Two days and one night, a million sunflower gardens, I smelled incense and went through the incense

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    Flower, who does not love? I smelled incense, went flower-by-flower, and spent a perfect holiday with my son in the Million Sunflower Garden.
    So far, still in the aftertaste, the flowers, the chicken, the comfortable bed and the warm smile.
    From Guangzhou, drive to Panyu Xinyuan Town Million Sunflower Garden.
    Play in the park on the first afternoon and stay at the Flower Love Hotel in the evening.
    I entered the park the next morning and checked out at noon.
    Traffic / Ticket Reference:
    In addition to self-driving, you can take Guangzhou Metro Line 4 to Exit B of Jiaomen Station and transfer to G1 to reach the gate of Million Sunflower Garden.
    Tickets: Adult 150, student 120, children under 1.2 meters free of charge.
     The beautiful tulip in the million sunflower garden
    The tulip in the Million Sunflower Garden is very busy, as if it brought spring to Guangzhou in advance.
    I smelled incense and went flower by the way.
    The flowers in the sky garden are full of gardens, and the flowers of unknown names are hung in the air, like the world in fairy tales. This is a city of flowers, a land of dreams, full of romance and warmth.
    Although half of the sky garden is a dining area and half is a tulip exhibition area, it still feels like walking through a dream, making people reluctant to wake up.
    The most striking thing is that the tulip, which is placed nearly half a room.
    White, yellow, purple, colored… light floral, sleek and colorful, like the beautiful beauty of the sea, colorful, how many plants, a cluster, clusters, splendid People can’t bear to move. The cello’s voice flows from the fingertips of the white beauty in the flowers, floating in this time and space like a spring, making people think that they really entered the fairy tale of dreams.
    The first world tulip exhibition is in full swing in the Million Sunflower Garden. The tulips are placed in different ways. Every angle and every flower is a landscape. In the exhibition hall, people are moving, flowers are the scenery, and people form one of them.
    Someone is painting it, some people are enjoying it, some are smelling it, some are shooting it… They are not enough to see enough to smell enough to shoot enough.
    That white, like lotus, that yellow, like yang, that red, like fire, that red and white, like the red hijab on the bride’s head, just waiting for the sweetheart, approaching it, approaching it, to find it The most beautiful side…
    Flowers, enchanting like a fairy, feminine and shy. It makes people think of women as flowers.
    There is a saying, called Wen Xiang, a woman. A woman is like a flower, and a woman is like a flower.
    Yu JinFragrant, it is an ancient painting, an ancient poem, an ancient word, elegant and elegant, and the more you look at it.
    The “First China Tulip Flower Show” held in the Million Sunflower Garden is divided into four seasons. The first season “World After Flower – Tulip” will last from December 23, 2018 to March 2019. 31st.
    Other places are as cold as ice, but tulips are open in Guangzhou in the off-season. The earliest flowering exhibition in the world has become the most anticipated event in the whole winter. More than 30 art scenes on the scene attracted a heart that loves flowers and loves beauty.
    Millions of sunflower gardens are given to women for 300 tulips every day, 100 pots at 12:00, 100 pots at 14:00, and 100 pots at 15:30.
    You don’t have to go to the Netherlands. You don’t have to wait until the tulip is open during the normal season. It is in this December that you can see the beautiful tulip blossoms in this basin.
    Women love flowers, just like loving themselves, flowers are always very suitable for women. Millions of sunflower gardens understand flowers and understand women. Women know flowers and know themselves.
    In the sky garden, one hand raised, one looked up, one stationed, all flowers, all scenery, all heart.
    In addition to the Dutch tulips, there are blue snowflakes from South Africa, the purple clouds of the United States, the dragon wings of Brazil…
    In the eyes, it is beautiful like a fairyland.
    Looking at the flowers, it’s right to come to the Million Sunflower Garden.
     That gorgeous lavender flower sea
    Million Sunflower Garden is the favorite place for Cantonese people. It is the most beautiful place for young people to take wedding photos. Even the primary school students will come out for a few trips a year. It is also the best choice for family and children.
    If the sky garden is a small fairy tale world, then the whole million sunflower garden is the ocean of flowers, one step at a time, full of flowers. Purple lavender, dotted in the fields, the world seems to have turned purple, people love this piece of purple representing romanceHuahai, the white wedding dress floats above the purple, as if even the vows will become more sincere.
    Really want to be a bee between the flowers, or just become a grass around it, you can always appreciate this beauty.
    On the first day of the park, lavender was beautiful in the faint winds. Although there was a light rain that night, the next day, when we looked at them again, the raindrops stayed on the purple petals, but gave This purple color brings a fresher, more pitiful taste.
     Child Heart: Anime Harbour
    My son likes the cartoon characters everywhere in the sunflower garden. He pulls me and keeps telling me what this is called. It is as excited as a bird that is released in nature. It is said that adults who like anime live in the heart. Children, children are as innocent as anime.
    Anime Port, a cartoon fairy tale world, full of a room, seems to hold a variety of stories, approaching it, it is like opening a rich anime book, every page is the essence.
    Adults like it, kids like it more.
    A variety of cartoon names that can’t be named, filled with a window and a window, attracts the attention of countless adults or children who love cartoons, and appreciate them one by one. The more you look at it, the more you will feel it, and you will never feel bored.
     Rainforest squirrel valley
    The excitement and prosperity of the Million Sunflower Garden belongs to everyone. You can quietly enjoy the anime exhibition. You can buy a snack and eat while walking. You can watch the ducks feed the goldfish. You can spend the time in front of the field. You can also bring your baby to the Rainforest Squirrel Valley to get in touch with the little squirrels and parrots.
    Like the color of the tree, the dark eyes, the speed of dexterity, the squirrels in the squirrel valley are like an elf, sometimes staring up at the tourists, sometimes chasing food with their companions, sometimes hiding in the flowers. Grove.
    Seeing their cute look, I really want to reach out and hug them, and touch their smooth fur, but they are dexterously drilled in the bushes, as if they are playing games.
    Is this little squirrel playing with other friends?
    Accompanying the little squirrel is a colorful parrot that only falls on the tree raft and in the tree house. They seem to be afraid of people, and they seem to be free to shuttle and fly freely, and occasionally drop a few drops of bird droppings, as if they are preaching Its territory.
    The children laughed, groaned and immersed in harmony with the animals.
    Here, you can also buy some food to tease these elves.
    Children, squirrels, and parrots form a harmonious world, pure and innocent.
     Playing with children
    In the Million Sunflower Garden, it is not just about watching. There are many games that children can play.
    In addition to mobile games, you can also swing, boat, expand… adults and children can play together to make up for the lack of companionship on weekdays.
    Time is not limited, joy is not limited, there will always be beautiful memories along the road of growth.
    Cars, motorcycles… can sit up and have a cool POSE.
    VR games, swimming in real and virtual.
    With the children to expand the game, let yourself become a child, the joy of one person will become double.
    The longest confession is companionship. Love, need to express, need to do, need to grow with the child.
     Delicious color: sunflower chicken
    Although it was winter, the sunflowers of the Million Sunflower Garden opened, and the yellow flowers were in the direction of the sun, as if they wanted to put all the light between the heavens and the earth into the big disc. However, the sunflower planted here is not for human consumption, but for feeding chicken.
    Therefore, to play a million sunflower garden, eating sunflower chicken in the sky garden restaurant can be called perfect.
    The outer skin of the sunflower chicken is golden, crisp and tender, and the meat is fresh and tender. It tastes like a chicken grown with sunflower seeds. It tastes different from other chickens. The meat is also more chilled. You can never forget it if you eat it. That kind of freshness, that kind of beauty, that kind of tenderness, that kind of fragrance…
    Of course, the restaurant’s cuisine is absolutely rich, and the taste is comparable to the five-star Michelin chef. Every taste is the essence of precipitation.
    After the meal, you can take the children to take a walk in the garden and stroll through the jungle of flowers and plants. There are many kinds of flowers and strange shapes, and each shape will become the focus of attention.
    The rose blossoms, Gesang flowers opened… red, white, yellow, flowers like a game, dotted in this winter, who dare to say, this is not spring?
    The red flowery sea otter in a ridge is beautiful like a fire. The small trains in the middle of the flowers are humming and screaming at the children’s laughter in the red flower sea.
    With the children also took the small train, the small train happily cried, rumbling forward, as if with his childhood, people forget the time, forget the time is far.
    The wind flies from the fingertips, as if carrying joy, floating in the heart, face, and the colorful flower-like love hotel like the castle is especially beautiful.
     Flower Love Hotel in the sea of ​​flowers
    Stay at the Flower Love Hotel and enjoy unlimited millions of sunflower gardens.
    Tulips are a favorite and of course choose a tulip theme.
    We stayed in the tulip bed room, the room was oversized, the glass, the carpet, the pot, all decorated with the elements of tulips, even the beautiful quilt embroidered with beautiful tulips, a few color pictures and stories on the bedside Book, stay in the room when you are not out, you can tell the story to the child or read the book together, when you are sleeping, you can use the story to accompany the baby to sleep.
    The beds and pillows are extremely comfortable, sleeping in such a place, even the dream will feel sweet.
    You can make a cup of coffee in the coffee machine in your room, put on a soothing music, enjoy the loneliness of one person, or the sweetness of two people, or the joy of a family of three.
    Even if you take a bubble bath in the bathtub, you can feel the little happiness from the bottom of your heart.
    At this moment, I will feel that the days are like poetry, life is like flowers, flowers are like wine, and when I enter the throat, I am lost, and when I drink, I will be drunk, and I will be deeply engraved.
    Time is so beautiful, people can’t bear to live up to it, time is so quiet, red and purple are all dreams.
     Big meal
    In addition to enjoying a wide variety of meals, don’t forget to taste the sunflower porridge and sunflower Saqima, sunflower eggs, sunflower legs, chicken, chicken breasts…
    It is not only the stomach that is satisfied, but also the people who don’t want to leave.
    Seafood, Japanese food, desserts, snacks, fruits, Chinese food… a wide variety and a wide variety. At this time, I only hate myself for only one stomach.
    Under the collision of the cup and the plate, the knife and the fork, it is the satisfaction of the stomach.
    If you want to go to the Million Sunflower Garden Scenic Spot and look for the front desk to put a stamp on your hand, you can enjoy unlimited visits to the Million Sunflower Garden.
    Time is a million sunflower garden, it is their own.
    The most joyful thing in life is to live in a good hotel, have a good meal, go to a good spot and leave good memories. The millions of sunflower gardens during the day are noisy and lively. The crowds are accompanied by the sea of ​​flowers. The million sunflower gardens at night are quiet, decorated with lights and stars and moons. If you look at the sky, you will find Millions of sunflower gardens are different secrets—–beautiful, more immortal, especially like a dream world…
    The tulip flower exhibition in the Million Sunflower Garden allowed me to see the spring of Guangzhou in advance. I love flowers, love the luxury and ordinaryness of it, love the tenderness and strength of it, don’t go to the Netherlands, spend the time with the baby in the Million Sunflower Garden. The good times of two days and one night are the most beautiful gifts I have received on this holiday.
    I am, are you coming? In the ocean of flowers, who cares for the slow songs and plays an unforgettable song…

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