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Preface: Overview
    Speaking of the ancient capital of Nanjing, it seems that I have inextricably linked with me, as if it is a traction in the fate of fate. I have been attracted by its unique temperament for so many years. No matter how long I leave, where I am, my heart will eventually be here.
    Many times, I will be impressed by its melancholy temperament and will be attracted by its amazing moments. Walking through its streets and alleys, I saw its spring, summer, autumn and winter, and the favorite is still the summer here. Because other seasons taught me to be patient and rushing, only it allowed me to indulge my dreams.
    In memory, the summer in Nanjing is very hot. This is a city that requires you to calm down and experience it. If you stay in the noisy city for a long time, you can’t go to the surrounding Pablo Eco Valley for a small weekend. You will be surprised to find that there is such an oasis in Nanjing, which is the longing for the inner workings of every city worker in our city.
    For those who have lived in the city for a long time, everything seems to be so far away, but it really appears in front of you. The grassland is vast and magnificent, and the green grassland is like a glowing jade necklace in the sun. The sky is pure and bright, as if you can reach the blue sky and white clouds by reaching out.
    Walking in the ecological valley, accidentally licking a beautiful purple sea of ​​purple flowers, they are with the wind, the fresh and fragrant fragrance is blowing, it is so beautiful! You see, Nanjing has always been like this. Without any gestures, it can make a difference.
    Here the flocks of cattle and sheep, the vast grassland, reminds me of the scene of playing on the grasslands of Uragay last summer. I didn’t expect to be in the grassland again without going out of town, and my inner feelings began to surge.
    Of course, this is also a good place to take your children to the summer camp during the summer vacation. You can explore the forest, play cs games with your friends, or go to the ranch to feed the cute lambs. It should be so hearty in the summer.
    This season is the harvest season of summer and black grapes. The largest area in the ecological valley is the vineyard. When I went there, I also caught the picking festival. You can personally bring the big and sweet grapes. Take it down and take it home.
    Whether you are a child or an adult, whether you like the pastoral scenery or love the green grassland, Bablo will surprise your senses and let go of this world. You will love this place for two days.
     I. Introduction to the scenic spot
    The Babuluo Ecological Valley is located in Zhuzhen Town, Liuhe District, Nanjing City, where the hills are undulating, the water network is dense, the forest coverage rate is 40%, the environment is beautiful, the air is fresh, and the wildlife resources are abundant.
    As the back garden of Nanjing’s main city, it is adjacent to Anhui, and the Yangtze River Delta is connected to the Yangtze River Delta. The expressway network and the aviation network are very developed. For those of me in Nanjing, it is quite convenient to take a subway.
    The whole ecological valley is divided into three sections: modern tourism and sightseeing grape industry park, modern urban ranch science and technology industrial park and modern agricultural culture experience industrial park. There are also mountain water resources such as Donglong Mountain, Xianren Mountain and Hongyang Lake. The humanities are rich in content and landscape. Distinctive features.
    Walking into the park is like walking into the green ocean. I feel happy at home and mind, and the heat in summer dissipates. I only feel cool and happy.
    It is said that this is Jiangsu Yonghong Babuluo Ecological Agriculture Company.The total area of ​​12,000 acres, so big, not much to stay for two days is really endless!
     2. Love Square
    From the air overlooking the entire park, the most special is this circular square, because there are often new people shooting wedding dresses here, this square is also known as the Love Square.
    It’s hard to find in it. Look at it from another angle. You will be impressed by the layout and design here.
    Before, I wanted to go out and go to a distant place. I always felt that the scenery in the distance would be more beautiful. Later, I discovered slowly that the city I lived in had a distant pursuit.
    Walking a short walk, I happened to meet a group of white ducks. They played leisurely in the water, and they lined up in a row and then dispersed. The life of the garden was suddenly on the paper!
    There are many different options for the Babulo Eco Valley Accommodation. This will be described in detail in the back accommodation. As long as you see a unique house along the way, it must be a villa, inn or hotel!
    Looking at the colorful European villa in front of you, you will have a sense of sight in Europe in minutes. On weekends, the villas are hot and often need to be booked.
    August is a season with frequent typhoons. It is said that a good typhoon has crossed the border, and it seems that it has not been affected. However, the wind is blowing a lot cooler.
    The pumpkin car and the white horse are here, what are the princes and princess waiting for? Huge LOVE logo, black and white carriage, European-style shed, this is the best choice for open-air wedding venues, and also a holy place for wedding dresses.
    Under the LOVE logo, a pair of couples who are nostalgic for the show show the best wishes of Pablo. I hope that everyone who comes here will join hands to the whitehead.
     Vineyard picking festival
    The Bablo Grape Estate is famous for its 220,000 acres and nearly 22 grape varieties. At the ripening season of the grapes, there will be picking activities and wine-making activities, so that you can enjoy the European manor style while enjoying the fun of picking.
    When I came, I just caught up with the picking festival of the grape season. Among them, the edible variety Xiahe grape has matured. The endless grape surrounds the villa and the castle. Against the backdrop of the hills, the lake and the water reflect each other, forming a beautiful scene. European manor illustration.
    Walking into the vineyard, the summer black grapes are covered with branches, and each bunch of grapes is covered with a white paper bag, which can avoid direct sunlight and prevent pests on the other hand.
    The estate is open to visitors, and even if you don’t live in the Eco Valley, you can experience the fun of picking with your family on weekends. My partner and I are going to go to the vineyard and pick some grapes and bring them back.
    Picking up the scissors and the bag will pick the grapes. The grapes here are not cheap. After weighing, they are much fresher than the ones on the market. The little friends pick one and eat one, very sweet.
    When the bag is full, put the scissors back in place, here is the harvest season, and friends who like to eat grapes should not miss it.
    Local farmers pick up the mature grapes and pack them for sale. Bablo’s own supermarkets also sell such gift boxes, which are suitable for bringing back to relatives and friends.
     4. Caravan camp
    The RV Camp in the Bablo Eco Valley is located on the west bank of Hongyang Lake, east of the Vineyard, with beautiful scenery and winding paths. It is a favorite place for people who like to play outdoors, and it is also a great place for a family to barbecue at night.
    There is a reception center in the RV camp. It is quite cool and the decoration is very elegant. The walls are full of pictures of the RV, as well as the scenes of the campfire and the barbecue. It is a good heart to watch.
    Originally, I wanted to come to the house car, but the RV here has always been booked. I can’t get it in advance. Is it really hot? I feel so hurt inside.
    Staying is not a stroll, there are quite a lot of RVs here. Almost every RV has its own wooden platform, barbecue table, rest seats, parasols, surrounded by greenery.
    After visiting the inside of the RV, 24 hours of hot water, air conditioning, TV, bed, bathroom, travel supplies, etc., lying at night, counting stars, chatting with friends, barbecue, really nice, ah next time Come and order in advance.
     Five. Small ball training ground
    The small ball training ground is near the RV camp. We have seen golf. Can you see the water ball? Bending, mast, small ball flying, how many meters? Haha, of course, I have to compete with my friends to see who can tame this water ball!
    I can’t play with my friends. The master takes the club and the bat very patiently to teach us the essentials. This watercraft project still needs a little trick.
    The little friend is very talented, and he is quick to get started. He can play the ball far away in a few times. This sport is very harmonious and it seems that I still need to practice a lot!
     Six. Four Seasons Flower Sea
    Looking at the fragrant snowy sea, Dina swayed and covered the ground. This is the true portrayal of the Bablo Four Seasons Flower Sea. The flowers are full of gardens and the lovely flower elves are everywhere along the forest.
    Gesang flowers, flowers bloom and beautiful. I remember that for a while, I liked Gesang flowers very much, and I wanted to see them with my heart. The Gesang flower sea area in the ecological valley was not small. They swayed in the breeze, and the stars were a little bit lovable.
    The weather was hot during the day, but in the evening, it was quite comfortable. Walking in the sea of ​​flowers, I saw a lot of self-driving families, attracted by these flowers, and couldn’t help but stop and take pictures.
    This season, it happens to be the flowering period of the crape myrtle flower. A large piece of red crape myrtle flower is like a piece of brocade paving on both sides of the road, a cluster of clusters together, dancing with the wind, cheerfully.
    The blossoming flowers, surrounded by a flower of ocean, this flower kelp gives me surprise and joy, those trivial troubles, those lonely in life, slowly, buried in this purely romantic flower.
     Seven. Pasture scenery
    The sky is green, the wild donkey, the wind blows the grass and sees the cattle and sheep. This is the largest urban pasture in East China. I didn’t expect to have a playful foot on the prairie at home, and I saw the lovely cows in the Australian style area, and suddenly I couldn’t move.
    What a small and fresh place, it is very suitable for taking a set of photo, I was wearing a casual day, I took a few shots at random, and it feels good.
    The wind of the pasture carries a different kind of freshness and the scent of the green grass. Taking a deep breath seems to expel the noisy and turbid, unconsciously emptying yourself, just want to enjoy the scenery of the grassland.
    Looking in the direction of the distance, I thought it was in Jurassic Park, where several dinosaurs were alive. The scenic area uses straw to make animal shapes and amusement facilities, and combines environmental protection with landscape construction. It not only protects the environment, but also becomes a unique landscape of the Babulo Ecological Valley.
    In the two days of the Eco Valley, I have seen a lot of couples coming here to take a photo shoot. The scene is atmospheric, real, and you can make a film at any stop. It’s no wonder that it is so popular with photographers.
    Walking into the grassland, I saw the sheeps not far away leisurely feeding on the grass, such as a group of soft clouds, spreading on this green carpet, occasionally snoring, even the egret fell in love with this piece. “Clouds” should dance with it. The domesticated sheep are no longer rejuvenating to the tourists, and they interact with the tourists happily.
    They are happy to ask the tourists for food. As long as you give them the food in your hands, they will follow the passion of the sheep. The white mushroom-like Mongolian bag is dotted on the grassy green carpet, which is particularly eye-catching.
     Eight. All terrain experience
    Pablo’s all-terrain off-road has an extra long track, giving you a new experience of screaming and screaming on the flat avenue. The all-terrain cross-country track is 6 kilometers in length, with high and low undulations, endless small slopes, twists and turns, and it has already scared me away, or my companion is courageous. If I haven’t opened it, I will challenge it directly. Great.
    The steeply rising steep slope, the steep sprint downhill, the collision of the speed with the sandy soil track, the ups and downs, the excitement, the constant screams, I was a little worried about my companions, but fortunately, she successfully completed Challenge, I am bold, ask to ride a car with her, and play again.
     9. Children’s Paradise
    Children’s paradise is the favorite place for children in the summer. It has a wide area and concentrated activities, such as parent-child fishing, speeding, hand-cranked boats, bouncy castles and so on.
    What do children love to do in summer? Of course, playing with water! Therefore, the most popular one here is the handcuff project, and the children can drive in the water by hand. The cool touch seems to dispel the heat and heat, if the parents want to accompany the children to experience together, there are also parent-child hand-cranked boats, quite intimate.
     Ten. Agricultural Exhibition Center
    While playing Pablo, how can you share with your friends and family without special products? There are many Nanjing specialty products and Liuhe native products in the agricultural exhibition hall at the main entrance of the scenic spot.
    There are also Pablo specialty products, which are truly green, healthy and original.
    The best taste in the world is to stick to the original flavor, and this is the insistence of the Pablo shopping store, the selection of quality products, strict quality and safety, one-stop shopping is convenient, fast and healthy.
     Attached: eat and live Raiders
    There are currently 11 buildings in Babolo, located in the junction of the Xianren Mountain and the vineyards in the Pablo Ecological Valley. It is backed by the fairy mountains, facing the vineyards, overlooking the Hongyang Lake and the thousand acres of gardens.
    Look at the sunrise of Hongyang Lake in the morning, enjoy the sunset in the evening, and breathe pure air in the rays of the sun. The original life can also be poetry.
    The functional area of ​​the hotel is obvious. The kitchen, bedroom, living room, activity room, study room and children’s room are all suitable for the family’s travel accommodation needs.
    The Bablo Eco Hotel is located at the entrance to the West Gate, close to the vineyards and lavender gardens, with a high profile and a wide view. At first glance, the fountain is the first to be heard, and the opposite is the reception center. If you are driving by car, you can drive directly to the parking lot here.
    If it’s not self-driving, it doesn’t matter. There are a lot of pick-up spots in the scenic spot. You have to go there, just talk to the front desk of the hotel, and there will be a car coming in a short while, the service is quite good.
    The hall is fragrant and elegant, and the phalaenopsis echoes the butterfly specimen. The rest area is very unique in design, the table in the shape of a barrel, the spacious and bright environment, where you can enjoy tea and friends, and the time will soon pass.
    The hotel’s restaurant is large and the environment is quiet, with the air mixed with fragrance. The Western-style bar in the light-food area is a mouth-watering dessert. The Chinese-style tea set in the area is placed on a chic tea table for visual enjoyment, which makes people unconsciously relax.
    The rooms are designed in one room, one living room and one bathroom, making it convenient for guests to stay. Through the bay window, the vineyards in the park, the lavender garden, the four seasons of flowers, the lake and the mountains are all in sight, absolutely five-star enjoyment.
    The ingredients of the Babuluo Eco-Restaurant are self-produced, fresh seasonal vegetables from the small bee farm, pigs and cattle in the pasture, grass chickens, ducks and geese in the chicken farms, and fish and crabs produced in Hongyang Lake.
    Catch up with the season of eating crayfish in Nanjing. I have a fresh and delicious shrimp in the restaurant and I feel very happy.
    Very recommended hotel restaurant, cost-effective, delicious is not the only reason, of course, there are several different styles of restaurants in the ecological valley, you can also choose according to personal preferences.

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