[Tour cows start] sleepwalking, five days and four nights of passion Volga Manor.

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In sleepwalking, I am waiting //
    The night world is full of infinite unknowns
    Without the light of the sun
    It can be said that the night is mysterious, passionate, and full of imagination.
    Harbin, next to Russia
    It is full of Russian flavor
    Whether it is architecture or food or clothing
    Volga Manor, here is the atmosphere of Volga
    It is the Ash River that runs through Russia.
    Volga night is full of infinite passion
    On this hot summer day, on this passionate night
    Let’s explore the infinite passion together.
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    I am waiting for you here~
    As a northerner, but living in the south of the Yangtze River for a long time, everything is so full of Chinese antique atmosphere.
    The city of Harbin, from a city without walls to the end of the 19th century, the Russians became residents of Harbin during the 30 years, making the city full of Russian flavor.
    The city has brought me too many surprises. The European architectural style that can be seen everywhere on the street is in stark contrast to the traditional Chinese traditional garden town.
    Everyone usually said that the mother river in Harbin is the Songhua River, and the origin of the source is that the Ash River is the mother river of Harbin.
    On the banks of the Ash River, there is a manor called Volga Manor, which walks in it, just like walking in Russia, you can come to Russia without going abroad.
    Dreaming back at midnight, the dream has been circulating the song “Angel’s Loyalty” in a single. Whenever you sing to the climax: Ye Lubi is always reminiscent of the days spent in Volga Manor.
    Some people have said that the impression of a place may be a meal you have eaten here, or a song you have heard here, or someone you met here.
    And my deepest impression in Volga Manor is this song, which will accompany me through the rest of my time.
    Preparation before the trip
    About accommodation //
    This stay is a Volga hotel and a forest villa. The hotel has multiple standard rooms and double bed rooms. The price starts at 450+. Entering the hotel lobby is a pure European style. Everywhere, the taste of Russia is revealed. The price of forest villas varies from 8K. This needs to be booked one month in advance. The price is determined according to the size of the villa. This time, the villa is for 15 people, and the price starts at 8K.
    About the itinerary //
    The first day Shanghai – Harbin – Volga – Passion Volga from Shanghai, to Harbin for almost three hours, after the afternoon in Harbin, from the airport to the manor takes more than an hour, then rest in the hotel for about two hours I went to Minneapolis for a meal, stopped and stopped in the manor, and the performance at 7:30 began.
    Day 2 Petrov Art Palace – Mischa – Nikolai Church – Russian Dance Performance – Golf – Villa
    In the morning, the Petrov Art Museum, Misha, and Nikolai Church walked around and listened to the tour guide. It was almost one morning. At about two or three in the afternoon, there was a Russian dance performance at the club. Playing golf was at night, at night. Stay in a forest villa.
    The third day, three bears
    The three little bears are Russian national parks. There are many things that can be done inside. You can do big Leba and you can make Gevas, you can also draw dolls, wear national costumes, and take pictures.
    Day 4 Free time
    Stroll through the manor and watch the Volga Manor during the day.
    Day 5 Harbin – Shanghai
    Depart in the morning and return to Shanghai.
    About transportation //
    Bus routes
    You can take bus No. 377 on the land (Get off at Chenggao Town, Hongqi Street) and transfer to No. 340 (Leijiadian direction – Volga Manor).
    Self-driving route
    Xiangfang Gongbin Road – Hacheng Road – Chenggaozi Town – Sancha Road intersection according to the “Russian style park” road sign – Sanjiaziyu – Volga Manor.
    Follow the Yangtze River Road to Acheng for 27 km and turn right, then drive for 3 km and turn right for 300 meters.
    About tickets //
    Manor tickets
    Tickets: 100 yuan; buffet: 70 yuan; cruise: 30 yuan; Russian song and dance performance 100 yuan; parking fee in the park: no more than 7 10 yuan / vehicle, no more than 19 20 yuan / vehicle, 20 and above 30 yuan / car.
    About Volga Manor //
    Volga Manor is located 16 kilometers away from Hacheng Road on the Ash River in Chenggaozi Town, Xiangfang District, Harbin. It covers an area of ​​more than 600,000 square meters and is a garden with the theme of Russian culture. It is completely enriched with exotic customs. manor.
    About the camera //
    Camera: Canon EOS M5
    Lens: EF-M EF 50mm f/1.8 STM+ Sigma horse head
    Late: PS
    About climate //
    Summer is quite suitable, cool.
    On the night of Volga’s passion, whisper in your ear
    In the evening, a sunset glow over Volga, red dragonfly, enjoying the warm glow, strolling in the Volga Manor on the banks of the Ash River. In your ear, whispering love, just like this, until you are white.
    In the evening, after packing your luggage, stroll through the manor. I took your hand and looked at the distant glow, I whispered in your ear: the road is very long, I took your hand for a lifetime, we kept walking until we were white.
    You smiled slightly: Well, we have been holding hands for a lifetime. This life is very long, but I just want to go with you; life is long, I only carry your hand.
    The sun fell a little bit, and we walked step by step through Miner Ajur. In front of it, you pointed at the water lily of the pool and said: Look, this is full of sadness. You continue to say that I am looking at my face.
    Water lily, this is a sad story. A long time ago, there was a river in a village, but when the river withered, the girl in the village was running for the water. When he walked to a place in the river and a fish saw the girl’s eyes, she fell in love with the girl.
    It told the girl, you have to come to see me every day, I will give you water. The girl promised, and like this, the girl fell in love with the fish. But in the girl’s village, this is not good, they use the girl to threaten the fish and kill it.
    The girl died with her heart broken, and in the long river of time, they lost. But their children have proliferated in the water for generations, that is, water lilies.
    After telling the story, the sadness on your face, I know, you are a sentimental person, you feel sad for the legend of the water lily. Don’t be sad, I will stay with you until you are white.
    I pointed to the island in front of the water lily and told you that this is the passion of Volga night. When it is dark, I will bring you here, and I will fulfill my promise in this full night passion.
    I will take you on the Ash River to see the two sides. If you like, rely on me, my chest is for you, we both ride a boat alone, hehe. Watch the sky dark, look at the road, talk about our future days.
    I pointed to you in the church in the distance, I want to marry you, I want to give you the best wedding in the world, I want you to be the happiest person, I want to make a promise to you in front of God. I want the blessing to everyone.
    The music meets, and you say: I believe in what you said, who makes you the person I have identified in my life. You see, the moon in the distance is coming out, the night of Volga is coming, the lights are on, and the music is ringing.
    Let’s go, rush to the night of Volga, enjoy the passion that belongs to us, deep in love, I will tell you, I want to go with you until you are white.
    Miniajuur is what I said, waiting for you to enjoy the passion. This is the most passionate place in the whole manor. In the Ash River, on the small island, the dance full of Russian charm has kicked off.
    Looking at your body without twisting, I posted it, let us indulge in the beautiful singing, screaming in the dances of everyone, looking for the most beautiful time in our little world.
    The dance group in the cruise on the Ash River is our dance, and the waterline twisted by the fountain gives us applause. Tonight, let us indulge in the passionate night of Volga. In the dance, in your ear, I told you to let us jump like this until we are white.
    I am still dreaming, in Volga Manor
    He is looking for his girlfriend in the sky to call from the love nest, but waiting for him is a silent disaster. No partner can’t continue to fly to the distance. Losing a loyal girlfriend makes him feel lonely.
    – “The Loyalty of the Swan”
    It’s been a long time since I promised you in your ear. I told you when I was finishing the photo: You see, in the days of Volga Manor, it’s like a dream. Back home, I woke up, walked on the bustling streets, without Russian architecture, and saw these photos, if they were separated.
    Volga Manor is not a dream. It is the place where we started. It is not the place where we ended. There are our beautiful memories here. I have a promise to you. There is a garden of our commitment. If you want to go, I will accompany you. As I said, I will accompany you until you are white.
    I looked down at you in my arms and pointed at the Petrov Museum. You see, there are programs every holiday, whether you want to go to the masquerade or see the Russian village oil painting. I heard that in Russian oil paintings, rural oil paintings are the best of flowers, not abstract, or simply clean colors.
    Do you remember, the tour guide said above the door of the Petrov Art Museum, there is a sculpture of Peter the Great, next to the animal with wings, next to the shape of the sun god. At that time, you asked silly that Peter the Great is real, the dog with wings around him?
    They said that Peter the Great is real, and the ones beside them are foils, giving the myths and heroic deeds of Peter the Great.
    Turn to the store in Martha Mischa and remember the scene at the time. When you passed the Martha and Mischa stores at that time, you were curious to ask: Is there any necessary connection between these two names? The tour guide said that you look at the two stores across the Ash River, one on the left and one on the right. Martha and Misha are named after a pair of Russian men and women.
    You said that the two of them must be a pair of lovers, a pair of lovers who are not loved, separated by cruelty, and now in the Volga manor can only be seen across the Ash River. There is a piano in the Misha store. It is called Kibek and it is an invaluable treasure. It has been more than two hundred years now, and every collection here has its own story.
    The Kibike piano tells the story of a collector, and now the government is building a collection for the enthusiast. After the completion of the piano, the piano will move elsewhere. There are four sculptures around the piano, which represent the meaning of the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter.
    Having said that, you asked curiously: Walking in the manor, seeing a lot of sculptures, how much money these sculptures cost. The tour guide said: When talking about these sculptures coming to our manor, there is also a story. At that time, European businessmen thought that they had made a number of sculptures in China, but the financial crisis broke out.Two-thirds of the time, and our boss heard about this, and took the rest, knowing that the European design is perfect, these are the baby.
    Listening to the story, you walked up the second floor, the curtains that the breeze blew, I picked up the camera, wanted to keep you, the naughty you passed quickly, and I could only take the curtains for dancing.
    When you saw this photo of the curtain, you smiled mischievously and turned to the next picture to bring the topic. In front of the store is the Nikolai Church, which was the landmark of Harbin that year and the history of Harbin. Going to the church, you pointed to the big black chandelier on the head and said that the chandelier must have a story.
    The tour guide said that the chandelier was reconstructed according to the pictures on the drawings. The entrance is directly opposite the characters in the story of the Catholic Church. Each person has a small lamp in front of him. The sky is dark and the lights are on. stand up. At the time of your research, the tour guide has led everyone to the history of both sides.
    In fact, this Nikolai church is not the original but rebuilt, and it is the plot of the people in Harbin. A painting hanging twice shows the past and present life of the church. They not only told Nikola, but told the world about the city of Harbin.
    My dear baby, you are emotional. Seeing these ruined traces, you start red-eye again. I quickly turn to the next page, you see, these beautiful Russian dances.
    In the Club of Ventania, you heard the song “The Loyalty of the Swan”. Unfortunately, this song also tells a sad story. One of the lovers of the swan is hunted for another one. Unwilling to live a sadness. Just like the name of a songIt tells the angel’s loyalty that there is only one partner in a lifetime.
    A wonderful dance can’t stop your sorrow. At this time, I remember that you have your favorite golf in the manor. Although it is your favorite sport, your skills are really unspeakable. Please ask a coach to teach you. The sky is slowly darkening and your skills have improved.
    You said that you are hungry, I will take you to the western restaurant in the manor, here is the original Russian flavor. The former meal is caviar with salted fish from Russia, with the taste of lemon juice; then the ham from Russia, the ham of different flavors put on the plate, almost the same color, different taste; floating on the surface The borscht is your favorite, just like the tomato soup you like.
    A whole piece of roasted pork ribs came up with hot air, and cut it all the way. The aroma of the meat was put into the mouth, which was your expression of satisfaction. Cheese 焗 fat head fish, a spoon goes down, the cheese soup comes out like this, the cheese’s rich flavor is blended in the fish; mutton kebabs of the same size as the meatballs, sweet mousse cake… you tell me that you are full It is.
    Seeing this, you said to me: drooling, I still want to eat, come back from Volga, I am fat a lot. I squeeze your flesh and say, want to eat us, go, I will accompany you to lose weight. You smiled and said, then we will accompany me to walk and digest like this after dinner.
    At that time, I strolled in the garden with you and my stomach. From the Western restaurant, the sky is like cotton candy, clustered, from the Bapulov Castle to the Nikolai Church, to the Misha store and then to the hotel lobby.
    At that time, I broughtWith your stomach, you stroll through the garden. From the Western restaurant, the sky is like cotton candy, clustered, from the Bapulov Castle to the Nikolai Church, to the Misha store and then to the hotel lobby.
    I still remember the way you chose this villa at that time. You said that such a pink appearance is really a feminine heart, but it is full of European style, and the small and delicate swing in the yard attracts your attention instantly. Force, but you said that you are sleepy.
    Seeing this, you just said that I am sleepy. After I went to bed, I began to slowly open again, recalling our time. Think about it, our memories seem to have only three little bears left, but the time here takes up most of our time.
    Here, as a master of baking, you learned to make Northeast Daliba bread with Master, and learned to make apple-flavored Gevas with Master Gevas. You said that it is a bit like the taste of lychee, which is much better than the original taste. However, the shelf life of this Kvass is only two hours of opening the bottle.
    You are walking in the manor in a strong Russian costume, dancing on the lawn, flying over my fingers, your skirt is flying, it is your bright smile, it is the return of your inadvertent walking, it is your happy laughter. You wear clothes and follow the teacher to learn to paint Russian dolls. After returning home, you will be placed in the most conspicuous place in your home.
    You pointed to the fifteen sets of dolls placed in the manual room and told me that you see the smallest one is as big as my small nails. I opened it one by one and felt like I couldn’t finish it until I saw it. This is really amazing, a small and exquisite doll.
    The three little bears are actually folk gardens full of Russian charm. The three little bears entering the gate perfectly fit the name of the folk garden, the little lambs that come to you, the rabbits that can’t come out of the cage, Snow White and the seven small ones. Dwarf, a cute little rabbit on the lawn…
    The memories of the three little bear folk parks are over, I look at your sleeping face. I think:
    I am still dreaming, on the banks of the Volga Ash River, and you can see the face of Russia.
    I am still dreaming, in the western restaurant of Volga, and you taste the Russian flavor from across from Harbin.
    I am still dreaming, watching the passion Volga on the banks of the Ash River, and the way you dance with the music.
    I am still dreaming, in the Volga Manor, I haven’t heard enough about the love story between you and Martha and Misha.
    I am still dreaming, in the Art Palace of Petrov, and you admire the oil paintings of Russian villages that are not enough.
    I am still in a dream, shuttle in the forest villa, and live with you in a pink appearance, graceful interior decoration.
    I am still in a dream, at the Club of Vantagea, and you listen to “The Loyalty of the Swan.”
    I am still dreaming, in Volga Manor, it is your world that does not want to wake up.

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