[Tour cows start] Xiamen’s beautiful vacation is here.

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    Every encounter with Xiamen is a journey that is extremely exciting.
     [Xiamen impression]
    Compared with Beishangguang, I am more interested in Xiamen. The climate is pleasant, the scenery is beautiful, the combination of humanities and nature is just right. The whole city is pleasing to the eye, and the slow-paced life is very pleasant. Xiamen has become a city that many people yearn for.
     [You can only choose one place to stay in Xiamen, I recommend it here]
    InterContinental Xiamen Pazhou is located in the emerging international financial center of Xiamen, close to the scenic coastline of Huandao Road, walking distance to Xiamen International Conference Center, JFC Pinshang Center and the beach. It is only 20 minutes drive from Gaoqi International Airport and Xiamen Railway Station.
    Anyone who is familiar with the Intercontinental brand may know that the slogan of “knowing to stop” is the best presentation of the intercontinental spirit. Stopping is a luxury. Stopping is for a longer journey. In my opinion, Xiamen Intercontinental Hotel interprets this slogan everywhere, adhering to the excellent quality and professional enthusiasm of the Intercontinental brand, allowing guests to enjoy the “intercontinental life” while realizing the “sense of knowing Xiamen”.
    Stepping into the lobby, the crystal chandeliers are star-studded, and the blue king whales are suspended in the air, bringing the marine ecology into the form of art. It travels in the vast stars and shows the style of the intercontinental brand. On the side of the lobby, the wooden sailboat has the meaning of sailing. This artistic interpretation of the hotel, the overall grandeur, the details of the outstanding quality, bringing a unique living experience for local guests.
    The soft sofa in the lobby makes people feel tired and check-in. There is a waiter who comes to the tea and snacks and wet towels. The gestures are elegant and intimate.
    The interiors of the rooms are soft and spacious, creating a simple and elegant style that is very practical and warm. Each room is equipped with high-end comfortable mattresses and soft sleeping pillows, plus ultra-modern amenities to bring you a comfortable and pleasant stay.
    Step into the bathroom, the partitions are clear and independent of each other, the marble floor is full of texture, respecting the high-end atmosphere. Toiletries are Germany’s top sanitary ware brand – Duravit (Duravit), separate freestanding bathtub, walk-in shower, and the latest German HansHansgrohe shower system, the world’s top shower head, digital temperature control one-button water. Every little thing in life can be enjoyed and the private time is wonderful.
    The favorite thing is that the room has a full-length floor-to-ceiling window. The curtains are open to the sea. Take a cup of tea and look at the distant scenery. Some are set to see the scenery. Some are rushing to sleep in a warm sleep. Under my tired body, let go of the soul, the mood is very beautiful.
    The hotel has a natural light gym, equipped with famous Italian fitness equipment, and complete facilities to meet the different leisure and fitness needs of the hotel guests. The focus of the circle, the gym is also the face of the sea, while watching the scenery, fitness is not beautiful!
    The large outdoor heated infinity pool and the unrivaled sea view make you feel at ease and enjoy the wonderful moments of the sea and the sky. The hotel is also equipped with an independent yoga room, dry and wet steam room and VIP lounge. The quiet and peaceful atmosphere, advanced facilities and facilities make business travellers relax and enjoy leisure time.
    A friend with limited budget, you can consider SunTour Hotel in Xiamen. It is the first independent brand/self-operated boutique hotel under the Pazhou Group. It is designed by NOMURA Group. The hotel is located in the conference and exhibition area of ​​Xiamen City. It has 72 well-designed rooms, combining fashion style, comfortable atmosphere and cross-border interaction to create a space for self-portrait sharing.
     [Let you indulge your tongue and feast]
    High-quality selection of ingredients, open a feast for you, and bring you an extraordinary experience. 360 degree sea view supreme, Qizhen delicious you can choose, enjoy the Xiamen Pazhou Intercontinental Hotel.
    1. Intercontinental Executive Club enjoys afternoon tea with sea view
    The glamority of the Executive Lounge is not limited to the 360° seascape that surrounds it, and the quiet moments are even more enviable. Many people like to enjoy the sea view in the afternoon, facing the sea, enjoying the exquisite and delicious buffet afternoon tea, looking at the sea under the setting sun, and the heart becomes lazy and free. It is definitely a pleasing experience.
     Sea view with sweet afternoon tea is super
    2. Feng Coffee Full-time Restaurant
    The restaurant is spacious and bright, elegant and refined, with a reasonable layout and a comfortable dining environment. In the evening, the buffet menu is very rich, from Chinese, Western, Southeast Asian, to Japanese.
    As soon as I stepped into the restaurant, the dazzling array of seafood caught my eye. The oysters, scallops, and salmon were fresh and fresh, and they were all freshly caught. This is also a big advantage for Linhai Hotel.
    On the occasion of the crab season, launch its unique cuisine with a focus on fresh crabs! From delicious crabs to king crabs, how can you not be so beautiful! There are also Indian chefs who showcase the Indian flying cake production process, and bring you a different kind of exotic food culture. In the crab season, the crab逅 A variety of food.
    3. Runxiang Chinese Restaurant to taste Xiamen local and Cantonese cuisine
    Inspired by the classic landscape elements, the restaurant is very oriental. The dishes are mainly classic Cantonese cuisine, with delicious leeks, delicious dishes make people stop, and have to sigh, this is simply “color, fragrance, taste… a holographic sensory experience that will not be less.”
     Ice grass
     Seafood platter
     Sea otter
     Roasted Cashews & Caramel Walnuts & Roasted Cashews
     Blueberry yam
     Flame Hakka Salt, Hetian Chicken
     Sea bream
     Steaming East Star Spot
     Asparagus Lily Snowflake Beef
     Tang cut Hongyun truffle suckling pig
     [Seaside Walk & Riding]
    Xiamen is really a very comfortable city, too suitable for a holiday, and the pace of travel is not slow. Strolling along the beach or riding along the roundabout, listening to the sound of the waves, facing the sea breeze, leaving a busy job, feeling very solid and very warm and quiet, quietly taste the tranquility and freedom, complicated mood can Precipitation and purification are obtained.
     [The most beautiful bay view of Wuyuan Bay]
    Experiencing a yacht trip to Xiamen in Xiamen is an indispensable experience for Xiamen. Whether it is a loose-fitting sea or a full-board charter yacht, this experience is indispensable in a Xiamen trip.
    1. The price of the rental yacht:
    Renting yachts and sailing boats on time, ranging from 1,000 yuan to 10,000 yuan
    Although the cost of the yacht is not low, it is not as rich and expensive as many people think. In fact, the price of playing a yacht is similar to golf. Three or five people rent a yacht, spending more than 100,000 a year, which is more cost-effective than buying and supporting themselves.
    2. According to the size, yachts are mainly divided into three categories:
    Small yacht below 40 feet (12 meters)
    Medium-sized yacht between 40-60 feet (12-18 meters)
    Large yacht between 60-80 feet (18-24 meters)
    More than 80 feet (24 meters) is a superyacht, or luxury yacht.
    3. Selection period:
    9-12 am: The air is fresh and suitable for sea fishing.
    12-15 in the middle of the shift: the sea temperature is suitable for sea entertainment.
    Evening class 15-18 pm: suitable for watching the sunset and sunset.
    4. Prepare:
    When the yacht goes out to sea, you need to prepare some necessary items. I have a list of sunscreen, swimsuit, sunglasses, beachwear (photographing), seasickness (seasickness), snacks, children’s toys, waterproof cameras, etc.
    Note to the sea:
    1. Please be sure to bring your ID card with you (for foreigners, please bring your passport)
    2. Drinking, hangover or full-fledged people are not recommended to take a boat, do not dive or engage in other water activities.
    3. Anyone suffering from heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma, infectious diseases, muscle paralysis, osteoporosis or mental illness that affects the safety of the boat and pregnant women and severe seasickness should not take the boat.
    4. Visitors to the sea should strictly abide by the rules and requirements of the captain and staff, and prohibit dangerous behavior such as diving. If there is any physical discomfort, immediately inform the captain.
    5. The yacht is a relatively high-end experience, the cost of the yacht is also quite high, in the process of play, maintain the facilities. Equipment operation is carried out under the direction of the captain or sailor to avoid erroneous operation. The yacht is equipped with a washroom and a trash can to keep the yacht clean and hygienic. Responsible for your own safety, do not carry out dangerous actions on the yacht.
     Wuyuanwan International Yacht Club is a business-themed high-end yacht club located in Wuyuan Bay Yacht Harbor.
    Sitting on the Wuyuan Bay quality natural harbor and 100,000 square meters of development land, the yacht club currently has 351 yacht berths, equipped with professional lifting berths, yacht-specific refueling berths and the first domestic water bonded warehouse, providing berth rental and management, yachts Professional services such as escrow, boat maintenance, yacht sales, yacht wedding planning, wedding photography, youth op sailing training, yacht driving training.
    Baitinghai Yacht Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Pazhou Group, is one of the major professional yacht leasing platforms in Xiamen. It provides yacht reception services, including private yacht parties, business banquets, yacht weddings, birthday parties and other theme activities planning and hosting. We are the yachts that are rented here.
    We leased“Runfeng” is a 30.6-meter super-custom yacht built by the Italian Ferretti Shipyard in 2015 and is currently one of the largest luxury yachts in China. About ten people can play at the same time, a total of two floors. The main salon area is fully equipped with hand-tailored Poltrona Frau furniture, which has a unique and unreplaceable texture; a full custom BOSE audio and video system for you to sing; the large sliding door on the right side of the salon leads directly to the side of the ship Folding balcony; large indoor open salon and dining table for multi-person banquet or romantic dinner for two; master room and 4 luxuriously decorated VIP rooms fully equipped with ensuite, dressing room and large windows with sea view; There is a spacious and comfortable outdoor space: a flying bridge with a large sunbathing pad, a boat resting area and a stern salon area; more exciting, Runfeng is looking forward to your exploration!
     The yacht we rented is a 100-foot imported luxury yacht.
     “Runfeng” is a 30.6-meter super-custom yacht built by the Italian Ferretti shipyard in 2015.
     Spacious and comfortable interior
     Invincible Sea View Delicious afternoon tea is the right way to open the resort.
     Take a yacht into the sea, and wind up in a wave of waves.The sea breeze is gentle, the sea in front of you is full of hope, the smoke is vast, and it is refreshing.
     [If you still want to go to Gulangyu, then go.]
    I don’t know when it started. When I talked about Xiamen, I would think of Gulangyu. When I talked about Gulangyu, I would naturally think of Xiamen. Some people say that Xiamen and Gulangyu, like an old lover, are their matchmakers, and the ships come back and forth. So far, the only way to go to Gulangyu is to take a boat!
    Since October 20, 2014, the Xiamen Drum Ferry route has been adjusted to start implementing new flight schedules.
    Residents and tourists are “completely” diverted – local residents from the Lujiang Road Ferry Terminal, First Pier and Haiyuyu Ferry Terminal on the island, the fare is 8 yuan; tourists to Dongdu Cruise Terminal and Haiyuyu Terminal The round-trip fare is 35 yuan, 50 yuan and 30 yuan. The Xiamen-Drum route will be divided into summer time and winter time. The summer time will be from June 1st to September 30th, and the winter time will be from October 1st to May 31st.
    Ticket price:
    The ticket is subject to a one-vote system; the adult fare for tourists is 35 yuan/sheet;
    The reduction policy is: military disability, between 1.2-1.5 meters: half-ticket 18 yuan, free of charge below 1.2 meters (check to bring children).
    In addition, all people need to buy tickets on the island. (Also: cruise ship – 50 yuan / piece of luxury boat in Inner Mongolia, Yuyu – Neiyu: 30 yuan / piece)
     Line up, board the ship, salty sea breeze, half an hour of swaying, Gulangyu we have seen again
     Gulangyu Island is a small island without motor vehicles. The island is surrounded by spring, quiet and beautiful, which is very suitable for walking.
     The half-hour ferry arrives at Gulangyu Island from Xiamen Island. There are no means of transportation on Gulangyu Island, and you can only rely on your legs.
     The island of only 2,000 square kilometers was once the Eden of the war.
     Refugees from many countries have taken refuge on the island, so the island has preserved many exotic buildings.
    Due to historical reasons, buildings with different styles of Chinese and foreign styles are here, and they are known as the “World Architecture Exhibition”. The island’s climate is pleasant and the seasons are like spring. There are no cars and horses, and there are birds and flowers, which is known as the “sea garden”. Nowadays, there are dazzling individual shops, life style and literary style, follow the footsteps, stay at a coffee shop on the road, take a sip of espresso or milk tea, and enjoy a rare peace in Gulangyu.
    I want to say that the biggest difference between Gulangyu and other scenic spots is that it has no attractions that must be seen, and must take pictures. What is more needed is every inch of land that you measure with your feet. Every angle, you find yourself by your heart. That kind and beautiful!
    Xiamen is full of magic
    Let everyone who comes here fall in love with here.
    Or love it more
    Put down the body and mind of Lawton and appreciate the transcendentality beyond the dust mites. Enjoy a cup of tea and realize a period of time. A very popular sentence in the present is that life is more than just the eyes, but also poetry and distant coastline.

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