What is special in Guilin, Guangxi?

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Guilin food, souvenirs and shopping:

Guilin specialty:

Ginkgo, Luo Han Guo, Longsheng Pepper, Longji Terraced Water Wine, Horseshoe, Yuzu, Bamboo Shoot, Sanhua Wine, Various Pastries, Osmanthus, etc.

Guilin Food:

Braised beer fish, Guilin rice noodles, stuffed vegetables, wire taro, taro buckle, cold dishes, etc. Guilin rice noodles are the best to eat. Guilin Aniuyu Rice Noodles. There are chain stores at the south side door of Guidian, Jinji intersection, Donghuan Market, and Bali Street. Master beer fish in Yangshuo is also popular. The dishes of Gan Restaurant, Xiao Nan Guo, and Macau Restaurant are also popular.

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