[Tour cows start] 99% of the tourists have never been to Tibet, the ultra-mind secret, which you have been to

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I am often told that the Colorado Grand Canyon is extremely magnificent.
    Some people often tell me that the Antarctic continent made of ice and snow is very thick and beautiful.
    I am often told that the New Zealand pastoral pastoral is fresh and pleasant;
    People often tell me that the power and beauty of the wild savannah is fascinating.
    And I often listen to it after smiling, then ask
    Have you been to Tibet?
    Above the third pole of the world.
    There is an unknown small canyon that is young and beautiful but beautiful and beautiful.
    The mysterious ice that has not been transformed for thousands of years is cast into a thousand-foot ice cover and stands at the top of the mountain at an altitude of 5,500 meters.
    There are green and beautiful prairie and cattle and sheep in the glamorous Yamdrok Lake;
    There are wild animals that play with the world on both sides of the densely populated temple.
    As sung in a song
    I and the world can really only have one Tibet.
    In the last travel note, I took everyone to visit the little-known mountain south secret color, this time, I will take you to enjoy
    Tibet as the third pole of the world
    Real power.
     PART1: The coldest town of the cliffs
    Friends who like to read novels should remember the “Five Dragons Top” of Kalamier, which is mentioned in “Ghost Blowing Lights”. It is a sea of ​​ice and snow in the pen of the world.
    And in Tibet, we went to such a place on the top of the Yangbajing profile of Qionggang, which is at an extremely high altitude.
    It is said that this is the highest altitude place that can be reached by car, the highest, pay attention to none.
    It is on the edge of the no-man’s land in northern Tibet, and the vast grasslands are the main theme here.
    In this journey, I will be on the apex of the highest altitude so far.
    Playing handsome on the road, I hope everything goes well.
    All the way to the north, located in the Yangbajing on the edge of the northern prairie, the sky is wild and wild, but because of the high altitude, there is no way to wind and grass to see cattle and sheep. Here, the sky is very blue, the mountains are green, and the clouds are hanging low on the top of the head, as if you can reach out.
    The sheep on the grasslands of northern Tibet are mainly long-haired sheep. They not only produce hair and produce meat, but also produce milk. They are extremely important livestock for Tibetan herdsmen.
    In the summer of Tibet, although the temperature is still not high, the heavy rain and the melting water of the glaciers make the river very horrible. The majestic river water is covered with mud and debris, which is very unusual and turns into the gray of steel.
    The turbulent flow of water emptied the roadbed of many roads, making the road very fragile and having to be refurbished repeatedly. This also made our road completely a new chapter of “The Man is on the Road”: Tibetan Mastiff. This is not the case. When you encounter road repairs, you can only wait in vain.
    Finally, the bulldozers have opened a new path for us to continue to move on.
    On the grasslands of northern Tibet, the road is such a narrow soil rut. If you don’t look carefully, you can’t see it clearly. Although the old driver leads the way, we are still unfortunately lost for a long time.
    After a few hours, after the road was interrupted and the lost path was tossed, we finally arrived at the foot of the snow-capped mountain in the Qiongganggang. The distant snow-capped mountains are the destination of our trip. The Kuchinggangri glaciers are far away. It has already seen that the glaciers that have never been seen in the past are like snow-white armor hanging on the snow-capped mountains.
    Slightly open to the front, the thickness of the ice cover calculated in meters, along the mountain, the glaciers are actually flowing, if the time is adjusted quickly and then quickly adjusted, it is only one second in a hundred years. At that time, we will see these silver dragons rushing, like the Yellow River Yangtze River.
    Arriving under the glacier ice tongue, the altitude has exceeded 5,500 meters at this moment, the breathing has been very difficult, the movement can only be slow, as if shooting a slow-motion movie, the mark on the ice tongue is the ice layer of different ages, these huge The ice cubes are directly pressed by the force of gravity. The ice layer is like a book page, and one page faithfully records everything that happened here.
    Climb to the top of the glacier and turn around to take a huge ice tongue on the other side of the mountain. It is no wonder that the singer of the world will call the place where the glaciers are collected as the “Dragon Top”, the mountain is the bones and flesh and blood, and the heavens and the earth gather the aura. If there is a reincarnation of the ancient tombs described in “Ghost Blowing Lights”, I think it will be here.
    Ascend to the top of the ice tongue, this is just another world. You are wearing a short skirt in the sun below to eat sorbet to quench your thirst, and I am in the world above the snow line, stepping on the ice and snow here thousands of years ago, constantly searching The apex of life. What brand of bag did you ask me? I will tell you that I have crossed the most magnificent mountains and rivers.
    Gravity-compressed ice is very difficult to thaw, and only a small part of the surface is melted by intense solar radiation. The melted ice forms a hole, looking down, like a piece of cheese weighing hundreds of thousands of tons, just this piece of cheese. Too cold too, it is estimated that Jerry will not be interested.
    In Tibet, there is a brand of plateau mineral water called “5100”. However, the snow-melting water here is 5500 as a fake. The snow-melting water is very sweet and pure, but there are more impurities. Our driver master drank a lot. . I hope he will not make trouble.
    Microscopically, the plateau ice cover is very hard, but the frozen part of the outer layer is actually full of stomata. It is a sense of sight of a big cake, dear, come one?
    The small lake formed by the melting water under the ice tongue looks up at the layers of ice tongues. It has been quietly here for thousands of years, waiting for us to come.
    I am often asked if the meaning of travel is? I told you on the ice cover at an altitude of 5,500 meters. The meaning of travel is that in the constant travel, you go higher and higher and look wider and wider. Then, the weight of your soul is getting more and more. Heavy~
    Continue to go up and continue to a higher altitude, the mountain, where it is, this is the whole reason for mountaineering. In fact, sometimes I think about it, if life can always be so pure, and where there are many right and wrong?
     PART2: YAKA Canyon on the edge of the sink
    Millions of years later, it will become the next YAKA Canyon on the edge of Colorado.
    Yamdrok has long been known as the main punching point in Tibet, so I just piled up a Mani heap and just hit a card. However, many people only focus their eyes on the unpredictable lake water, but they ignore the lake and the five homes of water and grass.
    In fact, the meaning of the name of Yamdrok is not always referred to as “Jae Lake”, but from the ancient name of Langkazi: Yang Zhuo Kang Qing at the end of Ayu, meaning “the five parts of the snow above the snowy field “Hometown”, here in the Tubo era, is the most important pasture in the southern part of the mountain. The beautiful pastures and cattle and sheep on the plateau are the main theme and the most beautiful place in this place.
    Yam Zhuo’s slap in the face, and her enchanting change is her biggest feature.
    It is said that Yamdrok is a projection of the lives of all Tibetans (historic poi) and enjoys a high status in the various cultures of Tibet in the Weizang area.
    Turning from the top of the mountain at the edge of the lake, at the foot of the mountain, at the foot of the lake, the fertile pastures that have continued in the Tubo era have nurtured the Tibetan people living here. From the celestial place, the horses leisurely bend, Tian Xuan Di Huang See the cows and sheep.
    When I was a child, my parents often said that I would cry for a while and laugh like a little madman. However, the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau is such a small madman. The wind and the sun are the next second. The next second is clouded, and the clouds cover the snow-capped mountains in the distance. It can be seen that there is a torrential rain.
    Do you see clouds in the distance like gauze covering the top of the mountain? There is heavy rain there. Only in Tibet, you can see the changes in the weather clearly and intuitively, and the different days have been perfectly interpreted here.
    After a while, the cloudy sky suddenly turned fine, and the blue sky seemed to drip. The transparent air perfectly reflected the blue light in the sun. Even the sapphire could not do such a thorough and pure blue.
    I have heard people and my Amway New Zealand pastures countless times.It said that the sky was blue and the grass was very green. However, it seemed to have been eclipsed before the grass scene on the edge of the lake.
    Yamdrok is actually a lake group. In addition to the main body, there are three smaller sub-lakes, such as the empty mother, the shovel, and the bargaining. The important stop of our journey is the one. Sinking. The beauty of the sinking is not only in the lake, but also in the secret of a lake that is almost unmanned – a canyon like the Grand Canyon of Colorado. This canyon is located on the Langjietang grassland on the shore of Lake Souzou. name
    The canyon is still very young, and it is said that it may be less than a thousand years. The mudstones on the lakeside are still very fragile, and the water will collapse when it bubbles.
    Overlooking the canyon from a height, you can see that the canyon was formed by the riverside river after the sinking was formed. The lake-like mudstone that has been deposited into a plate-like structure is cut out by a streamlined cut, and the knife and axe are cut and spectacular.
    The bottom of the valley has a certain height, the slope of the water sedimentation is gentle, and the cliffs in the distance are steep and stunned.
    Sitting on the cliff on the edge of the valley, I thought that I was not in Tibet, but I went to the western United States, Colorado. I was the little man who came out of the pub. Unfortunately, there were no revolvers and wide-brimmed hats. Otherwise, Must be handsome and earth-moving, the beauty of the world has confessed to me.
    Sitting cross-legged, whim, since no one is named, then I will call him YAKA Canyon. After you come here, I will pay tribute to the handsome and handsome Yushu.
    After the exploration of the gorge was over and he was ready to return, he saw a group of lamas kicking up the football together. It seems that the temple life is not so boring. At the 4,400-meter-high Dingzhao Lake, they still have the impact of the World Cup. The strength, how to control, is stronger than the Chinese men’s soccer team.
     PART3: Wild Forces of the Empty Land – Gangbuk God Mountain
    The wild power of the empty land – an unexpected contact with the Tibetan antelope at the foot of the Mount of God.
    Next to the county town of Langkazi, there is a deep mountain secret that is almost untouched. This place almost never appears in travel destinations, and few people mention it. But in the Tibetan legendary system, there is a lake of gods, Cardinsky, which can see the future. This time, we set aside its mysterious veil, but in the end, we did not see the future.
    The so-called big hidden in the city, the Gangbugou where Kardinsmi is located, is hidden in the place of Langkazi County less than 30 kilometers, one of the four great mountains: the foot of Ningjin Kangsang Mountain, very close. It will be an hour by car.
    The vegetation here is much more luxuriant than the outside, and the ground is not just mossy turf, but full of low shrubs.
    Gangbu Day Chasing is a temple in Gangbugou. It is located at the foot of Sangxue Mountain in Ningjingang, next to the Lake Kardinsmi. The road to climb is very tortuous.
    Looking up at the gangback chasing temple, you can see the Ningjingang Sangxue Mountain in the distance, and the Gangbuk Glacier just on the top of the Houbu Mountain and the Kardinsmi Lake.
    Going to the back mountain chasing the gang, it is a typical stratum-extrusion orogeny. The layers of layers are twisted and bulged here, like a huge abstract painting.
    Far from the Gangbuk Glacier, although it has experienced the shock of the Gyeongonggang Day Glacier, the Gangb Glacier is like a huge dragon hanging over the dragon, and the huge ice cover of the swallowing mountain river still has a breathtaking visual impact.
    Legend can be seen in the future of the gods of the lake – Cardin Smy, just behind the gangcloth chasing the temple, the end of the Gangbugou, under the Gangb Glacier, along here, you can successfully reach the “future” Next, the road can’t stop, keep moving forward!
    Along the way, passing through the large-scale plaques and Mani heaps of Houbu Mountain in the back of the temple, I found that the nearby rock walls are as smooth as polished, and there is no need to play drums in the snacks. Perhaps this journey is not so simple.
    In Tibetan Buddhism, the piled up Mani heap is your bad luck in the past. There is such a large Mani heap near the temple, which is made up of many believers.
    Then I went to the edge of the inner layer of Gangbugou, so… the knife-like axe-like smooth cliff, narrow enough to accommodate a person passing the mountainside path, visually measured the height, the distance from the bottom of the ditch is not less than Three hundred meters, in general, the third floor of the building can be slammed, only one breath, more than one hundred floors, jump down, it is estimated that you will fall into the state of the element….
    Thinking about it again and again, life is important, although the future is worth seeing, but if it falls into a molecule, then the beautiful future will be blessed, and a standard photo will be given to the distant gangue glaciers and the waterfalls that fall down. , make a card here, and come back to solve this regret later. By the way, shouting a scorpion here, are you not afraid of death to go to see the future together! ! !
    The back of the Gangbugou is an extremely quiet gangcloth chasing temple. This is a temple that few people come to, the so-called “one-person temple”. It is very strange that the lama practiced here is a “nun” in the usual sense. “I don’t speak Chinese, but I am very enthusiastic.”
    Tired, sitting under the pillars of the temple, posing a POSS, although I did not go to see the “future”, but I am still handsome and able to arrive here, yeah!
    In Tibet, every lama gives people a simple, optimistic feeling. Do you know if they have no desire or want, or because they are simple? People who always feel like this can live longer.
    As if to compensate me for not seeing the regrets of the future, when I left Gangbugou, I unexpectedly saw a large group of rock sheep coming out and bending. This group of plateau elves lived in this place very close to human society, but still Carefree, obviously, no one bothers them.
    The steep peaks in our eyes are flat under their sharp hooves. Here is their freedom kingdom. They are the real kings here.
    Unlike Tibetan antelopes, rock sheep generally live in relatively steep mountain areas, feeding on low shrubs and herbs in the mountains.
    Rock Sheep is a well-deserved rock climbing champion. In places where our human stations are not stable, they can jump up and down and walk like a fly. Many times they are worried that they are going to fall down. In the end, they all continue to stand steadily. There, the peace of mind.
    Living between the cliffs, the rock sheep jumped and even fightd here, but no sheep fell and fell, nature gave them to them as gifts, and gave them unparalleled talent and ability.
    Large groups of rock sheep play and fight on the steep slopes, and there is nothing different because of us. After we leave this place, they will continue to survive and prosper here. Many times, we are just an observer, and a hasty passenger. We walked some places and thought that we conquered the world, and then we were self-satisfied. In fact, the world conquered us. After a hundred years, we will also leave. And the beauty of this world will continue.
     Left one: Ma Liang; second two: Shun Qi nature; left four: one eye; right one: let it be natural.
    Thanks to the members of the China Photographers Association who provide photos and the photographers!
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