Walking poetry and painting: ink-like landscape paintings, fresh and delicious Guilin cuisine, finally met you

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For Guilin’s impression, I don’t know if everyone is like me. It comes from the elementary school textbook and comes from the phrase “Guilin’s landscape is the best in the world”.
    Growing up a bit, the impression of Guilin has deepened, printed on 20 yuan, almost every day.
    For food, go to Guilin, for the bowl of authentic Guilin rice noodles, Liuzhou snail powder.
    After 20 years, I finally came to Guilin for the first time to see the picturesque landscape. Feel the peaks of the strange and strange shapes, touch the clear and green waters of the Lijiang River, see the magical caves of the masterpieces of nature, and taste the unique Guilin cuisine.
    In September 2018, met Guilin to meet you~ Meitu first wave:
    The essence of the Minjiang River, the background map of 20 yuan, the world of haze, unique beauty.
    Xingping Ancient Town, ancient rhyme
    The West Street at night, the lights are shining
    Shili Gallery, Shili Mountain, this is “the boat travels on the blue waves, people are in the middle of the painting.”
    Guilin’s ancient love, a must-see performance
    Guilin’s caves are crowned with the world, and the wonders of nature in Yinziyan are amazing.
    Elephant Trunk Hill, as the landmark landscape of Guilin, is of course a must
    Yangshuo’s beer fish, there is always a stomach for you
    The floating breakfast at the Snow Lion Ridge Riverside Hotel adds a touch of red color to the trip to Guilin.
     –Pre-line preparation —
    1. About external transportation: As the first batch of tourism development cities, Guilin is also very convenient for transportation. There are high-speed rail and airfields. Guilin Liangjiang International Airport has a direct shuttle bus to Yangshuo. Starting at 9:30, the interval is about 1.5 hours. Class, until 8 o’clock in the evening, the fare is 50 yuan / person, the journey is about 50 minutes, very convenient. The long-distance line also has trips to Liuzhou, Zhangpu and Yizhou, and there are also two special-line cars in the city. The shuttle bus to and from Yangshuo in Guilin has been moved to Guilin South Bus Station, but there is a direct shuttle bus to the South Station and the city’s main station.
    2, on the city’s traffic: Yangshuo is recommended to rent an electric car, more convenient, basically a day 40 yuan / 50 yuan two files, 50 yuan battery is bigger, running forty or fifty kilometers no problem. In addition, some scenic spots in Yangshuo also have electric vehicle charging stations, such as the Silver Rock Scenic Area. There are fewer taxis in Yangshuo County, and it is generally not a watch, but it is very convenient to take a taxi. If you stay at the hotel, you can let the hotel help you to contact the chartered car, which is also cost-effective. There are very few bus trips in Yangshuo, and it is not recommended to wait for public transportation. The starting price of public transportation in Guilin City is 2 yuan/person, and the number of taxis in the taxi network is also relatively high.
    3, on the climate: Guilin in September, the climate is still relatively comfortable, the highest temperature is about 27-30 degrees, 20 degrees at night, and after the summer season, tourists are gradually regaining their tide, and they are more comfortable to play.
    4, on the hotel: Yangshuo accommodation choice recommended B&B, Yangshuo development in recent years, all kinds of small fresh net red B&B level, but this time the two are very good. One is Mango Meishu, about 10 minutes by bicycle from Yangshuo West Street. It takes about 10 minutes to walk to the Guilin Ages Scenic Area. It is also very convenient to go to Shili Gallery. The feeling of the whole hotel is very warm. The other is the Xueshiling Riverside Hotel, which is close to the real scene theater of Impression Liu Sanjie. It is located in the mountains, with an elegant environment and close to the Lijiang River. The most distinctive feature is the floating breakfast of their hot ins, adding a touch of color to the trip. The hotel chosen by Guilin is the Vienna Hotel (Shanghai Road) on the edge of the Civil Aviation Building. It is mainly convenient for the airport bus, and it takes about 15 minutes to walk to the Elephant Trunk Mountain Scenic Area. Overall cost-effective.
    5, on the tickets: In general, Guilin’s tickets are not cheap, but most of them can be booked online in advance, or with a scattered group. For example, we took a trip to the Lijiang River Essence section to report a scattered group, 140 yuan / person, including round-trip fares and tickets, more trouble-saving. Guilin’s ancient love can be booked on the official website. If you book a ticket successfully, you will receive a text message. The link in the text message can be self-selected. Shili Gallery recommends renting an electric car or bicycle along the Yulong River to enjoy the scenery. There is no need to enter the toll spots along the road. Most of them are places for artificial money. Yinziyan tickets 80 yuan / person (online booking 70 yuan / person), Xiangbi Mountain Scenic Area tickets 75 yuan / person (online booking 57 yuan / person).
    6, on the equipment: this trip is still Nikon D750, 24-120 Nikkor lens, Xiaomi 8 mobile phone. Post-photo processing lightroom, Photoshop.
     –Overview of the trip —
    The journey of leaving is still because the ticket is cheap, entering September, the off-season is coming, and the one-way ticket from Xiamen to Guilin is as low as 400. And the weather in September is still quite comfortable. However, the weather in this time is generally not good, mainly rainy and rainy, but the scenery of the Lancang River in the misty and rainy weather has a more beautiful view. It is only a big problem for those who are used to recording travel with a camera. . The 4-day trip was still very smooth.
    D1 (9.6): 6:45 Shandong Airlines SC4789 arrived at Guilin at 8:15, and the 9:30 airport shuttle bus went directly to Yangshuo Bus Station. Mango·Meishu pick up the station and check in. The first time on the edge of the store to eat authentic Guilin rice noodles, snail powder, super happy. At 13:00 in the afternoon, go to Xingping with the scattered group, take the bamboo raft to visit the Essence section of the Minjiang River, Xingping Ancient Town, and go shopping at Yangshuo West Street and Yitian West Street at night.
    D2 (9.7): Breakfast in the morning, after renting an electric car to Shili Gallery (electric car can be contacted by the hotel one night in advance, and will be delivered to the hotel the next day). At noon, I went to Xie Dajie’s beer fish to eat, and enjoyed the rain and the river. Fortunately, it was raining heavily when I was eating, and it stopped when I was full. In the afternoon, go to the Guilin Ages. Stay at the Snow Lion Ridge Riverside Hotel in the evening.
    D3 (9.8): Floating breakfast in the morning, after lunch, chartered to Silver Rock (charter is also contacted by the hotel, round-trip 120 yuan, cost-effective). Lunch led by the chartered master to the Shili GalleryDiy in the restaurant and return to downtown Guilin in the afternoon. Stay at the Vienna Hotel, rest in the hotel, and enjoy the night view at Zhengyang Pedestrian Street in the evening.
    D4 (9.9): In the morning, the hotel will be Ronggui rice noodles for breakfast, walk to the Xiangbi Mountain Scenic Area, friends at Guilin at noon will have dinner at Zengsanjiawei, and in the afternoon, go to the East and West Lanes and visit the Xiaoyao Building. Return to the hotel around 4 o’clock and take the airport bus to the airport. Capital Airlines JD5240 is close to 2 small back to Xiamen (Capital Aviation is a bit difficult to say, um, this is a later words)
     –About the Author–
    Ducks and ducks are me. I used to be an accountant for 4 years, and a 7-year female program. But I was so restless all day long, I was running around, playing games and cooking, but I also played some tricks.
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     –People eat food for the day, eat the fun of Guilin —
    As everyone knows, I am a foodie, and it is a top priority to taste local food every time. Guilin is a concentrated area of ​​ethnic minorities, and the characteristics of life and diet of different ethnic groups have formed a unique food culture. Guilin local flavor dishes: simple and natural, rich in flavor, sweet and sour ~
    Because Yangshuo County is a tourist concentration, the overall price will be slightly higher than that of Guilin, but even in the densely populated West Street, the taste is still very authentic. 4 days of Guilin trip, a total of 8 stores in large and small, ah, but unfortunately, although as a food, but in addition to dinner, there is no habit of eating supper tea and snacks, but every meal, two people must point Several dishes, therefore, the biggest expense of this trip, actually eat! You are not mistaken!
    ※Guilin rice noodles & snail powder
    When it comes to Guangxi, you must mention Guilin rice noodles and Liuzhou snail powder. This is the two most famous foods in Guangxi. Although I didn’t go to Liuzhou this time, I also ate awesome snail powder in Yangshuo (Liuzhou is waiting for me. what). There are rice noodles and rice noodle stalls in the streets and lanes of Guilin City and Yangshuo County. It is a great pleasure to visit the beautiful landscapes and eat a bowl of Guilin rice noodles.
    Rice noodles is a traditional snack with a long history in Guilin. The workmanship is exquisite. First, the good early glutinous rice is ground into a slurry, filtered and dried, and the powder is cooked and pressed into a round root or a sheet. The most important thing is the production of brine. The craftsmanship varies from pig to cow, boiled bone, mangosteen and various seasonings. Men, women and children in Guilin can hardly eat rice noodles for a day. Although the current cuisine is not geographical, the authentic Guilin rice noodles still have to be tasted locally.
    The first stall of Guilin rice noodles was eaten at a small restaurant on the side of Mango Meishu on the first day of noon.
    The explanation in the store gave me the common knowledge of Guilin rice noodles. It turned out to be dry and then add soup.
    10 yuan a bowl of beef powder, locals ordering is to say a few two or two directly, we can only point to the big, medium and small on the menu. The ingredients are added by themselves and the beef slices are already placed.
    Eat half and add soup, and sure enough, this taste is more energetic. It is equal to the infinite soup, and the soup is very sweet.
    Looking at the weight is a little small, it also called a bowl of small snail powder, 8 yuan. The snail powder has a unique flavor of spicy, cool, fresh, sour and hot.
    The soul of a bowl of snail powder lies in his soup, the snails are fresh in the inside, and must also add sour bamboo shoots, which is the best taste. Really awesome, if you want Guilin rice noodles andChoosing a kind of snail powder, I still choose snail powder.
    Husband is not interested in noodles, ordered the clams in the store, and now the equipment is a bit tall.
    Pork ribs, chicken, and rice, this is a perfect score.
    Local guides in Yangshuo and old friends in Guilin have repeatedly mentioned that there is nothing wrong with going to Xiaonanguo and Yuji Roasted Goose, but always feel that roast goose is Cantonese food. Come to Guangxi or eat Guangxi food~ But old friends say It is also very popular in Guilin. The roast goose is different from Guangdong, so stay tuned for the next time. On the first night, I went to Xiaonanguo on the west street of Yangshuo. I walked in the plaque of Yitian West Street and saw it through the bridge.
    In Xiaonanguo, the first time I ate beer fish, I started the food-loving trip that fell in love with beer fish. In Yangshuo for 2 days, I ate 4 beer fish, which was also drunk. In Xiaonanguo, I also drank oil tea for the first time, but because it is self-help, I don’t know how to add salt, and I can’t drink it, oh…
    Beer sword bone fish, originally thought that beer fish has a beer taste, but it did not. Yangshuo “Beer Fish” is a famous local speciality of Yangshuo. The fish is spicy and delicious. There is no smell of fish itself. The aroma of beer and fish can make people appetite. Yangshuo’s beer fish is a fresh squid from Yangshuo River. It is first cooked with raw tea oil produced in the mountainous area of ​​northern Guangxi, and then added to the finest beer red glutinous rice produced in Guilin. It has a unique crispy and fresh flavor. After the beer has been tanning, it has almost no smell of wine, of course, not to worry about drunk after eating beer.
    A few meals of beer fish eaten in Yangshuo, some have a pot on the table, some did not bring, there are many kinds of fish to choose from, it is recommended to choose the sword bone fish, no thorns, no smell. Xiaonanguo’s beer fish is on a per-share basis.
    Honghu 藕 tube bone soup, this point like, 藕 very powder, soup is good to drink.
    Kashgar grabbed the lamb chops, the price of Xiaonanguo is really more realistic, so a sheep chops 68 yuan, tastes good.
    Stone pot homemade health black tofu, tofu fresh, this good meal, but unfortunately too many dishes, even the rice is free…
    Xiaonanguo has self-service tea, fruit and desserts (somewhat similar to Weinan’s stone flower jelly). The first time I ate tea, I didn’t know how to add ingredients. I played a bowl of pure tea. It was really bitter. Later, in Mango Meishuli, the young lady of the B&B taught me the correct way to drink.
    The whole decoration style is still full of ethnic customs, even the service posts are wearing minority costumes, and the average per capita is about 80. (Introspection, we two people ordered 249…, we can pay for the public comment)
    ※Xie Sister Beer Fish
    Come to Yangshuo, mention beer fish, have to thank the big sister, as the originator of Yangshuo beer fish, has been 20 years. There are now many branches. The next day, I came back from the Shili Gallery and chose the Guanlian Road store. I followed the navigation and found that the storefront was not big. On the side of the river, I didn’t pay attention to it and missed it, and turned back.
    Good luck, it started to rain after the store, sitting on the second floor just to enjoy the rain and the river. Heavy rain and patter, the mountains in the distance are looming, so there is a picture of the rain and the river.
    The beer fish of Xie Dajie’s family is weighed. The choice is the bamboo fish, 88 yuan / kg. On the spot fishing.
    2 pounds more than a large beer fish, it is very attractive to come up, this is also the best meal in Yangshuo to eat 4 tons of beer fish, it really is the pioneer of beer fish. Note that the authentic beer fish is cooked with scales. The fish scales are fried and fried and then stewed with beer. The taste and taste are very rich. The fish is fresh and tender, and it makes people feel unfinished.
    Coupled with a tube of Zhuangxiang bamboo chicken, bamboo chicken has both the sweetness of chicken and the fragrance of green bamboo. The method is unique and ancient and simple. It is the traditional name of Guangxi Miao Zhuang. It is particularly worth mentioning that the chicken used is indeed a chicken, and the taste is good.
    ※Yupingshan Farm
    This home is a bit biased, mainly on the side of the Shishiling Riverside Hotel where we stayed the next day, close to the impression of Liu Sanjie Shanshui Theater. Because the hotel is a bit far from the center of the county, at night it is walking out and eating for free. When you see that there are many locals who are dining, they come in.
    The oldest three is still beer fish. The price in the mountain is much cheaper than the county center. The bone fish is 48 yuan/kg, but I don’t know if the fish itself is relatively dry or not. I think this beer has a smell.
    But it is worth mentioning that this piece of scutellaria beef with skin is indeed super-strength, the weight of 1 kg is not small, and the cowhide is very chewy.
    The firewood ding pot rice, the child in the city said that for the first time, I saw that I had eaten such a pot of rice, so I was curious, and the rice was really more delicious than the rice cooker.
    But I don’t support online paying, saying that if I buy a single discount of 75 percent, it is not the price…
    ※Huo Shaoye Farm
    On the third day, the chartered car went to Yinziyan. The noon master took us to eat. I was worried that it would not be slaughtered in the Shili Gallery, but it was really good.
    Beer Swordfish, the fourth meal, really love, but also the weight of the calculation, 78 yuan / kg, the taste is not bad.
    Sweet bamboo shoots, this bamboo shoot is quite tender, a big plate
    Bamboo rice, looking at the bamboo rice that is baked outdoors, and also added carrots, steamed buns, etc., but this rice is not good, not the last time we ate at the Sanping Temple in Muping.
    Vegetable tofu soup
    Overall, it is still good, but it also does not support the public comment to pay the bill, saying that even the account has changed. What is it still hanging?
    Back in downtown Guilin, this hotel is located on Zhengyang Pedestrian Street. It is serious to find us. Many people say that the old name opened to the tourist area, it will change, but asked Guilin’s friends, plus I am also a tourist anyway, it is very exciting to see such an old shop on the pedestrian street (but it is said that this is also I have experienced several ups and downs).
    The menu at the door is quite a bit of a flop.
    The entrance is a row of big wine jars, as well as a demonstration of the ancient method of making rice flour. The whole store is very antique.
    Traditional horse meat powder, this table is really a bit too traditional, full of clonic and ceremonial feelings.
    The legendary horse meat is sour. It may have been made into a dried meat slice. It has not been too different from other meat products. It is very fragrant. The soup is very good, but it hurts at the end of the meal, or the whole bowl is poured into the big bowl.
    Sweet-scented osmanthus tea chicken, crispy chicken, fragrant osmanthus honey to eat more fragrant.
    Guilin Huixian wetland duck, come up is a small pot, and then slowly burn for a while, add flavor.
    The hand is white, this is especially soft, and the sugar is super delicious.
    It is said that this is the biggest reason for Guilin’s trip to thunder. The Guilin people’s bean curd and chili sauce are fried crispy pot stickers. I didn’t expect it, this pot sticker is actually fat? ? The two-person group that does not eat fat meat basically wastes this dish.
    In the spring of 1998, Guilin always had to drink a beer from Guilin. I don’t think there is any degree of feeling. Girls can drink it.
    ※Ronggui rice noodles
    On the last day, the Guilin rice noodle shop, which is located in the neighborhood of the hotel, should be a chain store, mainly for residents, so the price is also very real.
    Gold brand stewed vegetables, I always thought that the stewed dish is really only the dish, until I saw such a sincere and full of stewed vegetables, the original dish means the smell of lo mei~ The famous writer Ma Boyong has a special liking for the marinade, he said, “Good brine, it is oily scent, and the entrance of rice noodles, it can burst in the mouth, break down into many kinds of fragrance, so that your taste can not be tasted one by one, can only mobilize all the feeling on the tongue Enjoy.” Eating powder, thinking of the words that Prince Ma said, suddenly felt very similar.
    It is still possible to add spices and add soup. I know that the locals have a special liking for Guilin rice noodles. This is really a bowl of super-enjoyed powder. The crunchy pot is super-loving.
    A bowl of marinated vegetables, a bowl of beef powder, and a steaming day. And the price of Guilin City is really close to the people, so a piece of material is full, only a dozen.
    ※ 曾三家味馆
    I met with old friends in Guilin. I chose this Zeng Sanjiawei Pavilion, which has a certain number of years. There are many branches. According to old friends, this is the three brothers, so it is called Zeng San, and is also a Guilin person. Old shop.
    Like Xiaonanguo, there are self-service teas and fruits. With the guidance of old friends, the oil tea with salt added is much better.
    Zeng San Ma Bao Chicken, in fact, is our pork belly chicken, but there are ginkgo trees with ginkgo knots added. The first time I eat it, it is a bit like lotus seeds, but there is no lotus heart, so it is not bitter, but it is a bit sweet.
    Delicious fern root powder, this has also been eaten in the Sichuan restaurant of Xiamen, with a little spicy, Q bomb taste
    The potted peanut buds, for the first time, know that the original peanut buds can also be eaten…
    Assorted egg dumplings
    Originally wanted to taste the famous snail brewing in Guilin, but I was out of stock. I can only look forward to the next time. In general, Guilin’s two old stores are all affordable and affordable, with high cost performance.
    The picturesque scenery, the food everywhere, came to Guilin, and you must not miss the specialties while visiting the beautiful scenery. Strongly recommended: beer fish, camellia, Guilin rice noodles, snail powder, stuffed vegetables (unfortunately did not eat this time).
     –The picture on the bamboo raft, the ink landscape of the renminbi —
    Many people’s impressions of Guilin are from the back of the 20 yuan. The pattern on the RMB 20 did not choose the famous Elephant Trunk Hill, nor did it choose the unique Xiuxiu Peak. Instead, it chose Yuanbao Mountain on the banks of the Xingping River in Guilin. The specific location is in the Xingping Ancient Town, 83 km away from Guiyang Yangshuo River. (opposite to Xingping Pier), the mountains are beautiful, the caves are beautiful, and the people are outstanding.
    You can choose to take a boat from Yanglin directly under Guilin, or you can choose to visit the elite section of Xingping Ancient Town. From Yangshuo to Xingping Ancient Town, there is a direct bus, 10 yuan / person, the journey is about half an hour, every 10 minutes, you can also choose to fight in the hotel, there is a group in the morning and afternoon, we fight 13: This group of 00, 140 yuan / person, get on the train at the gas station, more trouble, you can also listen to some explanations in the car.
    The tour of the elite section is from Yangdi Wharf to Xingping (Jiuma Painting Mountain), including the cost of a battery car, which is 118 yuan per person (this price is not very certain, because I am all-inclusive with the group). The weather is not very good, the cloudy sky, the feeling of a little ink and landscape.
    I thought it was the original bamboo rafting, but I didn’t expect it to be electric now. To drift the original bamboo rafting, the Yulong River in the ten-mile gallery can be felt. Four people, one bamboo pole, make up their own pieces. If the number is insufficient, they can be paid to the public at a price of 25 yuan per position.
    The whole boat journey is about 45 minutes from the disembarkation to the Jiu Ma Painting Mountain. It is not good that the entire boat trip has almost no introduction. It is only mentioned in the Jiu Ma Painting Mountain, far from the taste of bamboo rafting. The scenery along the way is imagined by myself.
    Jiu Ma draws a mountain, do you see a few horses?
    Occasionally a group of migratory birds
    The Lijiang River under the evening glow is beautiful.
    Xingping Ancient Town is located on the edge of the elite section of the Minjiang River. It was originally returned to the tour guide and wanted to go back to Xingping Ancient Town for a while. I felt that this ancient town with more than 1,700 years of history is also on the edge of the Essence of the Minjiang River. There must be a lot of material to be explored. However, the truth is that it is disappointing.
    After sitting on the bamboo poles and returning to the shore, the battery car was sent to the terminal. According to the instructions of the tour guide, on the side of the No. 61 shop, I finally found a less prominent entrance to the ancient town.
    Perhaps not a holiday, there are not many people coming in from the entrance. Like most ancient towns, the store sells some souvenirs. Only the bluestone road that was polished by time was very smooth, and there was some old charm.
    The more you go, the more depressed it is, and most of the shops are closed, and the houses are not inhabited, and there is no smoke. Feeling is an abandoned body, silently telling the years
    The Xingping special products mentioned in the introduction of some Xingping hangs are not seen in the ancient town, but only the same national tourist souvenirs.
    The Xingping Ancient Town on the edge of the Essence of the Minjiang River has developed into this way today, and it is embarrassing. However, Yangbi is not just the old days of Yangshuo, but the soil is not as simple as it used to be. It is a beautiful scenery of Guilin, the ancient town of Xingping.
    Tips: Lijiang Essence Section + Xingping Ancient Town, the tour time is about 2 hours, plus the route to and from Yangshuo, the arrangement is enough for half a day.
     – West Street in the night, the lights are full of people –
    To say that Yangshuo’s most lively place must be West Street, now Yitian West Street has been expanded on the edge of West Street. At night, it is a bright light. When you come back from Xingping Ancient Town, you will get off at West Street and feel the excitement of Night West Street.
    It takes 2-3 hours to walk slowly through the whole block, because there are too many shops to eat too much, and various, interesting folk shows and national performances are performed here.
    I like the lake and mountains here. The fountain at the entrance can measure your lung capacity. The louder the voice, the higher the spurt. There is also a show at night.
    I went to Xiaonanguo for dinner first, and when I came out, it was all black, and the small umbrella lights lit up, which was extraordinarily romantic~
    The overall commercial atmosphere here is still very harmonious, with traditional old-fashioned beer fish, modern cinemas and cafes. Starbucks is also decorated in an antique style, which is well integrated into the overall style of Yangshuo.
    The Yangshuo-style hammer osmanthus sugar and Longji pepper show along the street also attracted a large number of tourists, and the whole street was very lively.
    There are also grandmother’s hand-woven sandals, which are sold on the street.
    Zhuang’s highest hospitality etiquette – high mountains and waters, I ask you dare not
    The bar street is a lottery, a girl and so on to attract tourists.
    From 6 o’clock to more than 9 o’clock, watching and playing, but actually unconsciously walked for 3 hours, although the West Street is very lively, but the overall order is well, the commercial atmosphere is not uncomfortable, compared to Lijiang Old Town, really compares Yangyang West Street.
     – Rent a car and ride the Shili Gallery slowly to see the ink and wash landscape —
    Yangshuo Shili Gallery is located in Yangshuo Moon Mountain. It is known as the Yangshuo Shili Gallery because of its beautiful scenery along the road. The most comfortable way to visit Shili Gallery is to ride a bicycle, bicycle or electric car. As I said before, I can directly contact the hotel to rent a car and send it directly to the hotel, which is very convenient.
    This is our mount, and it is equipped with an umbrella, which is very good for sheltering the wind and rain. From Mango Meishu to Shili Gallery, you can walk through the fields along the Yulong River. It’s just very comfortable, although there is no sun to take a photo,But the breezy, very comfortable.
    The entire scenic spot is subject to traffic control, and the car cannot be accessed without a permit. There are some small attractions along the Shili Gallery, such as Dabanshu, Jinshuiyan, etc., all of which are charged, but in fact, these toll attractions are not necessary to go in, riding on the periphery is enough.
    The scenery along the way is really beautiful, and the ink and wash landscape paintings that cannot be described by words seem to be worth more than the essence of the Minjiang River. The road conditions are well repaired, and some hawkers sell specialty products along the way.
    When I came to the Shili Gallery, I believed the phrase “Guilin Shanshuijiaxia, Yangshuo Mountains and Waters Guilin”.
     — Guilin’s ancient love, a must-see performance in life —
    I have been to several ancient scenes in Songcheng, and I feel quite good. On July 27 this year, Songcheng Group’s “Guilin Eternal Love” was reopened in Yangshuolong. Since then, there has been another reason to go to Yangshuo.
    Although compared to Hangzhou and Sanya, Guilin’s ancient scenes occupy a small area, but in a picturesque landscape, such a scenic spot that combines local characteristics and has a large performing arts show, is still quite visible. Therefore, less than two months after opening, it attracted a large number of passengers.
    The core of the scenic spot is still an acting show. Of course, the first thing to mention is the large-scale song and dance “Guilin’s Eternal Love”.
    The whole drama is divided into “Guilin Legend”, “The Earth’s Flying Song”, “Age of the Earth”, “Liangjiang Love Song”, “Looking for Liu Sanjie” and so on. Jin Ge Tie Ma, beautiful like a cloud, reproduces a period of Sansei III Guilin love. The show uses advanced high-tech means such as sound, light, electricity, holography and stage machinery. Hundreds of actors perform in a three-dimensional space of water, land and air, singing the true, good and beautiful legends of the time and space of the land of Bagui, which will be hidden in eight hundred. The Bagui culture under the waters of Lijiang River brings you into the field of vision. The visual feast, the soul is shocking!
    The one-hour performance is fascinating. His interpretation technique is different from Zhang Yimou’s “Impression Liu Sanjie”. It is very shocking and is called a performance that must be seen in life. In addition to “Guilin’s Eternal Love”, the scenic area opened from 13:00 to welcome guests, more than a dozen performance shows, and they have a good interactive experience with tourists, high to the feeling of the audience.
    Here, you can follow the actors to a national flash show (the sisters of Songcheng are very beautiful)
    There are also a variety of juggling amused, suitable for both young and old.
    The Ling Canal will take you into the tragic course of building the canal. There is the Great Wall in the north and the Lingqu in the south. The Lingqu is known as the “Pearl of the Ancient Water Conservancy in the World”. It communicates the two major river systems of the Yangtze and Pearl Rivers and introduces the advanced Central Plains culture into Lingnan, which provides an important place for the Qin Dynasty to unify Lingnan. Guaranteed. To this day, the long flowing river of more than two thousand years, still uses its sweet and clear stream to moisten the vast land of Lingnan.
    Master Mo, don’t want to grab the ball for the folk songs~
    Flying on the water, like a water dragon, tumbling up and down in the lover’s port, don’t rely too close, be careful about wet
    The giant song fairy statue is magnificent and blends with the Guilin landscape. It is the embodiment of the true, beautiful and beautiful children of Bagui. Dozens of high-tech and children’s experience projects such as the haunted house in the scenic area, the living Qingming Shanghe map, and the wonderful street are very interesting.
    Yangshuo Ancient Village has created a unique life style of farming city, and the handicraft workshops such as the wine cellar of Grandpa, the cakes of Grandma, and the toys of Dad in Shijing Street and Fengqing Street keep the homesickness and find the memories of the fathers. The East Street is home to Hunan cuisine, Cantonese cuisine and other national specialties and snacks. The Lover Harbour and the 4th Bay are great places for young people to relax.
    There are 10,000 reasons to go to Yangshuo, and taking a trip to Guilin is a thousand thousand reasons. It is recommended to first pay attention to the timetable of each performance, don’t miss any performance.
     – You have traveled to Yinziyan, and there is no shortage of money in the world–
    In addition to the outside scenery and the beautiful scenery of the caves, Guilin is a sigh of the wonders of nature. In Yangshuo, there is a saying that “you have traveled to Yinziyan, and there is no shortage of money in the world.” How can such a wealthy scenic spot not go?
    The gate of the scenic spot is very lucky. Many tourists also came to Yinziyan for this good color.
    Yinziyan landscape is male, strange, quiet and beautifulLeading the way, it is called “the world’s karst art treasure house” by caves, karsts and geologists at home and abroad. The scenic spot is full of green. The mountains are green, the water is green, the ground is green, the trees are green, and the fields are green. For this reason, the scenic spot is praised by the people concerned as “the representative of Guilin landscape.” Tickets are 80 yuan / person, will enter a scenic spot will be distributed a tutorial, will automatically explain to the point, it is very convenient and practical.
    The stalactites of Yinziyan are oddly shaped, and the most spectacular is the snow-capped waterfall. Come to the snow mountain waterfall. More than 20 meters high stone wall, sparkling due to the reflection or refraction of glare, rushing down, flying down three thousand feet, suspected that the Galaxy falls for nine days may be the best portrayal of it. Standing on a high point, looking down, the tall rock that seems to be a Roman temple stands upright and stands in the water. It looks like a mirror of water reflecting the spectacular appearance of the rock, making people feel like being in the beautiful underwater world.
    Looking at this again, the roots of life are lifelike, and only the meaning can be unspeakable.
    The naturally-formed Buddha Buddha was sitting on the Buddhist temple and preaching the Buddhist scriptures, so that the disciples who had come to worship and worshipped the devout were unwilling to leave. It provides paid worship services.
    The wonders of nature are displayed here, and the stalactites of Silverstone are particularly shocking compared to other caves.
    Separately, the pillars of the column: There are many branches in the column, and the twists and turns are magnificent and merged into one. People have to sincerely admire the wonders of nature.
    The magical double column, this column “top of the sky without standing” hanging upside down, is extremely rare at home and abroad.
    Yinziyan is a layered cave with 12 peaks. It has been developed for 2,000 meters and is divided into three parts: the lower hole, the hall and the upper hole. From the bottom to the top, the height is about 16 stories. It brings together various types of stalactites that grow and develop in different geological times. There are 28 beautiful and beautiful spots in the cave. The strange natural landscape is a wonderful work. The colourful and varied stalactite stone pillars, stone towers, stone plaques and stone waterfalls make up. The world’s karst art is so beautiful, and is known as the “World Cave Wonders”. It’s about an hour to walk around the cave without going back.
    Into the hole, really called: colorful and fascinating, beautiful and dazzling. Nature’s ingenuity makes you sigh and sigh! If you have traveled to Yangshuo’s landscape, you must not miss the beauty of this cave.
     — Guilin Landmark, Xiangshan Park —
    Elephant Trunk Hill is the city of Guilin in Guilin. It is the symbolic mountain of Guilin. It is located at the confluence of the Minjiang River and the Taohua River in the center of Guilin. It resembles a giant elephant with an area of ​​about 150 square meters between the elephant trunk and the elephant leg. The round hole, the river passes through the hole, such as the moon floating. The Xiangshan Shuiyue, located on the west bank, is opposite to the Yueyueyan on the east bank of the Minjiang River. It hangs in the sky and floats on the water, forming a peculiar landscape of the “Lijiang River Double Moon”. Came to Guilin, it’s just like coming to Xiamen like a nose mountain. It’s incredible not to go to Gulangyu. For the obsession of the heart, I still have to look at it.
    Elephant Trunk Hill, you can see the elephant’s logo everywhere after entering the gate of the scenic spot. Elephant Trunk Hill is free to the public in Guilin before 9:00 am, and it is also convenient for morning exercise. However, the entire scenic spot has been blocked. If you want to photograph the Elephant Trunk Hill without entering the scenic spot, it is impossible.
    There is also a Boss Pagoda on the Elephant Trunk Rock. The Boss Pagoda follows the Lama-style solid brick tower of Tibetan culture. The tower is 13.6 meters high and is a double-decagon octagonal. The reason why the octagonal shape is adopted is because the ancients believed that the place was round and there were eight sides on all sides. The Bodhisattva Bodhisattva once had a wish: he hoped that he would be able to pass the sentient beings and make the Buddha’s light shine in all directions.
    Puxian Tower is located at the top of Xiangshan Mountain. It not only coincides with the legend of Guilin landscape, but also confirms the Samantabhadra Bodhisattva by elephant. The elephants and treasures, in many legends of Asian countries, also symbolize peace and beauty. And happiness.
    From the elephant trunk rock up and down to the foot of the mountain, you can take a close shot of the Shuiyue Cave.
    On the side of Shuiyue Cave, you can’t take a panoramic view of Xiangshan. You must remember to take a detour to the other side. If you are old and weak, you are not recommended to go to the elephant trunk rock. It is better to take photos directly on the other side.
    On the side of Shuiyue Cave, you can’t take a panoramic view of Xiangshan. You must remember to take a detour to the other side. If you are old and weak, you are not recommended to go to the elephant trunk rock. It is better to take photos directly on the other side.
    I regret that I did not film this group of cockroaches in the essence of Minjiang River, because the elephant trunk rock is black and the cockroach is black.Therefore, the films that come out always overlap, and there are so many tourists, the angle is not easy to find, only the edge.
    Elephant Trunk Hill, as a symbol of Guilin, is almost a sea of ​​people, and photography can only be robbed.
    This angle is called sitting on the mountain
    In addition to the iconic Elephant Trunk Rock and the Xiangshan Wine Cellar, you can also visit slowly.
     – Roaming in Guilin, a slow time on the pedestrian street —
    When I mentioned the pedestrian street in Guilin, the old one was Zhengyang Pedestrian Street, and there was also the East-West Lane in the emerging area. In fact, the two were separated by a road. On the third night of the night, I walked through Zhengyang Pedestrian Street and wanted to go to the East and West Lanes. I suddenly stopped raining, and I left it for the afternoon of the fourth day.
    Every city has a street that is relished, which brings together the essence of the city’s cuisine and its humanities. This type of street is often the most visited area, such as Beijing Youyi Street, Xi’an has Huimin Street, Xiamen has Zhongshan Road, and Guilin has Zhengyang Street. Visiting Zhengyang Pedestrian Street in the evening, I really feel that in addition to the excitement, it seems to be consistent with all the pedestrian streets, antique colors, crowds, but the things on Zhengyang Pedestrian Street are really not expensive.
    Zhengyang Pedestrian Street Sign – Bell Tower
    The silverware of ethnic minorities once made me very excited.
    However, the night view of the sun and the moon towers seen at the entrance of Zhengyang Pedestrian Street made me really forget to return.
    It is the east and west lanes of the day, and it feels more comfortable. The east and west lanes are the only historical streets left by the Ming and Qing Dynasties in Guilin. The spatial scale is pleasant. It is the scenic spot of Guilin’s ancient historical features, including the traditional streets of Guiyang, including Dongyang Street, Jiangnan Lane and Lanjing Lane. . It reflects the historical context of Guilin.
    There are fewer tourists in the east and west lanes during the day, although the whole block is also rebuilt later, but the feeling is quite comfortable. The sense of history is still relatively heavy, there is no noisy so-called selling sounds (may also have nights), only the long ancient rhyme.
    East-West Lane is also adjacent to Jingjiang Wangcheng·Duxiu Peak. If you have time, you can go in and visit.
    Time relationship, did not enter the king city, but waited for the Happy Building, once again look at Guilin.
     – Accommodation – something –
    After talking about eating and doing, I finally talked about the thing about accommodation. The three hotels and residences that stayed here were quite satisfied.
    ※Mango · Meishu: On the side of Shili Gallery, there is a journey of beauty and taste.
    When I first met Mango Meishu, I was planted by the text of their public number. Yangshuo had a variety of small and fresh homestays, but it was her that touched me.
    The dark green five-story building, the street of Yangshuo, is a place that makes people smile.
    There seems to be a poem in your mind. There is always a poke in your heart.
    You are greeted by the warm colors of the lobby and this lovely bear, everything is so beautiful.
    The boss is a photographer, so in every corner of the home, you can see a camera, although it may be just an ornament, but it conveys the mood of recording life.
    And this postcard wall is quite a feeling.
    To say bad, there is no elevator, but the seemingly impotence of the homestay has this shortcoming, so good in the innThe little brother will help you carry your luggage upstairs, of course, let your husband take care of your husband.
    American Star Loft Loft Room, really love this room, the plaid and stripes mix and match, bring you great pleasure.
    And look down from the attic and have some fun.
    A romantic big bathtub, a cozy attic room, a small cot, and a beautiful Yangshuo journey start here.
    The dining of Mango Meishu is also quite a surprise to me. Good night green night pea soup. The mango puddings are all superb. After shopping in the West Street in the evening, I feel that my physical strength is resurging.
    The breakfast on the second day was very rich. Everyone was kind of breakfast with a tray, including tomatoes, fried dumplings, porridge, eggs, mango juice, whole grains and fruits. The favorite is fried dumplings and porridge. Open a full day.
    On the second day, I went back to the Shili Gallery and was cooking the oil tea. The first time I saw the cooking process of the oil tea, I also knew for the first time that I had to add the oil tea. Unlock a new era of food.
    Of course, the most in the store is the mango element.
    ※Xueshiling Riverside Hotel: Experience floating breakfast in Yangshuo, Yangshuo
    Every time you see a circle of high-star hotels in Bali, you must have a bright spot, that is, “floating breakfast.” Experience the fun of eating in the pool on a hot day! After a handful of ins net red addiction, eat a different breakfast! Take a photo of Meimei to beat friends! I think this is the dream of every girl.
    However, Bali is too far away. It is not so easy to walk away. Recently, it has been found that in Yangshuo, Guilin, this picturesque mountain like a poem, there is also such a hotel with a net red “floating breakfast”. The Lijiang River is on the left and the swimming pool is on the right, but it is hidden in the green hills. It is also a unique one in Yangshuo, Guilin. That is the Shishiling Riverside Hotel.
    The address is on the edge of the most famous landscape theater in Yangshuo, “Impression·Liu Sanjie”. It is hidden between the mountains and forests. The four-story building is a bit of antique charm, and the garden is lush and lush. And 20 meters in front of the hotel, it is the Lijiang River. You can walk to the river in the morning or in the evening, very comfortable.
    There is a small swimming pool in the hotel, and the children’s pool is also very intimate, which is especially beautiful among the green mountains and green waters.
    It is also a dining place for floating breakfast in the morning. If you want to enjoy a floating breakfast, remember to book one night in advance. It doesn’t matter if you can’t take pictures. The hotel also provides a follow-up service. You can simply enjoy the net red breakfast.
    Usually it is for two people, you can also enjoy it with your parents. Children will enjoy the water when they see it.
    Pretending to be in Bali, I am actually on the edge of the Yangshuo River, which is more beautiful than Bali.
    The room can also overlook the landscape, with a small balcony with a view and a sunset view.
    No need to go to Bali, this hotel in Yangshuo can eat ins Fan’s floating breakfast.
    ※Guilin Vienna, convenient hotel for travel
    Because I had to catch a flight on the last day, I chose the Guilin Vienna Hotel (Shanghai Road) on the edge of the Civil Aviation Building. The airport bus is half an hour away and can arrive at the airport in about an hour. And here is also very close to the mountainous area, just 15 minutes walk.
    Chain hotel, can not talk about luxury, cost-effective, around 150 casually, mainly to map his convenient transportation.
    As the saying goes, Guilin’s landscape is the best in the world. After 20 years, I saw this picturesque landscape of ink and wash. She is shockedThe beauty of the Lijiang River in the world, the lively Yangshuo West Street, the Guilin ancient feelings that must be seen in life, the wonders of the caves, and the unforgettable Guilin cuisine. Beer fish, Liangjiang night scene, etc. I will come again next time~

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