Weekend to go, free in the modern and modern levels of the school

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    There is a place that has a reputation for being a glory.
    Many people have tried their best to look back at it.
    And this place is in the city where I live, but it is the place I have never set foot on for decades.
    It is Whampoa Military Academy
    There is a place that has become a network red punch card.
    Open factors for various weather reasons
    I have been unable to travel for a long time.
    It is an art school graduation exhibition
    So finally last weekend, I decided to plan my trip and connect the two places together to come to a modern and modern school day tour! The weather on the morning of the departure was still not as expected, and the gloomy sky seemed to signal that I would cancel the trip again. I was not willing to cancel the trip, so I pushed back one hour at the scheduled departure time to observe the weather. In the rainy season in Guangzhou, the next second is a sunny day, and the next second is a rainy day. It is not fully predictable. Therefore, many weather forecasts will show that the next two weeks are rain. In the hour that waited for this, the sky gradually cleared up. According to my own experience, you can still try your best and finally decide to start.
     Whampoa Military Academy under cloudy sky
    There are many kinds of trials to go to the Whampoa Military Academy. You can take the waterway or the land. Because you haven’t taken the boat for a long time, you have chosen the waterway. It is currently the only remaining river crossing ferry terminal in Guangzhou. The cross-river bridge has risen from the ground, and many old docks have been closed. The existing wharf is also reserved for the development of tourism and sightseeing. The routes are mostly sightseeing routes, not the daily use of the river.
    The route to the Whampoa Military Academy is also a tourist route, so the price is more expensive than the ticket to the river. Pu Jiang’s personal is Wu Mao, the sightseeing is two, and the boat is every hour.
    I have always felt that this is a relatively unpopular attraction. Generally, tourists will not go there. I didn’t expect to be full of tourists on the boat. Many people are old warriors, returning to their alma mater to remember the past. The uncle who is sitting next to me has been telling a variety of stories with people who have been on the boat, and also acted as a tour guide to explain the changes in the Whampoa Military Academy.
    A seven-minute boat ride will take you to the Whampoa Military Academy Pier. On both sides of the pier, there are various warships docked. There are obvious signs that the area is forbidden to take pictures. However, enthusiastic visitors still raise their mobile phones regardless of the logo. The area of ​​the open visit is not far from the pier. It is currently open to the public free of charge. It requires a voucher to be exchanged at the visitor center, and then enters the park with the QR code on the ticket.
    The first thing to enter the park is to come to the iconic landmark, which is also the entrance to the military school in the old days. The most historical significance of the entire military school is this. Because the school headquarters was destroyed by the Japanese army, the existing ones were rebuilt and rebuilt.
    Behind the school gate is the coast and the place where the warships are docked. At the same time, the training of the navy can be seen. Only the people who stand guards do not let the tourists aim the camera at the back.
    Passing through the school gate seems to have passed through time and space, and the rebuilt school headquarters is in front of us. At present, the first floor is a vacant exhibition hall, so that relevant exhibitions can be arranged in the future. I have been walking through an open museum exhibition hall, recording the various deeds of the military school that year.
    In 1938, it was bombed by Japanese planes and razed to the ground. It was not until 1996 that the original orientation, the original appearance, and the principle of the original scale were rebuilt. It can be seen that the Lingnan-style construction techniques have been used more or less, so that the former site of the military academy can be restored to its former style.
    There are also some old-fashioned items placed on the campus. If you look at it from the outside, you can hardly see what it is used for, just like the two Taiping barrels placed on the aisle. At the beginning of the military school, there was no running water in the school. The school hired dozens of porters every day to pick up water from the riverside and put it in large wooden barrels for use. It can also be used as fire water, so it is called the Taiping barrel, and the room in front of each room. Configure a few.
    The exhibition hall is at the innermost part of the school’s headquarters. It shows the major events that took place from the founding of the military school to the present day. At the same time, the exhibits were displayed.
    At that time, the military uniforms were still intact, the positions were different, and the costumes were different.
    The letters and letters used in the year and the diplomas and the items that have confirmed the history are kept here. Although the exhibition halls are not large, they are all items of considerable significance, which can be said to be invaluable.
    However, another exhibition hall exhibited the influence of the military academy on the development of New China. Many of the founding generals graduated from the Whampoa Military Academy and have profound significance for the development of New China.
    The exhibition hall on the second floor restored the original appearance of the various departments of the school, recreating the scenes of the former school. Starting from the far left of the second floor, commonly known as “Walking the Horse Building”, it is the main place for the military school office and some students to stay and study. The total construction area is 10,600 square meters, and the office of Sun Yat-sen, the professor department, the coaching department, the management office, and the military quarters are restored. Wait for the office and the dining hall to be visited by tourists.
    Here is responsible for education, training, guidance, editing, and later changed to general affairs, propaganda, party affairs, Zhou Enlai and others have served here.
    In 1924, Sun Yat-sen appointed Jiang Zhongzheng as the principal, this is the place where the principal Xiaoxi rests.
    The place where students stayed was also restored for visitors to visit, which shows that the conditions for studying at that time were difficult.
    The principal’s meeting room is the place where the guests are met and the meeting place of the officials. The couplet in the indoor hanging, “Looking high in the sea, and setting up the Central Plains” is the legacy of historical celebrities.
    The official dining room is the military faculty, the official, the instructor, the commander’s place to eat, and the school leaders are also here to dinner with everyone. Due to the shortage of school funding at the time, this is also the meeting of the military school, many important meetings are Held here
    In the military school reading room, the military academy implements a military and political approach, and educates students on economics, politics, history, doctrine, party program, and policy. Students often read newspapers and increase extracurricular knowledge during their spare time.
    In addition to visiting the school headquarters, you can continue to visit the Sun Memorial Monument. However, due to the rainy season and the landslide, the road to the mountain is closed. The average tourist can only look down the mountain and look up the stone monument. This stone tablet is one of the four Sun Yat-sen bronze statues cast by Mr. Sun Yat-sen’s Japanese friend Meiwu Zhuangji. The other three are placed in Zhongshan Sun Yat-Sen University, Nanjing Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum, and the National Memorial Hall of Macau.
    Whampoa Military Academy Address: Cheung Chau Island, Huangpu District, Guangzhou
    Opening hours: 9:00-17:00 every weekClosed
    Tour time: 1 hour
    Transportation: Take bus No. 137.262 and get off at Xinzhou Station. Go to Xinzhou Wharf and transfer to the military school dock (divided at 40 every hour). Take Bus No. 43, 261, B31, 431, 366 or Metro Line 5 and get off at Yuzhu Station. Go to Yuzhu Ferry Terminal and transfer to the Military Academy Pier. Take Subway Line 4, University City North Station Exit B, transfer to Bus No. 383 and get off at Changzhou Junction Military Academy Station, walk to Whampoa Military Academy!
     Passionate graduation show
    After visiting the Whampoa Military Academy, you can take the bus to the university town and then visit the graduation exhibition of the Academy of Fine Arts. The bus system is not developed on Cheung Chau Island. The waiting time is a bit long, so I chose to share the bicycle. At that time, the hot sun was chosen. It is a very tiring thing for a person who does not exercise very often. Fortunately, I still have to persist, and I arrived at the exhibition hall of the graduation exhibition in about an hour.
    Cheung Chau Island is now the back garden of the university town. Every weekend, college students organize various activities on Changzhou Island. Many years ago, the farmland of Cheung Chau Island blossomed everywhere and received various weekend trips. Outreach activities. A friend in need can find out.
    Due to the historical significance of Changzhou Island, the Huangpu Military Academy is surrounded by revolutionary sites. Although it is not very famous, it is a happy thing for historical fans. There are more than ten historical sites of various sizes, each. Everywhere has its meaning.
    The graduation exhibition is really more than the fire in the imagination, because some of the works make up the hot spot, and the fire is on a short video platform, so the people who came to visit are very hot, far exceeding my expectations of it, the grandeur of the people, and the appreciation. The work you like is also very hard.
    This year’s graduation exhibition will be exhibited in the three exhibition halls of the Sculpture Hall, the Image Gallery and the Art Museum. The first two pavilions are free to open. The art museum needs tickets. The fare is five yuan. Free admission is available with the student ID card and teacher ID card. Visit. The graduation exhibition is a visual feast in South China every year, attracting people of different ages and cultural backgrounds. At that time, it was found that there were many tourist buses on the scene, and many organizations came to the team. There are still many high school students who came to worship the school.
    The first stop is to the sculpture hall. Because it is closest to the entrance, there is no work that you want to see. You can follow it and see where it is. It doesn’t matter if the work doesn’t understand. Too abstract can refer to the author’s description and experience the author’s creative conception.
    The scope of the design world is too big, and the scope of the art world is larger, so not every piece of work will make you understand. As an ordinary audience, you only need to distinguish between good looks and bad looks. Good-looking works will make you pleasing and inspiring. It’s not good to look at it, it will make people ignore it directly.
    The works of the sculpture hall, as the name suggests, are styling, stone-like works, and different materials. What impressed me the most was a chocolate head sculpture. The author also took a small video to highlight the meaning of the sculpture. The content is a bit dirty, but I want to express love, too many people focus on this work, so I did not take a photo.
    The works are familiar and unsuccessful. You will find that these works seem to have seen where they are.But can’t remember the specifics.
    This work is based on the theme of “Father’s Hand”, a hand-shaped model built with disposable chopsticks. At that time, my heart was touched by this work. I saw that my father’s hands were broken and wrinkled, and I remembered my father’s hard work and the support of the author. Although it is simple to express a rich sense of morphologically, it is not a simple matter to stack tens of thousands of chopsticks.
    The third piece that impressed me a lot was the car, the dilapidated car, which was converted into an alternative car, hollowed out the interior of the car, mounted on the display in different directions, looping The pace of people coming and going. Want to express the rapid pace of the times, people who pass by without even seeing it flashed past, can not find back or can not meet again.
    Some are too abstract, and you need to use your imagination. For example, the following works, simple form and pure white structure make an ideal space performance work. Different people may have different sentiments, not too clear and profound. Intention, as long as people keep thinking about the space.
    This net red sculpture will not make you strange, because its expression pack always has a message on people’s WeChat. At the same time, this is also the group of works that have the most audiences. When others are watching the net red, there will be another new world when they look up.
    Most of the images displayed in the video gallery are mainly posters and pictures, but there are no shortages of some wonderful works. It is the students who want to show their brains.
    The original art museum is the focus of the key points. It is no wonder that tickets must be collected separately. This area is larger than the sum of the first two museums. The building is three stories high. The graduation works of various disciplines of the Academy of Fine Arts were exhibited.
    The simple geometrical composition of the horse has attracted me from the far entrance. Under the subtle lighting, it looks particularly beautiful.
    In addition to these, there are a lot of works that don’t work out, and the photos may not show any effect, but the effect on the spot is still very good. For example, in the face of the above picture, the moving media can be flipped left and right to show two different faces.
    The higher the floor, the higher the technology content, the AR scene technology has also been widely used, the students have compiled a series of experience games for everyone to play, truly experience the life changes brought by AR.
    Nowadays, there will be different graduation exhibitions in each region, so that everyone can have academic exchanges and the development of the network will make these good works spread faster and more recognized. The one-month graduation exhibition is also coming to an end, and it will be waiting for next year to join in the fun.
    Another group of net red works is also ridiculous, and the lonely silhouette seems to want to express something.
    It is found that every student will use loneliness as the direction they want to express. Perhaps this kind of loneliness is more easily interpreted.
    Due to the large flow of people, some of the space on display needs to be restricted. It takes about two hours to visit all the exhibits once. The cloudy day in the morning seemed to hear my heart roaring, the dark clouds were scattered, and the look of the clear sky appeared again in front of me. It was just that time was too early, I decided to let me fly again, and take a look at this from another angle. college town.
    There are too many birds in the university town, so the drones are not flying as much as they are, so they took a little bit of material in the vicinity, mainly around the stadium, and appreciate the geometric beauty of the university city from above the sky. It is indeed a A pleasant thing!

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