Where to stay in Guilin

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Guilin’s urban attractions are very concentrated. As a city to play, even the recommended accommodation is a priority location. Guilin City recommends the following:
1. [Guilin Wangcheng Youth Hostel]
This is a very, very old Guilin Youth Hostel. The latest renovation date on the Internet is 2014. This is quite comforting. As an old-fashioned hostel, in addition to having a basic petty bourgeoisie style, it is also in a very unique position. The hotel is located along the riverside along the river. It is located north of the riverside and south of the hotel is the Sheraton Guilin and Great Falls Hotel. The location is great, you can directly reach the Jingjiang Wangfu Scenic Area through the block, and the name Wangcheng comes from this.
2. [Guilin Old Place International Youth Hostel]
The International Youth Hostel brand should not need to be promoted much. The focus is still on the location. It is located on the edge of Ronghu Lake, which is a scenic spot in Guilin with two rivers and four lakes. It can be said to be a quiet place, facing the lake view. It’s a little bit far from Cross Street, it’s probably a bus stop, it can be ignored. Although it is quiet on the edge of Ronghu Lake, the accommodation that can be here is basically the accommodation of government officials. Guilin Daily and Ronghu Elementary School have a great location.
3. [Guilin Wooden Rhino Youth Hostel]
Although this hostel is not as famous as the above two, but the location is also very convenient. It is located next to the Sheraton Hotel. The Sheraton Hotel is directly facing the Lijiang River and the pedestrian street is behind it. Therefore, this hotel can also easily reach the pedestrian street. It can be said that It is very convenient to go to any attractions in the city. Personally, I think the style of youth hostels is younger and more fashionable.
In addition to the convenient location, in fact, it is really not recommended to stay in a hostel in the urban area of ​​Guilin, because there are too many hotels in Guilin, and the entrances of other hostels I look at are alleys. I Will feel more insecure, boys please ignore.
When it comes to youth hostels, my first reaction is actually Yangshuo, because Yangshuo is a place for residents, with West Street as the center, from West Street to West Street to Binjiang Road at the end of West Street, it is convenient. Sexual advantage is not too obvious, as long as it is within the radiation range of West Street, it is very good to walk for the longest distance of 20 minutes. So, at this time, you can choose the characteristics:
1. [Childhood Inn]
This is a chain of inns in West Street. There are three, divided into West Street, Lijiang, and Riverview. The most appealing to me is their family’s Riverview. On Binjiang Road in Yangshuo, Riverview hotels It is as attractive as a sea-view room. At the same time, the entire inn is also simple or petty. However, in a certain recommendation to Fengpi, subsequent comments said that the response was not good. After all, it has been more than 2 years since I saw it. Suggestions that you want to make a reservation should be evaluated more.
2. [Dear Inn]
It is also a chain hotel. Many of them are attracted to this branch in Yangshuo. They are Mediterranean blue and the interior is simple and modern. Shenshan Road behind Yangshuo County Government is definitely a quiet area. Walk to West Street. About 15 minutes. It is a good place for young literary artists to be dazed and cleaned up.
3. [House full of flowers]
This is a very old inn. I remember seeing their home from my first trip to Yangshuo in 2009 to the last 15 years. They are different from the main store and the branch. The main store is in West Street. The recommended store is on Taotao Road, which is close to West Street, but it can avoid the noisy bars at night. Rustic decoration is also the first choice for small freshness.
4. [Lazy Hall]
It ’s kind of exciting to mention this name. I went back to Yangshuo when I was in college. The next year, my friends posted some Yangshuo must-have hotel strategies. This is one of them. Looking at the fresh and artistic hotel decoration, I think I will be rich in the future. Must go for a night! (How poor am I? Hahahahaha) They also have a head office and branch stores, all near the county government, avoiding the noise of West Street but not far away from West Street. The head office has also been refurbished once. The name advocated by the inn is lazy! Do n’t you go to a place like Yangshuo for a daze, so you must look at the inn to be comfortable.
Speaking of West Street, I actually refused it. I have been constantly renovating various shops. As a guesthouse that has survived for many years and has such an interesting name, it can be said that the philosophy and quality are relatively good, so from the history Angle, I highly recommend everyone to try this old-fashioned ha.

In fact, we must talk about the characteristics of Yangshuo Inn. I think it is really a variety of petty bourgeois, publicity, or a variety of wonderful and unique, the old ones not only have lazy people, full of flowers, and rosewood ( All restaurants and hotels), Chen family garden, etc., or famously listening to the very artistic and fascinating time, when you were a kid, basically how to search for literature and petty bourgeoisie, are all theme inns, choose one that looks pleasing to the eye, on West Street It’s just outside but not far from West Street.

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