Traveling the rooftops, going to a spiritual appointment

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    Me: “I have to go to the rooftop in a few days.”
    Girlfriend: “A few days ago? Didn’t you go to the rooftop to take a sunset in the evening?”
    The roof that I am going to this time is not the roof that climbs upstairs to watch the sunset. It is located in Tiantai (tāi) County, Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province! This is a national ecological county known as the source of Buddhism and the landscape of the mountains and rivers. It is also the paradise of the world where Li Bai’s “Dragon House Phoenix is ​​not willing to live, and the desire to go to the sky”. It is also after Xu Xiake’s three-day trip, as Xu Xiake’s Travel Notes The opening place of the book.
     Guoqing Temple
     Chicheng Mountain
     Shiliang Waterfall
    Itinerary planning:
    Day1: Changzhou-Tiantai, staying at the hotel, former residence of Jigong, Yanweizhou Park;
    Day2: Shiliangfei Waterfall, Huading National Forest Park, Chicheng Mountain;
    Day3: Buddhism City, Tiantai County Museum, Guoqing Temple, Qiongtai Singu, Tiantai-Hangzhou-Changzhou.
    This trip is also the result of my deliberation. The idea is this: there is no railway station on the rooftop, and the most convenient station in the near future is Linhai Station (Linhai City is the county-level city under the jurisdiction of Taizhou City, Tiantai County), about 50km according to the rooftop; the nearest airport is Taizhou Huangyan Airport, from the rooftop. About 1 hour drive. I started from Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, and combined with time, money, direct and many other factors, the bus has become the best choice. On the first day, because of the long-distance ride, I chose a relatively easy spot and set aside time to experience the food and the local authentic life. The next day’s itinerary I chose the farthest and most tired spots, because the excitement and physical strength of this day are generally the best. On the third day, the remaining nearby attractions will also be able to control the time better and will not delay the return trips.
    Traffic Tips: Tiantai Bus Terminal: 0576-83901022
    Linhai Railway Station Tel: 0576-85159706
    Taizhou Airport Inquiry Phone: 0576-84224554
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    After 80 years of love sports and love to travel,
    I hope to explore travel and travel with a variety of interesting people.
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     Trip cost
    I am departing from Changzhou. The tickets for this trip are provided by the scenic spot, so the total cost is mainly two sections of transportation and eating, plus two nights of accommodation. A total of 708 yuan. Why are you so accurate? Then I will give you Amway a piece of accounting software that I have used for more than 5 years – digging for money!
    This is a billing software that can be recorded anytime, anywhere and synced to the cloud. Large tickets can be used in mineral water, so that every expense in your travel has a basis for easy reference after travel. Of course, it can not only record travel bills, but all aspects of life can be reasonably planned. When I was a poor student, it helped me sort out every penny in my life. Nowadays, I use it more to record travel. It is very convenient to create multiple books in the app, to separate travel and life, or to separate each trip.
    And in addition to the details of a strip, you can also view the pie chart report, etc., more intuitive. It is worth noting that the digging of accounts can be calculated on a monthly basis. It is just that my trip is cross-monthly, so there will be two months of statements. Of course, you can get the total cost! Is it very convenient? Go to the major application markets to search and download! Finally, I will attach a private photo of my treasured baby.
    In addition, the company has been very mature since it has been through the past eight years. The operations and options in the APP have been polished for a long time. In addition, the software can also carry out financial management, such as the balance of the treasure of the current baby products, there are also medium and long-term funds to choose from. Eight years have changed, you have me, I hope that you can get better and better.
     [DAY1] first met the rooftop slow life
    The long-distance bus from Changzhou to Tiantai only has one shift every day. At 8:00 in the morning, the bus terminal starts at the passenger terminal at the same time. The fare is 162 yuan. At about 14:30 in the afternoon, I arrived at the Tiantai Bus Terminal. During the six and a half hours, I also experienced a transition from clear skies to heavy rain. Due to the fact that the rare double typhoon combination in history has affected many places in Zhejiang, it means that the weather may not be too good in the next few days. Of course, I also foresee, with umbrellas, raincoats and backpack rain cover to deal with.
    From the bus terminal, I spent a dollar on the 3a bus to the hotel opposite the Jigong former residence. This is a chain hotel owned by Platinum and the seven-day chain hotel. Compared with the “seven days” brand-oriented business style, it is more youthful and lively, and the price is lower. Personal feeling is somewhat similar to the Pudding Hotel.
    The itinerary is mainly for running attractions, and it will be outside during the day. In the evening, I only need a quiet sleeping environment and a clean big bed. The reason for choosing a hotel is convenient transportation. The taxis to the tourist center and the surrounding scenic spots are all within ten yuan, only 100 meters away from the former residence of Jigong. The health, network and various conditions of the big brand hotel chain are still guaranteed. The price of 110 yuan is also very close to the people. In short, people who have the same needs as me, can be said to be the first choice. Experiencing the hotel is not the theme of this event, so I won’t spend too much time introducing it here.
    The rooftops of the rooftops are mostly closed at 17 o’clock, so I took a break and rushed to the Visitor Center to collect tickets for tickets and tickets.
    The tourist center is not far from the suburbs. The scale of the building is not small. Tickets, rides, consultations, free hot water and other related services are available here. There are still small children’s play areas, and there are thumbnail maps under the floor, which is very intimate.
    After completing the formalities, I rushed to the former residence of Jigong. The birthplace of Living Buddha Jigong was in the Tianning Yongning Village where the former residence was located. In order to carry forward the culture of Jigong, more people were able to pay tribute to the Jigong sacred site and rebuilt the former residence. I believe that “the shoes are broken, the hats are broken, and the body is broken…” This song is mostly like the 80s that I have come out. Now the story of Jigong has been adapted into movies, TV series, cartoons and many other forms. Widely circulated in the world.
    The former residence reproduces the life style of Jigong Lifu in the Southern Song Dynasty. The Li family in that year can be counted as a large family. From the simple floor tiles after entering the door, the five “bats” on the ground form an ornament. Painting is to pay attention to the meaning of a “five blessings (bats).” Other patios, Zhongtang, etc. are also very thoughtful designs.
    Walking through the residential area to the back garden, the environment here can be described as “quiet” and “elegant”. Sit on the bench for a while, then you can also go to respect the fragrance and feel the quietness of this Buddha’s land.
    In addition, the small shops in the Curie can buy a lot of Jigong’s surrounding gadgets, and other places are not easy to buy, this should be considered exclusive sales, right? Don’t miss the favorite little friends.
    At about 17 o’clock, the visit to the former residence of Jigong was ended. Then I took a bus to sit in the Yanweizhou Park. This is the place I found when I came to the map before coming to the rooftop. Because it is located at the junction of the two rivers, it is a green area. It should be good to think about the scenery.
    When I got here, I didn’t regret it. The air that had passed through the weather was very fresh and my vision was wider. There are many local people here who come to fish, bend, wash and so on. There are many egrets flying over the tidal flats in the distance, and even photographed Jesus light.
    The stone lions on the stone bridge are in a variety of poses. I want to ask if I only think that the little lion and Yao Ming of the picture below have some thoughts?
    (ps. I also put a drone here, and I took some aerial view of the rooftop, but there is no way to upload it here! As for why? I will give you a detailed introduction on the next day’s itinerary.)
    After visiting the Yanweizhou, I felt the life of a local people, and then I went to dinner time. The food culture of the rooftops can be said to be eclectic, self-contained, mostly the snacks of the market stalls. Before I came back, I consulted a local netizen and recommended me a Tiantaishan snack at No. 117, East Workers Road, Chicheng Street. This is also a fast-tasting snack bar. When I came here, it was really popular. The small store was crowded with people. I couldn’t even take a few photos in it.
    Some of the rooftop snacks are hard to imagine by its strange name, so I listened to the boss’s recommendation and ordered a bowl of beef and a dumpling. (I originally wanted to be a little bit of boiling, the boss said now There are too many people, too late to do).
    There is no need to introduce too much in the beef. The practice here is to mix it with white radish and taste too heavy. It is suitable for a small partner. And the dumplings have to be said, this is a very popular burritos, pancakes with ham, greens, fans, etc., a rich kaleidoscope. There are 23 pieces in total, all of which are real materials, recommended.
     [DAY2] Swim the Tiantai Mountain Room
    Since I slept earlier last night, it was very early today, so I rushed to the visitor center early and took the first bus to Shiliangfei Waterfall at 8 o’clock. There are two types of shuttle buses: the bus that can take 50 people to the National Palace, the Qiongtai Singu, and the former residence of Jigong, and the mountain road with 20 or 30 miles to Shiliang and Huading. It is more comfortable to drive and ride. Mercedes Benz business car.
    It may be non-weekend, plus the weather is not very good, the whole car is me, and I have a pleasant conversation with the driver master along the way. When I arrived at Shiliang Scenic Area, he gave me the location of export parking, etc., because the import and export of Shiliang is not one, and there is no way to go back to the scenic spot.
    It has been raining since I left the house in the morning, sometimes scattered, sometimes tight. I had to hold an umbrella and carefully look for the right seat. As a rough man, I can get wet myself, but the camera must be protected like a girlfriend! Can you feel so cool and beautiful in the three days?
    In addition to the magical scenery of the scenic area, the natural scenery is amazing. There are three Fangguang Temples next to the Shiliang Waterfall, which are divided into upper, middle and lower Guangsi by location. “Gao Biography” said that there were five hundred arhats in the Eastern Jin Dynasty. The temple used tea for the Buddha, and “the number of Luohan” became a folk custom. Now the Guangsi Temple is the “Five hundred Luohan Daochang”.
    Of course, it can also be used as a place to rest and shelter from the rain. After all, Buddhism is compassionate.
    It is worth noting that there is no place to eat around Shiliang Waterfall and Huading Forest Park. There are a few scattered farmhouses from the scenic spot, so I will have lunch, and I will have instant noodles and marinated eggs in the scenic spot. . The little friends who come by car can bring some dry food in advance!
    Next, I went to Huading Forest Park. At this time, the weather gave some strength and the rain became weaker. At the destination, the rain has stopped. The driver master also told me that there might be grasshoppers in Huading, and I must be extra careful. Before, there were still small partners worried about whether there would be a snake. Anyway, I have never met this time! Be careful, it’s right, but you don’t really have to panic too much.
    Look at the signs and walk towards the “forest adventure” of the scenic spot. However, this time the forest adventure is not open, and he walked alone in the jungle to the deeper azalea sea. With the fog filled at this time, the scene in front appeared in the Journey to the West, I am afraid There should be a monster debut!
    A little walk to the front of the azalea sea, the area of ​​the cuckoo forest of Huading is 1000 mu, and the age of the tree is over 200 years old and forms an ancient tree group. However, this time is not the season of azalea blossoms, and it is regrettable to miss the scenery. But the venue is relatively open. I took the opportunity and decided to put another drone. After all, come here, what should I leave?
    However, the tragedy happened 20 minutes later…because I have not flown in such an environment before. I don’t know if the drone will be blown away by the wind after it is lifted off. I am flying to three hundred meters, but the distance is two hundred meters away from me! After taking some photos and videos that I am still satisfied with, press one button to return. Who knows that when the headwind returns to halfway, it indicates that the battery is low, and after that, it will indicate that the battery is not enough to return! To land at the current location! And can’t stop the order! ! ! At this point, the plane is over a jungle, and it will go on. I admit that the first time I encountered this situation, I panicked and tried to move forward manually while falling. However, before it hangs on the tree, I have not been able to let it through the jungle, so ruthlessly hung on a tree neck. The phone shows that the plane is still 104 meters. However, most of the jungles in front of us could not see the top, and the grass under the feet was even faster than me. It was impossible to step in. Moreover, I found a plane and I could not find a way to get it down.
    Even if 100 hearts are reluctant, you can only choose to give up. After all, your life safety is more important, and you can’t trouble the event organizer and the scenic spot. I just pity the photos I took yesterday and today, because the save is in raw format, does not support downloading to the phone, only the last video was downloaded before the exhaustion of power! This is why the aerial photos of my Yanweizhou Park are lost.
    I tried to calm myself down, thinking about the rooftop tourism propaganda film that I saw in the car when I came here today. I said, “Life is good, playing chess is good, you must take it off!” Suddenly let go, then continue to play. Let’s go! Between the words came to the Huading Temple, and it was said that the wise sage of Nan Chen was sitting here, after the first year of Jin Tianfu (936), the Emperor of the Emperor of the Emperor of the Emperor of the Tang Dynasty. There are many attractions such as the Daxiong Hall, the release pool, and the prajna well.
    There is also a “Xiaike Ancient Road” entrance hidden in the small square opposite the Huading Temple. As the name implies, Xu Xiake has traveled here. If the weather is fine, I will definitely follow this path to follow the footsteps of my predecessors.
    At about three o’clock I came out of the scenic spot and joined the driver’s master. He also checked the leg on my leg very seriously, and then drove me away, it was too sweet! At this time, the way back is also relatively leisurely. The sky still has a big sun. I found that the scenery on the road did not lose the scenic spot. I stopped at the two places with good vision and squeezed a few shutters.
    Later, I was thinking about it again. The time was still quite abundant. Would you like to brush the Qiongtai Sin Valley? I discussed my thoughts with the driver’s master. He said that the strength of Qiongtai Xiangu is even bigger than that of Shiliangfei Waterfall. It takes at least three hours according to the speed of my photographing. It is not recommended to consider the time and strength of the road. go with. I also decided to give up when I heard this, but I decided to go to Chicheng Mountain in the evening of the original plan. I will go out for food during this time!
    When I arrived at the visitor center, I went back to the hotel for a while. Then I went to the opposite side of the road, which is the alley behind the former residence of Jigong to find food. This time I don’t look at the online review, I don’t ask others, I decided to rely on my eyes. Finally, I chose a cow bloody snack bar. They didn’t even have a store name, but some people already ate at 16 o’clock.
    The boss said that the bloody cow is one of the favorite snacks of the local people. In the rooftop, its status should be equal to the beef soup of Huainan in my hometown. Because I am hungry, the point is that the cow’s blood is mixed with the noodles. The taste is similar to that of yesterday’s beef. It is very direct and spicy, and there is no turning around.
    When I saw someone eating beef noodles again, I also had 12 yuan (40 yuan / kg). This is to pre-baked the cow’s face and then sliced ​​it, then served it with soy sauce, chili and garlic. Compared with beef, the taste is more awkward and more chewy. This is also good. In the course of my meal, some people came to buy beef and beef to take home. It seems that popularity is a lever.
    After eating, I asked for a tofu paste to be taken away. I didn’t know anything about the snack that sounded weird and similar to my name. The aunt who is doing the smack is telling me that it must be hot and delicious. It is also a kind of burritos, first spread the surface evenly on the flat iron pot by hand; put the tofu a little, add chopped green onion and sesame oil; then chop the tofu and evenly open it; After the coke, start the pot. The taste of the freshly baked pudding is very brittle, and I took a bite: “Super delicious!” The feeling is like eating a hoe that has just been exposed, and it is delicious. It is no exaggeration to say that I have already eaten this piece of cake. Personally think this may be the most delicious snack on the rooftop!
    After dinner, I went back to the hotel to clean up the equipment. I took the No. 5 bus to Chicheng Mountain. After getting off at Chicheng Hotel Station, I went all the way to the foot of the mountain. Chicheng Mountain may be the most photographed spot in the local area. Because it is close to the city, the Millennium Tower of the Peak is particularly eye-catching, and it can be noticed by random heads. “Chicheng Qixia” is one of the ten scenic spots on the rooftop. This is why I chose to come in the evening. However, the clouds on that day are very thick and not the best time to take pictures.
    Then climb the mountain, climbed the top of the mountain in about forty minutes, and finally saw the Liangzhu Tower at close range. There are many citizens here who are orbiting the tower in the direction of the right. In the Buddhism, there is a high merit in winding the tower. At the same time, the top of Chicheng is also a great place to overlook the city, where you can’t help but leave a few small rooftops in the beautiful city.More beautiful.
    In addition to being a good place for residents to walk and bend after a meal, Chicheng Mountain itself is also a religious sacred mountain of Buddhism and Taoism. There are 18 natural cave grottoes on the mountain, such as Yujing Cave and Ziyun Cave. Because the weather is too late, it can only be passed by, and there is no stop in these places. If you want to savor, you have to choose to come over during the day.
    Today’s itinerary ended after a taxi back to the hotel in Chicheng Mountain. The overall strength is still quite large. In the evening, the number of sports steps in the 2w+ circle of friends is also ranked in the top five.
     [DAY3] reading the Tiantai Buddha culture
    The last day of the trip is the first day of August. It is also a special day to go to Guoqing Temple. Although it is not the first day of the lunar calendar, the fifteenth or more special days come to worship Buddha. At least I think the new January is a new beginning. Bathing and changing clothes in the morning is also a kind of respect for the Buddhist Tiantai.
    After breakfast, I took the No. 5 bus and got off at the Buddhist city. Then follow this road to visit the Buddhist City, the Tiantai Museum and the Guoqing Temple.
    The Tiantai Mountain Chinese Buddhist City is mainly a place for making Buddha statues, but not only that! Because the art of sculpture here is the most favored and trusted by Buddhist believers around the world. In the past 20 years, the large and small Buddha statues produced here have been honored by the Beijing Palace Museum and national treasures of more than 60 countries and regions including Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Britain, the United States and Canada. The museum and the religious department collect and offer, promote international cultural exchanges and cooperation, and contribute to the progress of human civilization and world peace.
    The Tiantai County Museum is next door to the Buddhist city. The place is not very large. You can enter the library free of charge by swiping your ID card. Although the popularity and scale are relatively average, you can still understand the history and development of the rooftop. It is worth visiting. .
    The museum is rich in variety and has more than 6,000 pieces, including many first, second and third grade precious cultural relics. The pavilion is divided into six major exhibition areas, namely Zhejiang Photographic Literature Exhibition, Cultural Relics History Exhibition, Folk Art Exhibition, Paleontological Specimen Exhibition and Art Exhibition. Going in and out in turn, the design on the route is very reasonable. Here, the individual has a little suggestion. I feel that the light in the exhibition hall is too strong and the glass is more reflective. It can be considered that, like most museums, the venues are closed, and then the small objects are used to hit the cultural relics in a relatively dimly lit environment, which is more conducive to visitors to watch and take pictures.
    From the museum, go north for about 500m and you will arrive at the entrance of Guoqing Temple. As a 5A-level scenic spot, Guoqing Temple is now free of charge. After entering the gate, you can choose to take a battery tour bus to the temple gate. In fact, the distance is only about 800m. I walked in. Is it better to feel the scenery of this road?
    Guoqing Temple was built in the 18th year of Emperor Kaihuang (598). It has a history of more than 1,400 years and is a national key cultural relics protection unit. After thousands of years, the National Qing Temple was destroyed several times in the long river of history. Until 1973, Premier Zhou Enlai ordered the completion of the restoration of Guoqing Temple in two years, and allocated 300,000 yuan to transfer a large number of precious Buddha statues and musical instruments from Beijing. Temple. In 1984, the Tiantai Buddhist Research Institute (now the Tiantaishan Buddhist College) was re-established, and the Guoqing Temple was restored. Even the famous Kung Fu star Li Lianjie’s famous work, Shaolin Temple, was filmed at the Tianqing Guoqing Temple.
    Guoqing Temple is the birthplace of Chinese Buddhist Tiantai. During the time of Jianzhen Dongdu, he visited the National Ching Temple, and the Japanese study abroad was the best to learn from the Tiantai Mountain. After studying the Taoist method, he built a temple in Bibi Mountain in Japan after he returned to China. He founded the Tiantai Zong in Japan and later respected the Tianqing Temple in Zhejiang. . Therefore, the influence of Guoqing Temple is far from home and abroad, and it is a pilgrimage place for Buddhist believers all over the world.
    There are many attractions in the temple, such as the tower, the seven stupas, the plum, the five hundred Luohantang, etc. Because it is inconvenient to take too many photos of the Buddha statue, here is a simple display! The legendary story of Guoqing Temple is very much. The Buddhist culture is profound and profound. It is not that I can express my words in a few words and a few photos. I suggest that interested friends can come and stay for a few days and go deeper to understand.
    There is a check-in office on the right side of Guoqing Temple, where you can check in. It is also a place where the masters of the temple live and live.
    There is also a big feature that is not known to many tourists. It is a vegetarian meal with 2 yuan. You are not mistaken! It was 2 yuan to eat. At 10:30 on the same day, I went to the accommodation registry to buy a meal ticket on time. I went to the dining hall under the guidance of the master. Most of the restaurants were grandparents. I lined up to receive the vegetarian dishes and rice, and sat among them to taste. Although this is not a mountain treasure, the chef who cooks is not a famous chef, but in this environment, I have a taste of this vegetarian meal. Finally, remember to clean the dishes you used after eating and put them neatly!
    After lunch, the visit to Guoqing Temple was completed, and then there was an attraction in Qiongtai Xiangu. It is said that Qiongtai Singu is also the most beautiful place on the rooftop. I started to squat when I started from the visitor center.憬The next beauty.
    The driver master took me to the lower entrance. There are also two mouths in the scenic spot. The regular route is from the bottom entrance and goes up to the exit. There are also many people who want to save energy and go up and down.
    As soon as you enter the door, you will be surprised by the beauty in front of you.
    “The mountain is not high, there is a fairy name”, and Qiongtai Xiangu is also a place where legends have been inhabited by gods. “The water is not deep, there is a dragon and the spirit”. In front of this water, it is named “Longtan” because of the long form.
    When I first entered the scenic spot, I mainly looked at the water and the road was relatively flat. Until I walked to the Lingyun plank road, I had been going uphill with a big dip. I also met a lot of tourists who turned around and told me that there is still a long way to go! So far? This is also a very vague feeling! At this point, I was already soaked, why didn’t I think about giving up like them?
    As the saying goes, “The wind blows the rain and knows the life, and it is hard to understand the life.” After several psychological struggles, I still insisted on moving forward until I saw the following signs. There is still 600m from the mouth, and it has already gone more than half! What I need to choose in front of my eyes is a martyrdom. In the end, I am lazy and choose the shorter crocodile to climb the road.
    Practice has proved that this is not a good way to wow! It was very steep along the way, and some of the steps didn’t look carefully. I thought that there was no way to go ahead.
    In the end, the feeling of climbing to the top is suddenly clear, this moment must be a self-timer!
    Then I went further and came to the altar of the emperor. I liked the small scenery of the mountains. I also liked to be glad that I had finished the whole journey without regret.
    At this time, I also encountered another inspector and big coffee to enter from the upper mouth, and then put the drone aerial photography! Think about your own drone… It’s inevitable that there are some five flavors! I can only hope that he can take a more beautiful photo, and the plane will land safely! After a few chills, I walked out of the scenic spot.
    The entire itinerary ended at around 14 pm that day. The bus back to Changzhou has only one class at 9:00 in the morning. I have no reason to stay one more night for such a long time. Then I took the bus to Hangzhou, and then transferred from Hangzhou to Changzhou. As a very convenient transportation hub, Hangzhou connects all parts of the country. So the little friend who is far from the rooftop wants to come here, you can take Hangzhou as a middleTransfer station, it is very convenient to the rooftop!
    Looking back on the journey of the past three days, it was successfully completed in accordance with the expected route. The expectation, encounter, joy, and loss experienced between them are unpredictable before departure. Maybe every trip is a microcosm of life? It is impossible to be smooth sailing, and when you meet some small bumps, it seems that the things you see and hear on the journey are more precious.
    Just like many people think that going to Tibet can wash their hearts, not because of what Tibet has, you only need to book a ticket to fly to Lhasa to be able to make a face-lift. It’s what you see and hear on the road that shocks your heart a little bit.
    I especially liked the poem engraved on a stone in the scenic area of ​​Qiongtai Singu. “Xian Fanben is unbounded, only in the heart; asks for a thousand wishes, and Yicheng Baidaotong.” There is no limit between the fairyland and the human world. As long as the heart is sincere, no matter which way is passed. Even if I didn’t go to Tibet, I also realized some positive attitudes towards life in the small city of the Buddha’s Taoyuan source in Tiantai. I learned to accept the beauty and twists and turns in the journey. This is also the biggest gain I came to the rooftop!

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