(Turnier starting) People say that Shanxi is a good scenery – Qiao Family Courtyard

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It is less than 40 kilometers from Pingyao Ancient City to Qiao Family Courtyard. It takes more than an hour to complete the whole journey. Similar to the situation on the first day to Hukou Waterfall, it was already more than 4:30 in the afternoon when I went to the Qiao Family Courtyard. Always arrive at the time when the scenic area is closing, it is inevitable that people feel that there is a feeling of being like a market.
     At the eastern end of the square in front of the gate of the scenic spot is a newly-built four-post, three-door, seven-story scenic spot.
    On the square between the archway and the gate of the scenic spot and on the main road in the gate of the scenic spot, there are many groups of sculptures reflecting the hard work, life scene and spiritual features of the Qiao family, so that the tourists have not yet entered the Qiao family compound. Communicate with the heart of Joe’s family.
     This group of sculptures should be “walking west.”
     This group should be the Qiao Guifa couple and his three sons all in the United States, all Germany, and all righteousness.
     This group of suits and dresses should be dressed up by Joe’s new character, Joe Yingxia.
     This group reproduces the scene in which the ticket number “Dadexong” established by Qiao’s family handles the business.
    These sculptures are accurate, highly realistic, exquisitely crafted and lifelike, and are very rare art pieces.
     Scenic gate
     The daughter’s temporary guest guide, (.・∀・) took a handful.
    Qiao’s compound is the residence of Shanxi’s commercial finance giant Qiao Zhiyong and his family. It was built in the 20th year of Qing Emperor Qianlong (1756). It was expanded twice during the Tongzhi period and the middle and late Guangxu period. The renovations eventually formed a huge house including Zhongtang, Dexingtang, Baoyuantang, Ningshoutang and the garden. The whole house covers an area of ​​more than 24,000 square meters, with a construction area of ​​over 11,000 square meters, including 18 large courtyards, 41 small courtyards, and 731 houses.
     Before I saw the Qiao Family Courtyard, I thought that this “big courtyard” was just a relatively popular name. I know that the compound in front of the courtyard is really a compound surrounded by a wall of more than ten meters. Although the walls of this courtyard are incomparable to the walls of the peaceful city, it is really very tall for a family.
     The main entrance of the compound is eastward, and there is a brick wall of three drops of water on the front of the door.
     The main entrance is an arched door-shaped door, and the door is embedded with an “ancient style” threshold. The top of the shed is covered with a shackle of “Fu 琅缳 琅缳”.
     The meaning of “ancient style” is accompanied by it, and it is natural.
    In the “Gengzi Change”, the Empress Dowager Cixi “Xi Xing avoids the disaster” when he passed through Shanxi, he received 300,000 two silver gifts from the Qiao family. This plaque was given by the Shanxi governor Ding Baozhen to the Qiao family according to the dedication of the Empress Dowager Cixi. The Queen Mother’s return to Qiao’s “snow in the snow”, its preciousness and strong facade effect can be imagined, so it was hung by the Qiao family at the gate. “Fu” is the meaning of the blessed land. “琅缳” is the place where the legendary Western Queen’s mother collects books. It is generally used to refer to the palace where the gods live. On the two gates, the copper plate presented by Li Hongzhang is inlaid with “the sons and grandsons will be big; the brothers will be the fat of the family.”
     Inside the gate is a north-south ramp that is about 7 meters wide and 80 meters long. At the end of the ramp is the ancestral hall of the Qiao family. The martyrdom will be divided into two parts in the north and south of the six large courtyards and 20 small courtyards in Zhongtang. Because of the north of the residential houses in Shanxi, the elders live in the north and the younger generations live in the south. Therefore, the buildings in the north are much higher than those in the south.
    According to the time and sequence of the completion of the six courtyards, the north is from the east to the west, the northwest courtyard and the denial courtyard (garden); the south is from the east to the west, the southeast courtyard, the southwest courtyard and the new courtyard.
    The old courtyard (No. 1 Courtyard) was built by Qiao Zhiyong’s father, Qiao Quanmei, during the Qianlong period. It is the longest building in the Qiao Family Courtyard. It is a typical five-outer and three-hearted building in the Jinzhong area, including the main courtyard and partial In the two parts of the hospital, the owner lives in the main courtyard, and the next person lives in the courtyard. The so-called “Li Wu Wai San Chuan Xin Lou Yuan” is the main room of the inner courtyard, the east and west rooms are all five open rooms, the outer rooms of the outer courtyard are three open rooms, and the inner and outer courtyards are connected by the heart-shaped hall.
     The courtyard of the “old courtyard” is a hard-top gatehouse with three open doors, and the “big doctor” plaque is hovering. The door association “filial piety and pro-yuan origins to do housekeeping; poetry book rituals and roots are Wei Guowei”, meaning to respect the elderly, be kind to friends and relatives, and the township is a good family style, poetry, books, rituals, music for the essence of the country.
    Inside the door is the outer courtyard, the door is a brick carved wall, called “Fu Ding”, echoing the “Bai Shou Tu” wall at the gate, taking the auspiciousness of “Wai Ying Bai Shou, Yuan Nai Fu” meaning.
    Qiao family has been doing business for generations, no one is prominent in the officialdom. This “Doctor” does not know where it came from.
    Inside the door is the outer courtyard, the door is a brick carved wall, called “Fu Ding”, echoing the “Bai Shou Tu” wall at the gate, taking the auspiciousness of “Wai Ying Bai Shou, Yuan Nai Fu” meaning. On the west side of the wall is the entrance to the second courtyard, which is the hanging flower door of the outer courtyard. The threshold is hanged on the threshold, which is intended to remind the younger generations who have entered the elder residence not to have disrespectful words and deeds. The east and west courtyards of the outer courtyard are all three open rooms, the east wing room is the male living room, and the west wing room is the sixth son of Qiao Zhiyong, Qiao Yingnan’s son, Joe Yingnan’s youth room. Qiao Yingnan is the youngest son of Qiao Zhiyong, who is weak in nature, but has a high endowment in Jinshi calligraphy and painting, and is keen on collecting. After marriage, he is influenced by Cao, the wife who uses opium, and is infected with drug abuse. Although Qiao’s family did not take drugs, it was not able to stop the face of Joe and Cao’s two big families. As a result, Qiao Yingnan quickly became exhausted after the separation of the family, and the ending was tragic. The north side of the main room is three wide, designed for the heart-shaped hall, and the plaque under the hanging flower door is “Qinge Pavilion”. The original meaning of “Qiongge” is the place where the immortals live, and it is extended to the gorgeous pavilion, where the Qiao family boasted. Through the heart hall, it is the inner courtyard of the old courtyard. The inner courtyard is more spacious than the first two courtyards. The main room and the east and west rooms are all five rooms. The owner of the East wing room is Qiao Jingyong, the third son of Qiao Zhiyong. Qiao Jingyu is more cautious and less powerful, and his family is still good, and business is difficult. He started his career in Joe’s later years and contributed a lot to his family’s public welfare. Looking at Qiao Jingyu’s resume, I know that he once sealed the four-product official, but he did not actually take the job, but this should be the origin of the “Doctor’s first” threshold. The owner of the West wing is Joe Zhiyong’s youngest son, Joe King. He was born by Yang, who was the fifth sequel to Qiao Zhiyong. He lost his mother since childhood, and he was also the sixth continuation of Joe’s sixth continuation. Qiao Jingxi is two years younger than his nephew, Joe Yingxia. A pair of uncles and sisters became Joe’s favorite in his later years. Although Qiao Jingzhen died young, his wife is a rare good wife, and she is the father of the father-in-law.
    The Northwest Academy (No. 5 Courtyard) is located on the west side of the old courtyard. It is also a five-outer and three-hearted courtyard. It was built after Qiao Zhiyong was a master, and it was also composed of the main courtyard and the partial court.
     There is a “Zhongxian No.1” plaque hanging under the courtyard door, and the door joint is “Demu spring wind period wing Ming Gao Jinding; Shen Ningqiu water admires the festival curling.”
     The outer courtyard is brighter than the courtyard of the old courtyard, and there are more trees.
     There is a partial door in the northeast corner of the courtyard. The door is “Jingguan Xuan”, which can enter the east courtyard.
     The hanging flower door leading to the outer courtyard hangs down in the “Zhongtang” plaque, and the two sides of the slogan “the family has a way to be honest; the world is unremarkable but the truth is true” declares that Qiao’s family is honest, honest, and not deceived. Do not deceive, take advantage of the interests of the Qi family, the way of doing business.
     The plaque on the threshold of the hidden door, “The Book of the World”, reflects the respect of the most important spiritual and material needs of the two worlds of reading and farming.
     The main room of the outer courtyard is the heart-opening hall of the three-opening room. There is a plaque on the threshold, “Bilin”, and the door is “Rui Ri Zhilan Guangjia; spring breeze and family wind”.
     “Bilin” refers to the green and green jade, which is generally used to describe the good character of people. The couplet is to say that the family is excellent and can shine in the door. Brothers and sisters can revitalize the family business. The word “棠棣” refers here to the brothers.
     The three rooms in the east wing are used as the general business office, which is the place where the club and the think tank meet. The three rooms in the west wing are the rooms of Qiao Ren. Qiao Ren is the son of Qiao Yingxi, the second son of Qiao Jingyi, the second son of Qiao Jingyong. He graduated from the Economics Department of Yanjing University. He supported the anti-Japanese armed forces during the Anti-Japanese War. The founding of New China was established in Beijing 24, and he completed the business of the business empire of Qiao. Retrofit.
     Through the “Bi Lin” through the heart hall, is the inner court. This inner courtyard is the main location for the famous movie “Raise the Red Lantern”. It has become the most famous courtyard in many courtyards of the Qiao Family Courtyard, and is also a must for tourists coming to the Qiao Family Courtyard. . The courtyard is still the layout of the “Red Lantern High Hanging”, and the lights are very festive. The main room is a five-storey suspended mountain top with five floors and a veranda on the second floor. The gates and the second floor of the corridors and guardrails are filled with exquisite wood carvings, brick carvings and stone carvings.
     On the second floor, the “Guangqian Yuhou” linguistic meaning is similar to that of the previous and the future; the gallery and the column “reading a good business and learning well is better; it is difficult to find a difficult business.”
     The plaque on the gate was “Jing Yi”, and the column was unclear and could not be fully recognized.
    The main room is the living place of Qiao Jingyi, and the “follow-and-go” in the middle hall reflects the business philosophy of Qiao’s family. The problem is that Qiao Jingyi did not abide by this idea in his business activities, but played a “hegemony” business, which is hoarding, offending his peers with a harder background, and thus causing murder. The east and west rooms are the rooms of Qiao Yingxia and Qiao Yingying. Qiao Yingxia ranks among the brothers of her peers. She is smart and capable, dare to act as a dare, and her thoughts are radical. She once joined the League, and advocated the wind of “cutting and squatting” at home. It is the third generation of the family in Zhongtang. Qiao Yingxia’s attribute is a true feeling for both marriages. The two wives before and after, one death and one death, caused him to suffer a tremendous spiritual blow, resulting in mental dislocation, self-injury and disability. Qiao Yingqi and Qiao Yingxia are half-brothers and have served as village heads and school principals in the village. During the Anti-Japanese War, during the period of avoiding the war, most of the members of the Qiao family were the main left-behind personnel. It was revealed that he was a courageous and responsible person.
    The old doctors and the northwestern court Zhongxiandi have now restored some of Qiao’s life scenes according to historical records and memories. Some of the exhibitions and furnishings in the room are the old things of Qiao’s family, and some are the contemporaries collected from the private sector. Because it was already late at the Qiao family compound, the room where the original lighting was not good was even darker, so there were not many photos.
     The horizontal axis of the “Fu 琅嬛 琅嬛” on the wall should be the original title of the plaque at the gate.
     A replica of Qiao’s ticket number “Da Deheng”.
     The garden in front of you should be rebuilt on the unfinished garden site. The rockery is the old thing.
     The famous calligrapher Ouyang Zhongshi wrote the “Qiao Family Courtyard” engraved stone.
    The three courtyards in the south, from east to west, are Dunpin (No. 2), Zhilan (No. 3) and Chengqi (No. 4). The style of the three courtyards in the south is obviously inferior to the two courtyards in the north. This can be seen from the courtyard door: the doctors and the middle cadres are all three gates of the dark pillar corridor, the capital of the city, Dunpin, Zhilan The courtyard door of the first and the enlightenment is only a single-door hard-top terrace. Dunpindi and Zhilan were also built when Qiao Zhiyong was a master, and later in the time of Zhongxian. At this point, the fourth courtyard of the doctors, Zhongxiandi, Dunpindi, and Zhilan occupied the four corners of the intersection of streets and lanes, laying the basic pattern in Zhongtang.
     In the courtyard outside the entrance, there is a brick wall with a similar resemblance to the doctor’s inside. On the wall, there is a joint center, which is praised and cultivated; The “three talents” in the joint language stipulates the “three-character scriptures” “the heavens and the earth, the three talents.” The whole couplet means that the land breeds the people, and the people respect the heavens, the earth, and the people, and they form the whole world.
    The main room in the second hospital is a three-open room. The door is “study in the job” and it is intended to alert people to think about their duties.
     The west side of the courtyard is the main courtyard, and the main courtyard of the main courtyard is the five-open room. The door is “retreat”.
     The word “retreat” comes from the sentence of “Zuo Zhuan”, “Thinking of loyalty, retreating and replenishing”, with the meaning of retreat and reflection. Holding the column of “the words must be practiced in the altar of the altar, the door has no miscellaneous family to give a book” is also the revealing of Qiao’s mediocrity.
     The houses in the Zhongtang are mostly hardtops, and the hoes are mostly stone carvings and brick carvings.
     Exquisite wood carvings are everywhere in the Qiao Family Courtyard.
     Brick or stone carving components with gray tiles and blue bricks are not as grand as glazed tiles, but they are beautiful and natural.
    In the interior of Dunpin, there is a exhibition of Qiao Jiashi’s materials, which fully shows the development history of Qiao’s family. In this history of the development of Qiao’s family, the “Qiao Jiajia Training” and “Qiao Family Business Training” are the foundation of Qijia and business, and the knowledgeable person, the alliance, the government and the government are the five generations of Qiaojia. Not the downside.
     “Zi Lan Yu Dexing’s noble or friendship, the environment is beautiful.
     Zhilan is commonly known as the Southwestern Courtyard. There is only one entrance to the main courtyard and the partial hospital. The south side of the main building is sitting down on the south side of the gatehouse and has the same plaque as the second door of the Dunpin. The phrase “Ji De” in “Zhe De Wei Xiu” comes from “Da Ya”, “No ancestor ancestor, 聿修厥德.” In the vernacular, it is to strengthen self-cultivation and establish good moral character.
     The main room of the main courtyard is the five-open room, and the plaques of the gates are “Jingyi”, “Jingyi” and “Retreat”. The couplet on the pillar “reading is not famous, the character is elegant; Xiu De is not expected to report the natural dream and stability”. The original heart of reading and repairing morality is the most in the many couplets I saw in the Qiao family compound. Like a pair.
    Zhilan is now used to display the treasures of the Qiao family collection, and the tourists’ enthusiasm for the treasures makes these exhibition rooms crowded and it is very difficult to take a photo. There are three kinds of treasures in Qiao’s family. The most famous ones are: “Rhinoceros spectacles mirror” made of iron pear wood produced in Southeast Asia; the second is the mercury “Million ball” with the reputation of China’s earliest monitoring probe; the third is hanging in the west. On the roof of the wing, two “Jiulong Palace Lights” were awarded by the Empress Dowager Cixi. Among them, the “Rhinoceros Moonview Mirror” is a national first-class cultural relic, and the “Kowloon Palace Light” is a national second-class cultural relic.
     Because of the time constraints, out of Zhilan, did not enter the Kaidi, went straight to Dexingtang.
     Dexingtang was founded in the Qing Emperor Qianlong by the three sons of Qiao Guifa, the third uncle of Qiao Zhiyong. From 2Beginning in 007, the local government and the cultural and telecommunications department carried out extensive repairs and repairs to Dexingtang. In March 2012, the new Dexing Hall was opened to the public. Dexingtang consists of 5 large courtyards and 8 small courtyards with a total of 159 rooms. It covers an area of ​​more than 3,200 square meters and mainly has several folk museums.
     Alien abacus in the abacus museum
     Dexingtang’s Leng Yangde
     Dexing Hall’s theater.
     You can purchase a pass in Zhongtang, Dexingtang, Baoyuantang and Ningshoutang throughout the Qiao Family Courtyard. You can also purchase separate tickets for the first two tours.
     The aisle between Zhongtang, Dexingtang, Ningshoutang and Baoyuantang.
     The newly carved pillared lion is still vivid
     The carvings are very delicate
    The historical relics of the Qiao Family Courtyard combined with the scenic spots displayed by the museums require sufficient time for slow travel, careful appreciation and meticulous taste. In the time when the tourists are bursting out, the Qiao Family Courtyard will basically come and take advantage of it.

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