds, smelling the flowers, watching the streams, and putting them all in the nature, is the most intuitive travel experience for everyone who comes to the Egret Bay town.
    Relying on such abundant natural resources, cultural construction is naturally unwilling to lag behind. World-renowned design masters such as Mr. Fujimoto Zhuangsuke and other well-known designers took the lead and led the international first-class design team to build the Egret Bay town into an idyllic complex integrating cultural tourism, health care and old-age home.
    Cultures such as theaters, art galleries, independent bookstores; leisure such as equestrian clubs, train parks, golf driving range; food such as baked bread, nest restaurant… Here, it seems that you can find everything in the dream town life.
    [Taiwan Equestrian Club] has built facilities such as stables, indoor and outdoor racecourses, and there are existing Royal Dutch blood horses and Friesland horses, British half-blood horses and pony pony horses for children. Different needs for men, women and children.
    The Egret Bay Train Park designed by Taiwan’s famous cartoonist Jimmy isI am the most loved one among the cultural elements of Egret Bay.
    The train park consists of a steam locomotive, a green leather compartment western restaurant, a railroad track extending to the distance, a platform, a seaweed kiln roast pizza house, a cultural market, and an open-air barbecue area.
    In the town of Egret Bay, the name of the bookstore is also poetic and artistic, called [Word Window], consisting of four spaces: Literature Museum, Living Hall, Children’s Hall and BOOK&HOTEL.
    This is a bookstore built in nature, with two different landscapes of “words” and “windows”. In the window, you will be given poetry and far away. A cup of coffee, a book, an afternoon. In the time of the town, it is always flowing fast.
    Not far from the bookstore, it is the Maple Art Museum.
    The museum can accommodate more than 100 people at the same time, collecting art, holding art exhibitions and book brushes, cultural and artistic communication.
    With culture, food is indispensable.
    Some people say that food is a memory, bringing you back to an unforgettable moment; some people say that food is emotion, bringing joy and comfort to the soul; and the kiln toast of Egret Bay is a kind of life.
    Food, always honestly reflects the production time, the quality of the materials used, and the intention of the producer. The unique toasted bread has a unique atmosphere.
    After visiting the Egret Bay town, I decided to go to the hotel to check in and solve the dinner.
    Going to [Wu Lian Song Yue Hu Lan Hai Yi Hua Hotel] to check in, only to find that the original hotel also provides meals. So lazy decided to eat dinner directly at the hotel.
    At the suggestion of the staff, I ordered a special food of Wulian.
    The lake fish caught by Songyue Lake, the insect banquet of Wulian, the black pig of Wulian, and the roast lamb that didn’t eat enough at lunch… I found that the table was full of flesh and meat, but it was really meatless. Not happy.
    Hurry and order a plate of wild vegetables from Wulian Mountain to reconcile the calories of this meal. When you come out to play, you have to choose between eating and eating and getting fat. Of course, eating and eating is the most important thing!
    After eating the meal, I want to go to sleep, touch the round belly, and decide to go to the bend first.
    The hotel staff kindly sent us several river lights and suggested that we go to the lake to put the river lights.
    Already at 9 o’clock in the evening, the streetlights at the lake will be extinguished, and the lake will be shimmered, and my eyes will be stunned.
    The river lights in your hand can change color. Red orange yellow green blue blue purple, turn to change.
    Kneeling by the lake, put the river lantern into the water and make a wish. Xu finished and couldn’t help but laugh at his childishness.
    Haha sleep and sleep, good night.
     Day 2 | Wulian Taiji Kangyang Food Competition + Songyue Lake Kayak
    A good night’s sleep, Xu is too comfortable, wake up, gorgeous missed the hotel’s breakfast time.
    I walked around the hall and thought about how to comfort the roaring belly. I accidentally saw the poster I posted. It turned out that there was a food contest and it was being held in the hotel. Ha, pull the little friend, cheeky and go for a meal.
    The reason why it is called “Taiji Kangyang Food Contest” is to be the theme of “Everything”, “Dao”, “Wind” and “Material”. The chefs show their talents and make every effort to make Wulian Local special ingredients to create your own unique flavor.
    First, I ran to the kitchen and strolled around. The chefs were busy.
    In the competition venue, the participating chefs first introduced their dishes, and then the staff pushed the carts and pushed the dishes to the judges and the audience to taste the dishes.
    As a veritable big food, I was deeply impressed by this food competition.
    The “ground” of the first plate, the meat of the dishes is a flesh.
    This Xu Meng smoked ran pheasantThe selected pheasant is cooked with the special barbecue method of Wulian Xu Meng. Different from the general barbecue method, it uses a kind of sugar to make the pheasant’s flavor sweet and salty and tender.
    Reflecting the tea and fragrant fish, the selection of Wulian local lake fish, plus Wulian green tea.
    Although according to climatic conditions, the north is not a perfect tea area, Wulian is an accident. Wulian back to the sea, with plenty of sunshine and abundant rainfall, plus the acidic brown loam, has created a natural environment suitable for the growth of tea trees. Therefore, Wulian was able to produce high quality tea. The fragrance of the tea leaves the smell of the lake fish, and the whole dish is fresh and nutritious.
    The sea cucumber and pork knuckle are selected from Wulian’s black pig’s elbow. They are added to various Wulianshan medicinal materials for a long time. They are made with Dalian sea cucumber. The meat is mellow and fat, but not greasy.
    The “道” of the second section, the entries are closely related to “Taiji”, which is due to the indissoluble bond between Wuqing’s Daqingshan and Taiji.
    Wulian Mountain and Jiuxian Mountain in Wulian have become famous, but foreign tourists rarely hear about Daqing Mountain. Although it is not a well-known tourist attraction, Daqingshan attracts Taiji enthusiasts at home and abroad and is a well-known world-renowned Taiji study center.
    This Taiji Wensi tofu 羹, according to the Daqingshan Taiji culture concept, using homemade tofu, with top broth, drawn into the shape of Tai Chi, is very suitable for health. And this extremely fine silky shape is a big test for the chef’s knife. As fine as hair, the taste is smooth and the entrance is instant. Drinking a bowl is not enough, and you have a bowl of cheeky skin.
    In the “Wind” group, the deepest impression is this fried bee locust platter.
    Picking up a bug, curious to try the taste, and finally timidly thrown back into the dish. The food habits of Wulian people have been in existence for a long time. The low hills of Wulian have given birth to a wide variety of insects, Lu cones, crickets, grasshoppers, locusts… fried and crispy, with light wild vegetable snacks, perfect The locust feast.
    The food is almost the same, of course, the main food. Just in the “object” section, the competition is a staple food.
    There are street pancakes, colorful pasta, oil cakes, tofu, mountain buns, oyster cakes, sautéed bread…
    This colorful and cute pasta is most loved by the girls in the same industry. The popularity of pasta in Wulian is closely related to folk beliefs. In the folk customs of Wulian, before June 6th, the new flour of the year should be made into a hoe or an ancestor ancestor, and the essence of the heavens and the sweat of the people can be absorbed to convey the gratitude of the living to the gods and gods. .
    Haha live to catch a little pig Peggy, see if I am a social person in the community?
    Soy is also a common food crop in Wulian. In the practice of Wulian, fresh soybeans are used to make tofu in the years to come. The tofu in the street town is the best of Wulian. The secret lies in the high-quality water, and the halogen, it must be halogenated with brine.salt.
    The brine itself is highly toxic, but the tofu from the brine is non-toxic and delicious. The so-called one thing drops one thing, and it is so poisonous.
    If you say Wulian’s water decoction, the best must be in Xu Meng.
    The reason why the oven bag is delicious is that it is very simple: the selection of authentic fresh, let the pork fully absorb the juice of the cabbage, and the pot of the grill is also tailor-made.
    The food contest came to a close, and my little friend and I touched the round belly and agreed to save the lunch. I couldn’t stand it if I ate it.
    Almost noon, I am going back to the room to pack my bags.
    I didn’t have time to look good last night, and it’s late tomorrow. It’s only time to take a closer look at the look of the hotel.
    Although it is not as local as the B&B, the charm of the hotel lies in the regular lines and the atmospheric design. Especially pushing the glass door, stepping on the green floor, not far from the front, you can see the Songyue Lake, the lake water bursts as if you can easily hit the face.
    Even more surprising is the kayaking experience project along the lake.
    Kayak is divided into two sizes. Large can accommodate two people, small can only take one person.
    There will be a coach on-site teaching, tell us how to play kayaking, and then urge us to put on life jackets.
    It has always been a dry duck, and because of the failure to learn to swim, there is a natural fear of water. Still can’t resist the curiosity of trying new things, pulling a friend on a double kayak.
    At the beginning, I was a little bit cautious. Later, the more I played, the more I squatted. On the trousers, the shoes were stained with water.
    Although the sun is a little sun-baked, or leaning on the kayak, it’s a bit of a slap in the sky.
    [Experience kayaking] Be sure to pay attention!
    First of all, it is easy to get wet, so it is best not to bring the camera.
    As well as listening to the coach’s command, you must wear a life jacket and play in the prescribed waters.
    In fact, it is not as difficult to imagine as it is, so try it out.
     Return trip
    The two-day trip to Wulian ended in vain.
    Climb the mountain, watch the lake, visit the town, and catch up with the gourmet feast. Although the schedule is short, it is also very rich.
    Think of the introduction of local friends, not only this season, Wulian is picturesque all year round.
    In a few days, the rhododendron, which is known as the “one of the best in the north of the Yangtze River”, will compete on the Jiuxian Mountain and walk around the sea of ​​flowers. It must be another wonderful experience. In the frosty autumn season, the mountains and red leaves and the mountains and stones reflect each other and are spectacular.
    Ha, there is a snack itch.
    It’s only more than 2 hours’ drive, what is the distance of 150 kilometers? Then, Wu Lian, see you again in the autumn.

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