[Tour cows start] Xishuangbanna, already beautiful ~

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    this place,
    With the innate enthusiasm of the rainforest,
    There are couples on the street,
    There are couples in front of the tower,
    Smile sweet and splendid.
    Birds from the morning to the sunset,
    Floral and fruity, and that romance is filled with the air here.
    They entered the street and soaked my heart and lungs.
    It is the place I am mistaken,
    It has become the most memorable place in this life,
    There is wine here, there are also poems~~~
    In the past, I learned from Xishuangbanna that there are only a few fragmentary cognitive fragments. I feel that it is a mysterious and enthusiastic place. I have a sturdy Yi girl, a deep-loving Dai boy, a large tropical rain forest, and many rare botanical flowers and animals. I have always wanted to see it. This time I finally got my wish. I came to the same place on the eve of the Songkran Festival.
    Recommended traffic: It is recommended that the plane travels most conveniently. Xishuangbanna does not have a direct train. If you take a car from Kunming, you will sit on a day, and the mountain road is rugged. Considering the tolerance of a person, I am not daring to try. You are free.
    Recommended accommodation: Most of us lived in the Jingzhuang District of Jinghong City, Xishuangbanna. The village is a gathering place for tourists. The streets are full of flowers and flowers. The hotel is in the hotel for a long time. I have changed several hotels in the old and new. Each inn has its own style. The Zhuangzhuang District strongly recommends the Leisure Inn and Xiaoxiang Inn, and the Yiyuan Garden Recommended Garden Park Inn can be booked online. The price depends on the time. The festival is much cheaper.
    Recommended attractions: Manting Royal Garden, Wangtianshu, Dai Nationality Garden, Dajin Tower, Daluo Port, Jinuo Mountain.
    Recommended food: Yunwei Xuan chicken rice noodle on the opposite side of the Golden Pagoda, Yi barbecue, Yi roast chicken, Yi hand-picked rice, etc., too much food! By the way, there is a beer in Laos that must be tasted. I personally think that yellow beer is better than dark beer.
    This is the leisure court inn, a few pictures for everyone to see for reference.
    This is a picture of Xiaoxiang Inn. I like to take these photos and share them with everyone. Because I have to look at other people’s strategies before I go out, I will benefit from people and feedback.
    This is the Garden Inn in the Dai Garden.
     Man listening to the Imperial Garden
    Man Ting Yu Garden is the oldest park in Xishuangbanna. It has a history of more than 1300 years. It used to be the imperial garden of Xishuangbanna, and in the history of the Yi people, it used to be a place for feudal lords and toasts to enjoy flowers. Legend has it that when Wang Hao came to the garden to play, the beautiful scenery of the garden attracted the soul of Wang Shuo, so it was named Spring Huan Park, which means “the garden of the soul”.
    It is also the oldest park in Xishuangbanna. It was built in 700 AD and has inherited the history and national culture of the Yi people for more than 1300 years. It is a very precious intangible cultural heritage and has a great influence in Southeast Asia. Historically, in the major festivals such as the Songkran Festival, the Closing Festival, the Opening Festival, and the Buddha’s celebrations, a grand celebration was held here.
    In the evening, before entering the park, I was shocked by the beauty of the women in front of me. What are the beauty of this group?
    It turned out that the Hani girl was welcome to the guests of the park, specially prepared for the hips to welcome the dance! Singing a crisp song, gently licking this sexy hip, welcome guests from all over the world, and the guests also laughed at this unique welcoming ceremony.
    Entering the gate of Manting Park, the first thing that catches the eye is a commemoration of Premier Zhou Enlai wearing an armor, a left hand holding a water raft, and a right hand holding an olive branch to participate in the bronze statue of the splashing water. On the left side of the bronze statue are two Bodhi trees that symbolize the friendship between China and Thailand.
    Under the golden sun, the various buildings with the characteristics of Xishuangbanna are like a layer of gold foil, which makes people dazzling. When I arrived here, I walked into a foreign country and walked into the Kingdom of Buddha. From glass tiles to architectural style, I would like to like it here.
    The hustle and bustle of the city, with the thick heat, gradually disappeared, and the interpretations of the various ethnic groups dressed in colorful national costumes were also prepared. In a short time, Man heard the sound of drums at the entrance of the park. The girls and guys dressed in colorful traditional costumes sang a warm and welcoming welcome song to welcome Chinese and foreign tourists from all over the world.
    Stepping on the singular and distant foot drums of the town, you can see the scenes of singing and dancing by the singers, Hani, Keno, Lahu, Yao and other ethnic groups. Lahu guys play three strings and sing cheerful three-legged feet, warm and hospitable Hani girls. The silver bells jumped between the swinging bamboo rafts, and the gentle servants of the small servants threw their bags to the crowds full of hustle and bustle. The three or five groups of tourists under the coconut trees and palms talked and laughed and tasted the mellow fragrance of Pu’er tea.
    The first time I was in close contact with so many minority girls and guys, there are only two idioms in my heart that can be described as dazzling and beautiful, because all of them are people with a singular value, and the left side is on the right side, all of them let People are pleasing to the eye. In fact, I want to love the beauty of the heart is really there, even if it is a good-looking same-sex, watching is also very happy!
    I finally understand a medical report I have seen before, saying that if a man looks at a good-looking opposite sex, he will improve his hormones. This is good for health, but I think that it is not only for men, but also for women. Everything that looks good will secrete dopamine, and the brain is always in a happy state, which is really good for body and mind!
    Visitors can not only enjoy the dance performances of various ethnic groups, but also participate in them to experience different styles. Many tourists here have joined this joyful event, and they danced under the leadership of minority girls.
    Of course, there are also many beautiful Dai girls singing and dancing. These girls are really beautiful, their skins are white, their bodies are tall, their bodies are soft and their dances are beautiful, attracting many tourists to take photos, and the group is rarely men, they are aunts. Aunts are notI care about my appearance and I am compared with the beautiful girl. Instead, I take the initiative to take a photo with the girl. Don’t say that the aunts who are taking photos with the girl of the family are all smiling and beautiful, but they are beautiful and beautiful. Because of the good mood and face, this may be the charm of travel!
    There was a great performance at night, and before the show, we enjoyed the sumptuous dinner prepared here, all made with fresh seasonal vegetables, buffet style, and enough to eat. Who can bear to face such a food? Let’s have a good time!
    After tasting the unique flavor of the meal, the “Yujiang·Mekong River Night” bonfire song and dance party kicked off in the host’s warm welcome, three-dimensional background layout, gorgeous lighting effects, beautiful costumes, and graceful dance wins. The audience cheered. The evening is divided into three chapters: The Song of the Lijiang River displays the seductive exotic atmosphere of the people of the Central, Lao, Myanmar, Thai, Vietnamese and Cambodian peoples along the banks of the Minjiang River and the Mekong River. The Bayeux Light is in the royal court dance. The soft and soothing melody dances the profound historical and cultural heritage and cultural charm of the nation. The flower of the nation displays the local culture of the folk songs, folk songs, music, dance and costumes of the Xishuangbanna, as well as Laos, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, The traditional Vietnamese costumes are fascinating.
    After the initial opening dance performance, the steady and handsome host appeared, and the humorous words of the whispered words led to the laughter of the tourists. In fact, the success factor of a party not only had a perfect song and dance performance, but also a Excellent host. This host must give 95 points!
    It’s a very beautiful song and dance performance, a perfect performance, so that everyone watching everyone bursts with applause!
    The midfielder also has a part of interacting with the audience. The host will invite several spectators to come to the stage, participate in the interactive game with the girl, and see the shame of the young and handsome guys on the stage and the lyrics of the host. Everyone is watching a burst of laughter!
    My favorite is this performance – Bayeux’s light, also the most final dance of the show, far better than the Thai shemale show, although the Thai shemale show is also glamorous, but how can it compare with the original family Is the girl so dazzling? ! I really don’t want to come here!
    These minority actors are selected villagers in the nearby villages. They are beautiful in appearance. They are only in their teens, but they are all beautifully dancing. The smile on the face also attracts me. The shutter of the camera in my hand. Keep pressing, it’s so beautiful!
    The last dance, that is, the actor of all ethnic groups gathered together, everyone splashed water with joy, each person’s hand in a basin of real water, splashing to each other are full of blessings!
    The song and dance performance has just ended, the blazing bonfire has been ignited, the music is ringing, people are enjoying the passion around the bonfire, jumping, cheering, dancing, there are traditional folk dances in Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Dai peacock dance, Hani咚 嚓 嚓, the great inspiration of the Jinuo people, the hand bell dance of the Yao people. You can also listen to the original folk songs of local folk singers. The song and dance stopped, the tourists held the water lanterns, and flocked to the release lake in the blessings of the elders of the Yi people. They prayed devoutly and made good wishes. The water lamps carried hope and shackles, such as a little bit of stars spilling over the lake. Songs, laughter, drums echoed in the park…
    Good light efficiency.
    It is well known that in our capital there is the emperor’s royal garden, which is symmetrical and not rigid, stretched and not scattered. The garden is full of strange stone, and the wood is lush, and its cypress vines are hundreds of years old, and the garden is dotted with fun. Coincidentally, in the southwestern border of our motherland, the beautiful Xishuangbanna also has a beautiful scenery, 6,000 square meters of black heart in the garden, vines climbing, strange flowers, colorful, colorful, strong shade Cool and pleasant. The blue waves are set aside by the lake, with green grass and flowers, which is a good scene for leisure and entertainment. Here is the Royal Garden of the King of the Kings.
    The park has a set of tickets, including the day and night, we bought the package, so there are also many plants and flowers in the park during the day. When you step into the day, you will feel the return to nature, and feel the combination of natural and artificial, which makes you feel good and happy. There are many rare flowers and plants planted in the garden. I especially like these stone sarcophagi, all kinds of smiles and greets people.
    There are more than 500 ancient iron knives and vegetation in the park. There are hills and rivers in the park, and there is a rich cultural landscape with ethnic characteristics. It is a natural village-style park.
    The entire park is surrounded by lush forests, and is surrounded by glazed tiles. The trees are entwined with vines. The vines are pure to the lake, and the lake reflects beautiful buildings. It is no less than the Royal Garden in Beijing. And because it is located in the subtropical rainforest climate, the roads are everywhere and the flowers are unbeaten. All the beautiful views are unobstructed.
    Here, there is a wishing pavilion and a release lake. I hang up the peace symbol written by myself, and then take the release of the fry from the girl in the house, gently put it into the lake, and meditate in my heart: the sentient beings are well! There is no war! By the way, there is another small wish: to complete the global travel shoot as soon as possible!
    What is the meaning of the copper furnace? There are many sufferings in nature. Today, my generation of pigs and dogs, the other world will not slaughter me? Advise the monarch to let go of his life, and to read a good day.
    Scorpio, the mantle, and the net became a Buddhist monk.
    The birds and beasts in the mountains sweep the nests, and the fish in the water sweep the sand.
    All the insects sweep the earth, and if one can’t walk away, the mountain god water will save him.
    Don’t miss the Dai song and dance performance at noon, under the magnificent pavilion, there are a group of magnificent actors, all of which will bring you into the era in an instant, everything is going through ~~ through that time and space~~~
    This is a strong love story between the king and the queen. Maybe we can’t understand it, but we can feel the delicate world of feelings, why! Sigh!
    Elephant performance time: 11:00-11:30 am, 2:40-3:10, 4:10-4:40
    I like elephants very much. I think it is the smartest animal in the world, the animal closest to human beings. So, when I hear the royal garden and the elephant show, I am bound to run here and watch the elephant show.
    Before going to the show, ride an elephant.
    I like this kind of interaction, the interaction between elephants and children, guiding children to understand the relationship between people and nature, people and animals.
    The elephant is greedy but very honest. He knows that he has to eat for food, to make a beautiful shot, and win the applause of everyone!
    Another long shot, hey, in the middle! Elephant brother is good! These performances are actually playing with elephants. I watched the elephants having a good time. The balls have always been the elephant’s favorite things. This is very good. Respecting animals is equal to respecting oneself.
    The beautiful commentator said hello to the elephant, and he must give the hat to his favorite little baby.
    The naughty elephant first wanted to give the little boy.
    Finally, I gave the little girl, this elephant must be public! Like little beauty! The little boy glared at the hat and looked away, haha! The embarrassing elephant and two cute babies made everyone laugh.
    Walk into Manting Park to visit Xishuangbanna General Buddha Temple, the center of the pilgrimage of Buddhist worshippers in Xishuangbanna. The total Buddhist temple is located in the south side of the back garden of the Manghao Office of Jinghong City. It consists of the Buddhist temple “Weihan”, the teaching building of the Buddhist College, the Lotus Pole Pavilion, and the “Warming Room”. On the side of the door today, there is a bungalow with a big drum. The inner wall of the room is painted with a picture of the Buddha’s birth, called “Saxi Miscellaneous”, for several Buddha statues. One of the Buddha statues, with seven faucet arms extending from the back of the shoulder, grabbed the head from the back. In the middle of the north is the main building of the Buddhist temple, “Xionhan” – the main hall of the Buddhist temple. In the middle of the pedestal, a statue of Sakyamuni Buddha, 2.5 meters high, is enshrined. Around the front and the front of the golden statue, there are fourteen statues of Buddha that are taller than one meter. The base is lowered, and the statues of the Buddha are nine. There are sorghums in the temple for the believers to confess and bless. The Xishuangbanna General Buddhist Temple was built in the 7th century by two monks from Myanmar. It has a history of more than 1,000 years and is the earliest Nanchuan Buddhist temple in Xishuangbanna. In the history of the ancient temples that have been damaged for many times, after five times of rebuilding the ancient temples of the millennium, the total Buddhist temple in Xishuangbanna has been renewed, resplendent, and once again glory. After the completion of the ceremony, he received more than 20 statues of Sakyamuni Buddha from the Buddhist circles in Thailand. The believers came to worship and gave a sigh of incense.
    If you are tired, you can enjoy afternoon tea in the garden.
    Eat one or two fruit cakes, drink the freshly squeezed watermelon juice, hide behind the screen window and enjoy the gentle breeze. Look at a novel again, the days are slowly ~
    For food, it is impossible to resist the Yi people’s food, I like these sour and spicy sauces, stained with the entrance fines, ah, very refreshing, appetizing and summer heat.
    Man listening to the Royal Garden tickets: daytime fare: 54 yuan,
    Bonfire party fare: 280 yuan for a ticket, 380 yuan for a vlp ticket, 480 yuan for a VIP ticket
    Opening hours: 8:00 to 17:00 (daytime), 6:30 to 9:30 (bonfire party)
     Wangtianshu Scenic Area
    When I was a child, I first came into contact with the Yi people. I saw the 90s Shanghai TV series “The Debt” that described the educated youth going back to the city and going back to the city. The little girl from Xishuangbanna came to Shanghai to find her father. From that film, I was full of curiosity about the Yi people, especially the beautiful Yi girls. Their graceful figure, watery tenderness, and gorgeous tube skirts made me a little younger.
    This time I came to Xishuangbanna on the eve of the Songkran Festival. In addition to trying to get a close look at this place full of fragrant bamboo fragrant and cucurbit, it is for the sake of a girl.
    This Yi, known as “water-like”, has produced countless beautiful girls. Although there are few locals wearing Dai costumes on the streets that have not arrived in the festival, they can be found in some scenic spots. Tour guides and actors are almost all the little girl in the nearby stockade. For example, the most impressive impression is the Wangtianshu Scenic Spot. The girl inside is very impressive.
    First, I met two tour guide girls in the “Air Tree Corridor Corridor” and saw that in front of me, there were two girls wearing colorful dresses, walking and swaying, standing at the door and smiling at us. And led us to the famous sky corridor in Wangtianshu Scenic Area. The girl all the way was very careful to lead us to the swaying “ladder.”
    The accompanying Yi girls brought us the seeds of Wangtianshu. Let us plant them. Everyone is happy to accept that the seeds are slowly falling from the height of several hundred meters, and there is also a blessing in my heart.
    In the air corridor, in 1990, the Xishuangbanna National Nature Reserve Administration cooperated with the American Society for the Conservation of Nature, and invested in a 261-meter-long “Aerial Tree Corridor Corridor” in the Wangtian Forest to carry out a survey of rainforest canopy small beasts. After that, it will gradually open to the outside world and receive tourists.
    These “ladders” are in the middle of the world’s third-highest observation tree. The highest point on the ground has reached 36 meters. I carefully probed out and couldn’t see the depths of the jungle. I was so timid in my heart that I never feared. High, I walked on it and there was some trembling. Even the film was straight. At this time, I wanted to retreat. I didn’t want to go in, I didn’t want to be laughed at by my friends. I bit my heart and I turned my attention. In the endless tropical rain forest, admire the “Rainbow Giant” Wang Tianshu.
    In order to facilitate visitors to better observe the canopy bio-landscape of the tropical rainforest and reduce the pressure on the original canopy corridor, the Wangtianshu Scenic Spot completed a new canopy corridor-glass corridor in September 2013. The glass bridge is 500 meters in length, and the ten-meter glass platform can be used to experience the undulation of the empty space under the feet. It is like an avatar rainforest elf, flying in the canopy of the tropical rain forest, and the land. Get the most intimate contact on the biggest ecosystem!
    The beautiful girl is thoughtfully leading us, and the initial timidity slowly retreats.Under the blue sky and white clouds, under the layered cypresses, and under the golden sunlight through the ropes, I can fully show my good beauty and beautiful scenery. How can I miss such a beautiful scenery and quickly call the girl Take a few shots.
    The sly and simple smile of the girl, shining in the golden corridor of the golden sun, she has never been trained in the model, she can quickly integrate into the environment and let me shoot very smoothly. The beauty of the girl who is like water and tenderness, let me begin to understand why they are called “water-like” people. Maybe they don’t have the face of the face that is prevailing today. Maybe they don’t have the white face of the Han girl, but they have the natural beauty that comes from the landscape, which makes people feel the pure face.
    There are also beautiful Yao guide girls wearing Hani costumes. She said that because the Hani costumes are convenient and distinctive, they are so worn. This Yao girl looks sweet and lovely, sees her bright smile, listens to her silver bell-like laughter, as if it has been conveyed to the top of the sky tree, so that all things, animals, plants and people can feel the innocent happiness!
    There is also a glass corridor here. This scenic spot is a thoughtful move for the scenic spots. It is specially built for those who are afraid of heights, so that they can ascend and overlook the heights.
    These sculptures are all based on the characters in the movie Avatar, and they are placed in this tropical rainforest scenic spot.
    Because the location of Wangtianshu Scenic Area is subtropical, there is no cold in winter, no hot summer in summer, mild climate, average annual temperature of 21 °C, no seasons, only dry and rainy season, abundant rainfall, full of vitality, green mountains and evergreens into the main color. The temperate tropical plants flourish and bear fruit, making it a subtropical animal and plant kingdom. More than 4,000 species have been identified, 43 of which are listed as national key protected plants, and are unique in China, Asia, and the world.
    Going down the ladder, looking at the airway that the timid warfare has passed, the distant view of the sky and the sky, and the girl of the Yao family and the Yao girl are pure and smiling, the heart is as comfortable as being washed by the spring, thanks to the gift of nature. Our beautiful and pure!
    I came to the Rainforest Museum and saw a lot of animals and plants that I have never seen before. The scientific explanations, such as Jean, have increased the accumulation of knowledge, a great museum! ! !
    Professor Qiao Chuanzao is enthusiastic about writing for young children. His creation is mainly based on young prose. He has published a variety of essays. The essays “Elephant Tree”, “Forest Black Soil” and “Strangle Tree” have been selected as textbooks for primary school students. Among them, “Wang Tianshu” was selected as the fifth lesson of the first lesson of the E-education version.
    This is the elk, a small deer, almost extinct, and occasionally seen in the Wangtianshu Scenic Area.
    The high teacher of the scenic spot told us why the seeds of Wangtianshu wrapped the leaves outside. The reason is that the sky grows too high, and the seeds fall too far away. Therefore, the clever plants can compete with the fittest. Looking for a way to multiply, so the seeds of the sky tree have a parachute around them, which can alleviate the speed of falling and improve the ability to survive.
    Giant squirrels are slowly becoming scarce.
    This Ganoderma lucidum is really big, I really want to be your own, haha, longevity and youthfulness are the dreams of everyone!
    The museum has an introduction to the ethnic minorities in Xishuangbanna.
    There is also a peach jellyfish. According to the local high teacher, when I was a child, I often saw such a jellyfish, and once brought the peach jellyfish home, the result was that two days, the peach jellyfish died, causing Xiao Xiao’s teacher to cry for a while. Gao Dad told that the peach jellyfish can only survive in a very clean natural environment. Therefore, the Nanla River in Wangtianshu Scenic Spot has these rare peach jellyfish because the water source is good and pollution-free, so the Nanla River can survive. Delicate peach jellyfish.
    Xishuangbanna Tropical Rainforest National Park Wangtianshu Scenic Area is located in the National Key Development and Open Experimental Zone of Mengla (Menglan), 14KM away from Mengla County, 134KM from Jinghong City, Xishuangbanna Prefecture, and 60KM away from the national first-level port. It is Xishuangbanna Country. The organic component of the nature reserve and the most typical representative of the tropical rain forest in China.
    Wang Tianshu mainly focuses on:
    Tropical Rainforest Experience Hall
    The Tropical Rainforest Experience Hall, a mysterious indigenous branch among ethnic minorities, has five here: Aini, Buddhism, Rower, Kemu, and Kami. Their mysterious branch culture will be a concentrated display in the Rainforest Experience Hall. There are some of the ornaments that represent their inheritance from the primitive society, as well as their bark clothes made of the poisonous tree species of “Blood Seal”, the cryptographic green language, and the deep reproduction of more branch cultures.
    The Nanlahe Rainforest Scenic Belt, known as the Eastern Amazon, is the first stop for exploring the Tiantianshu rainforest. From the Buji Rainforest Wharf to the Wangtianshu Rainforest Wharf, the 4.3km forest in the Nanla River Basin The twists and turns, the dense tropical rainforest on both sides and the strange rainforest vegetation growing in the water together constitute a beautiful scene.
    Phillips Trail
    The Phillips Trail is dedicated to the commemoration of the Prince of the World Wildlife Conservation Foundation, Prince Duke of Edinburgh. In 1986, Prince Philip personally went to Xishuangbanna for research, and finally confirmed the existence of the typical tree species of the Dipterocarpaceae. After returning to China, he actively promoted to his colleagues, and said that he had confirmed to the world that it was near 21 degrees north latitude. The presence of tropical rain forests has also made China one of the three major regions in the world with tropical rainforests.
    Challenge the world’s tallest canopy air corridor
    In the 1990s, the American botanist Moore observed the Tianyu tropical rainforest for close and multi-angle observations, and the local government unexpectedly built this volley 36 meters, hundreds of meters long, and the canopy and canopy between the canopy The “Wangtianshu Air Corridor” is now a place where many people come from thousands of miles to observe the world focus of the Chinese tropical rainforest.
    Cai Xitao Trail
    In 1974, Cai Xitao went to Buqian Village of Mengla County to conduct field research and sample identification. He discovered the representative tree species of the tropical rain forest, the sedum tree of Dipterocarpaceae, which confirmed the existence of tropical rain forest in China and also became the world’s forest. One of the most complete types of countries. The trail is named for this famous botanist.
    Knowledgeable high teacher
    Legend of the Nanla River
    According to legend, the ancient times were relatively dry, and the Buddha Sakyamuni cruised here. The kind-hearted locals dedicated their own tea to the Buddha to quench their thirst. The Buddha moved and poured the rest of the tea here, forming the prototype of the river. The “South” proverb is water, and the “wa” is the meaning of tea. This river has been called the Nanla River by later generations, meaning the tea river.
    Here is far from the city’s fierce competition and high-tech destruction, water and soil vegetation and cultural landscapes remain better in the mountains. The aboriginal people chose to live in the water for generations, and they were accompanied by the river. They went hunting on the mountain, fishing in the river, farming and grass farming, and working day and night, living in harmony with the world. Most of the Yi people lived for at least a thousand years of history. The legend is the hometown of the peacock princess. The Yi people are hydrophilic people. The villages are almost built on the banks of the river. How many village bamboo buildings are in the shadows of the rivers and rivers, hidden in the deep bamboo forest, picturesque and picturesque. Due to the remote location and the traffic congestion, the Nanla River has not been known to outsiders. It was only at the end of the 1960s that tens of thousands of young people from Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing and other places responded to the call, and they came one after another.Glue, another news person Zhu Kejia, coupled with the movie “Captures of the Elephant” broadcast in the country, lost the silence of the past, began to noisy, and gradually known to the world.
    At this time, the water of the Nanla River is crystal clear. It seems to be married to the girl in the bamboo building. It is quiet and peaceful. It is difficult to hide the spring heart, calm the underwater fish and prawn, slowly flowing the river, gently infiltrating the two banks, quietly Moisturize the land and feel fresh everywhere.
    When I saw the Nanla River, I couldn’t help but think of a Yunnan folk song “Xiaohe Lishui”, beautiful and beautiful melody, melodious and melodious, slowly flowing like water, the wind came to the water, the rhythm of the river flowing, the rhythm of the germination, ups and downs, Bit by bit, into the lungs, all people are drunk.
    The Nanla River is famous for its fish and is one of the most fish in Xishuangbanna. There are not only common subtropical fish species in other places, but also a fun naughty “sparkling fish”. Usually it is no different from other fish. It is only six or seven centimeters in size. When you are leisurely or in trouble, the fish will quickly swell into a small balloon and make a squeaking sound to avoid possible injury and protect yourself. Out of the woods. The appearance is similar to the Jiangnan puffer fish, but the taste is not very delicious, but it is partial to southern Xinjiang, which is unknown.
    Since I am looking forward to the Tianshu Scenic Area, there must be a lot of sky trees in the sky. Looking up and looking at almost no head, it is no wonder that some people laughed and said that Tianshu can treat cervical spondylosis for a long time.
    Wang Tianshu is an alias of Tiantianshu, a large tree with a height of 40-60 meters and a breast diameter of 60-150 cm. The bark is gray or tan. The upper part of the trunk is shallow and longitudinal, and the lower part of the straw is flaking. In 1975, the Yunnan Forestry Expedition Team was discovered in the forests of Xishuangbanna. The genus has 11 members, most of which are located in the 2B area of ​​Southeast Asia. Wangtianshu is a rare and rare species that grows only in Yunnan, China. It is only distributed in the Xishuangbanna and the 20 square kilometers in the area from Xinzhai to Jingpeng in Guangnai. Within the scope. Wang Tianshu is of great significance for studying the tropical flora of China. The species has been listed as a national level I key protected wild plant in China (approved by the State Council on August 4, 1999).
    In the vicinity of the air corridor, we found a small tree, because the young branches of the tree are scaly hair with round lenticels. Local friends said that this kind of self-living Wangtianshu is rare to see, because the tree of Wangtianshu is very large, but it is rare and fruitful, and it is difficult to harvest. The seeds are scattered and quickly sprout or rot. Mature fruit should fall off on its own and should be harvested in time.
    It is a small surprise to see the seedlings of such rare plants. I also pray that this seedling tree grows into a towering tree!
    Here, in addition to challenging the thrilling air canopy corridor, and the “Rainbow Giant” Wangtianshu (the iconic tree species of the tropical rainforest), the dialogue between nature and man can also be seen, as well as the “five wonders” of the tropical rain forest (roots, The magic of strangulation, parasitic episodes, dripping tip, old stems and springs, under the high teacher’s detailed explanation, learned in such a large wild botanical garden, fully felt the magic of nature, and the smallness of human beings.
    Xishuangbanna is the largest tropical rain forest in China. The strangulation phenomenon is a peculiar landscape in this virgin forest, which is everywhere in the Xishuangbanna tropical rain forest. Most of the strangling plants are eucalyptus. The seeds of these strangling plants are mostly scraped into the trunks of palm trees and hemlock trees, which are easy to grow eucalyptus, by the droppings of birds. After germination, the roots are implanted at the bottom of the strangled plants. . Strangled plants wrap around the stems of palm trees, hemlock trees, etc., and compete with the strangled plants for nourishment and water. The stranglers slowly grow into tropical plants that are both epiphytic and autonomous. A few years later, the roots of the strangling plants firmly cut off the water supply of palm trees and hemlock trees, and the plants that were strangled would gradually die due to lack of nutrition and water.
    The root is a slab-shaped adventitious root unique to tropical woody plants and can be regarded as a kind of aerial root. It is also a special ecological phenomenon in the tropical climate. The large roots of some giant trees in the tropical rain forest can reach more than ten meters high and extend more than ten meters wide, forming huge flank, which is very spectacular. The root of the tree is formed by the lateral abnormal external growth of the arbor. It is an additional supporting structure of tall trees. It is usually radiated, with 3-5 strips as the most, and the most weight-bearing side is developed, and the soil is shallow. Local roots are easier to form.
    The root is a special adaptation of tall trees, which is a very strong and powerful root system, which can effectively avoid the problem of the top-heavy and unstable standing caused by the large crown and heavy upper part of the body, effectively enhancing and supporting. The aboveground part can also resist the attack of heavy storms and maintain the role of moisture. It solves the dilemma that the roots of trees in tropical rain forests are difficult to enter deep soil and support the aboveground part.
    Panlong phoenix phenomenon
    There is also a very strange phenomenon in the Xishuangbanna tropical rain forest, that is, the plants are remarried. There are many eucalyptus trees in the rainforest. The eucalyptus tree crown is tall, but the roots are very shallow. To support the huge body, the clever and know-how eucalyptus is from the stem or The branches grow adventitious roots or aerial roots. The tip of the gas roots extends into the soil. The underground part quickly grows into a root system. The aerial part grows into a trunk. When other large trees can be used as support points, the existing trees will be abandoned immediately. Invested in the embrace of other big trees, and merged with other big trees, just like social phenomena, in order to have better living conditions, abandon the lovers of childhood, and put into the tall and tall arms, nature Such a realistic interpretation of the human social phenomenon is amazing!
    The tree that was strangled has died. Look at the light-transparent part of it. It is already empty. Only the trunks wrapped around it have to admire the trees in these tropical rain forests. They have such “intelligence”, the weak meat is strong, and the fittest is fully perfect. Deductive!
    There are many plants and flowers in the whole scenic spot, strolling in it, breathing fresh air, the whole person becomes light and smart, and can learn a lot of knowledge of tropical rain forest. This is really nothing! Here I think it is also very suitable for families with children to go on holiday. In nature, it is easier for children to accept and absorb knowledge, and to wash the lungs and learn the best of both worlds.
    I also saw a plant that I have never heard of before: mysterious fruit!
    This is a typical tropical evergreen shrub with its origin in West Africa, Ghana and Congo. In the 1960s, when Premier Zhou Enlai visited West Africa, the Republic of Ghana gave the mysterious fruit as a national gift to Premier Zhou. Since then, mysterious fruit has begun to be cultivated in our country. The mysterious fruit is a national treasure-level precious plant. It is protected in both West African countries and China and is prohibited from exporting. The fruit of the mysterious fruit is sour, but contains mysterious fruit protein. After eating mysterious fruit for two hours, and then eating other acidic fruits, I feel that these sour fruits are no longer sour, but become sweet, hence the name mysterious fruit.
    The mysterious fruit is an elliptical red fruit that is not more than a centimeter in length and a few millimeters in diameter. When cut open, there is no mystery except for a little sweet fruit and a large seed. However, as long as you eat a little bit of this fruit, your taste will change after about a few hours. At this time, whether you are eating bitter berberine, chili or sour lemon, you will feel that all these fruits are no longer bitter, spicy and sour. The teeth are sweet. Is this fruit mysterious?
    The shop in the scenic spot is the only shop selling mysterious fruit. The boss showed me the mysterious fruit seeds. It is such a small one, but it has great magical power. Nature is wonderful!
    Because there is a big meal in the evening, I am convinced that I want to taste the desire, the fish and the bear’s paw can not have both~
    While strolling in the rainforest, Gao said that she had prepared a special dinner for us. There was also a sister-in-law to sing and sing the wine songs. With a little expectation, we came to the open-air restaurant in the scenic spot.
    When the delicate and beautiful rainforest feast in the eyes caught in the eyes, I couldn’t help but exclaim that it was so beautiful! This is just a sumptuous dinner. It should be a fine art piece. It is totally unwilling to eat and can’t bear to destroy such a beautiful picture.
     Wild bamboo shoots
     Family barbecue
     Purple rice
     Bamboo rice noodle
     Wild eggplant
     Lemongrass grilled fish
     The outside circle is a sweet and sour pineapple rice.
     Fried pig skin
    These foods are all pure green materials taken from the rainforest. There are all kinds of flowers, various vegetables, and no MSG. They are purely based on the aroma and flavor of the ingredients. We are hungry by the scent. It’s hard to refuse, then pick up your sleeves and start!
    At this time, the beautiful Yi girl and the handsome guy sang the beautiful folk songs to the table, began to toast to everyone, and are all the corn wine brewed in the village near Jing, smelling very pure and without adding height. Counting grain wine, I only got drunk when I smelled it. Where did I dare to drink it, and quickly waved my hand and refused. Fortunately, the girls who are toasting are very well-behaved, let me go without the white wine, and then toast to the gentlemen, this is good, a wonderful show started, haha!
    Handsome and handsome driver Qian Shifu, you can find him in the Banna chartered car tour. The chartered car in Jinghong City is 200 yuan a day, the city is 300 yuan a day, Wang Tianshu is 500 yuan a day. Need money Master WeChat to find me, my WeChat: 14210185
    This rainforest feast is a great feast for the guests! The food, beauty and wine are all embraced by the men. At this time, I finally realized this sentence: the peony is dead, and the ghosts are also Merry!
    Depart from Kunming
    1. Xishuangbanna is about 600 kilometers away from Kunming. Visitors from other places can take a 50-minute flight from Kunming. (Cost: 780 yuan per person) Please refer to local air ticketing for details.
    2, by bus, to the Kunming Railway Station, there are several passenger stations can go to Xishuangbanna, the fare is about 270-320 yuan, usually seven hours to arrive.
    3, self-driving, you can take this line from Yuxi – Simao – Jinghong.
    Depart from Xishuangbanna
    Jinghong – Mengla County – Wangtianshu Scenic Spot Visitors can take the bus from Jinghong to Mengla in the Xishuangbanna Bus Terminal (locals called the Tire Factory). Every half hour, take the bus and take the bus for three hours. It can be reached, the whole journey is more than 140 kilometers, and the fare is about 50 yuan. When you arrive at the Mengla Passenger Car, you can purchase the ticket for Wangtianshu Scenic Spot directly at the station, which is 14 kilometers. The fare is 9 yuan and can be reached within 20 minutes. Remember to tell the driver that you are under the “Wangtianshu Ticket Office” at the make-up dock. After getting off the bus, I believe that this magical and beautiful rainforest will not disappoint your journey. Get your camera ready.
    Ticket information
    Package ticket (scenic sightseeing ticket + one-way Nanlahe cruise tour + air corridor + one-way traffic car) The retail price is 198 yuan / Zhang
    Pick-up location: Network window of the ticket office of the scenic spot
    Special group preferential policies ~ the most favorable way to purchase the voucher
    First, the sightseeing ticket preferential policy
    1. Children under 1.2 meters (excluding 1.2 meters) are exempt from tickets.
    2, the height of the child between 1.2 meters – 1.4 meters (including 1.2 meters, but not including 1.4 meters), half a ticket.
    3, the height of 1.4 meters (including 1.4 meters) above the children to buy a full ticket.
    4, 60 years old (including 60 years old) or older with a half-price concession with the relevant certificate tickets, that is, 30 yuan / person, 70 years old (including 70 years old) or older, with the relevant documents exempted from tickets.
    5, students, teachers, journalists, with the relevant documents tickets to enjoy half-price concessions, that is, 30 yuan / person.
    6. Persons with disabilities are entitled to a 50% discount on tickets for disabled persons, ie 30 yuan/person. Those with one to four disabilities are exempt from admission.
    7. Active military personnel, retired cadres, hero models, and labor model at or above the provincial and ministerial level, with the relevant documents exempt from sightseeing tickets.
    Second, the cruise preferential policy
    1. Children under 1.2 meters (excluding 1.2 meters) are exempt from the ticket.
    2, height 1.2 meters (Children with more than 1.2 meters) purchase a full ticket.
    Third, the air corridor preferential policy
    1, children under 1.2 meters (excluding 1.2 meters), free of charge.
    2, 1.2 meters – 1.4 meters (including 1.2 meters, but not including 1.4 meters) of children’s discount tickets 60 yuan / person.
    3, 1.4 meters (including 1.4 meters) or more children 120 yuan / person
     Dai nationality park
    Located in Xishuangbanna Olive Dam, Yunnan Province, China. In the scenic area, there are five well-preserved natural villages in China: Man Jiang, Man Chun Man, Man He, Man Yi, Man Man. Among them, Mansong Man and Man Man are two larger stockades. “Garden Village”, “Palace Garden Village”. The Damen Building, Yingbin Square, the old scenic area, the tourist route, the riverside activity area, etc. have been built and built. The Yi Nationality Garden is the soul of Xishuangbanna. It is the only folk eco-tourism boutique scenic spot in Xishuangbanna that integrates the history, culture, religion, sports, architecture, living customs, clothing, food, production and life. The village community that has remained unchanged for thousands of years, the folk customs of the millennium, the subtropical courtyard scenery, the magical Buddhist culture, the paradise of flowers and fruits, is known as the peacock feather. The Dai nationality garden condenses the essence of the national culture of the 傣, which can be described as: “One day as an olive dam, night dreams back to the Dai national park.”
    When I came to Banna, of course I had to feel the joy of splashing water. The splashing square of the Dai Garden was born. Every day, there are two water-splashing ceremonies. There is a short performance ceremony and then enter the pool. Everyone is happy with each other. Here, the villagers in the nearby villages were invited to guide the tourists to pour water. It is sure to have more people to play with. Generally, whoever looks at the opposite sex, splashes water on him or her, and the more water is poured, the stronger the love is.
    Here you can rent a set of armor, 50 yuan a set, so that visitors can be unscrupulous and splashing water, wet is so simple! There is also a cheerful saying in the Dai Garden: wet every day, happy life!
    The traditional art here is well preserved. There are folk singers of the Yi nationality, old-fashioned carvings of Bayeux scriptures, old bamboo craftsmen, hand-woven old ladies, and people who make dried fruit.
    Bayeine is a palm plant, Bayeux brown. It is described in the ancient book as a beido tree, which grows in the tropical and subtropical regions. After the introduction of Buddhism into Xishuangbanna, the Western Region used to write the scriptures of the Bay Tree. The Buddhist believers used to make the Bayeux leaves of the Bayeux, first take the flowers leaves, cut the strips according to certain specifications, flatten the bales, add the sour horn, lemon into the pot to cook, then wash, dry and flatten, use the ink line Bounce in a row, then write with a stylus. Then apply a single ink on the full-fledged bay leaf, wipe it with a cloth, let the ink juice remain in the mark, form a clear trace, and then bind it to a book. The Bayeux scriptures written with Bayeux have the characteristics of moisture-proof, anti-mite, anti-corrosion, etc., and can be preserved for a hundred years without being rotten.
    In Xishuangbanna, people engraved a scripture on the bay leaf, just like writing a person’s name on the water. The bay leaves, which are formed by sunlight and hydration, are eroded by sunlight and water into ash of water and sunlight. The people who wrote the lettering didn’t care about it. They just smiled like water, gently smashed the ashes of time, cut off the fresh Bayeux again, dried the water, and carefully carved the words like water.
    It is to use this stylus to write the scripture on the bay leaf. A piece of Bayeux is sold here very cheap, 2 yuan a piece, interested friends can buy a few pieces to take away.
    In the Yi language, the whistle is the meaning of beauty, and the cat lick is the meaning of a handsome guy.
    The authentic barbecue begins, and the sisters of the family are warm and toasted. This time the style changes, the beautiful and beautiful sisters take a devout style, and the pair looks like you in the autumn. live? Then open it! That is to persuade the wine, you do not drink and have to drink, haha!
    The bottom dark green is the local specialty: moss, taste and seaweed is very similar.
    Hey, Master Qian, where is your eyes going? Drink well and drink! Haha!
    The sky is getting darker, and the distant sunset glows the sky with a colorful color. We walked to the riverside and there will be a barbecue song and dance gathering tonight.
    Everyone is playing tonight, and the most famous folk cucurbit masters in Banna, and the guitar singers who don’t know the staff, and the baritone singer, the elephant prince, have come out with their own alcohol. The unique life, so the entire riverside is a constant singing, laughter is not only, the applause continues, even the sound of the torrential water of the Mekong River also joined in, a good song of the Banna!
    Transportation: far from the city, it is recommended to charter to
    Tickets: 50.00 yuan
    Opening hours: 08:00~18:00
    Address: Olive Dam, Jinghong City, Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province
     Daluo port
    Daluo Port is located in the southwest of Menghai County, bordering Myanmar, 80 kilometers from Myanmar, 239 kilometers from Thailand, 550 kilometers from Chiang Mai, Thailand, and 1,250 kilometers from Bangkok, Thailand. The location advantage of the port is obvious. Tourism is a border town with ethnic characteristics.
    Daluo is more than an hour away from Jinghong. There is a highway in the middle of the Jinuo Mountain. The rest of the road is the national road, but some of the mountain roads are rugged and can be driven carefully. Jinghong to Daluo also has direct access to the CMB.
    All the way to hovering on the rugged mountain road, the scenery is narrow and sometimes bright, the fields are sliced, yellow, brown, green, green, watered, natural palette; the mountain is formed into pieces of rubber forest and Banana forest, this is a local economic income forest, which was a valuable asset left by educated youth.
    There are also a lot of tourists here, you can ask a tour guide to take a tour around the border for about 1 hour. At that time, I went with Jing Hong’s friends. I changed my name tag with a ID card and visited the meeting place.
    The Luojiang River, also known as the Nanzhao River, flows from east to west through the Daluo Dam and flows into Myanmar. In the Luojiang River, only 36 kilometers of the river section is in the town of Daluo, and the rest of the river is mostly in the boundary river between China and Myanmar. It is a tributary of the Mekong River. The river is a tributary of the Mekong River. The river surface is more than 30 meters wide and the water flow is gentle. There are four stockades in the south bank of the river, such as Luochengzi, Mang, Mang, Mang, and Longli.
    The clear waters of the Daluo River flowed through the middle of the town, dividing the ancient town into two halves, which flowed into the Mekong River and then merged into the Pacific Ocean. However, it keeps people’s feelings and can’t open people’s hearts. From the “dragon” of the Yuan Dynasty to the “Banna Jingluo” of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, and now to the town of Daluo, different ethnic groups are concentrated in this ferry, engaged in commodity trading activities.
    The Daluo Border Trade Development Zone is located 3 kilometers from Daluo Town, with a total area of ​​nearly 70 hectares. There are border trade markets, restaurants, hotels, restaurants, entertainment halls and other facilities. Playing the scenery of Luojiang: Playing the Luojiang River, also known as the Nanzhao River, from east to west through the Daluo Dam and into Myanmar. In the Luojiang River, only 36 kilometers of the river section is in the town of Daluo, and the rest of the river is mostly in the boundary river between China and Myanmar. On both sides of the river are the villages of China and Burma.
    Main attractions of Daluo Port:
    1. Daluo Border Trade Tourism Development Zone: It is located 3 kilometers east of Daluo Town with a total area of ​​6.7 square meters. There are trading markets, restaurants, hotels, restaurants, entertainment halls and other facilities. It integrates food, accommodation, purchase and travel, and welcomes a large number of guests from home and abroad every day.
    2, playing Luojiang scenery: playing Luojiang, also known as the South River, from east to west through the Daluo dam and then into Myanmar. The two sides of the river are villages of China and Burma.
    3. Unique trees: This is a tourist attraction formed by a huge banyan tree. The banyan tree is more than 900 years old and has a height of more than 70 meters. The trunk is covered with numerous blocky roots, such as mountain valleys, which are vertically and horizontally grasping the earth. . On the branches of the tree, a root of a root like a branch is hung down, deeply plunged into the soil, forming a rooted root, branches and branches, and the roots are tangled, making the land cover 120 square meters. After hundreds of storms and erosions, the old trees that are still flourishing and full of vitality are like a small forest.
    4. China-Myanmar 219 Boundary Scenic Area: The main landscapes include China-Myanmar 219 Boundary Monument, National Song and Dance Performance Hall, Rubber Forest Summer Garden, China-Myanmar Trade Mall, China-Myanmar Friendship Bridge and Aquatic Entertainment City. The Nanxun River flowing from the Daluo dam passes through the neighboring states of Myanmar, on both sides of the river, the villages of the two countries are adjacent to each other, and the scenery is picturesque. The languages ​​of the two countries are the same, and they have a deep friendship since ancient times.
    I was shocked to see the green peacock who was walking around without a leisurely stroll. . . . Is this domestic or wild?
    If you have a border permit, you can go to the China-Myanmar street to see, but unfortunately we are not a local hukou, and we do not have a passport, we can only give up, but here is not a passport to go out, only use the border card to enter the customs. I have seen many Burmese people free to enter and leave, and wait for me.
    The stupa in Myanmar, like the Banna, is golden.
    There is a pocket-sized duty-free shop with very few items, just about alcohol and tobacco.More classes.
     Mount Kino
    Jinuo Mountain is located in the area under the jurisdiction of Jinghong City, with a radius of more than 600 kilometers. It is 42 kilometers away from Menglun Town of Mengla County in the east and 20 kilometers away from the west. It enjoys convenient transportation. It is one of the six major tea mountains of Pu’er tea, with more than 18,000 industrious and brave Jino people. Jinuo Township was called Jinuo Mountain in the old days, and the Qing Dynasty literature was written as Yule Mountain. Because of the abundance of Pu’er tea in Jinuo Mountain, Han merchants entered the country in the late Ming and early Qing dynasties, and the promotion of tea-making tea technology had an impact on the social development of the Jino people.
    One of the Jinuo Mountains in Xishuangbanna, a local Jino language. “Base” is the uncle; “No” is the descendant, and “Kino Mountain” is the land where the descendants of the uncle live. Xishuangbanna’s place name was apparently born in the matriarchal clan society. When people knew their mothers and did not know their father, the uncle’s social status was extremely high, so there was a descendant’s descendant.
    The Jino is an ancient minority. Keno is a national self-proclaimed. In the past, the Chinese transliteration was “攸乐”, meaning “following the 舅舅 ””, and the extension was “a nation that respects the shackles”. In June 1979, it was confirmed by the nation and became the 56th nationality of China, which is the last identified ethnic minority in China. It is mainly distributed in Jinuo Township, Jinghong County, Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province, and the rest scattered in the mountainous area of ​​Jinuo Township. Mainly engaged in agriculture, good at growing tea. Using the Keno language, it belongs to the Tibetan-Burmese language branch of the Sino-Tibetan language family.
    This is tea fruit in my hand.
    When I was in Banna, there was a friend who was a Jinuo tea farmer in Keno Mountain. I was pleased to go to Keno Mountain with his kind invitation. My friend took me to see the ancient tea tree on the mountain. At first I thought of the ancient tea tree.It should be very tall, and when I look closer, it turns out to be very different from the imagination!
    The ancient tea trees here are basically more than 300 years old, and they are not tall, but the trees are old. I heard that the tea produced here is high in aroma, the bitterness is slightly higher, and the sweetness is long and lasting. More intense, when I asked Keno friends, he laughed and said nothing, saying that I would go to his house to taste tea and feel it myself.
    Although the ancient tea trees are not high, in order to pick young leaves, sometimes it is necessary to catch a piece of wood to stand up.
    Along the way, I saw many tea farmers picking tea leaves, talking with tea farmers and asking them about their income. The tea farmers told me that their annual income is generally between 60,000 and 100,000, and they have to go out and pick fresh tender tea every day. At home, some tea farmers have planted rubber trees. They need to get up at 2 am every day to cut rubber, so it is hard work to repeat the work day after day.
    The Jinuo friends also planted a kind of terraced tea called sable. In 1985, the scientific and technological personnel of the Yunnan Tea Research Institute planted more than 600,000 Yunnan big leaf tea trees in the institute. In the tea garden, a purple tea tree with buds, leaves and stems is found. The green tea is processed from its fresh leaves. The color of the tea is purple, the color of the soup is purple, the aroma is pure, and the taste is strong. : Purple Juan Tea.
    “Zijuan Tea” belongs to the Pu’er tea variety and is a variant of the tea tree variety of the Yunnan big leaf group. The “Zijuan” tea tree is a small tree with a tree-like appearance. It has the characteristics of purple stem, purple leaf and purple bud: the semi-lignified stem is purple-red, the lignified stem is brown-green; the leaf-shaped long oval, greenish, Micro-purple; bud leaves purple, more hairy. Moreover, the anthocyanins contained in the sable tea are particularly effective, and can have an effective effect on the beauty and health.
    The kind of purple scented tea of ​​Keno’s friends is very different from ordinary Taiwanese tea. The first is that there is no pesticide or fertilizer, and all use organic fertilizer. The so-called organic fertilizer does not say that everyone should understand. It is the thing of Christine. It is said that only this kind of planting can make the taste of the finished sable tea to the extreme. The taste of pesticide tea is much worse. If you drink too much, you will get drunk and dizzy.
    The second is that the planting distance is very wide, so that Zijuan tea can fully absorb the nutrients, thus ensuring the quality of the tea. I did not expect that Keno friends can have such insights and praise one!
    I came to Keno’s friend’s house and learned how to make tea. The process of making Pu’er tea and tea is simply divided into four steps:
    The first step of micro-carving, the second step, the third step, tea, the fourth step of tea, if the amount of tea is too much, it usually takes half an hour, the minimum time is 25 minutes for killing, 3 to 5 minutes for tea, and one day for tea. If there is not enough time for killing, there will be astringency and then the soup will be too low or too low to control the heat. The purpose of the tea is to obtain the appearance and the line. The tea leaves after the green tea and the tea are placed in the sun according to a certain thickness, so that the moisture in the leaves is moderately evaporated, and the content of the contained substances is moderately converted.
    First step
    The second step
    The third step
    The fourth step
    This is the yellow piece, the so-called yellow piece, which is the tea leaves that are slightly larger in color and yellow in the production process. Generally, they should be pulled out after the preparation, and the yellow piece of tea will affect the price. However, this kind of yellow tea has a different flavor and is said to be more sweet and aftertaste.
    Of course, the hospitality of the hospitality is sure to come up with the best ancient tea, so I also had the privilege of drinking the authentic ancient Pu’er tea! It is indeed a clear soup, a good taste, and a very weak tea fragrance, very comfortable! The Pu’er tea of ​​a friend’s family is called a half-life, and friends who are interested can add me to WeChat 14210185.
    On the whim, I invited friends and family members to change into Keno national costumes and took a few shots for them.
    The Jino men wore wide trousers, a white round neck buttonless placket top, knee-length wide pants, wrapped leggings, a long cloth toe cap, and a patterned bamboo or silver earring. The woman stilted her sorghum, wearing a triangular pointed hat, a large linen bag on her back, a variety of patterns on the white vest, a collarless long-sleeved outerwear, and a black-red interlaced skirt. The Jinuo people like to wear self-woven blue, red and black woven fabrics with rich ethnic characteristics. The woman’s blouse is called “Rainbow Clothes”. It is a beautiful and unique pair of embroidered stripes with various stripes. But now the Jino clothing is not so complicated, at least I did not see my friend wrapped leggings, it is estimated to have improved. . . .
    So far, folks still have a legend about “Rainbow Clothes”: A long time ago, the rainbow of an ancestor’s grandmother’s heaven was put on a suffering girl, making her as beautiful as a fairy, and living auspicious and happy. Life, since then, the Keno people have made the rainbow a unique decoration of their own nation. After the fifteen or six-year-old man, the Keno men will hold a ceremony of adult rites. After a serious and complicated process, they will have to change the clothes of adults. The sun (moon) emblem will be embroidered on the back of the shirt, and the bag will be embroidered on the “tube”. Embroidered with this emblem, it has only qualified as a member of the commune and has the right to fall in love. After that, they must spend the night in the public house.
    Don’t say, the mother of a friend who put on a bright Kino national costume has become very beautiful, really radiant!
    The Jino’s headwear is unique, with a pointed shawl cap made of self-woven white burlap with a striped pattern. Some hats have a long hem, embroidered with a colorful geometric pattern, and tassels with beads, wool and feathers. Unmarried girls put their hats on their heads, and married women set up a bamboo basket on their heads to make the hats rise. The best decorations on the men’s headscarf are ornaments made up of red beans. The wings of white wood worms fall below. This is the girl’s sentimental token to the young man. The wings of the white wood worms are hard and never fade, symbolizing the steadfastness. Love.
    The women wear a collarless pair of short tops, black cloth with red edges, lace, color cloth, and a sun flower pattern on the back. The chest is a triangular flower chest and a black front slit skirt with a red cloth trim. Tied leggings and white burlap winged caps (some with colored stripes). The girl’s hat angle hangs down to the shoulder, and the married woman rolls up a corner.
     The Yi people rushed to sway, just for a while to eat and drink.
    It is also called “doing a pendulum”, a folk festival of the Dai nationality in Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture of Yunnan Province. Due to the different scales of the pendulum, some are held in villages, and some villages are co-organized, and the time varies. Individuals usually hold three days after the opening of the festival in mid-December, and the public is also held in the first month.
    The main contents of the Yi people’s “Splashing Water Festival” include flower picking, bathing Buddha, splashing water, dragon boat racing and rushing. The first few items are known at a glance. Picking flowers is collecting flowers, splashing water is splashing water, what is the bathing Buddha? Although I was a little deeper, I thought that it would be to shower the Buddha statue with clear water. As for the dragon boat race, let alone. Only the “rushing” is difficult to understand. Many people think that it is probably like the rushing market in the north, the market or the south, and the street. The Yi people are just called rushing.
    The bridge here is the dragon boat and the rushing scene. There are too many people. I have the tendency to intensive phobia. I simply give up close shooting and wipe away two.
    In fact, the coverage of the Yi people’s “catch-up” is far more extensive than the market trade. It is not just a temple fair that combines sacrifices, gatherings, art, and trade, because the temple fair is just one of many festivals. The festivals of the Yi people, although they have a wide variety of names, are mostly called “pendulums”, such as setting up the South (Splashing Water Festival), putting on the flowers, posing the para, swinging the Luo, posing the sweat, posing, and fasting, etc. Participating in these activities is called rushing.
    The length of time that the Yi people “swing” is generally determined by the number of large mortuaries (temples) that are influential in various places. The routine is a boudoir to catch a pendulum. For example, in Mangshi, the larger mortuary in Fengping, Jianshan, Guangmu, Mang, 奘, 奘, 奘 shouting, so the city of Mang’s pendulum has 7 days, while Ruili, Yingjiang, and Suichuan Lianghe, then rush for 3 to 5 days.
    On the day of the rush, the people in the village gathered together in the Buddhist temple to chanting, and the men beat the drums and greeted the Buddha. When the Buddha statue arrives, the women dressed in costumes immediately offer flowers and fruit, burning incense and burning candles.
    During the festival, people often sing singers or perform other performances to carry out recreational activities. Unmarried young men and women take this opportunity to seek love from each other and find the right person. On the same day,
    The owner of the “doing the pendulum” also invites everyone to feast. In accordance with the traditional habits, he made a pendulum once, and his status in religion was promoted to “tan”, twice to “Papa”, three times to “Pazul”, and four times to “Pachler”. . The higher the status, the more respected the villagers are, so the custom of folks has continued.
    The people of the Yi people in the urban area rushed to gather in a place where there were many vendors selling food and food, and all kinds of special snacks were dazzling, and the girls in the family would dress up in those days and dress them beautifully and generously. The manners of the thousands of people, showing their most beautiful side, wearing the ethnic flower skirts of the girls, as if only a butterfly flying into the market.
    The Yi culture does not pass on the female. According to the rules, each Yi boy must be a monk for at least 3 months in his life. He is separated from the family and officially studied and practiced in the temple. As he grows older, he becomes a monk from a young monk. When I am 20 years old, I will not be a vulgar, or I will be a wife. A man who has never been a monk is considered to be a “living person”. He has not obtained the qualifications to be a human being. He is despised and no girl is willing to marry him. I thought I could see a lot of little monks, and the facts were always disappointing.
    I passed a minority aunt, and I quickly invited the aunt to take a picture. When shooting, I asked the aunt who is a national. Auntie does not seem to be Chinese. Fortunately, her son is next to her answer: Hani! I have always had a preference for ethnic costumes, colorful and colorful, and I feel so beautiful!
    The aunt below is not sure which ethnic group, but the things hanging on his body are very good.
    The border guards on duty, standing on the side of the road fence, advised those people not to climb over the railings, do not trigger a security situation, it is very hard, take the initiative to thank the young soldier, the soldiers happy smile and say no thanks, this is what I should do I quickly took a photo of this sincere and simple smile! You have worked hard!
    Jinghong Dajinta, also known as the Burma Tower, is located next to the island around the north of Xuanwei Avenue in the Lujiang New District of Jinghong City. Contemporary new stupa.
    The Jinghong Dajinta Project officially started construction on November 16, 2009, and was successfully capped on November 3, 2010. Jinghong Dajin Tower is 66.6 meters tall, meaning one river is connected to six countries, among which four small towers are solid towers, and the big tower is a Bayeux Museum. There are two floors of space, there are four entrances from east to west, and the center is around the tower. The Buddha is dedicated to the Buddha, and there are also a Baye Culture Study Center with some ancient Bayeux scriptures as a collection, a story about the inheritance of the Dai culture, allusions, legends, etc. DistrictThe miniature version of all the famous towers in the Mekong River Basin collected or collected through different channels, using the pure handicraft to extract the Mekong River Domain Name Tower display area, which is the essence of the national tower culture; the second floor is mainly used to collect the special utensils used in the Yi people’s life. The folk custom exhibition area of ​​the Yi nationality cultural collection and exhibition center of the ancient Yi farming tools, living tools and costumes. The first floor and the second floor are connected by a spiral staircase, and the second floor is surrounded by an exit for a roof view, overlooking the Lijiang River, Jinghong City and the entire Shuangzhuang West Double View. The interior of the tower is surrounded by a central tower, and the sunlight pours down, illuminating the middle part of the tower, like a Buddha’s light.
    Jinghong Dajinta is the core project of the “Shuangzhuang Xishuangjing” engine project of the second-generation business of Xishuangbanna Tourism. This tower is one of the nine towers of the Shuangzhuang West Double View (meaning “Nine Towers and Twelve Cities”). The Dajinta Scenic Area covers an area of ​​five acres and consists of a Buddhist pagoda and a wishing stone built by the Buddha’s three times.
    The Tower-shaped Bayeux Classic Museum will become a museum with a Southern Buddhism color, reflecting the essence of the Hindu Buddhism culture in Xishuangbanna and the Mekong River. It is magnificent and beautifully designed. There is a Bayeux Museum in the tower for visitors to visit and collect. It inherits the millennial Buddhist scriptures, exquisite pagodas, ancient scriptures, transcendental comprehension, and wide-ranging hearts.
    The area is one of the landmark central landscapes. Shun Wanxiang Avenue can directly reach this area. The left and right sides are adjacent to Jinglanzhai and Jingliang Village respectively, forming a powerful landscape group.
    This is the Buddha’s head that the craftsman used to repair the sand. It is lifelike.
    On the eve of the Songkran Festival, a grand celebration party was held here, and many bands were invited.Come to help.
    Beautiful Yi brothers and sisters, brother selling wooden carvings, sister selling pressed juice, of course, sold at this market twice as expensive as the outside, 10 yuan a cup, usually only need 5 yuan a cup, the holiday price, understandable .
    Of course, there are many specialty snacks near the Golden Pagoda.
    How can smart hawkers let go of the good business opportunities of the festival? Near the Golden Tower is a stall selling clothes and selling special items, and most of them are mainly northeastern, and the streets are all northeast, feeling the same as Sanya.
    On April 13th, people of all ethnic groups and domestic and foreign tourists released Kongming Lantern on the bank of Jingjiang City in Xishuangbanna, Yunnan Province to celebrate the 1379 New Year.
    At the beginning of the day, the sky suddenly floated into the dark clouds. From the beginning of the pattering rain to the pouring rain behind, I was anxiously watching the sky outside at Xiaoxiang Inn. I hesitated to go or not. First, I didn’t have an umbrella. The umbrella of the inn was taken away by the residents. Secondly, I was worried that the plastic bottle would cover the camera and the water would enter. The third was that there was no light in the rain.
    However, when I saw that the sky began to float with a glimpse of two gongs and three gongs, I couldn’t stand the excitement. I asked the innkeeper for two plastic bags, both of which were placed on the camera. The rain rushed into the night.
    After the rain, the empty golden pagoda rushed to the street, glowing with lustrous blue stones, a lotus chandelier with a smashed flower, the orange light pulled a long shadow on the ground, and then matched with a blue sky, quiet The feeling swept me all over.
    I thought that I would leave Banna later, and I felt a lot of sadness in my heart. I didn’t want the wonderful people here. I was not willing to eat all kinds of food here. I was not willing to be blue and white, and the gentleness of the touch into the bones~~ ~
    When I came to the banks of the Li River, many local and foreign people gathered here. Even the foreigners didn’t want to miss such a good day. They also ran to put the lanterns on.
    Tens of thousands of people and tourists gathered at the riverside in the Xishuangbanna, Yunnan Province. Under the shade of the golden pagoda and the green trees, tens of thousands of pupils and lanterns flew to the night sky. Far from the beauty of the world, such as the stars.
    The lanterns are the traditional activities of the Yi festival. In ancient times, each of the Yijiazhaizi made a hole in the cowhide during the festival, and released it to pray for the rainy season and the harvest of the grain. With the changes of the times, most of the Kongming lanterns have become paper, and their desire to pin up has a new meaning.
    At the scene, tourists and local residents gathered in groups of three and five, gathered together to write a wishful lantern, and prayed for fulfillment and peace.
    Travel notes have been written here, but when writing this travel note, the mood is ups and downs, as if to let yourself revisit Xishuangbanna, let the emotions release again, that scene is like a movie in the mind to play back.
    Life is a romantic journey. No matter where you go, anyone who meets may be an accident. Only when you can be called a friend, you will be cherished when you leave. Maybe you feel that this scene will make people feel guilty and get it. Often do not agree, only to really lose, will feel cherished.
    Again, Xishuangbanna, looking forward to meeting you again in your dreams! Waiting for me, I will come again!
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