Traveling to Tibet in winter, Tibet in winter is the real Tibet

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I accidentally saw an article today. . .
    Look at the first sentence is this:
    “Tibet in July and August belongs to tourists.
    Winter in Tibet
    It is the real Tibet.”
    I have been to Tibet in the spring and have seen the flowers of Tibet.
    I have also been to Tibet in the summer and have seen the beautiful mountains of Tibet.
    Today, I am more eager for Tibet in winter.
    That thousand miles of ice, a world of snow.
     About transportation
    Flights to Lhasa in winter should be the cheapest in the year.
    From Chengdu, it takes only 2 hours to get to the holy city of Lhasa.
    Everyone must know Chengdu’s national road to Lhasa 318. The Sichuan-Tibet Highway is the most beautiful road in China.
    In fact, the air corridor from Chengdu to Lhasa is also very spectacular.
    The plane just took off from Chengdu airport.
    Outside the window of the plane is the most beautiful snow mountain in Sichuan.
    On one side is the king of Lushan – Gongga Mountain (7556 meters above sea level)
    One side is after the Lushan Mountain – Siguniang Mountain (6250 meters above sea level)
    After about 1 hour, after arriving in Linzhi,
    Overlooking the clouds and snow mountains below, it is more like a snowy mountain and glacier museum.
    The vast land is covered with snow, like a frozen planet.
    The most beautiful mountain in China, Nanga Bawa, is among them.
    There is also the most beautiful canyon in China – the Yarlung Zangbo River Grand Canyon is also so visible.
    Ice and snow world in western Sichuan
    King of Lushan – Gongga Mountain
    China’s most beautiful snow-capped mountains are almost on this line.
    When the clouds below the plane are getting more and more
    I know that I am almost to Linzhi.
    The most beautiful mountain in China, the Nanga Bawa Peak (782 meters above sea level) stands on top of the sea of ​​clouds.
    Nanga Bawa Peak is also the most ugly mountain peak, and it is hidden in the sea of ​​clouds for more than 300 days.
    Its name also comes from this. Nanga Bawa, the Tibetan word means “the spear of the sky.”
    Nanga Bawa
    In my opinion, the best place to watch Nanga Bawa is not to go to Linzhi.
    Because people who go to Linzhi are almost hard to see.
    And on the plane, it is clearly visible almost every time.
    (ps: Chengdu – Lhasa, the left is the Nanga Bawa; Lhasa – Chengdu, you have to sit on the right)
    Lhasa Gongga Airport, located in Shannan
    There is still a distance from downtown Lhasa.
    When the land is about to land, the airport is also surrounded by snow.
    Landing in Lhasa, it is sunny.
    Many people who have not been to Tibet in winter may have a misunderstanding.
    That is, what will the winter in Tibet be cold?
    Really came to discover that really Lhasa is warmer than many places.
    When we went, the temperature in Lhasa seemed to be -10 to 2 degrees.
    Staying in the hotel at night, the 24-hour heating does not feel cold,
    Although the weather forecast says 2 degrees during the day, the body temperature is about 10 degrees at the surface of the plateau.
    So, no wonder so many migratory birds choose to come to Lhasa for the winter.
    The fat duck like me also chose to come to Lhasa in winter.
     Holy City Lhasa. Potala Palace
    The Tibetan government has a “winter tour of Tibet” project.
    It has been from November 1, 2018 to March 15, 2019.
    The specific preferential measures are as follows, you can really save a lot of money:
    Ticket free
    In addition to the temple scenic spots, Tibet’s state-owned 3A-level (including 3A) scenic spots are free to visit, and state-owned 3A-level and non-state-owned A-level scenic spots are halved on the off-season price basis.
    2. 50% discount at the hotel
    The price of star-rated hotels, international brands and boutique hotels in Tibet is implemented at 50% of the price of the peak season.
    Take the Lhasa Shangri-La Hotel where I lived as an example. It is the best five-star hotel with the best hardware facilities in Lhasa.
    The official website is scheduled to be more than 600.
    The official website has launched a two-night package with two breakfasts, as long as 1488 can be done.
    This is not enough for one night during the tourist season. . .
    3. Travel chartered buses and air tickets are all 50% off. Tickets can sometimes be purchased even if they are 1 to 2% off.
    Compared with Tibet in the summer, the money saved can basically go to Europe again.
    From November 1st to March 15th,
    China’s most difficult place to buy tickets: Potala Palace, free! ! ! ! !
    I remember when I came to Lhasa in August, the tickets for the cloth palace were really hard to get a ticket, and the scalper ticket even fired 600, 800, 1000. . .
    Winter comes to Tibet…
    Go straight for free…
    Don’t miss this big bargain…
    The Potala Palace is located on the Red Mountain at an altitude of 3,700 meters. It is 13 stories high and 110 meters high. It rises from the foot of the mountain to the top of the mountain.
    It consists of the White House in the east and the Red Palace in the middle. Although the tourists are endless, the Potala Palace remains quiet and calm.
    Standing at the Potala Palace
    Opposite is Yaowang Mountain, below is Lhasa City
    this moment
    I only understand what the true meaning of the Holy City is.
    The Potala Palace has a history of more than 1,000 years.
    In order to reduce the destruction of these ancient artifacts on the way to touristsAnd pressure
    It strictly controls the visit time of tourists.
    And entering it, it is forbidden to take pictures.
    Therefore, there are only a few photos of the photos that can be seen.
    However, the cloth palace is definitely worth a visit to friends who like Tibetan culture.
    The murals and Buddha statues inside are very beautiful national treasures.
    Behind the Palace is a large park – Zongjiao Lukang Park.
    In the lake of the park, there are hordes of wild ducks and unknown migratory birds to spend the winter here.
    It was densely covered with the entire lake.
    The local city of Lhasa also regards this as a leisurely and good place.
    From Zongjiao Lukang Park, you can also see the back of the cloth palace.
     Jokhang Temple
    The Jokhang Temple in the center of Lhasa has a history of more than 1,300 years and has a supreme status in Tibetan Buddhism.
    The Jokhang Temple, also known as “Zulakang” and “Jingkang” (Tibetan means Buddhist temple).
    It was built in the 21st year of Tang Yanguan. It was built by the Tibetan king Songtsan Gambo to commemorate the Princess of the Princess.
    The Jokhang Temple is the most splendid Tubo period building in Tibet and the earliest civil architecture in Tibet.
    And the creation of the Tibetan-style Hirakawa-style temple city regulations.
    Every day, countless believers worship at the temple.
    Even a lot of devout Tibetans, not far from Sichuan, Qinghai, Yunnan,
    Coming from a pilgrimage all the way,
    The purpose is the 12-year-old life of the Sakyamuni in this Jokhang Temple.
    We always see the gathering of worshippers at the Jokhang Temple, a sincere worship;
    We have always heard that the Jokhang Temple is sacred and solemn, and countless people admire it;
    When we came to Tibet, we always had to walk around the Jokhang Temple and pray for ourselves to pray for our family.
    No Jokhang Temple, no Lhasa
    Lhasa, which people used to say, is actually the Jokhang Temple.
    The statue of Sakyamuni, the main offering in the temple, was brought in by Princess Wencheng. The reason why Lhasa has the reputation of “Holy Land” is related to this Buddha image.
    The temple was originally called “Jesa”, and later Jazz became the name of the city and evolved into today’s “Lhasa”.
    After the completion of the Jokhang Temple, the Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties were repeatedly revised and expanded to form the scale of today.
    The main hall is on the third floor, and the top of the temple is covered with a unique gold dome in Tibet.
    Whether Tibetan or Han,
    it’s here,
    Only faith, no business
    Lazy sunshine
    Can lick the cat
    It is also a very happy thing.
    With a group of friends
    Sun drying
    the meaning of traveling,
    That’s it.
     Barkhor Street
    The circle of Sakyamuni Buddha Temple in the center of the Jokhang Temple is called the “capsule”.
    A circle around the outer walls of the Jokhang Temple is called “Bajiao”. The street radiated outside the Jokhang Temple is called “Baojiao Street”, also called Bajiao Street.
    Here is the style of the old city of Lhasa.
    There are also the most devout believers.
    There are many shops here, you can buy a lot of things from neighboring countries such as Nepal and India.
    In my impression, Lhasa should look like this picture below.
    Behind the snowy mountains, then there are crowds and lively markets below.
    This is also Lhasa,
    Lhasa in the doorway of the old man is here.
     Samye Monastery–the first Buddhist temple in Tibetan history
    The Shannan area in the central part of the Yarlung Zangbo River is the birthplace of Tibetan history and culture. It was called Weifang in ancient times.
    There are many thought-provoking ancestors’ footprints. The beautiful legend of the combination of the monkey and the Raksha woman and the reproduction of the plateau is born here.
    There is also the first temple in the history of Tibet, also here.
    Beginning with the Samye Monastery, Tibetan Buddhism had the first group of monks. With formal commandments, Buddhism became the national religion of the Tubo Kingdom and took root in the snowy plateau.
    The Samye Monastery is a “non-sectarian” temple that coexists equally among the major sects of Tibetan Buddhism. The Kagyu, Nyingma, Sakya, and Gelug are still coexisting today.
    According to historical records, in the year 762, the fifth generation of Songtsan GamboWang Chisong Dezan began to build the Samye Monastery, but in the process of building the temple, it was built repeatedly, built during the day, and destroyed by the devil at night.
    So the Tibetan king invited the master of the lotus from the country of Wuhua, and invited the master of the guard from India to preside over the temple.
    Around the main hall of the Samye Monastery, there are also red, green, black and white towers.
    It is used to shock some evil spirits and prevent natural disasters and man-made disasters.
    The Yarlung Zangbo River in winter,
    It is also completely different from the summer.
    One of the most beautiful lakes in Tibet
    Every time you come to Lhasa, you won’t miss a place if you have a chance.
    I have seen the sheep lake in the summer.
    Have you seen the snow-covered sheep lake?
    Standing at an observation deck at an altitude of 4,998 meters
    Look at this magical view
    It will definitely make you unforgettable forever.
    We went down the mountain road to the lake
    No matter which angle you look at Yanghu
    It’s all so beautiful.
     About accommodation
    This trip to Tibet is in the Shangri-La Hotel, Lhasa.
    This Shangri-La hotel is the highest in the world, and the location is really good.
    Famous attractions such as the Potala Palace, Norbulingka, and Tibet Museum are all within walking distance.
    It should be regarded as the best international five-star hotel in Lhasa.
    Step into the Shangri-La Hotel, Lhasa, you will feel the enthusiasm and enthusiasm of the cultural artSurgery,
    The design of the entire hotel is the essence of Tibetan culture, combining the Tibetan style with the hotel’s modern luxury facilities.
    In addition to design, the hotel also integrates Tibetan folk customs into all aspects.
    For example, to bring guests to Hada, and to greet the welcoming ceremony of the sang sang and Tibetan welcoming songs.
    We also offer butter tea for every guest coming from afar.
    Come to the hotel room,
    Outside the window is the snowy mountains around Lhasa.
    This should be the best hotel in the provincial capital city.
    Outside the window is the Potala Palace, which is more than 1 km away from the naked eye.
    Shangri-La’s Potala Palace outside the hotel
    The welcome greeting card in the room is also unique.
    The most special thing is the welcome dessert of their home.
    That prayer tube is made of chocolate, you can eat it!
    The details of the room are also very good, and you can feel the Tibetan elements everywhere.
    Lhasa in winter is particularly dry
    The room is also equipped with a humidifier.
    Make Lhasa’s winter more comfortable.
    The design of the entire hotel highlights the perfect blend of Shangri-La culture and Tibetan spirit.
    I also went to the country to follow the customs, went to the hotel and found a Tibetan gown to put on.
    Instantly turned into a Tibetan compatriot.
    In the evening, the window is the Potala Palace under the moonlight.
    The Shambala Bar on the 3rd floor is also very distinctive.
    There are singers singing in the evening.
    Order a cocktail here, listen to the traditional songs of Lhasa, and look out at the Potala Palace outside.
    Isn’t it a pleasure?
    I like the outdoor platform outside the bar.
    Because winter is too cold, no one will drink outside.
    However, Lhasa had a heavy snow not long ago, and the snow has not been changed for more than 10 days. It is especially beautiful.
    You can also see the Potala Palace here.
    Every angle of the Shangri-La hotel has been carefully designed.
    It is also worth mentioning that
    This Shangri-La has the best swimming pool in Lhasa.
    Looks like the whole of Lhasa has a pool of hotels.
    There is also a gym
    However, we have not tried it when we first came to the plateau.
    This is the standard spa at Shangri-La Hotel.
    The plateau is particularly prone to fatigue, and it is a vitality to rejuvenate the SPA. It also feeds the spirit for the next day’s trip.
    On the 1st floor, the oxygen bar at the Shangri-La Hotel offers a 24-hour free oxygen service.
    The oxygen concentration in the oxygen bar is comparable to sea level, and abundant local vegetation is planted around it to increase oxygen content.
     About food
    You don’t have to leave the hotel to experience the specialties of the Tibetan area. During the few days in Lhasa, I mainly experienced two restaurants, which I thought were the two restaurants I highly recommend.
    Chuan Xiangyuan: It is based on pure Sichuan cuisine and Tibetan hot pot.
    Genting Restaurant, which is open all day, is based on buffet and western food.
    Chuan Xiangyuan:
    The decoration outside the restaurant, several drums are particularly stylish.
    Chuan Xiangyuan, the name is a restaurant based on Sichuan cuisine.
    However, the Sichuan cuisine of this restaurant has been carefully improved, and each dish incorporates the characteristics of local Tibetan culture.
    In Lhasa, it is also a very popular restaurant.
    Because if you are a pure Tibetan meal, many friends in the field may still be unaccustomed.
    Using the raw materials of the Tibetan area and collecting the Sichuan cuisine, the precious materials in the Tibetan area will be made into delicious food.This is what makes Shangri-La’s chef awesome.
    When you first arrive in Tibet, you must experience a local special Tibetan hot pot: Pama Manor Tibetan Hot Pot
    Tibetan hot pot is very different from our Sichuan hot pot.
    The Tibetan hot pot is light, and all the dishes are very beautiful.
    Hand-caught lamb and hand-caught beef are also the essence of Tibetan food.
    Tibet Buddhism Ginseng Stewed Chicken:
    The ginseng ginseng produced in Linzhi, Tibet, and the delicious chicken soup stewed in the local Tibetan chicken.
    Inked stone pot stewed pine mushroom chicken:
    The stone pot from Medog County, the pot itself is already a very rare magic, coupled with Tibetan pine mushrooms and Tibetan chicken.
    Even if the dish is taken out alone, it can already dominate the audience.
    Kamba beef roast beef: Tibetan beef, Handi’s workmanship, the perfect collection
    Yadong fungus fried eggs: It is said that this Yadong fungus is especially precious, small and very delicious.
    Crisp Lamb Chops in the Holy Land: There is no sheep smell at all, and it is crispy and crispy. It is a dish with good value and taste.
    Mexican burritos fragrant pig: This dish is also a match with the Western cuisine, winning in the face value.
    Snowy beef patties: A very delicious dish, unlike traditional beef patties, is also the fastest way to eliminate a dish.
    Yang Zhi Ganlu: As a dessert, I really didn’t think that I could still eat the sweet dessert of Yang Zhi Ganlu in Tibet.
     Winter Tour Tibet Hotel Offers
    In winter, Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts has customized four “Sweet” theme tours to guide travellers to explore the beauty of the seasons. Whether it is a mountain, a river or a food, it can be integrated into everyday life. The feeling of birth.
    Stay at the hotel between December 15th, 2018 and February 28th, 2019, and enjoy Double Golden Circle Rewards points.
    Now the Shangri-La Group’s “Western Slow World” premium package.
    1 Chengdu Shangri-La Hotel 2 nights accommodation with breakfast for 2 people only 1188 yuan
    2 Lhasa Shangri-La Hotel, 2 nights accommodation with breakfast for two, as long as 1488 yuan
    3 Diqing Shangri-La Hotel, 2 nights accommodation with breakfast for two, 1488 yuan

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