Where is Longji Terraced Fields good and how much is it? How to choose accommodation?

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Longji Terraces (Tickets) Accommodation Guide

Looking at the terraces, I will live high!

The accommodation at the bottom of the terrace is not very good. It is recommended to book the accommodation at the top of the terrace (panorama building, etc.) or in the middle (tiantouzhai, etc.). The disadvantage is that you need to go up by yourself. If you are driving, you can find a few local special luggage Yao auntie carrying luggage, can live in Tiantouzhai with other people to take a local-operated van, usually a trip of about 10 yuan, can not directly go to the door of the accommodation, because it is a terraced road, so you need to walk, Walking time is 5 minutes-ranging from 20 minutes.

Where is the best accommodation for Jilongji Terraced Fields and how do I choose one?

(1) Accommodation in Jinkeng

First look at the accommodation in Jinkeng: Jinkeng terraces are divided according to the general terrain. Dazhai is at the foot of the mountain, Zhuang is on the hillside, and Tiantou is on the mountainside. It is recommended to live in Tiantouzhai. There are more hotels in this village and they can be more selective. Let’s analyze the advantages and disadvantages of accommodation around.

1, Dazhai:

Located at the foot of the scenic spot, the entrance is the car square, close to the gate of the scenic spot, there are many hotels, there is a choice, compared to the mountains, the price of food and accommodation here is lower. In Dazhai Village, you can look to the Golden Buddha Peak to the right, and to the left you can see the high mountain (ticket) Shao Le. Those who arrive at Longji later can choose to stay in Dazhai to avoid dark mountain climbing. (Please note that the ticket stop time at the entrance of the scenic area is about 17:30. If you arrive later than this time, you may not be able to enter the scenic area. If you reserved the dragon in advance, The ridge hotel arrives at the scenic area late due to special circumstances, and you can ask the hotel owner if you can enter). There are many tourists during the Golden Week. The price here is much cheaper than the 200 yuan on the top of the mountain. Ordinary accommodation can be tens of dollars. If your luggage is too heavy, you can also use it as a rest point. The disadvantage is that the distance to the major observation decks in Jinkeng is quite far.

2, Zhuangjie:

The advantage is that it is located on a hillside, with the terraces in the surrounding area, and you can see Dazhai from below, and you can see a thousand-story ladder. The world is independent, the environment is quiet, and it is more convenient to go up and down.

3. Tiantouzhai:

It is above the state boundary, and there are relatively many hotels in the building complex on the mountainside. It takes about 20 minutes to climb from Dazhai. It is high on the ground and has a wide view. Although looking up at the Golden Buddha Peak, the No. 1 scenic spot Xishan Shaole is nearby, and it is very convenient to watch the sunrise in the morning. It’s also a short walk to Ping’an Village.

4. Big Mao World:

Da Maojie is located on the upper half of the mountain on the right side of Dazhai Village. It can be reached by walking for 30 minutes. Below is Dazhai. It is the Golden Buddha Peak. There are currently 3 hotels. Good choice.

5. Golden Buddha Ding:

The Golden Buddha Peak is located above Da Maojie. It takes 30 minutes to walk up the stone road from Da Maojie. The advantage of the Golden Buddha Hotel is that it is located on a high place with panoramic views on all sides. This is also the only scenic spot that can be reached by ropeway.

6, Near Shao Le, Xishan: The highest place.

The tallest hotel in Longji Terraces is located near this scenic spot. Panoramic building (Longji landmark building, it takes 3-4 hours to climb here. Guilin and Yangshuo both have direct buses to Panoramic House hotels). Building, Wanjing Tower and Dazhai Hotel, Meijing Tower, Jinmei Pavilion, Tiantouzhai Hotel Concentration Area.

(2) Ping’an Terraced Field Accommodation

You can choose to live in Ping’an Village or Guzhuang Village. The Ping’an Village was developed earlier and the facilities are more complete than Jinkeng. See the sunrise of the day.

Accommodation Conditions and Prices for Longji Ridge Terrace

Inn is basically self-operated, except in high season, it will basically not invite outsiders, so food and accommodation are in the same building. When setting an inn, you can know the location of the inn and the sound insulation problem and the distance to various attractions. Do n’t say that the house is not good and not lively when you arrive. Ethnic minorities have lived on the mountain for generations. The guests lived and stayed on the hanging feet of their grandparents.

Don’t worry about the accommodation on the mountain is not used, there are accommodations ranging from 2,000 yuan to 80 yuan. With the demand for travel experience, many inns have begun to think about what guests think, and urgently need them, and strive to give guests the most convenient experience when they can retain the local customs.

Price reference:

The cost is 100-400 a room, the price will be increased to 300-800 a room during the Golden Week, and the accommodation is concentrated in Dazhai and Tiantouzhai.

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