Where is Longji Terraced Fields and which Zhaizi is fun? Which one is few and beautiful?

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Where is Longji Terrace (Tickets)


The reason why the Longji terraces are famous is because of their magnificent grandeur. The southern country is a hilly area, and it is not surprising that there are terraces in the mountains, but it is rare that such a large-scale concentration is like the Longji terraces.

熟 Be sure to read the map before you go to avoid getting lost.

Which village is fun

Longji Terraced Field is a collective name for a large scenic area, consisting of multiple Zhuang-Yao villages, including Jinkeng Dazhai (Jinkeng Hongyao Terraces, hereinafter referred to as “Jinkeng Terraces”), and Ping’an Village (Ping’an Zhuang Terraces, hereinafter “Ping An Terraced Fields”) The two main villages are the core scenic spots, as well as the Longji Ancient Zhuang Village gradually gaining popularity. In addition to these three larger main villages, there are also Huangluo Yaozhai and Jinzhuzhuangzhai nearby, which have also developed some fun spots to attract tourists.

As far as the terraces are concerned, Ping’an Terrace and Jinkeng Terrace are the two core terraces with the best landscape, the most convenient transportation. Ping An Terraced Field is the earliest to develop and is well-known. The facilities in the village are relatively complete and mature. The drop-off point for the shuttle buses from Guilin is also the closest. Therefore, it is the choice for most first-time tours and day trips. The development of Jinkeng Terraces is relatively late, and the transportation is slightly inconvenient, but the scenery is more spectacular, fewer tourists, and accommodation conditions have improved a lot. In recent years, it has also been favored by many self-guided tour and photography enthusiasts.

1, the most famous terrace: Ping An Terrace

Because of its earlier development, the Ping’an Terraces have spread more widely. The current Ping’an Village where the Ping’an Terraces are located and Guzhuang Village’s middle street will sell tourist crafts, souvenir shops and restaurants. Ladder. This area is mainly an area for Zhuang people’s activities, so here is the carrier of Zhuang culture.

What to watch: The viewing point of Ping’an Village in Ping’an Terraced Fields is high, the highest point is the Five Tigers in Kowloon. This is also the main viewing point in the terraces. Another famous point of view is the Seven Stars Moon.

2. Upstart with fewer people: Jinkeng Terrace

The development time is late, the commercial atmosphere is not so strong, the folk customs are also very simple, the terraces scenery is more magnificent, the scale is larger, and the area is wider, belonging to the better protected and more primitive terraces scenery. The ropeway has been built in this terraced field for tourists to go up and down the mountain. Jinkeng Terraces is located in Dazhai and Tiantouzhai, and is the cradle of Hongyao culture. (Hong Yao people think that hair is the essence of human blood, and women’s hair is a symbol of life, so Hong Yao women are mostly long hair)

What to watch: Yao’s hanging feet, sunrise and sunset, starry sky photography, terraces

Jinkeng Ropeway Tips:

Jinkeng Terrace Tourist Cableway is a single-line circular four-person gondola lift with a total length of 1380 meters and a drop of 310 meters. It has 113 gondola cabins. The ropeway takes about 20 minutes to go up the mountain. If you walk up the mountain to reach the top of the Golden Buddha, it will take about 1.5 hours.

Cableway information: Dazhai Scenic Spot Gate 3-Golden Buddha Peak, 60 yuan one way, 110 yuan round trip, operating hours: 9: 00-17: 00

The scenery of the two terraces is different. For the time being, the original ecology of the Jinkeng terraces is more suitable for self-help tourists. You can live on the terraces for one night and slowly experience the charming scenery of the terraces.

3. The reputation has risen in the past two years: Guzhuang Village

Is a new terraced field developed in the past two years. Both Ping’an Village and Zhuang Nationality live more. The two villages can be communicated by walking for 40 minutes. Famous attractions: Halong Crossing River, Zhuang Ancient Culture Museum.

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