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The stone is not a drag, due to the recent busy work,
    Hard to drag the 2017 annual travel summary to the beginning of 2018.
    In 2017,
    For the stone,
    It is a year worthy of gratitude.
    In 2017, stone life and work are step by step, steadily advancing, and taking advantage of the trend.
    From a student to an engineer,
    A ignorant teenager becomes a husband that she depends on.
    A ignorant teenager becomes a husband that she depends on.
    I still insist on my interests and dreams.
    That is to create with the lens and text, share the journey,
    From domestic Sichuan, Hong Kong, Ningxia, Qinghai, Gansu, Beijing, Tianjin, Inner Mongolia, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Hunan,
    To India, Malaysia.
    2017, divided into the first half and the second half;
    Almost crazy travel in the first half of the year;
    In the second half of the year, due to a lot of work safety;
    First of all, congratulations on your chance to get the favor of Tuniu.
    Free tour of India,
    This is also the first time that the stone has gone abroad.
    Count the places that 2017 has gone through,
    The quantity and span are quite acceptable.
    Unlock many new places,
    Two times to relish old Beijing,
    Leave enough memory.
    In the second half of 2017,
    Already working,
    Like the stones of the waves,
    Also take your own steps.
    Do what you should do in your age group,
    Responsible for their own,
    Responsible for his wife,
    Responsible for parents.
     2017, the road I have traveled
    Chengdu, Dujiangyan, Xiling Snow Mountain
     Xiling Snow Mountain
    India Beijing
    Ningxia Yinchuan
    Xining, Qinghai Lake, Qinghai
    Changsha Ningxiang
    Inner Mongolia
    Chongming Island
    Huandao Island
     Those stories on the road
    Chengdu, the plain hinterland, also known as “Rongcheng”, the most developed city in Sichuan, one of the largest cities in the country. The discovery and development of the Jinsha site tells the world that Chengdu has the same history of Chinese civilization as Luoyang and Xi’an for thousands of years. Since ancient times, Chengdu has been the largest trading commerce, education, culture and transportation hub in the southwest. It is also the central city and transportation hub of Southwest China. It is the largest foreign consulate in China and the largest number of international routes.
    Chengdu, which has thousands of years of Chinese civilization history, is naturally the “first national historical and cultural city” with many cultural relics such as Dujiangyan-Qingcheng Mountain, Wuhou Temple, Dufu Caotang, Jinsha Site, Xiling Snow Mountain, Panda Base, Sichuan Museum, etc. And natural attractions.
    Of course, in addition to the rich tourism resources in Chengdu, Sichuan is most famous for Sichuan and Chongqing cuisine, especially Sichuan flavor hot pot. Chuanwei hot pot, fresh and mellow taste, famous for its spicy, with its unique cooking methods and rich flavors, visitors will never forget. If you don’t eat hot pot in Sichuan, you don’t have to come to Sichuan.
    Eat hot pot in Chengdu, explore the giant panda
    Come to Chengdu, thank you for being an invitation to Daren.
    Experience the Crowne Plaza Chengdu event.
    Try food at the hotel,
    I also know many like-minded friends.
    In the early morning,
    Taste the Chengdu hot pot,
    The memory is still fresh!
    Panda cubs are cute and amiable.
    The Sichuan Museum is profound and profound.
    More than 2,000 years ago, Li Bingzhishui created the Dujiangyan project with harmonious human and water resources, which is beneficial to Quanchuan. It is the oldest water conservancy project in China and the oldest water conservancy project in the world. The Dujiangyan project on the main stream of the Lancang River is still in progress. The flood of Sichuan and ChongqingThe function of Baotiandi is mainly characterized by dam-free water diversion.
    Wrong car,
    Take the bus,
    Just to see the Han Han water project!
    “Xiling Snow Mountain”
    Xiling Snow Mountain, the world’s natural heritage, national key scenic spots. Sichuan is the hometown of giant pandas, so Xiling Snow Mountain is also a habitat for wild giant pandas. Xiling Snow Mountain is rich in tourism resources. It has developed a scenic spot with a maximum altitude of 3,250 meters. It is cool and stretched in summer, and is covered with silver in winter. For example, the sea of ​​clouds and sunrise, there are other high-altitude landscapes such as forest Buddha light and yin and yang in other famous mountains.
    Xu Xiake, a well-known traveler in ancient China, traveled through the Huaxia Quartet and played all over the famous mountains in China. However, Xu Xiake visited the Xiling Snow Mountain, but was impressed by the snow-capped mountains of the Xiling Snow Mountain.
    3250 meters above sea level,
    Mount Snow Mountain,
    Thin hunger,
    Just to take a look at Xu Xiake’s most beautiful snow mountain!
    [March] Zhejiang
    No stranger to stone,
    Moganshan is in the major media and travel headlines.
    South Africans founded the naked heart town in Moganshan.
    People who want to be busy in big cities,
    Can return to nature,
    Look for a rustic, relaxed and happy pastoral life.
    The overwhelming Moganshan advertisement,
    Stone never wanted to go to Moganshan.
    Thanks for the invitation to the travel website,
    Experience a paradise in Moganshan.
    Xiaomu Sensen,
    Let the stone pass the night of isolation.
    [April] India Beijing
    India is very similar to China. It is one of the four ancient civilizations and one of the most populous countries in the world. It is also one of the largest developing countries in the world. India has many world heritage sites such as the Taj Mahal, Red Fort and Amber Fort. Due to a lot of media hype, India is called “A3” and it is repeated in India. For example, “Left hand is dead, right hand is grabbing rice”, “opening the nation”, “hanging the train to hang the car” and so on.
    Just because the stone was repeatedly blackened by many media, almost scared the stone and did not dare to go to India. The stone went to New Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, India, and what was seen outside the travel window. India was dirty and food safety did exist. India’s dirty and messy, not as dirty as imagined, at least in the stone journey, such as on both sides of the road, most of the city streets are still clean, as the media reported that the streets of India are casually urinating, not seen in the stone journey.
    India is indeed a magical, incredible country, colorful sari and crafts, full-flavoured curries, exotic fruits, mysterious and different religions, and passionate Bollywood movies.
    Never thought about going abroad,
    Going abroad may be a long way off.
    Another accident,
    Invited by the way,
    Free country once,
    Even more surprising is Zhou Yang, who is like-minded.
    Go to India on the tall!
    Stone travel never stops,
    Brought to the stone lady,
    Go to Beijing,
    The last trip before marriage.
    Returning to Emperor Beijing, the last trip before marriage is also a summary of the seven-year long love run of the stone couple from the freshman year. It will also be a new starting point for love. Think about the past seven years, in the famous mountains of Wuyue, Gobi beach, grassland. Snow mountains, mountain lakes, and ancient capitals all leave the seeds of love and memory, which gives me two long-lasting and indelible memories of love.
    [May] Ningxia Gansu Qinghai
    Is the stone before marriage,
    Before work,
    The last crazy trip of a person.
    This trip to the north,
    Unlocked Yinchuan, Ningxia,
    Relive Qinghai and Qinghai Lake.
    Yinchuan, Ningxia, is the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region in China. It is located in the upper reaches of the Yellow River in western China. It has formed a long-standing Yellow River civilization due to irrigation of the Yellow River.
    According to archaeological findings, Ningxia had a life of 30,000 years ago and is one of the birthplaces of Chinese national civilization.
    Ningxia, or an important passage of the Silk Road, is known as “plugging up the south of the Yangtze River.”
    When he was a child, he first learned about Ningxia in the excellent film works such as “Westward Journey”, “Longmen Inn” and “Red Sorghum”. Since then, he has deeply left a mark in the heart of the stone, Ningxia desert, desert, or desert.
    In reality, Ningxia has a long and splendid Yellow River civilization in addition to “the desert is solitary, the long river is falling,” and the endless Tengger Desert. It is also the place where modern Chinese excellent film works go to the world.
    Plugged into the desert,
    Feel the Hui culture,
    Follow the childhood Westward Journey!
    A person,
    a bowl of ramen,
    a cable bridge,
    A magnificent Yellow River!
    Is a strange and familiar city;
    Unfamiliar because Qinghai is located in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau.
    Far from the eastern coastal cities;
    Familiar and because the stone and the lady just went to Qinghai two years ago,
    At that time, it was deeply attracted by the blue sky and white clouds of Qinghai and the grassland lakes of the plateau.
    Is the most beautiful place I have ever seen.
    There are still many sweet and precious photos left in Qinghai.
    I have to work now,
    There are so many ways to travel tickets,
    Then go to Beijing, Tianjin,
    Complete the mother’s dream of the emperor!
    The Forbidden City under the clouds,
    Reproduce the magnificent,
    Forbidden City!
    Broad and profound,
    From ancient times to the present,
    Collection of treasures,
    National Museum of China.
    Overlooking the panoramic view of the Forbidden City,
    Little known,
    Jingshan Park.
    Foreign leader,
    The place to visit the most in Beijing,
    Not the Great Wall is not a hero,
    It’s also my mother’s childhood dream.
    Most anticipated,
    Badaling Great Wall.
    Fine and extravagant,
    Porcelain house,
    a rare compliment from my mother;
    History is quite controversial,
    It’s the mom’s favorite,
    Anti-Japanese name
    Former residence of Zhang Xueliang;
    Full of antiques,
    Old-fashioned food,
    Old Tianjin,
    Tianjin Ancient Culture Street;
    New Tianjin logo,
    Mom is not interested
    Eye of Tianjin.
    City of sunshine,
    It’s an insignificant seaside town.
    Maybe many people don’t know the place of sunshine.
    In Shandong Province,
    Regardless of economy or city awareness,
    They are far from the coastal cities of Qingdao, Weihai and Yantai.
    In summer, the weather is hot and most tourists will go to the beach for a holiday;
    When mentioning the seaside, many people will think of Hainan Sanya, Guangxi Beihai, Shandong Qingdao and other famous coastal cities.
    However, Rizhao small towns have low consumption and relatively few people. They are close to Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, and are a good place for summer weekend vacations.
    City of sunshine,
    Small seaside town,
    Experience the fisherman’s music,
    Taste live seafood,
    A great place for a weekend break!
    [July] Jiangsu
    Mentioned Jiangsu,
    Many people willI think maybe only know Suzhou, Wuxi and Nanjing in southern Jiangsu.
    However, the historical and cultural city of Taizhou, the state and the capital of Mintai, the state of Xiangtai,
    Many tourists outside the province may not know about the city.
    Fortunately, because of Country Garden Hotel,
    Came to a small town in northern Jiangsu – Taizhou.
    Like Suzhou,
    It is also Jiangsu Fudi,
    Suzhong portal,
    Since ancient times, the humanities have gathered together.
    Known as “the prosperity of Confucianism, Suguan Huainan”,
    Combining the charm of Wu Chuyue,
    Gather the wind of the Jianghuai Sea.
    In addition to the talented people from ancient times,
    Taizhou also has two major river systems, the Yangtze River and the Huaihe River.
    Known as the title of “land and water, and the throat according to the county”.
    Today’s Taizhou economy is taking off,
    Incorporate into the Yangtze River Delta economic circle,
    Complete infrastructure,
    Become a dazzling new city in Jiangsu.
    Once again, I was invited by Daren.
    Once again, I’m going to experience it with Zhou Yang.
    Taizhou Country Garden.
    This trip,
    Different from each time,
    Not alone,
    Nor is it a female ticket,
    Instead, take your sister to travel.
    My sister feels the hospitality of Country Garden.
    Taste the delicious taste of Taizhou River.
    Hanging around Taizhou Old Street,
    Night tour of Fengcheng River,
    First tour of the Wetland Park.
    [August] Hunan
    Changsha, Hunan,
    Provincial capital of Hunan Province,
    Hunan Political Economy and Culture Center,
    Anciently known as Tanzhou,
    Thus, it has the titles of “Hometown of Qujia” and “Chuhan Famous City”.
    In 1938, the merchant dynasty “Siyang Fangzun” unearthed in Huangcai Town, Ningxiang County, Changsha, allowed the world to recognize China’s civilization history of more than 3,000 years, and also made Changsha a national historical and cultural city.
    The Changsha Huxiang culture, which is used by the world and is eclectic, is also an important part of Chinese culture. It is the origin of China’s new and old revolutions, as well as great people such as Huang Xing, Mao Zedong and Liu Shaoqi. In particular, Chairman Mao Zedong led the Chinese people to defeat the powers and establish new ones. China’s merits will surely spread to the ages.
    Changsha has rich tourism resources. It is one of the four ancient Chinese academies, “Yuelu Academy”, the ancient town of Charcoal in Huaxia Guobao Siyang, and the famous historical sites such as Mawangdui Han Tomb, Sanguo Wujian, Yuelu Mountain-Orange Island Tourist Area. Of course, there are also three famous Changsha, which are fascinating to the world, including Hunan embroidery, brown embroidery and chrysanthemum stone carving.
    Invited by the Songcheng Group,
    Carry a lady,
    Join the activities of Ningxiang Charcoal Songcheng together.
    Traveling for so long,
    Take dozens of planes,
    Unexpected rainstorm before take-off,
    flight delay! Delay! Delay!
    Until canceled!
    Early the next morning,
    Catch the train,
    Chasing the car until Changsha,
    Not the same journey.
    This time in Changsha,
    It should be the second time in Changsha,
    Changsha’s tourism resources are not abundant.
    Famous in the world,
    Stinky tofu
    Because of Mao Zedong’s poetry,
    Famous in the world,
    Xiangjiang Orange Island!
    Changsha is familiar and strange to the stone; it is familiar to those who have traveled alone in Changsha; from the perspective of Changsha history and culture, it is strange. Suddenly one day, my friend Zhou Yangfly told me to go to Changsha for a cultural trip. It was another trip to go.
    [September] Shandong
    Weihai on the way to business,
    In addition to busy business,
    Feel the Weihai waterfront.
    [October] Inner Mongolia
    Hohhot, which has a long history and splendid culture, is the capital of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and the political, economic and cultural center of Inner Mongolia. Since ancient times, Hohhot has been the blessing of Inner Mongolia and is known as the “Cyan City”.
    Since ancient times, Zhaojun’s destination “Hohhot” has been a gathering place for Mongolian and Chinese merchants. It is a place where Han people’s farming civilization and Hufu’s nomadic civilization meet and merge, and it is an important part of Chinese civilization.
    Today’s Hohhot economy has taken off, making the bustling city of Hubao E, blending into the Beijing-Tianjin-wing financial culture circle, and is the concentration of Chinese milk enterprises. It is known as the “China Milk Capital” and has become a dazzling city in China. .
    On the way to a business trip, I have a weekend.
    One person wandering around the Jokhang Temple,
    Step on the Islamic street,
    Inner Mongolia Museum,
    Full of antiques, stuffed with old streets,
    And Inner Mongolia University!
    Inner Mongolia,
    in my heart,
    Prairie cattle and sheep everywhere, birds and flowers;
    Haohu Lake, clear blue water, azure color;
    Feisha boulder, Gobi desert, arid desert;
    a circular temple roof, towering column tower;
    Mongolians are good at singing and dancing
    At the same time, it is also a nation on horseback.
    However, during the business trip, I met Hohhot on the weekend.
    But different initial impressions,
    Hohhot towers rise and the streets are clean and hygienic.
    Mongolian language and exotic customs everywhere in the city;
    There is also the integration of the Tibetan Buddhism Dazhao Temple and the Islamic Muslim Great Mosque;
    Let the stone tour the weekend to the famous city – Hohhot.
    [November] Shanghai
    Once again accept the invitation to the way,
    Experience Chongming Island for free.
    Sea Flower Island Resort.
    Sea Flower Island,
    Let me put my hands down,one more time,
    Return to the countryside,
    Enjoy the original needle-like agricultural products,
    Feel the beauty of nature.
    Shanghai is a historical and cultural city. It is the largest city in China and the financial center of the motherland. It has a profound cultural heritage of modern cities, European and American architecture, and many historical sites.
    When it comes to Shanghai, everyone will think of luxury vacations, visit the Bund Republic of China architecture, look at the Lujiazui towering across the Huangpu River, and the famous Disneyland.
    Of course, in addition to these conventional routes, Shanghai can also carry out ecological education on the sea flower island in science education, fruit and vegetable picking, sightseeing and leisure, forest kingdom and parent-child interaction.
    [December] Malaysia
    After half a year of travel tickets,
    It is also the time to clear the travel coupon.
    From the Yangtze River Delta to Malaysia,
    From the cold winter to the midsummer,
    It’s the second time that the stone went abroad this year.
    It is also the first time to go abroad for free.
    The biggest unaccustomed is that the road driving and China are just the opposite.
    The car driver’s seat is also on the right.
    In fact, living abroad,
    Listening to different languages,
    For a while, in Malay,
    a little English,
    It is magical and wonderful.
    Sabah, Malaysia,
    The most impressive thing is the island of Huanda.
    Its American language is no longer described.
    Water to clear,
    Sea to blue,
    Sand to white,
    Heaven is beautiful. . .
    Sabah, Malaysia, a conservative and open collision island
    Put on summer clothes, put on a sun hat, take a small bag, walk, and travel to Kota Kinabalu. In fact, this city building is not too different from our country, but the city has adapted to the existence of tourists, banks and exchange counters that can be exchanged for Malaysian coins. .
    A friendly smile, even if the language is not working, then how can it still resist the smile of hospitality.
    The biggest instinct to get here is that the road driving and China are just the opposite. The car driver’s seat is also on the right side. This makes me not fit for a long time. I always feel very strange, especially when I cross the road. I have to be careful. .
    In fact, I am abroad, listening to different languages, speaking Malaysian, and hearing Korean, Japanese, and English. . . It is magical and wonderful.
    Because religious women must wear Muslim clothes, wrap their hair and neck, the first time wrapped in a headscarf is very novel and beautiful, the whole body is red and very eye-catching, red glamorous, laughing dazzling.
    The beauty language of the island is no longer described. The water is clear, the sea is blue, the sand is white, and the sky is beautiful. . .
    It is like being in the painting, so incredible, the sea is light blue and pale blue with a little girllike dream, and looking deep into the dark blue adds a mystery to this sea.
    In fact, in this endless deep sea, suddenly there is a beach and it is not a miracle. Nature’s magical work, sitting on an hour boat, seeing the endless and turbulent sea, I saw this ‘blue tears’. The heart suddenly feels magical and sighs.
    Here the sand is white and bright, walking on the soft and unscrupulous, warm, the sea breeze feels sweet, a gust of wind blew, suddenly the waves of the waves, endless, the coconut forest is also happy to swing around It seems to be dancing, it seems to be welcome, enjoy the beauty of this beautiful.
    There are a few white clouds hanging in the sky, which are in harmony with the pulsating waves. From time to time, there are yachts that have opened, causing large waves of waves, screaming and laughing. . .
    Snorkeling on the island, a large expanse of corals, a variety of sea fish squatting on the bottom of the sea, so uncomfortable, but when you touch them by hand, but how can you not touch, swim fast.
    Under the coral bottom, all kinds of creatures are swimming around, and you must not feel the wonders of the seabed.
    In front of the yacht, we also left a precious picture. In the picturesque scenery, we enjoyed it happily and laughed happily. . .
    Goodbye, 2017!
    Hello, 2018!
    Malaysia’s trip from 2017 to 2018,
    Experienced the last day of 2017 and the first day of 2018.
     Goodbye my 2017, hello my 2018!
    2017 will always become history!
    In 2018, it was another life that affected the stone. The stone began with the free movement of Malaysia. At the same time, the stone was awe. The age of the stone is also the age of career struggle, and it is also a key period for the next generation. The road behind the journey will be less and less, but that love will always be in the heart of the stone.
    Goodbye, Sichuan in January 2017!
    Goodbye, Zhejiang in March 2017!
    Goodbye, India, Beijing, April 2017!
    Goodbye, Ningxia, Gansu, Qinghai in May 2017!
    Goodbye, Tianjin, Beijing, Shandong in June 2017!
    Goodbye, Jiangsu in July 2017!
    Goodbye, Hunan in August 2017!
    Goodbye, 2017-09-9Shandong in the month!
    Goodbye, Inner Mongolia in October 2017!
    Goodbye, Shanghai in November 2017!
    Goodbye, Malaysia in December 2017!
    Goodbye my 2017, hello my 2018!

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