Two-day tour in Hangzhou, take you to the West Lake niche

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    Hangzhou tourism is famous both at home and abroad, and the beauty of the West Lake is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Not to mention the annual Golden Week holiday, even on an ordinary weekend, the broken bridge where Xu Xian and Bai Niang will meet will be crowded with tourists. If you want to catch up with the tulip flower season in the Prince Bay Park or the spring blossoms, it is even more difficult, and the road is absolutely blocked.
    Being able to attract so many people to play shows that the playability of West Lake is really strong. Even if there are a lot of tourists every day, but still like there are still relatively small places to play, these places tour groups generally will not take you, only you are willing to take the time to experience, in order to realize the real The beauty of the West Lake.
     Hangzhou Meihao Elegant Hotel (Hangzhou West Lake Branch)
    When I go to West Lake to play, I feel that I have to calm down and savor. If you go too fast to take a photo, you really lose the meaning of traveling to the city. The east side of the West Lake is the commercial circle of Yintai City and Hefang Street. It is also the most prosperous and lively place in Hangzhou. Of course, it is also the place with the most tourists. If you want to find a quiet place, I naturally will not choose to live here. So, I came to Maojiatun on the west side of the West Lake. I first knew this place. I saw an aerial photograph of a friend last year. The autumn scenery here is really beautiful. So, I don’t want to miss this year. I also come to Mao’s house to take a chance, and I want to take some pictures I like. After getting off at Hangzhou East Railway Station, first take the subway to Longxiang Bridge, then transfer to K27 Road and get off at Maojiatun Station. The subway is four yuan, the bus is two yuan, and it is very convenient to sweep Alipay.
    I am Maojiatun who arrived at two o’clock in the afternoon, because the light at this time is strong, it is not particularly suitable for taking pictures, and just come over, naturally I have to find a place to settle down and slow down! So, I booked the Meihao Yazhi Hotel, which is less than 100 meters away from the bus stop. I saw the archway below and walked through the parking lot. I turned to a small bend and was very good looking.
    Meihao Ya has lived in other cities before the hotel brand, and of course I have lived in many brands. The reason why I chose Meihao is because I think its brand culture and Hangzhou are very compatible with West Lake. Because Meihao’s service goes deep into every detail, even my Virgo is hard to pick its fault. Just like Hangzhou, it is convenient for tourists everywhere, and truly puts the needs of customers first.
    The staff at the front desk just smiled and smiled. I quickly handed me a glass of orange juice. This is a treatment that many star-rated hotels will not have. After a meal, the check-in process is handled as required. Someone took me to my room and made some functions in the interior of the hotel and in the room. It was like staying in a homestay. The host family enthusiastically introduced the most proud place of their home.
    I stayed in a lake view king room with a small yard. I could walk from the floor sliding door of the room to the yard and then push the fence to the lake. This is also the most convenient place in my room. When I want to see the lake view, it can be achieved by walking less than 50 meters.
    But I am not in a hurry to do this, because I always think that the most beautiful time in West Lake is dawn, let’s take a break in the room! Look at what’s inside, first of all, welcome fruit and some biscuits, milk snacks. There is also a small pot of tea. I am not a rough person who knows tea too much. If I have not guessed it wrong, this flat and straight tea is the most famous Longjing in West Lake. I remember that the white tea looks like Longjing, but it seems to be longer, completely impressed, if not wrong!
    The overall style of the room also fulfilled the word “elegant” of the hotel name, especially like the chandelier of their home, I want to ask… Is there an online link? There is also a comfortable sofa area, which is an excellent choice for both office and TV. For me a basketball fan, it is also very important that TV can find CCTV5. Many hotels don’t see the live broadcast for the network TV that saves the trouble, but Meihao can, I’m also watching the favorite game later. .
    Meihao’s elegant toiletries are also a highlight of the hotel. The variety and weight of the products will definitely surprise the guests who stayed for the first time. However, according to the overall service standards of Meihao, this also seems reasonable. Bottles and cans are arranged in a row, there are makeup removers, cleansing, and post-cleansing. Anyway, I am a rough man, and it is enough to use facial cleanser. But facial cleanser is not available in 99% of hotels, are you right?
    After a little rest, I went to the hotel restaurant to enjoy a Hangzhou afternoon tea. At the time of check-in, the front desk introduced, as long as you stay at Meihao, you can enjoy the afternoon tea for two days before and after, so just sit down and sit down. The restaurant is directly opposite the front desk. Breakfast is also here. There are a lot of seats inside. There are floor-to-ceiling glass windows on the outside. When you eat, you don’t delay watching the scenery. If you want to keep some privacy, you can pull the curtain down. .
    See what’s in the afternoon tea! There are coffee, there are cereals, but I definitely want to choose a bowl of Hangzhou West Lake glutinous rice powder, but also the service staff to help me to reconcile, actually gave me a little osmanthus on top, and then with a piece of mung bean sorbet, is authentic Hangzhou no wrong. The two things, glutinous rice and mung bean cake, are particularly strange. They usually don’t want to eat them at home, but after arriving in Hangzhou, they feel particularly good.
    After eating some hungry things, you can take some nutty casual snacks and sit down again. It’s great to take a look at West Lake Longjing and find a book. It’s always good to send the time to the evening and go out.
    I took a quiet shot of Maojiatun outside the hotel on the early morning of the next day. In fact, the hotel in the morning also has a special feeling. At this time, most of the guests have not yet got up. There are almost no noises of guests walking and talking. The rustling of the leaves occasionally sounds extremely comfortable.
    Take a closer look at the hotel’s many small scenes. The little flowers of various colors seem to pop up in the morning, maybe they can’t be noticed by people in a hurry, just like we are most likely to ignore people around us in life.
    At the moment when the drone flies up, the entire Maojiatun can be seen, and you can also overlook the Yanggong Dike of the West Lake. There were still few boats floating around the lake, and everything seemed to be a moving picture on the ground. Because there are too many trees around, the disturbance of the house is also very big. I don’t dare to fly too far. I have to turn around, except for the beautiful lake view, the white wall and black tile house, including the Meihao Hotel where I live. It is generally not high, and it is harmonious and co-prosperous with this high-quality ecology, which together constitute the most beautiful scenery on the shore of the West Lake.
     Have fun around
    Then come to Maojiatun, what can you play around in Meihao Yazhi? First of all, at the bus stop, you can see a card board introduction on Shangxiang Road. So what is the existence of this ancient road?
    It was as early as the middle of the Qing Dynasty, there was still a large area of ​​water in the West Lake in the Maojiatun area, not a lot of land as it is now. The devout pilgrim can only take the boat to the present Maojiatun side to land again, and go through the Shangxiang Road next to the hotel to go to the Tianzhu Temple. Now the ancient road is not the same as before, but a cultural corridor for tourists to visit the ancient times and experience the ancient folk customs. It is very artistic and worth visiting.
    Then there is the Hangzhou Botanical Garden. It is about one stop away from the Maojiatun bus station. I walked past and I can see the signs at the intersection. It is very easy to find. The fare of the Hangzhou Botanical Garden is also very close to the people. The price of 10 yuan is acceptable to everyone, and the local citizens are free to take the citizen card. I personally like to go to the Botanical Garden. I have been to the Hefei Botanical Garden and the Zhongshan Botanical Garden in Nanjing. In these places, you can see many seasonal plants and learn a lot about plants.
    From Maojiatun to a little further away, I would recommend Lingyin Temple. Lingyin Temple is famous for its living Buddha, and it is one of the most famous spots around the West Lake. However, because its place is slightly remote, tourists are still less than the classics of Leifeng Pagoda, Su Di, Yue Wang Temple, and choose this time in the late fall and early winter, because of the front of Lingyin Temple. On the avenue, when the maple leaf is red, such a beautiful scenery is also a paradise for photographers. How can I miss it?
     Practical strategy
    1. Four things that must be unforgettable when you go out “reach your hand for money” (ID card, mobile phone, key, money). At that time, money may not really need to be brought in Hangzhou, because it is the base camp of Alipay. Under the aura of Ma Yun’s father, almost all of them can be paid by mobile phone, even the high-speed toll stations in Zhejiang, as well as subways and buses. Is to support scan code payment;
    2, hiking and climbing are recommended sportswear and comfortable sports shoes, sneakers try to avoid wearing new shoes, so as not to wear the feet.
    3. If you like photography as much as I do, be sure to bring your camera and charger, and have enough memory cards. The camera equipment I used this time is mainly the Nikon D610+ Tamron 24-70mm lens, and the aerial photography is Dajiang Yu Air.
     Self introduction
    After living in love and traveling 80 years ago, after graduating from university, he worked in the state-owned coal mine for six years. He saw the darkness and coldness of the 800m mine. Now he resigned to settle in Changzhou, chasing poems and distant places thousands of miles away. I hope to have the opportunity to discuss travel and travel with a variety of interesting people. Add friends or consult the line. Welcome to Weibo comment message or private message. Please add your WeChat note. Sina Weibo: Hu Entai _7; WeChat: h58098975

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