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This travel is longer, it is recommended to read under wifi, local tyrants!
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    At that time, when the light traveled to the cold winter, the north and south of the river were already cold and cold. Xishuangbanna, located on the southwestern side of the map, is still as warm as summer. There are no distinct seasons here. There are only two seasons of rain and drought. There is no cold winter, only warm summer days like fire.
    During the winter vacation, we went to Banna for a comfortable and warm summer vacation.
    Xishuangbanna still does not have trains, and the way tourists arrive is mainly based on airplanes. The airport is very close to Jinghong City, Xishuangbanna Prefecture, and can be reached by car in more than 20 minutes. The most famous attraction in Jinghong City is the Shwedagon Pagoda.
    The Shwedagon Pagoda is a religiously strong building common in Buddhist countries and regions in Southeast Asia. The styles of the countries are slightly different, but the golden spires are the main symbols. Located in Jinghong City, this Shwedagon Pagoda is a newly built building with a height of 66.6 meters, which means that the Yangtze River is connected to six countries.
    The Shwedagon Pagoda is the center of Jinghong’s urban center. The Lijiang River passes by here. The wide square and the golden golden tower make it full of Xishuangbanna.
    During the day, the Shwedagon Pagoda is very quiet. It is hard to feel that it is a scenic spot. In many cases, there are only sporadic tourists on the square in the Shwedagon Pagoda. However, as the night fell, the calm streets around the Shwedagon Tower slowly began to waver.
    Oyster barbecue and a variety of fruits are undoubtedly the most eye-catching. The barbecue here is slightly spicy, although it is far from the ocean, there are still many common seafood delicacies on the barbecue stalls.
    The Shwedagon Pagoda in the night is beautifully reflected by the lights. This time to Xishuangbanna, just in time for the red moon and blue moon that happened once in a hundred years. The news said that China’s southwest is not suitable for viewing. I didn’t expect Xishuangbanna to be suitable for viewing, and good air clarity is very beneficial for shooting astronomical wonders.
    Standing on the side of the Shwedagon Pagoda towards the river, it will be shocked by the scene in front of you. Every visitor, for the first time to see such a spectacular night market scene, will be involuntarily amazed.
    On the square under the Shwedagon Pagoda, there is a huge night market. The night market here is not the same as the traditional night market. There are complete plans and systems, big and not chaotic. Although it is a night market, the booths and roads are extremely clean. There is a colored umbrella on each booth, and the lights shine far and wide.
    In the night market, many stalls were found selling Thai goods. There are various kinds of ointments and skin care products. The price is much higher than that of Thailand.
    There are also many fruit stalls at the night market, but the variety is not very rich. Local friends said that there is basically no seasonal fruit in the winter, and most of the fruits sold in the market are sold in foreign countries. Although the truth is true, I still can’t help but taste. The fruit sold here is still relatively low in China.
    The large area of ​​the night market is occupied by barbecue stalls. There is no winter in the Banna, only the rainy season and the dry season. Even in January, the night is warm and comfortable. Sitting at the lively night market at night to eat some barbecue is a very pleasant thing. Banna local barbecue, meals are more spicy, the stomach is not good or not too spicy to pay attention to.
    At the end of the night market is an elephant sculpture, and on the back of the sculpture is the Lijiang River. Compared with the lively scene under the Shwedagon Pagoda, it is quieter here, and it is more suitable for a small seat to listen to the river Taotao, and the wind is bleak.
    The urban area of ​​Banna is not large, and the more famous scenic spots are far away from the urban areas. Generally, they need to travel by car or chartered. In the urban area, the most interesting place to visit is the Mann Park.
    Manting Park is the oldest in XishuangbannaThe park, before the liberation, was once the royal garden of Xishuangbanna. The Yi people used to call her “Chunhuan”, which means “the garden of the soul.” The park needs to buy tickets, the fare is 54 yuan, and online shopping has a discount. There is a bronze statue of a man dressed in an armor, one hand holding a water bottle, and holding an olive branch to participate in the splashing of water. Don’t think that this is the king of the king. In fact, this is Premier Zhou Enlai.
    After entering the park, you will see a lot of golden Dai buildings, which are decorated in a complex style and are very characteristic of the Dai. The largest of them is the palace of the king.
    Compared to the interior of the exterior palace, it is more magnificent. The area inside the palace is small, but it is unusually beautiful.
    Walking in the Mang Park, you can see beautiful 傣-style buildings everywhere, and you can’t help but think of the Grand Palace in Thailand. It is a nation, and its architectural style and beliefs are very similar. Although there is no luxury in the Grand Palace in Bangkok, you can still see the architectural wisdom of this nation.
    Manting Park was only a vegetation with a lush forest. The eighth world called the Aiwang King to send a couple of good art in the palace to the palace. Under the careful care of the couple, it has gradually become a supplier of royal flowers and vegetation. As the environment changed, people gradually moved around and slowly formed a tribe. Later, the fascinating scenery gradually gained the favor of the royal family, and there was a palace here.
    Among the green trees, the buildings of red and white are particularly conspicuous. The red castle-like building is a hand-made pavilion. The beautiful architectural shape blends with the beautiful scenery around it, full of fairy tale colors. The white pavilion is both fresh and intriguing and impressive.
    In the Mang Park, there is a river flowing through it. The coast is full of tropical style and has a special feature. In the dry season, the Banna Sky has always been clear and clear, the temperature here is not too cold or hot, very comfortable. In such a fine weather, on the river, you can enjoy the scenery on both sides of the river.
    After crossing the river, the shore is a long sloping gallery with many items for fortune telling, release, and blessing. Individuals do not catch a cold. Going deeper, it is a white tower. I thought it would be a big building. I didn’t expect it to be a condensed version.
    At the end of Manting Park, it is the total Buddhist temple. The back door of the total Buddhist temple is directly connected to Manting Park. The total Buddhist temple is free to visit, so you can enter directly from Manting Park. After visiting the total Buddhist temple, I want to return to Manting Park. I only need to show the tickets for the Mann Park that I bought before.
    On the square of the total Buddhist temple, a huge golden Buddha was set up, and Miller was sitting on the plate below. Every Buddhist festival here is very lively, and the good men and women who come to worship on weekdays are also in constant stream, and the incense is very strong.
    The total Buddhist temple is small in size and there are not many buildings, but each building is very beautiful. Gold and silver are the constant shades here. Walking through them, there will be an illusion of being in Thailand.
    At the time of the total Buddhist temple, only the main hall and several surrounding buildings are open, and other buildings are mostly under maintenance. The area here is not large, and it takes more than 20 minutes to make a turn. When you go out, you can choose to go back to Manting Park and leave.
    Come to Banna and try the famous local roast chicken! The local friend took us to this inconspicuous shop, with a simple charcoal pot on the door, which is roasting the whole chicken. It was simple in the shop, and I didn’t want to sit down. Five people had a friend who had four chickens. We thought he was stupid. The result… It’s so delicious, it’s not enough! ! !
    Dish fish, sautéed beef, grilled meat, stinky tofu, rotten eggs and Banna’s cool skin are all very delicious and delicious. The dishes here are not as imaginative as spicy, all the spices are all from natural plants, the taste is very fresh and very chic, the rhythm of the minute disc! The key is cheap, super affordable!
    Living in Jinghong City, the most ideal location is the film. Because the Shwedagon Pagoda and the night market are all in the village. Around the circle of the Golden Pagoda, there are many B&B Inns, the environment is very good, the price is not expensive, it is very suitable for a few days.
    Wild Elephant Valley can be said to be the most famous scenic spot in Xishuangbanna. Many people come to Xishuangbanna to travel to the wild elephant valley. This scenic spot is more than 30 kilometers away from Jinghong City. It is very uncomfortable without bus or shuttle bus. Generally, you can only choose to drive by car or chartered, and the price of chartered car is about 200 yuan.
    To be honest, Wild Elephant Valley is a disappointing scenic spot, mainly an elephant show and a butterfly house and a bird museum. Elephant performances are lackluster, painting, playing football, sitting, all the performances are nothing new, the audience is a sea of ​​people. There are also extra charges for elephant rides and elephant feeding. The most important thing is that you have to queue up and the scene is confusing.
    That’s right, the dirty dome in a green bush is the butterfly pavilion. The Butterfly Pavilion is small in size and can be visited in 3 minutes. There are many plants planted in the museum. There are many butterflies, but there are three or five kinds of butterflies that can be seen. There are no rare species, and there is not much difference between the butterflies seen in ordinary life.
    If you go earlier and the temperature is still relatively low, you can’t see the butterfly basically, because only when the sun rises to a high level, the butterfly can fly when the temperature in the shed is high.
    At the end of the Butterfly Pavilion, there is a small house with windows but no glass. When the probe goes in, you can see that there are a lot of colorful plaques hanging inside, this is the delivery room of the butterflies. No one here explained the brand that was not introduced. After waiting for a long time, I finally saw a staff member. The attitude was particularly bad. Let me not be too close, really speechless.
    Going out of the Butterfly Pavilion is the White Bird Park. This white bird garden is not much bigger than the Butterfly Pavilion, and it feels very worn. The main hall is mainly parrots, the listlessness in the cage, and the outside of the cage is not very lively.
    When you enter the door, there is a bird food, 10 yuan a bag, it is recommended not to buy, because there is really no bird to feed. After a few turns, the bird food in my hand was not fed, so I had to go to the door to give the children.
    There is really nothing to watch inside. The performance in the theater is mainly to let the parrot fly to the audience to take pictures, and then collect the money. The remaining birds are actually a few chickens and some textile birds. It is really boring.
    Out of the Aviary Park is the cableway to the wild elephant valley to see the wild elephant. This ropeway must be sitting, don’t choose to walk to save money, because the road is too far away! Walking on a pair of feet to the wild elephant valley will be abolished. This ropeway is super long and it takes about half an hour. There is no scenery at all along the way, you can sleep comfortably!
    After sitting on the cable car for nearly half an hour, I finally arrived at the wild elephant valley to see the wild elephant. The scenic area has set up a viewing trail of more than ten meters in the valley, which looks like a viaduct. Visitors can observe the activities of wild elephants from above. This trail is long, and no one knows where they will be when they are active in the valley. Therefore, it is a great luck to look at the wild elephants in the wild elephant valley. If you are lucky, you will have the privilege of a wild elephant.
    This time, I came to Yexiang Valley with good luck. When I first arrived at the viewing path, I saw a mother elephant and a small elephant passing through the valley. When I left, I was fortunate enough to meet the wild elephants.
    Leaving the Wild Elephant Valley, return to Jinghong City for a few days of good repairs, drink Pu’er tea, browse the market and enjoy a comfortable holiday. It is not cold here in winter, here is winter like early summer, this winter is a summer vacation in Xishuangbanna!

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