Where is the Spring Festival? Visiting the Republic of China Street, two days and one night through the original life of old Chongqing! (starting)

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The metropolis of modern society is fast-paced, and it is a high-tempo era of 200 megabytes of network speed. It is difficult to stop the pace of efforts to improve the quality of life. On weekends and holidays, many people always want to change their rhythm and lifestyle. Think about the people of the last century, they are not so fast-paced, there are not so many modern equipment, and there is no smart phone that is now inseparable from people. They are very interested in how they live.
     Between the mountains and rivers in the Liangjiang New District of Chongqing, there is a style street in the Republic of China. Chongqing people used to call it the “Republic of China Street”, also known as the Liangjiang International Film City. There were buildings in the old city of Chongqing during the Republic of China in the 1940s (mostly rebuilt in a 1:1 ratio), such as banks, pawn shops, inns, shops, theaters, bars, hot pot restaurants, western restaurants… Star-studded, the overall restoration of the old Chongqing social living space, is also a microcosm and window of Chongqing as a “land of beautiful mountains and rivers”.
    That period of history carries too many memories: Now this place is called Chongqing Minguo Street. You can enter here for 40 yuan tickets to read the city life in Chongqing in the 1940s. Now, in addition to recreating the customs of the Republic of China at that time, letting tourists participate is also a good place for leisure and entertainment on weekends. The Spring Festival is coming soon. I went to the Republic of China Street and looked at it. It was a netizen who fell in love with Chongqing during the Spring Festival.
    On the square outside the gate of the Republic of China, a most widely used C-47 military transport aircraft during World War II was parked. It was also the main transport aircraft of the “Hump Route” at that time. The TV series “Chongqing Negotiation” was used during the filming of the Republic of China Street. aircraft. I have not yet entered the Republic Street, I have already felt the breath of that era.
    The main body of Liangjiang Film and Television City is within the scope of Longxing Town in northern Fujian. In 2012, it was built for the film “1942”.
    Let’s look back at history in front of the hero Jigong monument, sit on a rickshaw, travel through time and space, and experience a trip to the Republic of China: “After a hundred years through a hundred years”: to read that unforgettable time, return to the year, clothing, entertainment, etc. All aspects of Chongqing’s market life in the 1940s.
    The rickshaws of that era were one of the main traffic for Miss Fujia.
    In 1942’s Social Service Office, Chiang Kai-shek’s slogan was still well-conceived – “Life is service-oriented.” It is not to mention who to serve, trickle. It is equivalent to the current public welfare service organization. Now it is the clothing rental point of the Republic of China, you can also change it here, experience the clothing back to that era, and satisfy people’s desire to play through the experience of old Chongqing.
    Photographed please: At that time, there were many museums in Chongqing, the most famous ones were — Accompany the photo studio.
    Old-fashioned camera at the time, be careful: smoke when you take photos!
    Friends who like camera and photography, this is worth a look: the museum that collects the most classical cameras in the country – Jiahe Classical Camera Museum, is divided into three layers, covers an area of ​​400 square meters, and collects thousands of Chinese and foreign classical cameras. Gathered different eras, different countries and different performances.
    A mini spy camera used by agents in the movie.
    Some of these rare classical cameras are orphans all over the world, and many foreign experts have to go to Jiahe to have a look.
    The various cameras left at that time were quite a lot, and now it is a rare camera museum.
    After reading so many kinds of cameras, we also put on the equipment to take a few plots and military uniforms. Look at this handsome pot and see it as a spy. It doesn’t matter if you don’t bring your own camera. You can also pat the phone, just be happy. Or go into the old phase hall to shoot, what you want is the original experience and aftertaste.
    The student girl took a light step into the photo gallery and was also a fashion singer at the time. Let’s leave a memorial.
    At that time, the record player line was equivalent to the current fever audio store.
    The world-renowned EMI company has arrived in Chongqing in 1942.
    This is the presidential palace built in the ratio of 1:0.6: the National Government Building. The original site is located at No. 232, Yuzhong District, Chongqing, and went to see the scene at the time.
    The National Government Building retains the essence of Chinese classical architectural culture, but it combines the practical structure of Western architecture. It has a high-opening gate and is built on a high stone platform. It is magnificent and majestic.
    The presidential palace is very stylish, and it will also reproduce the scene of the “Transfer of the Capital”: In 1937 (the 26th year of the Republic of China), the National Government President Lin Sen published the “Guide to the National Government’s Migration and Prevention of Chongqing” in Hankou, and the National Government immediately moved to Chongqing. During the eight years of the Anti-Japanese War, the National Government was here to serve as the center of China’s political and military, and the source of major decisions for major actions.
    The place where Chairman Jiang’s office is embarrassed, this crush picked up the phone and heard what major events were not, huh, huh!
    The female officers of the Kuomintang look very social. I don’t know what to do with them. !
    Anti-Japanese, men, women and children, it is worthy to praise the Japanese invaders.
    In the scene of the war front line reappeared in the “Banfire Battlefield” film and television experience hall, the war was fierce, but in the rear, the ladies and gentlemen still had a special car ride.
    Mrs. Guan Taikuo can be delicious, drink and play, standing on the periphery and watching the war, while the progressive students also participated in the camp of patriotism and salvation, not afraid of sacrifice.
    Secrecy Bureau Chongqing Intelligence Station (graphic/influenza)
    The “Fenghuo Battlefield” film and television experience hall is equipped with Chongqing Guard Command, Combat Command, Landline Blocking Line, Frontier Position, Diaolou Fort, Secrecy Bureau Chongqing Intelligence Station, Anti-Link Tiger Village, Prison Concentration Camp and other shocking scenes. An interactive experience project that photographers love.
    Chongqing garrison command (graphic / love flu)
    Prison concentration camp (love flu)
    This is the reappearance of the former site of Xinhua Daily, Baixiang Street, Chongqing, and it is still in the process of continuation. The above inscription is a nationalThe party’s veteran, written by Mr. Zuo Ren, is also the head of the original Xinhua Daily.
    The Xinhua Daily was founded in 1938 and was published in Wuhan. It was once issued as a national newspaper of the Communist Party of China. On the eve of the Wuhan depression, the Xinhua Daily relocated to Chongqing. At that time, he reported many patriotic national salvation stories and exposed the ugly behavior of the Kuomintang authorities, which was well received by the public. But –
    In any case, Mrs. Guan and Miss Kuo still go to high-end department stores every day to smoke and smoke.
    Rich people can also open bottles of wine first, then go to the hotel to be happy, or drink a drunk in the wine.
    Amy’s Miss Kuai, the official wife will go shopping for cheongsam, bags/small suits and other foreign goods. Of course, there is no LV.
    At that time, the celebrities and wealthy people’s entertainment activities were still very rich: like going to the smelly beauty, taking a picture, sizing the flat gold silk glasses to learn, walking around the watch shop to support the facade, pretending to have something to play with, what is deep, sour !
    At that time, the law firm: At that time, it was reasonable for the rich and powerful people. The most extravagant thing for the poor people was to go to the “lower restaurant” to eat the bowl of bean-flower rice. It was still a holiday.
    The child can also spend two copper plates to turn the sugar to the lamp, turn to the 啥, the master will do 啥, the best is the dragon, the fish is not bad.
    The fried rice sugar that the child ate was boiling water, and the civilians at that time felt very happy…
    Prussian cigarettes are different because they are smoked, cheap, and good at sucking. (In fact, smoking is harmful)
    A word “smoke” indicates the use of the shop, simple and clear, just like the character of a Chongqing person.
    Looking back to reality, tired of hungry in the Liangjiang Film and Television City, you can go to the old street of Shancheng snacks to find delicious.
    This is the Meiling potato that has been passed down for centuries. It is interesting. Do you know if Meiling knows this? !
    The “Old Chongqing” restaurant was still open for business. There are still two ancient abacus hanging on the checkout counter of the old Chongqing restaurant.
    The supply of home-cooked food, the price unit is written as “Ocean” and return to the original taste.
    You can also taste the original Chongqing-style snacks on the 18th ladder, which is the favorite noodles and dandan noodles of Chongqing people.
    Afternoon in the afternoon, may wish to have an afternoon tea. This is Anna Tea House, a favorite of petty bourgeoisie, coffee, tea, cigars.
    Anna Tea House
    Have a taste, more sentimental. Less will be more, more attention to one. Aesthetics are reflected in every detail: a tea house, elegant tea.
    In the 1940s, Ms. Anna, the Duchess of England, invented afternoon tea to help the noble ladies spend their pleasant afternoons. Exquisiteness comes from the details of the side, this is a kind of life attitude, it is a kind of fun, this should not only belong to the 19th century British aristocracy, but also the lifestyle and attitude that the petty bourgeoisie can choose now: a small wine, tea rhyme life Enjoy the beauty of the mountains and rivers and taste delicious. That kind of arrogance is not to be said…
    Queen’s Ballroom
    If you want to be nostalgic, you can go to the Queen’s Ballroom to enjoy the folk song and dance show: listen to the songs sung by the butterfly, dance the butterfly jumping, and find the feeling of the fascination of the butterfly when Dai Dai sees it. Of course there must be a rose, I love you, and a lovely flower umbrella…
    [PS] The original site is the Queen’s Ballroom in Minzu Road, Yuzhong District. The celebrities of the Republic of China and the places where military and political officials like to gather are also the symbols of Chongqing’s nightlife in the wartime.
    Cathay Theatre (graphic/influenza)
    Cathay Cinema: This building is the famous Cathay Theatre in Chongqing, the wartime capital, with 1,500 seats. The original site is located at Zourong Road, Yuzhong District. During the Anti-Japanese War, the Cathay Theatre played 94 dramas and became the main front for the anti-Japanese national salvation drama in the rear. At the spiritual and cultural level, it played an important role in encouraging the military and the people to fight for the national enemy.
    Now you can go to the Cathay Theatre to see the wonderful acrobatics and the magic watch of the devil.Performing, true and false participation will still make you wonder in the clouds.
    Of course, the bad guys and the heartless man will eventually be punished as they should.
    Of course, you can also go to Chaotianmen Wharf to take a boat ride and wind the river to experience the original flavor of Liangjiang. The wooden buildings on both sides are typical representatives of the houses in the east of Sichuan. They are also the place where the original hot pots gathered. This street has become a hot pot street. If you want to feel the hot pot of Chongqing dock, it is good.
    There are also black swan on the riverside to help, it seems that the environment and climate here is really good, it is a good place for a holiday.
    Start slowly from 10:00 am, go to the theater, go to the book, go boating, go for a cup of coffee, leisure time is always very fast, we have not seen enough to have fun, the moon creeps up, simply Live and experience the style of the Republic of China in the night.
    Longxing Hotel (graphic/influenza)
    Tonight’s stay at Longxing Hotel in the Republic of China Street, the hotel’s architectural decoration is built in the style of the Republic of China.
    This is the front desk of the main building. The three-dimensional wall of the ancient rhyme reproduces the topographic features of Chongqing’s slings and climbing ridges. Check in after 2pm.
    Elegant and tasteful coffee bar, freshly ground coffee and fake fragrant scent, as well as the old phonograph from the ethereal sky, the thoughts return to the century-old Chongqing.
    In the administrative luxury standard room of the hotel catering conference building, the room uses many environmentally-friendly solid wood building materials to carefully engrave the perfect details. The rooms are warm and the beds are comfortable, and there is a mahjong table in the room for guests to entertain.
    The lighting in the room is good, and the windows are also better. The close to 50 square meters of the room is generally satisfactory, is the configuration of high-end hotels, if the hotel can provide free breakfast for the guests, it is better, after all, this is a four-star configuration of high-end hotels. (Hotel breakfast costs 38 yuan / person)
    The bathroom of the guest room is also relatively large, and the wet and dry partitions are rigorous. There is also a bathtub, the hot water is warm and the water is large, and the drainage is smooth, praise!
    It’s good to have a good stay and then go out and watch the night scene in the Republic Street. It’s not the same as the daytime.
    The blue sky under the blue sky shows the building more warm and deep, and has a foothold through history!
    There is a saxophone performance outside the door of the Hengdali watch.
    There are free movies in the evening theater. Can you watch Modern Times today?
    The National Building under the night is more beautiful and solemn.
    Listen to the liberation of the night bells: remember the revolutionary martyrs, pray for good!
    This is the tallest building in the scenic area. This church is very majestic and is the tallest building in the area.
    The prototype of the Catholic Church is located in Houxi Street, Rongchang District, Chongqing. It was built by the French in 1915. Its main building is a Gothic building. It consists of the main building, the priest building and the church school. In the movie “1942”, the pictures of Chiang Kai-shek and Song Meiling’s prayers to the church were taken in the church in Rongchang District. In front of this church, it was just built in accordance with the shape of Rongchang’s church. This will not only help the follow-up crew to view the scene, but also increase the experience of visitors.
    For example, in today’s main hall, there are also special people for new people to come to hold Western-style weddings, giving sacred witnesses and blessings for the happiness of their lives.
    Facing the church: Pray for a happy life that is hard to come by now.
    There is a campfire party near the big stage, you can also watch the show while eating farmhouse food, and you can jump up cheerfully.
    You can also go to the small shop to taste the bean curd rice and Mao Xuewang in Chongqing. The taste is good and the price is moderate.
    The next day, I slept naturally and woke up, and then went to the spots that I didn’t look carefully on the first day, such as the Ta Kung Pao Building and the Chongqing Commercial Press. These buildings are worth seeing and taking pictures.
    The Chongqing Telegraph Bureau of the Ministry of Communications is a bit like the current post office, and it has long been known.
    The huge font of the anti-war on the earth wall is full of blood.
    Then I visited the famous Chongqing hot pot world feast and I felt that my stomach was already barking. Let’s go have a special lunch –
    We came to the Juyi Hall of the Film and Television Experience Hall in Hanyang Iron Works to have an authentic meal!
    You can also wear a costume to play a domineering bandit head, and have a fun addiction!
    Experience the meal, you can drink the same big drink with the brothers and eat the meat with the daggers in the movie. Passionate and loyal!
    Both the goose and the chicken are whole, and they are all eaten by hand. It feels like a river. The dishes are very environmentally friendly and showcase them –
    Including the dressing experience and features “Turkish Banquet”: 12 people order, only 188 yuan / person. The first team to be ordered each week before February 28 will also enjoy a new spring promotion of 98 yuan / person.
    The amount is very good, we only ate half, and we have to eat a few more food.
    Hey, how big is this chicken leg that I eat, and I am not proud!
    There is also an authentic risotto, where the green beans / artichokes are very good! Remember to book in advance!
    After the lunch of the United States and the United States, look at the triumphant parade in the liberation of the Republic of China Street. It is so powerful that visitors can participate in the hustle and bustle and fully experience the scene at that time. Just like playing a movie, I am also a “group play”. Haha!
    Then go to the old teahouse at Chaotianmen Pier to have a tea chat and get ready to go home.
     The above record is part of Chongqing’s life in the 1940s. It seems to be very leisurely, but it is just a leisurely life of wealthy people and foreigners. The lives of ordinary people are not too much, just like 7 years ago. The movie “1942” was played in the same way, even more. We traveled through the life of the old city of Chongqing, but we can’t just play through, we must remember that history, and cherish the life of peace and happiness now…
     After the tour to experience the Republic of China Street, you can also choose to accompany the ceremony as a commemoration. Of course, if you come to the Republic of China Street during the Spring Festival, you can also eat Tujia dishes, enjoy plum blossoms, watch the lion king competition, experience the wedding in Chuandong… The film and television city will have rich activities and wonderful performances every day, so that tourists not only have to have Eat, have something to watch and have to play. A variety of things to let you live a authentic Chongqing year! Are you ready, Chongqing Minguo Street waiting for you!
    Scenic fare map
    Scenic fare map
    Scenic program list (graphic / love flu)
    Scenic program list: Every Monday (except holidays) is the stop date
    Scenic sightseeing car (graphic / love flu)
    Tourist bus fare: 10 yuan / person; stop the monument to Jiefangbei – National Government – Du Yuetong Mansion – Cathay Theatre – Chaotianmen Wharf – Catholic Church. The sightseeing car is equipped with a guide and will explain each attraction.
    Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport – take the rail transit line 3 (fish hole direction) at Shuanglonghu Station – walk 440 meters from Exit 1 to Green Dream Plaza take the 980 bus – walk at the Erjiang International Film City Station, walk 780 Meter
    Chongqing North Railway Station – take the rail transit line 3 (direction of Jiangbei Airport) at the Shuanglonghu Station – walk 440 meters from Exit 1 to Green Dream Plaza and take the 980 bus – walk at the Erjiang International Film City Station, walk 780 Meter
    A number of direct tourist routes have been opened to the scenic spots, namely:
    1. University City Western Passenger Station – Liangjiang International Film and TelevisionCity (opens at 9:30 every day)
    2. Two-way Shuangfengqiao Hub Station – Liangjiang International Film and Television City (starting at 9:00 every day)
    3, Longtousi Tourism Distribution Center – Liangjiang International Film and Television City (rolling every day, half an hour)
    4. Nanping four-kilometer hub station – Liangjiang International Film and Television City (opening at 9:30 every day)
    —————OVER (Graphic By flu, Weibo @正情情冒)————

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