very uncomfortable year

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Those who are desperately trying to catch, but still escape from the fingers
    The longer you grow up, the more you want to believe, the time in the movie goes back to the past. If you wake up, go back to the end of 2017 and tell yourself that you can come back again this year, and please face 2018 with confidence. , continued until the end. I don’t think we can explain why we have not forgotten the time we have passed. We will always pay homage to the regrets and sentiments we have had at some point. Maybe it is because it is not controllable.
    I always feel that I have to pay tribute to anything, whether you have more experience or more understanding, and the sense of ritual is the most basic respect for the lost time.
    In 2018, there are not many more, just my own life.
    Close your eyes, starting on January 1st,
    a frame of a self-transferred movie
    Want to be flat and straightforward, but the protagonist is restless…
     2018, I have done so much…
    If you leave the past, you can continue to move forward.
    Every year is a brand new year, and some people are suitable for carrying weights, but I am not. This does not mean that you will forget the past without heart and soul. I will still record the year I have traveled through, and I will plan a farewell to the past.
    Start now, pick up the flowers in the evening, new things and new understanding
     One| The fifth time to come to Shanghai
    I have been to Shanghai five times, this time I finally went to the place I always wanted to go!
    I always want to go where I have not been.It is the starting point of the southern end of Wukang Road: Wukang Building.
    Every time I missed it, I became a feeling in my heart, and I was enchanted by time. This is what really surprised the time.
    Wukang Road is not long, because it is full of celebrities’ former residences, not in the form of closed visits, but still has ordinary people’s lives. Perhaps the historical buildings you see are the homes of grandmothers who have lived for half a lifetime. She is driving. The window, as usual, basking in the sun, watching the car coming and going, perhaps inadvertently seeing our passing, and occasionally remembering the kind of years that I have left in the alley of Shanghai.
    The old streets of the old urban areas of Shanghai are flat asphalt roads and French sycamore trees, as if they were prepared for the story. When you came, it became the story of Shanghai.
    Both of us are enthusiastic spectators of “National Treasures”. Each issue tells one of China’s nine major museums. It has not yet been shown to the Shanghai Museum. It has to be said that this CCTV variety is very timely, China’s five thousand years of culture. It is worthy of the pride of the people.
    2018 is the Year of the Dog, and it is also my birth year. (I can’t wait for the second birth year, forgive my unconscious conditioned reflex)
     Two| No question about the West, worthy of my six years of waiting
    I watched the movie “Nothing to Ask about West”, which was released for six years until today. I was crying very low, but I knew that this time I was not lyrical for sensation, but I was very happy to tell myself about the movie. Some of the words have deep fits, and the direction of light is more certain.
    “Nothing to ask about the West” is for me, there are too many places to say.
    I remember seeing the introduction of this movie on the movie channel during the third year of high school. I wrote it down on the notebook and told myself to go to the college entrance examination!
    I did not expect that this was actually six years. For example, after the completion of the third year of my life, I realized that I was moved by myself and six years ago.
    The whole movie is not to teach you how to live, but to tell you how to live happily and meaningfully.
    There are no clear rules, just telling you with the decisions of four young people of different eras: to be true to yourself and to others, you are worthy of your life in this world.
    We have never been confused, we don’t know where to work hard, how to work hard, and finally put ourselves in the middle of a busy life, gaining a sense of numbness, but losing the truth.
    When thinking about the meaning of life at some point in life, I will fall into the shame of “wasting life” when others do not hesitate to advance, but in fact, no matter what era, age, meaning of life It is always important.
    Isn’t our parents like this? My parents are not highly educated, but they know that the experience of life is far more than the pursuit of the world.
    They supported me when I was going to work in Phuket. The words I said to me were simple and warm. “We know that if you don’t let you go, you will regret it.” They are sure, I will gain more life. Experienced and full of joy.
    We are in an era of peace and an era that is easily swallowed up by numbness.
    We are in the peace era, which people will get certainty easily. Such certainty, however, is not real.
    May you remember your preciousness and resist maliciousness when you are being attacked. May you believe in your preciousness, love your love, do what you do, listen to your heart, and ask the West.
    I sincerely hope that you can remember how precious you are when you are discouraged by the viciousness and I also truly beg you that you can believe how special you are and love who you really love, do what you should do, follow your heart without caring About practical gains or loss.
    ·From WeChat public number: a clear craftsmanship
     Three| 趁花开,走春!
    Unable to prevent, spring is coming, I resigned.
    There is no warning, but it seems to be a long-decisive decision. At this moment, I am unloading a heavy burden that is not my own. I will say goodbye to the trajectory of life in one year and leave.
    Bill Porter wrote in “The Empty Valley”: ”
    I can understand why some people don’t want anything,
    I just thought about a simple life:
    In the clouds, in Panasonic, outside the dust mites,
    Rely on the moonlight and the hoe.
    Apart from the mountains, they don’t need much:
    Some dirt, a few thatch,
    a piece of melon field, several tea trees, a fence of chrysanthemums,
    A moment of rain and rain. ”
    Speaking of Hangzhou flowers, most of them will think of the cherry blossoms and tulips in Taiziwan Park, but because there are too many tourists, they are all like the rush, completely involuntarily. We are not in a hurry, take the bus from north to south to Maojiatun station, then go back, you must walk into the path of the stone pavilion, you will find a living water and several blooming cherry blossoms like us.
     Four| I have planned a trip across the three countries.
    I have always liked my own restlessness. After I have been indulging in online communication and becoming a social person, I am still willing to arrange time to simply toss myself, not for anything else, just because I want to satisfy myself. Impulse.
    In May of 2018, I not only went to Malaysia, but also the smallest hidden island in Andaman. The reason why I crossed the three countries was because I stopped Singapore in the return flight. It didn’t seem to be incredible to hear this trip, but it was just a trip to Malaysia’s main city to the island of Malaysia to go to Thailand. Such a travel plan is enough to make me feel a little proud of this year’s travel experience.
    In the two weeks after the trip, I sorted out all the photos and wrote a travel note that was not very detailed. Now at the end of the year, I will go to see the scenery I have traveled again. I am very strange and familiar. I am in this picture. At some point in May, this city has me.
    Almost every trip is a bet, I am all on, and I work hard to accept the surprises and surprises that travel brings to me, to keep forever fresh.
    Now I want to come, when I am returning to Langkawi by boat in Lipe Island, Thailand, because the customs of Libe Island forgot to give me the seal of departure, tell me that there is no way to let me into Malaysia, for a moment. The brain is blank, and the travel after entering the border will also be ruined. The staff next to the key can still say that you can’t go back to Libe Island and re-enclose the chapter. Finally, I want to work hard to prove that I am actually staying at Libe Island. I have a valid ticket and various arrangements for the next itinerary. Fortunately, the customs in Malaysia, although not very good at English, are good at all. After checking my copy, I added my time to leave Thailand on my passport visa page, and I also stamped my second seal into Malaysia.
    Although it is shocking, it is really exciting.
    For this trip, in addition to this accident, there are actually many small accidents –
    1. When I first arrived in Kuala Lumpur, I took the bus to the city center but could not find the subway station in the mall. I took the suitcase up and down. Fortunately, I met the enthusiastic help of the mall security brother and the subway transfer station in Taiwan. The subway route map given by the compatriots finally found the hotel apartment with the infinity pool online. It was very comfortable that night, super nice;
    2. On the island of Libe, which is very wild and small, I met a wild dog on an archipelago. I walked into us step by step, sneezed beside me, scared me to death, and we both passed quickly. The islanders “call for help”, helphelp, made people look awkward, but also for us to drive away the wild dog, free to send us to the cause of the event [Sunset Beach], after the event is still awkward, although the dog is not malicious, then It’s really a shock at a moment;
    3. Finally, in Penang, it was the smoothest. I walked through almost every lane in the George District under the oversized sunday of 5° north latitude. I found all the graffiti, and I ate six meals a day. I still didn’t feel full, and finally bought it. Red shrimp durian, eat super satisfied, on the morning of leaving, also deliberately got up early to go to the best shrimp noodle restaurant to eat bowl noodle soup, teach me how to be willing to leave…
    Also, the night in Penang is so fascinating
     Five| First boarded bee head
    All the encounters in the world are long-lasting reunion. I saw Shitang at the beginning of this year. I thought about it at the end of the year. I really feel this place.
    I have never had such an imagination in my travel list: I live on a hill by the sea. All the houses are like castles that grow on the hillside. The bottom beach is not so beautiful, but I can put crabs. Cage, sea fishing, the coastal green road under the mountain, the top is a viewing platform filled with ins wind.
    Just like a layered and overlapping altitude ecosystem, you don’t have to travel around to look at every different landscape. As long as you live in a room facing the sea, you can enjoy all the leisure time in one place.
    So, I think, there is a reason for this last article to be on the bee head.
     Six| Self-study guzheng
    This year, I have not traveled to many places. After changing for a bigger rental, I want to give myself more time indoors and my own time, and get back my own spare time in college. When I didn’t buy a mobile phone, I went to the library to read a book in addition to going to the calligraphy class on the weekend. It was very simple but I was happy. After I went to college, I was more on the road. Now I want to have some things to enjoy in my own space. I didn’t think much, and decided to watch the video for a few weeks before I bought it. Yes! I bought a guzheng for myself before the National Day.
    When I was a child, my father asked me to learn the piano. I don’t want to. I thought of it in my mind, and I wanted to learn the zither more than I learned piano. However, because it was very small and refused the idea that my father taught me to learn the piano, there was no snoring, and I was afraid that I could not be responsible for my own interest. Growing up to the present, I found that I still like the sound of the guzheng, and I feel that it is a bit gifted to the guzheng. With a passion for love, after studying the guzheng, I studied various videos, and I installed the piano code and tuning, and started the basic fingering practice. The next days can not guarantee a new learning every day, but basically it will be consolidated every day. Practiced, under the correction of some small partners who have been connected to the guzheng, it is getting better at a little.
    This is me who has just bought it and has been practicing it for seven hours in a state of complete immersion and almost obsessiveness:
    This is the fifteen days of practicing “Fishing Boat Singing Night”:
    Learn to be old, live to be old, use learning to satisfy yourself, not to show off and be superior, so that what you learn will naturally enter the bone marrow and become part of your future temperament.
     Seven| 15 days travel in Shijiazhuang
    In March, I resigned. There is no dog-like plot, just let go of some persistence that is not suitable for you, nothing more. Use blank time to change some time for yourself to think.
    Why is Shijiazhuang? Why is it 15 days?
    Because there are friends, it is very dramatic, and it seems that the fate is destined to appear in life;
    Because, no, because there are so many reasons
    I don’t like to think about why, just do it… The premise of being sincere to others is not asking why, and the routine of society always tells you what to ask, why, how to do before doing things, huh, huh
    The 15 days in Shijiazhuang is the day when I don’t have to think about “why.” I know that a person can be carefree because the people around him are trying to protect you, but they are afraid that they will not let you experience some things. In the future, if you don’t care for them, you will be saddened by one person.
    Because I know this, I love friends in Shijiazhuang.
     Eight| 2018 first and last snow
    Hangzhou The season that surprises me the most is not autumn, but the winter when it snows. Light makeup is always suitable for “light makeup”It is the snowy Hangzhou. The city is mostly evergreen trees. The snow is not the same as the northern white, but there are many white clouds. The whole picture is more three-dimensional. .
    Fortunately, in 2018, I encountered a first-and-a-half of the first snow. One came late and the next one was too early. It’s so good! Meet the first snow of Hangzhou in 2018
     Nine| Visited all the non-traditional traders in Hangzhou
    Most of the work this year is to visit the non-skilled traders in various districts of Hangzhou City in three months.
     2019, coming!

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