[Traveling through the spiritual sanctuary north of the northeast] Hulunbeier line crossing + Russia after Baikal

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    This is by no means a trip to go.
    Not a leisure after work
    Not the impulse of a few people’s brains
    This is a trip that started in August 2017, and the laziness after being exhausted has been delayed.
    This is a textbook-level off-road vehicle travel that has been carefully considered, carefully planned, and rigorously demonstrated.
    Here are the grassland crossing routes and beautiful maps that you have never seen before.
    It is rare that the itinerary is properly arranged and the time slot is tight.
    It is enough to provide a valuable reference for the majority of grassland lovers.
    Xia Yue Weibo: @mc is not that little Yue
    First of all
    Thanks to everyone who reads, the length of the text is very personal, and you can read it, or read these hundreds of pictures, thank you very much.
    About us.
    I would like to thank the general director of this trip: @夏越 is the author.
    I would like to thank you for the value of this trip: @韵宝小公举.
    I would like to thank you for your support of this trip: @才宝小公举.
    I would like to thank the food supply for this trip: @婕宝小公举.
    I am seriously grateful for the safety and beauty of this trip: our team leader: @巴图, @小柱, @涂涂, @哈丹巴特尔
    In short, all the young people who are rooted in red seedlings are not lazy.
    Batu is the driver and leader of our car. The Mongolian is a native. The Mongolian meaning is strong and strong. The way to follow him is like a smile, and it has been hung up! It has been his cold humor for countless times. Laughing in the poke… laughing non-stop
    First come a paragraph:
    (Our car just went out of Hailar for a while), Batu suddenly said: Hey, my mobile phone, I touched the body for a long time, and finally took a call by sitting on the phone, someone picked up, the sound loudly.
    Batu: Hey, who are you? (Inexplicable, whoever you call, ask who the other party is!)
    daughter in law! !
    Do you take my mobile phone? (very pretty)
    Batu daughter-in-law: You throw the table.
    Batu: You are stupid, know that I lost my home, why don’t you tell me?
    –Oh, the phone is at you, can’t play.
    OK, you will send me over.
    Bia! Hang up the phone. (overbearing!)
    Cai Bao: When is it time to send it, you use me.
    Batu: That can’t be done, I want to use it, others can’t find me.
    Caibao: Are you still having a phone call? Didn’t you still fight it?
    Batu: Where can I,
    That is yours.
    Caibao: Oh… yes, then I will borrow one of you first, and then I will pay back.
    Batu: OK!
    The car went away, and no one reminded me that the daughter-in-law should not send it… Hey, this rough man. Are you a monkey sent by the rescuers?
    If you see it here, you still have no praise, it is a pity!
     Summary of experience
    As usual, I would like to summarize some of the experience of this trip:
    1. What is the best time to go to the grassland?
    Everyone may know the information on the Raiders as I did in 7.8. It is best to go to Hulunbeier in two months. Actually, it is not. Specifically (listen to the local herders and Batu): the grassland will be thawed in May, and the snow will melt, and will be in early June. In early July, the grass on the grassland is still tender and green. The wild mountains and the wild are all wild flowers such as wild peony and wild rose, and a large piece of special special.Do not be beautiful, there are wild rape fields in July, Huang Chengcheng, and especially special, but there are more mosquitoes and burdocks, and August flowers and grass have seen yellow, this time there is some coolness in the morning and evening, due to the mid-August Most of the troops with children have begun to return, so there are not many tourists, plus we have few people in the wild line, often have the feeling of a private field, relatively cool ~! After September, it is beautiful autumn scenery, and then the winter… Here, it seems that all seasons are beautiful!
    2. The cost of eating and living.
    Some of us in this trip are between FB and ZN. They are neither too extravagant nor too harsh. They are very happy to eat. Eat all AA, 40-60 yuan per person per meal, eat well, roast whole sheep, hand-picked meat, Russian-style Suba soup, beef patties, etc. (note that not all of them, change The roast lamb chops are 68 yuan a catty. The roast lamb chops in the grassland are just like the people here. They are all in the whole row. They scare off a lot of chopsticks and learn to follow the team leader to understand…) Of course, if you want to taste Russian Western food in Manchuria, you can’t ask yourself according to this standard. The conditions on the grassland can’t be too particular, but there are requirements to ask directly, and the team leader will generally be satisfied. Also eat the northeast of the pot meat, silked sweet potatoes, blood sausage, mutton parsley dumplings, as well as Russian big bar, pure milk, blueberry sauce, Ewenki people to cook chicken soup, pork ribs soup and so on. In general, eating is also satisfied.
    Accommodation in Harbin is an online hotel chain. Harbin to Hailar is living on a train. The club offers very distinctive houses and hotels. The scale is small but comfortable. There are also Russian cabins. There is also a yurt camp. The accommodation conditions are not comparable to the mainland. Hulunbeier has a high latitude. It is usually dark at 8 or 9 in the summer and lights up at three o’clock, so the curtains are closed. Our stay at this time is not very tight, listening to Batu said that the family here to travel to the peak season, money may not be able to live! It can be understood that after all, the conditions are the same, and it is really not easy to find the star rating. The family tour here is usually a male and female host, and the male owner usually cooks a good dish. The hostess is busy and greeted to send it.
    No matter where you go to Hulunbeier, there is a beautiful scenery along the way. I have been looking at the window without any tiredness. At this time, most people will think “if you drive yourself.” When you take a train or a long-distance bus, look at the beautiful scenery along the way, you will regret it. We originally planned to come by car. Later, after reading a lot of strategies, we eliminated the idea of ​​not being feasible. We finally chose to register for the local outdoor organization. We also want to thank the seniors for their recommendation of “Light and Shadow Maniac”. The only regret is that I didn’t have time with the leader of the grass-shoes team in the north. I couldn’t grow some photography positions with him, but some of our team leaders are also very reliable. Publicly praised: the leader of Batu Brothers (our car) The team leader, the team leader Batt and the leader column, and two Mongolian names could not be remembered… These guys are all simple and kindly grassland men, but they are in tears in just a few days. Getting along is like a few years of communication!
    3. About the yurt.
    For those who yearn for the grassland, it is absolutely attractive for us to have a yurt for one night. No one! One of our trips was a yurt camp that lived in the club for one night. It was a yurt made of original canvas and it felt very good! Now the grassland people have basically settled in the yurts. Only the summer camps will have yurts. The bricks and iron yurts at the tourist spots are basically used to make money for tourists. From the shape materials to the internal facilities, it is very bad. Original flavor (in fact, it is said that the yurts who live in the real herdsmen are not used to it, the ground is the land and there is a heavy smell of sheep)
    During the actual walking process, the herders living in the yurt were found to be there. Usually there is a yurt in the middle of a large grass field, next to the kind of shelf car called “Lele car” used for the yurt relocation, a simple wind power installation, and a simple animal ring or shed. Batu said that these herders already have settlements. They live in the yurts on the grasslands when the plants are rich and plump. They are easy to graze when they are cold. When the weather is cold, they will go to the yurts and go home. It is not a yurt in the first year. The yurt, a unique cultural model of the nomadic people, has been with the Mongolian nation for a long time.
    4, about clothing.
    The temperature of the grassland is quite suitable, about 20-30 ° C, you can wear short sleeves during the day, the temperature difference between morning and evening is a bit large, wearing a long sleeve outside, afraid of sun and mosquitoes during the day can also wear a long sleeve, take off when taking pictures. Long-sleeved clothes don’t have to be too thick. Generally, a cardigan can be used. It is better to prevent wind and rain. You can wear a hat, and the leader will also send a mosquito cap, which is basically useless. The best two pairs of shoes, a pair of casual sports, because sometimes you will step on the muddy road, or you can change the rain, sandals and slippers should not be brought, go deep into the grassland, sometimes it is not convenient to climb
    5. Why choose to travel outdoors.
    In fact, this is also a habit. We go to Sichuan, go to Jilin, go to Guizhou, and participate in the activities of local outdoor organizations. If we want to see the true face of the grassland, it will not work with the tour group. And I feel that free pedestrians are more interesting, and outdoor organizations will be more secure. Except for the other aspects of dinner, we don’t need to worry about it. The gameplay is the same as the self-help tour. It doesn’t matter if you want to stop for a long time.The chartered car will save a lot, and it will not give the bad drivers a chance to be smashed or sold. It is necessary to pay attention to the local outdoor organization and the relevant qualifications, must have a travel agency business license! If you don’t want to find Harbin or other places, they will subcontract the friends to the local land, so that they can earn the difference in the middle. The most important thing is that if they have any problems, they will kick the ball back and forth. Seriously recommend this one of my treasure shop to the north travel franchise store
    The leader is very important, the first driving skills are excellent, but also take care of the overall situation. The car is also very important. You must know that the car you are riding is going to accompany you for nearly 2,000 kilometers, and most of them are unknown roads.
    6. Others: sunscreen, parasol (by the way), anti-mosquito, anti-itch water, sunglasses, camera and charger, mobile phone mobile power. If the constitution is not good, cold medicine, anti-inflammatory drugs, stomach medicine, anti-allergy can also be brought. In addition, Shanghai Auntie, who is traveling with her, said that she eats vitamin B1 every day and has a mosquito repellent effect.
    7. Equipment
    How good is the camera, don’t be too heavy, wide-angle, telephoto is best to bring together, the scenery is too beautiful to use.
    This time we are wearing Canon 5D Mark II+EF 16-35mm f/2.8L II USM, 550D+EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM, tripod, memory card: CF+SD total 120G, must With telephoto! ! With telephoto! With telephoto! Important things say three times
    Love crazy 6 Pras.
    Aerial photography aircraft: DJI.Phantom 4 (internship)
    Photography selection recommendation
    “The first song of the world”, the west bank of Molgler, the winding Molgler River, the green carpet-like grassland, the cattle and horses, the long-lived shepherd
    The “Enhe” service area and the folk museum are all good places to draw. The traditional woodcuts, the folk houses and the villages are clear and the Bogan River, and the bridges on the small island of the Irina Country Club are all architectural styles. Very unique
    Needless to say, “Birch Forest”
    The living environment of the Mongolian people in “Yangcun Camp”, the pastoral return of the grassland! Beautiful yurt and the sunset opposite it, the starry sky at night!
    The full picture of the Daxinganling of “Mordao” is a smog that slams the chin! The largest storage yard in Daxing’anling
    “Debord” 敖 Lu Guya Xing’an Shenlu Park, Santa’s mount, the life of Daxing’anling, the Ma Gaoshuai here! The most important thing is to be close to people. The Battelle team can lift the horse head that is grazing every time to let us take a group photo, awesome!
    Leisure time in the Nordic town of Russia’s post-Bajarsk, the Russian family is the focus
    The beauty of the “Aviation” grassland is broad and unselfish, like the sea and the sea is more than the sea. The most representative of this is the aerial photography. If there is no aerial camera, it is recommended to take a small aircraft aerial photography (I am also a new aircraft.) Internship)
    8. Outbound related
    It is absolutely necessary to exchange rubles in Manchuria. Don’t believe that some people say it. With the dollar, euro or renminbi to exchange in Russia. They said that it is in a big city, and we are going to a small town in the Russian Far East.
    It is said that UnionPay cards can be directly withdrawn from Russian ATMs, but only the first day free of charge, and the upper limit of most ATMs in Russia is 3000-4000 rubles.
    The power converter needs to bring one, Russia is a double round hole, but there is no universal conversion socket this year, which means that I am free.
    Passports must not be forgotten. The club can handle temporary passports with a handling fee of 240 yuan. It is convenient and saves time. There are not many exit procedures and they are handed over to the club.
    In Manchuria, it takes about 8 o’clock in the morning to get around 8 o’clock in the morning. The return time in the afternoon is about 4 or 5 o’clock. It depends on the time used to pass the customs.
    It is said that the winter in Russia is also very good, you can go hunting, and the trip to Baikal should be very good.
    The duty-free shop is very reasonable and you can choose to bring a little
    Russians are very friendly and willing to help people; ordinary public toilets are charged, especially in the sights, you need to prepare 2, 30 rubles of money, of course you can also find uncle Mai, Ken Grandpa or other coffee shops. Toilet, if any.
    Russians are very willing to help people. If you don’t understand the road, you are advised to ask more people. Ordinary public toilets are charged. Especially in the scenic spots, you need to prepare 2, 30 rubles of money. Of course, you can also find Uncle Mai, Grandpa Ken or Other toilets, such as coffee shops, if any.
    9. Tips
    Documents: ID card, bank card This is a must, but also need to bring some cash, because the Hulun Buir grassland is sparsely populated, withdrawal is not so convenient. If you have a student ID card, you must bring it. Although there are not many scenic spots for free travel, some student ID cards are still useful. The club will return the remaining fares. We will find a student ID card for online travel before we travel.
    Water and snacks: Be sure to keep the water in the carriage. The prairie is no more dry than the south. If you travel frequently, you will be unacceptable. Drinking bottled water will also be safe. Or bring a thermos mug, after all, it is very cold in the morning and evening, drink some hot water, my heart is still warm, you can take hot water to drink in the place where you eat. There are also very difficult toilet conditions, no water in minutes.Wash your hands, so be sure to bring water. As for snacks, it is best to buy some on the road. The more than 100 kilometers of the Prairie spots are commonplace, and there are no small shops on the road. It takes a few hours to recharge, so if you are hungry, you have to eat. It is quite happy. Dried meat, ham, especially cucumbers and tomatoes should be bought on the road to eat special incense!
    Drugs: We only brought some band-aids and ointments, and none of them were taken. As a result, I still caught a cold. I ate the Mongolian cold medicine given by Captain Batu. It is very useful. I suggest that you still prepare a cold medicine for you. There are masks and body lotions, lip balm must be brought, people who are not used to dryness can not stand it.
    Hand letter: We bought some local specialties in Hailar this time, basically milk, meat and mountain products, what milk and milk tablets, beef jerky, mushrooms, fungus, deer blood and so on, not bad Ok. There are also some handicrafts with local characteristics, such as plush lambs, woodcuts, spikes, etc. It is very good to give away.
    Diet: The grassland is mainly made up of beef, mutton and noodles. Generally, all kinds of pasta are used instead of rice. Yogurt is especially good. Vegetables are very expensive. Basically, it is a price with meat. It is recommended to buy more fruits and other vitamins.
    Overview of the itinerary:
    Hailar – crossing the grassland (very poor road conditions, it is highly recommended that there is a team selection for the elderly and children) – Ergun – Sanhe (there is basically no car to go, the road is narrow and still pits, it is very difficult to get a car) – – Debord – Moer Dao – Hongqi Forest Farm (the road to transport wood is also bad) – Taiping 屯 – Linjiang (Tu Lukeng) – Shiwei (road repair) – Enhe – (natural road pits) Wulan Mountain (road repair) – Montenegro – Manzhouli – Hou Baijiaer – Manzhouli – Hailar
    The black dotted line below is our footprint:
     D1. Hangzhou – Harbin
    Our meeting place is in Hailar. Since there is no direct flight from Hangzhou to Hailar, and the girlfriends want to play Harbin by the way, we use Harbin as a transit city. I believe many friends also do this. Buy tickets in advance, set the hotel, we live in the 7-day chain Sophia Cathedral, very close to the church and the central street, very clean and cheap, 197 yuan / night economy room, room is spacious, 1.8 meters bed and wireless network . As the plane was late, I arrived at Harbin at night. I saw the cathedral and other buildings next to the hotel. Harbin was a charming city under the night, and the Russian architecture was mysterious under the dim light. I slept very well on the first night.
     D2. Harbin – Hailar
    The next morning, I ate the three dumplings of the Oriental Dumpling King and the cucumber and shrimp dumplings. I also took a big pull and turned around in the square. I finally decided to go to Stalin Park to see the sunrise and morning of the Songhua River. view. I found the right direction and prepared to walk on foot, and by the way, I learned about the city culture and customs of Harbin in the morning, but it was too early, the shops closed, the pedestrians were scarce, there was no customs, and it was the truth, so I faced the taxi. The driver decelerated the whistle of the whistle. We were like the bamboo shackles of the Ximen Daguan who were dressed by Wu Dazhao. The vertigo said that it was late, it was fast, and it got into the car and said to the driver. Via Sophia Cathedral to Stalin Park. Tickets for Sofia Cathedral are 20 yuan/person. Travelers who are not interested in history or who are in a hurry should not go in. It is a photo exhibition, meaning little.
    Stalin Park is located on the banks of the Songhua River. It has a unique Russian-style lodge. It is scattered on the riverside. The pointed roof is painted with warm red and is very eye-catching. The window is round and round, and the window is framed by wooden slats. With a ring corridor, the yellow pillars and white ruins are hidden in the shade of greenery, and they are like a fairy tale world. The trees are mostly weeping willows, and the knights gather under the trees. Like the martial arts conference, they show the tradition of the northerners. The Taiji gossip and five-fowl boxing, the sword and the sword and the crescent shovel, all the heroes play with guns and make a living. Everyone is also interested in seeing the officials. When it comes to the important point, he slams his applause in a hurry. There is still a lot of effort, it is necessary to say loudly to the surrounding spectators. This is why it is not possible to play this momentum, so that you can also show yourself as a martial arts master. There is also a real thing to say next to it, right! This riverside has been able to dance this trick for decades, and only two years can be made. And this ‘something’ must be the name of the martial artist, so that he is accustomed to being familiar with it. When the eyes of the people are focused on it, the more real ones are quite sturdy, and the blushing neck is thick. Eight or two lard-like, Yu Shenghui hopes Gu Zixiong. There are also some real skills. When you look at it, you can’t help but grind into the circle, and move around and dodge. The onlookers have become masters, and they have pointed out how to get rid of the wind. It’s a pity that the heroes are left and right at the moment, and they can’t help themselves.These golden jade are rumored. However, he has his own tricks, just in the moment when the big sweat of the bean is earned from the face, look at the empty space, jump out of the circle in time, shout loudly at the right time, wipe the sweat. In fact, this move is the killer to resolve the dilemma… This side of the car is screaming and screaming, but the side of the car is bursting with the wind and sending it to the song, such as Liusi. In the open area, the red man and the green girl are surrounded by flowers, and the three musicians are surrounded by a conductor. With the music and the gestures of the conductor, the “Harbin Light” is filled with pride and self-confidence. “My Motherland” is full of love and affection. “Goodbye Mom” ​​is a fascinating and intimate love. Whether it is the old man of Hefa, or the Xu Niang, who is full of grace and grace, everyone is eager to invest, and his face is happy and peaceful.
    About 10 minutes walk to Central Avenue, a pedestrian street full of Russian architecture, while eating and eating, and finally to Stalin Park and flood control memorial tower, sitting on the steps of the Songhua River, watching the leisurely city of Harbin The citizens play in the water, swim, look at the cable car in the distance and the other side of the river, thinking about their own affairs, is also a kind of enjoyment.
    Return to the hotel to take your luggage, then take bus No. 65 at the hotel entrance to Harbin East Railway Station and take the train to Hailar. The last time I was sitting on a green leather car was 10 years old. This time I slept one night, starting at 16:59, and going to Hailar at 6:12 in the morning. The conditions on the car were relatively simple, but it was also okay, and the children’s paper was washed. Wet wipes and pillows, etc., as long as they are not afraid of heavy weight, because the hostels on the Hulun Buir grassland, especially the cabins, do not provide toiletries, so they are ready to travel.
    The trains must stop at the station, stop without a station, and stop when someone is carrying a big bag. However, the car was smog in a parking compartment. At first it was thought to be caused by the green leather train burning coal. After a long time, I couldn’t help but see the probe. The junction of the two cars was filled with smokers. There are three women, big red and purple clothes, kneeling on the floor, knotted, face blush, teeth can be yellow, the eyes are vaguely foreign objects, three holes smoke, between the two, one for one eye, to keep the smoke The pipe is smooth, when the smoke is on the mouth, the poor and strong fingers, although the wrist is covered with a white silver bracelet, it must also be used as a tool to clear the nostrils, and the aging and smoking masters do not give up. Hehe, like a slap in the ear, it’s always better to see it. Today, I know that every field has a hero who can’t let the eyebrows, and Lei Ren, the five thunders thunder! ,
    The train commander was like a puppet army, wearing unfit clothes, standing loosely next to the road, the slanting walkie-talkie and a box-like gun, and commanding the train in a serious manner.
     D3. Hailar – Yangcun Mongolian Camp
    The train was on time. I washed it early and contacted Batu. He changed the oil and asked another team leader to pick us up at the train station. At the first sight, the small column is a straight person. It is true that it has been touched in the past few days. Occasionally, it is ignored when it is occasionally sold. After breakfast, I gathered with the big troops. They lived in Hailar the night before.
    From the urban area of ​​Hailar to the grassland, the city retreats, the cows and horses are coming out, and we are excited to see our eyes screaming. When we reach a grassland where cattle are everywhere, Batu puts us down to get close to them, and the cows are Grazing, bugs and mines under the feet (poop) are more, but this is irrelevant for our children who grow up in the city. Intimate contact with nature is the big thing at the moment, the sky is so blue, the white clouds Blossoming, the layers are stacked in the distance, how happy the cows can graze so leisurely, touch them, take photos with them and start to go deep into the grasslands. Our trip is completely free, and the classic scenic spots of those travel agencies, such as “a certain sweat”, we simply do not care.
    In the next step in the grassland, we met unexpected surprises. Because there is really no road here, I really don’t know what to call here. Let’s call it “Prairie Road”!
    On the high hills on the bank of the Molgler River, in the sacrificial holy land of blessings and blessings, in countless unknown wilderness blue sky, our car is like a flat boat, sliding over the flowery grass slopes, the waist-deep wildflowers, The flowers that bloomed are as big as a bowl, and they are continuous into pieces. They are delicious and romantic, and they can be swayed through the grassland after the arrangement; the grass that flows through the curved river, the small river that is winding on the grassland, is in love with this piece. The grassland couldn’t bear to leave, like this road, we stopped and walked, step by step, the car turned to the front, but the eyes looked at the landscape that was gradually drifting away. Here! Really the legendary paradise grassland! !
    When you get to the grassland, you know how this rain came. You can see that it is getting closer and closer to you, the pressure of the clouds, the weather of the grassland is like the face of a child, you can cry at any time, then I will laugh in an instant
    The rainbow after the heavy rain, the whole world is fresh, the fragrance of the grass is the taste of nature, the sheep gather together to avoid the rain and look at the past like a yurt, seeing the heavy rain will be done, they also began to sing The big brother who grazes leisurely smokes a cigarette bag and controls the disobedient pony with the mighty set of horses in his hand. This scene is really not like the mortal world. We are all cheeky vulgars in their eyes. What?
    If it is not the stomach reminding us that we have nearly two points, we have not woken up in the intoxication.
    Finally arrived at the border town of Ergun, met a sheep soup hall, the store is not big, did not see the name and menu. First come a few pounds of meat. The taste is really beautiful!
    The photo is not available, anyway, it is a state of mind.
    This mutton subverts my knowledge of the lamb in my life, and the scent of the food has drowned a table to satisfy the grin!
    This meat is cut with a knife to eat! What is eating phase? There is no such word here.
    Satisfied with the belly to the sheep village, arrived in the sheep village in the evening, Batu showed his proud equestrian, the iron ride flew past me, like the arrow from the string… actually more like a never equipped Off-road vehicle with brake system. Yunbao couldn’t wait to pull her paint and take her on horseback. They disappeared into our vision in such a romantic way, and they only appeared after a long time. . .
    There is a British beauty in the camp. She speaks very fluent Mandarin. She tells us that “the festival is very good.” Well, I feel so.Got
    The yurt is very primitive, it is made of canvas, not the cement or iron in the sights, it is very comfortable.
    Crossing the horses and galloping the grassland is a big wish before everyone comes to Inner Mongolia, but when we really sit on the horse, we will scream when the horse walks up! ! It’s still a romantic walk, so sitting on the horse’s back and leisurely, aimlessly walking, unconsciously to the horizon
    The dinner at the camp is to do the yak dung to cook the meat, and the little friends have seen the cow dung! Looking for a long time, or Batu returned a basket of cow dung, watching us clumsy cooking, he is happy and angry
    Batu: How do you live at home? You are so arrogant in our family! (Marrying a Mongolian is a terrible thing)
    We: Husband cooking, go to the restaurant, call the takeaway, go to the mother’s house to eat….
    Batu: We Mongolians have always been women cooking at home, and today I am a chef!
    Us: Batu Ge is old! ! (“Good old”, new learning words)
    Cooking meat in the left hand, shooting with the right hand camera… The photographer who doesn’t want to be a cook is not a good driver! Batu Ge Come on!
    After the meal, the villagers called us to see the sunset. It was a great place to watch the sunset. The warm light from the yurt hit the body, and the sunset began to fall slowly in front of our eyes. The golden glow of the setting sun made this paradise The wilderness gradually evolved into a colorful oil painting. From the green, we witnessed the green and vivid pastures that were originally full of vitality. They began to gradually become smudged into bright yellow, and then became bright with the sun’s rays. As if to burn, the whole field is red, and the sky behind it is like a fire.
    After the sunset sinks, the wilderness hides. We are as mad as being hypnotized. We are surrounded by cows and yurts that we stayed in, and we are in it. We are happy and weeping, forgetting and forgetting.
    The night of the grasslands, the Milky Way rushes over the head,
    At this moment, the world has nothing to do with me. When you are in the besieged city, you will look up and calm down to face the details of these lives, not to mention that even if we look up, we will not see it.
    At this moment, we are sitting around the fire.Recalling childhood… At that time, there was a starry sky like this on our head, just then
     D4. Yangcun Camp – Moerdao
    I really don’t want to leave here, until noon, everyone starts from the camp, listen to the Mongolian love song in the car, look at the blue sky and white clouds and the bright cattle and sheep outside the window. When the road meets the favorite scenery, the car will stop and let you If you shoot enough, the team leader will also tell us where to shoot and how to shoot. It’s really picturesque, even if it’s a mobile phone, it has a surprising beauty. Soon it was the Baihualin scenic spot, there was no entry, because the scenic spot was on the roadside to see the grass under the tree is gone, it is said that such a birch forest will be charged next year! !
    Batu: When I was a child, I was playing grass under the birch forest. At that time, there was no such road. There are many wild animals in the forest. There are trees for hundreds of years. We will bring birch bark to the fire, birch. There is a black piece below that is the mark left by the birch bark. Do you know why the birch trees on the side of the scenic area look like there is no black skin?
    Us: Where do we know?
    Batu: This is all painted white paint by the scenic spot!
    Us: Ah? ? ! ! ! !
    Several leaders took us to find a birch forest that no one had ever seen. The grass and dead leaves under the tree stepped on like thick carpets, occasionally the crisp sound of broken branches, only the cuckoo called, could not see it. Where is the feeling of a kind of person in the painting, the white trunk stands straight, and the green leaves are straight into the sky, fresh and blooming. Walking and walking, there was a thunderstorm, and when the weather was fine, it was more fairy-tale.
     The girls in the birch forest are beautiful!
    At noon, I arrived at the Gulu Xing’an Shenlu Park in the Gulu. The sun shines through the gaps of the leaves and evenly sprinkles in the mixed woods of larch and birch trees. The vapor of the dew is filled with the smell of rosin. It is the time when the reindeer came out to look for moss. Traveling through the pine forest, you will show you the deer of the ancient tribes by your side. When you touch it, the sacred moments are as static as time… The various forest birds that are humming and humming are also around. Behind the wandering reindeer, you can eat and play. On the way, I bought a yoghurt ice cream made by herders and served with a blueberry sauce. It is so delicious~
    The Ewenki nationality is inhabited and labored in such a beautiful and quiet and primitive ecological habitat. It is peaceful, free and uncontested.
    Behind it is still the bumpy road, but the scenery has changed from the grassland to the forest area, the pine trees on the hillside are also colorful, the green pine trees, the yellow birch trees, the soil is in contention, you fight for me. The birds are flying high, the lonely soul clouds are alone, and the cold eyes are watching the bottom of the sky. The green pines and the white birch are wrong. They are not dotted in the meantime. They are distributed in pieces, fighting against each other, fighting each other, sometimes intertwined, sometimes you stand by This hill, I enjoy this hillside alone, in the distance, such as the distinction between the two yellow, the arrogant is the birch, the restrained is loose. It’s clear that nature is generously open and unselfishly tells me what it’s about! The grass is getting sparse and sparse, gradually revealing the sand and gravel, quite the weather of the Gobi, the forest is full of souls, the silly robe, the wild boar rabbit runs faster than the camera, you find that it took the camera out of time, it is already home. After all, here is their world.
    It’s all about dirt roads, and the forest area has completely become the world of scorpion pines. The mountains are covered with wilderness and the water flows into the wilderness. Blue is the sky, white is the cloud, green is the tree, the god is us.
    Moer Daozhen is the real Daxinganling area. When we came, it was the season of ripening blueberries. The roadside of the town was selling wild fruits.
    Going to Daxinganling, the highest point overlooks the whole scene of Xing’an Mountain, and the largest storage yard. The team leader told us that the mountain scenery on the original road will be beautiful tomorrow morning. It is the biggest gift for those who love photography.
    I tasted the special iron pancakes here in the evening.
     D5. Moerdao 嘎 – Linjiang
    Few people know how beautiful the sunrise in Daxing’anling is. In the morning, we used it for half an hour to climb the mountain very early. Here we saw the legendary “Foguang”!
    There are people in Fodu, and people say that only one in tens of thousands of people in Foguang have a chance to see it! We are really one of the 10,000 darlings.
    Today’s road is starting to bump again, and the forest park has a small train.
    Taiping is a village in the mountain forest with only a few dozens of people. The original scum is here. In the past two years, the number of tourists passing by here has increased. The locals have also begun to learn to do some small business and sell some mountain goods on the roadside. What kind of restaurant, the wildflowers on the road can not name, the team took us a lot of golden lotus, have the effect of anti-inflammatory and fire, dried and packaged, and a farmer who planted a lot of vegetables in a yard ate Chinese food. The taste is not the same as the taste of the home.
    This is the point of the eagle mouth, no matter what others say, I do not recommend it.
    In the evening, I arrived at the residence of Marinck (Russian name) in Linjiang. There is a scorpion beside the Ergun River. Because the locals call the river a river, it is named Linjiang, and the captain of Batu’s Mandarin is not standard. I heard it as “the Ergu Nahe” and thought it was the river of the second aunt. The people in their family are very enthusiastic, and Marinck’s wife is also very beautiful. Here, our southern children saw the hot girl, really comfortable. He has many horses and a mad dog, and he played with it for a while. , saw the famous Russian sunset. In the evening, we made dumplings ourselves and Marlenk made the squid very delicious. It was arrested at the border of the river at three o’clock in the morning. It was very fresh and delicious. At night, we had a bonfire party. The Beijing sisters who danced together danced super beautifully. We are also on fire. Pulling up the hand and dancing with the sense of music, Marlenk also baked fresh kebabs for us to eat, and fireworks at the climax, smashed.
    I sang and sang with a few leaders and played until 11 o’clock before going back to the room to sleep. These guys are drunk, and the donkeys don’t lose the amount of alcohol. One mouth knows they are from the grasslands.
    Battle: You are really a woman.
    Us: Is it? Scared you?
    Battle: No, scared Batu, 嘎嘎嘎嘎
    We: Do you feel so beautiful every day?
    Battle: Of course, we have four distinct seasons in Hulunbeier. Every season is very beautiful. Some scenery is unavoidable. We have many opportunities to encounter embarrassment. Sometimes we encounter the scenery ourselves!
    Looking at a Mongolian man who loves his hometown, we understand why their songs are so moving! It’s like telling a real story with you!We: You guys sing very well, do you know?
    Battle: Is it? We still sing badly!
    Us: amount…
    The alarm clock is on time at 4:30. Last night, the wine was a little overdone, and the darkness of the camera carrying the camera tripod directly from the back door to the top of the mountain. The moonlight is cold, and the cold wind will soon drive away the drunkenness. Going away slowly, I quickly reached the top of the mountain. Looking down at the Ergun River, the water on the river between the two countries, the steam is transpiration, and it is unbeatable. It is spectacular, Mo Daojun is early, and there are early pedestrians. There are already a lot of fully armed people on the commanding heights. Both men and women use their headscarves to cover their faces. They are all blurred, shrinking their necks and not talking. They are quietly scattered on the terrain they think is beneficial, and they keep moving the tripod. Removed, the long guns and short guns on the shelf all face the other side of the boundary river, aiming at the body and aiming. This posture, this scene, at this time node, I don’t know if I thought I passed, thinking that this group of people is a madman, what do you want to do?
    Along the Ergun River to the town of Shiwei, the Ergun River has opened a line between China and Russia. On the other side of the room is the Russian town of Oroqi. In ancient times, the Erguna River gave birth to the Mongolian people. For thousands of years, this ethnic group has been guarded by the wind and rain, and the Mongolian people have become more powerful and intelligent. From Linjiang to Shiwei, it is only about 10 kilometers. Two-thirds of the entire village is Russian in the afternoon. The sky is gradually raining, especially when it comes to ink, the clouds in the sky are thick and thick like ink paintings. The sky is very wide, and it is obvious that this piece of dark clouds and the piece of the sky are clear, and our car seems to be racing against the clouds. It is also very fun to drive on the muddy road.
    On the way we walked along the border, the road was quite difficult! Encountered the inspection of the frontier inspection station. This one issued a press card, so the sentinel refused to wait for me. Afterwards, we are together: “484 silly!” It seems that “fire prevention and anti-theft reporters” are common in the country, so the infinite scenery in the border guard post has become a regret for this trip.
    It was very late to arrive at Enhe, so I drove in the village to find a place to eat. Later, I found that several teams that lived with us in Mordau were eating at the restaurant at the junction of the river and the village government. Think about it, it shouldn’t be a store opened by Sun Erniang, so we also go to join in the fun. The restaurant business is really very good, only a table at the door is not sitting, my heart is very happy. The companion took some research on the recipe. Based on past experience, he ordered the three fresh, dried beans, red mullet, and harvested stew. Then look at the photo of the photo, send a microblogging microblog, and wait for the store with peace of mind.Home cooking. However, after waiting for a long while, the dishes on the table next door were all on, and we haven’t moved yet. The companion can’t hold back, and the mountain calls the boss! Xiao Erqi came late, and asked innocently: What yelled? Asked the original committee, Muran said that I will help you ask. When she came out again, we almost forgot about it, but she said, I asked, your bean is gone, can you change the dish? True TMD Scottish mood. Everyone said with a stomach: No food, you can go ahead! Beans for Chinese cabbage. She “oh” and walked away with no expression, I don’t know if it heard the wood, will it be implemented, it is embarrassing. In addition, the teammates of several cars immediately went to change their homes. When we had almost half a sigh of relief, the life-saving cabbage came up. Everyone called rice. After a hungry reincarnation, the whole meal was finished. When the rest of the rice was dried, there was no second dish. on. Then I called again, this time I came to a sneak peek. When I came up, I said that the chicken was gone. Do you want to change it? (His second uncle!) You said that you still have jealousy? There is also lamb. Then stir fry (you are a heart, don’t dare to say it) a scallion lamb! The latter two dishes were soon on, but the rice was gone, I served U, and my sister was really conquered by you today! So I whispered to them to cook a face, finally a full of birds! One account, 340! I go! What is the situation? Bato’s hot temper came to open the shelf to be with the store theory, we were pulled, and when people were under the eaves, they had to bow their heads and the potholes were pitted! The old lady took the money on the table and slammed the door out.
    Batu: You can’t order the price of vegetables!
    We: I didn’t see it, I was hungry.
    Batu: This day, I am mad at me. When I am promoting his family in the circle, have you just pulled me to do it?
    We: As for your Mandarin, forget it, you have to die.
    Batu: Well, yes, I am in a hurry.
    Don’t care, don’t influence our mood because of other people’s mistakes
    After the meal, I turned to the famous Tulibaba, the museum, and the beautiful river.
    The woodcut house of Enhe accommodation is very good, and there are teams that come from the north to travel freely.
     D7. Enhe – Montenegro
    Say good morning!
    Fortunately, I was already ready to get up, and I fell asleep until 12 o’clock at noon. In the morning, Russian uncle squeezed the freshest milk, and Russian big leba was served with homemade blueberry sauce. We never I haven’t eaten such a delicious breakfast. The thick milk makes me sigh that I have been drinking for so many years. Blueberry sauce is also delicious, sour and sweet. There are also earth eggs that are very fresh. This simple breakfast makes me remember especially deeply, or send a deep circle of friends first.
    Today’s journey is still not good, go along the gravel road, Chaoyang, Xiangyang, Zhengyang, arrive at the Seven Cards and follow the boundary river to the head of Heishan!
    The road closure did not stop us from moving forward, but it is really not recommended for everyone to go this way. The road is really bad! There were three cars on the way, and one car was thrown over the anchor.
    As soon as I arrived at the residence, all the three teams I met in Enhe happened to live in a shop together. Everyone met to watch the sunset. On the way, everyone was very familiar with it and decided to put together a dinner party. Originally, the driver had been eating with their guests. They also said that they had to come together and they started to cook their own stoves. Therefore, a table of tourists, like a gathering of rivers and lakes, drivers like a family reunion, the owner is also like a hero, generously announced that the drink is free to drink. Hu eats the sea and drinks and respects him. The last two tables become a table. The tour guides catch the fight and kill. They have been at 11 o’clock and have made the stars all over the place to watch the fun. Tomorrow must be a sunny day, go to bed early and watch the sunrise. . . . .
     D8 Montenegro – Manzhouli
    At 5 o’clock in the morning, I was awakened by the rooster of the neighbor’s house. I only saw the man who was grazing in the light of the gods, and immediately smashed a string of whip, and screamed, the herd and the screaming, or the dog was clever. At the bridgehead, pulling the urine on the pillars, as if laughing at those clumsy people. And when we are arguing with the cows, we are half-finished. We kill the bulls on the bridge and rush to the blisters not far from the shore.
    Leaving Montenegro head to Manzhouli
    This is the grassland, the grassland on TV, the grassland in the novel, the legendary grassland, the grassland in the dream… the boundless, vast and vast. It makes people feel humble and small, and it will make people angry. Because you can’t shout when you want to shout, even if you shout with a scorpion, it will disappear without a trace, the wind will blow, the grass will sway, but after you shout, but the sky is silent, not a trace As if you don’t exist. But you do exist. Between heaven and earth, only you can ride anywhere, scatter wild, and even no one can interfere with it, and do whatever you want to do in real life. Of course, you can also think about the gods, what kind of Jin Ge iron horse, thousands of troops, horses, and whip. . . . . I want to imagine myself as a bitter sweat, and I must cross the border river to grab a blonde and do the wife of the village.
    Just walking to the back, the situation of grassland desertification can be seen everywhere, the closer it is to the city, the more serious it is. It is really a big landscape, which makes people feel heavy and loses the joy of travel. In this situation, Batu is very arrogant to say something disrespectful to the manager of the high-paid Lulu corpse meal, and predicts that in the past 20 years, Hulunbeier will not have to go to Xinjiang to see the Gobi Desert and the desert, which can save us a lot. money. I think it is a bit hanging. I hope he is not reliable this time. If you look at the desert in Hulunbeier, where do we go to see the grassland?
    There are many Russian-style old hotels in Manzhouli, which look very special outside, but they are messy inside.
    The opening time of Guomen Scenic Area is from 09:00 to 17:00, and the night view of Manzhouli is very beautiful at night.
    The quality of the dolls sold in Matryoshka Square is not as good as that in the city. Manzhouli has a lot of Russian style, and there are also many Russian-style goods stores. You can go shopping slowly after dinner.
     D9 Manzhouli – Houbeiersk Town
    In the morning, it’s early, the mind is still not awake and has been sent to the customs. It takes more than one hour to pass the check. It’s not strict. The Russian concept of timeVery strong, the Russian family who visited after the customs clearance is very tasteful, and it is different from the Chinese Russian.
    It’s too early in their homes. From many details, we can see that Russians are very passionate about life. Even if the materials in the Far East of Russia are scarce compared to the big cities, the town is full of vitality, and the big brother of the light and shadow is right. People here are very obedient to traffic laws and will be very polite.
    Take a screenshot at this location and then take a look at it.
     D10. Manzhouli – Hailar
    Hulun Lake does not need to buy tickets indefinitely, and has seen the scenery and grasslands ahead. This is not even just so so.
    Fortunately, there are no tickets for Hulun Lake in our expenses. “Hulun Lake used to have a wide water area, swamp wetlands, and blue waves.” Now Hulun Lake is full of green algae, dirty and unsatisfactory, in the air by the lake. There is an unpleasant smell. However, after all, the lake has been a part-time nomadic nation, and think about the nomadic cavalry drinking horses here. Now that Bell Lake is in the outer Mongolia, think about the name of Hulunbeier, because of the division of Russian hair, it is quite emotional.
    Going to the grasslands of Hulun Lake are all rubbish everywhere. Hulun Lake does not leave a film, and it is not recommended.
    Zallenor saw the museum here and benefited a lot. The two Russian buildings and the locomotive square and the Ferris wheel outlined a call scene. These two buildings are bright spots, better than Manchuria, the St. Basil’s Cathedral in Russia. Built one to one
    When we set off again, we knew that our trip to Hulunbeier was coming to an end. It may be disappointing or it may be reminiscent. Everyone has become silent.
    The meandering road always draws beautiful curves on the grassland, and the yurts that are grazing in the vicinity and the yurts floating in the distance, such as a Russian oil painting, please my senses, flat, vast, Suiyuan, looking forward to nowhere, boundless, is much bigger than the grassland from Montenegro to Manchuria, and the feeling of refreshment is once again washing me away.
    A journey will be over again. For this, we are all passengers.
    What is a good trip?
    Is to get a purification of the soul;
    Have seen the rare beauty of the world;
    Have sweet memories with your lover;
    Know all kinds of strangers;
    Or have you got the praise of a circle of friends…
    Maybe everyone has a different answer in their hearts.
    For me, travel is to leave some unhappy things behind, always maintain a peaceful attitude, let yourself enjoy the infinite joy and beauty that nature brings us.
    When all the scenery has become a permanent memory, I suddenly discovered that perhaps the most beautiful scenery in this world is by your side.
    The end of the journey means a new beginning…
    Where will we be in the next paragraph of travel?

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