[Tour cows start] Starlight, but also a star dream

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    Flicking screen
    Look at the bar
    That is a long day
    It’s the wave in front of you.
    Waves wake up in the morning
    Blowing the sea breeze
    Star Island
    邂逅 A dream of your own star
     Qingdao, Shandong
     Starlight, still a star dream
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    Qingdao Oriental Film is located in the national new district – Qingdao West Coast New District, covering an area of ​​376 hectares. It is a world-class entertainment aircraft carrier. Qingdao Oriental Film covers the film and television industry park. It is the brightest in Qingdao Oriental Film City. Link, Star Island, the south side of Binhai Avenue in the West Coast New Area, with a construction area of ​​about 3.52 million square meters, bringing together the Grand Theatre, international show, star hotel group, yacht club, bar street and other supporting facilities.
     Day1 first saw Wanda Ka Wah, perfect booking
     I decided to make a trip to Qingdao Oriental Cinema in this weekend, so I arranged my work a few days ago and took a leave on Friday afternoon. So after lunch on Friday, I got up and started from home (Jinan direction) to Qingdao (Yellow) Island) There are two high-speed options, one is G20 Qingyin Expressway, which is the old Jiqing Expressway we are talking about, and the other one is slightly farther away, that is, G G25 Changshen Expressway to G22 Qinglan Expressway and then eastbound. Because the G20 is now widening the road surface and the speed limit is 80KM/H, the latter is chosen. The whole process is 230 kilometers, and the journey is less than 3 hours. The high-speed charge is 80 yuan.
     This Wanda Jiahua and the Wanda Wenhua next to it were all opened in April this year when Star Island was opened on the island. On the Internet, there was a promotion on the Internet, so I made an appointment with a friend in advance for more than a month, and booked two. Late superior room and parent-child room. The hotel building has 10 floors, of which 8th, 9th and 10th floors are all administrative rooms and Wan Yue Hui member rooms, so the two rooms we book are located on the 7th floor. After the elevator is out, it is a public rest and reception area, wall decoration Also remind you, here is the East Hollywood, every move you make is a play.
     The overall size of the room is about 50 square meters. Due to the bright sunshine, the whole room is full of light, which is much bigger than when booking online. The roof of the star-rated hotel was completely carpeted. The main room was made of brown-yellow wood-like floor tiles. The beige style was designed with three-dimensional elements. It took three hours to drive. After entering the room, I relaxed a lot. The 2m * 2m big bed, the mattress comfort is good, the role of the four pillows should not be talked about, this is the minimum standard.
     Due to work, I often travel to the field. For luxury hotels, especially in sleeping rooms, the pursuit is not complicated and luxurious. I value the “legacy smell” after renovation, which is the decoration pollution we often say. This store was opened in April this year, so the walls of many areas of the hotel were decorated with diatom mud. In the past few years, it has been felt that diatom mud is more three-dimensional than wallpaper, and secondly, diatom mud can suck. I took a lot of smell, so I didn’t feel too much decoration in the room.
     The open bathroom seems to feel a little blush at first, but the modern hotel, this design has long been commonplace, but not like the traditional hotel can “lock the door”, but the 90-degree sliding door on both sides instead of the former. The outside bathtub is really bright.There is an idea that wants to jump in and take a bubble bath in an instant. The shower and the traditional bathroom are separated by wet and dry, and there is no need to worry about splashing. Including the lights just mentioned, in addition to the ceiling lights, there are mirror lights and small ground lights under the washstand, so especially when taking a bath, do not like the glare of the cheese, you can open the weak light.
     The tempered black round desk is not big, but a laptop, a few books, desk writing and other business needs can still be satisfied. I just want to say aloud to this area, LZ this time. It’s a weekend holiday, and I don’t want to stay up all night in the computer every night.
     In addition, there is a small black box on the table with some simple office gadgets for the occasional needs.
     The comfort of the sofa is also quite good. I read the book halfway, watch the TV, and have a small round table next to it. It is very pleasant to have a cup of tea in the afternoon. The beige fabric matches the overall tone of the room, and the overall look is very regular.
     In addition, the switch button and socket on the bedside are also a good detail design. One of the main control switches, I think it is more suitable for the “lazy” family, or the crowd who do not have much demand for the light intensity, and also TV switch and ceiling lights, night lights and three-level lights with scene buttons, for me, generally like to open the bathroom floor lights to sleep, in order to get up in the middle of the night will not find a bathroom in a strange environment Say, so these intimate lights are strong and weak on the bedside button, it is necessary.
     The silent headphone on the bedside no longer has to worry about the second hand ticking along with the ticking at night.
     The remote control is placed in a small box under the TV, with a program list to help you find the TV channel you want to watch the most quickly, because most of them are now Internet TV, so you can watch a lot of movies and entertainment.
     The seasonal Osawa grape, and the sweetest nectarine that is said to be the season. It’s been a while, it’s the season of the ripening of the yam cherries. When I think of it, I can’t help but plan a weekend to pick the cherry tour.
     The disposable items in the bathroom are actually superfluous to me. In fact, this is not just for environmental protection. In addition, shampoos are provided with silicone-free oil. In fact, many star-rated hotels are gradually replacing the traditional ones with silicone-free shampoos. In addition, conditioners and lotions are also available.
     The bathroom is made of American Kohler sanitary ware. The faucet has a large amount of water. Even at 11 o’clock in the evening, the speed of hot water is very fast after opening.
     The mini bar provides mineral water, black tea, green tea, coffee, etc. Among them, black tea is a well-known Sri Lankan brand Dilma. Although it is sold online this year, I feel that this black tea is really better than any kind of robe. some.
     In addition, the advantage of this hotel is that all the rooms are sea view rooms, and the angle is also not much different, because I transferred to the back garden of the hotel, which is the place where the legendary sea spring blossoms, looking around the entire room building. Basically, it is a 180 sea view room.
     It can only be said that the higher the floor, the horizon can be fixed and the first floor, the hotel’s back garden, the center European pavilion can hold a romantic wedding, I don’t know if there is a song of joy that wakes me up tomorrow.
     The small half bottle of red wine that was brought back from the cafeteria, sitting on the balcony and looking at the opposite sea, the social environment in the community has done a good job recently. The sky in Qingdao is also exceptionally blue, and the sea is particularly calm.
     The parent-child suite booked for a friend’s house, on the one side is a business-size bed like our room, and the other room is the time of this kawaii, this age, and I really don’t know the big coffee on the wall. What are the names, two 1.2-meter small beds, can be docked, surrounded by bed plates, do not have to worry about falling into the arms of Mother Earth in the evening.
     The bathroom is also designed to be very user-friendly, one high and one short, to facilitate the daily needs of the children. Let’s talk about the “legacy problems” of the decoration. After the sliding door of the balcony is opened, the ventilation effect is excellent. Together with the decoration of the diatom mud, there is not much special smell in the room.
     Day1 buffet dinner, do you let me eat less?
     After saying that after I opened the hotel online in April, the hotel sent me a text message, let me pay attention to the hotel wei xin public number, saying that there are irregular benefits and surprises, saying that this is also very satisfactory, not long after pushing The 99-second buffet lunch/dinner event was said to be late, and he did not hesitate to grab 4 tickets with his friends, just enough for the first day of dinner. The normal dinner should be around 170 yuan.
     Entering the dining area is naturally a dessert. The desserts, patches, and tiramisu are actually not very familiar. Especially the buffet, you eat enough. If you eat a lot of dessert after a meal, you really want to eat. The scale looks at the rhythm again, so usually the dessert area doesn’t appeal to me, but the variety is really enough, but there are more than ten kinds of refrigerator counters.
     In addition to the refrigerated desserts, there are also dozens of cakes on the outside bar called 蛋糕子, or 啥子, I really can’t tell, after eating a small piece of this matcha with creamy dessert, the taste is still quite strong, and it’s It is also very tight and will not have a loose taste.
     Then there is the basic Japanese material area. Traditional sushi and sashimi are natural. It is necessary to see these props dressed in kimono before taking the meal. Is there a sense of crossing? Just look at the taste of the party for a while, and say that the roundabout sushi that I went to Osaka in December last year, and the kind of shop that the locals would go to, is still unforgettable.
     There are about twelve kinds of sushi in a rough way. Salmon and tuna Arctic shells are not so many, they are generally the most popular, but many diners may not be used to cold, so they were born. The roasting gun has a little bit of sushi rolls, which not only brings a little smell of flue-cured tobacco, but also masks the astringency of raw seafood.
     The essential ingredients for daily necessities, in fact, the individual is not so particular, horseradish, soy sauce, a little bit of ginger is enough, talking about this horseradish always feels a fight with durian, like it loves it to the extreme, no I like to hide too much, but in terms of Japanese materials, the lack of horseradish, it is definitely a big discount.
     It is strongly recommended that the two kinds of raw fish fillets at 11 o’clock and 12 o’clock – the Greek squid, have not been eaten before, Baidu only understand the day, using Icelandic squid and Canadian squid, with Japan The seasoning is refined, and the “Horse Fish Seed” is not a fish roe, but a synthetic product of herring with crab. So suddenly I said the name, about 99% of the classmates have not heard of me, just look at the explanation of the excessive mother, only know one or two.
     The subsequent seafood area has once again proved that the decision to come to Qingdao from time to time is correct. Although the home is not far from Qingdao, fresh seafood can be bought at any time, but it is not as good as eating locally in Qingdao. Just like the squid and the pure sea prawn, pay attention to the ordinary prawns. There is no 38 prawn here. It is sea shrimp, sea prawn. The real sea prawn is not big. It is eaten. Its own fresh, including oysters and scallops, open the outer shell, the internal meat is very full, whether it is vinegar or horseradish soy sauce, is one hundred satisfaction.
     Snow crab legs, in fact, took a lot at first, I am afraid that if a lot of people are taken away, they will not go up, but I am wrong, all the seafood is available in unlimited quantities, and the update speed is quite fast.
     When I saw the squid, I had the taste of a child. Because in the 1990s, all the iron squid on the street were marked with Qingdao. I always felt that the iron squid in my childhood was bigger than the current squid. The class is delicious, perhaps as the book says, the past is always better than the present.
     German sausage with a variety of roasted vegetables and pineapple, pork intestines, beef slices, pineapple, dragon fruit and green red bell peppers, etc., next to the cumin, black pepper sauce and other ingredients can be arbitrarily matched according to their own taste.
     This can be understood as a French fries bar. There are about eight dishes in the Chinese-style hot food area. The combination of vegetarian and vegetarian dishes includes chicken wings with sauce, scallions and vegetables.
     Later, it can be understood as the representative area of ​​the country, including curry mutton, mushroom soup, tomato beef chops, etc. Speaking of curry, after returning from Sri Lanka last summer, I have never dared to eat again, not love. It’s a bit of what I’ve eaten for ten days… And the children’s shoes I’ve been to know know that the Ceylon’s curry is really heavy, not quite in line with our usual taste.
     Let’s start to enter the summer 撸 哈 哈 ( (Qingdao dialect is not called drinking, called ha jiu) must-have dishes – screws, this is not greasy, there is not too much sauce, but the spicy taste is quite adequate.
     Drunk crab claws, this I like very much, children’s shoes that may not have been eaten can not imagine its taste, bite after the light wine, and there is no legendary drunk crab’s strong alcohol flavor, inside the crab legs Although the meat is not much, but the smell has been completely covered by the accessories, because it is half-life, so it is very tender to eat, I think this should still be a durian to make a comparison, like or do not like, a clear position.
     The taste of small snails, when you were a child, did not dare to eat. When you grew up, you came into contact with beer. Only then did you know that it was all drunk, drunk, guilty…
     Crayfish, this is now made. Whenever a new pot comes out, the chef will “song” to remind everyone to take the meal, the spicy taste of the crayfish, how much to drink tonight, you have the final say.
     The final fruit area, whether it is children or big friends, should be considered the most hungry, seasonal fruits can be seen, mango, cantaloupe, watermelon are very sweet, and there is a juicer next to it, like If you drink juice, you can do it yourself, and there are carrots and other vegetables that can be juiced together with the fruit.
     Unreasonable soy milk and all kinds of rice porridge, millet porridge and rice pudding, I want to say that I still prefer juice, I am a very honest baby.
     I am obsessive-compulsive, eat a buffet, put it in this way, and laughed for a night by my peers. As a foodie, why bother to be yourself, you have to look so good, and finally you don’t want to eat it, and then you can’t eat it. Ending?
     PS buffet dinner is open every day at 5:30 pm, in fact, don’t worry about going late, the dishes are not updated, in fact, I would like to say, go early, especially the boys and girls who want to lose weight, eat early, exercise early – – (smile face)
     Day2 enjoy the hotel time
     The happiest thing in the early morning of the weekend is undoubtedly the natural wake-up, unhurried washing and drinking hot water, finishing the clothes downstairs to the all-day dining restaurant “with breakfast” (do not laugh), in fact, breakfast is very simple at home So even if I am staying at the hotel, there is not much demand for breakfast, but the richness of the meal still makes me happy.
     In the morning, I like to eat bread bacon. In addition to all kinds of sausages and bacon rolls, Qingdao Red Intestine is a local specialty that I have known since I was a child. Although I eat it now, I can’t find my childhood memories. The taste in it.
     Beef, chicken breast, bacon, beef sausage can be made, tomato sauce, pepper juice, etc., so take Western breakfast, meat + bread + omelet, the selectivity is quite large.
     To talk about this bacon, the chef cooked two kinds of intimate, one is relatively dry, relatively chewy, the other is nine mature, the oil is still more, biting it is not very hard of.
     This is my breakfast, Lanzhou Ramen is a selling point, the queue is a little bit more, the ramen is also made by the chef on the spot, and then according to their own taste, choose a side dish, add an omelette and gluten ,perfect.
     Although in early June, many places have been sun-bathing, but Qingdao is really a place for vacation. Now even if the sun is very dry during the day, the temperature during the day can’t reach 30 degrees, and the wind blows after 8 pm. Half-sleeve is still a bit cool, so don’t even mention air conditioning. So after breakfast, idle is also idle, just around the hotel, look at this star island, in case of encountering stars?
     There are four hotels on Star Island, each with its own “back garden”, and our Wanda Ka Wah is no exception.
     Near the flowers and plants, the sea is less than 30 meters in front. The advantage is that the side close to the building is also shaded, not hot at all, stop and go, have you found the feeling of going to Southeast Asia island vacation? This price/performance ratio is much higher than going to Thailand, and the time cost is saved by more than half.
     This small pavilion was originally seen from the balcony of the guest room. A whole green lawn is bound to be a place for romantic weddings. It is still hopeless to say that there will be newcomers entering the marriage hall today, but the geese really do not have it. But then close your eyes like a moment, the vast sea behind you, the waves are not turbulent, the waves gently pat on the shore, under the blue sky and white clouds, make a vow to you in this life. Ok, I said that I entered the show too deeply.
     Jumping out of the wedding scene, I didn’t receive the slapstick, saying that there is no lunch. Then sit on the lounge chair under another pavilion, look at the sea, listen to the wind, I don’t want coffee or read books, I don’t know. Then literature and art, I want to quietly look at the sea in Greater Shandong.
     Along the hotel’s seaside bicycles, running roads, you can come to the island to cycle or jog, because the island’s real estate is also just built a transaction, so the resident population is not much, the overall is also very quiet.
     After turning around in the back garden, I feel refreshed. Go back to the room and change the swimsuit to prepare for exercise. Fitness, children’s playground and other places are on the first floor of the hotel. Go to the swimming pool and pass the children’s play center. The large area of ​​the ocean ball, bear Children can play for at least two hours, in addition to toys and picture books.
     Have never spent the SPA, you will try to come back later to find my travel notes, quietly tell me ~
     There aren’t many people in the morning swimming pool. You can swim for 40 minutes. It is the excess fat that I ate the day before. I have prepared the stomach and continue to supplement my energy today.
     Before the friend came to check the Raiders, there was a super-luxury yacht club on Star Island. It is reported that there are 230 large and medium-sized berths of 40-165 baht. The whole project is organized and scientifically constructed according to world-class standards, and is constructed and operated according to the standards of developed countries’ top yacht industry.
     Lingshan Island on the opposite side, with a maximum altitude of 513.6 meters, is the first high island in northern China. From here, it takes about 30-40 minutes to take a cruise. There is a layer of sea fog floating between the blue sky and the sea. Lingshan Island seems to be such a mystery.
     It is said that the yacht club can come over from the yacht and become a member. There is no yacht to rent. It is reported that the most expensive 8,000 yuan per hour, perhaps the students have to ask, how much is the yacht, the staff answered “100 million “We don’t really understand the world of local tyrants.”
     From the yacht will come back through the lobby lounge, there will be piano playing in the evening, there are not many guests during the day, and sitting here just facing the back garden of the hotel, the sea is also in the field of vision, listening to static music, petty bourgeois A cozy hand.
     Day2 The taste of the sea I know
    Lunch back to the hotel’s Chinese restaurant, thinking about a few more authentic local specialties, especially seafood, in fact, the landlord suggested to come to the beach to eat, there are two options, one is to find a like Wanda, compare High-end workmanship is also an exquisite restaurant. Both can go to the farmhouse, eat the most authentic seafood, sit on the farmhouse, and make a variety of shrimp, shellfish and fish.
     This leading dish, Jinxiang black garlic gravy stew, is just that black garlic is just beginning to be eaten in recent years. It has no garlic, but it is rich in trace elements. The nutritional value of the latter’s gelatin is not to be said, with the meat simmered for 4 hours, the instant aroma of the bowl lid is open, I only said it again, eat it hot.
     This is a big fish ball. After serving, I made this sentence let my friends from my peers launch a 10,000 contemptuous cold arrow. The waiter said that this is called a hand-made fish lion head with tomato soup. It is also a very delicate dish. The fish head itself is very delicate. The viscosity and toughness of the fish head are increased after repeated beatings. The taste is naturally good to eat, and with the new combination of tomato juice, the fish is wrapped in tomato juice and sent to the entrance. It can’t be said that the entrance is instant, but the satisfaction has reached full marks.
     Old vinegar cabbage fried pen tube, in fact, the pen tube fish is still quite common, especially when you like to eat hot pot, but when the geese order food before the meal, see this strange fish and old vinegar cabbage Matching, I feel very new, just try it, and it didn’t disappoint us.
     The scallions mixed with the eight belts, it is really a long time, I have not eaten such a fresh octopus. When I ordered the food, I asked the staff who took the order and said that it was just salvage this morning. It must be fresh, answer.曰 “OK is”. Let’s talk about the taste. It’s really a kind of feeling to bite down. But the experience of cooking at home for many years tells me that this is definitely a quick water rush, but the speed of drowning is very fast, and the maximum retention is eight. The freshness and taste of the fish itself, the soy sauce horseradish on one side, is absolutely indispensable to me, but the goose friend may not like the reason for eating Japanese food. This kind of slightly tasteful is not so much. I like to eat, my heart is a sneak peek, then this plate is mys~~~吼吼
     The special grilled big steamed buns are served with the four bowls of Jiaodong. We should have seen Jiaodong Datoutou in our Shandong Peninsula. When the local dialect is called “big bo bo”, it is a super big steamed bun in the eyes of foreigners, but it is really strong. This big steamed bun is steamed and then brushed with honey and sesame seeds and then colored in the oven. Then it is served with the special paste shrimp, squid, pickled cabbage, shallots, etc., that is, when the dish is served again.
     Hand-made fresh fruit glutinous rice bran, is a modified version of snow bud, which has the favorite durian, mango, dragon fruit and strawberry, can only see its color judgment from the outside, so durian this bipolar fruit, everyone likes it or ?
     What is it that can’t be less after a meal? A, dessert – red bean matcha chestnut jelly + fruit platter, to say that this dessert is really a good thing, eat a bite feeling that life is sweet, after eating, I found out that I am not going to lose weight, why do people send a free meal after the meal? Dessert, can’t control your own drunk?
     Day2 Fun Wanda Park
     Wanda Mao—Oriental Hollywood, watching the heads of many stars, is there also your porridge? Recalling the drama master Chaplin of the last century, it is awe.
     As soon as you enter the door, the shocking group dances on the ice, the little fairies are free to fly, like a butterfly. The smoothness of the ice surface is unparalleled. Is it also a general feeling? Saying that the summer is approaching, you can bring a bear to the children.
     Out of the water, dragons, swallowing clouds and playing beads. The world of movies comes from myths. The legend of the dragon exhausts the imagination of man. This is our totem, our pride and pride. He is going to start a new journey in modern times!
     The Heavenly Palace’s sense of sight comes from the face. Do you still remember the scene of the Great Hall of Heaven in the past? Tianmen’s style is fully reflected in the red pillar Xiangyun! Going through the door from here, maybe the Heavenly Palace, maybe heaven, maybe you imagined…
     Which is the tallest statue in Asia! Looks like a boy, but a thousand years old. Lotus body, full of portraits, clear and beautiful, sultry and spirited, with beautiful appearance. Always young, can’t grow old. It is him, it is him! Our hero, little!
     Looking at the sea firmly, the starry sky above the head, holding the Qiankun circle with the sky, the fire-tip gun with the hot wheels. It is him, it is him! Bring the children, watch and tell the story of the sea, this is our own legendary hero, no less than the ability of Spider-Man and Superman. First the national, then the world!
     water World,The best place to go in the summer, the children will not be tired of the whole day. Bring your child to a icy summer, return to the most primitive human, watery desire!
     Unleash the time and space of nature! highly recommended!
     Price list, clear and clear, free combination, charging experience. Take a tour here with your heart, don’t worry about invisible consumption, play happily, relive the fun of childhood with your child, let go of your restraint and troubles, and return to the carefree outdoor Taoyuan!
     With a gorgeous appearance and gorgeous lighting, the carousel is in this paradise, just to satisfy the child’s dream, climb the back and take you to fly, in this paradise of laughter, open the joy of jogging!
     Who doesn’t like the world of bubbles? Use your ring to blow out different bubbles with your heart, let the whole field immerse yourself, the children chase, the adults appreciate, all satisfy their dreams of dreams. The world of fairy tales, let’s experience it together!
     The cool collision between stimulation and passion is the feeling of this experience! Dive down from the top of the top, shouts, screams and cheers. Can you tell what you are yelling? Through the heart, the heart is flying!
     Finally, everyone to Amway this project – Lushan Feilong, in fact, can be understood as a shortened version of the roller coaster, the foot is empty, the whole journey of 1 minute, is considered the most exciting project of this park, which has a 360 ° up and down circle. I don’t want to tell you that I did it twice.
     Day2 Eat, this day is expected to be 100 likes
     Flying fish roe salad, spring cake skin wrapped with crab sticks, base with lettuce, topped with homemade salad dressingThat is, each one is a bit big, otherwise I will definitely be one bite. Speaking of flying fish and crab sticks, it’s not very common, but if you have to be like my friend, I can also eat crab sticks when I talk about what I am doing. Words, Japanese materials say goodbye to you, don’t send ~!
     Sashimi platter, the most indispensable Big Three natural non-salmon, tuna, sweet shrimp, sashimi are very fresh, this is not much to say, when it comes to this sweet shrimp, it is very big, even friends do not eat raw fish The film, can not help but pick up a tasting, said that it is really not as embarrassing as imagined, but the shrimp meat is strong, when I said the horseradish, he played back.
     Avocado tempura, sliced ​​avocado with a thin gold batter, accompanied by the dip, and the avocado that feels very greasy on weekdays seems to be less tired at once.
     Salt-baked saury, the meat is delicate and refreshing. It is really not a bit tasty compared to the barbecue saury that you eat when you smash it. If you feel tired, you must match a little lemon juice. Although it is sour to the extreme, it is dripping into the fish. On, there is an unexpected taste.
     Iron plate vegetables, this is not much to say, locked up the water in a lot of vegetables, the taste is also very good, so cooking is basically eight mature.
     Japanese udon noodles, the strength is refreshing, the key is that all the Japanese ramen noodles have been known, not only the noodles themselves are delicious, but also the bottom soup is the last to drink, recalling last winter in Osaka, that winter morning, While eating a snot and eating a famous Lan Ramen, I think it is drunk.

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