Traveling with postcards: returning to Guanlan Mountain, Shimen Lake, Peita Ancient Residence

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    one day,
    Bring a postcard,
    Find the place in memory.
    Time such as water, always silent……
    Guanlan Mountain, Shimen Lake, Peita Ancient Residence
    [written in front of the words]
    Liancheng, a very familiar name, actually went there once last year, and went to Guanlanshan, Shimen Lake, Jiulonghu, Zhu’anzhai, Peitian Ancient Residence and Sibao. This time, I was invited by the Fujian Provincial Tourism Bureau. Reminiscent of last year’s travel notes: “I am in Longyan – even the city crowns the mountains, looking for beauty! 》
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    Day1: Xiamen – Longyan – Liancheng – Tasting Hakka cuisine
    Day2: Shimen Lake – Guanlan Mountain – Peita Ancient Residence – Tianyi Hot Spring
    Day3: Guanlan Mountain Bike Competition – Liancheng Tianyi Hot Spring
    [Traveling with a postcard]:
    Looking back, the clouds are drifting and the landscape is still there. Looking back at the roads that have passed these years, send two letters, one for the past and one for the future. Carrying a bag, carrying a camera, a heart that pursues freedom and a person who has never stopped.
    Take a photo at the diving base in Shimen Lake
    Go back one more bridge
    Where are the lush trees on both sides?
    Be a civilized tourist and refuse to “Chinese style to this trip”
    The temple of Guanlan Mountain in the coming year is no longer open to the public.
    The green rice paddy has now been covered by half of the tall buildings.
    Where was the old woman who was picking water now?
    The few children who had been alive and kicking that year, are now growing taller.
    Send a postcard to the future and give yourself.
    Meeting a new face is another new beginning.
    The scenery is still the same, the things are human.
    —-set off—-
    Day1: Xiamen – Longyan – Liancheng – Tasting Hakka cuisine
    Xiamen – Longyan (Motorcycle: 45.5 yuan 1 hour 50 minutes)
    Longyan – Liancheng (bus: 30 yuan more than 2 hours)
    [Travel Tips]: Liancheng Railway Station is in Pengkou Town, and there is still a distance from the city. 20 kilometers, there is a shuttle bus to Liancheng. From Longyan by car to Liancheng, you can go directly to the county.
    [Accommodation]: Liancheng Longyu Hotel
    [Gourmet]: Liancheng Longyu Hotel
    I am ready, what about you?
    My mount: Giant atx750
    On the road, the base friends, the journey is not alone.
    I successfully boarded the train, but I was not allowed to go. The flight attendant glanced at me. I finally let me pass. On the train, the flight attendant said to take a photo. I thought I would take a photo with me. I set up Poss and suddenly followed me. Said to take out the ID card and ticket to take a photo registration.
    Arrive at Longyan Station, then take the bus to Liancheng.
    After I went to the county seat, I solved the stomach first.
    Staying at Liancheng Longyu Hotel, Longyu Hotel is a foreign-related three-star hotel, close to the county government and commercial shopping center. It is 5 kilometers away from Guanshan Airport, 20 kilometers from the railway station and only 1.5 kilometers away from Guanlan Mountain Scenic Spot. The hotel has a building area of ​​3,000 square meters and a parking lot of 2,000 square meters. It is a comprehensive hotel integrating catering, accommodation, conference and entertainment.
    [price]: from 198 yuan
    [Impression]: The hotel is located in the city of Liancheng County, behind the city government, convenient transportation, securityit is good. It is 5 kilometers away from Guanshan Airport, 20 kilometers from the railway station and only 1.5 kilometers away from Guanlan Mountain Scenic Spot.
    [telephone]: 0597-3121688
    【Address】: No. 52, Zhongshan Road, Liancheng County, Longyan City, Fujian Province
    Even the sunset in the evening, people can’t bear to leave.
    Come to Liancheng, you must taste the thick Hakka cuisine: fat tofu, white chicken, spicy beef, pearl pill, white duck…
    Food business card
    There is also a big bowl to drink Hakka rice wine!
    Day2: Shimen Lake – Guanlan Mountain – Peita Ancient Residence – Tianyi Hot Spring
    [Accommodation]: Long Yu Hotel
    [Gourmet]: Breakfast: Long Yu Hotel; Lunch: Pei Ancient House Wu Family Courtyard; Dinner: Tianyi Hot Spring;
    [Traveling with postcards] – Shimen Lake
    Shimen Lake Scenic Area is located in Shimengou, 25 kilometers northwest of Huixian City. It is named after the two mountains of Mizoguchi. The ancient stone gate scenic area has the hustle and bustle of Mount Tai, the beauty of Huangshan Mountain, the tall and straight of Lushan Mountain, and the steepness of Huashan Mountain. The main scenic spots in the scenic spot include Baligou Waterfall, Taihang Mountain Macaque Reserve, Sancha, Santan, Shimen Lake, Laoyeding, Xilian Temple and other attractions. Here, the essence of the Taihang Mountains and Waters is gathered, which is a collection of odd, dangerous, stern, beautiful and quiet. The garden experts call this “a must in Asia”.
    [Tickets]: Guanlu Mountain + Shimen Lake: 115 yuan
    【Address】: No. 7, Shimenhu Road, Liancheng County, Longyan
    [Traffic]: The walk is located in the southeast of Guanlan Mountain in Liancheng, Fujian Province. It is connected to Guanlan Mountain. After climbing the Guanlan Mountain, you can reach Shimen Lake. It can be reached by foot or by car from the city.
    [Travel Tips]: You can climb the mountain first, and then visit Shimen Lake.
    This time, first sweet and bitter, first take a boat trip to Shimen Lake and then climb the mountain.
    The morning trail was still covered with dew, and I came here early.
    World jump rope beauty champion Vivien also came to help out for the city
    Vivien is a 10-year-old student. At the age of 19, she has traveled to five continents and has traveled to more than 20 countries. She is enthusiastic and optimistic. She is now in the 2014 Tour of the Ring Mountain Bike Competition. Let Liancheng friends watch world-class performances without going out!
    I am also here, the classic 45 degree elevation self-portrait.
    Too stinking, this man’s 360-degree self-portrait without a dead end.
    Shen Jingru Xiaomei
    The scenery of Shimen Lake attracts the Grey Heron to come here.
    Also attracted a group of friends to come here to play
    The lake is clear and it is good to leave the fish. Haha.
    Surrounded by mountains and clear waters, a group of grey herons are flying freely in this green mountain…
    Grey Heron – a national secondary protected animal. Grey heron is gray-brown on the back, grayish-brown in the chest, slightly smaller in body shape, shorter than the egret, mainly for preying small fish, small shrimp, and small insects. The wings are 90 cm long when unfolded.
    Shimen Lake – the door of life. It is not only because it combines the “gate of life” and “the root of life”, but also because it is a mountain with a strong cultural atmosphere.
    Take a cruise on this landscape.
    Take a tour around Shimen Lake and you will arrive at the entrance of Guanlan Mountain.
    Go back one more bridge
    Liancheng Guanzhang Mountain is named after its main peak shape like the ancient crown. It contains the meaning of just being honest and honest. It used to be called “Dongtian Mountain” and “Lianfeng Mountain”. Located in the eastern suburb of Liancheng County, Fujian, 1 km. The mountain body stands at a height of 1.5 kilometers east of the county, and it is not high. Do not care for the distance. The scenic area is 123 square kilometers.
    [Tickets]: 115 yuan (including Shimen Lake)
    【Address】: Guanjing Road, Liancheng County, Longyan City
    [Traffic]: Walking: Turn left at Beidong East Road and enter Guanjing Road. Walk 500 meters to reach Guanlan Mountain.
    [Travel Tips]: Guanlan Mountain is mainly walking, climbing, remember to wear a pair of shoes suitable for walking. Also remember to take heatstroke.
    [Impression]: “Beiyi Nanxun, Danxia Double” Turbulent rock, or the breathless mountain climbing.
    Walking on the trail of Guanlan Mountain, the reflection came into view.
    High-altitude bicycle show in Guanlan Mountain, where life is performed.
    “Beiyi Nanxun, Danxia Double”
    Climbing the crown is still so tired, people are panting.
    The root of the crown of the mountain – it stands tall in the valley, between the heavens and the earth, pointing to the sky, full of masculinity.
    The Guanlan Mountain has a mountain show, a water show, a valley, and a deep rock show.
    A line of days, handsome and beautiful.
    Be a civilized tourist and refuse to “Chinese style to this trip”
    The temple of Guanlan Mountain in the coming year is no longer open to the public.
    The green paddy field is now halfway covered by tall buildings.
    In the afternoon, I drove to the ancient houses of Peita.
    Peita Village is located in the southwest of Liancheng County, Fujian Province, about 20 kilometers away from the national scenic spot “Guanlu Mountain”. In ancient times, it was the main thoroughfare to the Tingzhou government. It takes about 2 hours by car to Longyan City. It was originally in Changting County and 50 kilometers away from Changting County. Peita Village has a history of more than 500 years. The entire Peita Village has about 1,000 inhabitants.
    [Tickets]: 50 yuan, visiting the houses is free.
    【Address】: Peita Village, Xuanhe Township, Liancheng County, Luxi Mountainous Area, Fujian Province
    [Traffic]: Pudong train: Under the Guanlanshan station (Pengkou Town), there is a van to Peitian in front of the station, and the bus can be waited down to the roadside. The terminal station is the ancient residence of Peita.
    Motor train: Under Longyan, transfer to Puzhen Express train or to Longyan Bus Station and take a bus to Pengkou Town.
    Aircraft: flights from Beijing, Shanghai and Fuzhou to Liancheng (Guanshan Airport)
    Car: Liancheng-Xuanhe shuttle bus terminal is Peita
    By car: Exit the Pengkou Expressway and turn right to the 319 National Road to Wenfang Gas Station (you can see the archway of the ancient residence of Peita). Take the right road for a few minutes to go to Peitian. Or take the tourist road opened in 2013 (Wenfang-Pitian)
    [Travel Tips]: The ancient residence of Peitian is an ancient village. You can only see a part of it outside, you can go to the inside of the alley to have more taste. You can also climb to the opposite hill to take a panoramic view.
    Dried sweet potatoes – Fujian Liancheng is also one of the producing areas of dried sweet potatoes, one of the eight major dry farms in western Yunnan. Dried sweet potatoes: cut into pieces and dried with raw sweet potatoes.
    For lunch, you can eat farmhouses in the ancient houses of Peita. They are some of the more authentic farmhouse dishes. We are in the Wu Family Courtyard.
    Peita has a quaint architectural complex
    Where was the old woman who was picking water now?
    The few children who had been alive and kicking that year, are now growing taller.
    Walking along such a path, stop and feel the strong Hakka atmosphere.
    There are 300-500 years old Ming and Qing Dynasties in the village. The layout is reasonable and the crafts are exquisite. Most of the houses are basically well preserved.
    The unique cultural content of the ancient buildings and the strong cultural atmosphere of the village make visitors stunned. In 2006, it became a national cultural relic protection village.
    You can also slowly visit the store in the ancient village.
    You can also play a little more cute, little beauty.
    Peita Ancient Village is known as the “First Village of Fujian Province”. Because Peita’s ancestors gave this area only 13.4 square kilometers, more than 300 households.
    The small village of only 1,000 people left a huge legacy: Peita Village holds 30 large houses, 21 ancestral halls, 6 colleges, 1 kilometer old street, 2 cross-street arches, and 4 temples. The Taoist area has a total area of ​​70,000 square meters.
    At present, there are 30 Gaotang Huawu, 21 ancient temples, 6 colleges, 2 cross-street stone archways, 4 temples and a kilometer ancient street.
    An old man is selling his own craftsmanship
    A group of children playing and playing here
    Send a postcard to the future and give yourself.
    The ancient Hakkas had to go to the Tingzhou Khao Xiu, and often walked through this ancient street to Tingzhou House in groups, so some people called this street “Xiu Cai Street.”
    It seems that this photo also makes you think of how you shave when you were a child.
    Peita ancient dwellings “turned to meet love”
    Residents wash their clothes by their own stream
    At the end of the village head of Peitian Village, there is a stone archway. A kilometer-long ancient street runs through it. Ancient Street is not lenient.
    I met a few naughty children.
    Each person sent a postcard to them, fate.
    Always go home and see, don’t let your family wait too long.
    Here is the end of the trail.
    Photographed in Tahara. Haha.
    Still taking a good paper girl
    The scenery is still the same, the things are human.
    Take a panoramic view up the mountain across the farm
    When the sun sets, I am drunk and not drunk.
    In the evening, I will come to Liancheng Tianyi Hot Spring for dinner.
    After a full rest, go to the hot springs. The days are cool enough.
    [Price]: From ¥238
    [Impression]: Five-star resort hotel, a large-scale semi-open-air hot spring with the theme of “Hakka culture”, a new type of hot spring tourism complex integrating hot spring vacation, health care, recreation, catering and accommodation.
    There is no camera inside, but my brother’s phone can be waterproof.
    I took a group photo for everyone.
    “The picture is too beautiful, can’t bear to look straight! “Let’s find some highlights.” Haha.
    Day3: Guanlu Mountain Bike Competition – Liancheng Tianyi Hot Spring – The End
    [Gourmet]: Breakfast: Long Yu Hotel; Lunch: Tianyi Hot Spring Hotel;
    Evening: The end of the trip.
    China Ridu·Tianyi Hot Spring Cup 2014 The Huanqiu Mountain Bike Competition was held in Longyan Liancheng Guanlu Mountain!
    The game is not ready to start, this is…
    A very good family and friends!
    I’ll try my best!
    The game is about to begin, with 640 riders from all over the country starting together.
    First, a flat road, and then a large section uphill. On the road, climbing, but still can not forget to take pictures, send microblogging, send friends circle.
    The last few kilometers are gravel roads, which are exciting enough.
    never give up!
    Do you think that brother is playing? Brother is coming to soy sauce.
    After riding the car, go to a hot spring to get rid of the fatigue of the day. I feel much more comfortable.
    Bring a mobile phone to the spa
    ————The End————

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