Walking along the border town on the winter day of authentic Russian cuisine

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    Living in Yunnan for too long, I will see the excitement of snow dancing like a southerner. Every year, I will return to the Northeast for the New Year. No matter where I am, how far the journey is, maybe this is the feeling of returning home.
    Growing up in the Northeast, Heilongjiang is the hometown, but the South has gone to many cities, but only a one-sided understanding of this black land in Heilongjiang. With the development of the railway, the opening of the high-speed railway, the three northeastern provinces are all convenient. Even the border town can take a direct train ride.
    I have heard that Suifenhe is a city full of exotic culture. This time it took 2 hours by train from Harbin to arrive. I have to feel that the railway has brought people’s lives to life.
    Suifenhe is located in the southeastern part of Heilongjiang Province. It is managed by Mudanjiang City and is directly under the jurisdiction of Heilongjiang Province. Suifenhe City is named after the Suifen River in the territory. Suifenhe River is a beautiful border mountain town. It borders Russia’s Primorsky Territory in the east. The border line is 27 kilometers long. The area is 460 square kilometers, with a total population of 60,000. Suifenhe Town, Suining Town.
    Suifenhe is not only an important window and bridge for opening up to the northeast of China, but also an important node for China’s revitalization of the Northeast and Russia’s development of the Far East. It is known as the “golden channel” connecting Northeast Asia and the Asia-Pacific region.
    This trip removes traffic for two full days:
    Day1: Arrival Suifenhe – Maxim Western Restaurant (Dinner) – Tianchang Mountain Hotel
    Day2: Guomen Scenic Area – Peace Memorial – Julia Memorial Hall – Simbach Beer House (Lunch) – Specialty Shopping – Tonghai Russian BBQ (Dinner)
    Day3: National Forest Park Ski Resort – Lucis Leba Square – Middle East Railway – Dabailou (six memorial halls) – Sea Seafood Restaurant (Dinner)
    Day4: Return
    There are eight trains from Harbin to Suifenhe, with a total length of 483 kilometers and about 3 hours.
    the weather:
    Winter -3 ~ -19 degrees, remember to bring down jackets, cotton shoes, gloves, hats, it is best to wear a long over-the-knee down jacket, when the wind is big, it will be very cold.
    Suifenhe is 236 kilometers away from Xuexiang, and you can go to Xuexiang in the winter.
    Arriving at Suifenhe It was night and it was said to be the best western restaurant in Suifenhe for dinner. The car is driving on the road. Through the window, the street can be seen with large Russian plaques on both sides of the street. Listening to local friends, it is common in the Suifenhe ruble. Therefore, many Russians can also be seen shopping on the street.
    No. 57, Shancheng Road, Suifenhe, within the Maxim Hotel.
    Business hours:
    Dinner at the Maxim Western Restaurant experienced authentic Russian food, Suifenhe River bordered Russia, the restaurant’s waiter is Russian beauty, there are many Russians dining, there is a feeling of being abroad. Interestingly, the beer cap can be unscrewed directly by hand.
    Recommended dishes:
    Sausage platter, red cabbage soup, suzuki roast chicken, tuna salad, sweet shrimp, salt-roasted salmon, salmon cheese, pickled cucumber, etc.
    This salad and other meaty taste is very tender, with mango, a refreshing fragrance.
    This roast chicken has been well received by everyone. The roast chicken is crispy and tender, and it is delicious with the secret sauce.
     Tianchangshan Hotel
    In Suifenhe, you stayed at the famous Tianchangshan Hotel in the local area. The whole hotel is located in the vicinity of the Baihualin Wetland. Six people lived in an oversized villa, and the second floor was completely empty and used to open pajamas. The northeastern part of the winter is cold and the room is just hot enough to open the windows. It is much more happy than the south without heating.
    A total of eight villas are scattered in the birch forest wetlands. The interior and exterior of the hotel are all made of pale yellow wood. The structure is sturdy and there are no nails for fixing. The building is very distinctive. In winter, due to the heating, the indoor temperature is high, and when it enters the room, it can smell a touch of wood.
    Suifenhe City East side of Tianchangshan Reservoir. It is 3.4 kilometers away from the city center.
    The appearance of Villa 3 is large enough to be used as an independent homestay or inn. Each villa is equipped with a butler, which provides great convenience for accommodation. Entering the villa, the front of the first floor is the lobby, and the left and right sides are rooms. The entire villa has heating on the floor and the room may be a little dry, so remember to add more water.
    Be sure to mention the breakfast at Tianchangshan Hotel, which is on the third floor of the main building. The waiter’s attitude is very good, you will be asked if you need milk or soy milk, and the Kung Pao chicken and fish-flavored pork for breakfast are delicious and highly recommended.
    The black metal chandelier on the roof is a bit Gothic and cool.
    The bedroom has a lot of space.
    The entire room is large in size, even the bathroom is large enough to play badminton.
    Everyone in the villa is free to open the pajamas and slap them up.
     Guomen Scenic Area
    The next morning we came to the national gate scenic spot. The weather reached minus 19 degrees on this day. It was the lowest temperature in the near future. The staff in the scenic spot was very enthusiastic and let us warm in the ticket office. We visited the first and second generations of the country, and boarded the three generations of the new country gate. The three generations of the country gate are six stories high. There is an air corridor in the room. The sides of the corridor are made of transparent glass, and there is some excitement on the top. Look at the border of Russia’s Vladivostok on the border and take a group photo in front of the boundary pillar. Looking at the traffic on the border from Vladivostok, I saw a big truck in Russia. I feel empathy for the prosperity and development of the 100-year-old port. I feel the pride of the Chinese people. I can’t help but erect my thumb and praise the great motherland!
    Overlooking from the three generations of the country.
    Three generations of national gates
    Three-generation country gate air corridor
    boundary marker
    Maxim Restaurant
     Peace Memorial
    The Peace Memorial Hall was built by the patriotic peasant Cao Liming for many years. Tanks from the Shenyang Military Region can be seen in the small square outside the Peace Memorial. The entire Peace Memorial Hall was built by a bungalow on the first floor.There are many anti-Japanese collections in the collection, and many are sent to major museums for exhibition. In the Peace Memorial Hall, the peasant curator Cao Liming’s enthusiasm, and the persistence of the Anti-Japanese War Memorial Hall for decades, made everyone deeply moved.
    At the entrance to the Peace Memorial, there are many discarded bullets. The four characters of “Long live the peace” spelled out with bullets symbolize the memory of the people who lost their lives in the era of artillery, and the beautiful yearning for peace in the world. The cherishment of a happy life.
    Director Cao Liming.
    Cao Liming’s wife was holding a Japanese sugar box that was unexpectedly discovered when the curator Cao Liming led the visit to the Houshan site. It is said that this candy box is a product of the Japanese Prime Minister’s wife family business.
    Gas mask
    When we left, Director Cao Liming invited us to watch the bell. Every time someone came to visit the Peace Memorial Hall, the curator would ring the bell, the alarm bell would ring, and the national shame would not be forgotten. according toDirector Cao Liming introduced that this clock was changed from abandoned bullets.
     Julia Memorial Hall
    At the Peace Angel Julia Memorial Hall, everyone followed the lecturer and learned more about the heroic deeds of the peace and friendship Angel Julia. Everyone is deeply sorry for the heroic sacrifice of this beautiful girl, and is proud of the fact that Suifenhe has such a heroine who is highly concerned by China and Russia.
    At the entrance is the sculpture of Julia, holding an olive branch in her hand, symbolizing peace.
    To commemorate the song “Red Scarf” written by Liu Xiya by Liu Xing.
    Yulia’s oil painting.
     SimbaHe Beer House
    The Russians are famous for their love of drinking, and the Suifen River is influenced by Russian culture. Beer houses can be seen everywhere on the street. On this day, the Suifen River was very windy and tasted the authentic Russian food. We went to the Sinbach beer house to taste the warmth of the beer. The beer brewed by the store is very mellow, so I can’t help but taste it. Taiji milk Shitao, Qinglan Aier, Kungfu pepper, IPA, Kung Fu pepper taste is the most special, drink the mouth really has the taste of pepper, with special grilled fish, kebabs, sausages a sumptuous Lunch experience.
    I couldn’t help but take a picture in front of a whole wall of beer.
    Four beer tastings.
    Charcoal grilled kebab
    Shredded little stupid chicken
    Big photo
     Specialty shopping
    Suifenhe’s shopping mall is full of exquisite Russian goods, more famous chocolate, tiramisu, and oversized seafood. There are mainly Ross Empire Russian Commodity Distribution Center and Igor Russia Commodity Market. As the largest Russian commodity distribution center in China, it has not been enough for everyone to visit for a few hours.
     Tonghai Russian barbecue
    Tonghai Russian barbecue is the biggest generous creator of Ginnis. Not to mention the food, the decoration inside the store is very characteristic, colorful glass, industrial style partition, retro stickers, beer from all over the country makes this store full of features, attracting attention.
    When I came to Suifenhe, the average temperature was the lowest in the past two days, and our activities were basically turned indoors. Basically eating and eating every day, I have to say that the food of Suifenhe is really unique, and a dish that does not suit the appetite is not eaten. I am swaying in different restaurants every day. I am sorry for the meat that I have eaten. Lunch in Tonghai Russian charcoal, and Miss Russian sister, the interior decoration is cool, you can also try to grill the kebabs yourself.
    246 Fuhua Street, Suifenhe City.
    Business hours:
    Recommended dishes:
    Russian meat skewers, Russian sausage platter, durian pizza, foie gras, pickles, yak and so on.
     National Forest Park Ski Resort
    On the third morning, we came to the Suifenhe National Forest Park ski resort. The ski resort was small but complete. Far away, you can see a large yellow duck, which is very cute on the white snow. The ski area is divided into high-grade roads, and the primary road has a slip ring. I chose a sliding veneer and I have a ski instructor so I can feel bold and slippery.
    As an authentic northeastern person, there is basically no snow, and it may be that snow is too much to see how skiing is fun. This time, I spent a long time in the ski slopes of Suifenhe National Forest Park. I found skiing to be an addictive pleasure, forgetting the cold, and only sprinting from top to bottom.
    Ski instructor.
     Lucis Leba
    In the morning, I came to Lucis Leba, which was built around 1910 and is a typical Russian building. This is a century-old taste, still continues the traditional bread oven baking. When you enter Leba Square, you can smell the scent of Leba. Here, Leba does not add any preservatives, and the taste is more fragrant. There are also four layers of nuts with special characteristics of Leba.
    Bread and salt interpretation of “National Gift Bread”
    Eat the National Bread and enjoy the honor of the country
    Bread in Russian refers to both food and hospitality. The Russian people have the belief that “the guests will not be jealous of the host when they are kind to the guests”. Perhaps based on this, Russians have maintained the traditional virtue of hospitality since ancient times.
    Throughout the ages, they have used Russian bread and salt as the highest ritual to welcome their guests, to express their kindness and generosity. As a symbol of welcoming guests, the bread and salt are placed in the most prominent position on the table to express their welcome to the guests. This custom is most evident in the Russian welcoming ceremony. If you visit the Russian family casually, as soon as you enter the door, the host invites you to go to the kitchen to eat something, and almost every table always has some bread.
    The most interesting thing is that the custom of traditional hospitality has been a welcome gift for the Russian state. Whenever a foreign head, important, respectful and admired guest arrives, put the bread on a tray with embroidered towels, salt is placed on the bread with salt pan, and the Russian girl wearing a national costume carries a new Baked bread and salt are on the way, please enjoy the taste of the guests, to show the highest courtesy!
     Middle East Railway
    From the Suifenhe River to the Vladivostok, the Middle East Railway can see a large amount of timber transported from Russia. We came here from a hard-to-find path, and walked for about three kilometers along the railway. The cold wind of winter blew on the face, and the camera freezed like an ice cube. The Middle East Railway has four railroad tracks, one or three railroads lead to Chinese trains, and two or four railroads lead to Russian trains. The trains are slower than we usually sit. A special winter walk.
     Dabai Building
    The film “My Grandfather Grandpa” started shooting in June 2014. After shooting in two countries and three places, it was successfully smashed in Suifenhe City, Heilongjiang Province in September. The main shooting site is in Suifenhe City, Heilongjiang Province. Because Suifenhe City is located on the Sino-Russian border, Russia has a strong cultural atmosphere. After that, he went to Russia’s Far East City, Vladivostok, to take a picture. Because of the plot of the Russian gangster in the script, he chose to take a picture at the local area.
    The film is photographed in Dabailou, Beihai Park, Qizhen Square, and Centennial Railway Station in Suifenhe City.
    Hong Jinbao said: “The reason why I was filming in Suifenhe was because I could find the shadow of Russia in Suifenhe, which would bring more powerful effects to the film. This time, the Suifenhe River has a lot of harvests, and the Suifenhe community has given great support. FromThe actors gave active and vigorous cooperation to the venue, and the shooting was smooth and comfortable. Suifenhe citizens are very enthusiastic. Sometimes they meet a filming ceremony. They will use a “old Ding” to say hello, and let Hong Jinbao feel the boldness and enthusiasm of the Northeast.
    I visited the secret traffic line memorial hall and the six preparatory exhibitions of the Chinese Communist Party. Everyone has a deeper understanding of the red history of Suifenhe. Everyone believes that such a rich and heavy red history has laid a good foundation for the development of red tourism, patriotism and revolutionary tradition education.
     Haibu Import Seafood Experience Hall
    The seafood of Suifenhe is imported from Russia. After visiting the seafood market, it is found that the seafood of the fighting nation is bigger than one. So we decided to go to the sea to buy the imported seafood experience to taste the authentic Russian seafood. Everyone said that they had to eat a meal with their noses, so they had this table full of seafood.
    The first day of the Suifenhe River began with food, and on the last day of the Suifenhe River, the food was used as a perfect ending. Didn’t come to Suifenhe The imagination of Suifenhe was a small town. After coming here, I found this to be a city full of food and exotic culture. I didn’t have enough time for a few days. Just thinking about planning to go to the Suifen River in the summer, this charming little town is fascinating.

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