[Western Sichuan] In all the scenery, I like you the most.

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Introduction: life is like water, willing to wind dust
    Once upon a time, for that long and deep life, I always felt that I just tried to adapt. How many segregated societies are incomprehensible to us, and how many encounters are impossible to understand.
    Until the age of twenty-five, until I lived a life span that I could see, I gradually realized that life is like water and bittersweet. I know that a lot of deep meanings can be insighted. There are many problems. Even if you don’t ask questions, life has already slowly answered the answer.
    At the age of twenty-six, I had a long trip. From Nanjing by train to Chengdu, all the way through Ya’an, Kangding, Yajiang, Litang, Daocheng, Zhongdian, Lijiang, and finally arrived in Dali. The entire journey spanned three provinces and lasted nearly a month. For a long time, the National Highway 318 has been hailed as the most beautiful landscape avenue in China. Everyone who yearns for freedom is fascinated by this. I am no exception.
    Looking back, those places that have arrived in the fall are always hidden in the deep package. In May of this year, I finally had the opportunity to return there again. A journey that was familiar and new, was exactly what I expected.
    I once again put myself in a strange territory, enjoying all the unknowns in the journey, re-examining myself in this process, and re-recognizing the world. This is an exploration and an attempt. Chuanxi, the last secret of the world, has a moving and mysterious style, and also has the most dazzling light of the entire Tibetan area.
    In western Sichuan, there is a mountain called “Khampa first pass”, which is called the mountain.
    In western Sichuan, there is a snowy mountain like a fairyland. It is called Yala Snow Mountain.
    In western Sichuan, there is a beautiful place, called Xinduqiao.
    In western Sichuan, there is a “Quan of Mount Lushan”, which is called Siguniang Mountain.
    In western Sichuan, there is a simple, primitive village called Jiajiazhai.
    In western Sichuan, there is a hometown of giant pandas, which is called Wolong Nature Reserve. The pandas here are embarrassing and cute.
    Life is like a reverse travel, I am also a pedestrian. It turns out that what really guides us has always been our inner voice, as well as life and travel. Don’t be afraid to walk. In fact, we only set off once in our lifetime. The rest of the time has been on the road.
    Itinerary: Life and the world, suddenly like a traveler
    In the past few years, I have traveled all over the country. The natural west Sichuan line is not the first time. I have been to Litang, Daocheng, Seda. This time, the western Sichuan ring line chose the small loop line because of the time factor. I want to go to Xinduqiao, Siguniang Mountain, Jiaju Tibetan Village, Wolong, etc., which is a short time. It is not easy to finish this in such a short period of time. Below is my detailed Itinerary: day1: Nanjing Feicheng, visit Kuanzhai Alley, taste local food day2: People’s Park to drink tea, prepare for the departure day3: From Chengdu to Kangding, turn the mountain to Xinduqiao, Su Xinduqiao day4: Tibetan home visit, Mani River Valley, Tagong Grassland, Tagong Temple Day 5: Huiyuan Temple, Yala Snow Mountain, Yak Valley Day6: Jiaju Tibetan Village, Siguniang Mountain, Barang Mountain Day7: Wolong Panda Garden, returning to Chengdu, End of the trip
    Players: There are friends coming from afar, not too happy
    My name is 滢萱, typical Jiangnan sister, who is a family on weekdays. When I am not traveling, I am mostly on my way to travel. Two years ago, I published a travel essay “Travel is for a better life”. It seems that it is ok to sell it. If you are interested, you can go and see it. I am most afraid of asking you: When is the new book? Because I have serious procrastination, there is still a heart that can’t stop wanting to go out, so everyone will be patient and so on.
    Heroes: At first glance, it looks like a fitness instructor. In fact, like me, I like to go around. Because of the strong body, the South and North Poles have gone, so that I am envious of this seasick person, usually do not talk much, a speech absolutely hit the key, so I strongly recommend him to write a “Heroes Quotations”, I also Good study and study.
    Xiaobu: The label on his body is very obvious. Super dad, he has a lovely daughter, he has to video with the children every day, and because he often appears in Tibet, it is also our senior guide. I usually care about the group friends on the road. Is a full warm man.
    Ajiu: The younger sister after 90, has been to many places, in my eyes, she is desperate, is very hardworking. Because I lived in the same room, I slept at night, and she had to catch the manuscript on the plateau. After walking through this journey together, everyone went their separate ways and really did not give up.
    Lai Wei / Lai Ling: They are twin sisters from Guangzhou. Because the two people are too similar, we couldn’t tell which one is the sister and which is the sister. However, both of them are super-characteristic and unpretentious. They talk very little girls and seem to want to protect them. I like to take pictures of them. There is a pair of beautiful women.
    Transportation: Define travel in the name of private enjoyment
    I remember the first time I came to the Sichuan-Tibet line. I took a local bus and stopped at one stop. At that time, I was still young. I felt that young people would have to keep tossing, so I took the green leather train, took the bus, went to the local area to take a ride, went to the Tibetan people’s house to eat and squat, and there was always endless effort and energy. And now, I will not go as far as I used to, but I will prefer a comfortable trip, arrange a hotel and everything, and let my family and friends have fun.
    Everyone knows that the best way to take the 318 line of Sichuan-Tibet is self-driving, because this time we have a large number of people, so everyone agreed to drive by car. After arriving in Chengdu, we looked for several, and finally chose Tianzhu’s Sichuan-Tibet private custom tour, saving all worries, one-stop service, from travel to food and shelter, not like traditional The travel agency is so eager to follow the trend, and the price is very reasonable. It is just a hit, just waiting to start.
    The rider’s ride experience is very comfortable. The driver’s master is a veteran. He is familiar with the local road conditions. He is also our full-time housekeeper. Not only does it introduce us to the local scenery, but also takes care of our accommodations at the destination. Seriously responsible, but also quite hard. These days, when it rains, he gives us an umbrella. The twin sisters are somewhat high-reverse. In the car, there are standing medicines and oxygen cylinders. He drives while taking care of us. Here, I want to give the driver a big compliment.
    Note: The only thing is that it is prepared and prepared.
    1. Now, Chuanxi is becoming more and more popular, but people who go to western Sichuan must pay attention to the prevention of altitude sickness. It is recommended to bring standing medicine and glucose. On the one hand, it can prevent altitude sickness, on the other hand, it can quickly relieve the symptoms of altitude sickness. 2. West Sichuan has a large temperature difference between morning and evening. Even in May and June, you should bring thick clothes. I personally think that it is OK to bring a portable down jacket. In addition, sunglasses, hats and cloaks are best brought with them. On the one hand, it can keep out the cold, on the other hand, it can also protect the sun. Girls can also take pictures as props! In one fell swoop, sunscreen should also be prepared, and the ultraviolet coefficient of the plateau is quite strong. 3. Because the time spent in the car is relatively long, it is recommended to bring some high-calorie foods, such as chocolate, beef jerky, etc., there is no supply in many places, you can fill your stomach when you are hungry, you can also spend time in the car. 4. This time we don’t have to drive by ourselves. The driver of Scorpio is very professional, but if you are driving by yourself, you must check the vehicle before departure, and prepare a set of tools, spare drive belts, spare tires, spark plugs, and wire. Reserve oil drums, engineering shovel, etc., can be used to do a comprehensive maintenance in the 4S shop. 5. In terms of road conditions, it is much better than the previous roads. The Xinduqiao and the towers are in good condition. The Kangding Road is relatively narrow. Be careful when overtaking. In addition, some mountain roads have landslides, and there are no guardrails in many places. Over the folds of the mountains and the Barang Mountains are all above 4000, and the Balang Mountains are cloudy and foggy, so be careful. 6. Panshan Highway has many corners. Try not to play mobile phones or read books. If you have motion sickness, you should inform them in advance. In order to prevent altitude sickness, be careful not to exercise vigorously, rest reasonably, and replenish energy and moisture. 7. The scenery along the way is infinitely beautiful. Remember to fully charge all kinds of photographic camera equipment in advance and carry enough internal storage space equipment. When walking on small walks, be careful to keep a safe distance and avoid being too close and playful to prevent wild animals from hurting people. 8. Drive to the mountain pass, all vehicles must stop at the fixed parking lot, wait and see before leaving the car, pay attention to the safety of traffic. There is a general charge for toilets on the way to Tibetan areas. It is useful to prepare an appropriate amount of 1 yuan, and pay attention to keeping your belongings.
    DAY1: Chengdu, long time no see, don’t come innocent
    Chengdu is an ancient and mysterious capital city. For more than three thousand years, it has never changed the name of the city nor moved the city site. The city has all the elements that make people fascinated, food, beauty, especially the leisure, optimism and tranquility that comes out of every corner of the city.The unique characteristics of prosperous and free and easy, let you want to stop and want to stay!
    I haven’t come for more than a year, and I don’t consciously miss this place every time. Especially when I am tired, I always want to leave, and I am scattered in Chengdu and live a few days.
    I like to be wide and narrow, and I will take a walk every time, because there are many unique shops, very literary and very stylish. And there are so many snacks, you can eat half full in a circle, but this time in Chengdu is only a short stay, so I can only pick a few favorite places.
    The location here is as good as the gold, but there are also old tea houses. The owner is a grandfather. He is drinking a pot of tea alone on the side, listening to the radio, enjoying it, not busy to greet the guests, but if you sit down and chat with him, he will have a question and answer. Here, for those who sit down and drink tea, regardless of the nobles, the owner will continue to renew the water until the guests leave.
    The ear is definitely a feature of Chengdu. Whether it is in the Kuanzhai Alley or the People’s Park, you can run into the master of the ear, but in comparison, the wide and narrow alleys may be inferior to other places in terms of time and experience, and the price is also A little more expensive than People’s Park.
    Pencil sketching, I remember seeing it when I first came to Kuanzhai Alley. After a few years, I was still quite, very kind.
    My friends and I love to visit the special shops. I often go into a shop for a long time. The shops here, whether selling clothes or selling art, are quite stylish.
    When you are tired, go to sit outside, or go to Starbucks for a cup of coffee, go to the alley to see the photography exhibition, come here, I began to learn to be like the locals, slow down their pace, live unhurriedly.
    The time passed quickly. At the dinner in the evening, the vicinity of Kuanzhai Alley was full of people. The previous restaurants had eaten all the time. I wanted to eat something different this time. So I searched the Internet and locked the cockfighting. The rice field gang, just next to the New Town Plaza, is a famous Sichuan restaurant.
    This time in the west of Sichuan, the gathering point of our group members is in Chengdu. I am the first to arrive, so I still have some leisure time, I can eat the sea and drink, and when the people arrive tomorrow, I will start preparing for the departure.
    This store has two floors upstairs and downstairs. The decoration is very Chinese. The waiters in the store are enthusiastic. When I went, it was still early, but there were already guests dining, and more and more people were slowly getting. It’s really a bit late in the evening.
    Because I can’t eat spicy food, when I order food, I ask the waiters what are not hot, but there are quite a few. Like this sweet and sour pork ribs, it is very Jiangnan, it is my favorite taste, soft and sour.
    It is said that it is a Sichuan restaurant, but it is not only Sichuan cuisine. The restaurant’s dishes are more inclined to the casual Sichuan-style tea restaurant, which is more delicious than fast food and more delicate than snacks. This new method is very popular among young people.
    The buns are very interesting. The buns are roasted, crispy and delicious. There is a layer of tin foil inside. After opening, you can eat the stuffing inside with a spoon. This dish is half full.
    The personal favorite is this cake, which is full of strength and not hot at first glance. It is my favorite sweet shortbread. Although the store has served with sauce, I personally still like to eat directly.
    The beverage packaging in the store is also ingenious. Look at this slogan: the highest level of powder absorption, not only has a taste, but also has a feel.
    I ordered a dessert and actually came up with a fish, but this fish is mango-flavored and delicious. Looking at the delicious food on our table, every diners who come in will refer to it. After all, the color and flavor are full, and the food is like me.
    There are two kinds of chicken feet, which are slippery, anxious, which are the main specialties in the shop. Some are spicy, but they are all delicious. I eat while sucking powder, so it is not so spicy. La.
    Gunpowder shrimp, this is what I have eaten by myself. The food in Chengdu is like this, but the spicy but can’t stop, and often miss after coming back.
    The amount of food in their home is still very large. Two people have too many points. Other group members have not come yet. It feels a bit wasteful. This fruit-wood roast chicken really tastes good, but the weight is too big, not all finished.
    Finally, it is strongly recommended that Qingcheng fighting flowers, the plate is quite delicate, and the artistic concept is far-reaching. The waiter will also show you the process of making beancurd in person, and the price is quite close to the people. I didn’t expect to choose a store, eat the wall, and walk back in the evening to get a good night’s sleep.
    DAY2: A bowl of tea that can’t be finished, a Chengdu dish that can’t be eaten
    Some people say that the teahouse is a small Chengdu, and Chengdu is a big teahouse. Chengdu is famous for its teahouses, tea guests and tea time. Today, Chengdu has a much faster pace of life, but in the People’s Park, you can still see many people who drink bowls of tea and pose with “Longmen Array”. Enjoy yourself.
    People’s Park is an open park, formerly known as Shaocheng Park. It was built in 1911 and entered a century-old park. It is like walking into Chengdu’s past and present. The origin of Shaocheng Park is directly related to the name of the old city of Chengdu. The original city of Chengdu is divided into the big city and the small city.
    There are many old people in the park, but there are also many young people. The teahouse is full of people. When the times led the whole society to rush forward, there were some leisurely habits that were preserved by the city.
    In fact, I came to the People’s Park. I just wanted to drink a cup of tea from Heming Tea House. Heming Tea House has a history of 100 years. It is a well-known tea house in the area. Nowadays, it is famous. There are many tourists from other places. All the way, people have finally found it. The teahouse is large in size, one tea. Because Sichuan has abundant bamboo resources, the teahouse’s chairs are made of bamboo, with backrests and handrails. They can sit and lie down, which is very comfortable. The style of bamboo weaving is very good with the dwarf wooden table.
    The tea set used in traditional teahouses is a “three-piece”, namely: tea bowls, tea lids and tea boats, so it is often called “drinking bowls of tea”. The tea boat is the tea tray, and it is used to end the tea bowl to avoid hot hands. The tea lid keeps the water warm, and you can use the lid to move the tea to make the tea overflow and the hot water cools faster. In addition, the tea drinker can open the tea from the gap between the tea bowl and the tea cover when drinking tea. In fact, the “cover bowl tea” has a deeper meaning: the tea cover is likened to the sky, the tea boat is the ground, the tea cup is a figurative person, the tea is washed up, and the lid is covered, then there is the artistic conception of “the heavens and the earth”.
    The teapot that boils water is also very contemporary. The Chengdu Teahouse is always full of people, but from the position of drinking bowl of tea, you can tell whether it is a local or a traveler.
    The most authentic method of tea should be: “scrape” a few times before using tea, lightly scrape it, lighten it, then thicken it, then cover the lid with a little inclination and put it on your lips. Heming tea company came a lot, but the price is still relativelyRational, Su Maofeng 13 cups, Tieguanyin 20 cups, Biluochun 20 cups, I like the Tuen Mun black tea only 16.
    In the afternoon, during the tea break, the group members arrived. The big guy arranged for the trip that will begin tomorrow. I asked what I was going to eat at night. Now, I started to entangle again. After a long time of research, I decided to take everyone to eat something different. of.
    Mixing vegetables and pizza can be described as creative. I heard that I have eaten pizza and eaten vegetables. The big guy is a bit awkward. Isn’t it, I am also the first time to come to the early adopters, the store of Henghuo is not eye-catching, but in Chengdu It is a very popular restaurant.
    Entering the restaurant and ordering a full table, the cosy and romantic dining atmosphere is a highlight. Bright and pleasant lighting design, simple and appropriate color matching, thick and light brick wall stickers, high-grade tableware tables and chairs, cleverly blending petty bourgeoisie with modern atmosphere.
    Taking a dish is called a person’s hot pot, but this time we are eating a few people together, or eating with a pizza. It feels really creative, but I can’t think of it. Men prefer to take a dish, girls prefer desserts and pizzas, and in short, they can do what they want.
    On the western food ingredients, the chef also incorporates the Chinese food production method. This Himalayan salt-roasted asparagus is very good, delicious and healthy.
    This California bread soup is also very good, must eat hot. Who said that food and scenery can resist all the sadness and confusion in the world.
    The main dish is here, this is the signature pizza in the store, the spicy pizza, mainly wants to taste the fresh, so I ordered the spicy taste that everyone has never eaten, haha
    Caramel toast is my personal favorite, because it is a sweet food, so basically it is solved by our girls, boys are taking care of eating vegetables and drinking beer.
    In order to celebrate the reunion, I made an exception to order a large lobster and made it into a charcoal grilled double flavor. Although this time is a bit long, it tastes very good, giving them another appetizer..
    After the girls had enough to eat and drink, they had a fruit salad. Everyone had been gone for a long time. It was a great chat. Fortunately, the time for closing the store was relatively late. Finally, we left a table, and the waiter did not remind me. Single, everyone eats well, and when they are happy, they are scattered.
    DAY3: Dedicated to the world, one of the Bohai Seas is in Chengdu. On the two days, all the teammates have gathered, and today we will embark on a trip to western Sichuan. I, the heroes and the small cloths have walked through this line, plus we have saved the travel and convenience of the trip, and customized the privately-owned route of the Tianzhu company, so there is no need to prepare it yourself. I used to wash my daily necessities, bought some snacks, and when the car arrived, I set off!
    Fold mountain
    We divided two cars, the drivers were all retired soldiers, the meeting was very enthusiastic, and the car skills were quite good. First, help to carry the luggage, and then give us the water, and check with us the day’s itinerary, telling that on the way will cross the mountain, the altitude is relatively high, everyone should pay attention to the temperature difference, increase or decrease clothing.
    I am also very smart. I know that today’s main itinerary is spent in the car. I put thick clothes on the car for the occasional need. From Chengdu to Kangding, the road was smooth and the temperature did not change much. When I arrived in Kangding, I had lunch. When I went to the mountain in the afternoon, the temperature began to drop.
    On the way, we have to cross the first 4962-meter high mountain on the Sichuan-Tibet line: the mountain is called “Khampa first pass”, and the mouth is 4,298 meters. It can overlook the king of the mountain, “Gongsu Shenshan”. You can enjoy the sea of ​​clouds on the soles of the feet. I didn’t have a high reflexion. It was fine before I went up to 5000 altitudes. But I didn’t come to the plateau for a long time. When I turned over the mountain, my head would still feel a little painful. We want to take a photo, and the master stopped us. At this time, wearing thick clothes can resist the strong wind on the top of the mountain.
    I want to come, there are also five years, and I have a lot of emotions. Sending to the heavens and the earth, a millet in the Bohai Sea, in front of the snow-capped mountains, can more truly understand the humbleness and smallness of human beings!
    Xinduqiao is 437 kilometers away from Chengdu, and it takes about 5-6 hours to drive. The scenery along the way is beautiful. Here is a picturesque paradise, magical light, innocent grassland, curved creek, golden cypress, mountain ridges, scattered Tibetan villages, cattle and sheep grazing… often see walking And the people who ride 318, for them, my heart is still very admirable, on the Sichuan-Tibet line, every day there is an inexplicable, wanting to cry.
    Xinduqiao Tianshe Hotel
    In the afternoon, after a long journey, I finally arrived at Xinduqiao Town and settled in Tianshe Hotel. Originally, I only knew that all of our itineraries were arranged, and I was very good at eating and living. I didn’t know that Tianshe Hotel was also a hotel in Tianzhu’s own hotel. It looks very good. In the boutique hotel, the driver said that in addition to the tourism project, the company plans to build 20 such boutique hotels in the future. It is really rich and self-willed.
    The local Tibetan girl holds Hada and puts it on for everyone. The twin sisters are the first to come to western Sichuan. They are very excited. They are not only long-haired, but also wear the same clothes and wear the same hat. I originally had Face blindness, I don’t know how to distinguish it.
    In addition to Hada, I also drank a familiar butter tea. I heard that butter tea can also prevent high anti-reverse. We all drank a little, hot, warm body. The driver master helped us to remove the luggage and the waiter at the front desk gave us a check-in. Two people had one room and three rooms were required.
    This is a new hotel that opened only last year. There are 25 rooms in total. The decoration of the whole hotel is very warm. There are also local specialties in the window of the second floor. The former Xinduqiao has less accommodation and poor environment. I didn’t expect to be able to live in a boutique hotel. It was a great surprise.
    I took the room card and went to the second floor room with Ajiu. We are all in the standard room. We are tired all day, and there is still a little time from dinner time. We are ready to go back to the room to rest.
    I feel that Tianshe should be the best hotel in Xinduqiao. The price is not expensive. The room is large in size, the bed is comfortable, and it is equipped with floor heating. At the same time, it provides intimate butler service.
    We still have a place to drink tea, so the next day, Xiaobu and the heroes came to us to have a tea chat.
    When I came here, I knew that the network was not very good on this road, so I didn’t expect much from the hotel’s wireless network. After I tried it, I was able to speed up. A long time, I started working mode.
    There are many types of welcome fruits in the hotel. You can eat fresh fruits on the plateau, and you can feel the day’s work.
    The drawers and tables have the hotel’s sticky notes, handbags, profiles, and other pajamas, hair dryers, etc. It seems that the hair dryer I brought is not useful.
    Because of the large temperature difference between morning and evening, the nighttime sleep will open the floor, the whole house is as warm as the air conditioner. The bare feet step on the floor, hot and very comfortable, it is easy to thirsty, to drink plenty of water, the hotel has prepared pure water for each room, as well as an electric kettle for boiling water.
    I live in a hotel, the most care is the feeling of taking a bath. The amount of water should be sufficient, the water temperature should be hot, and the Tianshe Hotel is up to standard, and it is in the plateau with simple conditions. It is really not easy, and the toiletries are not bad.
    After taking a shower, I opened the floor and rested in bed. I couldn’t remember it and didn’t eat until the butler told me that I could open the meal. The big guy went to the restaurant on the first floor.
    The chefs are making barbecues in the yard, the smell is fragrant, not feeling in the room, now they are already hungry, and quickly go in and find a space to sit down and wait for the meal.
    The hotel’s restaurant is spacious and bright, and the decor is simple and warm, a bit like a home. We found two large tables to sit down, and the butler said that we had a buffet and barbecue tonight, which sounded very good.
    The drinks and drinks in the restaurant are also optional. We took the beer, cola, sprite, and local sour sauce. I prefer to drink sour juice, which is very thirst-quenching. After a while, I can take the dishes.
    Although it is a buffet, but the view is still quite exquisite, the shrimp ball in Figure 2 is quite delicious, I ate a few, and very hungry, I feel full after eating.
    The Sichuan cuisine is very spicy. I have adapted to Chengdu for two days. I can control it for the slightest spicy. The chef also takes care of the different preferences of our guests from all corners of the country.
    The hotel’s dishes are fresh ingredients that are bought in the local market every morning. Before we come to the housekeeper, we will make meals according to our preferences. It is very intimate.
    Baked chicken wings, this dish is very popular, and it will be empty soon. We went to the ribs soup, not to mention that the soup was delicious, and I had two bowls with the heroes.
    In addition to the dishes, there are also pastries, the chefs are going to do things, I have to eat one by one, but can not refuse such high food, what to do?
    This night, I cured everything, took some fruit, went back to the room, Aji worked, I had a headache because of my head, I slept early, saying that the warming effect is really good, wake up in the middle of the night, drink water, after a night, head Do not hurt, continue to move forward.
    DAY4: Turn the mountain and turn to the stupa, just meet you on the way.
    In that month, I shake all the warp beams and not just to touch your fingertips. That year, I’m heading on the mountain road. I’m not seeing it for the sake of your warmth. Turning the mountain and turning the water to the stupa is not for I will only meet you when I am on the way.
    Every time I came to Tibet, the poems of Cangyangjia’s mistakes could not help but emerge from the bottom of my heart. I got up today, and it was drizzling outside. We didn’t wear umbrellas, and the driver’s master had already prepared for everyone.
    Tibetan home visit
    When I came to Tibet, the hospitality of the Tibetans was always very touching. A few years ago, I took the driver back to the town from Daocheng Aden. I remembered the new one. He took us a car and went home to give us Cake, hot butter tea. This time, Tianzhu also specially arranged for us to go to the Tibetan home experience on the itinerary.
    The Tibetans are not too far away from the hotel we stayed in. The couple have already prepared delicious food and refreshments at home. We will sit down as soon as we arrive, and drink a cup of butter tea to warm the stomach.
    Butter tea, green bread, once again see the familiar food, think of the experience of the previous Tibetan areas, I feel that in the past few years, I still have time and energy to walk on the road.
    Many people ask me when I plan to stop traveling. I said that travel is a constant occurrence. It has nothing to do with age, situation, marriage, etc. As long as you have energy and time, you can go on, isn’t it.
    We have already had breakfast at the hotel, we have eaten cakes in the Tibetan people’s house, drank tea, and tasted the homemade yogurt. It was not too early to see the time. I was afraid that the rain would be big, the trip was blocked, and everyone stayed. Will leave!
    Mani Valley
    On the way from Tagong to Xinduqiao, there is a river valley filled with Mani stones. The river flows through the Mani Stone, and the “six-character mantra” flows with the water. This is a river valley flowing through the scriptures.
    The snow melted by the Yala Snow Mountain flows into the river and flows southward. The coast of the Mani River Valley is mourned. The river is covered with colorful Mani stone carvings. It stretches for more than ten kilometers and is spectacular.
    On the cliffs of the entire valley of the Tagong River, by the river, on the rocks, in the shrubs, Mani stones carved with six-character mantras can be seen everywhere.
    Mani is the abbreviation of the Sanskrit Mantra of the Sanskrit Mantra, “Why are you?”, carved on the stone, the stone is called Mani Stone. I often see Mani stone piles in Tibetan areas, but there is no such thing as the Tagong River. The colors are rich and the stones are concentrated. Almost all people create in the water.
    Unlike the Seda Red House, the river is not famous. It is called the Liqu River, and some people call it the Tagong River according to the name of the place. The water strops the scriptures on the stone, as if the truth has been smashed over and over again.
    The rain has not stopped, we hold the umbrella, go down to the valley, want to take pictures to keep a commemoration, wit me wearing a hat, the driver yells at us, don’t step on the stone with the scripture, so everyone is more cautious .
    Tagong Prairie & Tagong Temple
    The Tagong Prairie is located in the plateau at an altitude of 3,730 meters. The Sichuan-Tibet Highway passes through the area and is the most famous grassland in Ganzi Prefecture. When the weather is good, you can look at the Yala Snow Mountain here. It is magnificent and magnificent.
    In addition, the autumn is quite beautiful here. May is the off-season here. It is raining again. The snow-capped mountains are blocked by the clouds. Although there are some regrets, the plateau weather is like this. It will change at any time. Every moment is new. Unknown.
    The butler told us that in the next two months, the Tagong Prairie will hold an annual dam activity. At this time, there are various Tibetan awnings on the grasslands, as well as folk horse racing activities and singing and dancing performances. It is very lively and sounds very good. interesting.
    We waited for a while in the Tagong grassland, hoping that the rain would turn fine, and we could take a look at the snow-capped mountains, but it was not a wish, it had been raining, and finally we had to give up.
    In front of the scenic spot, there are horses raised by Tibetans, which can be given to visitors. I let the twin sisters try it. They are both courageous and just want to stand and take some beautiful photos. So everyone didn’t stay, they went to Tagong. Temple.
    Tagong Temple, it is said that when Princess Wencheng entered Tibet, the Buddha statue of Sakyamuni, which was carried with him, suddenly opened and gestured to stay here. The people immediately copied a statue on the spot according to the original appearance of the Buddha.
    It is one of the famous temples of the Sakya Buddhism in Tibetan Buddhism. It has a history of more than a thousand years and is one of the holy places of worship for the Tibetan people in the Kham region. It is known as the Xiaozhao Temple.
    We didn’t worry about going to the temple, but the prayer tube outside attracted everyone’s attention. We saw a group of devout Tibetans braving the heavy rain to worship, and the heart was full of respect!
    Looking at them, I suddenly understood that there are few double-laws in the world, and that the true heart of the world is to be exchanged for something else that is equally persistent. Therefore, they prayed devoutly and hoped to exchange what they wanted in this way.
    I don’t believe in Buddhism, but I respect all beliefs. Only in Tibet, only when the heart really calms down can we look at our true heart and find doubts and difficulties. I think this is also the reason why many people are willing to go to Tibet.
    In the square, a monk circled around the Tagong Temple. Every time he came to us, his eyes were extremely firm, reminding me of the monks I saw in Seda. Their hearts were all inside. Rich, it depends on it.
    The rain never stopped, and the small cloth walked around the temple. After that, everyone decided to go to the temple to see. The structure of the temple is peculiar, simple and solemn, and there are four towers of white, yellow, red and green in the four corners. The lanterns in the tower stay up all night. The main hall in the temple is dedicated to the statue of the founder of the Sakya school, Xue Jia, Zhida, and the statue of the three Sakyamuni, which Princess Wencheng brought to Tibet, is also the treasure of the town temple.
    Because you can’t take pictures in the temple, after everyone walked around, they went back to the square and temporarily found a place to shelter from the rain. Seeing the rain grew bigger and bigger, I don’t know who said it. This kind of weather should be drilled. A shop, drink butter tea, chat, listen to the rain.
    Not to mention, we found a shop like this outside the temple. Everyone wanted a pot of butter tea, sat down and rested, sitting next to a table with a foreigner, quietly looking at the book, probably studying the route.
    I really like this container for drinking tea. It’s pretty good. The boss is a Tibetan girl. While we pour tea, we chat with us. The time is too fast. The rain does not stop. When the meal is finished, everyone knows that Going forward, let the driver take us back to the hotel.
    DAY5: Unexpected encounter, the second Shambhala in the dream
    When I woke up, I was worried that the weather was still not good today. I didn’t expect the rain to stop. I went all the way from Xinduqiao, and the scenery on the road was dizzying. I slept in the Tianshe Hotel for two days, and the rest was very good. So I was full of energy and saw the beautiful scenery. I couldn’t help but ask the driver to stop and take pictures.
    Some places can’t stop, we can only capture in the car, the driver is very careful, seeing that we have to take pictures, we will slow down the speed, and then continue to move forward. Some regrets that without a telephoto lens, it is still very useful in Tibetan areas.
    Today we are going to Danba. After driving for a while, we arrived at Bamei. I didn’t intend to stay here, but it was almost time for lunch. The driver’s master as a full housekeeper naturally couldn’t make us hungry, so the lunch was arranged here, and we just had time to go shopping here.
    The car parked on the side of the road. I saw Tallinn, which was very large in size. I checked it online and it seems to be called Bamei Tallin. It is said that there are more than 100 seats. There is a temple next to it. It is not on the side of the road, and there is no wall. .
    The first time I walked into such a large-scale Tallinn, everyone was ready to turn a circle. On the way, I met a monk who was very enthusiastic and talked with us. He said that there is a bigger Tallinn than this in the distance. Unfortunately, our route is not going in that direction.
    There is a Mani heap next to the White Tower, and a few more steps forward, you can see a row of prayer cylinders. In the Tibetan area, I feel that my temper is getting better, my temper is slowing down, and it is good to have more generosity to treat people.
    Huiyuan Temple
    After eating lunch, the day was completely clear, and everyone finally saw the blue sky and white clouds, super excited, I feel that I can finally release the film today. Ask the driver where we are going next, he said to go to Huiyuan Temple, a lotus temple under the snowy mountains of Yala.
    I have come a few times before, because it is not a self-driving, or a group, or a ride, seeing beautiful scenery along the way is always missed, can not stop, but fortunately, this time we are a few smart, take the niche boutique custom route, want Shooting and parking, properly, the driver is very familiar with this route, and many places he took us.
    The weather is good, and everything is beautiful. The beautiful scenery of the grasslands, forests, river valleys and glaciers near the Yala Snow Mountain is a beautiful picture.
    Not long after Huiyuan Temple arrived, I don’t know if Lai Yu or Lai Ling got off the car and started the self-proclaimed mode. I also seized the opportunity to shoot some beautiful people. The bad weather before, we were left behind, even though Big noon is relatively dry, but everyone has not taken care of sunscreen.
    Huiyuan Temple was built in the 7th year of Qing Emperor Yongzheng (AD 1729). It is the only one in the Tibetan Buddhism. It is the only one built by the state.A Grue temple that repairs and worships incense.
    The temple was rebuilt 3 times and the temple is luxurious. It is a boutique of Kangba’s architectural art. There are various valuable cultural relics in the temple. Due to the birth of the eleventh Dalaik Zhujicuo, Huiyuan Temple has a deep influence in Tibetan areas.
    The driver told us that the temple holds various sacrificial activities every year. The big law will have the “Morrang” of the first month, the “Asian” in June, and the “Anzao” in November. Every time the Fa Conference, believers from all over the world come to worship and chanting, very lively.
    Because when we arrived, there were still some repairs in the temple, so we simply strolled around, but it was this open space in front of the temple. Everyone took a long time and it was a good place to make a film.
    I have never taken a twin, I don’t know how to shoot two people better, or a small partner wit, saying this situation, just follow the couple to shoot, so everyone designed a few angles and stations, still very good .
    Lai Wei, Lai Ling is also very cute. She always likes to take a selfie with her mobile phone after we have finished shooting. Isn’t it supposed to wait for our film? Maybe we think it’s too slow, or it’s fast, since it can be sent at any time. The circle of friends is king.
    Don’t ask me, after taking so many pictures, it is clear which one is the sister, which is the sister? To be honest, it is still not clear, they said that they can distinguish from the color of the hair, I think I will give up!
    Yala Snow Mountain
    Originally, the driver butler arranged a small walk for the Yala Snow Mountain on our itinerary, but considering that half of us are girls, the twin sisters came to the plateau for the first time, so in the end everyone discussed, on foot, on the viewing platform. Look at Yala Snow Mountain, after all, the weather was not good before, and the Tagong Prairie did not see it.
    Yala Snow Mountain is one of the four largest mountain mountains in China. It is located at the junction of Kangding, Daofu and Danba counties in Ganzi Prefecture, Sichuan Province, at an elevation of 5,884 meters, which is opposite to the north of the Mordo Mountain. The snow on the top of the mountain is a famous mountain in the Kham region, and the Yarra River originated here.
    It is also the mountain of worship of Huiyuan Temple and the surrounding Tibetans. The Tibetan ancient book “The Path of Shenshan Zhiyi’s Relief” is recorded in the mountain, which is called “Second Shambhala”. Standing in different places to see the Yala Snow Mountain, the mountain shape is different: from the direction of the Eight Beauty, it is crown-shaped, from the direction of Xinduqiao, it is lotus-shaped, in the tower, the snow mountain and the Jinta vie, in the mouth of the station See the Songhai and the glaciers.
    Looking at the information on the Internet, in fact, the most beautiful angle of the Yala Snow Mountain should be the Tagong Prairie, but it was a heavy rain. Today, from Bamei to Danba, it is like entering the colorful mountains. The mountains are magnificent and the mountains are densely populated. I feel that God is still patronizing us.
    The driver told us that in fact, most of the time I can’t see the Yala Snow Mountain. We came to the only pass. There is a viewing platform. It is also a mountain pass for the Yala Snow Mountain. Mountain climbers who like to challenge often climb from here. This mysterious snow peak. Although there are some clouds, we are very lucky and can see the white rose-like Yala Snow Mountain.
    When I got off the bus, I was afraid of coldness. I wore thick cotton quilts. When everyone took photos and played together, they put the cotton quilt back in the car. After all, this is one of the four great mountains. It can’t be white, take some cool pictures. photo.
    Yak River Valley
    I have seen the snow-capped mountains and continue to the direction of Danba. The road passes through the Yak River Valley. In fact, the scenery is beautiful, the plant resources are abundant, the original forests cover the sky, and there are many peaks and stones. Many sea stars are scattered in the valley. .
    The yak valley twists and turns to the west, or goes straight, rushing to the rapids; or being blocked by the brave, whirlpools; or 潺潺 dissolved, leisurely and leisurely. The otter rock, rattles like a slap, creaking, unvoiced and round, smells cool.
    The suspension bridge has to go up. Don’t look down. If you look at it, the head will be dizzy. We all went up to test it, because the water is quite urgent. Looking from the foot of the mountain to the top of the mountain, the mountains are smashing, and the fog rises like clouds. It is like a fairyland. All the way to the Panshan Highway, I finally arrived in Danba before dark.
    In order to have a better experience the next morning, the driver and the housekeeper gave us the accommodation not in the town of Danba, but directly went to the Jiaju Tibetan village. The bed and breakfast is Tibetan style, clean and sanitary, because the first floor It was cold at night, and our three rooms were set on the second floor. The proprietress also gave us a bed quilt.
    I heard that there are roast chickens for dinner, and the big guys are looking forward to it. This is not, the yard has been baked, because everyone is hungry, smelling can’t wait to eat, the inn’s three-story platform has a good view, watching the sky is getting dark, everyone is ready to eat well at night, The next morning, I went to the viewing platform.
    DAY6: Dreaming of Danba, walking into the wonderland above the ramp
    Jiaju Tibetan Village
    Earlier, I saw a photo on the Internet. When the peach blossom bloomed in the mountains and mountains, it was deeply attracted. At that moment, there was such a pure land on the Sichuan-Tibet line. The village was hidden in the world. , enjoy the happiness of the world.
    Therefore, during this trip, I specifically requested to add Danba’s itinerary. Generally speaking, everyone will follow the line of Daocheng, because we have been there before, so the opinions of everyone are surprisingly consistent.
    Woke up, the weather was fine, and after breakfast, the driver took us to the sights. There are three viewing platforms in Jiaju Zangzhai. We went to the first one. For thousands of years, the local dwellings here have always maintained the traditional architectural style and rich national characteristics, which is not easy.
    Although it did not catch up with the flower season, it has been quite shocking to see hundreds of houses living in the mountains and being mixed into the natural environment. We let the driver take a break and everyone is ready to take a walk and feel it slowly.
    From afar, the emerald mountainside, the emerald green grass and green trees, the terraced fields and the Tibetan dwellings hidden in the depths of the jungle, shine in the sun like the white Hada. With a stream that is sometimes absent, a dynamic and wonderful picture is presented to us.
    In the local area, people refer to the villages they live in as stockades. These stockades are generally built on the slopes of Xiangyang. The stockades are composed of dozens or even hundreds of households. Walking in the stockade, you can meet the comet people, and the oxen walk leisurely on the road, very primitive, pure.
    There are villagers working in the fields, the fruit trees on the roadside are full of fruit, the sun is shining like gold, the sky is pure and warm, and the clear river flows through it.In the grass of wildflowers, the atmosphere is blowing in the wind. At this moment, I especially hope that time will stop.
    The Tibetans in Danba are significantly different from the Tibetans in other places. They do not live in the high-altitude areas like other Tibetans. The flooding of Danba is only about 2,000 meters. Therefore, everyone does not have any discomfort. Find a good angle and everyone doesn’t want to miss it.
    In addition, Tibetans in Danba do not depend on nomads for their livelihoods, but like the Han people relying on farming for a living, so their Tibetan villages have been so beautifully built, come here to take pictures, telephoto is essential, and the friends are bringing The 70-200 can just pick a partial scene. I didn’t take it with me. I borrowed the lens of my companion. Fortunately, we are all Canon.
    The heroes originally wanted to find a good angle for themselves. Later, everyone looked good. Everyone went up and took a few shots. I personally think that the viewing platform 1 is not bad. I can photograph the mountains and rivers and I can also take them. A patchwork of houses.
    Walking along the mountain, passing through many yards, each house’s entrance to the courtyard is exquisitely carved, highlighting individuality, red door beams, red doorposts, and bright paintings, all different. Looking into the distance, the stockade is under the blue sky and white clouds, swimming between the dust and the heavens, such as the fairyland. At this point, the long-cherished wish has finally been reached.
    Siguniang Mountain & Balang Mountain
    At noon, we ate at the foot of Siguniang Mountain. I am no stranger to this mountain. Many friends in Chengdu have mentioned it before. Every time I always think about going, I have to go there. This time we are on the line just passing through Siguniang Mountain, we can look at it.Looking at it on the platform, it is quite satisfactory.
    Although the beauty of the Sangou and the Four Peaks needs to be tasted slowly, but this time is limited, there is no way to go deep. When everyone talks about it, there is time to go, and take a long line, so you don’t have to rush to see the scenery once, because the scenery here is not I can see through it in a day and a half…
    Then we have to climb over Balang and go to Wolong. The Balang Mountain is 5040 meters above sea level, and the Tibetan language is called Barangla, which means Shengliu Mountain. The mountainous area above 4000 meters above sea level is a cold and weathered mountain. The mountain is steep and the rocks are bare and dangerous. The debris slopes and stone piles formed by the falling of the rock fragments are everywhere. The road in the area is Aba. The most dangerous road in the east.
    The up and down mountain roads of the Balang Mountain and the Qikou area are all over 4,000 meters above sea level. The mountain slopes are steep, but the scenery is extremely beautiful. The white clouds are like the sea, the snow-capped mountains are continuous, and the meadows are undulating. The drivers of Scorpio along the way reminded us that we have to enter the high-altitude area. Do not play mobile phones on the mountainous roads and try to rest as much as possible. The infinite scenery is at the peak of the peak. The altitude of the pass that we passed is 4,523 meters. It is one of the famous highways with high altitude in China. Driving here, you can experience the peaks and turns of the road between the ridges, which is quite shocking.
    The climate of Balang Mountain is changeable, and there are often clouds in the mountains. We catch up with the foggy days, which means that it is relatively difficult to drive on a section of road. However, the driver’s master told us not to worry, even if it is dense fog, it can safely reach the destination. After all, people are professional.
    We came down from Balang Mountain, all the way to the Panshan Highway, and the scenery on the roadside was quite beautiful. We are going to Wolong to see the baby panda, everyone is very excited! On this day, I turned over a few mountains. We are still fine. I feel that the driver’s master is driving again and giving us the whole house as a housekeeper. It is quite fortunate.
    DAY7: Where the sun sets, there are cute pandas here.
    Last night, because I arrived late, I didn’t have time to enjoy the surrounding scenery. I got up early in the morning and pushed open the window to see the distant mountains and clouds, feeling like dreaming. Although Wolong is not far from Chengdu, I am still here for the first time.
    Surrounded by mountains, it is quiet and peaceful. Walking in the early morning mountain trails, you can feel the refreshing refreshment of nature. I remember that at the time of the Wenchuan earthquake in 2008, I saw in the newspaper that the baby pandas in Wolong had no bamboo to eat. At that time, they looked very distressed and wanted to have a chance to see them.
    This time, ten years have passed, the landscape here is still the same, I have long graduated from school and become a wandering traveler. I really like this customized trip. A Jiaju Zhaizhai, a Wolong, is a place that I want to go, but I have not been able to arrive. This time I have two cards at the same time, and I am super happy.
    Hidden Moss Hotel
    In Wolong, we stayed at the Hidden Moss Hotel, which is located in the heart of the Wolong Shouyi tribe and is surrounded by the mountains and has a natural coolness.
    The green mountains and green waters outside the hotel, the waters of the river, one step at a time, we enjoy the cleanest christening ceremony of nature, escape from the city, come here to absorb oxygen, relax the mood, no better. Because this is the last stop of our trip, everyone is especially cherished.
    The wooden elements fill the entire hotel and can be seen from the outside. There is a cute panda pattern on the wall, and the name of the hotel is also closely related to the panda.
    The giant panda is clamoring in the classical Chinese. The dragon’s favorite mountain is the giant panda’s favorite arrow bamboo. But every few decades, the bamboo will bloom and die. It takes ten years of growth and the giant panda is forced to migrate for food. The Han people in the mountain village began to return farmland to forests, planting their homes with arrow bamboo, and guarding the prosperity of the pandas. They are called “shou shou people.”
    The guardian tribe where the Hidden Keeper Hotel is located is gathering these lovely and simple guardians, staying in the hotel, and can learn more about the culture of pandas. It is quite good.
    The original quaint eaves and the corridors and restaurants full of Tibetan-style charms make people feel the Yi culture from a distance. Eat or read here, and enjoy the view from the window.
    From the hotel’s door-to-door Hada, to the small ornaments in the public area, and the specialty of the hand-held area, this hotel has fully enlarged the national elements, just not too much.
    Stayed for a while with the gift, saw a lot of local specialties, of course, the most eye-catching is the panda baby, each of them is lifelike, there is an impulse to buy all home.
    In addition to restaurants, tea bars, and conference rooms, the hotel has also established a parent-child space. Here, you can take your baby to do the craftsmanship, read the picture book to understand the giant panda culture, and enjoy the joy of accompanying the children.
    Originally, I was going to live in the parent-child room, because I saw a cute wooden horse, but the two of us were still not married, and the parent-child room was still reserved for the family with the baby, so I asked for a luxury mountain view suite. In the meantime, this makes other friends very envious, they can only live in the superior bed room.
    The open and spacious suites, the glass room balcony, the large bathtub space, accompanied by the sunlight spilling into the room, sitting in the glass room to enjoy the afternoon tea, the mood of the whole family in the mountains outside the window has become different.
    The small details of the room are also flattering. The Dai people’s furnishings in the room, the retro brass faucet, the characteristic wardrobe, the cotton and linen slippers, the unique design of the lamps, etc., feel very warm and intimate.
    The toiletries for bathing are very elegant. The toothbrush and comb are wooden. In addition, tea is prepared for each guest. Tea can be made in the room. The floor is warm and cold at night, the bed is soft and comfortable to sleep.
    Only when you slow down and travel, can you find a good life. Come here, throw away the busyness of the city, and eat local specialties at night. It is also a must. The hotel’s restaurant can make both Sichuan and non-spicy dishes. The butler has arranged a few dishes according to our taste. I like it very much.
    The boys in the same group like to be a little bit hot. This pickled fish is specially made for them. It looks like it is delicious. I can’t help but eat a few mouthfuls.
    While eating, I was attracted by the books on the wooden shelves of the restaurant. The housekeeper said that this is the unique concept of “Bringing a book with me to travel together”. This is a “hidden bubble”.
    This is a local specialty dessert. It is a sweet bean paste. It is delicious and full. The men don’t love it. We have divided the girls and girls. Now, if you think about it, you will still drool.
    The local small bamboo shoots of Wolong are really fresh and tender. I like it very much. The key is not to put on spicy food. I have a little homesickness when I eat. This is the taste of Jiangnan and the taste of my hometown.
    After eating, the butler told us that there is a bonfire party at the hotel tonight. Everyone can go dancing together. How can we miss such a good thing, come over early, the bonfire rises, and three or five groups of nearby villagers come over. Watch the fun.
    I haven’t played so much for a long time. I laughed with a group of strangers between the green mountains and the green waters. I danced with the local villagers. The last night of the trip was the most memorable night.
    China Giant Panda Court
    Since I came to the hometown of the pandas, how can I not visit this group of “living fossils”, and I have waited for so long, so I can’t do so, so I asked the driver to leave early.
    It takes only more than 20 minutes to drive from the hidden Moss Hotel to reach the China Giant Panda Garden. It is the largest breeding base for giant pandas at home and abroad. It is said that the Chinese Giant Panda Garden currently has 74 giant pandas, accounting for about 74 pandas. 50% of the world’s captive giant pandas
    The base trees are lush, the environment is quiet and serene, and the giant pandas are raised in a separate house. It is enviable and enters the base. I can’t wait to see the baby panda.
    The pandas here are kept in different areas, the little pandas have kindergartens, and the giant pandas are one big villa, which is quite domineering. From time to time, there are also local tyrants to adopt for life, and children with aunts are not the same.
    I went to the kindergarten to see the little pandas. They all eat bamboo together or they are playing, because the distance is far apart, so the shot is not clear, but they eat bamboo and are quite cute, sitting and eating, lying down. Eat, leisurely, embarrassing.
    Then came to the Giant Panda Pavilion, where the pandas were obviously bigger and bigger. It happened to see a person walking down and drinking water, very close to us, so everyone took the time to press the shutter.
    The panda baby looked fat and felt inconvenient. In fact, it was quite flexible. After a while, he finished the water, took a shower, and went back to the house. So I suggest you take a panda, remember to bring a telephoto. Because most of the pandas don’t come down very much, near the house above, far away from us.
    After reading the panda, this trip to western Sichuan is coming to an end. I was going back to Chengdu on the way back to Chengdu. A sudden rainstorm will be planned, and I will regret it. I will have a reason to stay longer next time. Well. Everyone is very satisfied with the whole trip. I want to give Tianzhu’s private custom service a big praise. Next time I come to Tibet, I will still consider their home, professional, meticulous, and the whole food and accommodation are well arranged. We also have satisfactory results.
    Conclusion: Goodbye, Chuanxi
    After everyone returned to Chengdu, they adjusted for one night and then bid farewell to each other. The twin sisters returned to Guangzhou, and the heroes were ready to go to Kenya to see the lion. Xiaobu took a few days to go to Gang Rinpoche to go to the mountain. A long went to Chongqing, I went back to Nanjing. We are all a group of passengers, every day, but as long as there is a fate, it will still See you. In fact, every journey, from starting, trekking, to arriving, returning, is ultimately not meant to arrive somewhere, but to gain insight and gain a new self. This is the meaning of travel. Goodbye, West Sichuan, goodbye, will meet again!

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