What is the best time to go to Guilin?

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最好 What’s the best time to go to Guilin?

The average annual temperature in Guilin is 19.3 ° C, and there are “three winters with little snow and four seasons with flowers”. The frost-free period throughout the year is 309 days. The average temperature of the coldest January is 7.9 ° C, and the average temperature of the hottest July is 28.3 ° C. Guilin is suitable for tourism all year round. The best season to visit Guilin is from April to October every year.

The best season to travel to Guilin is from April to November each year. Within half a month after the fifteenth day of the lunar calendar, you can see the water-filled Longji terraces (tickets), as well as the Zhuang Song Festival in March and the seedling year in October. The Mid-Autumn Festival’s Elephant Trunk Hill (ticket) “Lijiang (ticket) bimonthly” is beautiful. Low season: “Three winters are less snow, and the four seasons are often spent.” Guilin has different surprises in all four seasons. And in some special months, there are more rare sights. The Yao nationality no wind festival in the first lunar month of the lunar calendar can also enjoy the warmth of winter brought by the alpine dense forest hot spring in the hot spring scenic area.

What is the best tourist season in Guilin?

In the spring, when the earth rejuvenates and everything recovers, when the north is still cold in spring, Guilin is already a world of flowers, red leaves and green, full of spring. In March in spring and spring, the average temperature is around 10 ° C, and sometimes there are spring rain, and the cold wind still invades the skin from time to time, but as long as you wear a rain jacket for the cold, it is fine. If you choose to travel to Guilin in the spring, it is best to bring rain gear.

Summer is the rainy season in Guilin, with rainfall concentrated in April, May, June, and July. The annual rainfall in Guilin is 1900 mm, while the summer rainfall is nearly 1,000 mm, accounting for more than half of the total annual rainfall. Watching Guilin’s landscape (tickets) in the rain and fog and smoke is even more fluttering. The “Lijiang River Smoke and Rain” is a must in the world. If you visit Guilin, you will not be able to appreciate the “Lijiang River Smoke and Rain”. It is a great regret! It becomes a ten-mile promenade, therefore, “Lijiang Cuizhu” is a must in Guilin’s summer tour. “Everywhere is hot, pleasant Guilin alone” This is the ancient people’s high evaluation of Guilin’s climate.

What are the fun attractions in Guilin? Must visit attractions in Guilin?

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