[Tour cows start] Parent-child summer camp, my summer dream-seeking trip, and see the childhood is small fortunate.

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In the four seasons, I only love the midsummer.
    I only remember that when I was young, every summer, it was a symbol of the fun arrangements that I could do with my parents.
    During the two months of the summer vacation, there was not much restraint, only carefree enrichment and joy.
    These many memories, with the increase of age, have become more and more intense, and there are still some unclear joys when recalling childhood memories.
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    [Preparation before the trip]
    1. Cards: ID cards, bank cards, credit cards, driver’s licenses (if you have them) are brought well, and other special certificates are included. But also pay attention to bring some cash on the body. Although the Internet is very developed now, not all places can be swiped or WeChat and Alipay are paid, so Ma Dad still needs to continue to work hard.
    2, ticket map class: determine the travel time, choose the travel vehicle in advance, the plane or the train, it is best to download an app, you can check at any time, then the map, the drop of the city’s traffic routes and ride routes .
    3, digital categories: including mobile phones, charging treasure, patch panels (especially photographers, a variety of messy devices), a variety of chargers, photographic equipment), USB data cable, if the photographer wants to film the same day If you send it, you can bring a computer. It is best to bring a thin and light book, otherwise it will be a little heavy.
    4, clothes: according to the local weather with clothes, hats and other small accessories can also be considered.
    In the midsummer period, Shenzhen is still a bit hot, it is recommended to bring sunscreen products to the babies.
    5, cosmetics: lotion, facial cleanser, spray and other large things are recommended to pack, spray is recommended to give up, the aircraft can also be checked, but the train may have a place to be checked (local melon personal experience). The girl prepares sunglasses, umbrellas, sunscreen (small only) and so on in advance. Sunscreen lotion, repair after sun can not be less! ! ! Be sure to have more! ! !
    6, drugs: with heat, detoxification drugs or granules, band-aid and so on. The weather is easy to catch a cold, pay more attention to it.
    Ps: Although it is rather embarrassing, it still varies from person to person. It is not very suitable for those who say that they are leaving. Everyone still considers Kazakhstan as appropriate.
    [About the hotel]
    Shenzhen Mission Hills Hotel Reservation Link: http://hotel.tuniu.com/detail/643044
    It is recommended to book early on holidays. After the golf ball is booked, make a reservation at the hotel phone.
    [About the restaurant]
    Four Seasons Japanese Restaurant: The per capita consumption is about 200 yuan.
    Junhaoxuan Chinese Restaurant: The per capita consumption is about 100 yuan.
    [About the hotel free shuttle bus]
    Shuttle Bus Line A: Savina—-Guanlan Lake Resort—-Club—-Guanlan Lake New City—-Ecological Sports Park (PATIO Bardioe)—-College Driving Range —-Hard Rock Hotel
    06:00-08:00 15 minutes in a class
    08:00-00:00 20 minutes
    Shuttle Bus Line B: Hard Rock Hotel—-College Driving Range—-Ecological Sports Park (PATIO Badiou Restaurant)—-Guanlan Lake New City—-Guanlan Lake Resort—- Clubhouse —- Savina06:00-08:00 15 minutes in a class
    08:00-00:00 20 minutes
    Shuttle bus service line H: Mission Hills Resort Hotel—-Club—-Guanlan Lake New City
    12:10-13:50 20 minutes in a class
    18:40-22:20 20 minutes
    Shuttle Bus Line M: Mission Hills New City—- Mission Hills Resort Hotel—- Clubhouse
    12:00-14:00 20 minutes in a class
    18:30-22:30 20 minutes
    In the midsummer, in order to find the innocent taste of the deep inside, I took my sister’s baby to the Mission Hills Resort in Shenzhen for a summer camp trip. The Mission Hills Resort is not only famous for the world. The golf course is a 5A-class scenic spot where you can eat, drink and have fun. The hotel is located in the very center of this mountainous resort. The scenery is unquestionable.
    In the midsummer June, walking in this resort full of strong Southeast Asian style, I don’t feel the heat at all. There are green trees everywhere, covered with thick shades, and this modern and fast-paced in Shenzhen. In the big cities, it is rare to find such a far-reaching beauty. Mission Hills Resort is not just a simple resort, but also a comprehensive health resort.
    From the moment you step into the hotel’s entrance, the pleasant scent will be addicted to the elegance of the hotel. The classical Chinese design of the lobby blends in with the modern elements of the drip, the spacious and bright hall and the exquisite giant crystal chandeliers are refreshing. From this moment, a small surprise is added to the summer camp for the entire parent-child.
    The rooms are large enough, the simple and elegant design creates a quiet and exquisite resting space, the wooden furniture is decorated with Southeast Asian style, and the holiday style is added. Each room has bright floor-to-ceiling windows, which makes people feel at any time. Close to nature, you can see the scenery of the surrounding golf course in the room. Just entering the room has already set the baby’s good mood, and can’t help but jump into the soft and comfortable bed to roll.
    The bathroom is not only for wet and dry isolation, but also for the super comfortable jacuzzi that the baby likes. If the jacuzzi can’t satisfy the baby’s yearning for the water, then the hotel’s landscaped pool must be enough for them to scream. With the laughter, the hotel’s outdoor water rides are well-equipped, and various children’s slides and cartoon swimming laps make them happy. The landscaped pool environment is very close to nature, and it feels like swimming in the rainforest.
    The hotel also has a children’s indoor paradise that is especially suitable for parent-child activities. A variety of slides, climbing frames, occupying the entire floor, like a huge maze, all kinds of play facilities from hardware to software are fully suitable for children. The demand creates a dreamlike atmosphere like a fairy tale kingdom everywhere. The colorful design makes the children look intent. There are a lot of toys in the park, and there is a lot of fun. One night, you can spend a happy family vacation with your baby in the hotel.
    The most exciting part of the Mission Hills Tour is their latest summer camp. They have participated in various fun classes with the baby. From the hotel, take the free bus to Mission Hills New City. There are various kinds of craft venues. The development of the Hand Workshop provides a good platform for parent-child interaction, allowing parents and babies to learn together and experience the family in a relaxed atmosphere in the most creative way.The joy of cooperation.
    The Craftsmanship Hall has a variety of crafts to choose from. Each baby can find his favorite project. In the cloth workshop, the babies can show their wit and what they want to do under the guidance of the teacher. Just do what. As long as a sewing machine can make a fabric of its own personality, it is absolutely unique, especially meaningful, from the selection of the line to the selection to how to weave, let the baby feel “a line in, a piece The whole process of clothes coming out.
    In the movable type printing workshop, the babies can resurrect the ancient movable type printing process, and here a lively and interesting experience course, so that the baby’s understanding of movable type printing is not only in the history textbook, but also in the reality. Experience the printing of movable type.
    In the pottery workshop, let the babies have a new way to play the mud, through the DIY mud board, make the clay into cups, bottles or bowls and other clay utensils, let the children play mud in the story, have the task also exercise The children insist on patience and the experience of pottery defense is not only a game, but also the feeling of playing it. It can exercise the children’s hands-on ability and release the children’s nature. Can enrich their imagination and develop the brain. Let them know more about China’s ceramic culture.
    In the handicraft field experience hall, the most popular one is the glass handicraft workshop. In the glass handicraft workshop, the wall is covered with all kinds of tools and a dazzling array of glass materials, where the babies become the creators. Rich tutorials expose them to new challenges.
    Through a small piece of glass mosaic to exercise your geometric matching ability and hands-on ability, the baby is very happy to play here, seriously creating a unique photo frame with his own mosaic. In addition to the DIY hands-on, you can also see the entire production process of the glass on the spot.
    In the morning of the craft workshop, the most interesting interactions are used to build up the baby’s interest in learning. In a relaxed environment, the baby’s practical ability is enhanced. The summer camp activities prepared by the hotel are rich and colorful. In the children’s world, in the children’s world. There will always be new things happening under the sun. It is also a great fun for the Mission Hills Resort Summer Camp to go on the golf course with the babies.
    The golf course develops different content according to different age groups to help children learn golf better, recognize golf, and understand golf. Golf was originally an elegant gentleman’s sport. This kind of exercise can help develop children’s grace and social etiquette, which is good for children’s future growth.
    In the golf experience class of the summer camp, the babies in the same place are all enjoying the fun. Under the guidance of the teacher, one shot is connected, regardless of whether a standard ball is played or not. The babies are full of patience. His ability to swing the club, like a professional small golfer.
    In the summer, in addition to outdoor golf in the summer camp, of course, there is an indoor smooth ice experience. In the new city of Mission Hills, there is the ice rink in Shenzhen, the ice skating rink. In the place of training, the coaches here are professionally qualified instructors, and it is easy to realize the “flying dream” on the ice of parent-child time.
    Skating this sport, wearing good equipment, when the babies leave the protection of their parents, they can freely slide on the huge ice surface, fall without shouting pain, but stand up and continue to move forward without snoring. In the process of skating, I learned to be strong and brave. This kind of progress and growth is full of meaning. It is not only the skating exercise, but also the balance of the baby and the cultivation of their strong and brave character. Look at the baby’s skates on the ice rink, and their child’s heart is also swaying.
    A perfect parent-child summer camp, of course, the temptation of food, the Mission Hills Resort offers a variety of summer camp food, from the four seasons Japanese restaurant to the Jun Hao Xuan Chinese restaurant, each meal is refined by the chefsCooking, nutrition and food, not only let the baby’s appetite open, but also make me coveted.
    Chunhaoxuan Chinese Restaurant specializes in Cantonese Cantonese cuisine. The environment is particularly elegant. When dining in the restaurant, you can also see the wide view of the stadium. A variety of exquisite side dishes and roast meat platters make people feel, while pineapple and black pepper ribs It is also the bottom of the dish, which is very popular among the children.
    The Four Seasons Japanese Restaurant is a great place to eat and taste. There are low-key and exquisite cuisines. The decor of the restaurant is very comfortable and comfortable. There are various Japanese traditional specialties, including Japanese. Sashimi, sushi and sizzling dishes can satisfy the needs of diners.
    In the days of Mission Hills Summer Camp, I have been especially rich every day. I am happy and full of fun. I am here to contract all my illusions about the summer camp when I was a child. I have full facilities and meticulous service. It is indeed a parent-child. A good place to swim.

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