[Tour cows start] Wonderland City, Goddess Road, three days and two nights to enjoy red leaves and delicious food tour Wushan

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“It used to be difficult for the sea, except Wushan is not a cloud.” The original understanding of Wushan came from the poem of the Tang Dynasty poet Yuan Zhen.
    Perhaps it was influenced by this poem. In the impression, Wushan became a beautiful place with clouds and scent.
    Since then, Wushan has become a special dream of childhood.
    In November, grabbing the tail of late autumn, I came from afar, for the intoxicating red leaves, for the refreshing water of that side, for the cloud of mist and rain.
    Three days and two nights of deep travel to Wushan, from Goddess Road to the Little Three Gorges, from the Wu Gorge to the Goddess River, all beautiful and beautiful, fascinating.
    Day1: Goddess South Loop
    Day2: Goddess Northern Line
    Day3: Little Three Gorges – Little Three Gorges
    Practical Raiders:
    1, Goddess South Loop:
    Wushan Visitor Center (centralized car ride)→Liuping Reception Center→Sanxia Yunxiao•Shenfutian Road→Tianzhu Light→Xianyuetai→Yaotai→Mountain Temple→ Feiyuntai→Huangyan Reception Center→Transfer to Huangyan Cableway→ Take the goddess ladder (the world’s highest cliff) → the Kowloon ropeway → take the sightseeing bus to the Jingtanfeng power station → take a boat trip to visit the goddess river → return to the county seat by boat;
    The entire journey takes about 6 hours, and there is a unified bus tour bus from the visitor center. Tickets are 190 yuan, this fee includes all bus tour bus fees, cable cars and cruise ships. Departure time is from 9:00 to 12:00 in the morning. To book a ticket, you must call the visitor center early to inquire about the departure time and time of the day. Usually the earliest is usually around 9:00.
    2: Goddess Northern Ring Road:
    Wushan Visitor Center (centralized car ride) → Wangxia Scenic Trail → Wangxia Cableway → Close View Goddess Peak → Goddess Temple → Take the boat to the Wu Gorge → Return to the county seat
    The entire journey takes about 6 hours, and there is a unified bus tour bus from the visitor center. Tickets are $150. This fee includes all bus tour fees, cable cars and cruises. Departure time is from 9:00 to 12:00 in the morning. To book a ticket, you must call the visitor center early to inquire about the departure time and time of the day. Usually the earliest is usually around 9:00.
    3: Little Three Gorges and Little Three Gorges
    Wushan Visitor Center purchase tickets by boat → Longmenxia → Bawuxia → Dicuixia → Xiaoxiao Three Gorges. The ticket price for this line is 120 yuan, and the price of the Hongye Festival is 86 yuan per year. The website can book tickets or book tickets at the visitor center.
    Other traffic strategies:
    How to get to Wushan: All over the country – Chongqing, then transfer from Chongqing to the high-speed rail station in Wanzhou, the bus station next to the Wanzhou high-speed railway station has a direct ticket to Wushan, every day around a hour, it takes about 2 hours. .
    How to get to the visitor center: All the attractions in Wushan need to be transferred at the visitor center. There are a lot of local taxis, and the taxi is usually about 5-10 yuan. The visitor center is also the second pier on the map, and the navigation or direct taxi can be reached very quickly. Wushan also has only one visitor center, and locals know that there is no need to worry about getting the wrong address.
    Day1: I remember the first time I heard the word “Tianlu” because of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, and since then, “Tianlu” seems to have become the exclusive vocabulary of Qinghai, but I did not know that Chongqing has discovered it. At the top of the Wu Gorge, it was originally hidden in such a beautiful road, a beautiful and beautiful road than the Qinghai-Tibet Highway – Goddess Day Road. This time, taking advantage of the Wushan Red Leaf Festival, you can see the beauty of the Wushan South Loop.
    Shennian Tianlu is located on the South Ring Road of Shennvfeng. It takes more than an hour to travel from the county bus to the scenic spot. From the Liuping Reception Center, you can transfer to the sightseeing car in the mountains of more than 1,000 meters. Under the clouds, it is like a silver snake. In a few miles, it is the “true body” of the goddess and the goddess. This road has always been known as the “Three Gorges Clouds, Goddess Heaven Road”. If the Wangxia Trail is the beautiful path of the northern line of the Goddess Scenic Area, then Shennian Tian Road must be the most charming colorful forest road in the South Line.
    Take a sightseeing car on the scenic spot and drive slowly on the road. Sitting inside, you can see the surrounding scenery from a close window. I saw the vibrant green trees in the sun, the red leaves that are reluctant to remove my eyes, the leaves tremble slightly, and the sound of rustling is light, so that people can’t tell whether it’s a breeze, or a car. The air that drove through them drove them, and everything that was seen along the way was the same. A beautiful scene, even the air became light and fresh. A corner, a turn, a slope, are the invincible charm of Goddess Heaven Road, sitting in the car, on the line, people feel that this is a veritable road, can not help but admire this road is worthy of “The most beautiful country road.”
    If such a beautiful view is just sitting in the car, it is a bit regrettable. Only when you really visit it will you not have a trip. When the scenery was quickly captured, the sightseeing car quickly arrived at the first viewing platform of Shennvtian Road, where the sky lanterns were located.
    It is said that when Dagu was in control of the waters, the water control team rushed to work day and night, and the mother of the Western Queen, Yao Ji, helped the big man, and it was here that the lamp was lit, and the night was not extinguished. Standing on the platform of the sky lantern, looking at the rolling peaks of the sky, under the clouds, there are really a few lights, and it is reminiscent of people. After thousands of years, these mountains are the ones that were lit by the gods. Those lights are illusory, and the cluster of brilliant red leaves is the glittering wick of the year.
    After leaving the daylight lamp, continue to drive forward, and it is even more looking forward to the scenery behind. The second viewing platform on arrival has beautiful myths and legends and the ultimate magical beauty. It is necessary to say that the best place to look at the goddess peak must be the Xianlitai. “Xian Lu”, the meaning of the fairy, is here is the place where Yao Ji and his sisters first settled. Standing on the overlook, I saw the waters of the Yangtze River rushing and prosperous. Looking up, it is the singularity of the goddess that has stood for thousands of years, and the clouds are more charming.
    In addition to the beautiful and beautiful Tianzhu Lantern and Xianlutai, Yaotai is also a large viewing platform. At the Yaotai, the most amazing thing is the beautiful scenery of the valley. Under the blue sky and white clouds, the peaks are numerous, and they have never been cut off. They are magnificent, and between Wanfeng, the vast gorge is vast, flowing and green. Against the backdrop of green hills and red leaves, it is more impressive, like a fairyland, the sound of the sound of water is like the fairy music that Yao Ji sang in the past, and reverberated in the valley for a long time.
    If the scenes seen in Tianzhu Deng, Xianlutai and Yaotai are partial, then Feiyuntai is a good place to see the panorama. Feiyuntai, the largest viewing platform in Shennong Scenic Spot. Whether it is the magnificent scenery of the undulating peaks, the magnificent scenery of the river, or the dreamy scene of the cloud transformation, you can see it on the flying platform. Overlooking the graceful goddess stream, it exudes a unique charm. The distant view is the clouds that are constantly gathering in the sky. Every time it dissipates and gathers, it is like magic, and the mountains and the mountains are in front of you. At Feiyuntai, the scene that I saw seemed to be moving all of a sudden, making people feel refreshed and happy.
    The scenery seen on the viewing platform is fascinating. However, as the earliest place of the Wuxia Red Yeh Red, when you come to the Shennvfeng Tianlu Scenic Area, you must also walk on the plank roads of the red leaves on both sides. Slow down the pace, hand-held fence, the red leaves on both sides are open, the leaves falling from time to time, falling on the ground, shoulders, hair, are a romantic encounter, the beauty of the red leaf slope is low-key and unobtrusive beauty But it is a soul.
    In the Shenniantian Road Scenic Area, in addition to taking a sightseeing car to enjoy the scenery, you can see another view by cable car. Among the twelve peaks of the Wu Gorge, the farthest peak from the Yangtze River is called the Jingtan Peak. The legend is a place where the masses gather, mysterious. Take the cable car in the scenic area and you can see the beautiful scenery of the Jingtan Peak.
    Overlooking the cable car, the red leaf forest has turned into a safflower, which is particularly bright among the green trees. It is worth mentioning that, like the cable car, in order to connect different scenic spots and give the best view, there is also a vertical elevator in the scenic area, which is more than 200 meters. This vertical elevator is also the largest cliff elevator in the world. Above the cliffs, the scale is grand, known as the “Goddess Ladder”, it is amazing, riding the ladder from top to bottom, the scenery seen all the way is also beautiful and moving.
    The long roads are winding and winding, and the distant mountains and peaks stand tall; the clouds and clouds are changing rapidly, and the layers of red leaves are shining. From the sky lanterns to the Feiyuntai, a gorgeous and amazing road trip is really a fascinating experience. . From Tianlu to Jingtanfeng Power Station, takeTake the scenic sightseeing bus to the Shennongxi Pier.
    Shennv River is the latest tourist virgin land on the Three Gorges tourism line. In recent years, it has also been rated as an attraction that must be checked in to travel to the Three Gorges. It has been in an inaccessible primitive state in the early years, so it is calm and forbearing, but it is full of vitality but not contending. The cruise ship is the only means of transportation for the goddess. When the boat is on the way, the boat sits on the boat and looks at the fisherman’s slow-moving paddle boat. Sitting on the boat, you can hear the stream of the goddess stream flowing in joy, as if thousands of drops of water are rushing towards the source of life, full of vitality. The beauty that comes here to watch is mainly the wonders of the mountains and rivers.
    When the boat slowly enters the right track, the whole picture of Shennv River will appear in front of you. The green and clean stream is like a green emerald scattered in the Wushan Mountain. It is beautiful. The stream reflects the scenery on the shore of the goddess stream, the towering peaks, the green plants in the mountains, and the tourists on the boardwalk. All of them are really reflected in the water, just like the magical stream on the goddess. A Wushan scenery, if it is not because there are boats sliding on the water, it really thinks that there are two Wu Gorges to confuse the eye.
    Going deep into the Shennv River, there will be many towering peaks, the most famous of which is the Fengfeng Peak. Because the shape of the mountain is much thinner than other peaks, the tops of the trees are lush, like the birds on the head of the phoenix. Crown, so many people will turn Feifengfeng into a phoenix with wings flying high. Every morning, Feifengfeng is often surrounded by mist. When the sun shines on the first peak of the sun, it is like a scene full of phoenix nirvana. It has a radiant glow that shines on people’s eyes.
    I have to say that the magic of nature has created a magical landscape of the goddess, if the Feifengfeng has already made people stunned, then the other peak of the goddess, the palm of the hand, is magical in the magic. Especially when the boat is drawn directly below the peak of the palm, this tall palm peak seems to have penetrated the white clouds.
    The mountains that are clustered together are high and low, which is just a big hand. It feels thick and huge. It looks like a big hand of the legendary Buddha. This makes many people come to this palm peak. With a sincere and respectful heart, watch the magical palm peak.
    As you travel to the middle of the goddess stream, the channel of the goddess stream begins to become tortuous, and sometimes it is open without any hindrance. When the twists and turns, the water splash began to swing a lot, sitting in the boat will suddenly start to panic in the heart, afraid to fall into the water without worry. Between the most tortuous canyons, only the next boat can be allowed to travel slowly, but beyond the most tortuous places, the goddess will suddenly become suddenly clear, the road ahead is great, if one sentence is used to describe this feeling That must be the artistic conception of the ancient poetry “There is no way to reclaim the mountains and heavy waters, and the villages of the dark and the flowers.”
    Not to mention, this “Liu Huaming Mingyi Village” is real in Shennvxi. When you are in the middle and lower reaches of Shennvxi, you will be surprised to find that there are residents living here, feeling that these residents live here though. I want to be much behind, but everyone lives in a particularly simple way, and still lives in such a beautiful human world, it is simply enviable. If it is said that coming to Wushan is a visual enjoyment, then visiting Wushan’s deliberate play of the goddess is to explore the enjoyment of a niche. This kind of feeling is difficult to describe with words. If you must use words to describe it, then It should be “magic”, and this “magic” belongs only to the goddess stream.
    Day2: In Wushan, there is another great place to see the red leaves, that is, the North Ring of the Goddess Peak, and here you can enjoy the spectacular scenery of the Goddess Peak, in addition to the intoxicating red leaves, the most beautiful is here. Appreciate the real “world wonderland”. When you are ignorant, you will have full curiosity and worship for the “God”. Watching the “Goddess” on TV will also fantasize in my heart for countless times. After the adult, although I know that it is a myth and legend, I still have the most beautiful reverie in my heart. I never thought that the tour of the North Ring of the Goddess Peak is the most dream of the Wonderland in childhood.
    Shennvfeng, the first of the twelve peaks of the Wu Gorge, is also the most mythical and romantic peak of the twelve peaks. Just stepping into the northern line of the goddess scenic spot, you will be surprised by what you see. The continuous peaks, the layers of trees, the blooming red leaves, and the flowing mist, look like a fresh and elegant girl, dressed up, but shyly shy A layer of yarn, looming, reveals the beauty of silk. The so-called late autumn charm is estimated to be this view, unique and charming.
    In the scenic area, every step seems to be a step closer to the “fairyland”. The beautiful and beautiful mountain seems to have magical power, and people can’t help but take the step. They want to open the clouds and see the beautiful after the veil. Ground. The pace is urgent, the eyes are not content, and the heart is already fascinated. If you want to have such a beautiful view, then you must take a look at the Wangxia Trail that runs between the peaks of the mountains.
    Wangxia Trail, a wooden plank road that is more than one kilometer long, is built on the mountain. It changes with the change of the mountainous terrain, and it rises and falls and squats away. Looking from afar, on the top of the mountain, between the green, the Wangxia Trail is like a brown ribbon, swaying over the mountains.
    Strolling on the trails, stepping on the flat planks at the foot, occasionally making a sound of two or two crisp sounds, holding the fence like a tree branch in your hand, looking around, is a layer of sapphire, is also a bottomless cliff. And the mist floating in the side, layer by layer, piece by piece, disappeared in a flash, and suddenly appeared, dreams and real, can not help but give people a “Zhuang Zhouxiao dream fan butterfly” illusion. Or maybe it was because of the light rain. Looking forward, the trails were hidden in the fog, and even the goddess in the distance became fascinating and more charming. It’s a fascinating scene, and it’s like a fairyland.
    Whether you are walking, admiring the red leaves hidden in the lush greenery, looking for the looming goddess in the clouds; or sitting on the wooden chair of the trail, deeply sucking the fresh air, thinking about the goddess The myths and legends are all an interesting thing. When you reach the top of the mountain, you can’t help but think of the distant sky. If it is sunny, what kind of scenery should it be? Presumably, when the morning glow rises, the golden light is shining, the mountains are blooming, and the sunset glows, the sky is red, and the jungle is dyed. And the goddess who stood there for thousands of years is the witness of all this.
    In addition to strolling along the Wangxia Trail, you can see the mountains from a close distance and enjoy the view of the red leaves. If you want to overlook the panoramic view, you must not miss the “Gondola Tour”. The cable car is also a feature of the scenic area, which gives a wider view of the whole world. The solid and strong iron ropes connect the two peaks that are opposite to each other, conveying the cable car coming and going. Under the sky, the river surface passes briskly, as the notes on the staff are as flexible and light as possible, attracting attention. .
    Sitting in the cable car, I can clearly feel the feeling of swaying on the iron rope, ups and downs, excitement and excitement. Looking out through the window of the cable car, the bottom of the foot is a calm and calm river surface. It is thousands of miles between the peaks. It is magnificent, and you can see the little ships in the sky. The rising fog adds a touch of beauty to the clear water. Breath, as if in the heavens Yaochi.
    Above the iron ropes, the cable car is still coming and going, one after another, the mountains and rivers have a panoramic view, the clouds are lingering, the whole person feels relaxed, as if they really entered the fairyland. The sparsely populated houses at the foot of the mountain have become small and chic at this moment, making people feel new; looking into the distance, I saw the mountains and rolling, undulating, with a green leaf, dotted with red leaves, under the clouds It’s hidden and mysterious. The goddess peak in the distance is also more real. It is lifelike, and the stone like a girl can’t help but remind people of the appearance of Yao Ji’s goddess in her heart. If there is, it must be slim and graceful.
    After watching the goddess to the goddess temple, it takes about 40 minutes to walk down the mountain. In the process of walking, you can just watch the beautiful scenery on the road from Shennongfeng to Shenniao Temple. This along the road, almost covering the entire path of the plank road, walking on the plank road to see the beautiful mountain peaks. Among them, this mountain peak is the most eye-catching, endless “twelve peaks, one after another, one mountain peak has a momentum that breaks through the clouds, the surrounding clouds are tightly surrounded, oh, giving people a kind of invisible The mystery that can’t be touched.
    Because the plank road is surrounded by mountains and mists, many beautiful things are very ugly, but there are only two things that are still clearly visible. The same is the blue water between the two peaks of the Wuxia River, the green river is the most distinctive color between the mountains, like a blue-green jade belt left in this refined Wu Gorge. Looking through the mist to the surface of the water, a small boat is floating in the river, it is very calm and comfortable.
    The second nature is the goddess temple hidden in the mist and on the cliff. When you walk to the second half of the path, the red building visible to the naked eye has already appeared in front of you. In this green forest, this attractive red is the red color unique to the goddess temple. This is a The kind of red that can catch people’s eyes in a moment through the mist, people can’t help but get up and walk in the direction of the goddess temple.
    When I was approaching the stone steps of the Goddess Temple, I couldn’t help but look up at the goddess temple and wanted to see the true face of it. The towering goddess temple stands on the mountainside, the stone steps, the characteristic patterns are known to be crafted by the craftsmen. The red temple is surrounded by steep and straight mountains, the perfect combination of mountains and temples. Set off, it will not only sculpt the goddess of the goddess temple, but also bring out the majestic and magnificent of the mountains.
    Since ancient times, there has been a verse that “seeking to trace the spirit of the river” to describe the aura of the goddess temple. This kind of aura can be felt when people walk into the goddess temple. The unique incense flavor in the temple fills our nose. You can’t hear the sound of the ancient clock in your ear. The surrounding area is always surrounded by thin fog, just like the goddess temple is a rare treasure hidden by Wushan, only for those who are good at discovering beauty.
    After paying homage to the goddess temple, he continued to follow the path down the mountain, and the time was roughly 40 minutes. In this downhill journey, you will find that the scenery on the mountain and under the mountain is completely different. Everything from the mountain to the bottom is a little bit of a sense of guilt, but when you look at the scenery under the mountain, everything becomes very real. You can see the smiles of every visitor on the ship, and you can also look at these beautiful plant buildings under the mountain. Of course, when you walk to the foot of the mountain and look up at the mountains, the spectacular scene is difficult to express in words.
    When you walk to the foot of the mountain, you will arrive at the pier. You must sit on a cruise ship to see the great rivers and mountains of the Wu Gorge. Sitting on the cruise ship, you can’t help but be a lot bigger. The mighty river beats the hull, the banks of the Xiajiang River, and the mountains. Continuously, sometimes seeing towering mountains seem to cover the sky, and sometimes see the delicate mountains and rivers as the embellishment of the shore, the white fog in the distance is more and more thick, and the Wu Gorge is covered with a layer of white and innocent. The gauze makes the Wu Gorge instantly deep and beautiful, and the perfect combination of this mountain and water makes the beauty of the Wu Gorge into a beautiful landscape gallery, which is fascinating.
    Day3: On the last day, I chose to take a cruise to see the beauty of the smoke and rain in the Three Gorges. I have heard that the beauty of the Three Gorges in Wushan has been smug and can only be seen. I can only see this scene when I am in person. The small Three Gorges, which are worn in the mountains like green ribbons, are beautiful and fascinating. Wushan Small Three Gorges, also known as Daning River Hill Gorge, from Wushan County in the south to Dachang City in the north. The small three gorges flow through the mountains and peaks, the cliffs stand, the spectacle is endless, and because of this, there is always praise that it is “not the Three Gorges, better than the Three Gorges.”
    The boat sailed slowly on the surface of the water, leaving only the piece of the film behind it. When you enjoyed the scenery of the mountains and rivers, you did not feel that you had come to the Longmen Gorge, which is known as the gateway to the Little Three Gorges. At the mouth of the gorge, the cliffs on both sides of the strait are opposite, and the sky is straight. The cliffs are covered with green trees, and the water flows between the two walls. Looking across the distance, the cliff is proud and stand out, and the momentum is so majestic. The so-called “Dragon Gate” is here. The Longmen Bridge, which spans the river and connects the two banks, adds a majestic and magnificent atmosphere to the Longmen Gorge.
    When passing the Longmen Gorge by boat, the feeling of peak height and valley depth is most obvious. Perhaps because the gorge is narrow, it seems to be high; perhaps it is the peak height, so the gorge is narrow; or the gorge is narrow and high, which complement each other. In short, the boat trip between the two walls, looking up at the sky, a line of stunned; looking around, only see the strange peaks of different stones, layers of jade.
    In Longmen Gorge, you can not only see the rushing waters, the steep cliffs, but also the many wilderness. The Three Gorges stone picked up on the shoal has different colors and strange patterns. The monkeys who met on the hillside were naughty and lovely. The poems in the poem “The screams of the two sides of the straits” really existed in the Longmen Gorge. Occasionally, you can see the birds that have been paired, leisurely, playing in the water. , love is unparalleled.
    After the Longmen Gorge, it is the second gorge of the Three Gorges – Bawu Gorge. Bawu Gorge is named after the Bawu River, a tributary of the gorge. It is the most mysterious section of the Three Gorges. The most intuitive feeling of the boat entering the Bawu Gorge is the layer of fog that rushes through the mountains, and it is like a fairyland that exudes a sense of beauty that is fascinating.
    Play in the Bawu Gorge and look at the cliffs on both sides of the strait. The most famous ones are the Guanyin sitting on the lotus platform and the eight worshippers. It is made entirely of stone, but it has a unique shape, vivid image, and swims in it. When you look at the wonders, you can’t help but be amazed by the ingenuity and ingenuity of nature. In addition to the various shapes of rock, in the Bawu Gorge, you can also see a string of stalactites hanging in a row, large in size and vivid in shape.
    To say that there are two musts in the Bawu Gorge, the Qifeng is a stone, then the other must be the mysterious cliff hanging. Between the mountains and rivers, above the cliffs, the black ash is hung high, and some have been in existence for thousands of years, but they are still well preserved, looking up, the shock can be imagined. In fact, the hang is the burial custom of the ancient Ba people. They think that after the ancestors died, they suspended their coffins on the cliffs. The higher the representative, the more respected the deceased. Therefore, there is today’s stagnation of the fog, and because this hang-up color is iron, also known as the iron shovel, Bawuxia is also named “Tielu Gorge”. “The inverted stalactites belong to the mountain horse, relying on the wall to hang over the years,” the magical scenery of Bawu Gorge is amazing.
    After enjoying the majestic and magnificent of the Longmen Gorge and the mysterious and unpredictable Babu Gorge, the boat slowly came to the longest, deepest and most beautiful section of the Little Three Gorges, the Dicui Gorge. Entering Dicuixia, the first thing in your mind is the word “true name.” Just entering the mouth of the gorge, I saw a cave on the cliff of the West Bank. A clear spring emerged from the cave and flowed down the stone wall. Under the low light, it was extraordinarily smart. This is the famous inside the Dicui Gorge. Water curtain hole” landscape. On the east bank of the cliff not far away, there is also a spring flowing down, called “Tianquan Feiyu.” The “drop” of Dicuixia is reflected here.
    Not to mention the “Cui”, unlike the Longmen Gorge and the Bawu Gorge, which is dominated by the limestone wall, it enters the Dicui Gorge, and the eye is a green scene. The cliffs on both sides are lush and lush. Vibrant appearance. The red-leaved forest, which is flourishing, adds a touch of color to the peaks on both sides of the strait. It only sees the continuous peaks appearing in blue, or red, or purple colors. The misty mist and the misty clouds merge with each other. Surrounded by the dressed peaks, beautiful and beautiful, dreamy and charming, like aA huge picture of ink landscapes.
    In Dicui Gorge, you can also see the antique plank road built by the wall, lined up in a row, looking up on the cruise ship, all feel thrilling, on it, the foot is a deep river, the hand is steep The cliffs, while enjoying the beauty, are even more shocking. Stop in the pavilion, take a rest, enjoy the red leaves, watch the Feiquan… Can not help but let people say “infinite beauty, the most is the drop of the emerald”.
    The boat tour is scenic, the mist is lingering, and the scenery on both sides of the strait is inconspicuous. It can be said that “the dragon gate is even foggy, the Qishan Xiushui wins the Three Gorges”, and after watching the scenery of the Three Gorges, there is a bigger surprise, the small Three Gorges. One is the same place as the Three Gorges. It has the same independence as the Three Gorges. Although the small Three Gorges is less magnificent than the Three Gorges, it has a beautiful landscape that can compete with the Three Gorges. If the Three Gorges is a place that people want, then the Three Gorges It is the place that makes people fall in love.
    The best way to play in the Little Three Gorges is to gently immerse yourself in a small canyon, just sitting on a wooden boat of thirty people and feeling the incomparable beauty of the Little Three Gorges. The water of the Little Three Gorges is clear with a bit of greenish green; the water flow is gentle, the water surface is almost no wrinkles, quiet and gentle. On both sides, the Qifeng Junshan, which rises from the shore, is clearly reflected on the stream, creating a scene in which the landscape is common.
    As you go deeper into the Little Three Gorges, the valleys become narrower, but this does not affect the beauty of the Little Three Gorges. On the cliffs on both sides of the strait, there are trees growing in the dense sun. Although these trees are on the cliffs, they still grow out of the ground and merge into a beautiful and beautiful landscape.
    If you are careful, you will find a lot of mist between the canyons not far away. This mist will gently surround the small Three Gorges, as if creating the beautiful scenery in the distance. Fairyland attracts people’s attention. When the wooden boat arrives here, looking up at the beautiful mist, it is filled with the entire canyon, and the canyon that is like a big knife has become more beautiful and mysterious.
    Speaking of this mysterious beauty, there are many in the Little Three Gorges, the most mysterious of which should be the hanging over the cliff. This dangling is called “iron coffin”. Once this dangling is discovered, it has caused countless people’s curiosity. Why is there a coffin placed on such a high cliff? How is this hang on top of such a cliff with no way to go?
    The question like this can be said to be very much. It is because of such doubts that this glimpse is a little more mysterious veil, and it also adds a few points to this beautiful little Three Gorges. Mysterious beauty. According to official research, this “iron coffin” is not made of real iron, but is made of a non-corrosive pine.
    In ancient times, in order to show their high status, many princes and nobles generally chose to place their coffins in high places to achieve the effect of “high officials”. As for how it is placed in this cliff? Naturally, because the ancestors used smart heads to climb into the caves of the cliffs, and then used the ropes to place the coffin.
    Continue to take a small boat to the depths of the Little Three Gorges, the small Three Gorges will always give people unexpected surprises, sometimes can meet the small Three Gorges suddenly drizzle, sometimes can see the red on both sides of the bank The maple leaf forest sometimes hears the sound of birds and beasts that ring in the ears. The Little Three Gorges can always attract people who come here with its unique charm. After coming here, you will fall in love with this mysterious place. Even after leaving here, it will be very much mourned.
    About accommodation: There are many hotels in downtown Wushan, the basic price is around 150-200 yuan. It is highly recommended to live near Guangdong Road because there is a lot of food here. And Guangdong Road belongs to the most prosperous and lively place in Wushan.
    About food: Focus on Wushan grilled fish, Wushan grilled fish is a traditional snack originating from Wushan, belonging to Sichuan cuisine or Chongqing cuisine. In the production process, the three cooking techniques of pickling, roasting and stewing are combined, and the taste is fantastic and nutritious. There are many grilled fish shops near Guangdong Middle Road. The per capita is about 50 yuan.

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