Winter sunshine in Tsuen Wan

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Impression of Tsuen Wan:
    Liwan Binhai Resort is located in the town of Huizhou, south of Huidong County, Huizhou City. It is surrounded by mountains and seas, with mountains and seas embedded, and sea and sky blending. There are eight bays in the coastline of 16 kilometers in length. There are dozens of isolated islands in the sea. The white sandy beach is a must. The beach is wide between 30-60 meters. The soft and white sea sand on the beach has the reputation of “Tianci Baisha Dike”. When you step on the beach, you can take off your shoes and enjoy the friction between the feet and the fine sand. In addition, the sea water here is crystal clear and transparent, and it is a unique destination for seaside tourism. Especially in the winter sun, the temperature of the beach can reach 20 degrees, very warm and comfortable.
     White sand beach in Tsuen Wan.
     “巽寮” annotation:
    The words “巽寮 xùn liáo” are quite elaborate. “巽” is one of the gossips, “巽” is the meaning of the wind, meaning that the place is the breeze of the Buddha all year round, the sea does not wave; “巽” also means the meaning of peace in the gossip; and the 寮 is the hut The meaning, because during the Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty, a group of refugees came to this remote place to settle down. Therefore, 巽寮 refers to the serene shed in the calm and calm place.
     These grass sheds on the beach are an entity interpretation of the 巽寮.
     The most recommended attractions:
    White sand beach, Mozi Stone Scenic Area. Tsuen Wan is one of the cleanest bays in the seas of hundreds of kilometers east of Guangdong. The beach is soft and white, and it has the reputation of “Tianci Baisha Dike”. The Mozishi Scenic Area is a typical representative of the shallow sea stone forest landscape.
     Tsuen Wan Mozi Stone Scenic Area
     The most memorable food:
    Wuzhi Maotao Pork Soup, steamed egg, kiln chicken, sea-boiled sea shrimp, fried sea melon seeds, sea shell fish soup, etc. are all local delicacies. Here, eating seafood at the seaside food street is cheaper than in Shenzhen. The key is fresh. You can ask the fishermen to make the seafood that has just been salvaged from the sea for you to eat, and the method of eating is varied. You have the final say, than in the restaurant. Eat more bold, you may wish to try it.
     Accommodation situation:
    Tsuen Wan belongs to the surrounding tour. We went there that day and returned on the same day. There was no accommodation. Huizhou is very close to Guangzhou and Shenzhen. It is convenient in Huizhou or in Guangzhou and Shenzhen.
    Of course, if you really want to stay in Tsuen Wan for one night, many beach holiday apartments in Tsuen Wan are worth recommending. Generally, the apartment here does not include breakfast (the hotel only includes breakfast), but the location is very good, just on the beach, you can hear the sound of the waves at night, screaming! These apartments are based on regular hotels, with private beaches and infinity pools. If it is not the hotel, you need to pay to enter the swimming pool, usually 20 yuan for adults and 10 yuan for children. The apartment uses the hotel’s car park for unlimited access for 24 hours and 30 yuan. Shopping near the apartment is convenient, there are many supermarkets and convenience stores, there are many seafood restaurants around, as well as Tianhou Palace Bar Street, shopping center, bar park, jellyfish hall, Chinese class performance, extreme development center and so on. The biggest reason for recommending an apartment is that the price is super high. It is only 68 yuan for a one-night stay in the off-season. Is it worth it?
    One day trip, round trip on the same day.
    We departed from Shenzhen in the morning and came to Huidong Bay in about two hours. In the morning, we saw the sea view at Baisha Beach, followed the fishing boat to go fishing in the sea; lunch at the beach at noon; and visit the Mozishi Scenic Area and the Tianhou Temple in the afternoon; Return to Shenzhen by car.
    In fact, if you are coming to the resort for a holiday here, it is highly recommended to stay here for one night. If it is in the summer, it is best to go swimming in the sea after the evening sun sets. This will not lick the sun and make swimming more comfortable. The beachfront apartment above is the best place to stay.
     Travel information:
    Public transportation: Shenzhen Donghu Station: Every 10 minutes from 07:00-19:00 to and from Huidong Bus Station, the whole journey is 100 kilometers.
    Shenzhen Railway Station: Every 30 minutes, a bus goes directly to Huidong Bus Station.
    Huidong Bus Station: Every 20 minutes from 07:30-18:00, there is a direct line to the town bus, the fare is 15 yuan.
    Self-driving route: From Shenzhen, take Meilin to take the Meiguan Expressway to the expressway, turn to the Shantou direction and go to the Shenshan and Baiyun exits. After the toll booth, turn left and follow the national road to Lushan (Shantou). 7km to Lushan Town, go straight to 6Km to Tai Po, visible on the right side of the Tsuen Wan billboard, turn right 200 metersKushiro, the coastal road runs straight for 13km to reach Tsuen Wan.
     Located in the south of China, Guangdong is surrounded by green mountains and green water all year round.
     Squat high speed service area.
     Time information:
    Huizhou is located in the southeast of Guangdong Province, and the Tropic of Cancer crosses the city. It belongs to the subtropical monsoon climate. There is plenty of rainfall, sunny weather, mild climate and evergreen seasons. The cold winter day is only 13 degrees, and the annual average temperature is 22 degrees. Due to the heavy rainfall in Huizhou in July and August, the sunny weather in September and October is a good time to travel.
     Today’s beaches are sunny and sunny, and the wind is beautiful.
     Things to prepare before you travel:
    Domestic tourism, there is nothing special to prepare, but there are a few things you must remember to bring, that is, identity documents, sunglasses, sunscreen and the like.
     Marina Resort
    When you arrive in Tsuen Wan, you will see hotels and homestays of various specifications. Don’t be surprised, this is the symbolic symbol of Tsuen Wan as a mature resort. From the Tsuen Wan town market to the Central and Southern Districts of Tsuen Wan, high-end hotels and low-end hotels are row upon row. Don’t think that some “flooding” hotel accommodations are far more than demanding. In the tourist season, especially the annual summer holiday peak, accommodation in Liwan can be described as difficult to find. I have been to Tsuen Wan twice. I lived there once. When I saw the tourist season, I was overcrowded. At that time, the price of a three-star hotel could be 2,000 yuan per night.
     Some high-end resorts carry out a variety of activities and also sell tickets.
     There are dozens of high-end hotels like this in Tsuen Wan.
     Coastal sightseeing belt
    Tsuen Wan is located on the shore of Daya Bay in Huidong County. It is surrounded by mountains and seas and has a quiet environment. The scenic area has built nearly 20 miles of coastal sightseeing belts along the coastline. The various sculptures and garden shapes interspersed with it add a lot to the sightseeing belt.
     A seaside sightseeing belt that is surrounded by mountains and seas.
     This big iron anchor is true.
     The various abstract sculptures interspersed in it are worth pondering. This is a sculpture of a fish.
     This is a dolphin sculpture.
     This is a manta ray, also known as the devil fish and blanket sculpture.
     “Tianci Baisha Dike”
    The beach is half moon shaped beach, with fine white sand. The width of the beach varies between 30-60 meters. The soft and white sea sand on the beach has the reputation of “Tianci Baisha Dike”. When you step on the beach, you can take off your shoes and enjoy the shoes and feel the super cool feeling of the friction between the feet and the sand. The flat shallow water of more than 1 meter deep in the sea is more than 200 meters wide and is a good natural bathing beach. Although it is not suitable for swimming in the sea in winter, it is also very enjoyable to see the beautiful sea view.
     The name of Liwan is the thatched shed from the seaside.
     The half-moon-shaped white sand beach stretches for nearly 20 miles.
     Marinated marina.
     Healthy cycling
    Healthy cycling in Tsuen Wan is a multi-person activity. The road along the beach is very fresh, the scenery is beautiful and the mood is relaxed. The bicycles here are single and multi-person, and can be freely matched.
     Healthy cycling is also a fashionable sport today.
     The most bicycles here are the four people who ride bicycles.
     Riding along the coastline, the mood is also spacious and bright.
     Sea fishing
    The clean waters of the Tsuen Wan and the blue and blue waters make you feel refreshed. Many sea-fishing tourists set up a fishing rod on the beach and wait for the fish to hook. The fisherman said that fishing does not care about fish, and cares about the joy of waiting for the fish to hook. There is some truth to this.
     On the edge of the beautiful bay is a new type of city that is emerging.
     Fishing tourists occupy different positions and look forward to their own gains.
     This way of fishing in the middle of the sea may be more professional.
     Egrets are naturally beautiful, their posture is very elegant, their bodies are slender and slender, they have very slender legs and necks, their mouths are long, and so are their toes. They are covered with white feathers like snow, like a noble Snow White. The key is that this bird is also a fishing expert!
     Fishing on the sea
    Fishing on the sea is a participatory activity launched by local fishermen. There are fishing boats waiting on the beach at any time, usually chartered to the sea. A boat will receive 200-800 yuan depending on the size of the fishing boat, the length of time spent on the sea, and the distance from the sea. The charter price for the holiday is slightly higher. The fish and shrimp caught during the sea trip will be given to tourists free of charge. However, due to overfishing in the offshore area, no fish can be caught. Some small fish caught in the fishing can be used to make the street fish stew.
     A fishing boat docked at the beach waiting for guests to charter a boat.
     Fishing boats are sized, and a typical fishing boat can take 8-10 people.
     Said to go fishing in the sea, in fact, is to play by boat. Casting nets and fishing are all things that fishermen on board.
     In fact, watching the sea by boat is also very good.
     These are the catches we caught in the sea today. It looks like a very rewarding look.
     There is also a starfish.
     Food street seafood meal
    At noon, we ate at the food street in Tsuen Wan. The restaurants here can process the seafood for our guests. We brought the small fish caught on the fishing boat today, and let the restaurant burn a fish soup for us. The taste is not bad. At noon today, together with our catch on the fishing boat, plus the cheap local seafood, it was not bad.
     The restaurant in Tsuen Wan Food Street. Tsuen Wan Food Street is mainly based on seafood.
     The price of the hotel’s raw seafood is also very reasonable.
     This is the raw seafood we bought at the food street.
     Mozi Stone Scenic Area
    The Mozi Stone Scenic Area in Liwan is a typical representative of the shallow sea stone forest landscape. The Mozishi Scenic Area is the most famous beach in Liwan. The beach is full of large and small strange-shaped stones. It is said that one of them is like a grinding disc. Whenever the wind changes, the giant mills fly and scream, so Named “Grinding Stone”. A variety of strange stone groups around the world have attracted millions of tourists from home and abroad to come and visit, and feel the magic of “the storm”.
     This shallow sea stone forest is the “Grind Stone Scenic Area”.
     The stone is piled up, and the strange shape is the characteristic here.
     The rock in the sea has become a reef.
     Tin Hau Temple
    Tianhou Temple is located on the edge of the Mozi Stone Scenic Area. In the days after, it was also called Mazu and Tianzhu. It was a goddess shared by shipmen, seafarers, tourists, businessmen and fishermen. Many coastal areas have Mazu Temple or Tianhou Temple.
    Tsuen Wan is preparing to turn Tianhou Palace into a historical and cultural theme area, and it will become a collection of Tianhou Palace, ancient stage, fishermen’s living and entertainment theme pavilion, Binhai Bar Street, various specialty shops, integration of Tianhou Temple worship, folk customs, leisure shopping, dining. Leisure features in one of the Lingnan cultural style antique streets.
     The full picture of the Tianhou Temple seen at sea.
     It can be seen that this small and exquisite Tin Hau Temple has only recently been renovated.
     . In the coastal areas of Guangdong, almost every fishing village will have a “Tianhou Palace”. This is the new “Tianhou Palace” in another fishing village nearby.
     Return to Shenzhen
    The sun was good on the day, and the photos taken by the blue sky and white clouds were very nice. However, the violent sun has sunburned people. Therefore, the old saying “has to be lost”. In the afternoon, I ended up playing in Tsuen Wan and drove back to Shenzhen.
    If you are interested in playing with the sea, then coming to Tsuen Wan will be a good choice. If you have time, it is better to stay here for one night. The sun is too strong during the day, and it will not be tanned after swimming in the evening after sunset.
    Here, eating seafood at the seaside food street is cheaper than in Shenzhen. The key is fresh. You can ask the fishermen to make the seafood that has just been salvaged from the sea for you to eat, and the method of eating is varied. You have the final say, than in the restaurant. Eat more bold, you may wish to try it.
     Look back at the beautiful bay scenery.
     The road along the beach is very good like this.

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