Ulan Butong – on the dam, the most complete photography travel, the picture is beautiful ~!

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    D1: Film and TV base, Yangshubei
    D2: 敖 图 蛤蟆, 蛤蟆 dam
    D3: General Bubble, Princess Lake
    D4: Return
    Wonderful preemption:
    Settlement and night view
    The Ulan Butong grassland is located at the southernmost tip of the Keshiketeng Banner. It faces the Saihanba Forest Farm in Weichang County, Hebei Province, just over 300 kilometers from Beijing. It used to be part of the Mulan paddock. It was famous for its Emperor Kangxi’s command of the Qing army war, and the hills and plains are intertwined. The forests and grasslands are organically combined, and the north is south.
    Because of the tourism of Ulan Buddhism, the towns that have become rich, the floors that rise with the age of the year, the hotels and restaurants on the main street are just the same.
    A main street selling local specialties and food. Behind the small street is the farmhouse where you live. On the right is the road that passes through the bag.
    The farmhouse of the villagers behind them, the environment is very clean and the price is reasonable.
    This old shade will be very flavorful.
    Go to the main street first, and shoot at a different angle from others.
    Black and white will always give you a feeling of satisfaction.
    Many homes sell dried beef, and one has a particularly good taste, but there is no time to brew it. With this metal vat, the beef strips are hung inside and the charcoal fire is accelerated. Buy must eat just out of the pot, hot, but also with soft humidity (many people will feel the dried beef jerky plug), the new one is really far from what you bought at home.
    The uncle who sells fruit on the main street, this is the straight out before (why? There is now a photo effect called local color – yellow)
    Rectify, go to the surrounding hills and pat the sunset.
    See the light of Jesus in heaven and earth.
    At 10 o’clock in the middle of the night, the city is still buoyant, the grass on the side of the village has been quiet, black and lacquered roads, about three or five shadow friends walked to the bag, standing in the cold wind in the star track and starry sky.
    You can see the splendid night of this galaxy without seeing the blackness of the five fingers. ——It’s a romantic thing to see the stars from the stars that are not seen. Ok, now, you have to use the glare flashlight to let you see the prospect of the bag.
    First shoot the starry sky: the shooting technique is that the time can’t be too long, otherwise there will be tailing, ISO needs to be adjusted to more than 3200, in order to record the stars in a short time – the first time here to see the Milky Way.
    Star Track: The stars are all rotating around the North Star, and the bag (and the Tibetan Mani pile is a bit of a meaning, but Mongolia calls this name), it is facing south, so the direction of the apex is the North Star, very good shot Symmetrical star track.
    Shoot for half an hour (the longer the time, the more obvious the star track), the noise reduction for half an hour, one hour to get one. Use the B door, low ISO. Focusing is a problem. It is really impossible to use the light to hit the foreground theme, and switch the focus to manual, and the focal plane is fixed.
    Interference with the traffic lights of incoming and outgoing vehicles.
    D1 AM: Film and TV Base
    Four days of travel, specially for the camera.
    The entire border between Inner Mongolia and Hebei is called the dam, because Inner Mongolia is a plateau, such as a levee levee, hence the name.
    Ulan Butong, Saihanba, and Zhangbei Grassland are all famous dams. Among them, the European grassland of Ulan Buddhism is the most famous, and tens of thousands of photographers come here every year. Here, the scenery is pleasant all year round, and the grasslands and hills are rich in the beauty of change. Between sunrise and sunset, there is a sense of endlessness and glory – known as the creative base of photography enthusiasts. On the first day, the film and television base took the sunrise, and the early car arrived here, carrying a tripod, a camera, a dimming mirror, reaching out to the night of the five fingers, climbing a mountain with a flashlight, getting up at four o’clock is really challenging and persevering, so photography The teacher is an ascetic monk who sleeps in the wind.
    There is no need to worry about safety all the way. Before and after, there are long queues of people who climbed to the top of the mountain, but they saw that there were long waiters on the hills.
    When you set up your camera and wait patiently, the lights (cars) that come from far away are constantly conveying your friends.
    Look for the place where the sun rises in the east, wait patiently, an hour in the cold wind, and the autumn outside the plug is already very cold.
    A clear purple tone suddenly appeared before sunrise, which is a precursor to sunrise.
    Be prepared, warm up, the sun will be out of the horizon, and the middle-gray gradient mirror will be used to blend the bright sky with the darker ground (because the camera has limited tolerance, the sky must be lowered in brightness). The exposure is reasonable and the details are rich).
    Method: Adjust the parameters, A file, aperture F8, ISO100-200, shutter automatically. Use a shutter release or remote control or timing, because the exposure time is slightly longer (light in the morning), so avoid vibration to harvest a stable picture.
    The moment the sun came out, the strong starburst, caught this short moment, the heavens and the earth were still in the sky.
    Because the next second, the sway of the sun, let the grass in front of the dark, showing the true color of the wind.
    The most beautiful Qinghui feeling, only this time, the sun is higher, it will shine brightly.
    For the grand scene, use 70200 to pull to the far end, which can achieve the effect of visual compression, and the screenshot shows the level of the European grassland.
    It’s almost the same, you can turn around and pat it on the back side, it’s also the beauty of the ups and downs, and the trees in the distance.
    My work photo, haha, must pay attention to keep warm, down jacket or jacket is very important. The headscarf is wrapped up.
    To compare, the color of the two worlds before and after sunrise.
    Go back to take a selfie, let us go to the film and television base to shoot the horses!
    The night passed by, and it was only down to the mountain to see its color and original appearance.
    Photographers everywhere can be seen here.
    The illustration style of the Sony camera is very interesting, unlike the scenery of Western oil painting.
    HDR is also a common technique used in landscapes, with rich expressions of different levels of detail.
    Prepare a long gun cannon, do not disturb the horse’s focal length at least need a 70200.
    The film and television base is very large in area, and the grassland dramas such as Zhugegege are here to view the scenes, and also stock a group of free horses.
    The back light of the mane is golden.
    A panoramic view of the film and television base.
    D1 afternoon: poplar back
    The fat flock of sheep walked in front of you, and that feeling was very grassland.
    Flying also wants to come, just to stay close… just sit close to the ground and watch the sheep graze leisurely. – The leisure and fun of the herdsmen are not at this time.
    Meng Meng 哒 flock, this sexy ass!
    First step closer to the back of the poplar tree, to observe – the grassland is flat and boring, but the back of the poplar flows through a clear water, although it is only a shoal, but it has created a rich change, so it is loved by photographers.
    No matter the beach
    Still the vision, there is a beauty that does not count the time, the wilderness rogue.
    As a curious person, you must cross the stream and climb over the hills.
    The boots step on the grassland and feel the soft touch of its softness and resilience.
    There will be an endless expanse on the slope.
    Waiting for the highest mound, I want to record the beauty here!
    360 wide viewing angle, panoramic footage, and a week of sight.
    Traveling far away from everyone, then returning to the original curious place.
    At this moment, let me sit alone in the wilderness and be a lonely tree.
    Look at the mounds in the vicinity of the uplift, – with a photo effect, it will be very illustrator style.
    Looking at the road of Mercedes-Benz, the team of wolves generally travels! Grassland, this is the world where men are cherished.
    And I would like to be here, waiting for this daylight, and letting go of myself.
    At dusk, the silhouette of photography lovers.
    Leave a panoramic view of the back of the poplar.
    D2 AM: 敖包图
    Haha, the picture of the bag is for the sunrise, starting at 4 o’clock, the sporadic crowd, starting a distance of 2 kilometers, the car can not enter.
    The sun came out and lit up. Feel the warmth of the color.
    Soon, while illuminating the earth, I lost the sly and charming taste.
    Sometimes, horse-ridding herders who are used to it will sneak up on you behind (the photographer is a strange group).
    In the destination of this beautiful scenery, as time goes by, the crowd is also coming to the top of the mountain.
    Seeing the blisters in the distance, that is the general bubble to go tomorrow. In other words, today we are on the other side.
    With a tripod, one step at a time.
    Just go all the way
    Occasionally you can take interesting photos – such as “right”, in fact, borrowing shots, the two are far away.
    The morning light is on the dead wood, and the backlight is fascinating in Phnom Penh.
    With low turf, you can see the beautiful scenery of the dew on the blades of grass.
    Turning over one hill after another, but the bubble is always away.
    Going to the wire to isolate the margins, satisfying curiosity and physical ability, with the satisfaction of the harvest and the return of the photo.
    D2 afternoon: dam
    The barrage is a flat, sloping slope with three sides of the “ditch” or low ground. The hills merge with the grasslands, and the autumn scenery is beautiful. The red leaves of the mountains and the white leaves of the bright yellow are mixed together to form a beautiful picture. Under the hillside, in the gully, there are dozens of huts and red-brick houses scattered in the mountains. The cockerel is a cockroach, and it has a rustic and original pastoral flavor. Everything is natural, no need for aesthetic guidance, but everything has long been in line with the aesthetic norms of high and low, scattered, interspersed, and right.
    The beauty of the barrage lies in the combination of mountains, hills, plains and trees.
    Sunny afternoon
    After the screenshot, the small scene, the rolling hills.
    Composite terrain, showing the beauty of European grasslands.
    Calm grassland
    Idyllic style, full of pasture and return.
    A girl who takes a photographer to take a beautiful view.
    Let us go down the hill to the countryside, and the photographer is also the scenery in the eyes of others.
    The farmer’s random fence.
    Tractor and big goose hiding in quiet corner
    There is also a Shiba Inu that you will see silly music.
    Come to Zhangyeba Panorama
    There is also a blistered blisters near the barrage, and you can also pat it.
    The hills are undulating, and there are different color blocks that are dyed by the autumn wind.
    White birch and yellow leaves, the contrast is vivid.
    After using the medium gray gradient mirror, the sky and the ground are merged. Close to the water, add a reflection after the split – very quiet feeling.
    Come and see the panorama of this beautiful blisters.
    Before going to the bus, I saw the flock passing by, and suddenly got off the bus and patted the pat!
    A group of fat ducks, according to a cost of 1000 yuan, the 700 sheep, equivalent to holding 700,000 cash out of the sun.
    D3 AM: General Bubble
    On the third day, I took the general bubble. The bubble is the name of the small pond in the north. How do you get it? I wanted Kangxi to greet Guldan, and in this case, the guns rang, and the camel array under the gardanbu was shocked. The vibration also changed the geographical structure of the place, so that the water poured out to form a large bubble. Later, in order to commemorate the uncle who was accompanying the army, Kangxi renamed the generals here.
    The sunrise of the general bubble, there is water, the color is rich in color, and the morning sun is drunk.
    Many people will feel that they need to be tuned. In fact, the most beautiful scenery is the warm colors of the sky and the sunset, the sky is saturated and beautiful.
    The sun is shining and it is about to jump out.
    Pulling a big car to make a foreground, it will taste.
    Between mountains and rivers, two suns
    On the use of props
    Ha, let’s use it.
    The next second, the horse group (this is a feature of the general bubble, there are herders and horses)
    The endless wilderness, let me go wandering~
    Set the horse’s man you are mighty and majestic~ (This kind of beauty, it can be said that the night market herders intend to do it, circle up to shoot 1000 bags, don’t blame it for commercialization, no drive, shoot this pasture is really worth the effort, nothing to gain from each other Not good. – After all, commercialization is a suitable way for occasional visitors.)
    Drinking Mananshan – (haha, forget to say, take the herdsmen to be angry), wading for you,
    You drive around
    Finally see you
    Wanma galloping, the beauty of the iron horse glaciers. (9 degrees of glaciers, but it is very hard, if you can think of this, think about more income, the horse can live better, the locals also have income) (remember to use the gray gradient mirror to reduce the brightness of the sky, the picture Will be very harmonious, the rest tells the shutter to continueJiao, your hands are steady and you can’t panic. )
    Let me drive (the shutter speed of 1/800 seconds or more, record the impulse of splashing)
    A galloping scene.
    Can also catch such a horse flying swallows (water flying)
    Run to the shore.
    After a few round trips, the horse is also tired, knowing that it is the season of deep autumn and cold.
    The combination of the herdsmen’s earth and ocean.
    Closer look at the warmth of the horse.
    After the filming, let’s ride back to the gate. 30 yuan is very value-for-money, the bar feels like a rhythm, and the feeling of talking with animals on horseback.
    Pat my well-behaved horse, the most human horse of the red dress rider.
    Entrance, the feeling of the Mongolian cavalry of the Jin Ge Tie Ma.
    Mongolian yurts that can be accommodated.
    The captive horses and the sheep are licking the grass.
    General bubble panorama
    D3 afternoon: Princess Lake
    Another famous princess lake with an allusion, legendKangxi’s three princess Lan Qigege was forced to marry Gildan to the Inner Mongolia grassland, and the tears flowed into the lake with sorrow and tears. The lake of Keshiketeng Banner was called Princess Lake.
    The tranquility of the Princess Lake, the pure and delicate lake.
    Willows are light, the reflection of the water
    Send a lovesick boat by the lake and let the thoughts drift into the distance.
    Here, you can play with the tangible changes.
    Look at the white birch leaves, colorful accents.
    Countless leaves will fill the surface of the water. It is recommended that you use a small tripod, with convenience and function. – Closer to sleep, more gentle feeling.
    Panoramic view of the princess lake with wide sky.
    D4: Return
    On the fourth day, I still wanted to pat the horses again, but considering the return date, 8 hours in Beijing, it is on the road.
    The cloud of the scene is a parting.
    Reluctant to send – this fog can be moved, slowly chasing over.
    Get off the wind and collect the wind, climb the mountain one step earlier, take a moment of the cloud, and the sun is full of morning dew.
    The clouds chased the hills and slowly came.
    The friendship sent by the mountains overflowed all over the place, and the morning sun was only a moment.
    Down the mountain has been shrouded in this way, it is not like Beijing.
    Proceed with you
    Distant wonderland
    There are also lonely trees nearby
    Different scenes, the same posture.
    On the SOLONG dam, give me the most beautiful memory.
    Practical information:
    1. The traffic is very inconvenient. It is recommended to drive by yourself. The route from Beijing to Ulan Buddhism is as shown in the following figure. Finding the road is the basic function of travel, and there are many introductions. Ulan Buddy tickets are 150 yuan, can be bypassed, but the first time is also more troublesome.
    2, I went to several attractions, with the military horse farm as the core, the first time you can come to the group.
    3, accommodation, the town of Keshiketeng, the farmhouse is very rich, but also because of the good quality of the hotel, everyone can choose the rich and random. About a hundred yuan. The meal recommended by the partner of the Ranger Network in the town, the weight is sufficient, the dishes are many, the speed of the dishes is very fast, many groups have come to his home, but the reputation is great. Shopping can bring some grassland specialties – dried beef, cheese back.
    4, it is recommended to carry a camera, 16-35, 70-200, wide-angle shock, and telephoto compression, for showing the vastness of the grassland, there are screenshots of a different kind of beauty, very helpful, it is best to take a tripod Here, the light pollution is very low. You can see the beautiful Milky Way at night and take the starry sky track (A7S is very good).
    5. The per capita cost is 3,000 yuan.

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