[Turnier starting] Travel with parents: go to Sanya for 30°C winter

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    Seeing that the emperor has entered the ‘’quick + 霾’’ mode, I will certainly not be here for a year. Carrying summer clothes, bringing parents, a family of three, then went straight to Sanya to experience the feeling of the southern sun.
     Stay in love, open a family’s music mode
    Since it is with parents, staying at the hotel is definitely not the first choice. After all, they can convince the traditional people that they have traveled in a way that is not easy to use, and it is absolutely impossible to live in a cold room. As a travel blogger with some experience, I also took advantage of the idea of ​​a hotel apartment, picking and picking up, which really made me find a good place.
    It is here – the main theme of ‘family-style leisure vacation’, ‘Sanya Yabin Bay Holiday Apartment’, located in the Atlantis resort area, five minutes away is the perfect sea view. Compared with the “Sea King” with fire The net red Atlantis hotel, the price of his family is also very satisfying for my family’s budget-conscious adults.
    The “welcome home” can be seen everywhere, so that the short-term rental apartments on the journey have become a warm temporary home. The thing that interests me the most is this smart door lock. When checkingin, the merchant will let the public number be concerned. Every time, you can use your mobile phone to unlock it. It is not necessary to find the card to be counted by my mom before entering the door.
    In addition to the smart door opening, the apartment is also equipped with a bracelet for opening the door downstairs of the apartment. Because it is an apartment hotel, the strong security settings are also in place, so don’t worry about outsiders coming in and out of the apartment.
    Once inside the master bedroom, you can see the sea through the floor-to-ceiling windows. The decoration style is all in accordance with the stylish home decoration. The color of Tiffany blue and sapphire blue is cool and warm, and the rose petals on the sheets stimulate my mother’s full heart. As a close-knit jacket, I will of course give you the perfect sea view that you can enjoy in the bathtub.
    In addition to the 270 degree sea view balcony, the most important is the modern oversized kitchen, Siemens refrigerator and washing machine that are not available in the hotel. Let me have a feeling of farming. In the next few days, you can buy fruit and food. The seafood you bought can also be made into a big meal directly by yourself. What better way to eat the food that your mother made by hand than to go out!
    Looking out from the balcony, you can not only see the sea view in the distance, but also the most important thing is to see the hotel has a 1,650 square meter super-high value pool. This is considered a pride of the hotel.
    Unconsciously, it is already dinner time. The apartment’s love restaurant is also a well-known online red shop. A single bowl of signature lobster Pocci rice can pick up the mites in my stomach. His family can send meals directly to the room, allowing guests to enjoy the Nanyang-style seafood feast without leaving home. After the first big meal after Sanya, I certainly chose to eat with my parents at home.
    I haven’t stopped since I got the first tapas… The charcoal-fired Xiaoqinglong is fresh and juicy, and it is a perfect match with the refreshing side dishes. The lobster pasta sauce is rich. After eating, clear the bottom of the bowl. Can let me eat two more breads. My parents also think that this Southland delicious food is very tasty, and it is much more affordable than the seafood that was eaten outside.
    The apartment that enters the night mode is covered in brilliance, and the crystal clear pool during the day is also a lot of lively lighting. I believe that the mother who lives in a still life still chooses to find a clean place to be beautiful, and I am happy to be with her. After I became a travel blogger, I was always floating outside, and my parents were rarely together. On this trip, I was surprised to find that my parents are getting used to obeying my arrangements and relying on my opinion. For them, the grown-up daughter is independent and somewhat strange, and she is no longer a little girl who is relying on them. And accepting this new setting, I also made up my mind to take them to more places and create better memories.
    In the apartment, the ubiquitous library and the place where the parents and children are relaxing, also let the parents who travel with the baby enjoy a quiet parent-child time.
    Since fitness has become my focus flag for 19 years, the hotel gym has become a place I frequent. Compared to the general hotel gym, the space of the Aibi gym is much more spacious, and fitness equipment is also available. I was sweating on the treadmill for an hour, and I returned to the room and slept all night.
    This time, I also explored the Sea View Family Suite in the apartment for everyone to watch. The second bedroom can be arranged into an activity room or a children’s room according to the needs of the guests. The same thing as the ordinary room is that the room is still equipped with refrigerators, washing machines, modern kitchens and other household appliances. Not only is there a lot of soft children’s decorations, such as children’s tents, bright colors and small dolls everywhere. Let me be a big child. Imagine how happy it would be if children saw it.
    Ducks and swimming laps by the bathtub, bunny-shaped towels on the bed, cartoon sheets, picture books and toys, small tents that can be used as secret bases…The tour has become a treasure hunt, and the lovely layout is enough for any child to surrender At this moment, an old aunt has also regretted not choosing a children’s room for herself.
    Attached to its full picture, it is highly recommended that parents who are caring for their parents should consider staying here when they come to Sanya. After all, even after the visit, I was seriously considering whether there would be a baby in the future.
     Go to Atlantis and find the world of Neptune
    On the second day of coming to Sanya, a group of people walked from Ai Bian to Atlantis. Affected by the hot movie “Neptune”, Atlantis became a network of red spots in the night. This time, although we didn’t stay at the Atlantis Hotel, we can also experience Atlantis Water World, Aquarium and Underwater Restaurant in close proximity to Atlantis.
    Is the huge water curtain wall a feeling of being in the aquarium? This is Osiano, the first underwater restaurant in the country at the Atlantis hotel lobby. While enjoying the food, you can experience the mysterious atmosphere of the underwater world through the floor-to-ceiling windows of the restaurant, which is simply in the world of “King of the Sea”. My mother and I had the opportunity to book in advance the location closest to the fish and have a chance to get in touch with them.
    Not only the fascinating scenery of the sea bottom, Ociano’s dishes do not bear the seven-star quality of the Atlantis Hotel. The restaurant specialises in fresh seafood and offers innovative cuisine with world-class flavours. The fresh quality of the restaurant’s seafood and the tenderness of the cows have made me forget, compared to the AIMahara restaurant, another underwater restaurant at the Dubai Yacht Hotel. If you feel that Dubai is too far away, it is a good choice to experience the feeling of enjoying a big meal in the Sea World.
    After the meal, my mother and I in the Osiano can enjoy the aquarium scenery private room and the 86,000 subjects of Neptune continue to say hello, enjoying the ultimate visual feast of the underwater world.
    After the afternoon, we all sprinkled in the water park. From the Poseidon Tower to the Princess Tower, from the shark crossing, to the sea god leap to the eye of the hurricane… We don’t feel sorry for our screams, the feeling of adrenaline rushing all the way is really exciting.
    Back in the hotel lobby, the atmosphere of Christmas has not faded, and a family of three can be seen everywhere. Crossing the underwater world of the aquarium, the lost trip to Atlantis is nearing completion. I reluctantly know the day’s friends.Friends say goodbye. However, Atlantis is too big, there will always be new surprises next time, I believe that the days of goodbye will not be too far.
    In addition to these, Atlantis also has a “C Show” for the whole family to watch:
    1. International production teamed up with the Chinese team to land in Sanya.
    2. Hainan’s first three-sided wrap-around stereo auditorium 15 meters high LED over 300 square meters of giant mobile video wall, 7000 cubic meters of central special effects water stage, to achieve a variety of scenes, to create a realistic experience of the sea world.
    3. More than a hundred pieces of dance costumes, the musical “Lion King” props doll master MichaelCurry personally sitting in the town, the design of the sky, bring you to experience the vivid marine wonders, the forest world, the ice and snow kingdom, presenting the beautiful Atlantis kingdom.
    4. Incorporating dance, water ballet, aerial art and other elements, the show is a dazzling form of performance, every second is a new experience.
    If you are not addicted to “Sea King”, don’t miss this show!
     Recommended tours around: Sanya Duty Free Shop
    Occasionally, I found a duty-free shop on the map. It turned out to be China’s most famous duty-free shop. This duty-free shop is a 5-minute drive from the Ai Bi-en apartment where we live. It is the largest in the world for the girls who love to eat their hands. The Sanya International Duty Free City, known as the Monolithic Duty Free Shop, is definitely a shopping paradise. If you don’t enter, you can buy all kinds of big-name big-name brands, and you can enjoy the tax-free price of overseas shopping in the territory. It coincides with the Christmas discount, discounts and discounts, I am also welcome to buy and buy in it.
    Duty-free cities are divided into two districts, A and B. There are three floors, and there is a corridor in the middle of the third floor, which is convenient for shopping. In addition to all kinds of big-name luxury goods and milk powder, food department stores, etc., on the third floor you can also trade some down to 30% off-season goods or fakes. As long as it is careful enough, ‘“missing” is not impossible.
    Satisfied enough to buy all the things I want, my parents and I have to pack up and get ready to go home. Having said that, as long as they are accompanied, are they not at home in a particular city? I am going to start my new year’s work soon. I am also a little sad when I am full of fighting spirit, because I have to leave my parents’ arms soon… I sincerely look forward to the next holiday with them.
    The scene was picked up by various kinds of seafood. In a short while, I bought pork, ivory, base shrimp, mango snail and other seafood.
    The first time I saw a geoduck plus that was longer than my face, of course I had to take a photo with it. As it turns out, the geoduck has become the star dish of the day, and it is crispy and delicious after the spicy stir-fry.
    A wide variety of shell families made us pick the eye and bought the mango snail recommended by the boss. 4 oysters as long as 10 yuan, mango snails as long as 30 yuan, the price is nearly half cheaper than buying in Beijing.
    All kinds of fish that we have or are not common are also easy to find here. Look at the color of the eyes and scales, you know that they are just caught. It can be said that this market is a mini version of the ocean kingdom.
    Excited to hold these seafood back to the seafood store, the boss looked at the seafood I bought, and made me stunned after the conclusion. Mango screw merchants don’t give mango snails, it is another kind of cheap snail; 80 yuan a pound of pimp shrimp collects me 100 yuan, the base shrimp is mixed with water, and the fresh ivory looks like it has been dropped. dead. Later, the boss really couldn’t stand it, and returned to the seafood market with me. The boss also told me a lot of tips, different types of seafood, different methods of selection. What kind of seafood is suitable for different seasons, how to combine the most cost-effective… If you feel that something is wrong, participate in the water or be dropped, immediately call 12315 complaints. There is also a fair scale at the door. As a result, the mango snails, oysters, basal shrimps, geoducks, pimp prawn and Hele crabs that were returned were reduced from 500 pieces we bought to 400 pieces.
    Finally arrived at the processing stage, this is what they look like after being processed. The salt and pepper prawns are completely different from those eaten outside. The oversized shrimps match the chef’s exquisite craftsmanship, and the salty aroma is scented, and it has not been robbed of the other spicy seafood on the spot. As for the geoduck, oyster, and crab, mango snail, base shrimp, etc., as shown in the figure, summed up is: delicious, fresh!
    With so many seafood types, the processing fee is only about 200 yuan, and the money to buy seafood can’t eat half of the table in Beijing. The boss is also quite conscience. It is highly recommended that friends who go to Sanya try his home. In addition to a market head office, his family also has a branch in Yalong Bay, which is available in the Yalong Bay area.Free delivery.
    In addition to seafood, Hainan’s local cuisine is not to be missed. Recommend a Sanya recognized authentic coconut chicken hot pot. I heard that the whole chicken boiled chicken soup is very sweet and delicious. The special soup is also very delicious. There are already many branches in Sanya.
    As soon as you enter the door, you can see the place where the coconut is cut. The leaves that are piled up in the mountain will soon be put on the table under the skill of the younger brother. Because thirsty wants to drink coconut water, the waiter directly puts on the coconut and delivers it for free. After drinking coconut water, you can enjoy the excavated copra, and the service is too thoughtful.
    Other hot pot bottoms are soups, but the bottom of this home is coconut water. After the pot was opened, the waiter Xiaojie skillfully opened a coconut green, and the sweet coconut juice was poured into the pot. The local Wenchang chicken was also put into the pot. After filling the lid for three minutes, the aroma of coconut water and chicken oil, combined with the appetizing glutinous rice with kumquat juice, can’t help but move your index finger.
    Open the pot at the bottom of the pot, a coconut soup under the belly, sweet and moist, and then a tender chicken, fresh and juicy, super elastic!
    I ordered the family’s recommended Wenchang chicken, hand-shrimp slippery, hydrangea, squid slippery and fish ball three brothers’ family portrait. Before eating chicken, you should first drink a fresh and delicious soup, and then a fresh and juicy chicken. Among them, the squid is very slippery. The fish that are freshly retrieved from the beach every day are hand-made fish, but they must be cooked quickly, otherwise the taste will be very embarrassing. There will be a waiter standing next to you to guide you how to cook!
    The garnish of the next coconut chicken is also a seed player, like hydrangea, bamboo shoots, absorb the essence of the soup, it is even more delicious than chicken. After eating the hot pot, the dessert is dotted with coconut crispy coconut jelly, and the delicious sweetness is worthy of my blow.
    After eating the light coconut chicken, come back with a rich coconut beef steak, which is also recommended by the staff. The coconut is fragrant with the mellow flavor of the beef, and the coconut milk curry has the same effect. A large table of dishes is almost 400 pieces, enough for a family of three to have a meal.
    After eating and drinking in Sanya, I was inspired by the second stomach. I always felt that there was still less… As a fruit madman, how can the fruit in the apartment’s refrigerator be filled with no fruit! Quickly use the local fruit takeaway “call a chimpanzee” to make a meal for yourself and my parents. I didn’t have much hope for the quality of this kind of fruit delivered. When I received the goods, I was shocked by the quality control of his family. All fruits are picked directly from the local orchard. Don’t be too fresh.
    Moreover, each fruit is delivered seamlessly by a special person. As long as a certain amount is met, the hotel or apartment can be delivered on the same day. Even if it is delivered to the airport or train station, it is ok to book in advance.
    I can’t put a picture, I have to divide our tropical fruit meal into a few pictures. The coconut tastes smooth and smooth, and the sweetness is also sweet and coconuty. There are also red heart dragon fruit, mango, jackfruit… I feel that all fruits are at least twice as sweet as usual, so it is too happy.
    Ok, Sanya is here to eat, drink, and play. If you have any questions, please feel free to add ~
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