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Ocean quantum
    The choice of extraordinary experience from the sea
    For those who want to go shopping abroad and want to be lazy and not to be a guide, and want to enjoy the sunrise and sunset and don’t want to waste time on the road, it is undoubtedly one of the best choices for taking a cruise on the sea.
    And the Ocean Quantum is the giant in the current Shanghai cruise ship. How can you miss it?
    About Ocean Quantum
    Why is it the overlord in the cruise ship, because it is one of the best in the industry, regardless of size, number of passengers, number of restaurants, types of entertainment, and room size. It can be said that the quantum number can be satisfied. Everything you imagine about sea travel.
    About the route:
    The trip is Shanghai == “Kumamoto ==” Fukuoka ==” Shanghai’s six days and five nights regular line.
    First day cruise ship departure
    Next day, sea cruise
    On the 3rd, landing in Kumamoto, Shuzenji, Fun Park
    4th landing in Fukuoka Tenjin Shopping Center
    Five-day sea cruise
    On the 6th, back to Shanghai
    Points of attention for travel:
    Visa: This is one of the few ways to travel to Japan without any guarantees or visas.
    Cash: The port or dock to which you are going is a direct-going tourist city. Most shopping spots support credit card or Alipay, so you can carry a small amount of cash with you.
    Room Card: After boarding the ship, you can exchange your boarding pass and passport for the room card. When you pick up the goods, you must match the card, otherwise you may be rejected by the waiter. If the room card is lost or invalid, you can immediately go to the customer service center on the 4th floor of the cruise ship.
    Plug: The plugs on the ship are all European-style two-inserted flat sockets. If you need a variety of electronic equipment or three-pronged plugs, please bring your own wiring board.
    Toiletries: Bath towels and bath amenities are provided in the room, and toothpaste toothbrushes are required.
    Slippers: Disposable slippers in the roomIf you want to go to the outdoor pool, it is recommended to bring your own sandals or slippers.
    Drinking water: The bathroom water supply cannot be directly quoted. Two bottles of mineral water will be given on the first day of each room. After that, the cafeteria and snack bar can take in unlimited coffee and ice water.
    Food delivery service: In addition to daily Continental breakfast, it can be delivered free of charge to the room. Other meals require an additional meal + service charge.
    The first day of boarding: Each paid restaurant will have a corresponding discount for visitors to choose. If you want to try a paid restaurant, it is recommended to locate it early, otherwise it will be late to restore the original price.
    Entertainment facilities: Every day, from time to time, all kinds of entertainment projects are open to the public. The entertainment projects and time that are open daily in the entertainment and recreation area are different. Pay attention to the daily newspaper on board. Paid entertainment projects, where the weather permits, will be open in most cases, with the exception of Polaris, which requires an advance reservation.
    Cruise exercise: All guests are required to participate, but the Quantum exercise is very simple. Just board the ship and follow the voice prompts to the designated cabin. Watch a piece of video about half an hour or so. You don’t need to wear a life jacket or go to the deck. .
    Drugstore: Quantum is directly available at the entrance of the 5th floor. It is a Japanese-selling cosmeceutical. If you need to replenish it, you can go directly to the boat without having to buy it.
    Boarding attention:
    1. Please print 2 copies of the boarding pass and your own passport in advance.
    2. Boarding time is based on the requirements of each team. If it is a vacant booking proposal, boarding the boat as early as possible can avoid collision time with team visitors.
    3. Older or inconvenient travellers are advised to check in the baggage at the baggage consignment area to simplify the security check before boarding.
    4. The first thing to do after boarding the ship is to download the Quantum app, and then register to book the free show of “Xinghai Legend”. Late in the evening, you may only be able to watch the performance of the last day. The audience is not allowed to enter the venue without a reservation.
    Royal iQ
    What exactly can ROYAL iQ do for us? (Applicable to Ocean Quantum and Ocean Zanli)
    Explore the beauty of your destination and book a tour on the shore;
    Book popular shows and entertainment;
    Book a popular restaurant;
    Book a variety of onboard activities (such as deck parachuting and deck surfing training courses)
    Browse the voyage guide to learn about daily highlights in real time;
    Private small butler at sea; (preview all scheduled activities scheduled during the daily itinerary)
    Check the bills and keep abreast of the on-board consumption; (support billing and shore-based sightseeing ticket printing)
    Radio frequency identification. (Royal iQ self-service desk provided on board, you can directly log in to the room card)
    ROYAL iQ is so powerful, how can I download and install it on my mobile phone or iPad?
    Download on the Royal Caribbean International Cruises official website, or Tencent “Apps”. After boarding the ship, connect your mobile phone or iPad to the “Royal-Wi-Fi” on board and you will be able to use it. If you have not downloaded the software, you can also make an iPad self-service appointment through the iQ self-service desk on board.
    About WIFI:
    1. You can directly purchase WIFI on board, there is unlimited flow for one day and unlimited flow for the whole process. The combination of single and multi-person can be purchased as needed.
    2. You can purchase or open WIFI in Japan separately.
    About meals:
    1. In addition to the reservations for some paid restaurants, the free restaurant dining hours can be directly entered or lined up. It should be noted that the 4 free restaurants that are open at regular intervals provide different types of meals per day, but 4 restaurants provide daily. The variety of meals is the same, so you don’t have to queue up to eat at a restaurant during peak hours. In fact, the effect is the same when you go to the other three restaurants. The difference is that the decoration style of each restaurant is different from that of the dining table. There is no need to line up for the second meal.
    2. Timely open free restaurant dining time to enter at 8 o’clock at the latest, free buffet restaurant to supply at 8:30, so if it is not suitable for regular restaurant meals, completelyYou can go to the cafeteria for fruit, dessert, and ice cream.
    3. The free restaurant that is open at regular intervals has no restrictions on the number and type of meals ordered by each person. Try not to waste too much.
    Next, I will share with you the details of the Quantum number: (The selection of dining and entertainment is for reference only. You can choose to join according to the daily daily rules of the cruise ship. After all, the main purpose of taking a cruise is leisure, even if It doesn’t matter if you don’t taste all the restaurants or experience all the entertainment. In fact, I personally experienced half of the projects and restaurants, because it is really too big, and some outdoor projects have to look at the weather at sea. , do what you can)
    Experience cruise ships from the future
    The height of the so-called station is far away, because the hull is so large that you can enjoy the invincible sea view even if you live on the lower floor. Especially when the cruise ship enters and exits Hong Kong, don’t miss this view.
    The number of balcony rooms of Quantum number is 1446, accounting for 70% of the entire cruise ship room, which is enough to meet the needs of most tourists for seascape, and the price is quite high. If it is the first time to take a cruise, the difference must not be saved. The experience with the inner cabin will be quite different.
    The comfort and spaciousness of the guest room is also the highest among the many cruise ships. According to the normal standard double balcony room, it can actually accommodate 4 people, so the room is quite comfortable, and the luggage can be placed under the bed, which will maximize the utilization rate of the room. .
    The shower room is equipped with a shower room. The bathing feeling and temperature are much higher. In addition, there is no need to worry about the hot and cold air conditioning problem on the cruise ship. The effect of hot and cold temperature is very obvious, so even in a single cabin, it will not feel cold.
    A large balcony with a continental breakfast, start your day with a balcony!
    Experience cruise ships from the future
    In order to satisfy visitors from all over the world, Quantum offers up to 19 different themed restaurants, bringing together Chinese, American, Italian, European, Japanese and other multi-element gourmet feasts. More than 300 chefs from around the world carefully The selection of ingredients, along with the original spices, create a mouth-watering world of cuisine. EnoughThe demand of most diners makes every visitor who catches a cruise ship have an unforgettable memory of the sea.
    On the first day of boarding, all kinds of paid restaurants will launch a larger discount price. It is recommended to try 1-2 paid restaurants as a taste adjustment. If you are satisfied, you can try other paid restaurants, and the cruise itself provides a $88 fee. In addition to the Da Dong Restaurant, you can choose from three paid restaurants, and visitors can choose according to their needs.
    The 14th floor sailing cafeteria is the most extensive choice of daily passengers, with the largest number of dining seats, serving the most abundant restaurants, daily breakfast, breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, nightingale, etc. almost 24 hours. Uninterrupted delivery of food from around the world. If you just want to enjoy the leisure time of the cruise, then even going to the sailing restaurant is enough to meet your daily needs.
    The 4 regular free restaurants offer daily dining service at 17:30 and 18:45. Compared to the cafeteria, the dining is more formal, and it is not allowed to occupy the place in advance. The standard for serving is also based on the starter, soup, staple food, dessert. The order of the cold drinks, and the menus of the restaurant are different every day, and the daily menus of the four restaurants are the same, so if there is no special requirement for the environment of the restaurant, it is almost the same for any dinner. The difference is in the layout of each restaurant, the dining table, and the style.
    The characteristic paid restaurant even includes the Michelin-class Da Dong. It is very surprising to be able to taste the Michelin-class meal on the cruise ship. The advantage of booking Dadong is that VIP can enjoy VIP at any restaurant after the cruise. The treatment, no need to line up for direct admission, of course, the price of Da Dong Restaurant is also the highest among all restaurants, you can do it.
    After eating the daily Western food and Chinese food, I believe that you will miss the hot pot as much as I do. In fact, there is nothing that can not be solved by a hot pot, and the price of 32 US dollars is higher than that of the ingredients in front. It is still quite high, especially on the first day of boarding, it can be limited to a special price of 20 US dollars. This meal is very important for the whole taste of the taste, and in addition to the limited staple food (shrimp, beef, seafood) ), other vegetables, soy products, and fruits are all available in unlimited quantities. It feels like a choice that you will regret if you don’t eat.
    A variety of different styles, regular bars and singers to perform the bar is also a choice of colorful nightlife. The biggest feature of the bar on the cruise is that you can always go in and out to enjoy the performances you are interested in without spending, and you can enjoy all the special discounts for alcoholic beverages below $13 for you.Are you tempting to take a break?
    Experience the cruise ship from the future
    In addition to the large interactive game experience in the 270° landscape hall every night, there are different entertainment programs on the various floors of the cruise ship.
    The multi-purpose entertainment hall on the 15th to 16th floors is also the largest entertainment complex of the whole ship. Here you can experience basketball, table tennis, billiards, bumper cars, roller skating, and many other entertainment projects for free. According to the daily newspaper of the cruise ship, it will not be enough for one day.
    In the game room on the same floor, you can enjoy the fun of racing and fishing.
    The outdoor paid entertainment project is also the trump card of Quantum. It has won the Guinness World Record’s highest cruise observation platform. It is also the most iconic “North Star” of Quantum. It is a 360° sea and sky, and the beauty is breathtaking.
    You can also try skydiving on the sea deck, experience the feeling of “flying”, and challenge the limits of surfing on the wave simulator that is over 12 meters long. Of course, all three projects require an extra fee, except for Polaris. In addition to booking in advance through the APP, the other two projects can be opened according to the weather conditions of the day.
    Of course, you can also choose to experience the climbing project more than 12 meters high outside the stern. Although equipped with professional coaches and equipment, it still takes a lot of courage to experience this project at sea. The opening hours are limited and should not be missed.
    The indoor and outdoor swimming pools are open until 11 pm, the outdoor pool is cold water, and the indoor pool is warm water, but all of them also provide a heat pool for tourists to relax. It is also the place where night leisure and couples are most infested.
    Experience the cruise ship from the future
    Located on the 3-4th floor of the cruise ship’s bow, the Royal Grand Theatre features Yamaha’s professional mixing and ultra-quiet hydraulic double lifts. Every night, a big show from the world’s top artists is a must-see. The latest performance of “The Charm of the Honey” is played by the Royal Caribbean song actor and the Ocean Quantum Band. It is a dream show tailored for Chinese tourists.
    From the sound and light stage and the lineup of actors, I have the highest specifications of the cruise ship, the comfortable seats and venues, the gorgeous costumes, and the immersive sound. This hour will definitely keep you in the eye.
    The finale of the cruise ship, “Xinghai Legend”, is located at the 270° viewing hall on the 5th floor of the stern at 18:25 20:30 daily.
    Note: This show must be booked in advance via the APP to enter, and the VIP seat in the performance center is available for an extra charge.
    This magical performance is different from the Royal Grand Theatre. The interaction of the performance, the input of the actors, and the effect of the lighting are more obvious. The show was inspired by the magic and mystery of the stars and the sea.
    From the actor’s commitment and overall shock, the Xinghai legend is still quite worth seeing. In addition to the central VIP paying seat, it is recommended to choose the seats on both sides or upstairs to better appreciate the whole performance. Of course, if you want to experience the interaction with the actors, the position of the first row and the central aisle on both sides may be ” Excuse me, then grab your camera and mobile phone.
    Landing in Kumamoto
    Although the landing point of this trip is Kumamoto, because the tonnage of Quantum is too large, it is acceptable to go to the Yatsushiro Station, which is one stop away from Kumamoto Shinkansen. Fortunately, it also saves the land clearance. Trouble, go directly to the 5th floor of Quantum to go through the customs formalities, and get off the boat to start a trip to Japan.
    There are many choices for the route after landing. So we tried to travel freely. Although this is the best way to experience the rise of the Japanese shore, it is also one of the more adventurous ways. It is recommended to prepare enough yen in advance. And WIFI, otherwise it will be difficult to get in after the car.
    It takes about 2,600 yen to take a taxi from Yatsushiro Port to Yatsushiro Station. The distance is not short, and there is no scenery along the way. Therefore, it is recommended that in order to save time to reach the city or the station, it is safer to choose a taxi. The staff of the terminal will only be the most. Basic Chinese, you will be given a business card with the port address before you leave, remember to save it, otherwise it will be difficult to tell where to go when you return to the taxi.
    From the new Yatsushiro Station to Kumamoto Station, if you take the Shinkansen, it is a 15-minute drive, 1,500 yen, and you will arrive at one stop. From the old Yatsushiro Station to Kumamoto, it takes about 7 stops, the journey is 40 minutes, and the fare is 740 yuan. In order to better experience Kumamoto’s trip, we chose the old station to depart.
    There are several options from Kumamoto Station. You can go to Kumamoto Castle to taste local horse meat, visit Kumamoto Castle or go to Kumamoto’s other landmark Shuizen Temple into the fun garden. We chose the latter.
    The “Izumo Shrine”, which is quite famous in Kumamoto, is also located in the “Shuizenji Temple”. The Japanese shrines are not as subdivided as the types of blessings in the temples of the country. Whether it is to study, to seek fortune, to seek marriage, it is possible to carry out this. So the local incense is very strong.
    However, there are many chic and elegant views in the park, and from different locations and angles, there will be a different kind of beautiful form, as well as a miniature landscape built to mimic the Mount Fuji in Japan, so I suggest that you can walk slowly and leisurely. Fan, experience the artistic conception.
    “Chengqu Garden” itself is not too big. It takes about one hour to travel around the pool.
    Lunch is chosen in the famous Yilan Ramen, and the city of Kumamoto is only close to the Xiongtong Pedestrian Street.
    The price of the ramen package is 1380 yen, which can then be added separately. The restaurant offers a Chinese menu, so even if you don’t know Japanese, you can order it according to Chinese tips.
    Of course, the other purpose of the cruise line is definitely shopping. After the guidance and recommendation of our friends, we came to the most well-known duty-free shop in Kumamoto. Although I first gave me the illusion of a compulsory commodity market, the things inside are indeed dazzling, even Exceeding my imagination, the price is very high.
    Returning to the Kumamoto Station by taxi
    Since I came to Kumamoto, how can I not take the famous Kumamoto bear photo? It is true that there is such an oversized Kumamoto bear on the first floor of Kumamoto Station for tourists to take a photo. Don’t miss it when you pass by, of course, the convenience store here also offers more Kumamoto bear related gifts and the surrounding, if you have time, you can buy it yourself.
    In order to avoid the time, we chose the way to take the Shinkansen. The fare of 1,500 yen is only one stop. I have to say that the Japanese Shinkansen is too expensive. Of course, the comfort of the train itself is still very high, corresponding to the principle of one-point price.
    The price from the new Yatsushiro Station to the terminal is about 3,300 yen, which is more expensive than the departure to the old eight-generation station. This is something we never imagined. It seems that if there is a lot of time, choose the old eight-generation station to go back and forth. highest. The sunset of the returning thrilling moment is also worth the money for this trip.
    Unfortunately, after boarding the ship, I still didn’t have time to take the most beautiful moment of the sunset. Fortunately, the original balcony room can also meet the needs of regular shooting. At this time, you will find how important a balcony room is for the cruise line.
    Landing in Fukuoka
    Because the previous cruise lines have visited Fukuoka several times, Fukuoka Terminal is also the most familiar landing port for small partners. I will not repeat the sightseeing spots such as Fukuoka Tower and Dazaifu Tenmangu Palace. When we were familiar with it, we got off the boat and took a taxi directly to the Canal City or the Tenjin Shopping Center for replenishment.
    Canal City Hakata is the largest shopping mall in Fukuoka with a duty-free shop + shopping + leisure + dining + entertainment (not too small in Japan), so if you don’t have special needs, you can definitely make a stop here. You are returning with full load.
    Tenjin Shopping Center, which houses many large shopping malls headed by the Tenjin Group, and the largest duty-free shop in Fukuoka is on the 9th floor of Mitsukoshi Commercial Building. Therefore, if you want to purchase more comprehensive duty-free cosmetics, it is better to choose Tenjin. Moreover, all the goods purchased here can be picked up directly after the dock at 16:30, eliminating the trouble of shopping with a lot of duty-free goods and eating.
    Tenjin Shopping Center and Xintiandi Town also have many well-known local beef barbecue restaurants and drugstores, which are very beneficial for the final supply of shopping.
    There may be times when you will be excited at the moment you board the cruise ship, and the sea course will be boring and lonely over time. However, after boarding the Quantum, you will find that even after a few days of sailing, it is still difficult to take a full cruise ship, and it is too late to experience all the entertainment projects and restaurants, because it is really too big, and finally hope that this trip will be shared. The experience can be helpful for everyone planning to ride the Quantum Cruise!
    Every time I meet, I see you as soon as I see you.
    Thanks for watching, this is the [Japanese city Quest] in my eyes.
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