What are the must-visit attractions in Guilin?

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The first day, Xanadu in the morning, take a bamboo raft to swim in the Lijiang River in the afternoon (Yangdi-Xingping, Lijiang is the representative of Guilin’s landscape), transfer to Yangshuo after arriving at Xingping, and live in a characteristic family hotel near Yangshuo West Street at night, convenient for the evening Visit West Street, and go a bit luxurious to see Zhang Sanmou’s large-scale real-life landscape theater. Impression Liu Sanjie.

The next day, a classic ride in Yangshuo, the Yulong River leisure and romantic bamboo raft drifting in the morning (Chaoyang Pier-Gongnong Bridge), landed on the famous Shili Gallery Scenic Area, you can selectively visit Tianli Butterfly Spring, Totem Ancient Road, Da Banyan Tree, Moon Mountain, or directly arrange to visit the largest and most beautiful karst cave in Yinzi Rock in Asia.

On the third day, play in Guilin, Elephant Trunk Hill (the symbol of Guilin, the emblem of Guilin City) go to the Gudong Waterfall in the afternoon to play water, stay in Guilin at night, and have time to see the night view of the Four Lakes.

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