Tour the ancient village Phoenix, enjoy delicious Dunhill – remember Shenzhen weekend self-driving tour

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[Foreword] I often tell my friends that I don’t like to travel and don’t like to play. My friends are making fun of me. “Don’t fool, eat and drink all day, you are a professional foodie…”
    I said, “Don’t think that I am fat, I said that I am eating goods, and the motivation for me to go out to play is just because I can leave some images for interest. This kind of image is often the theme of eating, drinking and having fun.”
    My interest is really amazing. He can make my body get rid of laziness, let me travel on weekends after busy working days, experience the world and enjoy the charm of the city.
    And this trip, with my family, wants to come to a “city weekend self-driving tour”, the trip is based on “eat, drink, visit the ancient, experience”, and hope that there can be a comfortable hotel to fulfill the demanding requirements of my food and food, after all, Sleeping for 10 nights, do you say that you live important?
    Spy as follows~
    [self-driving information]
    Departure: Shenzhen Futian
    Destination: Shenzhen Baoan, Fenghuang Ancient Village, Phoenix Mountain, Joy Restaurant, Sea Garden, Xilu Deng International Hotel, Burton Restaurant…
    Travel tools: one car, one girl, one SLR, two lenses, one clothing backpack, one backpack
    Travel advice: avoid rainy days, carry drinking water with you
    The first stop is: Fenghuang Ancient Village in Shenzhen. The reason is very simple, because it is the only well-preserved ancient village in Shenzhen. The long history can be traced back to 500 years ago, the small village built by the national hero Wen Tianxiang. Many ancient buildings in the Ming and Qing Dynasties.
    There should be a Wentianxiang Memorial Hall next to the village. The exhibition hall is located in Wenta Park, Fenghuang Community, Fuyong Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen. There is a pool of water outside the pavilion. The water surface is marked by Wenchang Tower. It is unique in the prosperous city of Shenzhen. .
    I personally think that I like celebrity legends. At least in the age of reading, this Wen Tianxiang Memorial Hall has gone down in a circle. It is 15 minutes short and the hour is long. Most people are walking around, depending on how you are. Going to visit.
    The museum displays and records the legend of the great poet (I only think he is a poet, in fact, he is a great national hero and politician in ancient China), and there are five “Wen Tianxiang Memorial Hall” on the doorstep of the museum. The vigorous and powerful characters, and the curator learned that this was written by Wen Huaisha, a master of contemporary Chinese calligraphy and Chinese studies.
    Stepping into the door, I saw the statue of Wen Tianxiang built of marble. I almost used “slim” to describe…
    The base engraved the resume of Wen Tianxiang’s life. Most people basically didn’t read it. I used four words to summarize his life as “the vicissitudes of life.”
    沧 is “沧海”, 桑 is “桑田”.
    Interestingly, the layout of this small pavilion has many similarities with the Wentianxiang Memorial Hall in Ji’an, Jiangxi. When it comes to Ji’an, we can naturally guess that it is the root of Wen Tianxiang, Wen Tianxiang’s hometown, and of course his tomb.
    Tianxiang brother was educated and educated at an early age, and the young man was in the middle of his life. He was repeatedly dismissed from the painting and he was self-satisfied from the painting.
    At the age of eight, Wen Tianxiang visited the Xiangong of Xuegong Township. At that time, he looked at the various “four loyal” big names in the village.After the portrait, I just said, “I will be like them in the future, so that future generations will always respect them. Otherwise, even if they are not male husbands,” from this time on, he is determined to become a great man.
    How do I feel that I am not as good as an 8-year-old baby? I can only lie in the grass of the country.
    Wen Tianxiang could have been quietly doing a beautiful man. If he was replaced by an ancient one, he would continue to be a thoughtful civil servant for the imperial court. Later, the war knife and gun were blind, and the old text was to defend the national anti-Yuan army. He made a gorgeous transformation and embarked on the battlefield. Before he went to the battlefield, there was a small episode. At that time, Mengyuan sent a large army to eliminate the Southern Song Dynasty. Wen Tianxiang, as a Southern Song Dynasty man, heard the news, and he lost his pockets. He recruited 30,000 strong men and set up a rebel army. Anti-Yuan saves the Song Dynasty!
    It’s a pity that the battle was in vain, and the struggle was endless. Wen Tianxiang was later detained by the Yuan army. He happened to come to the Pearl River. He was told that this is the zero Dingyang, and the feelings are on the top, and the poem “The Crossing Ding Yang” is a hard work. The gods are falling around the stars… Zero Ding Yang sighs and sighs. Life has never died since ancient times, and you have to take the heart of the heart.” The seven laws came from this, and the words in this line all reveal the loyalty of Laowen.
    The shipbuilding technology of the Song Dynasty was complicated and powerful in the history of China.
    At that time, the soldiers’ weapons and equipment were still relatively primitive, emphasizing physical fitness.
    The layout of the house
    Outside the memorial hall, there is a 300-word “Zhengqi Song” on the stone wall. This “Zhengqi Song” establishes Wen Tianxiang’s personality height, and it seems to light a bright light to the memorial hall.
    The quite interesting Wen Tianxiang descendants have deep roots with the Fuyong Phoenix Village in Shenzhen. The descendants of Laowen have long recorded in the historical materials of Fuyong Phoenix’s roots and leaves. In the first year of Song Deyou (1275), Wen Tianxiang was in Guangdong Sea. The Feng area was captured and the army returned to the place where it was located in the coastal area of ​​Baoan, Shenzhen.
    Wen Tianxiang’s brother Wen Hao moved to Baoan Songgang Crane Garden in Xiangxing years (1278). Wen Hao has three sons, the eldest son is Wen Longzi, the second son is Wen Shengzi (the successor brother Wen Tianxiang), the third son is Wen Jingzi, and the cousin Wen Tianrui. In my opinion, there is a “child”. In the early years of the Yuan Dynasty, Wen Yinglin, the son of the eldest son of Wenyu, moved to Lingxia Village (now Fenghuang Community). The people of the ethnic group opened up wasteland and worked hard to cultivate large-scale villages. This village is now the ancient village of Fenghuang, Wen Yinglin It became the ancestor of the Phoenix Wenshi today, and Wen Tianxiang was also honored by the descendants of the Phoenix Wenshi as the founder of Wenshi.
    Entering through the arched galleryBehind the village, there are several children’s bronze statues standing by the pool, but it adds a bit of fun to the village.
    Such a pool often gives the villagers a pray for the smooth
    It is worth mentioning that the squatter house that is closer to the entrance to the village is actually refurbished by the cultural relics department as a beautiful scenery line. Therefore, we must continue to visit the narrow box when we see the most quaint life style of Wen’s descendants.
    The long alleys are neatly arranged in each of the squatters, which is similar to the trip in the Chaoshan area.
    What’s interesting is that some rooms will vacate an open space. I still don’t know what to do, maybe it’s a place to rest?
    There are potted plants on the stone wall outside the wooden door, which adds a little life to the place, and this potted plant is also confirming the fact that it is inhabited all the year round.
    A few bamboos stand straight in the lane, and there is a long history in the far side of the past. From time to time, there will be village women drinking water, so interesting measures, dare to ask who in the city still have a well. Drink water? I think Phoenix Old Village is not the first and second.
    Just mentioned that the squatter houses near the entrance to the village were preserved by the cultural heritage protection, so the door handles were locked. It is estimated that these houses have already gone to the building, in order to avoid being damaged by the idlers and small animals. Is this “down policy”?
    Every lane is fully refracted by the sun. Under the scorching sun, there is a cool and comfortable place in the village. One is the cooling of the stone wall, and the other is the wind blowing in the alley when the wind rises. I really want to sit on the chair. Alleys lick melon seeds.
    When you return to the village entrance, you will see some small workshops selling water and selling flowers and flowers.
    There are also some hand-made gifts that can be bought home.
    The pretty retro bell hangs between the leaves and the flowers, like the little song in the wind, “叮伶丁玲”
    It’s a pity that when I passed the food and beverage sales department, I didn’t open the door~
    Small flowers and workshops, this kind of hand-made ceremony is also often seen in Dapeng Ancient Village, Nan’ao Town, southeast of Shenzhen. It is still good as a kind of viewing consumption for tourists photography tourists.
    This kind of goldfish’s drainage design is very common in the old generation of Guangdong. When the rainy season is in the Tiantai District, the Jinyukou will spit out the water curtain cheerfully. It is both beautiful and practical, admiring the craftsmanship of ancient craftsmen.
    “Phoenix” Nirvana, in fact, Fenghuang Ancient Village was originally named Lingxia Village, which started in the late Tang Dynasty. Shengxing was in the Yuan Dynasty. The large-scale villages have been more than 700 years old. More than 90% of the village is descended from Wen Tianxiang, so the street signs are seen in the village. It’s no surprise that “Lingxia” is also.
    Finally, I visited the Wenzong Ancestral Hall. Basically, each of the Chinese surnames has a ancestral hall built by different villagers to raise funds. One is to commemorate the ancestors, the other is to spread the family tree culture of the surname, and the third is to pray for the festival. The fourth is to give the villagers a place to rest. The Zongtang culture is deeply rooted in the hearts of the Chinese people. Even in Hong Kong and Taiwan, there are still many places where the humanistic feelings of building ancestral remains are maintained.
    The Wenshi Ancestral Hall of Fenghuang Ancient Village is the same in theory. The difference is that he is Wen Tianxiang, a generation of patriotic great men, so he naturally has a certain reputation in the local area.
    Finally, when I left the phoenix, I saw this bamboo lantern, which reminded me of the lantern of the “Ying Yingye” in my hometown Lantern Festival. It was a lively night with a starry sky. The children of every household carried their own bamboo lanterns and stood on their own. At the door of the house, waiting for the mighty “classic team” to visit the home…
    This is Phoenix Village, a village of descendants of Wen Tianxiang, and a village with too many similarities in southern Anhui.
    As a baby who grew up in Shenzhen, I have never been to Phoenix Mountain for many years.
    Taking advantage of this short vacation, Dawang came to the mountain!
    The full name of Fenghuang Mountain is Shenzhen Phoenix Mountain Forest Park, which is known as the “Fengshan Fushui Fuying Land”.The address is located on Fenghuangshan Avenue in Fuyong Town. The environment is beautiful, and the road along the stream is like a clear stream.
    At the foot of the mountain, there is a panoramic map. You will find the Phoenix Square in the name of the local area. There are landscapes such as Sixian Pavilion, Meteorite, Nafu Bridge, Plastic Mountain Waterfall, and Monkey Monkey. Unfortunately, I don’t have the strength to go. Many places, the mentality is the most important here, take a look at it, just enough, who told me to be lazy?
    Here you gather wealth, gather popularity, old people and children friends love to run here.
    Fenghuang Mountain is a summer resort. The mountain is steep and straight. The main peak wind bird is 1497.8 meters above sea level. It is known as the “tidal roof” and the first peak in eastern Guangdong.
    Couples and a group of students who have not reunited for a long time often take a group photo at the foot of the mountain.
    The scenery of Fenghuang Mountain is good, and the world is commonly known as Fengshan Fushui Fuying. It is no wonder that this is a good place for hiking.
    Look at this plant lush, green and heavenly, and enjoy yourself.
    In the Song Dynasty, “Chaozhou Fuzhi” recorded: “Phoenix Mountain famous tea is called tribute tea.” It has a history of more than 900 years. In 1986, the phoenix tea phoenix school “Phoenix Grass” ranked first in the national tea competition. Mountaineering and sightseeing, tasting famous teas, is really prosperous, and its taste is endless.
    If you climb Phoenix Mountain, you can choose to take a safe trail. It takes an hour for young people to run up the mountain at the fastest speed! Therefore, it is recommended to drink water on the road and always replenish water.
    This Fenghuang Mountain has temples in the mountains, and the incense is flourishing. The top of the mountain is more beautiful and beautiful.
    What I love most is not hiking or climbing. I am always on the road to record those lovers who have a lifetime or a side, old people, newborns and mothers. Although they have not been able to get this precious photo of me, maybe the baby is long. After the big, I can see him and his grandmother inadvertently. Perhaps… all this is always a thought drifting, everything is in the image.
    Take a companion on the way down the mountain, not afraid of suffering, not afraid of tired ~
    The scenery is beautiful and beautiful.
    Water and mountains, there are childlike in the Phoenix Mountain.
    One morning, at noon, I was tired, and I was very happy to go to the hotel!
    [Check in Shenzhen Dunhill International Hotel] is located in Qianjin 2nd Road and Baotian 1st Road, Baoan District, Shenzhen
    The reason for choosing this hotel is because it is only 15 minutes drive from the airport, and the wife can take the free shuttle bus from the airport to the hotel. I can sneer when I think of it. After 15 minutes, I can see what I want to see. People, how do you feel? Haha
    [Line Reference Scheme]
    · Zhuhai and Macao direction: Guang’ao Expressway → Guangshen Yanjiang Expressway (Xixiang North Toll Station) → Xixiang Avenue → turn left and go straight for 500 meters.
    ·Guangzhou direction: Guangshen Expressway (get off at Baoan Toll Station) → Xixiang Avenue → turn left and go straight for 500 meters.
    This time I chose to stay in a deluxe king room. The hotel’s wifi is free of charge and has no password.
    The hotel’s room control system is indeed humane. After I finished my check-in, I opened the door and felt the constant temperature and comfort brought by the air conditioner.
    The pleats of the sheets made me feel good, because all the newly changed sheets must have a beautiful crease, healthy pillows on the bed, I believe that I can sleep for a good afternoon.
    Another thing I like is that there is no kettle in the room. Instead, it is healthy drinking mineral water and free health fruit tea that I can provide every night. The reason why I always think that the kettle is not hygienic, cleaning is also better. Trouble, but not here, I am in the middle.
    The washed fruit is placed on the desk so that I can eat fruit while playing games and playing games. Is it very degrading?
    Light control button in the bedside table
    The indoor temperature is adjusted on the wall of the front washroom
    There are three sockets and a special socket for the shaver on the wall of the bathroom.
    Going inside is the bathroom and bathroom that are carefully cut off. The bath room is my favorite double rain shower design.
    When I went to visit my friend’s room, I saw the hotel’s guest room corridor and found that there were fresh fruits and blueberry strawberries. I asked the waiter to confirm that I can give the guests their own food. Who does not love the free fruit?
    The bright and spacious rooms are outside the hallway and they are very pleasant to walk.
    This bedroom
    The independent bathtub has a large amount of water, so you don’t have to mourn for the soaking baths, and you can use the internationally-owned brand Kohler.
    When I opened the cloakroom cabinet, I found that there are also large, medium and small slippers of different sizes. It is a shoe for men, women and children. This is the first time I have seen the shoes available in three sizes of cloakrooms.
    The bathrobes are also the same as the shoes, showing the personality, and the shoes that are customized for the children are really warm and intimate.
    Inevitably, the irons and desks that the beauty-loving people wash can be fully self-contained.
    It is worth mentioning that this smart toilet is divided into “female flushing, hip flushing, nozzle movement setting, warm air treatment, stop”. It is really worth trying without experience. After all, not many people have tried it. I don’t have to do it myself, haha~
    European-style rooms naturally have a perfect color palette. I admire the hotel designer’s space planning and light layout, all of which make people feel warm.
    Through the setting sun on the white gauze, lying on the sofa to do something, it seems very comfortable and jealous.
    The table for family gatherings is also the closest to the landscape window.
    The dining table is facing the shelf display area. This kind of European white wind is simple and elegant, without losing romance.
    In front of the dining table and bookshelf is the living room. There are two or three sofas and one sofa. It is favored by the warm sun. Summer has a good mood, and the winter is naturally warm.
    I opened the wooden box with my hand, and there are two tea bags and tea sets, Pu’er and Tieguanyin. Well, “Drip Tea” starts in the afternoon! Move it up, little friends~
    It was really comfortable to pull the white gauze before leaving the room and look at the room in the brushed mirror.
    [Suite] Domineering people can’t breathe.
    How many talents do you have to sit in such a hall? So many doors tell me how to distinguish between North and South! !
    Feel free to pick up a place that looks like a dining area, quietly took out a camera and took a picture, meditation in mind, “Yes, that’s right, this is the design of my future home, with a Chinese style in the European style.”
    Are the tea art rooms so artificial? I don’t understand. As a Cantonese, especially a Chaoshan and a Guangzhouese, who can’t afford tea for three meals a day, how can you not give tea a separate space?
    Independent sports area
    Separate small living room
    As well as the master bedroom, it is a symbol of lavish status. This suite is only available in every floor of the hotel.
    Long and spacious washroom, brushing your face in this environment, is really a pleasure, maybe you can take a selfie while sharing your life while brushing your teeth, pulling hatred.
    In the bathroom, in addition to independenceThe shower, peripheral wash and multi-function jacuzzi are a great place to reinvent. Haha~
    I took a shower and prepared to smash the belly and sweep the seafood!
    This is a buffet restaurant with hundreds of dishes – the Burton Restaurant at Dunhill International Hotel. It is delighted to find the endless Haagen-Dazs ice cream!
    The Burton restaurant on the first floor of the hotel is simple, stylish and atmospheric. Abundant seafood including Australian crayfish, Alaskan long-legged crab, New Zealand oysters, Australian beef fillet, Italian Bama ham, French-style fried foie gras, Haagen-Dazs ice-cream, mouth watering;
    The health of the original ecological grains, here is the site of health people.
    There is also a Cantonese-style old fire soup on the steamer.
    Alaska Crab Feet
    There are dozens of sashimi in the dazzling seafood platform, and there are many people who are coveted and dangled.
    Sand white
    Cold beer Sprite and cola, fried chicken!
    Indispensable fruit area, and sometimes the most loved passion fruit (unfortunately I am busy eating to forget to take sorry)
    Passion fruit + lemon honey flush is really the most beautiful fruit drink in the world.
    All kinds of dishes are worthy of this trip, it seems that it is all over the place.
    Sorry, I am going to fall here completely tonight.
    The iron plate grill has a variety of lamb chops, sirloin steaks, etc. The chef will have a barbecue on the spot, and the roast is self-picked. Everyone remembers the civilized meal, and also praises the hardworking chef brothers.
    The essential seasoning area has a variety of spices, and you can choose it.
    For those of you who don’t like sushi but like sushi, it’s essential to take nude photos of them, haha.
    The cake dessert area also often attracts the eyes of many girls and children.
    After taking the food I should take and shouldn’t take, I ate a small mouthful of cocktails in front of the small hot pot. This night is unforgettable.
    The salmon dish is fresh and refreshing, full of mouth; the abalone is sweet and smooth.
    seafood feast
    Lobster dinner, cooked by the chef and sent to my table, watching the sale, I believe you are drunk ~
    Drunk in the delicious, drunk in the voice of beautiful women…
    Off-topic: Such a five-star hotel naturally has an afternoon tea time for people who love sweets, and desserts are served in the afternoon at D.
    This is the afternoon tea that I went back to the idyllic garden on the second day. I will expose it in advance~ Don’t hit the face, I will eat by the face…
    The bright and sultry day begins with pulling hatred. Today, I am going to go to the sea and idyllic waves, watching the indigenous dance, watching the children catching the mud, watching the landscape, watching the water park…
    No matter what I look at, go to the first floor of Dunhill to eat breakfast first, my favorite egg…
    I want a bowl of soy milk, a special river meal, an egg and bag, a sausage and an egg…
    Looks like I really like to eat eggs~
    After eating D, there is 3D magic photography!
    The airport shuttle bus is shown in the picture, a word – new!
    The most hi is the airport shuttle bus several times a day.
    The schedule is as follows:
    07:00/shift 08:30/shift 10:00/shift
    14:30/shift 16:30/shift 20:00/shift
    [Airport → Hotel]
    07:30/shift 09:00/shift 10:30/shift
    15:00/shift 17:00/shift 20:30/shift
    User-friendly arrangements make it easy for your friends, colleagues, leaders, classmates, parents, relatives, and partners to go back and forth~
    At the idyllic sea, this idyllic garden in Shenzhen’s largest Shajing Street is a collection of sightseeing and leisure.Holidays, conference training, and ecological sciences combine to transform a beach into a tourist destination with a fascinating landscape and a varied layout.
    [Fare] full price 60 far, discount price 48 far (60-64 seniors), half price 30 yuan (student and children)
    [Opening hours] 09:00 – 20:00
    After buying the ticket, sit on the battery guide car, turn around the idyllic periphery of the sea to get an idea and get off the bus, and rent a car to go!
    Renting a travel tool here is really cool.
    The small partner rents an electric three-wheeled motorbike, and the sound of the tututu is good!
    Extra doubles can also rent a tandem bicycle, but the action is slow and suitable for couples
    There is also a single bicycle, I rent a bicycle, experience speed and passion, flexibility and freedom, where to take the ride!
    [Site project fee]
    Archery: 20 yuan / 10 arrows. Mud River: 20 yuan / 8 hours / person (distribution one tank and one net)
    Koi stealing feed: 5 yuan / serving feed bungee jumping: 30 yuan / 5 minutes / person
    Bumper boat: 30 yuan / 15 minutes / boat Rapids: 30 yuan / person / time
    Flying in the air: 30 yuan / person / time Exploring the moon flying turtle: 30 yuan / person / time
    Spin block: 30 yuan / person / time
    It happened to ride through the performance base of “Wind Dance Mountain”. The performance time was 10:30 – 11:15 and 15:00 – 15:45 every day. There were male and female native performances.
    Hard performances naturally win the favor of my lens
    I don’t know if it’s an indigenous sister or my sister’s tweaking is active.
    The children can’t help but applaud.
    Some man-made landscapes are also very interesting
    There is a human figure on the wooden bridge
    Happy World has a variety of water facilities
    This is like a Taishan-like leap, I believe that you will not fall into the water.
    Bridge on the water, people on the bridge
    At first I was curious about what was a bumper boat. Later, when I saw it, my father and my daughter were wearing porcelain on the water with others!
    The heart of the deep bunny of the bungee jumping project, the rush of the sky is the passion of this rocket launch!
    The school team development project has been seen on the lawn, what is it?
    Luhua Lake Cloud: Everything in the sea is related to water. The park is full of lakes and streams. Luhua Lake is the largest freshwater lake in the park with an area of ​​more than 200,000 square meters…
    Ride in and see the ecological farm on the sea, planting fruits and vegetables.
    The top of the tower can be used for sightseeing.
    Couple cycling, squatting
    Archery field, come on?
    Little friend returning car close-up
    When I left the sea, I saw the mascot of the park, the frog prince and the princess, haha.
    Why are you tired of eating and eating? Eat a big meal of the delighted restaurant~
    This is a carefully selected and cost-effective wine house – Joy Restaurant, I can’t eat chicken essence, more feeling is more healthy and cost-effective.
    Located on the third floor of the Dunhill Hotel, it features Hong Kong-style exquisite snacks, new-style Cantonese-style stir-fry, exquisite family dishes, and a variety of raw seafood.
    There are many friends who eat in the same industry, come to a private room, private ~
    The price of the dishes here is really high, no wonder the restaurant dare to call it “food in Shenzhen, taste is joy”!
    I am a person who has experienced great winds and waves (stomach). I think I have certain qualifications to recommend dishes here. Haha~ The following line is my personal favorite!
    ——— Recommended dish division line —————-”
    [Bag juice buckle crocodile palm]
    The flavor is unique and the taste is mellow.
    This dish is indeed a bit noble, but I feel that it is worth the money, the taste is excellent, the teeth are not stuffed, and the meat is tender.
    Visually, this is a pure work of art;
    From the sensation, this was a pure palace dish in ancient times;
    From the taste, it may be one of the signature dishes of the restaurant!
    [Ice geese liver frozen six head Dalian Bao]
    I love the ice foie gras, I feel that it is really the entrance, the taste is pure without fake.
    Many people are very surprised when they come into contact with this dish, because this is not the fat and greasy feeling of fried foie gras, but it is smooth and smooth. I think of the classic advertising word of a certain brand of chocolate, “not in the hand, only in the mouth” It is also very relevant here.
    [Fo Guang Pu Zhao] A sultry vegetarian food, very fragrant and delicious, I often have a poor word for vegetarian dishes.
    [Boiled pigeons] The pigeons are well done. It’s not good to see the best sellers. You can know the results from the crispy and tender taste of the skin, and this braised pigeon is insulting.
    [Qingtang Yanchitan Sheep] I felt that Yanchitan Sheep was so delicious for the first time!The meat is tender and has no astringency. In addition to nutrient-rich and qi-replenishing blood and kidney, this is a fine product of lamb.
    Have been to the northwest, Ningxia has eaten Yanchitan lamb, all are impressed by its unique taste. And in the joy of the beach, I don’t think you will be disappointed.
    [Double-burning baby fish (with soup)] In fact, I refused to eat this baby fish at first, because it is so cute! But don’t eat it, why do you call me in my heart? When this ancient dish after the opening of the earth is placed in front of you, it is very difficult for you to refuse. The meat of the baby fish is tender and the soup is mellow… How do you describe it, can I stop?
    [Happy Stone Wings] In fact, the most important thing I pay for shark fins is not its nutritional value, but its taste and taste. The rich taste of the soup is my favorite, and the nutritional value is not bad with the trotters. It’s collagen, what do you think?
    [Concentrated rice noodle line] This dish process is complicated and not complicated, but it is not easy to prepare for simple work.
    Rice noodles, radish and mushroom tails are ready.
    Hot pot soup
    White rice noodles drained and picked up
    Sauce the pot and prepare the soup.
    Final line
    Pouring seasonings and soups
    A bowl of delicious soup immersed rice noodles is ready, I just want to come back to a bowl, really convinced this cooking.
    ———Recommended dish line—-END——-”
    Other dishes are also delicious, such as
    [豉 garlic steamed ribs]
    [Hong Kong-style yak miscellaneous]
    [Healthy Pumpkin Health Soup]
    [Healthy Grain Walnut Pack]
    [Magpie homing]
    [Like swan cake]
    [Snow Charcoal Sweet Support]
    [Yao Dipping Shrimp Dumpling King]
    [Crispy fried oysters Taishan oysters]
    [Gold Australian Beef Ribs]
    [Taoyuan Double Snow] is very moisturizing
    [Iron plate black pepper prawns]
    [Happy four small dishes (say Mei Guagua)]
    [Happy Four Small Dishes (Blueberry Yam)]
    [Happy four small dishes (Okra)]
    [Happy four small dishes (Song Wei radish)]
    Wait a minute, it’s a very good dish. The more people eat, the more patterns they have. The authentic dishes here and the high price/performance ratio are no wonder that so many residents in the neighborhood are coming to eat.
    The peace of mind of the kitchen also gives you peace of mind.
    The endless stream of unique signature dishes, “food in Shenzhen, taste in joy”, I am really awkward.
    A romantic place: The fourth floor of the Dunhill Hotel has a roof garden, which is unique. Fortunately, I saw it when I left the hotel and went downstairs. The pool and the elegant seaweed tree, the greens of the ingenuity, the romantic layout The trails and smooth lawns are the perfect place to hold Western-style lawn weddings, birthday parties, cold meals, swimwear shows and barbecues.
    I want to know that it is not easy for me to make a qualified photo. In order to take the picture above, I walked on the edge of a long shoe (there was a wedding ceremony on the side of the pool, so I went to the table). When you squat down and press the shutter on the water surface, you will leave this small edge with peace of mind.
    Opposite the pool is the beautiful west side
    European garden-style sky garden, the sun is preparing for the sun, the sun is shining here, and the fatigue is completely gone.
    Room exterior under the blue sky
    The lawn outside the pool is a good place to hold a lawn wedding.
    Lovely treasureTreasure is very fun.
    The corner of the sunset, romantic and warm
    There are beautiful memories of new couples on the branches.
    The little sister is playing with the deer under the tree.
    This is the lawn of the sky garden, it is hard to believe that this is located on the fourth floor of the hotel.
    PS: Going downstairs on the night before, in order to spy on the long pool in the night, take a picture.
    Such a Baoan night, do you like it?
    Baoan under the night, Dunhill under the night, bustling, she is still there.
    The lobby and pillars of the hotel are made of natural jade, which is warm and cool to the touch and rest in the lobby.
    This spiral staircase is more elegant and elegant under the jasper. I imagine that a rice girl is wearing a white gauze trailing and looking back in the stairs. It is a beautiful picture.
    Fitness room equipment is available
    The D bar in the lobby on the first floor is spacious, bright and quiet. The melodious music is looming, the exquisite western dessert and the fragrant English black tea.The fragrant latte is a home away from home.
    D bar has a retro locomotive and telephone booth built by the hotel chef with foam. I was shocked that this is a bubble! The chef’s craftsmanship is absolutely perfect, except that it has to be engraved and colored, and the treatment of colors and scratches and gradations is fascinating.
    This pillarless international banquet hall feels like a thousand people, I believe that the wedding banquet is not here.
    Dunhill International Hotel, Fenghuang Ancient Village, Wentianxiang Memorial Hall, Sea Garden, Phoenix Mountain… This is really a suitable route for short-distance and easy self-driving tour on weekends, and Shenzhen’s high-speed highway is also well-connected. The hotel is close to the Guangzhou-Shenzhen Expressway and enjoys the joy of Shenzhen Nanshan District. It is only 20 minutes drive from the Valley, the Window of the World, the National Culture Village and the OCT Creative Park.
    I will come again because I like the food here, Shenzhen Baoan.

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