What rock climbing sites are there in China?

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Guilin Yangshuo

In the domestic climbing circle, Yangshuo’s primacy is indisputable, because it contains almost the most perfect rock wall that can be found in China so far. Moon Mountain in particular! As a “Pearl” in Yangshuo’s rock climbing sacred place, Moon Mountain has long been familiar to numerous rock climbing enthusiasts and has become a symbol of Guilin rock climbing. Coupled with the good stone quality and the special difficulty of the arches, it is regarded as a rare “temple” in the climbing industry.



The most impressive impression of Pinggeyan is that the rock wall is rich in resources, and the lines that have been developed so far are just the “tip of the iceberg”. Most of the rock faces here gather around the village, and the nearest rock area is only a 5-minute walk. And let the world know about Ge convex, because of the magnificent hole in this place, its magnificence makes every climber who comes here amazing. In addition to the abundant rock wall resources, the folk customs here are simple and kind, which is very suitable for self-driving.


郭 He Guoliang

Guoliang Liangxianshan is China’s first national climbing park. The line style here is also very unique. The rock wall is basically 90 ° vertical, there is no elevation angle, and some are even negative angles, which test the balance ability very much. Guo Liang’s rock wall is very special. Unlike the limestone karst landforms usually seen in Yangshuo or other places, it is a dark red quartz sandstone. The texture is hard and the friction is double that of ordinary limestone. easily. Guo Liang not only has sports climbing lines, but also can experience the charm of traditional climbing. The numerous cracks with different lengths on the rock wall provide a place for traditional climbing to place mechanical plugs and rock plugs as protection points.


Yunnan Dawn + Shigu

黎明 Yunnan Liming is mainly based on traditional climbing. It is currently the most concentrated place for traditional domestic routes and the best place to learn traditional climbing in China. Thousands of cracks of different sizes and widths have cracked on the surface of huge red sandstone mountains. The clean and tidy cracks provide a safe and easy to learn place for beginners. Shigu is mainly for sports climbing. The two places are on the same road, less than 50 kilometers apart. After climbing the traditional climbing, then come back to experience sports climbing, a place where both traditional and sports are repaired.


怀 Beijing Huairou

怀 Beijing Huairou is also a traditional rock climbing place, with natural rock walls and many routes. The most famous is of course the Baihe Rock Climbing Ground (the Baihe Canyon, Zhangjiafen Village) upstream of the Miyun Reservoir. If you go in the summer, you will see many people there. And there are already different outdoor climbing routes. If you go, it is better to drive. If you are taking a car, you can take the train to Shitang Road and get off, then rent a small noodle past. Secondly, on the Shidu side of Fangshan, there are natural rock walls such as Erdu, Sandu (the river that turns into the film city intersection after Sandu crosses the bridge), and Sidu.

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