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Opening – Self-introduction
    Hello, everyone! I am a cute little bear (● ̄(エ) ̄●) Where is it from? I asked my mommy, she said that I was from her [Yangshuo West Street], so I don’t know who my father and mother are, but this is not important. I now have Dad and Mom. Mimi, they are very good to me, saying that they should take me around the world. So I wrote this travel note “Little Bear Ring Travels – Yangshuo”, which is my first trip with my dad than Mommy!
     About Dad than Mommy
    & backpack
    A handsome little fresh meat, super like to eat daddy than the crayfish ~
    I just graduated from this year or learned to dance. I didn’t learn anything about dance, but I like photography, love freedom, and like to travel everywhere. No wonder Mommy said that he is like a wild horse!
    Hahaha, Mommy’s family has prairie~
    Introduction: Looking far away from the juvenile, I hate to die in the near future! ! !
    & one
    a beautiful girl, a super-optimistic optimist,
    It’s easy to be happy with her. I have a lot of temper. I have been a music teacher for half a year at school. I resigned and went out to travel. Mommy is really capricious, but it is because there are similar souls. Ah, haha~
    Introduction : The ancient spirit is the first, the second is the second
     Yangshuo – my fairy tale dream
    “I heard that there are candy houses in the forest.
    a colorful river in the fairy tale town
    The little mermaid wipes the sun into the eyeshadow and throws it into the bubble…”
    The fairy tales that are addicted to Andersen are unable to extricate themselves. I have always believed that there are Snow White in the forest, a prince in the castle, and a small mermaid in the sea…
    Because I have seen you, Yangshuo
     – That place is called West Street.
    The place called West Street, my father and I met there than Mommy~
    If you have been to Yangshuo West Street, you must have seen the little dolls around the door of a shop, the big brothers and sisters, the aunts and aunts… The store is advertising, free to send dolls to passers-by, then there is A group of people around the Chinese love to lively, but the internationally famous, how so fun things are so naughty Mummy?
    She squinted and went up. Dad was no better than looking at her. She just said that she was hungry and hurried to eat. I couldn’t walk here! But she was stupid, the host threw out a bunch of dolls, and everyone rushed to grab it. When she didn’t grab it, she smashed the little doll that was exposed on the ground. The problem was that she managed to pick up one and then I threw it out to others and she thought it was so fun~
    I don’t know if I left the dog and the host who threw me directly into Mommy’s hand, um~ this time she didn’t throw me out, took me home, maybe this is fate!
    I, through the stars, the sea,
    Crossing the mountains and flowing water, walking through the crowds,
    Come here, just to meet you~
     Hey~ Mommy took me out.
    [West Street of Yangshuo]
    “A city is full of half-city smoke, and many people are drunk.” This is probably the taste~
    Walking, behind the body is a piece of visor, or vicissitudes of life, or a fresh, or sophisticated face, the lights are swaying, the flow of people is like a weaving, not far from the faintly heard vendors are quite penetrating screams, and occasionally The laughter of the children is like being in a colorful old scroll, and can’t help but stop.
     The little bear meets the little fairy!
     Hey! Sneak shot of the little brother and sister!
    Miss sister selling old popsicles
    The entire ancient street is not big, the shops on both sides of the street are full of hustle and bustle, and the sunset of the hustle and bustle is faintly sprinkled on the red brick green tiles or the brightly colored pavilions, adding a bit to the prosperous Yangshuo West Street evening scene. Awkward and poetic.
    The West Street of Yangshuo is so busy at night, what words can you describe it? It’s not enough to use people, seas, and hustle and bustle…
     When I saw a cute thing, I couldn’t help but rush to the mommy~
    Net red punch card points to one!
    Hahaha~ Dad is always good at taking Mommy’s, and it’s just over 80 people.
    Mommy can’t say anything, 啧啧╮( ̄▽ ̄)╭ quite said that it’s because of this awkwardness~
    There are white-haired old people in the ancient streets, innocent and lovely children, slim girls, and many foreigners also come to join in the fun~
     Osmanthus cake
    The little bear saw a lot of foreigners here! I heard that West Street is a famous “foreigner street”, and it is also the place with the most foreign tourists in China’s ancient streets. There are many people who have been married directly here to come here for vacation and shop, and some have stayed here for a long time, but also for the ancient The West Street has a different cultural flavor, and the short 800 meters street has become a popular destination for Yangshuo tourism.
    Go straight, walk to the end of West Street, there is a very quiet trail near Lijiang River. The first-line street is a small stall selling folk customs, clothing, and the price is very cheap. Mummy always wanted to buy the earrings of the national style, so that the day she finally went there, she went there to buy a pair of peace of mind. Later, Mommy dropped the umbrella. It was a worrying daredevil!
    (Ps: earrings market price 5 yuan a pair)
     [About accommodation]
    The place we live in is outside the West Street, very close to the Lijiang River. Mommy still prefers a quieter place, and the accommodation in Yangshuo is still very cheap, both inside and outside the scenic spot, ranging from tens to hundreds of pieces. A lot cheaper than other ancient cities!
     [about fruit]
    You are my jackfruit, passion fruit, Shatian pomelo, big mango, kumquat, sugar cane juice… Haha, come here, the fruit is full, the little bears like to eat fruit on the street.There are also fruit platters, 6 yuan 250g, 8 yuan 250g, haha ​​~ a street price is not the same. Super big mango 5 yuan a pound, passion fruit 10 yuan 8 yuan, we also visited the vegetable market, a little cheaper here, bought a bunch of millet bananas, can be sweet and sweet, only 2.5 pounds, oranges The same price~
    The little bear feels that the people here are too real. Not all of them say that the scenic spots are crowded. At least the price is definitely more expensive than the outside, but the fruits and accommodation here are really cheap.
     [about traffic]
    Inside the West Street is not allowed to drive in, it is not far away, 800 meters to go shopping, eat and walk around. There are many attractions worth visiting.
    Renting an electric car is a great choice! Five-star recommendation ★★★★
    (PS: One day for electric cars, one hundred for motorcycles, haha)
    Electric car: It is enough to go to the West River in the Yulong River + Shili Gallery.
    Motorcycle tubing is enough, where do you want to go?
    Miss sisters pay attention to sunscreen! It’s best to wear tight, hat sunglasses sunscreen are all ready, don’t like my mom to be black, want to cry~
    Boys are free!
     [About attractions]
    1 Visit West Street
    2 boating Lijiang
    3 specialty snacks
    4 Impression Liu Sanjie
    5 Yulong River Rafting
    6 Yangshuo Fuli Bridge
    7 Yang Tixingping on foot
    8 walking dragon ridge terraces
    9 Riding Shili Gallery
    10 Guilin Qiangu Scene Area, etc.
    Punch 1356910
    It’s a pity~ There are still many attractions that don’t go, because we have a little bit of things in the house, we went back to Hunan in advance. It’s because of this regret that we have the reason to come to Yangshuo next time! Dad said that he would bring me back than Mommy, Kaisen! ! !
     – That colorful dream of the ages
    This time, the little bear and dad came to Yangshuo together with Mommy. They watched a “Guilin Eternal Love”, “Oh, my mother!” The little bear can only use these four words to describe it, because it is so spectacular!
    The little bears “Eternal Love” sneaked in a section: Guilin “Guilin Qiangu Love”, Hangzhou “Song City Eternal Love”, Sanya “Sanya Eternal Love”, Lijiang “Lijiang Qiangu Love”, Jiuzhai “Jiuzhai Eternal Love”, Shandong Taian “Taishan “Eternal Love”, Shanghai “Shanghai Eternal Love” … to break the gas, I heard that Song City and “Australian Legend” settled in Australia, just want to say that it is so greasy!
    If you love her, take her to see all the love of Song City!
    There is still a little story about this age, that is, the first time Dad went out to travel than Mommy was the “Liangjiang Eternal Love” in Yunnan. They were just friends, hehe…
    Travel is the best standard for testing love! This sentence is not what the little bear said. It is the mouth of Mr. Qian Zhongshu in “The Besieged City” by Zhao Xinyu:
    “The honeymoon trip after marriage is reversed. You should travel the same month for a month. After a month of servants, the two sides have not seen each other, they are disgusted with each other, they haven’t quarreled, they have to maintain their original marriage contract. Will be divorced.”
    Long-distance travel is a condensed version of marriage life. So when you are in love, you should travel together once. If you can still be together, then you will get married.
    After eating a bowl of authentic Guilin rice noodles, let’s go!
     The taste is delicious, the side dishes are free to add, I have to say that this Guilin fan is really awesome!
    * Transportation : Motorcycle
    From West Street to Guilin’s ancient scene area, 10 yuan, about 10 minutes to go to haha, the driver, the little uncle is very friendly and can say, Dad is talking to him all the way, my mommySitting in the back and being blown by the wind, he also introduced us to the local attractions. He also said that when we finished watching the ancient times, we will pick us up, haha ​​is still 10! I feel so warmhearted~ How can there be such a lovely person, I hope that all kind people will have a very happy life! ♥
    “Guilin Eternal Love” We are coming~
    Before we even got off the motorcycle, we saw an imposing statue far away. Forgive us for treating it as a Buddha image and finally know that this is the famous Liu Sanjie.
    Little bear: “Mummy, who is this Liu Sanjie?”
    Mommy: “Liu Sanjie is a Zhuang nationality figure of folklore, an ancient folklore singer, intelligent and alert, and the song is like a spring, beautiful and moving, and has the reputation of “singing fairy.” People are very fond of Liu Sanjie, and her stories and records are many. So, commemorate her on the third of March every year.”
    Little Bear Prompt: Please turn left after entering the gate, first pick up the ticket, but when you enter the electronic platform, it is to swipe the ID card!
    The first thing I saw was the Eternal Love Culture Square. We didn’t know where to go. It’s the same as walking with the crowd. It’s right for the bear to remember to go right and turn right. The first show is “Song Xian Yingbin” Time: 14: 05-14:10
    The program list is for everyone, thank you~
    & “Song Xian Welcome” Address: Gexian Square
    “The wine is fragrant and sings, friends, please have a drink!”
    After enjoying the wonderful performance of Miss Xiaojie’s sister, the actors took the wine down~
    The actors pay tribute to the audience on the spot, and let the tourists from all over the world feel the warm atmosphere of the scenic spot.
    Haha~ everyone drinking together! The atmosphere is very suede~
    & “Juggling” Address: Embroidery Square
    I always thought that the folk acrobatics in the movie were all video effects. I didn’t expect to see such wonderful acrobatic performances here…
    This young lady is really amazing! The body is like no bones. How do you fold it when you want to fold it? How do you bend it when you want to bend it? The little bear is really admiring the five-body cast!
    Looked a little scared, I am afraid that the young lady accidentally fell down, what should I do?
     I accidentally spew out the spark of “love”~
    This little brother is so powerful that it can be fired in the mouth but spit it out to “love” your shape~
    When the little bear grows up, I have to bring my girlfriend to play.
    The little brother who picked up the shepherd’s whip is really handsome! However, it’s a bit scary and whip.
     Shepherd whipping roses~
    Scared of the darling
    I have to admire these acrobatic entertainers. When I was performing, I was shocked by everyone. I was afraid of something unexpected. After all, playing and enjoying the second, life safety is the first! Every line and every industry is really not easy!
    & “Mr. Lao Zhao Zhao” Address: Embroidery
    “Mofu recruits ~ recruits ~ everyone single young men please go forward!”
    Oops~ Miss Namo’s sister upstairs is really beautiful, I also want to
    Um~ Mommy is the first to go forward~ Young men are good! ? There is no way to take her!
    Finally wait until throwing hydrangea! Oops, the upstairs is graceful, and the downstairs is awkward, haha, see who grabs it!
    Ok! 3 2 1~
    Biubiubiudo~ It’s a pity that Mommy didn’t grab it. It’s a distance of 0.001. Is it true that Miss Mofu is thrown over to Mommy? Too much, the hydrangea was taken away by an uncle behind. It’s so eager to see the uncle being taken up and the beautiful and charming Miss Mofu’s “challenge”!
    Haha, I have to say that the more bloody thing is that when the uncle “has a temple”, the wife standing next to him is laughing at me with his child, but ah, it is pure entertainment, everyone will not see outer!
    The child is fucking and feels a little like crying.
    The most hilarious thing is Dad than, in the back silently said: “Fortunately, I did not grab!” Also, or else Mommy this vinegar jar has to explode again! After all, the more you care about a person, the more “small” you are. Mommy can’t install “greatness”. If you are not happy, you will definitely show it~
    “The world’s first vinegar jar!”
    Mommy who didn’t grab the hydrangea is really lost, so manyIt’s a good day, it’s a pity.
    & “I Go back to Yangshuo Ancient Village” Address: Yangshuo Ancient Village
    Little bears meet a lot of beautiful girls! Yangshuo Ancient Village blends with the surrounding Guilin landscape, and walking in the park can make people feel the original Zhuang style.
    Pretty lady sisters~
    Wow, licking peppers! The smell of this chili sauce is far from smelling, and the baby bear is dead!
    It is also a good location for photography~ Look! Mommy and pepper!
     a small flower wearing a bunch of peppers~
    There are also daddy’s toys, grandma’s story, grandpa’s wine tank, grandma’s pastry, sister’s female workers and other hand workshops. Haha, have you found your childhood memories?
    Still a good place to take pictures! The little bear is also coming~
    Little bear and mommy come to a ~
    Gentle eyes can be seen that Mommy is a very gentle girl! Haha is the most cute when not angry!
    Walking in the ancient village feels like passing through it~
    & National Flash Show Address: Fengqing Street
    A group of ethnic girls and young men from the Songcheng performing arts ignited the enthusiasm in the style street… They performed the national characteristics of the “flash” show, and presented the folk songs and dances with popular elements to the guests!
    啧啧啧 Please enjoy the beautiful and handsome little fairies.
     The little brother is very interesting. It looks like a fierce one. It is actually acting, and it is also throwing “eyes” toward us~ haha
    Miss sister and younger brother are very dedicated and very friendly. If you want to take photos with them, they will be very enthusiastic about everyone. I feel no stranger here, everyone is like a family, playing and playing together~
    “Qin Bing Cruise” + “Ling Canal Soldiers”
    Little brothers don’t want to be too handsome~ Our Chinese martial arts are simply too cool, and the history of regaining the eyes of the boys is more like watching this!
    Xiaoxiong also likes it~哼哼哈嘿~
    & “No. 3 Secrets”
    This is the favorite place for little bears~
    You can see big tigers and big lions as soon as you enter the door~
    Mommy, save the little bear!
    There is also a “Study Room”
    Bear and Mommy~
     Occasionally, it is also a quiet little bear with literary art~
    Guess where the little bear is?
    Little bear wants to play this, that~
    Wow! There are cool robots that will play Magic Square!
    Found a more fun! Magic Stage
    Mommy and I are dancing!
    You are making trouble, I am laughing! Hey~ Dad is more than just playing?
    Watching you play quietly~
    Dad has a childlike heart too!
    Guess where are we?
    There is also a haunted house adventure ~ scare the baby! The most terrible thing is not the haunted house, but the screams of the mummy that are filled with the whole haunted house!
    Then the baby bear does not know where to go, everyone is right with the crowd!
    Just a little tired, the next stop “Guilin Eternal Love” Time: 15:30-16:30
    Address: Real Scene Theater, just sit and enjoy it. I feel that Songcheng’s ancient feelings are still very hard, and the time schedule is just right!
    It tells the story of Liu Sanjie’s Sansheng III.
    The performance was unfolded from a painting of Guilin in the ink. In an hour, everyone experienced the magnificent beauty of Guilin’s landscape, and passed through the turbulent waves of the Qinqu Emperor’s feelings of flooding, and sometimes immersed in Liu Sanjie’s folk songs. As drunk.
    The superb flying trapeze, the tumultuous, flying dance, and other movements are subtly displayed on the stage, making people’s legendary colors vivid, and let the audience on the scene enjoy their eyes.. I can see that the little bear is coming to forget the time~
    The first “Guilin Legend”
    How beautiful is Guilin?
    “The peaks of the mountains are floating in the mountains, and there is no water in the mountains.” A word “God” can answer you!
    Everyone knows that “Guilin landscape is the best in the world, Yangshuo landscape is Guilin”
    Haha~ As a young man in Yangshuo West Street, he is still very proud!
    In the physical theater of “Guilin Eternal Love”, through the use of advanced sound, light, electricity, holography and other high-tech means and stage machinery, hundreds of actors will perform in a three-dimensional space of water, land and air, and will be hidden in eight hundred miles. The Bagui culture under the waters of the Lijiang River has brought everyone’s vision, which is really shocking!
    However, because of the beautiful landscape of Guilin, it attracted the coveted black dragon, destroyed it and wanted to destroy the world. In order to defeat the black dragon, the white elephant turned into the Elephant Trunk Hill, and the Fubo General turned into Fubo Mountain. The stacking color became the fold color mountain, and her elegant silk scarf became the pure water of the Lijiang River.
    It’s so fascinating~~
    I heard that only the “shoulder ballet” difficult acrobatics that can be seen in the International Acrobatic Festival can be seen in this performance. Don’t miss it.
    The second song “The Earth’s Flying Songs”
    Guilin is located in the northeastern part of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. It is a multi-ethnic gathering area. Han, Zhuang, Miao, Yao, Yi, Hui, Jing, Yi, Shui, Man and other ethnic groups live in harmony. It is precisely because of the multi-ethnic integration. Therefore, it constitutes the national culture of Guilin’s characteristic city. It is said that many beautiful dances and songs are very precious intangible cultural heritages. Xiaoxiong also likes the songs and dances of this national charm!
    This kind of mountain surrounds such water, such water reflects such a mountain, coupled with the misty clouds in the sky, the green trees and safflower in the mountains, and the bamboo boat on the river, which makes people feel like walking into the continuous scrolls. It’s really “the boat is on the blue waves, people are in the middle of the painting.”
    The stage has a 400-square-meter full-color LED high-definition screen comparable to CCTV Spring Festival Evening, which encapsulates the audience’s vision in all directions and forms a dreamlike scene like a fairyland. It is a visual feast!
    The third game, “Age of the Ancients”
    Time returned to 221 BC, after Emperor Qin Shihuang unified the Central Plains, ordered the excavation of the spiritual channel, but the first two masters sacrificed to open the spiritual channel. The third general learned the lessons of the predecessors and successfully carved the spiritual channel, which benefited. Thousands of people, but sacrificed a lot of soldiers~
    There is also a “Qin Yingying” image in the drama is very touching. She uses the rice to make rice noodles and gives it to the soldiers to eat. It’s moving, the little bear cried almost~
    The fourth game of “Liangjiang Love Song”
    “Song song is like a spring river, not afraid of the beach.” This drama is probably the most interesting thing for Mommy. The little bear sees her eyes and does not look at it. After all, Mommy is learning vocal music. Dance, they still like to watch these!
    One side of the water and soil to raise one person, Guilin this magical land gave birth to many legendary figures, Liu Sanjie is one of the most widely known. Her beautiful bird-like songs are spread all over the hills, allowing flowers to bloom and Yunxia to stay.
    Along with the beautiful singing and beautiful scenery, Liu Sanjie and A Niu sang the folk songs and boating, walked through the beautiful mountains and rivers, walked through the dreamy landscape reflections, the Lijiang Baili Gallery, and the south of the river. The color laser light creates a dreamlike visual experience that intoxicates the audience. This is probably the most beautiful scenery that the bears have seen!
    The fifth game “Looking for Liu Sanjie”
    The sea is changing, and the years have changed. Who is Liu Sanjie? Some people say that they have turned themselves into mountain peaks and lived in the black dragon. The stacking fairy is called Liu Sanjie. Some people say that Qin Ying, who invented Guilin rice noodles, is also Liu Sanjie, and of course, the singer who is fighting with the landlord. Liu Sanjie is the thousands of children on this land. It is you, me, he is, we are all Liu Sanjie!
    Hundreds of thousands of LED lights made up the indoor real-life performance of the Lancang fishing fire. The stage opened a 15-meter-high 8-meter high-fold fan, holographic projection of the scenery of the Lijiang River. Liu Sanjie took the flying carpet and took tens of thousands of lights. The hydrangea slowly flies, and the hydrangea falls into the audience. This is a sea of ​​songs. This is a beautiful world. This is a land full of love and magic. This is the Guilin and Lijiang Rivers presented to the audience by Guilin Eternal Love.
    All of the above are Xiao Bai Xiong Baidu, haha~ After all, there is no certain cultural foundation that can’t be appreciated. Seeing one game is a grand feast of the world. You may not know what it is, after reading it, what is the meaning? The little bear wrote this travel note specially, and it just adds to the spiritual food. Please feel free to taste it!
    After watching the show, we came out. The scenes of dreams and dreams, the picturesque scenery still spinning in the brain, the little bears only felt a colorful dream of the eyes in the eyes!
    & “National Guozhuang Carnival”Location: Eternal Love Square
    After the theater, we still followed the crowd, haha ​​this should not be with the public, the eyes of the masses are bright! Sure enough, the next one is the national pottery carnival~
    After the opening, people gathered their eyes to the center of the square, surrounded by groups, and the actors sang and danced. Under the leadership of the host, they immediately detonated the opening atmosphere. The excitement of the pottery and carnival was extraordinary! Little bears love this enthusiasm~
    Everyone accompanied the music, followed the rhythm, and began to dance with the hand. The little bear was infected by this warm atmosphere. The heart suddenly burst into an inexplicable feeling, and couldn’t help but shout out in the heart: Mom~ It’s so fun. ~
    The distance between people is slowly being pulled closer. Everyone is not constrained and has no doubts. Like friends, enjoy the ease and pleasure like a loved one!
    Here, no matter who you are, how old you are, youth is burning here!
    & “Waterborne” Location: Harbour 4
    After the end of Guozhuang’s carnival, we were attracted by the cheers of people not far away. “Go, go see~”
    It turned out to be a water trapeze. There is a tropical beach near the 4th Harbour. Many adults are playing with the children on the beach. Dad is also playing with the little bears, so I will come to a little bear. Photo!
    The water trapeze is right next to the beach, haha, this should be the favorite program for young people! Wonderful, exciting, fun!
    The flying brother is a little bit bad, deliberately teasing everyone, getting the water to the shore, scaring everyone, where the cheers are high, where to go, everyone is very happy, cheers detonate the audience! Mommy is happy, but after running around, it is called and shouting, hehehe, no one is more lively than her~
    After the water trapeer ended, the little bear sat on the water’s edge and saw the little brother who had just performed the water trapeze program sitting there resting. The mouth was full of gasping, we looked wonderful and fun, but the actors really didn’t Easy! Call the little brothers and sisters to call!
    & Songkran Festival Address: Gexian Square
    Walking, we don’t know how to come back again, to the place where we just came in. This is more fun, there are actually water-splashing festivals, in the middle are handsome little brothers holding water guns, enthusiastically invite everyone to participate in everyone to follow the music beats dance, the scene is very fun!
     The little bear sits and watches you play~
    When I got here, it was the end of the day. I passed the day inadvertently. The little bear was a little tired, but I was reluctant to leave here. I heard that there was a performance at night, and then I wanted to see it again! Good things can’t be eaten too much, fun things can’t be played all the time, the same reason, little bears or dads and moms go home!
    Dad is a little faster than walking~ Can you wait for us!
    Haha~ Dad is going home with a little bear!
    Call a little uncle on the motorcycle that will send us over. After a while, he will pick us up and send us back to the inn~
    Today is an unforgettable day!
     – That is the dream of Yulong River
    The next morning, we rode our little donkeys to the Yulong River. The little bear heard that there is an old story about this river! Legend has it that a long time ago, the East China Sea had a dragon, and the parade was here. Seeing this victory, I felt that the East China Sea was eclipsed, and then I couldn’t leave it. This dragon floated on the water at night and greedily watched the beautiful scenery. Later, I couldn’t help but sometimes during the day. Stealing out, many villagers by the river have seen it. So “Anle Water” was renamed “Yulong River”.
    Wow, “Xiong Yulong” ~ Little bear seems to meet the dragon, hey, everyone thinks it is cool and cool? Or is it a big brother? But then again, there is no such thing as a modern building in the entire Yulong River Scenic Area. There are no traces of artificial carving. There is no urban ambiguity. Everything is so primitive, natural, simple and pure.
    This “small river” with a river-like atmosphere, like a scroll of art, is like a scroll of mountains. There are many mountains and rivers on both sides of the river. The riverside bamboos are stacked, the old fishermen are fishing, and the ducks on the Bitan are still naked. Ass children, the smoke between the cottages, this is probably the most beautiful scenery in the world~
    There are many people who come to Yulong River for rafting, 400 yuan for two people, one and a half hours~
    Who is calling the scenery here is too beautiful? Little bears feel that bamboo rafting is worth experiencing!
    The color of the rice fields along the coast is changing all the year round, and the poetry and paintings are full of meaning.
    The water in the Yulong River is clear, the blue is translucent, and occasionally the cloudless sky on the top of the head is reflected in the river, it is beautiful.
    [Occasional Fuli Bridge]
    One of the most fascinating is an ancient stone bridge on the Yulong River – Yulongqiao River Fuli Bridge.
    Xiaoxiong heard that the bridge was built in the Ming Dynasty. It is about 500 years old. Wow, it’s so old, it’s all made of stone. I have to admire the people before. There is no high-tech, no machinery, I don’t know. How to repair, save to this day, beautiful shape, reflection in the water is like a full moon.
    The bridge is still the best place to see the idyllic scenery. In the distance is the fields, the green hills, the green waters, the rivers and dams, the streams, and the old trees. Hahaha, Mommy can always find Not the same fun, lay a tree~
     – The picturesque Shili Gallery
    Little donkey~ Little donkey~ Our little donkey can be amazing. I ran to Yulonghe. Then we rode all the way to the Shili Gallery. The wind, like Mummy’s hand gently touched my face, it’s the sun. Sun! The little bears are turning into big black bears. I heard that Dad and Mommy are also such hot days when they are riding in the Philippines. I admire them and really love toss!
    However, it is worth the beauty of this ten-mile gallery!
    There are many people who choose to ride bicycles, and there are many foreigners who have to admire their physical strength is so good, so hot! We saw two benches on the side of the road and stopped. Dad was better than lying down. It was really hot. In addition to sun protection, everyone still remembers to prevent mosquitoes! Mommy is a special person who cites mosquitoes, so it is called a mosquito trap! Any place with trees and flowers is suffering her!
    Moon Mountain comes, this is taken on a motorcycle~
    According to the statistics of Xiaoxiong, the main landscapes of Shili Painting Lang include Pei Tao Shou Shou, Dolphin Water, Nun Down Mountain, Flame Mountain, Ba Jie Sun Tien, Golden Cat Out Hole, Ma Xiang Qi Shi, Longjiao Mountain, Monkey Folk Song, Camel Crossing River, Green The scenery, the beautiful scenery, the beautiful dressing and so on. Everyone must not miss it~
    How can you get less music all the way to the scenery? Fortunately, Dad brought the Asterui S60 Bluetooth headset.
     Is there a wood in Kawaii?
    I listened to this trip all the time.The sound of the Sicui S60 Bluetooth headset is really convenient when traveling. The A Sui S60 is only 4.6 grams on one side, which is much lighter than the 1 yuan coin. It is very comfortable on the ear. No sense of object, and no need to use ear flaps to assist wearing,
    Whether you are lying in bed, walking, jumping, or running, you can keep wearing it and enjoy it.
    Little bear favorite 嗷~~
    It can be used continuously for 3 hours when the headset is fully charged, and the charging compartment can provide 9 hours of power for a total of 12 hours, which can fully satisfy the day of use.
     Tail article –
    So excited! The little bear took the train for the first time~ Going home with mom and dad
    There are also 2 pieces of 5 pounds of oranges bought from Yangshuo, haha ​​is cheaper~
    It seems that there are very few trains here. Everyone is lying down, sitting and sitting, licking the melon seeds, licking the cockroaches, playing games and playing games… It seems that everyone has what they want to do~
    Oops~ Suddenly I found an uncle in the stool! Haha
    Feeling in hide and seek, so fun~
    Dad is watching “books” on the mobile phone, Mommy? I really admire where I can sleep when I sleep~
    The little bear sits on the train and sighs life: I feel that life is like a trip, but no matter how far you go, everyone who wants to go home often remembers to go home and spend time with Mom and Dad. The best gift is to accompany you~
    Ok, little bears have to sleep~
     Good night everyone~
    Best wishes for everyone

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