What to pay attention to when traveling to Guilin?

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When you come to Guilin, you can swim in the mountains and water, so wear a pair of shoes that can be used for climbing mountains and water. Then Guilin is very hot and very hot in the summer. It should be shaded and sunscreen. Room and air-conditioned car may be worn.

醒 A reminder to tourists visiting Guilin:

Be cautious when traveling as a group. Near the railway station and bus station in Guilin, advertisements for individual groups are everywhere, and some old ladies will also follow the outsiders to sell various N-day tours. It is recommended to stay away from them and not to mess with them.

If the travel agency says that it will take you from the urban area of ​​Guilin to the dock, take a boat tour of the Li River, and then go to Yangshuo, the price of different tours will be very different.

One type is to cruise the Li River from Mopanshan Wharf to land in Yangshuo. The distance of 83 kilometers is RMB 210 per person for a normal ferry ticket, including Chinese food. Going down the river, the journey takes about 4-5 hours and arrives at Yangshuo County at about 2:30 in the afternoon. This is operated by Guilin Tourism Co., Ltd. and is very formal.

The second type is a bamboo raft with a motor to swim the Lijiang River. The journey is from Yangdi to Xingping. Buy tickets at the ticket office of the Lijiang Scenic Spot in Yangdi Township and take a bamboo raft to tour the river. The market price is 216 yuan / 4 person bamboo raft. Under normal circumstances, as soon as you arrive at Yangdi Pier, someone will sell you bamboo raft tours. They are sold by head, usually 150 yuan / person. Remind you: Yang Di itself is open all day, but the drifting time is generally: 7:00-10:30, 12:00-17:00, this is for the ship to pass, 10:30-12:00 Block time for bamboo rafts. The bamboo raft tickets sold at the ticket office are the Lijiang River from Yangdi to Xingping by bamboo raft. After arriving at Xingping, drive to Yangshuo by car.

Three types. If you take a row of bamboo rafts from Yangdi Pier or Xingping Pier to see the Nine Horse Painting Mountain, or the reflection of the yellow cloth, that will take you to see the background pattern of 20 yuan. It’s cheap.

You can go to the “Lijiang River Tour” of “Guilin Lijiang Scenic Area Official Website in China” to see it.

So, they all traveled from Guilin to the Yangtze River to Yangshuo. How long does it take to travel by car or boat? The cost is different. Not to mention that some travel agencies are doing everything possible to shorten the journey by boat, increase the journey by car, and save the time to take you into shopping stores and temples.

It is recommended to go to the “Lijiang River Tour” of “Guilin Lijiang Scenic Area Official Website, China” to learn to swim the Lijiang River to Yangshuo. And if you want to apply for a pure play group, your point is worth it.

In addition, don’t go to the area around the South Ring Road, that is, get out of Xiangshan Park, turn right over Wenchang Bridge, from Wenchang Bridge traffic lights to Nanmen Qiaotou Chun Kee Roasted Goose Street, where there are so-called specialty restaurants and restaurants Souvenir shops are designed to blackmail foreigners, and locals will never go there. Tsing Kee Roasted Goose Shop is not a bully for locals.

Also pay attention: go out, for safety, don’t show your money. In Yangshuo, some bad guys robbed guests riding bicycles to visit Yangshuo. There are thieves on the Guilin bus station, train station, pedestrian street, bus, and even on the street, both for men and women. The most frequent bus stations and train stations outside the city. Don’t buy or stay at stores near train stations and bus stations in all places. There are many thieves and shopkeepers who are very dark. Most of them will bully foreigners. The most despicable thing is to adjust the banknotes and play the trick of missing banknotes. Also, don’t expect to have an encounter in Guilin. Guilin has a lot of care. They will take the initiative to talk to you and ask you to go to the movies, sing, drink coffee, drink, etc., just to kill you. In addition, those tricycle drivers who are soliciting at the hotel are basically all trustees. Even if you take a taxi, you must be careful. You must guard against black cars and pay attention. Even if it is a regular taxi, don’t trust the driver. Do not rule him out. It is also possible, don’t go to the KTV, bars, travel agency N-day tours, restaurant and so on he recommended. If you encounter blackmail by a bully, the best way is to find a way out or call 110 to call the police.

Generally, there are shopping links in group tours of travel agencies. Although it is explicitly prohibited, it is difficult to ban it. Guilin’s travel agencies usually take tourists to shopping: jade shop, silver shop, Chinese medicine shop, Kistler shop, bamboo fiber product shop, tea shop, souvenir shop, latex product shop, and various temples, etc. Good charge, fake and real, high quality and low price, it is the shoppers, tour guides, and drivers colluding to make black money. Therefore, when traveling with a group, do not listen to low-cost groups and low-cost groups. You must carefully read the travel contract you signed with the travel agency to avoid being deceived.

If you have already joined the group, you have to be careful when entering the store. There is no other way to waste time. Do n’t waste any more money. There is no need to argue with the tour guide, keep the evidence, and finish the complaint.

Go to “Guilin Life Network”, click on the navigation bar “Convenience Services” at the top right of the homepage, and then pull down to find “Guilin City Government Service Agency Phone”. The telephone number of the tourist complaint center and the Guilin city price inspection office.

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