Wake up at the seaside and meet the good times of Dali

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Dali, they said it is an “ideal country”
    The literary youths came to the seaside with their ideals.
    Hello there! Goodbye!
    Such stories are constantly being performed every day, leaving a few.
    The wind and snow is just a story of ancient legends, and we will eventually return to our own place.
    It has a deep relationship with Dali, and it was once my ideal country.
    I met several times, and I was constantly surprised. I suddenly wanted to write a travelogue about Dali, but I was worried that it would smell bad again.
    I always feel that my text is a bit boring, and the photo is the best way I think it is to carry memory. If you don’t dislike it, listen to me slowly.
    This is the second time in memory that I came to Dali. At that time, Dali amplified the fire because of the heart.
    A wave of tourists sang “Is not satisfied with life, I haven’t laughed for a long time and I don’t know why? Since I am not happy and don’t like it, it’s better to go west to Dali all the way.”
    My life at that time did not have much trouble, the double corridor was still very hot, and Dali in my heart stayed in the Bohai Sea.
    When I was in college, I became a long-distance relationship after work. The time of a trip became a short and happy meeting.
    It was the first time I met the light of Jesus in the Bohai Sea. I was so excited that this photo still hangs on the wall.
    2017 is a very important turning point for me, and March is also my most confused month.
    For various reasons, I quit my original job. People are very strange. They stayed in the original environment for a long time. They will be afraid of change. They have become cautious about many things, and I have been resigning for a year.
    I tried to go to Dali to find my own ideals. In the end, I found nothing but a picture.
    Goodbye to the Bohai Sea, sitting in the small Putuo, taking the seagull, the double corridor in my heart no longer exists, the most beautiful memory gave the color.
    Because photography has met many like-minded friends, Big Teeth is one of them.
    Dafang took me and my friends for the first time to come to the neck tree, and the tourists who are not professional models are always performing.
    Recently, I went to Dali again, no longer clinging to the sights, looking for a favorite house to stay and enjoying the slow time in Dali.
    I dreamed of entering the Bohai Sea and woke up at the seaside.
    The fate is really wonderful. We are always missing and meeting in the vast sea of ​​people. Those who have a chance to meet are worth cherishing.
    Lijiang’s photographer Xiaohe, who met for the second time, became a very good friend. Under her leadership, I once again got to know Dali again.
    I called her omnipotent little teacher, who would take photos, make up, and give me a favorite noodle roll.
    The key is not to give up on me. This time, I concentrate on climbing the mountain and making a flexible little fat man.
    Walking into the grove in the seaside of Ma Jiuyu, the season of surprise is changing. This autumn comes a little early and seems to be just right.
    Some people feel that going out to travel, taking pictures and taking pictures is a bit vulgar, and in my opinion, youth is short, just like the way you like.
    Because the rice fields went to Xizhou, but in just a few days, the rice fields have become scarecrows. Pretend not to care, in front of Xilin Court, take a ride.
    The cave under the deer’s mountain, only the authentic old driver knows the photo holy place, it is worthwhile to get up and down a bit.
    At sunset, the sun pulled the shadows long, the golden color covered the whole body, warming into the heart from the beginning. For so many years, I have always liked to chase the scenery, and the satisfaction from the beauty can only be experienced.
    The colored fishing boats in the forbidden fishing season were placed neatly on the lakeside and became the punching point for photographing. Xiaohe said that he threw his mind into the Bohai Sea, and the play was so deep that his eyes were sluggish.
    Autumn is thick, and the autumn of the digging grove is the most beautiful way I have ever seen it.
    Saying that the good notice was accidentally and embarrassed.
    There are too many times to go to Dali. This tour is in no particular order. It is mainly based on Bohai, Gucheng and Cangshan. I will talk about the fun places in Dali in my eyes.
     Wake up at the seaside
    “The sea is not the sea, but it has been beautiful.”
    See also Dali, and finally once again lived in the sea view room on the seashore.
    From Chengdu to Dali, the distance of more than a thousand kilometers, the moment you saw the blue sky and white clouds, the mood was suddenly cured.
    This stay is located in the color of the digging, very close to the small Putuo, the hotel’s public area is very beautiful.
    I changed my clothes and took photos in the infinity pool. The sun shone on the water and the layers of sparkling light. The scenery at the moment has a feeling of vacation.
    There is a sky in the top of the building, reflecting the blue sky and white clouds. It is a big film at random. I like this Dali blue.
    Take a day to feel the soft time of the Bohai Sea, and watch the sky change thousands of colors, which is probably the most comfortable way to travel.
    This trip, together with Lijiang’s photographer friend Xiaohe, took the name of the photo and let me know Dali again.
    The starting point of the trip is the Bohai Sea, then this travel note will be opened in the Bohai Sea.
     Top 1【环洱海】
    Bohai is one of the four scenic spots of Dali’s “Fenghua Snow Moon”. It is said to be named “Bohai” because it is shaped like an ear.
    The Bohai Sea is divided into Haixi and Haidong. If you travel around the Bohai Sea, it is recommended to start from Haixi in the morning, go to Xizhou, Shuanglang and then Haidong. Finally, dig the color to see the sunset, so that all the scenery will be more scientific.
     East of the Bohai Sea – the most beautiful color
     [Little Putuo]
    Xiao Putuo was built in the Ming Dynasty and rebuilt in 1982. It is a pavilion-style two-story building. One layer is like Bodhisattva, and the second floor is Guanyin Bodhisattva.
    The small Putuo is located in the sea-tourism line from Shimonoseki to Shuanglang and Butterfly Spring. When the boat arrives, it is necessary to stop at the island, let the tourists board the small Putuo and watch the scenery of the Bohai Sea.
    From December to March of the following year, Little Putuo will have many Siberian seagulls flying to form a landscape.
    If you want to see a group of seagulls at the seaside, then the first choice is to dig the little Putuo near the color.
    Seeing the gulls of seagulls liked it, they just sat on the lake and played the birds.
    In the morning, the Erhai Lake is like a blue cloth. In the distance, Cangshan is just white, and it forms a picture of the sea and the sky with the Bohai Sea.
    The first time I found out that the animals could be shot so hard, the sound of the seagulls made the Bohai Sea very lively.
    The light at noon is not very good. It is the only regret that I did not take a photo with the seagull.
    The music artist on the lake plays the guitar with the organ, and the sound is like a scorpio.
     [dig color grove]
    On the way to the double corridor, you will pass through a small forest, which is very suitable for taking pictures.
    I finally found out why the electric car around the Bohai Sea is the choice of most people, because there are scenery everywhere on the beach, and some places can’t even name it. It is the best way to go.
    The little friends who walked together gave me and Xiaohe an ice cream, and I still remembered taking pictures when I was eating.
    I like this group of photos taken by Xiaohe and the color of the autumn grove is really good.
    Take photos in the woods to pay attention to the light, because the background is very mixed, the face is prone to shadows.
    Every time I take a picture, I am full of chicken blood, my weight has risen by ten pounds, and the scented heart has never changed.
    There are many fishing boats outside the woods. Now it is a fishing season. The fishing boats are neatly placed together and the photos are very beautiful.
    When Xiaohe and the teacher helped me take pictures, I also wanted to bring me into the mood. The photographer’s request was too high. Obviously not an actor, but also to design those plots, hahaha, but I am very hard to perform.
    I like this little hair and the hair that I clip to me today. This is the case for girls, and you can have a good day by taking good-looking photos.
     [Color Pier]
    The digging dock is also a very suitable place for filming. There is a platform that can directly reach the middle of the water. There have been some accidents here, so there will be situations where the platform is often closed.
    This photo was taken several years ago. If you travel around Haidong, you can go to the digging pier to try your luck.
    This time, the dock was not open, and I could find a place where I could get into the water. I was still a stable blockbuster under the lens of Xiaohe.
    The tree at the entrance of the hotel is also suitable for filming. Suddenly I remembered Guo Jing’s song, “I want to sing on the tree with bare feet and feet.” The scene in front of me is so harmonious.
    Many people may not be familiar with this place. This mountain is going to the digging pier to go to the corner of the double corridor less than one kilometer. Every day, countless newcomers come here to take wedding photos.
    I came to Dali several times, but it was the first time I came to Lulu Mountain.
    Such a photographing holy place is only known to photographers such as Xiaohe.
    Every afternoon after 4 pm is the best time to take pictures of Lulu Mountain, you can take the light of Jesus in the Bohai Sea.
    The geomorphological features here are very strange. It is a cliff that stretches out and makes a big film. It is no wonder that so many wedding institutions like it.
    There is a piece of gravel sand under the Lulu Mountain that surprises me.
    The road to go is very difficult to walk, but when you see the scenery in front of you, you will feel that everything is worth it.
    Climbing the mountain and wading, just a photo, such happiness can only be experienced.
    Going to Bali, Dali has such a stunning place.
    The sun is about to fall, the light is particularly soft, and the surface of the water is full of waves. That scene is really beautiful.
    I met two super cute scorpions. At first, I was a little stupid and unclear. I don’t know if it’s a horse or a cockroach.
     [California Highway 1]
    Walking along Haidong, there are countless punching points along the way. Stop and go, you can always encounter pleasant scenery on the beach.
    The California Highway No. 1 was also contracted by photographers, with yellow road signs that looked great when the weather was good.
     [lover cliff]
    Lover’s Cliff is a must-have road for Haidong to go to Xiaguan City. There is no accurate signpost, and the place where the car stops most is right.
    In the winter, the lover’s cliff will fly a lot of seagulls, and there is also a cave below the cliff, but I personally feel that there is no photo taken under the deer lying on the mountain.
    I found that other photographers have brought flash lights. There is still a gap between our tourist photos and professional wedding photos, but travel is just a visit.
    On the way back, I met a pink sunset and stayed in the city for a long time. I was always excited to see this weather and loved the weather of Dali.
    If there is time, come to Haidong to watch a sunset and watch a sunset, the trip is complete.
     Huanhai West Road – every encounter has a surprise
    The Huanxi West Road is lined with the other side of the Bohai Sea. Every encounter is always full of surprises.
    Ma Jiuyan, Xizhou Ancient Town, Haitang Park, Taoyuan Village, Zhoucheng, these beautiful villages and ancient towns are all connected in series. The scenery on the west bank of the Bohai Sea is like a picture scroll.
    Ma Jiuyan is a Bai village located in the middle of the western bank of the Bohai Sea. With the deepening of Dali tourism development, it has built countless network red hotels, which has become a destination for most people to come to Dali.
    Before the road was repaired by Huanhai West Road, I did not take a photo of Ma Jiuzhen. I just got off the bus and was surprised by the color in front of me.
    [Ma Jiuyu grove]
    Dali in November, although it is early winter, it is still the look of the early autumn, wearing a skirt during the day will not feel cold.
    Inadvertently walked into the grove, let me and Xiaohe both praised again and again.
    I don’t know who left a chair, which is very harmonious in the gap of the sun.
    Walking into the woods, my mood was quiet, and I retreated to the summer irritability. Quietness became the only theme.
    The sun pulls the shadow of the tree long and long. One leaf knows the autumn, we always go too busy, but fortunately this time did not miss this autumn.
    Walking along the path, walking in it, drunk autumn, more abundant mountain forest.
    The autumn wind blows, the red leaves on the ground, like the morning glow filled with a place, really beautiful.
    [歪 neck tree]
    In the shallow sleeping area on both sides of the Bohai Sea, there are many dead wood standing in the water, half dead wood, like a broken wall, and it is like a kind of relic. The mirror image in the water is the illusion of its bending.
    Haixi’s neck tree has long been heard, but after a few times, it’s impossible to tell which one is.
    The trees are squatting in the dragon, the branches are grotesque, and the scenes are empty, deep and quiet.
    In the morning, the Bohai Sea is always blue and intoxicating. It is no wonder that everyone said that the beauty of Dali is half in the Bohai Sea.
    Walking along the Huanxi Road, there are a lot of photos taken along the way, most of which are paid for.
    I always saw a long canal along the way. I and Xiaohe looked at it at a glance and stopped to take a few shots.
    I really like the framework of this sense of extension. After walking around, I found it really difficult.
    In order to take pictures, more than one meter can be overcome. After several attempts, I always climbed up.
    In front of the camera, I feel a little bit self-confident.
    Many people are disdainful about playing a bunch of portraits.
    I think that everyone has a record of how everyone likes it. It’s young and dry, just like the way you like it.
    The sky was light and the wind was light. The golden fields in the wide fields on both sides of the road could not help but turn a corner and drive to the path along the road.
    Like harvestingThe joy of the harvest, trotting along the Tian Hao all the way, struggling into the rice fields.
    The heavy rice ears pressed the rice rods to bend over, and a gust of wind blew, picking up layers of rice waves, one layer chasing one layer, and finally forming a piece, beautiful and intoxicating.
    The corner of the mouth unconsciously picked up Jay Chou’s rice scent, and under the beautiful scenery, the mood became extremely open.
     Top 2 【游古城】
    When you go deep into Cangshan and see Dali’s handsome show, and experience its romance around the Bohai Sea, you need to go to the ancient town around Dali to find a colorful Bai village and experience the local customs.
     Dali Ancient City – See also the ideal country
    The ancient city of Dali is located at the foot of the beautiful Cangshan Mountain. It is the capital of the ancient Nanzhao Kingdom and Dali Kingdom. It is a place suitable for life. The locals make sunsets at sunrise, and they spend the sun and the sun in their leisure time. In addition, the sunshine is warm and suitable for attracting tourists.
    The hotel that was previously stayed in the ancient city is cave style, and my girlfriend and I like it very much. There is a large garden in the public area, which is very suitable for taking pictures.
    Walking slowly from the hotel along March Street to the ancient city, Renmin Road and Foreigner Street in Dali Ancient Town are my two favorite streets. This season, Dali is almost blue sky and white clouds every day.
    There are many specialty shops on the people’s road, and bars, cafes, clothing stores, etc. are very good.
    Many people like the night of Dali, and I love the small freshness of the daytime ancient city.
    Only at this time can we avoid the crowds and appreciate the charm of these ancient Bai architecture.
    At a certain turn, you may be able to meet a small shop with a personality. After entering, you will not be able to move your legs for a long time.
    A small alley on the people’s road leads to the Catholic Church, and along the navigation, the alleys are narrower and narrower, and the quietness is full of life.
    At the corner of a red wall, Zhengmei, a bougainvillea, couldn’t help but stop and take two.
    This Catholic church is very characteristic of the Bai people. It was built in 1927 and came here for the first time.
    The architectural features of this church are unique. It is a national treasure that blends the characteristics of the local Bai culture with the Han and Western architecture and other national characteristics. It is an arched arch and beautifully painted.
    Walking into the church, it seems to have entered ancient galleries and museums. The northern wall is covered with ancient and excellent western paintings. The south wall is inlaid with a beautiful Chinese landscape painting. The front three paintings and the middle one are churches. The miniature has recorded its history and style.
    After visiting the church, I met the grandmother who fried the ball at the alley in the doorway. This artichoke ball was introduced to us by Dali last time and it is very delicious.
    People’s Road has been going all the way to March Street.
    Every year on the 15th day of the lunar calendar, it will be held outside the west gate of Dali Ancient Town. It will last for seven days to ten days. If you have the opportunity, you can experience the joy of eating from the street to the end.
    The ancient city of Dali is divided into the east (洱海门), the west (Cangshanmen), the south (Dalimen), and the north four gates. The interior is very square. As long as you follow the order of several people, you can find the place you want to go. .
    Nanchengmen is the gate of the Wuhua Building, the only place where you can climb the wall.
    On the wall, you will find that this is the sense of sight contracted by the wedding photography agency. It is very difficult to find a photo of a visitor without a moment.
    I have come to Dali several times and only once once climbed the wall. The wind in Dali can’t be underestimated. In the evening, it is really the rhythm of being blown on the wall.
    Originally thought that like Xi’an, it would take a lap along the city wall. As a result, it didn’t take far to find that it had to return to the original road. The impulse to lose weight ended.
    When night falls, the ancient city of Dali seems to wake up from the dream. The moving melody on the street, the lively crowd, becomes unique under the light.
    I personally like to visit Dali very much. Every small store has its own characteristics, especially the Bai ethnic embroidery, which is rich in color and exquisite workmanship.
    Dali’s bars are concentrated in the section of Foreigners Street and Honglong Street. It is also good to have a drink for three or five friends. If you don’t like the excitement, there are some folk songs on the people’s road. The style and atmosphere are also excellent.
     Xizhou Ancient Town – the most beautiful but first sighted
    Every time I come to Dali, I will definitely go to Xizhou to see it. This is the village I think is the most Bai ethnic taste.
    Xizhou is located 18 kilometers north of the ancient city of Dali, with the Bohai Sea to the east and the Cangshan Mountain to the west. It is an important town where the Bai people live. The Bai ethnic business town has a group of businessmen who are good at doing business. They are called “Xizhou Gang”. They operate the tea-horse road and contribute to the construction of Xizhou Ancient Town.
    With the development of the tourism industry in the past two years, the streets are full of embroidery and tie-dye of various Bai characteristics. It is more like entering a local market from the door.
    Tie-dye is a characteristic of Dali. Almost every household sells a little differently. You can bring a piece home with you.
    The fried artichokes in the ancient town are my favorite. I will buy a bowl when I pass by. I can’t take care of the so-called lady image. I can only express my love for Yunnan potatoes while walking.
    The first time I came to Xizhou was in 2015. At that time, there were not many tourists in Xizhou Ancient Town, and it felt like contracting this place.
    Colored tie-dye, yellow fence, took a lot of photos in it.
    It has the most preserved and best Bai residential buildings. From the layout point of view, it is a typical “three squares and one wall” and “four in five patios” of the Bai courtyard pattern.
    The decorative paintings of these folk houses, such as the overlapping paintings, the overlapping arches, the slanting corners, the gates, the walls, and the gables, reflect the architectural talents and artistic creativity of the Bai people.
    Under the blue sky and green hills, the corners of the walls have complicated patterns, which are very beautiful. In the deep house compound, the time of the long world is endless, and there is also a kind of deep meaning in the alleys. The locals set up a stall at the door and strolled through the old town, which was the best time.
    Xizhou is a special snack of Xizhou, the main raw material is flour. The taste is sweet and salty. Xizhou’s outer skin is crispy and soft inside, and it is loved by people. Come to Xizhou and try it.
    Recently, I found that the number of 粑粑 has risen from 10 to 10, and the tourism industry has developed rapidly and both badly and badly.
    After passing the Square Street, follow the trail on the left and walk to the village entrance. Most of the old buildings here are old buildings, but I don’t have a taste in my eyes.
    If you choose a mountain bike or a horse-drawn carriage in the ancient town, many foreign tourists come here to choose the place to watch the flowers. Now it is also a good way to visit.
    This round building is a landmark building in Xizhou. It has been missed twice before, or it has been repaired. This time it finally took a full picture.
    Walking to the entrance to the village will have a feeling of openness. This farmland is different every season. The pastoral scenery, poetry and distance are all for you.
    At this time last year, the fields were filled with garlic, a piece of green oil, echoing the white wall and tile in the distance.
    It was the time when the sun was at its greatest, and I and Little Paris still took a group of light and wanted to take a hard shot. I really liked the scenery here.
    The number of friends who came to Dali was more frequent. Seeing that she had photographed the rice fields here, it was beautiful to have no friends.
    Recently, Xiaohe came to Xizhou again. He wanted to take a picture of this golden rice field in front of the door, but it was a perfect miss.
    Many people’s impressions of Xizhou are related to this yellow wall, which can be regarded as a net red checkpoint.
    Within the yellow wall is Xilin Garden, and Xilin Garden was once known as Yangjiayuan. This courtyard is a wonderful work in the history of Chinese Bai people’s residential architecture.
    A “love letter” written by an American to China, today’s Xilin Court has become the most famous hotel brand in Dali under the efforts of an American couple.
    The wall of the wall is painted with geometrical figures in the cornice and the corner. The flowers and birds, landscapes, poems and literati paintings have a fresh and elegant taste.
    It can be visited free of charge every day before 5 pm. This yard can be said to be a boutique of Bai architecture. From design to construction, it is soaked in the efforts of the original owner. It has been in existence for more than sixty years since its completion in 1948 and is still very strong.
    The former Dali Municipal Government designated it as a city cultural relics protection unit. In 1987, the provincial government designated it as a provincial-level cultural relics protection unit. In June 2001, it was listed as a national-level cultural relics protection unit by the State Council.
    The courtyard has three courtyards: “Yang Pin Xiang House”, “Yang Zhuo Ran Yuan” and “Bao Cheng Fu”. Many foreigners come to Dali and will stay there for a few days to experience the authentic local life. There are also international schools and Xilin from all over the world.Court cooperation, doing educational projects or subject research.
    There is an ancient stage at the entrance to the ancient town. Every evening, local villagers gather to dance here.
    There are various routines for the Bai Bawang whip. There are hundreds of different styles of play, and this is the most square dance of the national style.
     Zhoucheng – a characteristic Bai village
    Known as “the hometown of Bai people’s tie-dye”, Zhoucheng is the largest natural village in Yunnan Province, almost all of which is Bai.
    Zhoucheng is not only famous for its Butterfly Spring in its territory, but also because it still retains the traditional customs of the Bai people very well, and is known as the “living fossil of the Bai folk custom”.
    Here you can visit the Bai people’s residences, the bazaar, the production of the Bai people’s tie-dye, and you can also enjoy the Bai ethnic wedding, you can also taste the Bai-style food and buy the Bai folk crafts.
    I went to Xizhou with my little friend and found that the original tie-dye wall was gone. I specially ran to Zhoucheng to take a tie-dye.
    The tie-dye museum in Zhoucheng is the largest dyeing and dyeing workshop here. There are many tourists who are learning to experience tie-dying with local aunts.
    The tie-dye cloth is made by hand stitching and stitching, and it is made by repeated cold dyeing. Each piece is different. The handicrafts made by the tie-dye cloth are full of strong ethnic flavor, which is very interesting.
    There are a lot of tie-dyed products in the museum. You can buy a piece of home directly after you are in the middle. Every piece of tie-dye cloth is different. Sometimes it is necessary to have a fate.
    There are a wide variety of tie-dye crafts here, tablecloths, cushions, coasters, bedclothes, etc., to a satisfactory home.
    In Zhoucheng, from the little girl in her 10s to the grandmother who is over the age of a year, everyone will be clothed. This traditional skill should be learned and proclaimed by more young people.
    Top 3 Shang Cangshan
    Cangshan is the main peak at the southern end of the Yunling Mountains. It consists of 19 mountain peaks from north to south. It runs from Dengyuan in the north and Tiansheng Bridge in the south.
    The majestic Cangshan crosses the territory of Dali. The top of the mountain is snow-capped and covered with silver makeup. It is called “Cangshan Snow”.
    Cangshan Snow, which has not been eliminated by summer, is the most famous “wind and snow”.
     Silent photos – listening to the rainy season
    Silent photo, located in Dali, named after “sense and sorrow, quiet and quiet.” The temple is surrounded by dense pines and cypresses, cigarettes linger, surrounded by pines and cypresses, and the environment is quiet.
    The yard is full of all kinds of meat and flowers, and it is a big garden. Silent photo is even known as “the smallest temple in China” and “the most beautiful nun”.
    TIPS: 20 minutes walk from Gantong Temple.
    There are no tickets, and the vegetarian meal is 20 yuan per person.
    The first time I came to the Silence is the friend of Dali.
    After a drip, the driver put us down halfway up the mountain. Most of the tourists went to the Sentong Temple, and the silent photos were to come up from a small road next to them.
    It took about 20 minutes to get there. It was raining in the sky, and the bluestone in the rain was washed and bright.
    It is said that this ruin was built in the early Republic of China. After the damage, it was reconstructed by the Tang Dynasty, the governor of Yunnan Province. The three characters on the house were written by Tang Jizhen.
    When I first saw the silence, my heart was very excited.
    I have never seen such a beautiful succulent plant, each pot is carefully designed, like a great work of art, the tea in the yard is open, and a vivid look.
    On both sides of the mountain wall, there is a paragraph of Zen language. The flowers are everywhere, clean and quiet, and the courtyard, the front, and even the underarms and walls are full of flowers everywhere.
    Although the yard is not big, it is full of various plants all around, and thinks of the seclusion in the novel, probably living in such a place.
    Sit down next to the hut and watch the garden quietly, as if the world is quiet, just want to sit down and listen to the rain.
    The flesh washed by the rain is more vivid and bright.
    The whole hall is spotless, and although the temple is not big, the humanities concept and careful planning and placement are everywhere.
    Although this is a traditional temple, it does not smell incense. As the Miao Hui Master here said: Buddha is not lacking, don’t care about your fragrance, but care about your sincerity.
    The rain kept going, and my mood was very good. For the first time, I felt that it would be great to visit a place on a rainy day.
    There is a vegetarian meal in the courtyard, 20 yuan a person, a lot of vegetarian dishes, can be added after eating.
    I accidentally hit a bowl full, as I said, the vegetarian meal here is really delicious. It is necessary to remind you how much to eat and not to waste.
    Going out, the rain didn’t stop, like visiting a world-class man, and it seems that he has never been there, like a scene in a dream.
     Taoxi Valley – the paradise in the heart
    In the Taoxi Valley on Cangshan Mountain, there is a place called Mozhen Tea Room.
    When I heard the name for the first time, I thought it was opened by Sichuanese. In Sichuan, “Mo reminder” means not to worry.
    It’s the way to open Dali’s life when it’s slow to feel the time in the Mo Zhen tea room.
    The Mo Zhen tea room is in the Taoxi Valley. It is not open to traffic. The Drip Master puts us down at the fire checkpoint on the mountainside.
    It takes twenty minutes to walk from here to the tea room.
    I saw the Mozhen tea room for the first time and thought it was like a paradise in my heart.
    There is a tea garden in front of the door, which overlooks the Three Pagodas and the Bohai Sea. The scenery is picturesque.
    The building is the Mozhen Tea Room, which has several rooms in the original, and the back is closed due to environmental protection.
    It is said that the tea room can now be opened to the public, whether it is rainy or sunny days, it is definitely the best experience to come here to drink tea and see the scenery.
    Stuck in a rain, sit down and feel the clean time. The rain didn’t mean to stop, and the little friends had no choice but to go down the mountain, but the heart had been thinking.
    The next day, I and Little Paris ran again.
    Two people took pictures in the tea garden, and the boss recognized that we had been here yesterday. I can only blame it for being too beautiful.
    Before the Qingming, it was the best season for tea quality. The weather was good and the whole person followed.
    If you have time to shoot with a group of friends, if you have time, be sure to come here to see the different perspectives of Dali.
     Top 4 Outside the ancient city
     Around the ancient city – the flower Raiders
    Before going to Thailand, Pai County felt that there was a beautiful explosion. This time I went around Dali and found out that I had a good time. I can play it without going abroad. Organize a few places suitable for taking pictures and share them with everyone.
     [Purple Flower Sea]
    The village next to the ancient city of Dali is a good place to shoot flowers. Cai Village is located in Huanxi West Road in Dali, and is the closest place to Haixi to the ancient city.
    Rent a battery car in the ancient city to get there, there are many flower fields here, if only the price of photos is 10-15 yuan a person.
    Verbena and lavender are very similar, and the weather is very good.
    Flowering period: May to October every year
    Verbena is usually planted in rows, and it is recommended to shoot obliquely, which will seem to cost more.
    Wear a light-colored skirt and the environment will be more complex, many years of experience white will not go wrong.
    Because my friend and I are going in the morning, the light in Yunnan is more than 10 o’clock in the morning. Want to make a sense of skin permeabilityYou can avoid direct sunlight, as long as it is not in the evening, it is also very good looking against the light.
    There are still a lot of props, picture frames and the same white table in Haiti, remember to make good use of the surrounding scenes.
    This herb garden is located near the village entrance and can be found by navigation. It is a cafe that can eat and have afternoon tea.
    The garden here is exceptionally bright, with roses, verbena, lavender, and rose… is a secret garden that is perfect for taking pictures.
    Photo tour ticket: 15 yuan / person
    Business hours: 09:00-18:30
    The interior of the garden is large and has many small scenes, each of which is easy to produce.
    There are a lot of wrought iron seats in the garden. It’s a comic look, so I hope that there is such a garden in my backyard. Of course I think about it…······
    There are so many varieties of roses in the garden. I don’t know much about flowers, so I don’t open the yellow cavity. It’s very nice.
    There is also a verbena in the herb garden, and the little friends can have an afternoon in this garden.
     [Flower with a lifetime rose manor]
    The rose garden that was planted by the small partners before was in the Majiu Village of Huanhai West Road, called the Flower Life Museum.
    Around May each year, it is time for the rose to bloom the best. There are afternoon teas, flower cakes and flower cookies that are super delicious.
    If time permits, you can also experience the process of picking flowers and making flower cakes, but you need to make an appointment in advance.
    There are a lot of fresh roses in the yard. This is what the store sells. It is said that there is no added no pigment, and it is good for girls.
    The little friend brought me over, but in a few days, the dense roses in the photo almost fell, and who understood the baby’s mood at the moment.
    Come here, forcing a few hard shots, it is obsessive, it seems that every time the hope is bigger, the disappointment is greater.
    There is a blue car in the garden and it is very nice to take pictures. In the afternoon, the sun is sloping on Cangshan and it becomes very gentle.
    Dali’s photo is really best after five o’clock. At this time, the light is very soft, and the photo is very good.
    The staff of the Rose Garden saw me and my friends always shooting here, and asked us why we didn’t go to the roof.
    The scene of the climbing hill top was really embarrassing. When I saw the photos, I realized why everyone likes to shoot high.
    The white dress accidentally took out the wedding dress, and many people came to Dali to take a wedding photo because the scenery here is really very good.
     [Dalian University Cherry Blossom]
    There is also a place to see flowers in Dali, which is not to be missed. It is the cherry blossom of Dali University.
    This group was filmed last year. It was originally planned to go to Japan to see cherry blossoms in April.
    Playing cherry blossoms at Dali University is an important trip to Dali.
    Dali has some abnormalities in March. This season is not a rainy season, but it often rains.
    I went to Dali University twice with Little Paris, once in the rain, once in a sunny day.
    Time: March of each year, the flowering period is determined by morning and evening; December winter cherry blossoms
    Flowering period: about 2 weeks
    Taking a taxi from Dali Ancient City to Dali University, about 10 yuan, the first time I went to Dali University, it was raining.
    The second time, because of the good weather, the mood of the whole person has also become different.
    The cherry blossoms here belong to the Rosaceae family. Under the blue sky and white clouds, the cherry trees on both sides of the campus dance with the wind. This kind of campus environment is really great.
    Students from this school can enjoy cherry blossoms in class, which is probably the most memorable memory of the university for several years.
    Dali University is open to the public free of charge. Many locals and tourists come here to sit down and sit under the cherry trees and enjoy the sun.
    When thinking about the most carefree time, it is time to study. I admire the students of Dali University. The campus environment is very good.
    I took two sisters’ Hanfu before and I was going to shoot a group at Dali University. The hair is tied by himself, and the sister is unprofessional, not Hanfu, and the request cannot be too high.
    There is still a peach blossom just behind the cherry blossom forest. Some time ago, I saw that Sansei III was fascinated. It was also good to take a few shots under the peach tree.
    There are a lot of people watching the cherry blossoms, but everyone doesn’t have a big cold on the peach blossoms behind them, but I personally think that the peach blossoms are also very good.
     Lushan Ancient City – Xungen Gu Nanzhao
    If my friend didn’t take me to the snack festival in the ancient town of Lushan, I probably won’t know that there is such a place in Yunnan.
    This “Gu Nan Yan” has an endless story. Here is an architectural museum, enough for you to appreciate it slowly.
    The villagers around the market are dressed in costumes and you pass by, and hundreds of local specialties make you dazzle.
    Traffic Guide: Take the No. 4 bus from Dali Ancient City to Shimonoseki and take the shuttle bus directly to Lushan Station to Lushan. You can drive for about 50 minutes and take a car for one and a half hours.
    We went from the ancient city of Dali to the ancient town of Lushan for about 2 hours, because many people at the snack festival will encounter traffic jams.
    Located in Daishan County, Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province, Lushan Ancient City is an ancient city with rich local historical and cultural characteristics. It is the birthplace of Nanzhao Kingdom and a famous historical and cultural city in China.
    The Lushan Snack Festival has been held since 2011 and has been held for seven consecutive years. I saw the most interesting long table banquet on the Internet. It was only after I arrived that it was only available on the opening day.
    The snack festival is crowded with tourists, but tourists only occupy a small part. Most of them are villagers from various ethnic minorities, which is more like a big market for locals.
    The pavements on both sides of the street are all uniform and clearly priced. Most of them are handmade and varied, and the depth is simply the gospel of eating goods.
    In the Lushan snacks, the meat bait, one side, and the powder are very famous. They have tried it at the market, which can be said to be cheap and good.
    This old lady’s sweet wine must try it, my grandmother will do it, but it is still very different from the sweet wine here. This kind of sweet wine has more glutinous rice and softer taste.
    There is also a Confucian Temple in the ancient city of Lushan, which seems to be a ticket for 5 yuan.
    In the west gate of the ancient city, it was built in the Hongwu period of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1398). The Temple of Literature is a large-scale temple, with a north-south, south-facing wall, and a marble plaque on the wall of the Wansong Palace.
    In the ancient town of Lushan, I can’t tell what it feels like, and you will feel like you are crossing.
    You can feel the quaint folk customs here and the profound cultural heritage.
    An antique shop with fine wood carvings and utensils on the street; a shaved shop with a chair and a mirror; a snack shop with traditional crafts;
    The people of all ethnic minorities dress up and walk harmoniously on the street to buy the items they need. It’s like a scene that can be seen in a TV series.
    The uncle who came to the teahouse to drink tea was very calm in the face of the camera.
    A grandfather sold his own herbs on the street, a pair of sunglasses, clean and neatly dressed, and brought a chic temperament.
    Gongchen Building is the landmark building of the ancient town of Lushan. It is built on a 8.5-meter-high wall. It is a heavy-song-style building with a width of five 28 meters, a depth of 17 meters and a height of 16 meters. The lower floor is surrounded by corridors.
    The tower can go up, and you can take a panoramic view of the old part of the city. The line of sight is very good.
    If you want to feel the market of Dali locals, in addition to the March Street in Dali Old Town, I personally think that the ancient town of Lushan is a very good choice.
    If time permits, I will stay for the next two days. It would be better if you could experience the long-term feast of the locals.
     Wulongba Windmill Mountain – blowing to your doubts about life
    A few times in Dali, there will be new gains every time. I saw the photo of Windmill Hill in Dali on the Internet, and I was eager to pull the grass.
    However, the reality of the Wulongba is really very oolong.
    In November, Dali’s wind was very strong, and there was no feeling in the ancient city until it reached the Wulongba.
    Here are some of the shooting spots that wedding photography studios like. When the weather is good, it is really a film.
    Alpine meadows, windmills, mountain peaks, cattle and sheep in groups, overlooking the Bohai Sea, the setting sun…····
    What a beautiful picture!
    Driving from the property, the mountain road is rugged and it takes nearly two hours to reach the top of the mountain.
    Excited along the way, until the moment I got off the bus, I was forced to go by the wind, and in Sichuan dialect it was “cold dead ancestors”
    The clothes are too thin, and when you adjust the camera, you can only hide behind the stones and shake, the picture is too beautiful, imagine yourself.
    The background is clearly blue sky and white clouds. It is hard to be photographed by us that the rainstorm has fallen. The dark clouds on the head are hard to spread.
    Friendly reminder: Come to Windmill Mountain or come in the morning, don’t consider it if the weather is bad.
    If the weather is good, here is really a film, there is a saying that it is coming, or forcing a hard shot.
    “Blow and blow, my pride is indulgent, blowing and blowing does not ruin my hair.”
    Let the wind blow, let it mess, destroy it is me, the end of the prospect”
    Walking into a valley, I finally saw the legendary flocks and ran to them. The sheep were fleeing by the chubby, and I must have opened the way today.
    Almighty Xiaohe’s classmates still captured a seemingly harmonious photo, otherwise I could only cry silently.
    The windmill here is very large, standing under the windmill, it is clear that the clouds are moving, but it feels like the windmill is shaking, it is a little scary.
    It took an afternoon to take photos with the windmill. Unfortunately, there are some. I hope that this foresight will prevent you from entering the pit.
    The next time you have the opportunity, you must come back at the right time and in the right time.
     Dali play guide suggestions
    ——About traffic
    There are many modes of transportation from Kunming to Dali, which can be used by planes, buses, trains, and self-driving cars.
    High-speed rail:
    Before I used to take the train from Kunming to Dali, it is very convenient to open the high-speed rail.
    Second class ticket price is 145 yuan, which takes 2 hours.
    There are a lot of car trips from Kunming to Dali, and it only takes 4 hours.
    There are not many direct flights to Dali, but many cities in China are very cheap to Kunming. When you arrive in Kunming, it is also a good choice to rent a car to Dali.
    Travel around the Bohai Sea, choose a lot of electric cars, the price is very cheap, but Dali’s UV is still very strong, I personally not very recommended.
    Car rental is also a good choice. There are many car rental shops ranging from 200-500 a day on the beach and in the ancient city of Dali.
    There are also buses in the ancient city to the double corridor and the color of the digging. The price is cheap, but it is not very convenient for the game.
    [Ancient city to Xizhou]
    The ancient city to Xizhou can take the bus, but the number of shifts is not a lot. There is a van at the entrance of Dali Ancient City. You can carpool with people and go to Xizhou for about 20 yuan.
    [Dali – Lijiang]
    The ancient city has a bus to Lijiang, the fare is 80 yuan.
    The inn of the seaside can be carpooled to Lijiang, 100 yuan a person, the hotel is very convenient to pick up and drop off.
    From Dali Ancient Town to Lushan, you can take a bus from Dali Xingsheng Road Bus Terminal. It takes 1 hour every morning from 07:30-19:00, which takes 2 hours.
    [Silent photo]
    Silent photos are on Cangshan, from the ancient city of Dali to the foot of Cangshan 20 yuan, to the stillness of the still need to climb half of the mountain, there are signs along the road.
    There is no direct public transportation to Taoxi Valley, you can drop the mountain, and the ancient city of Dali will be about 30 yuan at the entrance of Taoxi Valley.
    The car can only go to the entrance and needs to walk into the Taoxi Valley, which takes about 15 minutes.
    Most of my portrait photos are friends @小和同学 is a photographer and @小巴黎拍
    The scenery inside is Canon 6D, lens: 17-40, 50 1.4, 85 1.8 , 35 1.4
    Late: photoshop+lightroom
    The seasons in Yunnan are like spring, and the weather has been very good for several times. Even in November, it is okay to wear a skirt during the day, just bring a thick coat with you, and it will be cold in the morning and evening.
    Most of my clothes are bought in the ideal 30-year-old women’s clothing, please come to Mr. Deer’s house. If you need to connect, you can trust me.
    Yunnan’s ultraviolet rays are very strong, it is recommended to do sunscreen measures, otherwise it will be very bad. The hydrating mask is also super necessary and the air is very dry.
     Accommodation recommendation – travel and sleep related
    The two homestays that came to live this time are super like, one in Dali Ancient Town, one in the Bohai Sea, recommended to everyone.
    I. Hehuatang Private Garden Inn (Dali Ancient City Store)
    The inn is on the mountainside of Cangshan Mountain. The view is very good. It is very convenient to have a battery car to and from the ancient city.
    The hotel rooms are mainly cave style, each room is super beautiful, and the soft assembly color can be said to be super like.
    There is a large garden at the entrance of the inn, which is very suitable for taking pictures and the breakfast is very delicate.
    Address: No. 131, Shimen Village, Dali Town, Dali City
    Rates: 396 yuan
    Second, listening to the flower garden sea view garden Meisu (Dali Bohai Tianjing shop)
    The sea view room at the seaside is not much open yet. The store is so popular that it is very close to the small Putuo and you can go to see the seagulls.
    All the room suites are superb, really meaning the house facing the sea and the spring blossoms.
    The unbounded swimming pool in the public area and the sky are free to take a big shot, which is very good value.
    Address: No. 3, Ship Island, Haiyin Village, Dixe Town, Dali City
    Rates: 696 yuan
     Recommended food from food
    Specialties that must come to Dali
    [White Hot and Sour Fish]
    The characteristics of hot and sour fish are that the seasoning is particularly heavy, the fish soup is rich and salty, and the mouth is sour and spicy, there is no suffocation, and there is a sweet taste. It is a delicious dish for the Bai people.
    There are many white and hot and sour fish dishes in many shops in Dali, but the authenticity to be done, as well as the local talents, is generally a small farmhouse.
    Renjie Fishing Village
    Address: Opposite to the Bay Bridge Town Government
    Per capita consumption: 40-70 yuan
    [raw skin]
    The Bai nationality hides and skins are the traditional hospitality dishes of the Bai people in Dali. The custom of eating raw hides has been passed down from the Nanzhao period and has been loved by people. Wherever there are people living in the Bai people, someone must eat “raw skin.”
    It looks a bit heavy, it is very crisp to eat, it is worth a try.
    Yiheng Hotel
    Address: No. 388, Lower Section of Yuxi Road
    Per capita consumption: 40-70 yuan
    The mushroom hot pot is a Yunnan specialty. Several kinds of different kinds of mushroom are stewed together into a pot. The fresh fragrance of the mushroom is forced out under the action of high temperature. The flavor is fragrant and the taste is charming. Don’t miss it in the summer.
    Address: 384 Yuxi Road
    Per capita consumption: 80-120 yuan
    [hot and sour fish]
    In the ancient city, there are a lot of places to eat hot and sour fish and sea fish. This shop has been eaten before and feels that the price is not bad.
    Yunhai Fish Garden Restaurant · Featured Hot and Sour Fish
    Address: No. 17 Hongwu Road, Dali City
    Per capita consumption: about 60 yuan
    【Watery Yanghua】The characteristic water grass in Dali Bohai has a very interesting name. This kind of plant tastes great whether it is soup or stir-fry.
    One of Dali’s famous dishes, “Yongping Huangqi Chicken”, is available in almost all local restaurants in Dali.
    Xizhou has two flavors: sweet and salty. Spicy green onion, salt and pepper; sweet cake with ham, diced meat, rose sugar. Whether it’s sweet or salty, crispy and lustrous, the ultimate natural aroma is unforgettable.

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