Walking, Hong Kong, Macau, passing a little sexy and big color

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Wenfeng ghosts, more pictures of early warning.
    Finally, from the winter to the summer, I compiled a large ticket map, and your Pan girl was killed again! It can be seen that Pan’s grandmother is really loving her hair!
    As usual, the town building map.
    I like to remember to collect or share it~
    Sina Weibo @司徒卷卷
     Victoria Harbour
     Oil pond
     Alexandre Zouari (The Venetian Macao Resort Hotel)
     Hong Kong Disneyland
     Coloane Island
     Sand surface
    Camera: D810 lens: 24-70+50
    And Pan Mai’s iPhone6P…the squares are all… (weak explosion)
    I am not so interested in Hong Kong.
    Grandma Pan, who has a girl’s heart, is very annoyed to go out in the winter. She should sleep like a bear in winter. Although the meat on her waist has been smashed for three and a half times, she still can’t stop the pace of eating and eating. In order to avoid the cold weather suitcases all filled with cotton jackets, Pan Mai gave up a colder place than Xi’an, choose to go south.
    I don’t know if people are better than days. Pan’s 24-inch box, which was originally reserved for buying and buying, was stuffed with the wet cotton jacket, autumn clothes, autumn pants, and wool pants that he passed through from northern Shaanxi. I don’t understand why this thing still exists in the 21st century…
    In fact, the real reason for this trip was to have a Hong Kong and Macao Pass and an endorsement in 2015. It has expired once and then resumed once. It has expired soon, and it has been gone to Hong Kong and Macao during the Spring Festival (really…).
    My Hong Kong film reading volume is very general, and I have never achieved the obsessive effect. Except for Wang Jiawei’s “Evil Toxic”, I watched it nine times. When I wanted to see the 10th time, the DVD player had a problem and could not read the disc. .. Grandma Pan is a quirky girl who is not killed on the computer to watch a movie. Sitting on the sofa and pulling on the curtains to open the sound and open the DVD to read the disc is fun (instantly exposed age series… Who knows after the 00 people? What a DVD is a ghost…
    The winter in Hong Kong is a little sexy. There are always girls who are dressed in thin, like a vibrant sun, illuminating the rushing streets of Hong Kong. The boys in Hong Kong are handsome and tall, they will dress up and the girls are clean and neat. The distinctive characteristics of Hong Kong people are like Zhiming and Chunjiao in Zhiming and Chunjiao.
    All memories are moist.
    Hong Kong in the Spring Festival There are cotton jackets with short sleeves and down jackets with light legs. If you are afraid of cold, wear more points, don’t be afraid to wear cold spring clothes, no problem, short sleeves… or let the young and strong young people wear it…
    The big wetness of the old and the dying has caught a cold before going to Hong Kong. When I went to Hong Kong and Macao, I ran for six days and licked my nose for six days. This is the case when I am facing the wetness of the nose all the time.
    After Anyway’s narration, the text begins, the food section is not listed separately, and it is written in chronological order on the schedule. If there is a problem, you can use a small window.
    The main expenses are as follows:
    Some of the overheads that are not tight are not listed, because the form is full, hehe.
    Total cost: No purchases of less than 20,000, how hard and plain.
    Hong Kong’s subway map is first on the PO, and the later story is also more intuitive.
    The so-called tips are dry goods without nonsense. (RMB=RMB HK$=HKD)
    【Hong Kong 】
    ★ Buy phone cards, Octopus, Disney tickets, etc. on TB in advance, eliminating the need for queues.
    ★ Octopus can charge more money, subways and convenience stores can be brushed, Hong Kong’s prices are not cheap
    ★If you are too lazy to change Hong Kong dollars in advance, you can take it on the ATM after passing the customs.The value is HK$500, and the maximum is HK$4000 at a time. The exchange rate for RMB is 3382 yuan. If you want to talk about the exchange rate, you don’t care about the exchange rate.
    ★ Hong Kong The subway is on the sidelines, saving the hassle of transferring. The starting price is HK$22. The subway basically wants to go wherever you go, and walking is also a good choice. You can’t walk and take a taxi.
    ★ The hotel will charge 10% of the service fee.
    ★ Disney is suitable for small basins, big men will not love, girls will like sprouting castles, such as Pan Girl (vomit…).
    ★ The night view of Taipingshan and Victoria Harbour is good.
    ★ Tsui Wah Restaurant is an eight-wrong place. I don’t know where to eat and eat it.
    ★ Hong Kong’s milk tea is more mellow and bitter than the one of the ten dollars on the street. Of course, there is no saccharin.
    ★Shopping tips
    Pan girl did not catch the ultra-cheap discount season, so she did not see the discount to hit the fracture. The cosmetics in the mall are the same as the mainland prices, which is a bad exchange rate. Sasa, excellent streets are all there, but every thing is different, some are very cheap, are L’Oreal, Honey Buddha, KATE, kiss me for small girls. DFS, which is suitable for the young girl of Pan Girl, is available in major shopping malls and sometimes has activities.
    If you go to Macau in addition to Hong Kong, then I suggest you buy and buy in the sasa of the Venetian Macao, the grade is a bit high, and the suit is very comprehensive.
    【 Macao 】
    ☆ Australian and Hong Kong dollars can be used universally, no special exchange.
    ☆ Macao Most of the buses are HK$3.2/person, so it is good to prepare steel shovel.
    ☆ Egg tarts eat Andrew, 甩KFC 18th Street.
    ☆ Macau’s big hotel is free to store your luggage. You can also store it for 24 hours, save for 3 days, overdue dog belt.
    ☆When you store your baggage, you will check it. The glass bottles, medicines, and pills are not allowed to be stored. The uncle in front of me has stuffed a bottle of old godmother in the suitcase. The person being inspected is confused and looks out in a mess.
    ☆ Macau’s hotels are like palaces and the streets are like villages in the city.
    ☆ Venice is really super nice
    ☆ Hong Kong to Macau You can take a boat, about 1 hour, at the 3rd floor of Shun Tak Centre, 200 Connaught Road Central, Sheung Wan.
    In fact, there was no egg to write on the first day, because the pheasant who was sitting on the discount was not the night machine, and he arrived in Shenzhen in the early morning.
    Stupid big wet years back to northern Shaanxi, a cold, stupid big wet does not take medicine, leading to this road is a big wet runny nose, big wet nose, big wet warts, big wet disease trip. Every day, you are in an infinite loop of sneezing, runny nose, nose, and cough. I have a runny nose for me. I drink water and he has a runny nose. He goes to Disney and has a runny nose. He is always running nose. I think I am facing the virus of Hydra.
    Fortunately, Hong Kong’s public facilities are good, the toilets have paper, so that the wet can endlessly sneeze, saving a huge sum of money to buy paper. If I know in advance that his old man will have a nose, I will definitely send the ticket money to the Qinling Wildlife Park.
    After arriving in Shenzhen, Anyway found an express hotel near the airport and was ready to enter the next day.
    Get up at 7 in the morning and take a taxi to the Futian Port. Because Hong Kong did not open the free signing of Xi’an, so I bought the L-mark on the Internet in advance and did not have to go with the group. There were not many people in the morning of the New Year’s Day, and they cleared the customs in about half an hour.
    It is recommended that Octopus and calling cards be bought online in advance. We did not change the Hong Kong dollar in advance. After the customs clearance, there will be an ATM machine, which will take Hong Kong dollars directly. The maximum face value is HK$500, and the maximum amount is HK$4000.
    Although the big wet is still stubborn and unyielding, and loyal to the nose, and took the hotel 2 rolls of paper, but unfortunately fortunately bought the above things in advance, once you close, you can change the phone card online, also free Going to queue up to buy Octopus time.
    Hong Kong convenience store’s aunt / big sister / big sister / little brother / brother is a sly look to the mainland people, when he saw an umbrella 130 in the wet nose, he scared him to nasophary go back. I took a 4,000 HKD Pan girl at the ATM machine and continued to run a runny nose. I sang a song and ate a hot pot (not at all) to the city.I don’t know Hong Kong’s fierce prices are running towards us and jumping.
    From the Lok Ma Chau to Ngau Tau Kok, it seems to be HK$43 because it is expensive to enter the urban area. The money in Octopus is actually very fast, and it is better to fill it up.
    Because the hotel can only check in at 2 pm, Pan girl and snot, not the big wet, can only save the luggage to the hotel, then go to the nearby foraging. There is a Tsui Wah restaurant nearby, and the hotel is so good that it will be detailed later.
    [Cuihua Restaurant]
    There is only a breakfast package before 12 noon. We arrived at 11 o’clock and only had breakfast. I ordered the B+C package, HK$75, which tastes good, especially the slippery egg, but pay attention to the bitterness of the milk tea.
    The PO menu is more intuitive.
    The taste is ok.
    After eating out, I saw a job posting, in fact… still can come to HK to brush the plate 666
    In recent years, the relationship between Hong Kong and the Mainland is not very good. The attitude of Hong Kong people facing mainland tourists is also huh, huh, extremely impatient. The dishes are never introduced. You love to eat or not. Only the shopping guide girl in the mall can talk to you with a smile, of course, the premise is a high-end shopping mall. Grandma Pan and Da Huo have never asked the way to navigate by navigation. They are said to ask local people in English. They will not care for you. They must talk in Cantonese.
    After eating, I feel the breath of Hong Kong. The so-called “Travel” is probably starting from here.
    Coordinates: [Niu Tau Kok – Kwun Tong], which is the distance from the subway station.
    Pan girl dressed in clothes is very mixed, and bought four cabinets of clothes still did not explore a bright road (mainly because of fat).
    Big wet laughed at me, this RMB299 wide leg pants is really ugly, but it is really Nima thin and leg length, do not need the high-end function of the Mito Xiuxiu show (what is the face)~
    Sometimes I brush my friends circle and Weibo. Some girls pull their legs too badly. Please pay attention to the steps behind them! So long, the rest is so short, you are awkward! If you have to pull up, you can pull it from the waistline to the foot! ! Don’t just pull your calf! ! Say good to be each other’s angels! The boat of Meitu Xiu Xiu said that it would turn over!
    No matter how much Pan’s grandmother is lazy, she is too lazy to use (…), but she will still have 4 colors of lipstick when she goes out. When I am older, I have to rely on lipstick to refresh myself. How sad it is… because there is no makeup, only a lipstick, acne and eyebrows are missing. Please ignore it.
    The Pan girl who has always been “the most beautiful of Lao Tzu” (= stinky face) has long been afraid of being looked at.
    Big wet:
    Photo or tripod, it’s really durable…
    The style is still handsome but 3 seconds.
    There is never a photo that does not collapse.
    Walking and seeing [apm] in Kwun Tong, go in and stroll around. This mall is relatively young, shopping and eating.
    The characteristics of Hong Kong people are actually quite obvious. They can be distinguished and the young people are dressed up very well.
    Grandma Pan, standing next to this dog, is also very much like a stupid dog.
    The local brand [IT] has a big shop, and the clothes are very tidal, but the elderly who are so outdated by Pan’s grandmother are still not suitable for the tides (there is a self-knowledge).
    In addition to the big-name cosmetics counters, I forgot where on the first floor there is a place similar to a boutique grocery store. Small items and flat price make-up brands are good and can be found a lot.
    Small brands of cosmetics are cheap, such as kate, canmake, kiss me… the price is very reasonable.
    Is the camera cheap? not at all!
    Since last year’s big wet sale of Pan girl’s SLR, the big wet and no money to buy me new, leading Pan girl until now! old! No! Have! phase! machine! So when I wrote the camera lens above, I only had weak 6p…
    Why are Pan girls not buying them themselves? Because I have no money~
    Estimated that the hotel was almost finished, we began to go back.
    [如心艾朗L&aposHOTEL ELAN] strong push
    Address: 38 Chuangye Street, Kwun Tong, Kowloon (near Ngau Tau Kok MTR Station)
    5 minutes walk to Exit B6 of Ngau Tau Kok Station on Kwun Tong Line and 8 minutes to APM Shopping Centre. There is a Tsui Wah restaurant nearby, which is the one we have for breakfast.
    The swimming pool and gym are on the 35th floor and the reception is on the 35th floor. Free WiFi and an iPad are available in the room. Six free bottles a day, two for drinking water and four for small refrigerators.
    Price: RMB945/day, stayed for two days, totaling 1890 yuan.
    Ruyi Ilang Hotel
    Pictured above is the look of the hotel’s top floor looking down, I am sorry to forget to take a fitness area and room (what do I eat)…
    The room has floor-to-ceiling windows, and the sun is too good at 2 pm. I let the big wet nose run like this:
    Big wet said:
    In the end, I only made this look. Of course, the main reason is that I don’t have the chest and face of Juventus’s wife before and after (I don’t know how much to add).
    After a short break at the hotel (mainly Pan girl painted a makeup, playing “main”, my input method first appeared pig demon, the second was pig waist, well, the input method really loves me. !) Sitting in the subway and eating a hot pot singing songs (again…) to the Central.
    Many articles have written that “the whole Hong Kong is filled with a strong Hong Kong flavor.” I still can’t understand the exact meaning of “Hong Kong flavor”, just like the eyes of Tony Leung is full of stories. You saw something you can see. You thought it was all. In fact, you can’t see more.
    It’s ridiculous to be in a dim light.
    I don’t know what “Hong Kong flavor” is. I only know that Nima in Central is really a street shooting place. I came back to organize photos and found these simple and clean streets to look most comfortable.
    There is not much body in the nose that flows through the nose.Forced to take pictures, go back to Yunnan to have a fever, this time a cold headache and fatigue, the next time the dementia is very 6+7.
    The painting style turned too fast, let’s jump back.
    In order to make the face small, in the hotel Pan girl took a brush and a thick shadow on the face, I feel like I am going to brush my face black… big face or something
    In the blurred background, the foreign girl who got out of the car was a bare leg, bare legs.
    Seeing this feng shui poster, I think of Yang Qianxi and Tony Leung’s “Superman”, which is pretty good.
    There are N shopping malls in Central, the brand is full, and the appearance is also good. It is very close to the famous Lan Kwai Fong, but it is still free from the nose and nose.
    My impression of Lan Kwai Fong is that in the Hong Kong film “Love Night Pu”, when I read a lot of films like a dog in college, I basically read the films of those years, even the film that was so erotic (crossed out) ·Ran·Yes, no, let’s go. the LordI can’t remember what the corners are, just remember a female match called cat. I also watched this film and realized that HK is like Xi’an, and the beautiful girls are all in the night. (嘘——)
    When I went to dinner time, I entered a [Cuihua Restaurant] and it turned out that it was really annoying.
    Tsui Wah Restaurant is Hong Kong’s old-fashioned restaurant and can basically eat all Hong Kong-style things. Although it is called a fading sound, I still feel that it is worth eating. The speed of serving is fast, the turnover rate is high, and things are fresh.
    Mini Brisket Pack Mexican Chips HK$42
    Strong push, the piglet is super invincible, the mini bag is really very mini, and it will be gone in one bite.
    French fries HK$19
    Although it is delicious, but think about calories, Pan Fatzi’s heart is bloody.
    Thai style fried beef river HK$72 (a huge plate)
    This taste is normal and not stunning.
    Fish Egg River Powder HK$37
    The fish eggs are smooth, but the powder has no taste and is not recommended.
    Service charge HK$17
    Total HK$187
    The service attitude of this Tsui Wah Restaurant in Central is good, because the waiter is younger and the older Hong Kong aunt is awful.
    [Taiping Mountain]
    After dinner, I was planning to go to Victoria Harbour, but I happened to catch up with Victoria Harbour to put New Year’s fireworks on the same day. In order to avoid crowding, I went to Taipingshan with a big wet taxi on my nose. As a result, all the people on the top of the mountain were all dead. Everyone, Mao can’t see. In fact, the road to the mountain is very beautiful, and it can overlook the night scene. However, in order to prevent the nose from being blown into the mouth by the wind, we gave up the plan to turn back to the night scene. So there is no such thing as the night view of Hong Kong overlooking the entire travel! No! No–!
    There are shopping malls on the top of the mountain, there are shopping and dining, yes… Taipingshan has a shopping mall… You can take a bus or take a taxi down the mountain. When we go down, there are many people who need to line up.
    【Causeway Bay】
    Telling the truth, I think Causeway Bay is stronger than Tsim Sha Tsui.
    Come to Causeway Bay, the main thing is the literary art of the nose, and we have to go to the Hysan store. Of course, the book is not bought, because he thinks that the album is too heavy to hold, basically it is to buy and buy cosmetics.
    Why are you not taking pictures? Because – lazy…
    After buying the work, the girl Pan grandmother and the nose of the wet back to the hotel to go to 7-11 to buy a cold medicine, more expensive than the 999 cold granules, more than 70 Hong Kong dollars a few pieces, the effect is not good, big Wet is still running nose.
    I went back to the hotel to wash and go to sleep at night.
    Because time is too tight, Disney and Ocean Park can only choose one, and finally Pan girl chooses the girl’s heart-breaking Disney.
    Originally, even Disney did not intend to go, because the big wet nose was too strong, the headache was weak, and the big wet said: Come here, the nose must go!
    After getting up in the morning, the hotel went to McDonald’s on the subway to solve it quickly.
    I can’t afford to burn my hair without blowing my head. Today’s Pan girl’s hairstyle is like a cracked lion.
    Disney has a subway line, and the old man has a bloody face. The subway station is also a cute explosion table.
    Tickets are bought online and the prices at the beginning of the article are detailed. I don’t know if it is cheaper to buy. Anyway, I don’t have to queue up to buy tickets anymore. Price: RMB 772 (two).
    Disney’s various castles are the love of girls, and even the old Pan Grandma has not let go.
    First come to a group of [castle photos], the great love of the small public, the old witch Pan grandmother is also very shameful in Disney.
    A standard tourist photo at the gate of the castle.
    When I entered the park, it began to rain. I didn’t have an umbrella and I was so violent. I simply stopped and lost.
    The big wetness that ran into the nose began to burst into Disney. It’s not that many people are too mentally retarded. In retaliation, it’s basically Hu Zhao… For example, the whole body has been cut off…
    In fact, I just came in without a bow on my head.
    I bought one at the entrance store and returned to Xi’an to give me a cousin. I threatened her to sneak her to Hong Kong to brush the plate if the test was not good.
    For the clothes that Xiaopenyu wears, Pan’s grandmother, who has always wanted to challenge the biggest children’s wear, is so fat that she can’t get it.
    The things in the Disney store are quite cute, but they are quite expensive. The key chain is about seventy or eighty, and the complexity is hundreds. In addition to Mickey head Pan grandmother even forgot to buy some 啥, after all, writing this travel has been written for half a year…
    During the Spring Festival, there were many people in the entire park, and only a few corners could be found. I was very touched by taking pictures while running on the wet side.
    Hong Kong’s Disney area is relatively small, suitable for playing with small pots, and the games in adults are slightly mentally retarded. The Grizzly Valley is personally considered to be the most fun, but it is not as exciting as Happy Valley. After all, Disney is for the value of the park. If you want to stimulate, you will go straight to the bungee. Another point is that the wife of the holiday wife is too much, and each project has to be queued for half a day. Pan girl and big wet casually line up a few.
    Because of the fast speed of the tour, the Taishan Tree House has been decisive.
    The Pan girl, who has long been annihilated by her child’s heart, has the illusion of returning to her childhood.
    N many people say that Disney’s night view is good-looking, Pan Grandma is too lazy to look at it, certainly not as big as the Big Wild Goose Pagoda…
    Lunch at Disney bought a hot dog and squid slices to solve, and went to the afternoon to withdraw.
    The number of holiday people is super and super, I am very glad that we set off in the morning, just in the middle of a large number of dragging the family, especially before the baby enters the park. It’s also a wrong peak to go to the paradise and play those seven or eighty-eight, and when people go out, people are already exploding.
    Depart from [Mong Kok].
    [Mong Kok]
    On the first day of arrival in Hong Kong, there was a riot in Mong Kok. The police and the hawkers clashed. The incident was quite big. The news was all headlines.
    When I went to Mong Kok, I found that it was very similar to our rehabilitation road wholesale market. The stall vendors were mixed, the customers were crowded, and the street was full of small cosmetics stores. City management hawkers can be in conflict in minutes.
    There are more than n old bookstores in Mong Kok hidden in the narrow room on the stairs, big wet to find Xiao Huangshu (…), and finally Mao did not find. In fact, it is hard to find a history textbook.
    From the bookstore, I will withdraw from [Mong Kok] to [Tsim Sha Tsui].
    Yes, [Tsim Sha Tsui] Pan girl still forgot to take a photo of the street… After buying and buying, the public commented on a Japanese restaurant.
    [Hemin] Japanese materials
    There are a lot of branches, I probably list a few.
    New Sun Plaza, 28 Canton Road, Sha Tsui
    2/F, Integrity Building, 71-77 Beijing Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
    3/F, Hang Lung Centre, 2-20 Paterson Street, Causeway Bay
    The taste is awesome, but the speed of serving is not very fast, and the service attitude is OK. The average per capita is HK$120. The following are about HK$300.
    And residential houses
    I forgot to add the word, sushi roll when drawing.
    And residential houses
    After eating, I went to Victoria Harbour. The taxi price has been forgotten.
    [Victoria Harbour]
    Who told me the Victoria Harbour and the Bund almost stood up for me! Is it better than the Bund to be N times better~! ! ! !
    Take this picture and make two little planets.
    The Victoria Harbour was very windy at night, not cold, but the fragile and wet body that ran for a day with a runny nose was not enough, and we went back to the hotel.
    Hong Kong’s subway stations are pretty good, and they have put together two pictures.
    The main line of the day is [Macau].
    One day I went to three cities, and I took a boat and passed the customs. It was not far from the dog.
    Why is today’s trip so dog, because Pan girl and big wet down in front of the Galaxy Hotel Spring Festival file RMB4800 / night.
    4800 For the time being, I said that when I booked with Galaxy, people first speak Cantonese, then speak English, and finally speak Mandarin. The tone of love and ignorance makes the wet hair swell for a second, and it feels like the big wetness that is discriminated against. .
    At this moment, only the expression pack can calm me down.
    This day is really wonderful as a dog, starting with the morning in Hong Kong.
    In the morning, it was wet and boiling. As a result, the dog was smashed, and the steam was dying. The alarm system was triggered. As a result, the whole house sounded like a police bell, and the hotel service staff knocked on the door for five minutes. Could you speak English? A big wet face says NO. So the service staff called a little brother who could speak Mandarin. The little brother said in a crappy Mandarin: Is the Limen system not boiled? (…) After entering the house, the little brother said that because the alarm system was triggered, the firefighters will immediately look at the situation (..).
    So after another three minutes of firefighters, it was really a firefighter wearing a full set of equipment to take a look, went away… gone… go – -…
    More dog-in-law is that Pan Mai hasn’t got up yet, and the whole process is in the quilt. The big wet person has to look at what is prominent in the bed.
    Pan’s entire OS is like this:
    However, this incident can also be reflected in Hong Kong’s various emergency measures.
    After the check-out, I went to the Mai family for breakfast, then took the subway and ate a hot pot to sing a song to go on a boat (again…).
    We took a jet flight from Hong Kong to Macau. The name of Grandma, who was not terrible in culture, thought that it was a powerful local helicopter with its own golden effect. The result was just a boat.
    Address: 3/F, Shun Tak Centre, 200 Connaught Road Central, Sheung Wan. The subway can be reached directly, [Sheung Wan] station (if I remember correctly). Pay attention to the subway and take the escalator upstairs, without going out of the building.
    The tickets have different prices, because we are in a hurry, so we bought a class that started early. HK$432X2 total 864.
    Buy a boat ticket can be self-help or you can go to the window to see which person is less. There are quite a lot of shifts and won’t wait too long. After you have bought a ticket, you can use the Hong Kong and Macau Pass to clear the customs. Hong Kong to Macao will be about an hour.
    There is a meal on the boat. I have already eaten a big wet side in the morning and run the nose and eat the barbecued pork on the boat…
    The map of Macau is as follows:
    【 Macao 】
    When you arrive in Macau, take the bus to [New Lisboa] and put down your luggage. These hotels with casinos in Macau can store their luggage. They can also stay in the store. They are available 24 hours a day, and they are kept for 3 days.
    It is necessary to pay attention to the inspection when storing the baggage. The glass bottles, medicines and pills are not allowed to be stored. The uncle in front of me has stuffed a bottle of old godmother in the suitcase. The person being inspected is confused and looks out in a mess.
    Many of the buses in Macau go to luxury hotels, but the rental is not very good, especially during the tourist season. Although the traffic in Macau is not particularly developed, it is acceptable.
    Because the time spent in Macau is too short, we resolutely gave up the Ruins of St. Paul and Fisherman’s Wharf.
    Niubi! ! !
    Such a big two attractions are directly ignored!
    After storing the baggage, take the bus and go straight to the [Road Ring] (because the taxi needs to have a long queue at the hotel entrance). When I got on the bus, it was already more than three o’clock. The distance was still far away. Once the sky was dark, it couldn’t be filmed, so it is an urgent task to grab the skylight.
    Because the place to go is too cold, there are not many people on the bus. It’s impossible to see the streets of Macau alone. It’s a night-time singer’s castle. There are very few outdoor pedestrians. Most people are drunk in the same hotel as the Imperial Palace.
    After arriving at the road ring, the absolute value returned to the journey of the dog, so that this place can be relieved. I didn’t plan to come to Macau, because it was too fast, and the first 10 thousand times of wetness said: Come here, look!
    This small fishing village has used all the colors of macarons, rich and vivid, and never forget.
    Simple and rude, directly on the map.
    Handsome but three.
    I like this red too much, so I have a few more POs.
    Big wet: You love to put a few sheets and put a few…
    The bright yellow heavenly hall.
    Big wet probably thinks that his life is a different beauty man.
    It didn’t take long before the sky was dark, and the skylight was grabbed. The church was discolored.
    We randomly found a seafood stir-fry in the road ring. Many locals came here to eat seafood, but I think the seafood here is not necessarily the taste. It is better to go to Guangzhou and eat slowly, so I only ordered the cooking. The price of vegetables is also flying to the sky, beef slippery egg + grass mushroom leek heart + barbecued pork a total of HK$250, as well as the Spring Festival price plus 15% or 20% service fee. What I remember is the Mapo Tofu HK$78, not because of the high price of vegetables, but because I can’t imagine the taste of Mapo tofu here.
    The picture is not put, the dishes are just like the general.
    Macau’s two most famous egg tarts are Andrew, the Coloane and the Venetian, and the other is Margaret on the Macao Peninsula. I was eating at the road ring. There were a lot of people waiting in line. It tastes great. I must eat it hot and take a bite to eat.
    Although I didn’t have a good dinner, I had a delicious cracked egg tart.
    After eating, set off to [Venice]. In the road ring, I couldn’t get a rental, so I took the bus to [Venice].
    [Venice] Basically, it is the rhythm of buying and shopping.
    The small fresh road ring and the imperial four seasons store exist in the same place in Macao. It is simple and extravagant, and may be the same.
    I asked the wet old lady, this piece of 100 pieces of velvet velvet, he said that it is good like a feather duster flew out of the street, more than 40 days of rent.
    I know the casino no photo…
    I have always been not interested in super big bags, because the big bags are too heavy, and the second is that there are no zippers in order to load them. This is still very tasteless in our flying city of Xi’an. When Pan girl saw the bag, the diamond, the gold, and the gold, it was completely devoid of feelings, but when I saw D&G’s flower skirts, I couldn’t move, the saliva had to flow out, I really wanted to try it again, haha, but I’m afraid of meat too. I can’t afford to pay more for the clothes of the people, so I will give up.
    The people who enter Macao every day go to the same place as the palace.In the Hua Hotel, the hotels, shopping malls and casinos here are self-contained. If you have enough money, you can never go out. Famous name The Venetian is a representative. Together with the same famous four-level famous shop, the crowds who flocked here, Zhang Yucheng Yin, sweating. Night night, Yangge night drunk, wood and ecstasy.
    After coming out of [Venice], I am still taking the bus to go to [New Lisboa] to take the luggage, the bus… can you be so sad again!
    Forgive me for only three sheets on the road.
    After taking the baggage, take a taxi to the checkpoint and exit to Zhuhai.
    After a day of this day’s dog, Grandma Pan felt that if one day, the journey of the big wet column would be possible in 8 cities within 24 hours. Telling the truth, it’s not easy for the stars to fly and tell what’s going on.
    The madness of the wet is still set by Jinjiang Star, RMB329/ night. Running for a day, madness as I have forgotten which way to live…
    On the same day, take the train from Zhuhai at 11 o’clock to Guangzhou, about 1 hour to Guangzhou South Railway Station.
    Guangzhou Metro can buy a one-day ticket, unlimited brushing within 24 hours, 20 yuan a.
    After a short break at the hotel, the fast food settles for lunch and then goes to the sand.
    Take Metro Line 1 to the [Huangsha Station], and exit D and cross the bridge.
    [Sand surface]
    The most prestigious of the sand surface is the building. As a former concession, you can see the epitome of Western-style architecture from the end of the 19th century to the beginning of the 20th century. In the history, Pan’s grandmother is not popular, and the parents who intend to go are moving to Baidu Encyclopedia.
    I didn’t think that the sand surface was a popular tourist attraction before, and there were many people. I only know that a treasure’s net red people love to come here to take pictures, so I look at it. I feel that the sand surface is the TB warehouse. Everyone is TB. The wind, I can’t imagine how many net red scenes are located here. Grandma Pan looks at the girls like net red.
    Net red is always labeled with a lot of labels, beauty, cute, soft sister, heart, sorrow, plastic, plastic, PS… 褒 贬 贬 贬 交织 交织 交织 交织 交织 交织 交织 交织 交织 交织 交织 交织 交织 交织 交织 交织 交织 交织 交织 交织 交织 交织 交织 交织 交织 交织 交织 交织 交织 交织 交织 交织These girls who can become beautiful and stay beautiful for a long time are all sly characters.
    I know that the legs are thick and thick.
    On this day, Xi’an snowed down, Guangzhou 25 ° C, Pan grandma’s bare legs were not blown out of the old cold legs…
    Guangzhou does not seem to have winter this season, although during the Spring Festival, all the trees are lush, like the summer. Unlike the dead tree forks of our north, we poke the sky in a sharp and abrupt posture. There are no branches of the northern cold wind, and there is a windless forest in the high temperature of the south.
    I asked Da Hu: You look at this 900-piece imitation Dolce & Gabbana looks like it is not really, what is the big wet knife riding? You straighten your tongue.
    In fact, I really want to kick the baby in the back.
    Walking from the sand surface is not far from the top and bottom. The streets are selling small shops on both sides. It feels like the city of Hummer in Xi’an. The small items sold are really cheap. No wonder the small traders in the north have to come to Guangzhou to purchase goods.
    The masters who walked up and down the ninth were very boring, and the big wetness of the nose was going to the place of Taikoo Hui. The young artists and the literary youth were still literary youth.
    After strolling, I took a taxi to the Pearl River to eat seafood. The big wet nose of the nose ate me 1000 pieces. It was really painful.
    [Hongxing Seafood Restaurant] Fans, jewels, snails, oysters, shells, shrimp dumplings, a total of 1000.
    Stay [Jinjiang Star] 259 / night.
    It was a very crashing day. The plane was three hours late. From the afternoon to the evening at Baiyun Airport, the buttocks were almost rotted. In short, I returned to Xi’an in the cold dog near the early morning. Pan girl tried to write the travel notes as a hand account this time, but the foundation is too bad to draw watercolors, and the color neutral strokes, I hope that this year I can practice painting, and the next time I can draw.
    The end must force the king to press the axis!
    If you have any details about your travels, please feel free to contact us on Sina Weibo @Situ Scrolls. I hope I can help you.
    The code code has been coded for too long, and the whole picture has been around for a long time. Thank you for always seeing it here.
    Let’s see you next time~

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